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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 11, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a bay area teen dies in a freeway crash. now her friends mother is behind bars, accused of helping the youngsters buy beer. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. a 51-year-old woman from alameda is in jail tonight, accused of helping a 17-year- old girl buy alcohol, just hours before that girl died in a dui crash last year. ktvu's heather holmes spoke with the victim as devastated father about these new developments and heather is
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live now outside the liquor store in san francisco. >> reporter: he was shocked to learn it was a fellow parent who authorities say brought his teenage daughter here to this drive through liquor store and helped her and her friends buy three 40-ounce beers and wine coolers, just hours before she was killed. the violent crash happened just days before margaret's 18th birthday. it was a friend's mother who set into motion the teen's death. her father angry, that this woman allegedly helped buy booze for her teenager's friends. >> there's different ways for a parent to be cool to their children. that's not the way. >> reporter: chen watched as a 17-year-old was denied for the alcohol purchase. >> the young woman went back out to her friend, got enough cash, came in and paid cash for the alcohol that was now in the
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hands of miss chen. she walked outside the store and gave it to the young person. >> reporter: hours later killed in a crash on highway 101 in brisbane. behind the wheel, he was also at the liquor store that night. in addition to chen, authorities arrested the store clerk and co-owner for selling the alcohol to a minor, which he denies. >> i would be glad to give him the money than sell it to him. >> reporter: tonight, this liquor store is in jeopardy of losing its license and both the co-owner, and chen are looking at possible jail time, as well as a fine if convicted on those charges. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2
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news. police in san francisco say they are treating an assault and robbery of a 20-year-old man early this morning as a hate crime. the attack happened on font boulevard near san francisco state. the victim says he was walking when three men in a car started calling out homophobic slurs. the suspects are described as three men, one black, one latino, and one white. they reportedly left the scene in a four door cream colored oldsmobile. a san jose school teacher arrested for aggravated assault remains behind bars tonight. investigators have been questioning students about something known as the blind fold game. this afternoon, shocked parents left with this letter from the school district. after 35-year-old kraig chandler of san jose was
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arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a student. >> he seemed like a very nice guy, that's why we're all surprised. >> reporter: chandler has worked for nine years at the east san jose school. most recently teaching a class to both 2nd and 3rd graders. police aren't releasing the specifics of the allegation, but one student was assaulted on campus last fall. two parents tell ktvu investigators are focused on a fame involving a bland fold that chandler would play with his class. >> just what my son told me, if they take a blind fold game. i asked him have you ever played? he said no, he hasn't played. >> reporter: it prompted a different discussion with his daughter. >> did the teacher touch you? she said no, he wouldn't do that to me. >> reporter: chandler was arrested yesterday. those who know the teacher say he's a married father of two young children with a pregnant wife, and that he's innocent until proven guilty. >> i was shocked, i couldn't
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believe it. kraig doesn't seem like that kind of a man, he's very loving with the kids, and i don't mean overlie loving, i don't see him touching the kids or anything like that. >> reporter: he is expected to make his first court appearance on friday. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we have been checking the status of kraig richard chandler. it shows he still haven't been given a bail amount, and he is due in court on friday. police in livermore arrested a 40-year-old family teacher on charges she had sex with a boy under the age of 15. marie johnson is facing 24 counts of sexual assault. police served a warrant at johnson's house. officers say they began investigating her yesterday after she received a tip. now to election 2012. the six republican candidates for president have moved onto south carolina. for some, it's shaping up to be
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a pivotal state. rick perry didn't campaign in new hampshire, and is banking on a south carolina primary in ten days. >> that's what america needs. they need a president who is instinctively understands that it's the private sector that creates job. >> he had a poor showing in iowa, but as a conservative, he hopes the south will give him a win, and new momentum. gop front runner, mitt romney could solidify his status with a win. but his rivals are pouring millions of dollars into the next primary. there's already been a barrage of campaign ads on tv. gingrich also fared poorly in new hampshire and iowa. a pro committee came out with a 28 minute web video attacking mitt romney. some republicans have suggested gingrich should tone down the rhetoric. president obama went to chicago this evening for not
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one, but three fundraisers. he told his supporters they'll have to work harder this election than the last. the president has already taken in more than $150 million. and that was only through last september. the numbers since then aren't out yet. the price of admission to tonight's fundraiser had a wide range from 44,000. a shocking video appeared today on youtube. it seems to show four u.s. marines urinating on the dead bodies of three taliban fighters. lloyd lacuesta is in fremont, where he has been gauging reaction from the afghan community. >> it's so sad to see my people getting mutilated. >> reporter: we decided to show
