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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 27, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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plans to close dozens of stores. one expert explains what may be doing them in. ahead of a drawing that could net one person a huge sum of money. [ music ] good evening. it's tuesday, december 27th. this is bay area news at 7:00. we have new details tonight about a pate fatal accident we've been telling you about the news at 5:00 and 6:00. the crash happened about 3:00 this afternoon south of devil slide. the chp says a motorcyclest was heading northbound on highway 1 at more than 100 miles an hour when he crossed on to oncoming traffic and ran head-on into a pickup.
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the driver of the pickup was not hurt. highway 1 was shut down in both directions for more than two hours following the crash. about half an hour ago the nursing supervisor told ktvu news that two people injured in a small plane crash this afternoon are in stable condition. the plane crashed on the north end of the runway at 3:20 which afternoon. paramedics took the two to the hospital with moderate injuries. the plane nose suffered the most damage. the pilot radioed the tower declaring an emergency shortly after take off and quickly returned to the airport where the plane crashed on landing. we have a crew on scene but so far no word on the issue that caused the pilot to abort. continuing coverage now, the water main break in walnut creek. crews say they finished preparing a 6-inch main that broke in the busy downtown district but the work continues as that street is repaved. the water main break happened at south main around 9:30 this
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morning. roads in a two block area around that remain closed. police set up detours as this is a busy area especially during post christmas shopping days. it did cause damage in the stock room of crate and barrel. do you remember this seen? the day after can go? a massive water main break in south san francisco. ahead, new information about what caused it. the clock is ticking down to tonight's big drawing. more than $200 million are up for grabs in the multistate mega millions lottery. alex is live at one store where people are feeling lucky. alex? >> reporter: well this store is certainly a popular place to buy those tickets. they sold a lot of winners over the years and if you ask folks what they would do, a lot of people seem to be in a giving mood. hoping to strike it rich, people stopped by the village bottle
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shop to buy their mega millions lotto tickets. >> i have the winning ticket here. >> reporter: if they win the 206 million-dollar jackpot a lot of folks say they would use the money to help others. >> if i win, i help all my friends. >> pay off my brothers mortgage and friends that have them under water, help them out. >> i want to give gifts, give charity. do the under privileged but everything for kids. >> reporter: talk about generous. georgia richardson and dd were strangers when they showed up to buy the lotto tickets today but hit it off and decided to strike a deal. >> she wins i split with her, if she wins, i split with her. >> reporter: the store that sells the ticket gets a million bucks. the owners here say if they sell that lucky ticket they are planning to retire. >> i'm done. if somebody hits the lotto, i'm done. and i sold the business and i run. >> reporter: with winning
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tickets covering the walls, a lot of people think this is a lucky place to play. george drove out of his way to get here. >> this is the lucky one. i have one down the street from me. >> reporter: if he hits the jackpot he'll spread his winning. >> i if win, i'll remember you guys. >> i'm sure that he will. now not to discourage anyone but your odds of hitting the jackpot 1 in 176 million. the multistate drawing will happen an hour from now. the winning numbers on the 10:00 news. we're live, alex, ktvu channel 2 news. on the economy watch, the conference board released the consumer confidence index today. it's at an 8-month high up from 55 in november and an improving lay -- an improving labor market sparked the upswing. consumer spending makes up 70%.
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home prices remain and the home price indexes rise today. should the prices drop in the third quarter when compared to last year. it does not include santa clara. of the 20 areas only phoenix posted a gain. nationwide home prices are at 2003 levels. on wall street many traders are on vacation. the dow slipped two points lower ending the four day wink streak. it's the first retail causety of the holiday season. the parent company of sears and k-mart will close 120 stores across the country due to slow sales in december. they asked how the bay area might be affected. >> was it busy? >> the line to pay was long. >> reporter: but just a look inside this sears in oakland. >> no, no, not that many people. >> reporter: is a sign of the bigs problems facing the company. a 5% drop in revenue during the
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critical holiday shopping period means as many as 120 sears and k-marts will have to close nationwide. >> i'm sad. i've been shopping at sears since my parents have been shopping. >> reporter: the world has changed around them and the stores went down. ed says sears and k-mart can no longer compete on price and selection with other retail giants like wal-mart but there could be hope for bay area stores. >> the bay area is one of the bright spots in the united states for the last two or three years so it's not clear that around here, stores around here would be among those that would be first on the list for closure. >> reporter: sears has said it will now focus resources on the best performing source out of the more than 4000 in the u.s. and canada. some wonder how many jobs it will cost in the process. >> for all the people losing jobs, this is another blow that is only going to make it harder on the people.
