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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 1, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an ocean rescue late tonight after a monster wave injures several sailor. >> a few hours ago a coast guard team moved two of those injured sailors off of a damaged racing yacht in a dangerous ocean rescue. jade hernandez is live with what she just learned about the next step in this rescue mission. >> reporter: that's right we've
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been waiting here at the coast guard at sfo for those two injured sailors who we're told were going to be put on the cutter. those two sailors will now sail with the cutter back to alameda and arrive sometime tomorrow morning. as for the two other injured sailors they remain on board the damaged yacht. as soon as its could the u.s. coast guard dropped supplies. a huge wave knocked out a steering. jane hitchins, and burke became a risky operation. >> that's what we've been facing all day today, the seas, winds and the ability for the cutter to launch the aircraft. >> reporter: this cutter
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similar to the one september out to help the sh era ldton. you're watching the beginning of the race a month ago in china. the ship docked this afternoon with a crew unaware of the difficulties. but other sailors knew because they narrowly missed the waves. >> there's always the possibility that we get the same weather system. but fortunately we just passed it. >> as soon as we learned, we sent an e-mail. >> it can be dangerous and risky. so we take measures and steps to make sure that everybody is as safe as they possibly can be when they're out racing in the sea. thatincludes four weeks of training. >> reporter: the injured sailors are expected to be back
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in alameda about 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. this race ends in july. jade hernandez. more details now on the race known as the clippers. it started last year in the united kingdom. it consists of eight legs. it is supposed to resume in two weeks with the come -- competitors going through the panama canal into new york. the last leg will take them into the united kingdom in july. an advisory go take us through the morning. the strong currents and waves kept most people out of the water. >> reporter: mavericks needed to special events for the crews filming the big waves today. >> they are pretty can --
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pretty consistent, 35 to 40- foot waves. >> reporter: cameras over the water and in the rocks for the new movie mavericks, the surf was too big for beginners. >> some of the areas are probably too dangerous for anybody to go out just because of the -- not just the size but the condition in the water. >> reporter: families also kept their kids out of the water. the sand was the preferred playground. >> we want ebb to go home safely -- we want everybody to go home safely. we're making sure we choose the right activity for them. >> so this weekend is the sand. >> this weekend is the sand. >> reporter: they cull make thousands of dollars in a weekend but going out in these conditions could cost their their lives.
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>> yeah, pretty much. >> in pacifica, matt keller. the high surf brought surfers out to four points in san francisco. while they tackled the big waves, sight seers got a look at the surf on their way to golden gate bridge. take a look at this pictures, it was sent to us by jade patterson. she says in addition to the high seas, she and her dog had to deal with gusty winds. tree trimming crews were called out after high winds uprooted a tree on campus near a sports field at middle creek middle school in san rafael. crews arrived to cut up the free an take it away. we learned the concord police arrested a man for the killing of a homeless man who
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was found bludgent to death in the morning. >> investigators arrest another homeless man just steps away from this spot. he is 39 years old and he's being questioned. his name has been floating around in the street in the beating death of a 49-year-old acquaintance found at the strip mall this morning. the victim was a native, well known to police and other homeless folks. >> i don't have an explanation for it. >> reporter: juanita has been homeless off and on for 30 years. violence she says is common, people who have nothing will fight over everything. >> it could be where there's 30 match heads or 19. and it could have been something that simple. >> reporter: it appears one homeless man beat another to death in a passage way.