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just one frame of the video, that shows four men wearing marine uniforms urinating on the bodies of three men on the ground. >> i don't believe our marines would do something like this. i don't believe it. >> if it turns out to be true. >> then pathetic. >> terrible. >> reporter: in a restaurant, we found some men visiting from afghanistan and showed them the picture. >> i feel bad. i feel really bad. i'm sorry for the families of these people. >> it was degrading the american image abroad. and furthermore, it puts the lives of our troops in danger, which such images are shown. >> reporter: he is with care, the consol of emigrations. >> they don't see the good of america. >> reporter: but this man saw
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something different in the images. >> those guys are out there under a lot of stress, obviously, it's not a good thing. but i can't say anything bad about our troops either. and obviously, it's a terrible thing. >> a caption in the video says the trooper are part of scout sniper team 4. the marine corps says while the authenticity of the video has not yet been confirmed, the actions portrayed are not indicative of the character of marines in the corps. tonight, people of faith gathered in front of the san francisco federal building to mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of the detention center at guantanamo bay. according to amnesty international, at least 12 of
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those transferred to guantanamo. 11 of them have not been charged. >> the kind of brutality we're willing to accept in the name of security, i think we're better than this. and as a person of faith, i have to stand against this. >> of the 171 current detainees, 46 are considered too dangerous to release. 89 have been cleared for transfer, or release. about half of them have noy to go, because they're yemeni. california's nonpartisan budget analyst is offering a revenue projection that is less optimistic than the one jerry brown presented last week. he estimates it will end up $3 billion short. the new estimate is based on lower income and capital gains taxes from california's
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wealthiest residents. if revenue does fall short, it could trigger more spending cuts, tax hikes, or borrowing. the economy ended on the upside. in the latest so-called beige report, the fed pointed to an increase in consumer spending. much of it came in auto sales and travel. manufacturing also grew while inflation remained low. the fed seems to be optimistic about the new year. on wall street, the stocks were mixed. the dow industrials lost 13. nasdaq was up 8 points. thieves struck here at solano community college. find out how the theft could affect you. back here in just ten minutes, it is going to be very cold for your thursday morning. i'll show you how cold. the sign says no dogs on campus, but in
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new video tonight, the highway patrol says a man driving recklessly was killed in a cash in alameda county. the volkswagen went off the road, and slammed into a large concrete pillar. the chp says he was not wearing a seat belt. also, new at 10:00, an investigation is underway in solano county. several dozen laptop computers were stolen from a nursing program at solano community
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college. amber lee is live in fairfield, with how the loss effects more than the students. >> hundreds of nursing students will be returning to building 800 behind me. next wednesday following a semester break. they'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. 47 dell laptops, such as this one were stolen from here. >> that's the monitor. >> peter told us, the laptops help nursing students simulate real life situations, so the theft has a far reaching impact. >> it affects nonprofits that nurses go out and help, and do community service with. the stretch of the hurt, reaches throughout the whole county. >> reporter: the theft occurred sometime during the winter semester break. the campus chief showed us where the locked laptops were held. they were being charged in two heavy metal carts and the
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thieves stole those too. >> there were no signs of forced entry. so we can assume someone had a key, or found the door unlocked, and was willing to hide inside until everyone left. >> reporter: police say the stolen items were bulky, so it appears more than one person was involved. school officials have a message for the thieves. >> one day, when one of your siblings or yourself is in the hospital, and you need some good nursing care, think about what you may have impacted of the people's lives by keeping the educational tool away from them. >> reporter: the chief estimates the loss to be about $64,000. an amount equal to the salary of one campus police officer, a position that was cut this year, due to budget deficit. reporting live in fairfield, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the contra costa county coroner released the name of a woman who died from smoke inhalation this past weekend. laura williams. firefighters were called to her
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home on tammy circle in bay point early saturday morning. by the time firefighters found her, though, she had already died. another person who was in the condo was able to escape unharmed. a two-alarm fire in the south market area of san francisco drove 20 people from their homes. we showed you pictures of firefighters scrambling to put out that fire last night. they had it under control in about a half hour. damage to the building and the contents inside is estimated at $450,000. the cause still has not been determined. san jose police got calls from u.s. marshalls wanted in a shooting. business say he -- police say he fired off a hand gun, while trying to rob a man he met through craigslist a month ago. san francisco prosecutors charged a man linked to three violent sexual assaults with 26 felony counts today. frederick dozier jr. did not
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enter a plea at his first court appearance. the charges include sexual assault, kidnapping, and attempted murder. prosecutors say he preyed upon women in june, november, and december. we've got the dna match from the time we got that confirmation about 45 minutes time we made the arrest. 45 minutes. >> dozier faces life in prison, if convicted on all charges. authorities are asking for other possible victims to come forward. drug sniffing dogs. ktvu he is john sasaki tells us how long until they might be deployed. >> reporter: students were thrilled to be free. but mixed in with the mood at amador valley high school are feelings of concern about new visitors. >> it feels a little invasive.
