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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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thieves crash christmas for a family taking holiday gifts plus something more valuable. >> what's worse, not only did the thieves make out with their gifts but also a cherished family member. they say they took their beloved dog. maureen naylor is in san jose
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with the family's plea for help tonight, maureen. >> we spoke with the santa clara's spokesperson in the last hour. they say right now they have no suspect about this robbery. and the family says all they want for christmas is to have their little dog back home. >> reporter: this little chihuahua with pointy ears was supposed to spend christmas with their family for the third straight year. but when they arrived home the doors were open and the unopened presents on the table were ungone along with their dog sharky nicknamed shark bait. the dog had left the home but would also returned when called. >> the hardest thing is watching my daughter cry. every time she sees a picture
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or video with the dog she cries. >> i started crying when i got it because it was for shark bait and shark bait is not here to wear it. >> reporter: they moved into this home three months ago and spent the days leading up to christmas circulating these fliers. the message is simple. >> please give me dog back, he means a lot to me and i love him. please just give him back. >> reporter: investigators dusted for fingerprints. and while they recovered fingerprints it could take weeks to get them back. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff department. maureen naylor, ktvu news. some are calling it a christmas miracle. a 1-year-old san jose boy survives a two story fall after being thrown out the window by his mother. it happened around 11:45 this morning. at an apartment complex at
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alden way near cypress avenue. police were called to reports of a mother who locked himself and her baby in the bathroom. 24-year-old ortiz tossed the boy out of the bathroom window then jumped out herself. >> this is a relatively quiet neighborhood. tensions run high. you know with families sometimes on christmas and i would imagine this is one of those situations. >> both ortiz and her baby suffered only minor injuries. ortiz is now being evaluated for mental issues. a group left homeless had a christmas meal today thanks to one woman's generosity. about 20 people sat down for holiday dinner in san francisco this afternoon at the civic inn. a fire plus significant water damage forced them out of their housing yesterday. a volunteer who works with families in need just happened to notice the victims standing outside their burned building. >> and then i realized it was christmas eve and they would
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spend christmas without a christmas dinner, so i decided to make them a christmas dinner for today. >> i can't say enough about gwen she's awesome. i really, really appreciate everyone. >> reporter: the red cross is also helping out the group with rooms at the holiday inn until wednesday. >> some of santa's helpers were busy in san francisco delivering toys to thousands of children. >> merry christmas. >> a ktvu crew road along with one of several groups of firefighters who drove their riggs around the city to hand out presents. more than 10,000 toys were collected at lefty o' dules. they say all children should have a chance to open gifts on christmas day. just because christmas is just about over doesn't mean the giving season is as well. for a list of the bay area charities that could still use a hand you can go to and click on the link. probasketball fans got what they wanted for christmas.
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the golden state warriors are back in action. jade hernandez is in oracle arena as the team shortens it's season. >> reporter: expectations are subjective so tonight we let loyal warrior fans hold on to that crystal ball to weigh in on their team's future. with the lock out almost a past topic, fans show optimism. >> i like the 66 games, i think it condenses the season more. >> reporter: others instruct the players to get to business. >> there shouldn't have ever been a lock out. ever. >> reporter: meetings with ed lee and warriors owners has occurred. >> knowing for people who work for the warriors, i think they will make a move. >> reporter: it would not deter any fans we spoke to.
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a lease at oracle arena does not end until 2013. >> it's a christmas gift, it's good for the entire family to enjoy. >> when we found out that their first game was today, christmas day, we got it. >> reporter: a score this number one fan would be satisfied with. >> 100-0. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: santa also showed and brought more holiday cheer and special hats. >> hi. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: tonight was not only the debut for the warriors under new ownership but a new coach as well. mark jackson is roaming the sideline this season it is his first head coaching job. at last check the clippers were on top 87-81. more highlights to come in sports. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. see how the warriors did against the clippers. stay tuned for sports wrap.
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fred inglis will have the wrap. the family of bryan stow extended holiday wishes for the bay area. stow who suffered a brain injury after a beaten was able to -- was not able to eat a christmas dinner today but was able to eat marsh potatod. butler was shot and killed in west oakland thursday while driving home from the store. his family says butler was planning on a career as a merchant marine. murphy's wife told ktvu news that her husband should be out of the hospital in about a week and a half. a san jose police officer is nursing a broken nose tonight after police say he was
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punched in the face by a 69- year-old man officers had just tasered. >> he basically resisted said i'm not going to go with you. start add big fight with the officers, during that fight the officers attempted to display a taser at the individual, that was unproductive. at one point during the fight the suspect punched one of the officers in the face. actually broke his nose, almost knocked him out. >> they were eventually able to arrest the 6'9", 69-year-old man. he now faces battery on an average among other charges. family members say a california soldier is in critical condition tonight. he was trying to break up a fight between his brother and another man at his own party in
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san bernardino friday. a day of worship become as day of horror in nigeria after a sect bombs churches killing 39 people. as david miller reports the group behind the violence advocates a strict interpretation of islamic law in order to rid the country of terrorists. >> households, the whole household gone. >> reporter: police also targeted by a suicide bomber who detonated a car loaded with explosives. >> we lost one policeman. >> reporter: two other attacks reported in the north eastern part of the country.
