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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 3, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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all my prescriptions to my cvs. happening now, divers enter the water in search of the murder weapon used in that mass shooting at oikos university. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he is described as troubled and angry. we have new informs tonight about the gunman -- information tonight about the gunman's rampage and what motivated the
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suspect. earlier today, police released this book in photo of the suspect one goh. we also identified the identity of the seven people killed yesterday. they were honored in a packed memorial service. we begin with ktvu's matt keller he's live where police think the suspect may have dumped the gun. >> reporter: julie before the divers jumped in, they threw in these to simulate what it would be like when the gunman threw in the gun. police say the shooting were planned inside one goh for months. >> he went and purchased a weapon. >> reporter: the gun was bought
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at bulls eye, the gunshot workers did not want to talk to us but a customer did describe what it was like inside. >> they seemed very professional, they seemed nice, yeah. >> reporter: police believe goh threw the gun into the estuary. divers are dealing with zero visibility in the water. >> you're doing it all by your hands and feet and it's like being a snow angel in mud. >> reporter: oakland police say goh's problems were mounting recently. san francisco chronicle points to a long list of debts including $23,000 in back taxes. he told investigators he was upset. he did not speak english well then he ran into trouble at oikos university. >> he was upset at the administrator for being expelled for behavioral
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problem. we've heard he may have had problems with the students. >> we're looking at the data base to see if he has any history, violence in other part of the country. >> reporter: the goal of the divers is to find all of these disks. if they do they figure the weapon is not here then they will wait for new orders from the police department. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. we have obtained recordings of the oakland police scanner traffic that took place after the shooting. the recordings reveal the tension and chaos that first responders had to deal with. >> it occurred in class 100 which faces edge water. >> that's the building you're sending for the rout. >> get a car on that one and you guys get behind that car for cover. >> can we get another ambulance for the second victim. >> reporter: police began discovering more victims as they searched the building
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looking for the shooter. >> we've got at least five down inside the building. >> the suspect is armed with a small handgun. >> copy, the suspect is armed with a small handgun. again last name of goh. >> reporter: as we first learned the first responders found 10 victims, seven people died, three others were wounded. >> police say all of the victims were immigrants and came from countries like korea, nepal and the philippines. the coroner released the names of the victims. they are judith seymore of san jose. the seventh victim is katleen
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kim. and coming up we speak to her parents about her son who still doesn't know she's passed. butey was at the school in the parking lot when the suspect shot at students and stole his car. amber lee is at the school who has been talking to students. >> reporter: the 38-year-old lived alone here in the north beach. there's now a small memorial for him. he didn't have family close by but his family of friends cherished him. >> he was visiting from korea. >> reporter: friend tai robinson plans to give this letter and the gift of incense to the family of butui. >> he was really friendly, so you thought maybe his skills
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of being a nurse came out. >> i'm feeling so sad, because today i'm not going to -- >> reporter: shield told us he met her. they bonded quickly, both moved from india and were employees at the apartment building where he lived. >> i liked him a lot. he always came to me and said, please can you find me a wife. >> he just became part of the conversation. >> reporter: in the research of new media, an online news, the reporter tshering is writing about his friend. they became friends at indian restaurant where he was a waiter. >> he is someone i could see in the healing profession because he was interested in people. >> friends tell us they are
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saddened that such a good man with a big heart will never realize his dream to become a nurse. the coming days will be filled with memorial services for the victims, the first was held tonight. ktvu's patti lee is now in oakland and tells us hundreds gathered to honor the victims and are struggling to understand why this happened, patti. >> reporter: that's right joulely. -- julie. a group of people just came to leave flowers at oikos. many are trying to find answers. >> we are at war with the power of evil that would try to bring this city down. >> reporter: at the baptist church in east oakland, friends held their heads in their hands with tears and bewilderness. >> when someone that you know is gone at such a young age.
