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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 7, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. remembering aphage and his daughter both killed while riding their bikes on a concord sidewalk and tonight new information about the victims and the driver what ran over them. good evening, i'm ken wayne, heather holmes is off tonight. an suv plows into a man and two girls riding their bicycles. tonight we're learning more about the victims and what the teenager behind the wheel may
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have been doing what he crashed into them. ktvu's eric rasmussen. >> reporter: ken we learned this father was also a girl's soccer coach and beloved member of the afghan community and tonight we can show you a memorial of flowers and candles is growing where this man and his two fiscal years were riding their bikes when a young driver lost control, hit them a fire hydrant and slammed into the side of the billboard. a crowd gathered to remember a man and his daughters killed in a way that no one could have imagined. >> this is a huge, huge loss for the community. he was a love, loving father. >> police say the man and his two daughters were riding their bikes on a wide sidewalk in concord when a 17-year-old behind the wheel of this white cadillac escalade was speeding out of control. police say the suv crashed into a fire hydrant, hit the family of three and then the side of a
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building. witnesses say there was nothing that they could do to help the badly injured father. me and several other people were trying to tell him to hang on and the fire department will be here, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: his 9-year-old daughter died at john muir hospital. her 12-year-old sister survived. we're not identifying the 1- year-old driver who is now in juvenile hall facing vehicular manslaughter charges. family members are furious. >> i mean, bottom line it's murder. i don't care how you look at it, it's murder. a vehicle is just as bad as taking a pistol and shooting somebody. >> reporter: others are focused on the family and the loss of a little girl and her father, a soccer coach who touched many young lives. >> he is a great coach. i can't imagine him not being here right now. >> reporter: and here at the scene earlier today friends of the 17-year- old driver described him as someone who often drove fast and was often using his cell
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phone. police will only say they are checking records to see if he was on his phone at the detail of this crash. live in concord, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. san josi police are investigating a homicide tonight, the city'sth. year. details are few at this point, but police tell us that a man was found stabbed in the 18 alcohol block of sarasota way about 4:00 this afternoon. officers performed first aid, but the man was pronounced dead at scene. the victim's name is not being released until his family can be notified. police add they have no suspects at this time. one of the students killed this week in the oikos university shooting was laid to rest today. friends and family gathered last neat for the further for 23-year-old grace kim. she was buried at the chapel of the chimes cemetery in hayward. her brother said kim was studying to be a nurse and wanted to someday boy her mother a house. kim grew up in the bay area and
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was a graduate of foothill high school in mazeanton. sources are telling ktvu news tonight united airlines is set to pull out of the oakland april. a spokesman for the port of oakland, which manages the airport says united will stop flights to and from the east bay on june3rd. united has only a few flights each day. it's possible another carrier, such as southwest airlines will move in to fill the gap in service. to our continuing coverage of the search for sierra lamar. this morning on mornings on 2 lamar's family offered its announcing a reward for the missing teen's safe return. as ktvu's allie rasmus reports some san francisco 49ers are also pitching in to help. >> reporter: 49ers quarterback alex smith shook hands with volunteer organizers. he and other 49ers showed up at sierra lamar's search center this morning they didn't say much more than that before heading ot on their search for the day. >> they are just like the
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public for the same reason to search for sierra and their heartfelt passion means a lot to us as a family. >> reporter: though were just a handful of the more than 450 people who showed up this morning to volunteer. the line stretched out into the parking lot. the golf everyone here, to find clues in the disappearance of 15-year-old sierr lamar. >> their support has been tremendous. >> reporter: it's because of the financial support all the donations the family has received that they are able to take the next step to help find their daughter. the family is now offering a $10,000 reward for information. >> for the first person that provides information that heeds so sierra lamar being returned alive and safe to her family. >> reporter: sierra's family announced the reward avolunteer headquarters this morning. >> he would like to believe that people, if they have a tip that they are going to come forward anyways, but you know, we're just doing everything that we possible can. >> reporter:
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and hoping that this reward will provide yet another resource in the community-wide effort to find their daughter. in morgan hill, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news hurricane frances a connection ramp in san mateo re-opened tonight after a fatal crash kept it closed throughout the day. a big rig overturned on connector ramp between northbound interstate it'll 280 and highway 582. the chp closed the ramp so crews could do concrete work to fix part of road. >> bay area-based arty thomas kinkade is being remembered by the art world. kinkade's pastoral scenes remain for sale at galler yeses across the nation. while some maintain kinkade's art as "simplistic and mass productioned," others say his success was founded on giving people who might not otherwise
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buy paintings a chance to own an idealized image of the world. >> very disappointed. he have a whole lot more i would have liked to have. >> kinkade's family says he died yesterday unexpectedly of natural causes at his home in los gatos. all five victims are black and the gunman is described as while and people in tulsa, oklahoma are described as fearful, the police, and furyk and other agencies are look for the shooters. >> reporter: police in tulsa, oklahoma exploring a murder spree. the shootings within a 7-hour period early friday and within three miles of each other. >> one geographically area, but far enough apart where somebody mobile. >> reporter: the fbi and u.s. market service are to you on the case. >> there were some commonalities which is leading
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us to believe it's very likely the same shooter. >> reporter: representatives from the naacp pleading for help in finding the sheeter. they say many are if any fearful and upset over the killings and are afraid the victims were targeted. dead and wounded all african- americans. >> yes, the community is on edge. and they want this man found. >> reporter: jeff people that are afraid to even got out of their homes and that is not a good juv. >> reporter: four of friday's shooting victims were found in yards and the fifth on a street. investigators in a newly formed task force convassing the area. >> pains me to talk about such a violent event which we in in community have flotseen certainly in modern history. >> reporter: detectives are search fog are a white man reportedly seen driving a white pickup truck spotted in the area of three of the shootings. >> i also want to say to the perpetrator and anybody who would aid and abet him,
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we're coming for you. >> reporter: investigators also are awaiting walicek tests to determine exactly when type of weapon was used. heather childers, fox news. a producer at nbc news was reportedly fired for a misleading story in the trayvon martin case. an anonymous source tells the associated press the producer edited a part of george zimmerman's 1 call the 911 call. zimmerman was actually answering the 911 operator's question about martin's race. the mayor of virginia beach, virginia called it a good friday miracle. no one died in the crash of a navy fighter jet into a large apartment complex yesterday. the fire that followed the crash damaged or destroyed more than 100 apartments. the f-18 jet crashed in an open area of the complex. today the displaced residents met with navy officials and learned there is support available.
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>> we just want to know if our cat is alive and our medicine is in the house and it's very scary. so we're here to find out and get some answers. >> seven people, including the two pilots were injured and now out of the hospital. heavy says the jet had some sort of massive mechanical problem as it took off on a training mission. oaksterdam university is closing its location, but supporters say it will re-open. federal analysts raid four locations on monday. the raid prompted oaksterdam founder richard lee to give up ownership of the school's, but the executive director is looking for a more affordable home and resume classes. the founder of medi medileaf has been arrested, accused of an
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embezzlement scandal. kuburovich is accused of swindling investors in a real estate plan and diverting the money for his own use. in less than two hours contracts, nor than 40,000 at&t workers are set to expire and that could lead to strikes. workers are part of the drinking phone and long distance data part of the phone giant's business located mostly in california and the midwest. the communications worker of america onoon is authorized to stop job action. three bay area marines are back home tonight after a yearlong deployment overseas. [ applause ] >> a patriot guard and family members were on hand to welcome home the marines. the three are home after a year in afghanistan. >> it's fantastic being back
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with my family. it's aore long's time being separated from my family, but it's well-worth it. my family supports me with everything that i do and i love them very much. >> sergeant bledsoe said he made it home just in time for his wedding anniversary, which is today. the documentary film makers is defending his release of recordings this week of a new orleans saints coach who talks about injuring members of san francisco 49ers. >> in the audio diverse coordinator gregg williams is urging his players to physically punish certain members of the team. sean pamphilon made the recording while doing a story about steve gleason, who is battling als. increaseon said he never gave performance for the audoy release. 's official, the first day of salmon fishing is underway and ktvu was the only station to catch a sporting vessel arriving back at fishermen's wharf. san josi sharks fans are