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>> reporter: the pleasanton school department is considering whether to allow the police department to bring in dogs. >> if there are just ten kids doing drugs, i want to keep it off campus. >> reporter: this is one of the city k-9's, a nose for drugs. >> we train four hours a week, maintenance training. >> reporter: police say the dogs will be a deterrent. >> we're not intending to search any person. we're intending to search common areas. locker rooms parking lots. >> reporter: the parents we talked to support the idea. >> i have a daughter here. i have no problem. >> it would probably crackdown on the people who are doing it. it would make them think more about it too.
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>> reporter: the school board will vote on the issue in two weeks. the dogs could start visiting in the next two moments. smoking out marijuana, cocaine, heroin, but not prescription medication. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. the bay area quality district has issued a winter spare the air alert for tomorrow. wood burning will be banned indoors and outdoors. wood smoke can irritate those with lung disease. around it was a warm one out there today, these are the highs recorded for your wednesday. lots of upper 60s. 69 in santa rosa. 67 in oakland. tomorrow's highs not too different. about the same, above average daytime highs. it has been done right cold in the overnight hours. no difference again tonight. it's going to be cold. the north bay valleys in the mid-and upper 20s. the coldest spot, low 30s
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elsewhere. that's going to give you plenty of frost, and freezing locations. we've got frost through the bay area. tomorrow morning when you get going for thursday, it's going to be cold. be back here in just a little bit, we'll look at the five-day forecast and a chance for rain. state fish and game officials are ready to open the northern commercial crab season on sunday. biologists postponed the opening, because the crabs weren't big enough to catch. the area expected to be open goes north from mendicino county. as many as 23,000 property owners in san francisco will soon be responsible for trees adjacent to their property. the upkeep will be up to the home observers and landlords. those with problems will remain a responsibility of the city
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until the problems are fixed. once again, a case of cops behaving badly, caught on camera and then disciplined. a researcher who published several studies about the health benefits of red wine it's the perfect time to find great deals
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on the 4g lte devices you love.
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like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. new video tonight of a shooting in oakland. police say they responded to several calls about gunfire outside an apartment complex on fairmont avenue. video shot during one of the occupy oakland protests has led to an oakland police officer being suspended, and another being demoted. all of this stems from a small piece of tape that one of the
11:54 pm
officers put on his uniform rather >> reporter: the day of the occupy strike, a video showed this officer with tape on his uniform. >> that is kind of weird that you are not showing your name. why is that? >> is it against policy for officers to hide their name badges? >> reporter: the lieutenant removes the tape. >> thank you. >> reporter: sources say the chief is suspending officer john hargraves for 30 days. in a declaration, hargraves said he hid his name to protect his family. the sources say the chief is also demoting another for not reporting the offense. >> i thought it was good they took a hard stance on the issue. they haven't done that all that often. >> this officer apparently felt he could do this in full violation of all of these
11:55 pm
agreements and it upset us. >> reporter: one of the attorneys two brought the original suit has asked a federal judge to order the two officers to personally donate to a west oakland nonprofit. >> this has got to stop. >> reporter: the two officers caught on camera are expected to appeal the department's findings. federal judge henderson hasn't yet decided whether she should face further discipline. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. and for more on the occupy movement go to and click on the occupy protest tab. after weeks on the protest line, they decided to accept an often. the new contract includes those increases and a pay hike toting 95 cents an hour over the next three years. the decision to accept the
11:56 pm
contract came after management threatened to replace the workers. the vote was split 81-61. a researcher known for studies touting the benefits of red wine is facing dismissal after being accused of faking research data. it found 145 instances of phoney data, and is taking actions to fire the researcher. uconn also says it is returning almost $900,000 in federal grants that has not been spent. doss hasn't commented publicly, and he was not involved in the research of the health benefits of red wine from 2006. bing search engine has moved past yahoo and into
11:57 pm
second place. microsoft's bing had 2 and three quarter billion requests. it seems the business has soured for the company that makes twinkies and ho-hos. hostess is also a union company, and that means higher wages. a pair mechanical problems is forcing ford to recall minivans and suvs. one involves escape suvs. there are concerns of brake fluids causing a fire. the other involves the free star and mercury monterey minivans. the torque shaft can fail and cause a loss of power. we're live tonight on the rock. the reason alcatraz is getting
11:58 pm
the hollywood star treatment. both mayor mosconi and supervisor harvey milk have been shot. >> a new play, why this is is such a personal ♪