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>> reporter: lisa marie wanted to say goodbye to her friend grace kim whom she says lived two jobs to help support her family. >> she was going to school, she worked really hard and she -- when we saw her she always had a smile. >> reporter: tonight's prayer vigil was conducted in korean and in english. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the physicallies that have suffered. >> reporter: but the crowd was diverse. >> we came here if a better life, and now an empty space. >> this oakland and our city, this is america. this is america where now you can find a gun easier than you can find mental health services. >> reporter: the mass shooting is not a sign of the city's
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problems it's a sign of the types said mayor quan. and in the face of this tragedy, now was the time to come together. some are grieving privately, others are still making their way to the bay area to say their goodbyes. patti lee. the shooting rampage is the second mass murder in the bay area in less than two weeks and the deadliest such crime in the bay area in almost 20 years. less than two years ago on march 23rd, five people were killed inside a home in san francisco. two days later police arrested luk. in 1993 a man with an automatic rifle shot and killed nine people in the law offices of a building at 101 california street in downtown san francisco. six others were wounded. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest developments on air and online
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as we get them. at 10:30 tonight, the touching story of one victim's family. their daughter is gone but they are offering forgiveness to the shooter. and members of the bay area's korean community say they feel ashamed bid the shooting, the trait that one therapist tells us may be to blame. as many as 12 tornadoes touched down in north texas this afternoon in the dallas fort worth area was hit extremely hard. take a look at these pictures they are incredible. what you are looking at there are tractor trailers flying through the air as they were caught up in one of the tornadoes. each one of those tractor trailers weighs about 7-tons. elsewhere, hundreds of homes were damaged and dozens of people were injured and many seemed shell shocked. >> amazing that we're still living. terrible. >> i just saw debris, degree, glass flying, glass breaking. >> you heard everything exploding. you told me earlier. >> yeah, yeah.
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>> reporter: the dallas-fort worth area escaped the weather but not the damage. those storms were sweeping across texas there. >> just an outstanding outbreak. we actually captured that line of severe weather going on earlier today. take a look at this, storm tracker 2 captured it. just right over the heart of dallas and it tore through bringing with it and generating any where from half dozen to a dozen tornadoes reported in that area. one expert predicting the possibility of 13 tornadoes. the threat actually continues at this hour. let's go back live to storm tracker 2. we'll show you several watches and warnings going on from texas to louisiana north into arkansas. let's start in dallas where they're finally getting a break. this shade of through here in houston and galveston is for flash floods. the yellows and reds are flashes and warnings for
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severewetters and tornadoes. when we get the shaded red we're looking at the possibility of tornado formation there. so this is continuing at this hour. this is going to shift and by tomorrow it looks like alabama, mississippi, tennessee all be involved with severe weather as well. back to you. >> thank you to wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. new pictures of the high seas that swamped a racing yacht in the pacific, now crew members are describing for us exactly what
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it was a clean sweep tonight for republican hopeful mitt romney. he won three primaries in wisconsin, maryland and the district of columbia. craig boswell has our report. >> reporter: fox news projects the former massachusetts governor won maryland. >> right now he's on his way to victory. he's had a very hard primary process. >> reporter: in the district of columbia where 16 delegates are up for grabs it's also romney on to be. the top prize tonight is wisconsin with 39 delegates. the front runner added that to his win column too making it a
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clean sweep for the evening. >> thank you to wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c., we won them all. >> reporter: santorum has acknowledged that the race is against them. >> pennsylvania and half the rest of this country are yet to be heard. we're going to campaign here and the rest of the nation to make sure their voices are heard in the next few months. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator is looking past april to may where the contest in southern state could go in his favor. gingrich and ron paul are third and fourth. however both say they remain committed to the entire race. >> more details now on the republican race with tonight's primary wins, mitt romney has more than half than the 1100 primaries needed. here are the new numbers as of
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tonight. romney has 646 delegates. rick santorum trails with 272. newt gingrich has 135, and ron paul has 51. rick santorum is being criticized for comments he made about history courses. he made the remark last night in wisconsin. >> the california system of universities don't even teach an american history course, it's not even available to be thought. just to tell you how bad it's gotten in this country. >> santorum said the lack of a history requirement quote disconnects the american people from the roots of who we are. his comment triggered a backlash among uc students who say history is being thought and it's a requirement for graduation. president obama lashes out at mitt romney, how he characterized the gop budget plan that romney supports. new reports out tonight say yahoo will announce up to 2,000 lay offs as early as tomorrow. the wall street journal blog
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all things d says the product division will be hit the hardest. it's widely reported the lay off comes as part of a major restructuring. the web pioneer has over 5,000 employees in the bay area. facebook filed a counter suit against yahoo. facebook accuses yahoo of violating 10 of its patents. yahoo claims it was facebook that violated patents. the dow ended with a loss of 64 points, nasdaq dropped six. many traders didn't respond positively to the latest word from the federal reserve. the minutes of the recent fed policy show it's less inclined
