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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 11, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." he just told me the police were chasing him. >> a suspect tells cops to take him down. just when he's cornered, he takes off again. from a lapel cam that catch as deadly game of hide-and-seek. a fight on a new york subway is broken up by a guy calmly munching his. >> cheddar pringles. >> the story of snackman. >> once you pop -- you can't stop. >> everyone knows that.
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a tv anchor is in a world of yogurt, after an attack by food-wheelding hooligans. and seep the softball player who is "out" at third. literally. >> that sounded like two coconuts hitting together. it's time to kick things off, and gayle has our first story "right this minute." >> this police dashcam video catches final moments of this plan's life. an albuquerque man who died the day this video was shot. this video picked up during a police chase. police said that he fired a shot at his wife. police got involved in a car chase. you can see here he's weaving in and out of traffic and hits that big rig. the first set of police that were there, they saw him get out on foot and run off, but the other cops that were behind him, they didn't see that. they're just busting the car open thinking he's still in
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there. during this chase, apparently he called his sister. his sister called 911 and calmed to report what he had told her. >> he just told me that the police were kmasing him, that -- chasing him, that his wife had pushed and pushed and pushed him and he couldn't take it anymore. he's going to kill himself. >> where this video picks up again, the police are in a truck and they're tracking him down. what you're seeing is video from the officer's lapel camera. >> freeze! freeze [ bleep ]! >> what you're seeing here is the suspect whip the gun to his head and the officer has his weapon drawn. >> put it down. put it down! >> he takes off again. >> stop! stop right there. >> this is tense, man. >> now watch this. they give chase in this truck trying to track him down and catch up with him. >> he's in the car now.
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>> here comes the dramatic end. there's a gunshot. and they don't know who fired the shot. was it the man or a police officer? they send a police dog in to investigate. the police dog has found him. he's on the ground. police now say tha oo approaching fired the shot. >> do you know what made them fire the shot, that he finally turned the gun towards police? was it sort of a suicide by cop? >> they're still investigating. interesting you asked that question, because police said he had threatened to die suicide by cop in the past. a greek tv host ended up with egg on his face, literally. >> what you're seeing on the left-hand side your screen is a tv host for tv 1 in greece and he's interviewing a local politician. this happened late last week. do you see him look away from his guest and look towards the outside of the studio. >> ow! getting pelted. >> what he saw coming in were 17
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masked protesters, according to reports, who threw eggs and yogurt at him while chanting, pro-immigration slogans and anti-fascism slogans. [ chanting ] >> that's probably greek, too. >> probably really good for his skin. >> reports on what kind of greek yogurt it was, but the incredible thing, how calm this guy is. >> standing there taking it like a man. >> the crazy thing is, this was a live television broadcast. so people are watching all over greece and see it happen. you see the director cut away to something else. protesters are so upset because this show had a spokesperson from an openly neo-nazi group, the golden don party, as a guest. >> good thing it was a taped show. or maybe somebody would come in and dump soup on nick. >> we don't know how many ex girl friends he's got. we need the national guard to guard this place.