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>> reporter: sears has yet to say which stores it will close or how many employees stand to be laid off. foaling breaks news where a southwest plane blew two tires while taxiing or take off. none of the 130 passengers on board was hurt. fire crews hosted off the plane as a precaution. crews set up a portable stair way to let the passengers off the aircraft. california governor jerry brown met with the press to talk about accomplishments. he said he would give himself a passing grade and was upbeat about education. >> i can tell you i've looked at the economic forecast. the schools will be in pretty good straights in another two to three years and i think california itself come 2014 will be better off than when it
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started. >> governor brown says half the deficit has been erase and thought california should assume a leadership role. the bear area's cold dry weather is creating concern about the region's air quality and water supply. the valley water district today also expressed disappointment saying this month is shaping up to be the third driest december since 1940. the air quality management district is also hoping a change in weather can hope clear out air pollution. they say wood smoke is the leading cause of air pollution during the cold winter months in the bay area. in 16 minutes, bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast. an oakland restaurant worker is re-cooperating after being shot on his way to a holiday party. the male victim was behind the wheel when he was shot in the neck. he made it to his job site. the restaurant at 39th and
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international. we spoke with coworker that said the driver is hospitalized but said he is going to survive. back in april, the owner of the restaurant was shot and killed in a killing outside the restaurant. new years eve falls on a saturday this year and that has emergency rooms across the bay area bracing for a busy night. the head of the emergency room at california pacific medical center said he expects twice as many patients than a normal  saturday night. they are doubling up on staff for the expectation of alcohol fueled incidents. they are urging party goers to drink responsibly and use designated drivers. >> it does saturate the system tremendously. the trama system is saturated immediately with spill over into the ed. >> ed. >> the city is teaming up to provide somebodying stations to help people get back to their senses before going home. the chp is reminding
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everyone officer will be in force cracking down on drunk drivers. they wrapped up the program for the christmas holiday and says the number of arrests increased. for the coming weekend. they plan to run dui check points across the bay area and put patrols out on streets. the san francisco 49ers today bayed an early farewell to a receiver. the team released braylen edwards after signing the deal. edwards was slowed by a knee injury and tweeted his release. he said the injury limited his ability to integrate with the offense. he has 15 catches and no touchdowns. is the tame time the nfl released the pro bowl roster and the 49ers are one of two to have eight players named including patrick willis, the only niners to make the pro bowl. the raiders had three players named including sebastian and hunter. 49 jerry rice and ronnie are helping fight hunger ahead
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of the college football ball game in san francisco. they spoke at a news conference to support the craft fight hunger bowl. rice and louder are helping raise awareness during the lead up to the game. ucla and illinois are scheduled to kickoff saturday at 12:30. rice said he's bias in favor of ucla because his son is a receiver for the bruins. with a week to go until the iowa katrina colls they pick up the pace, who might have the most to gain. firefighters take up the cause with a special event tonight. how they are helping one family properly say good-bye to a loved one.
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a suspected drunk driver took out seven telephone poles this morning and drove away. the accident happened on highway 70 around 4:20 25á this morning. witnesses spotted the driver weaving in and out of traffic before smashing into the first pole and that didn't stop the driver that kept going and ended up dragging six more poles to the ground. the highway was closed in both directions for most of the day but reopened around 5:15 this evening. for the vehicle, investigators are only saying it was red pickup. officials with the san francisco ocho fullties department is redesigning water main connections in the wake of a massive break last month. on the day after thanksgiving a water main broke sending water shooting by nearby homes. the break was caused by two 12-inch pipes not being connected properly. they discovered six other plant
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connections are also poorly designed. they will have to be fixed before being installed. the presidential election campaign shifts into high gear a week from today when iowa holds holds caucuses. caucuses. >> reporter: the road to the white house begins with highways chris crossing iowa. >> every country in the state so far but this marks my 350th town hall meeting. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> reporter: five of the major republican candidates are in iowa tuesday. rick, michele bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich show a combined 900 miles on the campaign trail. >> i appreciate the support in new hampshire. >> reporter: but plan to be in iowa by evening. they show every major candidate in the state. >> this is our opportunity. >> reporter: candidates phil and their adds packed air waves
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and inboxes. rick perry played in anty washington moves. >> if washington is the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? >> reporter: a new american research poll shows two points separate. 12% of likely caucus goers are still undecided. steve king is part of that group. >> i thought i could come to a conclusion in september or october. it's nearly the end of december and i've not gotten to that point with my head and heart. >> reporter: it leaves candidates going the extra mile to win caucus support hoping it pays off down the long election year road. in washington i'm emily. a new poll shows mixed numbers for president obama heading into 2012. the poll shows more people approve of the president's job performance than disapprove. 47% approve while 45% disapprove. that's a big improvement from october. president obama hit the lowest
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mark of 38% approval. the north american exchange is seeking approval to trade on election results. they say trading is needed because election results affect public policy where money is at stake, the race and control of the house and senate would be listed on the exchange if approved. a decision from the trading come bigs could come as soon as next week. the los angeles county coroner's office saying being over weight contributed to the death of heavy d. the 44-year- old collapsed outside his home last month and died at a hospital. the report sited a long site from london to contributing to a blood clotted in his lung that killed him and he suffered from heart disease. happening now, san francisco firefighters are coming to the aid of a san louie in need. their goal is to help eats the loss of a loved one.