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to stimulate the economy. we're getting a better picture tonight of very dangerous conditions that swamped a yacht. it was taken last saturday, that's when a monster wave slammed right into the yacht. two crew members were seriously injured and had to be rescued by the coast guard and their boat, the geraldton suffered damage. the yacht limped into the bay area earlier this morning. sal castaneda talked to some of the crew members and tell us what they say happened the moment that huge wave hit. >> and when it broke at the back of the boat you see it broke over the back of the radar reflector. >> reporter: today the geraldton seemed to be relieved to be back on dry land after a wave nearly destroyed the yacht at sea. crew chief says it happened
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saturday 200 miles out the golden gate. >> i remember thinking, pardon the expression, damn that has a big wave. >> reporter: grisom was injured when that wave hit. >> my safety line kicked in and saved me. >> reporter: two of the injured were rescued by the coast guard and flown to the hospital in oakland. the remaining crew members remained on the boat. >> our other primary concern was to get the boat on to a safe state. >> reporter: which is difficult to do since navigation equipment had been damaged. francisca was also on the boat. >> were you scared? >> absolutely. you know it kicks in, the training kicks in but you come up and everything is an absolute mess.
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>> reporter: race officials say everyone injured is expected to survive. another leg kicks off in two weeks. in oakland, sal castaneda, ktvu news. well it took almost all day but finally we're seeing light scattered showers on the radar. we have a line in napa and pacifica. this will be the case for tonight into the overnight hours. a slight chance will remain for tomorrow but the biggest story is the cooler air that will be coming in. we wake up tomorrow morning, we will have a chance for a few scattered showers. 30s and 40s in the forecast. cooler than where we started yesterday. by afternoon temperatures any where from five to 10 degrees cooler. the unsettled weather is going to stick with us at least until thursday and then the weekend is looking pretty good. i'm going to break down this time line for you coming up. the coastline is searching for a fisherman recorded missing off the coast of
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monterey bay. the man was reported missing off moss landing. the coast guard is combing the coastline. the man was on a commercial fishing boat, the coast guard said he was wearing bright orange rain gear but not a life jacket. it's unclear how he landed in the water. comi
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a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. pop in. stand out. news chopper 2 was overhead taking a picture of this costly
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fire burning a garage in the 1500 drive of country club drive. the garage was empty as was the house. both are undergoing renovation. no word tonight on the cause. firefighters face extreme and sometimes especially dangerous conditions such as a flash over. only on 2, ktvu he's john sasaki got a first an -- hand look at one of those flash overs today and showed us how firefighters train for them. >> reporter: there were numerous fires in menlo park today. but all of them burned under tight control. this was live fire combat training and i was the only reporter allowed to see it from inside. >> you cannot panic in any situation other wise you're going to suck that oxygen tank dry and you're going to die. >> right, right. >> reporter: right here it's 150 degrees over my head. >> reporter: you can see all
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the flames and super heated smoke over us. >> flash overs have killed firefighters throughout the years and they kill victims too. >> you can see the flames of flash over. >> you get that air and that smoke, it can get hot enough and it's as real as it gets. >> reporter: spectacular yet very dangerous. >> that's one of the things they talked about, watching the heat, or feel to the heat and pay close attention so you know what the fire is doing and what you can expect. a flash over similar to what killed two san francisco firefighters last june. >> they had severe thermal injuries internally and externally. >> reporter: but it wasn't flames that killed tony valerio and valez but heat at the window that broke. >> basically they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, they were standing in a a
11:56 pm
chimney environment where everything just splashed over. >> you feel you're going to be safer tomorrow because of this training? >> definitely, definitely. >> reporter: words of encouragement by people who might have to rush to your aid. we're hearing chilling words from one of the parents of the victim. >> i didn't want to die without knowing where my child was. >> reporter: 16-year-old joann hopson vanished. her remains were recently identified along with those of kimberly billy. the remains were found just north of stockton. convicted killer shermantine led police to where he and herzog buried the victims. now the family says they are planning a memorial, they also say their daughters remains
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will be created. the mount diablo school district is now going back on a now the district wants to raise the rate to between 89 and $110. the district says it needs the added revenue to speed up construction projects and reduce long term debt. a decision is expected on april 23rd. she died trying to call her family. we sit down with the family
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oikos university in oakland is offering condolences to the victims of yesterday's tragic shooting on their website. classes are cancelled until tomorrow. one of the victims katleen ping was the mother of a small 4- year-old child. ping called h her family four times after she was shot. >> reporter: she helped her family buy and move into this home two years ago tomorrow, on her father's birthday. >> but whoever did this, you know we already forgive him, you know. it's all up to, it's all up to god. >> i am going to miss her, but i need to face the truth.