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despite a paramilitary country. the extremist group claiming responsibility for the bombings. the attacks condemned by the vatican calling it a sign of blind hatred and the white house saying quote, we have been in contact with nigerian officials which what appeared to be terrorists acts and pledged to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice. the u.s. embassy in nigeria issuing a message asking americans to be vigilant and being careful where they congregate. >> it's like al-qaida, like shabab of somalia. they have been operating for many years now. >> reporter: bocaharan's goal to realign along nigeria. the timing of the attacks no coincidence, last christmas eve similar bombings killed dozens. david lee miller, fox news.
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officials have shut down a postoffice after it was vandalized. a near by business owner reported the incident to police. he also offered surveillance video to investigators. the postoffice serves reno. it's not known yet if repairs can save the building in the interim, the piedmont postoffice will handle mail for verdite resident. giving takes on many forms through the holidays. a look at some of the traditional that don't involve
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a day of giving, all across the bay area this christmas. people helped strangers providing a warm holiday meal and so much more. ktvu's ken pritchett stopped by two well known organizations and made the holiday a little brighter. st. anthony volunteers sherry harding seems to always wear a smile. and she has a lot to smile about. >> i used to be homeless when i first came here, like for two months and a half. >> reporter: that was ten years ago. she knows what a meal means to them. >> it was terrifying, and no one will let you go to the
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bathroom or get a drink of water and nobody cares about you. >> reporter: hardings life has seen change and so has st. anthony. now they hand out hand crafted scarves and socks to. >> i think we're seeing more families coming in today. we're expecting our numbers to be up slightly. >> reporter: donations this year are either flat or like here at st. anthony they have risen lightly. however the need has grown and outdone that giving. >> reporter: cecil williams says much more need to be done. more help is needed in these tough times. >> we would like to say that we've seen a tremendous increase in giving, but we haven't. >> reporter: glide says it has seen a 30% increase in need for all of its programs over the last two years on this christmas day more than 5,000 meals will be served. and the dinners will continue
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as will the need long past the holidays. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the salvation army also spent this christmas day feeding those in need. volunteers made meals this morning for 5,400 people unable to leave their home tp-rs the holidays due to age, sickness or disability. those meals were then delivered right to their front door. the volunteers are the only visitors some of them get all christmas. on this christmas day the pope called for peace across the globe. the pope asked for humility and simplicity. he called for an end to the violence in syria. prayers for those in flood stricken. since the war began in
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2003, dozens of churches have been bombed, priests and parishioners abducted and the homes of the faithful attacked. and from the war in afghanistan american troops caroling. what they lacked in musicality they made up in enthusiasm. this assembly of carolers are out of fort lewis washington. president obama and his family celebrated christmas in hawaii. the family attended christmas service on the army base. the first family woke up early to exchange christmas gifts then ended the day with dinner at the house they're renting in
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kailua beach. internet video made christmas bright today for a soldier and his central coast family. >> say hi, say hi papa. >> baby camila guardado greeted her father ryan. ryan was deployed this past september 11th not long after baby camila was born. skype technology is keeping the family close. >> it helps a lot because he can see her close, because since he's been gone since she was three weeksology. >> mom and baby also got to watch dad open his presents this morning. bryan agrees that seeing his wife and daughter is especially important on holidays and birthdays. his tour of duty is expected to last until 2012. today was a spare the air day. one peninsula family found a way to
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have their tradition while still complying. >> reporter: it's a festive alternative to a traditional fire, instead of a yule log burning, the bryant family has dozens of candles burning. >> it definitely makes it like a christmas day. >> reporter: the bryants were disappointed to find out christmas was a no burn day in the bay area but they understand how important these spare the air alerts are. >> we want to be respectful of people who do have problems with the particulates and the smoke. >> reporter: for the tenth time this season, they've called for a no burn day. the cold dry weather traps pollution in the ground. >> it's unfiltered air pollution going out, it not only impacts your neighbor and neighborhood but it also increases air pollution in your home. >> reporter: even on christmas