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a place where several people usually camp. the victim was known by many to be combative and abuse alcohol. >> he would get into situations where he would get physically attacked. >> he's got a history. a criminal history with the police department and over places around the bay area. >> anything serious? >> there's a few things on his criminal history that would be considered serious. >> reporter: several groups behind the video store keep to themselves. >> they're really calm and they appreciate anything you give them, really. but don't touch their basket. that's their property. and that's all they have. >> he never bothered me any. >> reporter: this friend of the victim lit a candle for him tonight and said a prayer. >> johnny may have not been the best person in his life, but can you give him a place to
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live in your house? would it be okay? >> reporter: after a pain staking 12 hour investigation it was 8:00 tonight before the victim's body was brought out and placed in the coroner's van. next of kin are still being notified. but those who lived out here with him including those behind this video store have to be gratified that an arrest was made so swiftly. we're live in concord, debra villalon, ktvu news. a rave at oracle's arena went on last night without a problem. there were some concerns about the race because it's the same event that was banned at the cal palace after two drug related deaths two years ago. those deaths led some lawmakers to propose rave vans. in berkeley police today released the names of both the victim and one of the suspects
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in a deadly shooting. 22-year-old devin whitmyre was shot on thursday night. shortly after that shooting police arrested randall oscar austin. authorities haven't said what role austin played in the shooting. police though say they are still looking for other suspects in the case. oakland police say they're looking for demonstrators whovandallized several businesses. oakland police tell us while they weren't able to make any arrests they plan to look at surveillance video as they investigate. occupy san francisco took hold of two buildings. one of the buildings is on turk street the other is right next to it on goth.
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we have not heard of any arrests or major confrontations so far. audio experts investigating 911 tapes from the shooting of florida teenager trayvon martin say the screams are not those of the shooter. they say the scream pattern do not match those of zimmerman. on the tape from february 26th. a woman calls 911 to report someone yelling for help and screaming can be heard in the background. one expert says it's clearly that of a young man but that he cannot confirm it is martin's voice because he doesn't have a sample of the teenager's voice for compareson. thousands of people attended a rally and concert today in miami to protest martin's killing. the teen's parents were there as well as politicians, sports stars and entertainers. martin's father spoke up during
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the rally saying quote, i will not stop fighting for my trayvon and your trayvon. in election 2012 news tonight, republicans will compete in three primaries on tuesday, washington, d.c., maryland and the big price of wisconsin. rick santorum spoke to voters there today. >> the reason i'm here is, they're trying to shut down the vote isn't being swallowed. they want someone who reflects their values, someone they can trust, someone who isn't a conservative. >> reporter: santorum remained tru to his message of true conservatism. this evening he visited a train museum in green bay. at one point standing in front of a car named for former president eisenhower. >> this president can't run on his record and so he's going to try in every way he can to divert to any kind of attack and try and have people
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disqualify our nominee which will probably be me. and try to talk about where we're going as a nation. >> romney campaigned all day. romney is comfortably ahead in wisconsin polls by five to 10 points. >> i'm determined to do everything i can to defeat president obama. there's no question in my mind that romney would be a dramatically be a better president as would rick santorum in comparison to president obama. >> calling president obama radical and dangerous, gingrich admitted he's still his own top choice for the nomination but lately his campaigning has been minimal and he's low on funds. romney is charging $50 for a
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picture with him and yesterday he laid off half of his staff. a conservative student group is sponsoring ron paul's event. the congressman is popular with college students for his support of legalizing marijuana. he says he wants to keep going to influence the republican convention. the search for sierra lamar expanded today. the new cities now being looked into and as this search effort comes to an end, what's next in the search for the missing teen. a house fire in the bay area killed two people including a teenage boy but there were many others also inside. the difficult decision they made to save the life of a baby. >> and millions of the dollars are on the line cheeseburger macaroni?
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there was another massive search in the south bay to try to locate missing teenager sierra lamar. despite the efforts of volunteers and a wider search area nothing was found. sierra's mother is holding out hope for the one tip that brings answers. >> reporter: this teenager named sierra posted fliers today to bring another team with the same name. >> some people are saying she's
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not going to come back, and she's out by california by now. but i think she's going to come home soon. >> reporter: the missing teen has now been missing for 16 days. >> you guys are all aware you're going to be in a more rural area. >> reporter: the search area includessed the parts of gilroy. instead reviewed hundreds of tips that poured in which they say have slowed from 70 tips a day to 50. >> keep those tips coming, every tip could be the tip that brings her back home. >> reporter: sierra's mother keeps faith her daughter will come home alive. inspired by this teenager's story. >> the best thing is hearing marlene say i gave her hope. if i can do that i will be here every day.