12:01 am
that she's gone. >> reporter: deeply religious katleen's parents two sisters and brothers say they believe they have to love their enemies so the ping,'s forgive the man accused of killing their oldest child. the school secretary studying to become a nurse. >> they took her to the hospital and she died shortly on the operating table. that's what the police said. >> her little boy 4-year-old keiser does not yet know his mother is not coming home. >> that boy is going to grow up without her, but we're just going to have to stick it out for him. >> reporter: the boy's father, katleen's husband does not know yet, she was helping him immigrate. surprisingly, ping called four times after she was shot while they were outside playing with
12:02 am
her son. they realized she called from the school office as she was dying. >> you could only hear like, [grunting ], then nothing. >> her father says katleen ping was the brain, heart and soul of the family so in one way, the gunman killed them all. authorities today cleared up some of the confusion about the suspected gunman. police had said one goh is a korean national and he did come from korea. but council officials say he is a u.s. citizen. there are some 30,000 korean americans or persons of korean decent living in northern california. lloyd lacuesta is live now in santa clara and tell us how deeply affected they are by the mass killings, lloyd. >> reporter: strip malls like this along the el camino and santa clara are the closest thing to the korean town.
12:03 am
here there are korean newspapers, where the killings by a korean man is front page news. john kang is a minister who uses music to spread the gospel. he says the shootings saddened him. >> i'm praying, i don't know what happened. so i play, i play. >> reporter: one man said the korean community can't help but be affected. >> definitely, i think it'll affect a bad reflection on korean people. >> reporter: what troubles many is that the mentally ill gunman who killed 32 at virginia tech five years ago was also korean american. this woman feels ashamed. >> we value the family, education is very important factor, then this kind of is not very common that we do see growing up in korea or even
12:04 am
hear. >> in the community, people are wondering why is this happening again in the community. >> reporter: family therapist dr. matthew lea says there are no easy answers. but he says koreans and asian americans in general are not as open to seeking mental health help. >> we tend to suppress our feelings, that has to do with a lot of our anger inside, when you repress so much it has to come up. >> reporter: dr. lea and others say this sort of violence is less likely to happen in korea simply because guns are illegal there. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and has continuing coverage of the oikos university shootings. you will find updates and video right on the front page. two teenagers from san pablo could be facing hate crime charges from acts of
12:05 am
vandalism in pinol. someone called to report the taggers. six cars and a garage door were spray painted and there were swastikas on the cars. -- a decision has been delayed on george lucas plan to turn the old grady ranch into a movie set. a concern is a creek restoration project. there is a move in san francisco to force munni to be more welcoming to baby strollers. right now it's up to the bus driver to decide whether a stroller is allowed. if not the baby must be removed and the stroller folded up. two city supervisors are proposing legislation to change that. many participants have complained how unfriendly nummi
12:06 am
is to strollers. nummi says it will look at its policy. b.a.r.t. today took the first of its new cleaner seats for an inaugural ride. the new ones will last longer and are easier to clean. b.a.r.t. plans to replace 100 more trains if they get positive feed back. the president said the gop budget plan goes against the idea of america as a land of opportunity. and the president made note of romney's backing of that plan. >> he said that he's very supportive of this new budget. and he even called it marvelous, which is a word you don't often here when it comes to describing a budget -- hear when it comes to describing a
12:07 am
budget. >> the president said even newt gingrich called that budget radical. the president promises lowering taxes taxes. a cooler damp pattern will remain in place for your wednesday, what you can expect for your area coming up. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't.