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excited fort last regular- season game of the year, but why businesses are extra excited for the playoffs. and shot in ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. another driver got stuck on train flacks oakland overnights it's the third time in less than two weeks a driver has need a tow off the tracks. this is what look like near
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jack london square this morning. driver says she was using her gps and somehow ended up on the tracks. last night a similar situation happened near jefferson street. that driver also told us he was follow his gps. salmon lovers are rejoicing, commercial fishing has returned to the bay area after a long absence. ktvu's jade hernandez caught up with the first boats returning to fishermen's wharf and joins us live with a report. >> that is right the fun and first day of salmon season is the hunt and no one knows where the salmon will be. ktvu was the only one who caught the whacky jackie arriving back at the pier. >> it was wonderful. i was so happy. >> reporter: 40 years experience hasn't dampened the captain equals enthusiasm. >> they hit and run. they are feeding on krill. >> reporter:
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let's than 40,000 salmon returned the bay and predictions pushed that number in the hundreds of thousands. commercial fisherman frank lee won't take his boat out until may. >> it's been tough for everybody. fish fires, fishermen, the public, prices are high. >> reporter: the vons in fishermens wharf have tried to ignore the sticker shock. >> my girls love it. >> we eat salmon quite a bit and i'm glad it's coming back. >> reporter: fishermen disembarking from the whacky jackie indicated the size of this year's salmon. >> the quality of the fish were unusual. the number of fish for opening- day was unusual. >> i can remember days you could fish all day and catch one and this time we almost got one. that is sensational for this early in the season. >> we were nine miles off the point. >> reporter: for bob love. >> 8 pounds, 10 pounds. >> reporter: his catch will be thrown on the bar-b-q tonight and maybe even tomorrow. >> we heard some boats that
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were quite a ways further south with a lot more fish. so i think it's going to be a good year. >> reporter: biggest catch today, 16 pounds. the end of the fishing season in november. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. ford motor company announced the recall of 140,000 focus model compact cars. federal safety regulators say the passenger side windshield wyominger can fail because of a missing seal. ford says there has been no reports of accidents or injuries. theford says it expects to start fixing the problems in late may. the maic kingdom is off the list for stops for the high rail speed. the walt disney company was a
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strong advocate for the rail line reaching disneyland. rail officials say it makes better financial sense to stop the service in look. despite the bursting real estate bubble some cities have experienced impressive growth in the 21 century. charlotte north carolina had a boost in population. prova, utah grew 59% during the same time and in despite of plummeting home prices the gaming industry propelled los angeles to a population increase. it was touch-and-go for a while, but the san josi sharks are going to the playoffs. matt keller dove into the shark frenzy, where there are happy fans and business owners. >> reporter: shark fans are fired up in san josi, lining up for the first
11:49 pm
bite at playoff tickets. raymond hu was one of the first in line this morning. >> i just came down here. >> reporter: fans are willing to spend big money for the chance to witness a playoff game. >> $600 for four tickets. >> reporter: local businesses are looking to lure in shark fans and their dollars. sports fever sells all the gear. it's playoff time and get a new hat and hopefully it brings us luck. >> reporter: the store sees a bump in sales come playoff time. >> probably 20-25% of people going crazy and buying stuff. >> reporter: the sharks often overshadowed by the giants and 49ers, but not in san josi. if the sharks every win the stanley cup it would be the biggest event in this store. >> it would probably triple business and this would be a good year for it. >> reporter:
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tects for the first-round of the playoff are sold by on-line brokers and we saw prices ranging from $90 to all wait to $,000. in san josi, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. so who will the sharks be playing in t playoffs? well, it all depends on how they did against the l.a. kings? we'll slights on sportswrap. a plan was work october a neighbor's roof when the gun jammed and unjamming the tool didn't go according to plan. >> i have done it a hundred times before, but it wasn't going so well. i had turned it a little too far, and pop. it's like somebody poking you right in the chest. >> i thought i was done. i really did. >> hennis says he will concentrate on safety first. in addition, to the
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religious meaning of easter, the holiday also means candy for many americans and in fact, the national retail federation figures americans will spend upwards of $2 billion, billion with a b on sweet. that is about $20 and change per person. another way to look at it, it's about 120 million pounds of candy and we haven't even mentioned easter-eggs or a new trend, easter cupcakes. christians gather in jerusalem at the site where the bible says jesus christ died. a show of support for sierra's leader as they tell bashar assad he can't hide. the rain clouds are currently moving to the north of the bay area [ man ] did we get anything good?