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♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. the city of san francisco and alcatraz are about to get a new kind of national exposure as the backdrop for a new tv thriller. live on alcatraz. >> reporter: the red carpet part of tonight's event was back in here through the shower room, if you can believe it. they also shot part of the pilot here on the island, to tap into the mystery of all of
12:01 am
this. tonight, we ran into some real life alcatraz characters as well. stars of the new tv show, alcatraz came back to the island to talk about a new fictional twist on a place that has plenty of mystery of its own. >> mythological place. >> i run a special division in charge of criminals who hold a particular allure. >> reporter: in the new thriller from producer jj abrams, prisoners who disappeared from the island in 1963, begin reappearing in present day. >> nobody knew about me for 51 years. >> reporter: we met real life alcatraz prisoner, robert luke on our way out to the island tonight. he spent five years here. >> you couldn't move around freely through the cell house at all. you were to eat or shower and right back into your cell. there was no free movement at all. >> reporter: as for stars of the new tv show, being here was an eye opener.
12:02 am
>> that was the first time out here. we shot two days out here. it was really fun. we got to go places that other people weren't allowed at the time. >> reporter: while producers were shooting most of the series in vancouver, the filming filming done in the city and on alcatraz has pumped $3 million into the local economy so far. in addition to the hard numbers, seeing more scenic views of san francisco could give tourism around here a boost. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. and the show premiers with a two hour special monday night on ktvu channel 2, starting at 8:00 p.m. in marin county, read aloud lurid details from a diary
12:03 am
found in the home. determining if maso will stand trial for the death of four women in the '70s and the '90s. detective richard brown reports that the journal starts off with the women's names and location of the sexual assault. a judge in alameda county has decided a 44-year-old man facing murder charges in juvenile court will instead be tried as an adult. he is charged with killing when he was 16. because of his age, he was charged in juvenile court. 14-year-old tina fails was found stabbed to death in pleasantton. carlson was arrested last august, based on dna evidence. in newark police are asking on the public's help to find an
12:04 am
81-year-old with alzheimer's. hunter is black, 5'11". weigh basis 180 pounds, last seen wearing a black surety. anyone with information is asked to call the newark police department. a bicyclist badly injured in a hit-and-run accident in san francisco was identified today as a local dj. 41-year-old christopher evan says he suffered a broken pelvis and shattered left side, when he was struck at ocean and geneva avenues. he goes by the name of dj toke 1. his friends, fans, and fellow djs are organizing two fundraisers next week. san hey someday police are investigate -- san jose police are investigating the kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl. there is a possibility she is being held against her will by her boyfriend. police say he and the girl may be in stockton or in ukiah. the suspect's vehicle is described as a gold, two door
12:05 am
toyota solaria. two men were called heros today for saving the lives of an elderly union city couple who's home had caught fire. sheldon gilbert presented certificates of commendation. the chief said the two ran to a burning home to find 86-year- old sam haley and his disabled wife trapped in the side yard behind a gate that they could not open. >> when we opened the gate, i saw her first. she was real brittle. i didn't want to hurt her by rushing her out. so i told her to grab my arm. >> i'm just glad they made it out safe, and glad we could help. >> the fire chief says they saw something terribly wrong and took action to make it right. divorce may be hazardous to your health according to a new study. researchers at the university of arizona sifted through dozens of studies and concluded for some people a divorce can boost the risk of an early
12:06 am
death, as much as smoking, being overweight, or drinking too much. scientists say they don't know if divorce leads to poor health, or if poor health leads to divorce. a painful chapter in san francisco history is coming to life on stage. a new play at the berkely repertoire theater is dealing with the 1978 assassination of george moscone, and harvey milk. >> reporter: the life and legacy told from the perception of his son, jonathan moscone. moscone himself districts the play, ghost light. he says it's been an emotional experience. >> it's still very vulnerable to put yourself out there, and to put any part of yourself out there. we do it all the time as theater makers but to do it with the character's name of
12:07 am
john moscone is a little daunting. >> reporter: it's almost a dream line journey. as moscone struggles to come to terms with his father's sudden death. >> both mayor moscone and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> reporter: the year was 1978 when mayor moscone and supervisor harvey milk was assassinated by a former supervisor. much of the spotlight focused on milk, who was the city's first openly gay mayor. now moscone said his father's story is finally told in ghost light. >> i realize how much he actually hasn't been forgotten, and i love that. >> reporter: ghost light will run through february 19 here at the berkely repertoire theater. iran's top nuclear
12:08 am
scientist is assassinated, the country being blamed for today's deadly attack in tehran. back here in ten men's for tomorrow's forecast. it includes very mild daytime highs, and maybe some rain in the long range. san francisco gearing up for the new orleans saints.
