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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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wings that allowed us to accomplish things that no political expert would have ever expected. >> throughout the primary season, there were some wins, some losses, and some big upsets for santorem including a surprise win at the iowa caucuses. >> miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable. >> despite those moments, santorem's one-time double digit lead in the polls started slipping and the numbers no longer added up in his favor. but his decision to suspend is not entirely based on the delegate count. his daughterrer, bella, born with a serious chromosomeal condition has been hospitalized twice since he launched his campaign. santorem called mitt romney to offer his help. >> you will continue to have a major role in the republican party and i look forward to his work in helping to asure victories for republicans across the country in november.
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we have to get that job done. >> reporter: tuesday's developments all but carried the showdown from november. but newt gingrich says the race is not over. >> overly we like to get his delegates. and frankly on values and on conservatism, i am much closer to senator santorem's delegates and governor romney's. >> reporter: ron paul continued to say that he is the only true conserve differ in the race. >> we are on storm watch tonight. rain falling across much of the bay area, and gray skies dominating the landscape. the rain started falling early when we were bringing you the ktvu morning news. here is a look at the drops coming down in martinez and those dark clouds we mentioned. now, a look where residents also woke up to dark skies, and it looks like this wet weather is sticking around for a pet. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the full forecast coming up in 19 minutes. today's weather also triggered major cancellations and delays at san francisco
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airport. officials at sfo helped ktvu travel delays where some flights are running up to two hours. also more than 100 flights inbound and outbound have been canceled. but the to track your flight status. you'll find the link under the storm watch tab at the top of the homepage. new at 7:00, jurors return a verdict in a controversial case. they have cleared richmond's key choo of police of all charges in a case involving claims of racial bias and harassment. chain is live at richmond headquarters where the focus is on healing the de-- divide. >> it's time to bring the departments back together and refocus on community safety. a three-month court case finally came to an end today. a jury cleared the city of richmond to clear the police chief of all charges of racial discrimination and harassment brought forth by hiring 7
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african american police officers. the jury's name didn't want to be released but read a statement. the preponderance of evidence shows that his actions were knight based on race nor were they outrageous conduct that exceeded all bounds. >> reporter: while the jury's verdict was being read, one of the officers needed medical attention. an ambulance was called for sergeant james deacon who was -- who abeard to have problems breathing. >> and it was one of the most difficult things i have been through in my life. >> reporter: the chief later said sergeant jenkins is okay and it's now time for his department to come together to begin the healing process for this video. >> and there are no animosity towards anyone. i want us to be able to move forward. >> i'm numb. there profoundly disappointed. >> reporter: the attorney for six of the officers says today's verdict didn't sit well with clients. >> i have heard that the bad guys won and we're used to this in richmond and in comments like that. i'm not going to identify who said those things to me. >> reporter: it is our severe hope that all police officers
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in the richmond police department, however, divided, their opinions may be we'll work together under the direction of the chief. >> the chief says he's proud of everyone on the force including the officers who filed the lawsuit because while this five- year ordeal was going on, everyone maintained their professionally. however, it's still not over because there is a federal case still pending. live in richmond, paul chambers, ktvu. continuing coverage now of the trial of a gang member accused of killing a san francisco man and his two sons, the defendant, edwin ramos took the stand for a second day. ramos claims he is innocent, that it was a passenger in his car who shot and killed three members of the family. today the prosecution accused ramos of lying to police investigators. ramos said quote i know i lied in the beginning. former prosecutor told us the defense is taking a big risk putting ramos on the stand. >> reporter: danger now as if jurors watch and say you know
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what? i think he's lying. lying probably means he's guilty. >> the three-month-long trial is beginning to wrap up. if convicted, ramos could face life in prison. there was a flood of emotion at a memorial service this morning to remember the victims of last week's shooting at. the service took place on the front steps of the oakland campus. we spoke to friends and family members of the seven people killed in the shooting. >> our future and everything we were looking for. we're so disappointed. so disappointed. we never expected this would happen to her. she was such -- she had such a good heart. >> reporter: several dignitaries spoke at the memorial including the south korean consult general. the aled gunman in the shooting, gogh, was originally from south korea. new developments tonight in