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>> my other daughter and i cried last night. so it's been tough. >> reporter: while these daily volunteer searchers end today the next organized volunteer search is set for next saturday. in morgan hill, maureen naylor. happening now, a post to push sierra's picture to your facebook. the class kids foundation says it will encourage awareness, involvement and support to the lamar, family. the 24 hours started at 6:00 tonight. petaluma is considering a shopping mall. it would be locate at mt. mcdo well. council membered postponed a decision back in january after receiving documents protesting that plan. a family of 13 lost a
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grandfather and teenage boy today in a fatal fire at their home in pacifica. as ktvu's janine de la vega reports, family members took measures to save a baby also trap inside. >> reporter: a fire ripped through their home leaving two of their loved ones dead. three generations of the same family lived under this roof. >> i'm feeling really sad. it's just -- it's just unfathomable. >> flames coming out the front, garage, both windows. it was surreal. >> reporter: smoke was still drifting out of this window hours after the fire was extinguished. before firefighters arrived, they were told a child thrown from the top window was thrown from the window.
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>> family members had either jumped from the second story or exited from the first and was catching some of the children on the way down. >> reporter: the fire was so intention it caused the roof to collapse. when firefighters were finally able to enter they found two bodies. the red cross was told by relevant -- relatives it was a 93-year-old man and a 19-year- old boy. >> we found one right inside the door and one to the rear of the house. >> we gave one of them a sweatshirt. they didn't give a coat on. we gave another pair slippers. just do what you can as a neighbor. >> reporter: the red cross brought grief counselors to help the family. they're also providing food and shelter for them. janine de la vega ktvu. visa customers had some issues with their cards today. a technical problem made credit
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cards and debit cards unusable today. it is not related to a security breach related to visa and mastercard breaches. the $2 billion project ended tuesday, that's when the judicial council voted to scrap it. critics call it a flop and boondoggle. the division of instant access across counties and saving money in the long run, instead costs for specialized software and consultants kept ramping up throughout the recession. a new survey suggests flying in america is getting better. researchers looked at american airlines to doing a better job. the industry's on time arrivals improved last year to 80%.
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hawaii airlines was tops at 82%. and airlines seemed to be losing fewer bags. 10 of 15 airlines also improved in that category. an appeals court is set to decide a case that could cost millions of the dollars in tax revenues. chevron wants a refund of up to $73 million in property taxes, paid from 2007 to 2009. this comes after it was discovered how property values -- talk about a thrilling proposal. why a couple began its engagement with a dramatic preview of life's ups and downs. what's inside your medical marijuana? we'll take you inside a lab that sifts through pot to term it's potency. >> a cool and windy day across most of the bay area
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bicyclists and pedestrians will have to share the east sidewalk along the golden gate bridge for a little while longer. construction was supposed to be finished by today but bridge officials say the work is more labor insensitive than they originally thought. recent rains also caused some delays there. the sidewalk is only used by bicyclists and not pedestrians it's now slate to reopen in mid- may. the national weather service is experiments with a new tornado warning system. they say some residents in tornado prone areas had become decenttized by frequent false alarms. the new warnings describe the damage that could come for example some will say quote, complete destruction of entire neighborhoods likely. and mass devastation is highly
11:55 pm
likely making the area unrecognizable to survivors. it might not have felt like it here in the bay area but march was a very warm month for other parts of the country. meteorologists say it was the warmest march on record for several large cities most of them on the east coast. the week of march 12 was the warmest with more than 3,000 daily record highs set all across the u.s. officials say nationwide figures won't be available for another few days but it's likely march 2012 will be the warmest march on record in the u.s. in news of the world tonight in syria more bloodshed after an army assault killed more people. this comes at secretary of state hillary clinton and gulf leaders agreed to support the opposition. a historic election today