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medical marijuana activists took to the streets of san francisco trying to stop the federal government's efforts to shut down dispensaries. more than 200 people marched
12:10 am
from city hall to the u.s. attorney's office this afternoon. the rally was planned after yesterday's raids. some call the recent raids a waste of reinforcement resources. >> look what happened in oakland yesterday, there was shootings, there's crime everywhere. there's just up here on the hill you can go and get any drug you want and they're not regulated, we are. >> the medical cannabis task force says since october 9 san francisco landlords have received warnings to evict their tenants or face prison time. the brother of the man accused of killing four people in a home in san francisco was in court today. he pled not guilty for being a felon in possession of ammunition. the charges are not tied today
12:11 am
the five homicides his brother is facing. a north bay man is now accused of flying drunk in his small plane twice. we first brought you this story back in january. the highway patrol says a patrol plane spotted the aircraft making safe maneuvers near sonoma. authorities say pilot michael ferrero today entered a plea of not guilty in that incident and another alleged drunk flying episode on january 28th. in news of the world tonight in pakistan, the u.s. is offering a $10 million bounty for a suspected militant leader. muhammad saiid is wanted for attacks in indiana left more than 160 people dead. saidd has denied the allegations. the bounty could complicated relations between pakistan and the united states which are already strained. in london the one time heir
12:12 am
murdoch has lost his job. the younger murdoch has been caught up in the phone hacking and bribery scandal involving his family's newspapers. his credibility and competence are being questioned. in japan with winds as high as 150-miles-an-hour have grounded planes. the storm could cause flooding and landslides. in more than 10,000 households and business have lost power. the greatest health risk to california children. up next our exclusive poll on obesity and the unique [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> delta four rocket carrying nl25 mission for -- what exactly is that mission? the air force isn't saying because it's a secret. all we know is that the delta rocket carried a satellite for the agency that oversees spy satellites. >> an exclusive ktvu field poll shows that californians are far more concerned about childhood obesity than ever before. in a story you will see only on 2, john fowler uncovering one of the problems hitting the communities. >> people want change, they want healthier food for their children. >> reporter: that's what people in the bay view told us. >> more healthier snacks, more fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: our field poll
12:16 am
showed almost half of californians said the biggest problem was lack of produce. encouraging, christine madson. >> they're committed to making more changes to really address kids environments so that the healthy choice becomes the easy choice. >> reporter: today in the bay view the easy choice is too often unhealthy. we learned a new neighborhood program is about to change that. in place of the high sugar, high fat, high salt candies and snacks, activists say for about $16,000 per store there could be racks of fresh greens and produce. >> we don't want people to get diabetes, we don't want people to have heart disease. eating fruits and vegetables are action lutely vital to that as is exercise. >> reporter: cities joining with kaiser to raise money for three stores that could be offering produce by this summer. >> that's my dream, to walk in and buy some leafy greens. >> reporter: store owners said they've offered fruits but they
12:17 am
didn't sell. part of the new program is childhood and the parent education to increase demand for healthy foods. john fowler, ktvu news. more details now from that exclusive field poll. when asked if they would support fees. 57% favored taxes on items such as alcohol, cigarettes, junk food and soda, 40% opposed. marin county has been ranked the healthiest county in california for the fourth year in a row. here's a look now on how the rest of the area faired. solano county ranked the lowest. people in walnut creek are telling the city life is good.
12:18 am
in a city wide survey, 96% of the respondents said the quality of life is either excellent or good. 88% of those surveyed said they feel safe from violent crime. 717 households returned the survey. apple has returned plans to building the largest fuel cell energy system any where in the united states but it won't be in cupertino. the 4.8 mega watt zero emissions system will power a data center in north carolina. the fuel cell if -- cell comes from channel view system. it's the same system we use here at ktvu news, but on a much smaller scale to provide power to the station. giving you a look, storm tracker showing you where the showers are popping up.