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. in jerusalem friars led a vigil into the holy church sepulchre during the holy week for easter observances. >> we're waiting for easter. this is the time we celebrate the rising of christ. and the power of this place to be here, it has to be experienced. >> at the vatican pope benedict xvi of began the easter vigil in st. peter's basilica. the lights were lowered to symbolize jesus tomb before his resurrection. tomorrow the pope circuit cities easter mass for thousands in st. peter's square. during his weekly address, president obama skipped politics and instead reflected on the meaning of this easter
11:55 pm
and passover weekend. mr. obama says, "both holidays remind americans of the common thread of humanity." >> the notion that there is something out there that is bigger than ourselves. these beliefs help unite americans of all faiths and backgrounds. they shape our values and guide our work. they put our lives in perspective. >> the president and the first lady hosted a seder at the white house earlier this week and tomorrow mr. obama says he will celebrate easter with his family. in news of the worldtoid in syria thousands turned out in support of president bashar al- assad in damascus. elsewhere government forces bombarded areas. the u.s. warned syria it won't be able to deceive the world if it doesn't comply. in pakistan there is no sign of life after a avalanche came down on a military complex near a glacier in the mountains
11:56 pm
of the kashmir region. at least 135 people are buried under snow 70' deep. pakistan has stationed troops in the area as a buffer against india that also claims kashmir. and in malawi the first female president was elected. box-office revenues are booming in new york city as broadway shows are enjoying an upswing in popularity and profitability. some economist see this as a trepid at the forefront of the u.s. economic recovery. lauren simonetti report. >> reporter: consumer spending is on the rise and nowhere is that more
11:57 pm
apparent on the great white way. federal reserveman chairman bernanke says revenues surged 0% from last year and using it as an indicateover a healthier u.s. economy. attendance and ticket sales on broadway have risen steadily since the worst part of the recession. >> in downed times people want entertainment and escapism and i think broadway has become very smart about selling itselfs. 60% are tourists and 40% local and parts of the lure of new york cities a tourist attraction is what broadway can offer. >> reporter: in the past year no less than five broadway shows pulled in more than a million dollar a week. joining blockbusters like "the lion king," and "the wicked," are newer produces which hit the $1 million-mark in previews. helping to push those box office numbers so high is
11:58 pm
premium pricing, which is relatively new to broadway. the strategy is a stapeful airline booking and concert industry and involves increasing or decreasion prices for certain seats based on week to week or day-to-day sales trepids. that means more money for production and less to ticket scalpers. >> the idea of premiere pricing is to give more money back to the shows. >> reporter: the demand for "the producers" back in 2001 convinced them that they could charge for the best seats in the house. such premium pricing has caught op and now you see that type of business model being used for limited-run shows as well as for productions that are both on tour and offbroadway. new york, i'm lauren simonettei fox news. it's like clock work, gas prices going up this time of
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creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. . the price of gas is at a record for this time of year and one national association says the rise is following a seasonal trend that has been happening for a dozen years. rick folbaum on what could be hind the hikes. >> reporter: according to the national association of convenience stores stinc 2000, fuel prices have risen every year between early february and late may. and with the national average at $3.93 a gallon, frustration is building. >> it's $4.10 a gallon up in western new york by buffalo. it makes me feel like [ bleep ] -- excuse me by french, but that is the way i feel about it. >> reporter:
12:02 am