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the iranian government says one of its high ranking nuclear scientists was assassinated today by a car bomb, and iran is pointing the finger districtly at israel. they died after two people on a motorcycle attached a bomb to their car, using a magnet, then drove off. he was the third nuclear scientist to be killed since
12:11 am
2010. secretary of state hillary clinton says the white house had nothing to do with his death. >> i want to cat goricly deny. >> just yesterday, a top israeli military official hinted at some type of covert operation against iran. in other news of the world tonight, in syria, a camera was rolling when an explosion killed a french tv camera man today. he was with 14 other journalists on a government sponsored tour, when witnesses said they were hit by a grenade. officials say eight syrians were also killed. in peru joran van der sloot pleaded guilty to the murder of a 21-year-old woman he met in lima two years ago.
12:12 am
van der sloot said he was sorry. he could get 30 years. in haiti, thousands of people marched through port-au- prince demanding housing. hundreds of millions of dollars was pledged after the quake that struck two years ago tomorrow. more than a half million people still live in tents. many haitians say they've seen little progress, despite the many promises of help. tonight, a small number of zacati park near wall street. protesters say this is more like a symbolic presence. the occupiers first took over the park on september 17. they were kicked out two months later. it is the biggest game at the stick in years with all
12:13 am
eyes on san francisco. an unexpected boost to civic pride is on its way to san francisco, we'll have details ahead. will our cold morning continue? continue? bill martin is next with ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
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tonight, san francisco is gearing up for its biggest football game in years. saturday's playoff game with the new orleans saints. patty lee joins us now, and tells us, it's a big deal for the team and the city. football fans from across the country started to arrive in the city tonight, and local businesses even the ones you wouldn't expect, are starting to feel the effects of the niners reflective glory. >> getting ready for the game? >> yes. >> reporter: just days before the saints come marching in. >> it's a huge game for sure.
12:16 am
>> reporter: the owner of neti's crab shack is getting ready to host football fans from new orleans flying in for the big game. she doesn't want to alienate her niners fan base. >> we don't want it to feel like it's a saint's party. >> reporter: it's the same story here. >> kind of sad for the local 49ers fans, new orleans will take over this bar. >> reporter: at the nfl shop at fisherman's wharf, 49ers memorabilia is in high demand. >> i'm not sure what i'm going to be wearing saturday. i might change a couple of times during the game. >> reporter: they're hosting a playoff party this saturday. they looked at tickets which are still available, but at a price. meantime, elaine barrett and her husband have seats waiting for them at candlestick. an unexpected stick, stemming from an unenviable situation.
12:17 am
>> my husband has terminal cancer, and our nephew bought us tickets to come to the 49ers game, because it was on his bucket list. >> i've gone to concerts but never been to a football game, and the 49ers have always been my team. >> reporter: he believes in the unexpected, his doctors gave him 6 months to live, 7 months ago. now he is in remission and niners are two wins away from the super bowl, and barrett is projecting an amazing run for them both. reporting live from san francisco, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. be sure to watch ktvu channel 2 for all the excitement on game day this saturday. our coverage begins at 11:30 a.m. kickoff is set for 1:30. following the game, catch the point off, live from candlestick. we asked on facebook, what you think it will take for the 49ers to beat the saints.