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>> they are mostly san francisco firefighters who often save lives. tonight they are helping a family after a young life was lost. >> it amazing, a lot of wonderful people. >> reporter: he and his family are four days removed from the death of his 15-year-old son. last night, his wife woke him. >> she told me let's go to the hospital, bring some blanket to my kid because he -- he's there. >> reporter: he was one of five brothers fought leukemia for five years while his family stayed at the family house who houses families whose children have cancer. >> he was always -- he liked to play the giggles. he liked to play jaws. he liked to do outdoor activities. >> reporter: a few weeks ago
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the san francisco firefighter toy drive learned he needed gifts and last friday he died. his family can't afford a burial so once again the toy drive stepped in. >> they don't have a lot of money. they are very rich in family, love and caring but they needed a lot of help and didn't have any money to bury their son. >> reporter: any money raised beyond the 8000-dollar burial cost will help the family get back on their feet. >> a san francisco fire captained to celebrated a cause close to its heart. 53-year-old captain anthony robinson says he's alive today because a changer decided to become an organ donor. he'll be one of 28 riding on the dow nate life float in this year's tournament encouraging more people to sign up to become organ donors. the city of san francisco today celebrated the festival of
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quanza. >> ♪ lean on me, when you're not strong ♪ >> children sang songs. it's a week long celebration of african american history and culture established 45 years ago and features a candle lighting ceremony, gift giving and a seat. today is day two and the seed today is self-determination. you might call it an annual post holiday tradition. the dumping of the tree. the green ells way to get the job to be. the winter dry spell continues. chief meteorologist bill martin will say if there is a chance of a change on the horizon. a reminder, you can watch all the newscasts on your computer. we're streaming live for you at
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some 100 bird watchers took part in the bird watching. the counting of the numbers and types of birds in wind francisco. the cofounder says it's easier to find birds in the winter during last year's count they counted 177 different species and thousands of individual birds.
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it's cold this last night around here, a little wind out there. the winds are dying down but some south, southwesterly flows at 6 miles an hour. i've got winds down towards gusting to 7 miles an hour. doesn't seem like a lot. the wind is basically bringing moisture, warmer air this time of year off the ocean into the cooler inland valleys. so that will help raise temperatures overnight. i don't think we'll see many freezing temperatures tonight. most temperatures will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. these were the highs from today. san rosen 62. 62 in liver more. highs tomorrow, we'll see more 60s. oakland will make 60. hayward 60 and a little warmer for tomorrow. there will be more clouds tomorrow. the clouds coming in off the pacific as general patterns appears to be changing and hopefully that is the case. i keep saying the long range models are forecasting something for the middle of next week and
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forecasting an influx of clouds for tomorrow and the weekend. that will moisten the atmosphere so if something comes through it will trigger showers more easily, that's the hope. temperatures will be warmer during the overnight hours. that's the slam dunk. 38 in santa rosa and 34 oakland. those are warm compare today a couple nights ago mid 20s. high pressure, dry december. it's going to go down as the third or fourth driest december on record and that's a big deal and records in san francisco back to 1849. the records back in the day were good. they are good at keeping weather records that far back. here comes the first weather system tomorrow night. it tweaks the high enough it budges south so the next system on thursday comes further south, doesn't it? on friday, comes a little further. you can see it draped here. none of these are big deals. the big deal is the high
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pressure is weakening and chip away at it and next week an opportunity for real rain. that's what it looks like. that is my hope. in the meantime, enjoy tomorrow. 60 berkeley and 60 oakland and hayward. air quality is okay. they don't want you burning wood but if you need to, you can. it's 60 in mountain view and 61 san jose. the five-day forecast, the clouds, maybe sprinkles in here thursday and friday but no big deal and saturday and sunday look dry and next week possibly rain. >> thank you. the holiday sound that can cause you to cover your ears fills the out outside city hall today. the garbage collectors are demonstrating how to recycle trees. the woodchipped are burned to make electricity. recycling is good for the earth
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because they create methane gas as they decompos. the trees will be picked up curb side next week and the week after. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu channel news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and our coverage continues and tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here. [ child ] it's so cool!
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