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day, dozens of air quality inspectors are out driving around on the look out for anyone illegally burning wood in their fireplaces. the air can affect people with breathing problems. >> you want to have a roaring fire, but some days you're not allowed to. so we decided to put a few candles in there just to give us a little bit of flame. >> reporter: wood burning violators can face fines of more than $400 if they're caught. by the way there has not been a no burn order issued for tomorrow but air quality inspectors are still asking people to voluntarily skip those fires until the air clears out. in redwood city, alex sadvedge. the movie business is feeling a bit grinchy with saler lower -- with sales lower
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than last year. the choices included mission impossible, ghost protocall. the tom cruise thriller came in first. that was followed by the áf game of shadows, alvin & the chipmunks and the adventures of tin tin. the week long kwanza celebration begins tomorrow. more than 20 million people celebrate kwanza each year. it was founded by a former professor of cal university. the item that was in short supply this year and how it's connected to a drought in texas. most stores will be open early the day after christmas, but will people be willing to brave the crowds? tips on making exchanges and returns on one of the busiest shopping days of the season. the christmas clouds are moving ou
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you said you love it but in reality you're taking that gift right to the counter. >> reporter: in just about every store in union scare this christmas morning it was lights out, doors closed, streets relatively open. some people say it's just the calm before the storm tomorrow. >> it's going to be a mad house because people want to look for deals and exchanging stuff. >> reporter: most stores plan to open early but most people we talked to said they plan to avoid the mall and any shopping center all together. >> tomorrow is going to be a much better sale day and i think the malls are going to be packed. >> try to get a better deal.
11:54 pm
they can exchange a sweater at full price and get two. >> reporter: but as consumer reports warns that plan can backfire without a receipt. >> you're going to get back either a merchandise credit, or you're going to be reimbursed the lowest amount the item sold for not necessarily what you paid for it. >> reporter: keep stickers, labels and tags intact. >> you want to be sure not to open the packages if you're not sure you want it, because again if you forget it, you can leave all the tags and labels but if you destroy the packages or rip it apart, you'll have a much more difficult time returning it. >> reporter: all that hassle and the crowds is enough to get people forgo gift. >> very crazy, very, very crazy. >> that's why we don't give gifts anymore. >> is that part of the reason?
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>> yeah, they'll get returned. what sweater? i took it back. we don't exchange gifts in our family. >> reporter: they say today and tomorrow they'll focus on the true meaning of the holiday instead. there were undoubtedly smart phones under the tree this christmas and a new study shows people are relying on them more and more to take pictures. the market research company conducted a survey and found 27% of the photos taken by those questioned were taken with a smart phone. the study says smart phones are mostly used for more spontaneous moments but that users generally pull out traditional cameras for special events. in news of the world tonight in afghanistan a suicide bomber killed at least 20 people including a member of parliament at a funeral for a tribal leader. the bombing happened in takhar
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province which has seen a number of bombings. from sudan the military says it killed the leader of darfur's main rebel group. sudan's president is accused by the international criminal court of brutalizing the revels and civilians in darfur. in canada, shoppers were shelling out up to $25 for mistletoe this holiday season. it seems the wild green plant with white berry social security in short supply. retailers say the biggest problem was a drought in texas where the plant grows with abandon. on this christmas day, the
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90-year-old duke of gettingsburg received visits from his grandchildren. phillip received a stint in his heart. other wise the royal family celebrated the holiday in traditional ways including attending church services. getting along the easy way. how the recession has create add new wave of blending businesses. and the
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you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit california's fish and game department is finding federal logging at lake tahoe in order to protect habitat for the black back woodpecker.