12:19 am
temperatures sitting in the low 50s at this hour. often along the coastline you can see, mountain view, hayward, shifting just a little bit. livermore reporting a few light scattered showers as well. into oakland we watched a few scattered showers at time. vallejo perhaps on your rooftop as well. this is shifting south, into tomorrow morning the front will be beyond us. and weapon will be dealing with the pattern of the trough that has to move through california looks like by thursday. there is the front right there putting it into motion, easy to see and you can see how it is shifting its way southeast. speckled cloud cover indicating the colder air that will be shifting into the area, driving our afternoon highs down any where from five to 10 degrees lower than the norm. mostly cloudy skies in the area. scattered storms will move through the south bay and out of the area. by tomorrow morning, we wake up, we will have a chance of maybe a few scattered showers
12:20 am
for your wednesday. you can see here through the 7:00 hour as well as the 6:00 hour, we're not anticipating any trouble for the morning or evening commute. so for tomorrow, cooler conditions, possibly the headline, a mix of sun and clouds and we're going to leave in the possibility of showers because this to trough has to pass through to the east. 47degrees for pacifica in the overnight hours, 44 expected for oakland, 39 santa rosa, 40 degrees napa. these numbers a few degrees chillier than what we started this morning. thursday, friday look to be the coolest overnight lows. 59 in berkeley for tomorrow. 60 novato, widespread mid- to upper 60s is what we felt today. 59 san jose, 52 degrees for morgan hill. 60 los gatos. the scattered showers tonight and maybe tomorrow a hit or miss sprinkle. temperatures will be coolest on thursday. overnight for those sheltered areas down in the 30s for some spots then into the weekend
12:21 am
we're looking nicer for easter. >> yes the bunny looks very happy. >> he's hopping, yeah. >> thanks, rosemary. >> yes. in oakland police are looking for two men who robbed a jack in the box restaurant this evening. the three armed men were all wearing masks. two of them jumped over the counter and went to the cash registers. this happened at 7:30 at international boulevard. none of the workers were hurt. it's not clear how much money they got away with. a world known restaurant is getting a new chef. chef jean-pierre moulle @b%f
12:22 am
[ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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[ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got
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this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. mark is here now with sports the sharks fighting for a play off spot, did they win tonight? >> get right down to it i guess you can say it simply put but not so easily done. now all the sharks have to do, win one of the final two games and it's play off time once again for the men of teal. down in dallas tonight, wasn't looking so great early. secondperiod 2-1 but they score
12:25 am
four straight goals. tj galliardi with a goal. still in the second, a goal. couture put them up. they had two more including an empty nether. three points up now on dallas for that last play off slot. all right we've officially reached that point in spring training where all you can say is get on with it. we have to start playing for keeps. just one more exhibition game remains for tonight. not a great night to hit the baseball, not a lot of hitting going on. but giants do score in the first. pablo sandoval with a shot back up the middle. bronco who had singled in the second. you want to see something that makes management and ownership real nervous, matt cain falling down but making a great play.
12:26 am
he is very healthy, looking good, giants win it 3-2. we always hear about how professional sports is serious business, for the warriors to have a better chance in improvement they need to get down to the serious business of losing and they're doing a pretty good job of it right now. having lost six straight. working on a better draft pick. they were down in memphis tonight and they were leading by 12 in the fourth quarter. but on a 20-4 run, donte cunningham put it down and it was on, the warriors had nothing to stop, inside marco soul. grizzlies up six with 1:30 left and that was pretty much your ball game. doesn't matter how tall you are, you don't show up large when it matters most.
12:27 am
6'8" greiner. they last won the title in 2005. baylor is the best but the most creative all star game this weekend. look at the opening hit. they set up in a football formation. right off the tip, and it'll get better than that because they've got a quarterback who can throw the bomb. slam dunk. interesting about this they never practiced it. they just talked about doing it in the locker room before the game and look at how beautifully they pull it off. send that receiver in motion, looking good. look at it again, up top, put it down. that's if sporting life for a tuesday night. that was back in iowa this past weekend. those kids were all stars and they're showing their stuff. >> needles to say everybody is seeing them now. >> that's the best i've seen in a while. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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we will see you the next time news breaks. >> right
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