at this truck stop in new jersey, drivers saying the cost of operating a big rig is skyrocketing. >> it's just horrible, you know? not enough work and expensive prices and fuel. >> reporter: they say the money they are charged just to fill up trickles down to you. >> it's not just us, but the end user is paying the extra money for whatever services or products we're moving. so it makes it harder on everybody. >> reporter: president obama taking on his energy critics last month saying america's domestic oil production is at an 8-year high. >> do not tell me we're not drilling. we're drilling all over this country. >> reporter: meantime house democrats holding a hearing on capitol hill this week, and some experts blaming the fuel prices on price speculation. >> i would say do not believe those who tell you in the face of the experts, in the face of saudi king and in the face of the chairman of exxon, there is a supply and demand problem.
12:03 am
what is the problem? it's gambling by wall street on the price of oil. >> reporter: analysts say this year's price is surge may be more extreme. three refineries were shut down last fall and another may be closed during the height of the driving, sr. in july. in new york, rock folbaum, fox news. a check of gas prices by triple-a shows that they have gone down a penny since yesterday. in san francisco it's $4.36 and in san josi the price is $4.26. that is between $0.11 and $0.20 a gallon higher than a year- ago, but today's prices are less than $0.20 less than 2008. the federal aviation administration is considering revising his policy that restricts electronic devices during flights. many passengers say they would welcome that change. right back now anything with an on/off switch is turned off
12:04 am
during takeoff and landings. >> there is an added sensitivity that electronic devices could interfere with the navigation of the aircraft. >> the devices that you bring on, they do have electronic emissions that can find their way into antannas or wiring. >> the faa says it's up to advisory airlines to test how they work and how the plane's equipment functions. a spokesperson for republican presidential hopeful rick santorum conferrums that the candidate is taking monday off from the campaign to be at his daughter bella's bedside. the 3-year-old girl has a congential condition called trisomy 18. it's the succeed second time this year the child has been hospitalized of the santorum plans to be back on the chain
12:05 am
trail on tuesday. just days after disgraced campaign treasurer kinde durkee pled guilty to defrauding california of $7 million, election officials are signaling that senator feinstein won't be allowed to ask donors to replace millions embezzled of it's estimated that feinstein lost $4.5 million in the scandal. an opinion from the federal election commission on friday said education any contributions deposited in a bank account or cashed must be counted against the cap on campaign funds." sex education is on the decline in parts of the united states. the centers for disease control looked at data gathered between 2008 and 2010 and found that classroom instruction on subjects including sexually- transmitted diseases such as hiv fell in 11 states. that is for students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. in high school where 46% of students say they are semually activity the number of sex ed classes reported remains the
12:06 am
same. volunteers turned out in san francisco's chemist for a spring cleaning. oregonthe chinatown community development center arranges for the involvements who use tools and supplies provided by the city of san francisco. >> we get leaders to care about the community and clean up the area in chinatown, to spruce up and make it a more harmonious environment for its residents and merchants. >> this year the volunteers targeted ports mouth square and several chinatown alloys. alleys. international pillow fight day sent feathers flying around the world. organizers say the pillow fight is a collaboration of a loose network of people who arranged
12:07 am
for so-called urban playground events. here in northern california fights were scheduled in sacramento and in davis. leftie is looking pretty good. phil mickelson bags an eagle at masters and where he stand as the first majority tournament of year enters its find ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies
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have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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well, a nice start to this holiday weekend with warmer temperatures, just a few high clouds. can see behind me a few rain showers not here in bay area, but track our easter forecast it has been changing. we have finally figured it out and we'll have the forecast coming up for a in a few seconds, but right now on live stormtracker 2, you can see the
12:10 am