11:56 pm
in myanmar, su kyi was elected. and in vatican city tens of thousands gathered today to mark the beginning of holy week. pope benedict xvi held palm sunday mass this sunday. holy week is the last week of lent. it sends next sunday in easter. in japan, a man and woman took the plunge into marriage. literally taking the plunge. the happy couple road on the roller coaster. he's one of the roller coaster operators and she is also a
11:57 pm
park worker. a survey of one of the greenest cities made it into the top ten. in this case green includes things such as grass and trees. travel and leisure magazine ranked the nation's 35 biggest cities. it looked at the amount of area dedicated to public parks, the amount of litter and if it's pedestrian friendly. portland organ game in as number one, savannah georgia number two, and san francisco came in at number nine. every day in portland feels like earth day. and noted san francisco's recycling of 78% of its garbage. it is illegal and could lead to arrest. our special report goes inside a bay area lab to explain why scientific tests are
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california's medical marijuana industry is thriving but the makeshift nature of the industry provides little quality control. in tonight's special report, ktvu's david stevenson shows us how bay area labs are skirting the law to accomplish industry standards. >> reporter: inside a plain oakland warehouse, officials are performing tests that could get them arrested. >> it's our most popular testing we do is potent testing. >> reporter: they analyze medical marijuana for potency. aiming to regulate medical marijuana even though it's illegal. >> it's very important for patients to know how potent
12:01 am
their medicine is. >> reporter: the goal is to accurately assess levels, they will even test for pesticides, mold and yeast. the move toward marijuana analysis comes as the federal government is cracking down on california dispensaries. labs such as steve hill hope, better more accurate results can show the industry can self- moderate. >> the dispensaries are able to show the feds that they are the best practices in place and they're not just profiteers. >> you start to actually
12:02 am
objectify your medicine and ask, what is really in my medicine. >> for example we would see a sample that would come in 10% at maybe seven of the labs and then one lab would come in at 4%. >> reporter: california normal director dale gielinger says it's important to produce standards for edible cannabis. >> because if you eat cannabis at any point it's impossible to judge the dosage until 85 minutes after you've taken it and you may have over dozed or underdozed. >> reporter: some cannabis products such as these bottles of capsules already feature dosage levels. much more needs to be done to ensure medical marijuana users understand exactly what they are ingesting. >> we need to see the federal
12:03 am
government reclassify cannabis so we can allow the testing that needs to be done and the regulation that needs to happen around that. >> reporter: until then, it remains illegal under federal law. leaving it up to the medical marijuana labs to police themselves. david stevenson, ktvu. >> you can watch more of our special reports including a special video we posted of an avalanche rescue in the sierra by going to special reports. santa rosa cyclist levy lelpheimer is recovering after being hit from behind by a car. lelpheimer pulled out of a psyching event in spain that starts tomorrow. crews in new mexico have found the body of an elite
12:04 am
professional runner that has been missing since last week. authorities are still working to figure out how he died. officials say there are no obvious signs of trauma. truitt had been staying and running with the sierra madre indians. yahoo has seen its revenue decline honest competition of google and facebook. yahoo plans to restructure. so far yahoo has declined comment. a new ceo took the helm at the start of the year. the people holding the three winning tickets from friday's gigantic mega millions jackpot have not come forward. but a camera was in a store
12:05 am
where a man learned he had won $250,000. he matched nine numbers. ramos says he plans to start a business and help his family. ramos work at a donut shop. we learned he quit his job after he learned he had the winning ticket. >> with ramos each is worth $225 million. those tickets were sold at convenient stores in san rafael, san francisco, fremont, sunny vale and san jose. see if golden state could break its losing streak. the month of april brings a sweetheart. we need to talk.