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earlier this month, the government added the woodpecker on the endangered species act. with a slow economic recovery banks are still hesitant to make loans. the small business owners have found another way to finance their dreams. they're borrowing from each other. a san francisco company has helped bank lending. >> reporter: with bank lending still down, companies are getting loans from other businesses. >> we have the window of opportunity opens fast, the loan process normally is six to seven months with a bank, with prosper it was more like 14 to 21 days. >> reporter: prosper and
12:01 am
lending club the two leading pier to pier website verified the credit and then linked them to investors. the two sites are expected to finish with a combined total of $330 million in new loans more than doubling last year's business. the site officers lenders a- year-old approaching 10%. according to peter renton. >> banks aren't lending and no one can get a yield on the investor side. >> reporter: just as small entrepreneurs are funding most of the new jobs. >> that's what americans do, they take the disaster and they fix it and make it better. this technology can play a role in it. >> reporter: the low yields are starting to attract institutional investors. suggesting that what started as a niche market may become the
12:02 am
way small business people do business. >> we're grateful, it's grateful to this dallas community and it's grateful for americans who are trying to live the american dream. >> reporter: in dallas georgia, fox news. yahoo has named walnut creek as the greenest place to retire again. the east bay suburbed received the title for the second year in a row. on top of the many organic places to eat, the city has more than 20 parts and more than 2,500 acres of open space. retirees also appreciate having more options than driving to get around. a new law will stop police from towing vehicles from checkpoints when the only problem is an unlicensed drivers. inpounded cars can cost more than $1,000 to retrieve. the law is partly meant to ease the burden on illegal immigrants who often abandon
12:03 am
their cars. investigators in connecticut are looking into what caused a devastating house fire this christmas that left five people including three children dead. it happened this morning in a wealthy stanford neighborhood. authorities say the fire tore through this five bedroom victorian owned by a new york fashion executive melissa badger. the fire killed her children and parents who were visiting. her and a friend were able to escape. a hacker has stolen information from stratfor: anonymous posted a list of the company's clienting saying it is stratfor's secret high profile client list. the hackers say they plan to take the fund from the account and give them away as christmas
12:04 am
donations. acid reflux is a problem worldwide. researchers in norway say the number of people with the disease have gone up almost 50% over the past 10 years. they say that number is mostly due to more cases of obesity and that symptoms of acid reflux could lead to esophogal cancer. now a recall effort is underway. ilene's candies is brought to you by cinnamon products. it seems the products may contain peanuts that are not identified in the ingredient list. the companies are concerned that people with peanut allergies could face serious or life threatening reactions if they consume the products. we'll in many parts of the world santa arrives by sleigh. but in hawaii -- >> santa, santa. >> santa.
12:05 am
>> well, take a look. santa arrives by canoe to the delight of young beachgoers. leaving the santa sleigh at home. and a chanukah manora. they needed a new look and they figured why not surfboards. and no one could think of a reason why not. the nba season tipped off with quite a finish in los angeles. see how the other l.a. team lost its
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for this christmas day you may have noticed a few high clouds pushing through parts of the bay area. the clearing skies right now, temperatures dropping off rapidly, already for this 10:00 hour, napa down to 29 degrees. so already sub freezing there. oakland 43 degrees. you see the batch of high clouds moving across the bay area early today by mid-morning into the afternoon hours. as we widen out the perspective in pacific. we do head into tuesday and wednesday. as far as the short term overnight lows temperatures will continue to drop and that means the coolest locations back down into the mid-20s. so sub freezing for napa, santa rosa, fairfield and antioch. concord right around 21 and san jose starting out monday morning at 26 degrees. for tomorrow for your monday, high pressure sticks around with that we're going to hold on to that dry weather pattern after that chilly spot we'll
12:09 am
have dry skies out there. as you take the time line into late tuesday and into wednesday. this frontal system approaches the west coast and this will basically weaken or fall apart as we reach the bay area. with that we'll bring in a few extra clouds. most of the shower activity will be to our north. there's a slight chance of a few sprinkles first thing wednesday morning. the best chance will be up toward the sonoma county up to the north bay. no real significant rainmaker showing up on the rainmaker just yet. at 4:00 partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll put this into motion into tuesday. by late tuesday into wednesday, we see eureka. not too generous with the rain distribution. at least for tomorrow plenty of sunshine out thereafter that
12:10 am
cold start it's 7:00. patchy frost, it'll be cold by 12:00. hazy sunshine. back up into the low 50s. and then by 3:00 mostly sunny and at least with the afternoon highs we're going to cool them off a few degrees from today's highs. that means much in the way of 60-degree heat. warmest locations will be approaching 55 to 56 degrees. you can see oakland right around 56. san francisco the mid-50s. san jose 53. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast, not too much change into tuesday. partly cloudy skies, we have that little rain cloud that reflects the possibility of a few sprinkles wednesday morning. partly to mostly cloudy. that will be the theme for thursday into friday as we head into the last weekend of 2011. as we get ready to greet 2012. we see the slight chance of a few showers on sunday. we'll keep an eye on that january 1st.