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the trayvon martin case. the florida state attorney's office says it will hold a news conference in the next 72 hours to announce new information presumably a decision about charges. in the meantime, attorneys for the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot martin announced today that they are no longer representing him. in a news conference, they said they have not heard from george zimmerman since sunday and expressed concern about his mental health. zimmerman says he shot 17-year- old trayvon in self-defense after following him in a gated community in central florida. >> reporter: the occupy movements began six months ago and this has prompted a call for justice across the east bay. >> demonstrators gathered at 71s avenue and international boulevard in oakland to express anger over the death of trayvon martin in florida. organizers say they want zimmerman to admit he shot martin to face charges. >> reporter: right now, occupy protesters are gathering at the
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plaza in front of oakland city hall for an anniversary party. people are being asked to bring food to share for communeal meals followed by a dance party. >> and earlier in the day, demonstrators marched to the home of chevron ceo john watson in will fayette. the protesters wanted watson to sign a petition sympathizing with the occupier's causes. demonstrators also protested today outside the homes of hewlett packard ceo and san francisco residents of wells fargo chief executives. officials at san jose state university announced today that the school is moving forward with plans to end its local area guarantee. under the plan, san jose state would no longer guarantee admission to santa clara county high school students and community college transfers who currently qualify. the university president says chief budget cuts would force
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the school to reduce enrollment. the plan must still be approved by the csu chancellor and board of trustees and would affect fall 2013 enrollment. george lucas's film company is abandoning plans for a new tuesday you. lucas film had gotten the okay from the county planning commission to build a 470,000 square foot production facility at the former grady ranch in lucas valley. at a hearing last week, neighbors demanded a new environmental impact report and another studies. lucas film now says it will sell the land to a developer who plans to build low income housing. there is a push -- a new push to make streets of san francisco safer for people on bicycles and on foot. a recent accident that triggered public outrage has prompted city officials to act. two weeks ago a cyclist alley ran a red light and hit an elderly man in a crosswalk. the man later died. now, san francisco police are stepping up sing is operations at key intersections and today
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two supervisors proposed a resolution to increase safety enforcements and issue more traffic citations. >> and we don't have any tolerance for individuals that are not obeying our traffic laws and that includes pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists. >> san francisco has one of the worst pedestrian safety collisions here in the country and in the state. >> the program would allow some first-time bike offenders to attend a safety course in lou of a ticket. on wall street, investor anxiety about upcoming earnings reports and growing concern about european debt sends stocks to their biggest losses of the year. the dow industrial fell 213 points closing at an eight-week low. nasdaq lost 55 points today. all but 18 of the 500 companies in the s and p 500 lost ground today. the dow is on a five-day losing streak. the index has dropped about 550 points since last tuesday. today's drop was the dow's third triplable digit loss in
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four days. shares in alime numb giant are higher in after-hours trading following a positive earnings report. always the first of the 30 stocks in the dow to report quarterly results. the dow component posted record revenues for the last quarter despite declining alime numb prices. wall street had expected to report net losses. the stock is up about 5% since closing bell and it is deciding hope, the dow's losing streak might come to an end tomorrow. sunnydale based yahoo unvails new details today of the long-awaited reorganization plan. the santa fe news with a memo to yahoo employees. it says yahoo will consolidate most of its operations into three major divisions and build closer ties with consumers and advertisers. yahoo's top priority will be consumer websites that focus on finance, sports, and entertainment. as well as search, e-mail, and
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social network services. the 17-year-old driver accused of killing a father and daughter riding their bikes is no longer in custody. why authorities say they had no option but to release him. and a new study has a warning about nail poll usual. the dangers the salon industry may be glossing over.
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the wiring. they've now identified a man who was struck by a truck and killed last night. the accident happened on north shoreline boulevard at the corner of wright avenue just before 9:00 p.m. police identified the dead man as 26-year-old eric of mountain view. the driver of the truck stopped. he is cooperating with police and has not been charged. police interviewed a woman who performed cpro on him until officers arrived. the 17-year-old driver accused of hitting and killing a father and his 9-year-old daughter in concord is out of custody tonight. eric was in juvenile hall when boy's parents picked him up. >> the 17-year-old accused of killing a father and daughter drove out a juvenile hall without having to face tough questions. his parents declined to make comments as they walked in to pick him up. we're not identifying him because of his age.