main action up to our north, eureka and crescent city, a few clouds falling that in area. we have partly cloudy skies, a few high clouds moving into the region throughout the afternoon and the evening hours. if you thought it was warm today, you were right on. you can see the 60s and even a few 70s. san josi topping out 71 degrees. santa rosa, 68 and antioch 69. we have partly cloudy skies, easter we'll continue with the mild theme, high clouds increasing by mid-afternoon. we're tracking multiple storms and in fact we could be tracking moderate to heavy rain for the upcoming week. the coolest spots starting easter sunday in the 30s. fremont around 43 degrees. here is the big view in the
12:11 am
pacific. can you see all the clouds offshore, all associated with this cold front. this cold front will continue to approach our coastline, but it will just basically put on its brakes offshore. so as a result, no rainfall expected for tomorrow. it will be dry. can you see the cold air to our north and west and warm air basically covering the bay area and that warm air remains in place for tomorrow. a few extra high clouds could move into the region by mid to late-afternoon and temperatures a very nigh range from 60 to 70 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, a few high clouds. monday, there is that rain moving onshore first thing tuesday morning. here is your easter forecast and it's a nice one, but you definitely want to bundle up in the morning hours. north bay clouds into the afternoon hours. temperatures maxing out in the 60s. warmest locations in the lower
12:12 am
70s towards san josi and manager hill and gilroy. here is look ahead, your five- day forecast and you notice this monday still pretty nice, but there is that rain cloud by tuesday. scattered showers off and on for wednesday and possibly a stronger storm that could move into the region on thursday. ken, i know you are competitive with all the easter-egg hunting utthere. no raindrops to worry about out. >> i will be stuffing down as many hard-boiled eggs as i can handle. >> that is a good plan. >>
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good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. when the night began the san josi sharks knew they were in the stanley cup playoffs, what was to be determined in their regular season finale was playoff seeding the sharks taking on the l.a. kings for the second game in a row. l.a. with goals in the first two periods. mike richards score oz a power- play. a lost this when these two peoples met in l.a.. down-0, the 3rd periods. now is watch the end over end shot by patrick marleau that climbs ore the arm of the player. they were tied at 2 and for the second game in a row they head to overtime. boyle gives the puck up to havlat and gets it back for the
12:16 am
game-winner. sharks end the season and finishes with 42 wins, good for second play in the nhl's pacific division. the taylor pyatt with two goals in the game that nailed down the pacific division final. the sharks are no. 7 seed and open up against the no. 2 seed the st. louis blues. well, the baseball season is two games old for the giants and they have played two games in arizona that have been strikingly similar. yesterday the diamondbacks jumped on tim lincecum for two runs. aaron hill ripped one it left. arizona got one more in the inning. the diamondbacks got two more,
12:17 am
this time hill knocked them both in and bumgarner with this. like yesterday they battled their way out of itment panda support around the swimming pool and when pablo sandoval went deep, the d'back's lead was cut in half. didn't take too much encouragement for the guy in the panda hat to take a dip. arizona got one more in the am. then in the 7th,brett pill pinch-hit with a lunker on and just like that, 5-4. the same score as the giants lost yesterday. that is wait would end. once again j.j. putz came on for the save. he got crawford to ground out to the right side with a final out of the game, make it two saves for putz and two 5-4 losses for the giants who send matt cain to the mound still in search of their first win. the a's and mariners. every seattle batter in the line-up had a hit led by chone
12:18 am
figgins, who had 3. when he drilled this one off bartolo colon, the mariners with for more. the a's rallied in innings 4-7, yeonis cespedes continues to look like the real like. that is his third homer of the year. the a's within a run, but could get no closer. brandon lee got coco crisp to fly out for the final out of the game. a's go downle-7 and lost throw of their first four, all against seattle. two guys with entire lay different resumes are at the top of the heap with one round to play in masters before we get to that the perfunctory tiger woods report, he is 12 investigates off the