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the storm that moved through the bay area this weekend left fresh snow in the sierra as you can see right there, traffic was light and the roads were clear this afternoon on interstate 80. in fact, there's been so much late season snow, some resorts are choosing to stay open a week or two late later than they planned. >> you say our first workweek of april thins look a little different, mark. >> april typically here in the area could be a strange month because you still have the remnants of went e and -- winter and a preview of summer. right now it's fairly quiet out there on live storm tracker 2. it's mostly dry with clear skies. rain was a factor. you can take a look at some of the buoys. remember that high surf
12:09 am
advisory in place until 11:00 tomorrow morning. winds have been backing up five to tenth just a few high clouds paying us a visit. coolest locations tomorrow morning will be in the 30s for santa rosa, napa, san jose starting out monday on the cool size in the lower 40s at 43. this is the headline, a warmer forecast for tomorrow. just to give you a baseline. here are system of the numbers from this afternoon. we had some 50s and few low 60s out there. look what happens for tomorrow. warming back up into the 70s for santa rosa and concord. san francisco downtown will be in the pleasant side as well forecasting 65 degrees. here's the set up in the pacific, a few high clouds moving across california. with that partly to mostly sunny skies. there's that nice temperature range from around 60 to 72 72
12:10 am
degrees. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the workweek. watch what happens on tuesday this will definitely increase the cloud cover. there could be enough moisture with this front that we do bring a chance of a few evening sprinkles. mainly favoring the north bay. the latest selectioning bringing a few sprinkles. we're going to hold on to that slight chance on wednesday. this will set up the stage for the big cool down as we head into the weekend. by tuesday, this particular model not to aggressive with the shower chances keeping the bulk of the activity up to our north. but we'll be watching that for tuesday evening into wednesday. but definitely cooling off for wednesday and also into thursday. forecast highs for tomorrow. there's that warm up we're talking about a good five to 10 degrees of warming compared to today. you can see the 70s.
12:11 am
half-moon bay 64, and baseball returns to the bay area for tomorrow as we do wrap up spring training with the giants and the a's. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-50s right around 55 degrees. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and fairly quiet over the next few days but there's that chance of an evening sprinkle. slight chance on a wednesday and with your weekend always in view we're talking about easter already. and it looks like it's going to be a dry forecast. don't hold me to it yet. but partly cloudy skies, at least in this early stage looks okay for your weekend. >> all right, sir, thanks mark. the warriors try to snap their losing streak as they face the lakers. >> the stanford women in the final four tonight. their strategy to handle their best áó
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12:13 am
12:14 am
good evening everyone and welcome to this late evening sports wrap. the stanford women made their fourth appearance. and for the fourth year in a row they won't be the team heading to the championship. agumake to her sister. baylor took a lead to the locker room. sanford grabbed the lead early in the second. and that one else was in double figures as the cardinals shot just 33%. baylor then started to stretch it out. madden is fouled and still gets the hoop. you get the big shot to fall
12:15 am
here despite a triple team. as the game wound down, shaney has falled out and nakanu knew this was the night her career would come to an end. the cardinals could not get the shots to fall. sanford's season ends. baylor moves on at 39-0. and stanford is left with a case of what ifs. >> it was kind of difficult for us to really find out what we wanted to do on offense. i think we were too worried about her, but in reality attacking her wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. hitting shots is what it comes down to. i think it's a good thing for our youngsters to look back and reflect on what it really takes to get over this hump. >> in the other semi final game, uconn leads 57-55. the irish need to get a quick basket. natalie novosal is there for an
12:16 am
off balance foot back. they head intoover time. -- into overtime. then it's all noter dame. noter dames 87-75. a rematch of a game baylor won back in november. the warriors have done this before. tantalizingly close to the lakers but in the end coming up short. raymond sessions with a fourth quarter miss for la. josh roberts made one basket. this was it. a fairly spectacular follow. kobe bryant was on fire shooting 57% from the field. bryants knocks in 10 with four minutes to play. robinson had 17. and deep and lean now strong to the hoop. he'll get it plus the foul. lee led with 27.