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the teenager was arrested on vehicular homicide after the crash saturday morning that killed 41-year-old and his daughter. it could still be weeks before the driver is formerly charged with anything so authorities had to let him go. reacting to the driver's release today the family e- mailed us a statement that red in part, we know this country has a justice system put in place and we respect it. that's why our families -- we're focusing on being a family. letting the police do their job. despite the -- police say they're still carefully analyzing the evidence before they can make a recommendation. the steps investigators are taking include reconstructing to understand the secrets of events. conducting a mechanical review of the teen's suv to see if there were any problems and they say they still need to get a hold of cell phone records to
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determine whether the driver was actually using his phone at the time of the crash. >> reporter: police say it could still be 2 weeks before they complete their investigation and make a recommendation. eric, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a san jose city council voted unanimously to approve an expansion of its smoking band under the new ordinance. smoking will be banned in lines where people wait for service and in the common areas of multi-family residences. the city already banned smoking inside restaurants an public buildings within 25 feet of city libraries and community centers and outdoor areas of stadiums, sports arenas and parks. assuming the ordinance is adopted again on the second rating, the new ban is scheduled to take effect may 25th. some bay area lawmakers are calling on bart to make sure its new train cars are made in america. the agency expects to decide on a manufacture in the next few months. right now it's considering bids from canada, france and south
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korea for the $3.2 billion contract. at a news conference today congressman john and family member insisted that bart use an american company and help create american jobs. has hydrogen fuel station that's open to the public. the station opens today. it's operated by transit which is several hydrogen powered fuel buses. they have fuel cell prototypes and they they intend to start production for consumers. they're labeled not toxic but a new report finds many of these products contain chemicals that could be harmful to your health. yes mean tells us 25 brands were tested and many are used atlanta bay area salons. >> has been getting her nails done for the past 35 years.
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>> they determined mislabeled nail products could potentially harm thousands of women who work in nail salons. investigators randomly chose 125-grams seeming to be free of toxic chemicals. however the reports found many of the products levels of toxin. >> it caused harm to women who might be pregnant and long term . >> they do not use any of the mail products that are in question. >> and are one dollar and you're thinking why is it so cheap, what are they making it out of if it's that cheap. >> this store sold two of the brands that are allegedly mislabeled. it sold for about bottle 50 each.
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he called a manufacture it stand by product and disputing its report. >> it feels every product should be directly labeled so this way consumer -- like us are protected. >> new york summer nail polish is one of the products the state said is mislabeled for complete list you can go to our web site at reporting from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> miami marlins manager is apologizing to the team fans for comments he made about fidel castro. he told time magazine, of course, he loves castro and respects him for staying in power so long, that outrage miami's cuban american community at a news conference today he said his comments were misinterpreted by the supporter. the team suspended the out spoken manager for five games but some are calling for him to be fired. >> a new warning tonight for people who walk their dogs and golden gate park. coming up cell phone video we obtained on canine confrontation that may have prompted a new band.
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toward the pedestrian and dog. there have been a series of recent confrontation. they tell ktvu starting tomorrow -- between northlake and middle lake in golden gate park will be off limits to dogs during puppy season which ends at the end of august. we're joined now by bill martin, when i came back in this evening it's raining. >> it was raining. there's more on the way. we've been going for the next couple of days. that means rain for the morning commutes and rain for the afternoon cop mute. here is how the live star tracker -- that's where most of it has been the last couple of hours. those modern rain fall a little more area. so the rain coming down out there pretty consistently now for the last two or three hours. rain fall accumulations we have eve seen a quarter of inch to half inch of rain even an inch. we're doing to get a bit of break tomorrow. there are still scattered
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showers in your bay area forecast tomorrow. widely scattered showers tomorrow is going to be a very different day. you can have very light showers. thursday is your next shot at rain kind of like what we just went through. here is how it shakes out. this is the low system here, parent low. if that moves through tomorrow it triggers off the chance for shower. and then this system rolls in on thursday and it's more of a buggy if you will, on mid- morning we're getting back into rain looks like wet day. so tomorrow the front will have already passed the cold air comes in, the cooler air, if you will, scattered showers and there are some clearing there, right, and maybe thundershower out here in the east bay back, maybe a thundershower, slight chance, and then maybe scattered shower for your drive tomorrow morning not like today. not consistent rain an certainly some breaks in the crowd. here is how the model goes, we get into tuesday night, pardon me wednesday morning early, see some early late scattered
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showers and then you dig into wednesday morning commute. dry cloudy. up around napa. basically on thursday. we get another system in here very similar to this system. the forecast highs tomorrow shake out into the upper 50s low 60. tomorrow 5-day forecast. it's going to be -- keep it -- >> all right, thank you bill. some of the passengers are on board the titanic are among hundreds on a cruise to commemorate the 100th 100th anniversary. the cruise set sale on sunday the ship was force today return to its port in ireland today after passenger became ail and had to be air lifted to the hospital. the cruise is back on course now and is expected to make a stop in the spot where the titanic sank a century ago off the north american coast. thank you for trusting ktvu channel the news.
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we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with 10:00 news. tonight we catch up with bay area republicans on more of latest twist in gop efforts to reclaim the white house. we'll -- we're here for you, tmz is next on sv36.
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