12:11 am
for the entire months so far san francisco has only picked up .12. that's it. .12 a typical winter sometimes one storm can produce that type of water. >> so a baby rain cloud could become a grown up cloud. >> hopefully it'll grow up very soon. >>
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good evening everyone thanks for joining our
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christmas edition of sports wrap. the nba season usually starts around halloween. but it's better late than never. vincent used to be chris mullen. he replaced jackson while jackson made his coaching debut. monta ellis played with heavy heart, his grandmother died earlier today. 31 for david lee. eager had a great day, he says he's heavier and more aggressive. blake griffin just too much. the master blaster 22 for him. ties the game at 43. clippers then take the lead but
12:15 am
watch the warriors rookie clayde thompson. their back court just too much. billips with a three. chris paul also in charge. paul with 20 points. and the clippers get out of town with a 105-86 victory. well the reigning nba mvp rose comes to l.a. tomorrow. kobe still nursing a torn wrist ligament but he makes a nice spinning jumper to give the lakers a seven point lead. 28 for kobe but chicago comes back. they double team kobe. bryant commits his eighth turn over of the game. derrick rose's that's his cue to step up. the youngest mvp studies the defense then drives. scores the go ahead bucket.
12:16 am
32 for rose. both score the final seven points. kobe the one last chance to beat him is in denial. no follow, no bucket. chicago wins 88-87. lakers may never win a game this year. then i may be wrong. how would you feel if you lost the nba finals then told you had to open in dallas and watch dallas raise their first championship banner. but at least the lakers get a little pay back. lebron tips it back for wade. and you have to like that 26 points, eight rebounds, six assists for wade. dallas traded for former laker odom. number seven in white, lamar
12:17 am
gets called. odom gets ejected. the knicks main man carmelo anthony misses. this time carmelo is money. new york led by 10 at halftime. but they're playing without their star paul pierce. rondo all alone for the game tieing line up. boston led until carmelo anthony hits a three pointer that ties the game again. carmelo scores his -- jumper won't go. new york knicks wynn at home 106-104. boston was 8-4 against new york, but today durant scores
12:18 am
40. 4 0. the over all number one seed in the nfc play off, green bay. my cheating ex-boyfriend is watching from the couch. ouch. packers hosted the chicago bears. aaron rogers threw a career high packers. 55yards to jordi nelson. the nfc championship will now go through green bay, 35-31 the final. and coming up a special story about two local athletes who share a common love of
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ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. just about every day has been a holiday for you 49ers
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fans hasn't it. they are in the play offs for the first time since 2002. thanks to our channel 2 producer tukes we can once again celebrate the last 16 weeks. >> one, two, three, win. >> the kick off for steven poska. may be the last chance, kicked down the sideline. touchdown. >> 59-yard return. >> and macland is going to run. it's recovered by san francisco. justin smith tips it out. >> spins, throws, the catch is
12:23 am
made by walker. touchdown. >> fires me up, fires me up a lot. >> if that offends you or anybody else then so be it. >> smith find a wide open vernon davis, a leap and a touchdown. batted down by justin smith and the niners move to 8-1. >> you outplayed them, you outplayed that team. and that's what fans do to win. that's what fans do to win.
12:24 am
>> and the 49ers can clench a first round bye by beating the st. louis rams. sports can bring people together, and for alameda's emily and charter charles golf keeps them close and competitive. cal senior emily childs became the first player in the women's program ever to win three individual medalist honors in their career. something emily accomplished in her first season. >> ever since i started playing that's what i wanted to do. i want to travel and hopefully make a career out of it.
12:25 am
>> reporter: her and her sister spend hours a week working on that ultimate goal. >> seeing yourself improve and being able to win is what i enjoy the most. >> reporter: winning? >> yeah. >> i've been hearing that a lot lately. >> reporter: carley won individual honors by shooting a seven under 54. >> i didn't expect to get this good this fast but i did. >> her drives are all the way down the fairway, long. >> i actually laugh or tell a joke or talk to somebody in the group just stay social about it. >> reporter: the sisters recently faced each other in the financial round of a tournament. emily won it with a late charge. but it made them appreciate
12:26 am
what the william sisters go through. >> they are playing a big championship, we're just playing a little game and there's bloodshed out there. >> i'm more of a risky player so i will hit shots that will get me into trouble. carley is a lot smarter, she makes smarter shots. >> she is very supportive. she is always there if i am going through anything, like boys or schools. >> carley is my best friend. there's no one as loyal as carley. >> she also helps me with my home -- homework. >> if you're more calm out on the course you're going to become a better person over all i feel. she's shown me that.
12:27 am
>> coming from a golf family helped initiate this love affair with the game. but it's sister sisterhood that keeping it growing. now as emily is about to leave cal, carley will take her place next fall. >> that sports as we see it on this christmas night. warriors lose their season opener. it was nice seeing that season opener. >> they have one more, if they can win four more games they'll be super bowl champions, but that's a big if. >> it's happened before. >> that's right. and this has been a strange season, so surprise us with
12:28 am
more of that? that does it for us tonight. >> we're always here for you on mobile ktvu and merry christmas everyone
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