12:17 am
and they pulled within three. pu it was kobe then with the dagger with another shot from beyond the arch. lakers win, if you're tracking that draft choice situation, the warriors are still ninth worse in the league but within striking range of number seven. just one win better than both detroit and new jersey. golf's first major of the year is about to begin and hunter mayhan will return. south african oistesen with a par that goes up the hill and back down. took a double bogey. carl peterson could have been headed to the masters but fell short. this one will settle within the shadow of the flag as mayhan
12:18 am
gets birdie number one. >> he got number two on the next, this time it's set up with an approach. mayhan shot with a sixth win. right now he's the top ranked american in the world at number four. he will bring that number four ranking to augusta national. the l pga borrowing from the nba for its description of johnny singh at the kraft nabisco. and kim had this birdie at 18. can't close the deal. that sets her up for a play off with yu. yu nails a birdie put about 18 feet longer than the par missed by kim. you win this tournament you follow the tradition donna
12:19 am
shore started all those years ago. major number one and career win number two for yu. still to come on this late sunday night sports hey guys, breakfast!
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nascar's martinsville virginia race is supposed to go 500 laps, it went 515 today. just more than a half mile per lap at the course known as the paper clip. david roiterman is the white car being passed by the
12:23 am
leaders. when his car finally quit they brought up the caution flag. earnhart heads to the pits with most of the other leaders to get fresh tires. they go green checker on the restart and neither gordon nor johnson has any grip left in the old tires. newman bumps boyer and ends uptaking out bush, newman and johnson. rick hendricks sees a one, two, three finish for his team go up in smoke. newman comes out in front. almemdinger comes in second. 16 laps to go in the indy car race. they're about to drop the green flag for a restart. and will power times his pass just right. powers takes this win for the sec year in a row.
12:24 am
in the victory lane, he's no carl edwards. when it comes to sports competition there's nothing like a good old fashioned cross town rivalry. even if it was 30 years ago. fred inglis was there yesterday as 400 people got together to celebrate 50 years of c burrell field. >> beat the pirates. >> reporter: some former football players from the 1960s, 70s and 80s reunited yesterday at c.burrell field, the home of the pirates and giants. >> i think i need an oxygen bottle. >> this is like a different time line. >> reporter: this is first meeting in 30 years between the
12:25 am
vickings and san leandro pirates. >> it's contact, like football it happens. >> reporter: last class was 1983 -- pacific heights last class was 1987. >> 1 987 -- class was 1983. >> this was a great place to grow up. >> the rivalry with san leandro high first started. >> a lot of guys knew each other growing up. >> everybody knew each other on the other team. certainly a friendly rivalry. >> reporter: they played there until two years ago and that's when the san leandro sports foundation campaigned for measure m. that's when they will renovate the field by 2014. >> i'm so excited that we're not letting an economic downturn determine our future. >> reporter: the pirates won
12:26 am
the last time these two teams met some 30 years ago as well as this allumni reunion. but the real winners will be the athletes of generations to come. fred inglis for sports wrap. the u.s. plays brazil on tuesday. top tennis player in the world looking very much the part today in the finals of the sony ericcson win. djokevich is on top for the second and third race. a day off today and tomorrow for the sharks but for their fight to the finish pursuit to make the play offs continues on tuesday. san jose will be in dallas where the stars are one point
12:27 am
behind san jose which fits on the eighth and final. pittsburgh sidney crosby in his 18th game of the year. crosby's injury problems well chronicled so the penguins weren't going to stand for that. the coaches in on the act as well. that's pittsburgh assistant and former shark tony granado on the left. peter lavilie was ejected. that's aaron ashland now. the flyers sean with evidence of past encounters. the two teams separated by just a point in the play off race. the giants were 7-4 losers to the bruins today in the final cactus game. tim lincecum allowed four hits. that will do it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> what a great piece by fred. boy they take that flag
12:28 am
football quite seriously. >> all right, that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be here from mom, i'm getting married.
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