12:19 am
strokes off the lead. mickelson with his share of the lead. peter hanson for birdie at 15. that put him in front by himself as hanson was on his way to a round of 65, but mickelson wasn't letting hanson get out of reach. he gets the ball to stop and that led to eye birdie, and again, a share of the lead. both players birdied 18 and hanson finishing his round in style and setting himself up for the biggest day of liz golfing career when it approach lands within birdie range. mickelson finished in the same fashion. he shot a 66. he will go after his fourth masters title. in recent year it's just a place that mickelson feels comfortable. >> i still have to go out tomorrow and do it. i still have to play some great
12:20 am
golf on a tough golf course with tough pin placements, but having that opportunity to be in the final group at the masters on sunday is the greatest feeling in professional golf. here is how the leaderboard looks after hanson and mickelson, it's louis oosthuizen and bubba watson. four more as managers are tied five shots off the lead. still to come on this ♪
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beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter.
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. somebody forget to tell the warriors that they should be
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losing right no to keep their first-round draft pick. no postseason for the warriors, but $10,000 for this guy for hitting a shot from half-court. the warriors dealt the nuggets a blow to their playoff hopes. washiors shot 38% from beyond the arc and klay thomas with two of them. warriors win 112-97 and denver sitting a game in front of phoenix with 22 wins and warriors stillth worst in the league. the san josi earthquakes trying to dig out the hole that they created early on, but that won't be a problem for them this year. quakes hosted the vancouver whitecaps. 1-1 game in the second half,
12:25 am
gordon heads in the go-ahead goal, but it didn't stay 2-1. moreno with the free kick, which is serted towards wond louski wondolowski. wondolowski had two goals and as fred inglis reports is becoming one with the shiny stars when it comes to soccer. >> reporter: it took the forward chris wondolowski a few years, but now the danville native reached superstar status. >> a goal for wondolowski. a two-goal night for wondolowski. >> wondolowski's coming out party was 2010, leading major league soccer with 18 goals and voted the league's mvp. >> big secret, but having really good teammates that can put the ball in anywhere they can find it and all i have to do is get open and when it comes to me to hit it-is there
12:26 am
such a thing as a natural scorer (? >> yes he is one. it's not a panic situation, where players are a little bit hurried and chris seems to calm down and pick his spot and he has great technique. that is the big thing. doesn't miss the target very often. that is the thing he does well. >> i think if you practice enough with your finishing that you are there at the right time at the right side, that is the work side, but he has a natural gift. >> coming out of chico state university, the quakes did not draft chris until the fourth round of the supplemental draft. >> you know, also a lot of times we scored a few goals and they would see the score and even if you score three goals and win 6-0, it's competition. >> his work ethic is why he is so good. he is the last one out here
12:27 am
practicing. >> i'm not the biggest. i'm not the fastest or the strongest guy, but try to make my way wherever i can. >> reporter: after scoring 34 goals over the last two seasons, chris earned a new six-figure contract age is also a member of team usa. he is no reason to jump to the european league. >> not really. it's just one of those things if it happens, it laps. if not, keep playing rip current besides the local kid is still making a name for himself in the bay area. >> are they pronouncing your name right now? >> a lot of them know how to spell it and pronounce it now. that is pretty cool. that is an obstacle in itself. >> reporter: i'm fred inglis for sportswrap. >> there is an exodus of players heading toll barrack >> the raiders signed defensivee end dave tollefson, the third
12:28 am
giants player heading to the bay area. brandon jacobs and mario manningham have sign contract as well. >> that is sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.
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