12:18 am
get the receivers involved early, especially vernon davis to open it occupy for frank gore. and november says the saints bearly beat the 49ers last year. the saints are a great team, but a little too much hype. you will see this saturday. tell us what you think. search for ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. ♪ [ music ] and we've got more of the same to talk about. very cold overnight lows, very cold last night, one of the colder nights we've seen, tonight will be no different. very chilly in the north bay. temperatures into the 20s, and low 30s. frost for many of us, dry through the bay area weekend. you know it's a cold one, 46 right now in napa. dew points in the north in the 20s. it's an indication of how cold temperatures can be tonight. if you've got a dew point degree of 28 degrees in napa, there's a good chance you could get down to 28 degrees tonight
12:19 am
in napa. the santa clara valley, temperatures in the 30s. 37 in san jose. 36 in fremont. you can bet those are going to be some very, very cold overnight lows. concord 30. 29 in fairfield. occidental, you could be down to the mid-20s. chilly when you get going tomorrow morning. in the pacific, plenty of activity. it's still driving to the north, but there are indications in the long range models that things are starting to break down. january, as you know has been pretty dry. we're dry up to here on the 17th. watch what happens here as we get into the 19th and 20th, it looks like we're going to get more shower activity. thursday through saturday, a nice weather pattern, very similar to what we've been experiencing. as we get into next week, here around the 19th and 20th, and 21st, the long range models are trying to come together for a chance of rain and snow in the mountains and a return to winter. it looks like it may happen, if
12:20 am
the models keep repeating the cycle and putting the rain in there as they update. tomorrow night, spare the air night as well, just like tonight. high pressure, everything staying to the north. the stormtrack stays there until next week. overnight lows, cold. daytime highs tomorrow, green. or 60s. i don't think we'll see 70s tomorrow. 65 in napa. just note that you're starting at 30 degrees in napa, and go to go to 65 degrees. a big spread in overnight low to a daytime high. you'll notice that when you get going tomorrow. the five-day forecast, this bay area weekend in view. dry for this five day. member the next five days down the road may show real rain. >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> me too. >> thanks bill. scientists say they have found what appears to be the world's smallest vertebrae. an animal with a spine. it's this tiny frog sitting on a dime this desoto. in all, we're told the frog is about a third of an inch long.
12:21 am
it hails from papua, new guinea. coming up here, they can make shots that seem almost impossible. members of the harlem globetrotters turned up today in the bay area.
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they make it look so easy. two of the world famous harlem globe trotters in san francisco today. they visited the rooftop court of the all girl hamlin school. maddux is the first woman to play for the globetrotters in almost 20 years. they're in town for oakland, and one game on martin luther
12:25 am
king jr. day. that's incredible, in san jose. >> good for her, i've never seen a woman play with the globetrotters. neither have i. >> mark's here, a lot of excitement building for the niners playoff game. >> yeah, bring it on. just like the fans, players getting a little itchy. they've had enough time to contain, at least a little bit, the saint's offense is just rolling everybody. including a 45 point outburst against the lions last weekend. the niners can play a little defense with the big boys too. one of their all pros, not intimidated by the saints. >> they're not houdini out there. we just go out there and play sound football, we'll be all right. >> we're antsy.
12:26 am
like you've almost been off for a month, two weeks. we're ready to go and should be fresh. brent jones, joe fonzi and i with the pregame show. starting at 11:30 a.m. followed by the game, and the point after, with all the interviews and the highlights following, hoping that somehow last night's blow your air back victory over the heat could spark a little spurt, the warriors get a little good news today. beacon will return from an ankle injury, just in time to take on the magic tomorrow. not a leisurely stroll for the miami heat. stunned by the warriors last night, they get more from the clips tonight. blake griffin against lebron. huge slam for the clippers. of course, lebron, who would have his moments, he 23 points, but was horrendous on the foul line, despite that effort there. you see crystal on the sideline. look at that.
12:27 am
chris paul was sensational. in overtime, the clippers wind up beating the heat, just like the warriors did last night. it's all about pitching for the giants. another of their arms locked up for a couple of years. ryan vogelsong came out of nowhere last season, to not only make the all-star team, but rack up 13 wins. he signs a two year deal worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.3 million. meantime, the indianapolis colts have a new general manager. his name is ryan grigson. tell you how the interview process goes. the colt's owner says, we've got the number 1 pick in the draft, who do you want to select? grigson says, andrew luck. your hired. that's the sporting world for tonight. >> make a quick decision, you're in. >> andrew luck is going to be
12:28 am
colt. >> all right mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. ♪ [ music ] sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.
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