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>> yeah. fighting urban traffic on your daily commute can be a drag. especially when you're actually in a fight. a woman got on this train, jumped up and just starting wailing on this guy. you see him kick back. look at this unlikely hero in this situation. the calm weapon of choice? cheddar pringles and a bag of gummi bears. charles saunder, this video has blown up all over the place. now widely known in new york as "snackman." >> prink bringals make you like superhero. once you pop, you can't stop. >> everyone knows that. i also got some subway drama for you this time from south korea. according to commenters on this video, before the camera started rolling, a bit of an argument between this older gentleman you're seeing with the umbrella and the woman in the blue there, who's about to light up a
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cigarette. the older man -- watch what he does. pokes and prods with his umbrella at this lady's face. in south korea, they're like super clean freaks. can you tell. look at the subway floor. looks like you could eat off of it. i venture to guess she's breaking the law here smoking on the subway and this guy is not having it. watch what happens. she hits his umbrella away, gets off. whatever drink she has, all over this guy the face. now, first he sits there calmly and sort of wipes off the beverage. then watch. >> oh! >> goes up and gives this woman a hard shove that looks like right to her face. >> you know what? all he really needed was a bag of potato chips. >> what they really needed was snackman. >> a dramatic challenge. take one. this video really hit home for me, and you're about to see why. [ beeping ]
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[ speaking in foreign language ]. >> it is in spanish, because the video was created by our mexico of the future, a national social movement. but it really needs no translation. the images speak for themselves. the video starts off with a man reading a newspaper with the cover about crime and violence in the country. he gets dressed, walks out the door. soon as he walks out the door she being robbed and goes on to show different scenarios of a kidnapping what seems to be some sort of bribe of a political candidate and in one part of the video you see what looks like a [ speaking in foreign language ] someone who's going to help illegal immigrants cross the border. >> all played by little kids. >> the kids are playing out what their lives could be like if there is no real change in mexico. at the very end of the video, we end up with a lot of people behind bars. then you hear the voice of a little girl saying, if this is the future that awaits me, i don't want it. and she addresses the four
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presidential candidates of mexico right now directly saying, are you running for just the position or are you doing it to really change the future of our country? >> wow. an effective ad campaign if it's challenging the people running for political office to do the right thing. to want to make the country better and get rid of some of the problems that are plaguing mexico right now. this is no accident. >> because he starts backing up gorge forward, backing up, going forward. >> see what made this guy go crazy at the car dealer. and this guy is on a rant. >> for every girl who complains about how big her butt is, there are at least 20 guys saying, stop! >> see what he's got to say, and tell us what you think.
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at
3:11 pm great videos all day long. trips to the car dealership are like the auto shop. they can be stressful, annoying, take forever. one guy had enough. he decided to driving his own suzuki grand vatara into a russian nissan dealership. at first glance you might think, oh, he might have hit the gas instead of the brake. like this might be an accident. not an accident at all, because he starts backing up, going forward, backing up, going forward. smashing even more into these cars that are on the showroom. destroyed, like, four cars bp now, as he goes off screaming you think, okay, he's probably done now. right? >> oh! >> what? he's back. >> nope. not even close to being done. at another point goes off the screen again and takes his car even further into the dealership. >> was it the industry? was that it? what put him off the edge? >> apparently he was upset because he'd been waiting three
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hours for his car to be fixed, and just was fed up. >> bring it back in here to have them fix the body damage that he caused to his own car? >> probably not, because the guy's facing criminal charges that could lead to five years in prison. the guy's 35 years old. he's gynecologist in moscow. >> seems to make sense now. >> when the car eventually broke down, they pulled him out of the driver's side window, tied him up before the police could get there. >> i wonder what does he think is going to happen after, once he's done all of this. oh, well, we'll fix your transmission now. sorry for the wait. >> if i was a salesman on the floor this day, a lovely silver nissan, slightly used. we'll give awe great use. >> open box deal. >> yeah. you don't hate your body! take one. >> we hear women talk a lot about body image. now there's a man weighing in,
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and his name is mike falzone, and she a self-proclaimed musician. he said i make music, make people laugh and do neither on purpose. >> every time i have to hear about someone hating some part of their body can brings to mind the birthday present effect. imagine a little boy and girl open up a tightly wrapped box. look around, first thing they say is i hate this. when you talk about how much you hate your eyes, legs, thighs, that's exactly what you sound like. and that's how annoying you are to everybody else. wi wi >> what made him go off on this rant? >> i'm sick and tired of hearing a bunch of beautiful girls talk about how [ bleep ] their bodies are. shut up. what would be nice for once? a girls body image actually matched up with how guys think they should look. >> the things we hate about hours, he goes ton to explain it, are some of the things guys love the most. >> if i hear another girl say,
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oh, my butt's too big. >> for every girl saying and thinking their butt is so big there's guys saying, i love your butt. >> then he gets really real. >> once you walk around hospice a little while and tell me how many times you hear, smaller. >> no. that's not the way it works, because when you're dying and surrounded by friends and family you may not of see again, no one's worried how chubby their thighs look. >> be proud of who you are and happy to be in your own skin. >> you got a big butt. >> shake it. >> yeah. >> just don't break it. >> what do you think? are you sick of hearing women complain about their bodies? a message on facebook, it minute. take skive diving and moosh it together with wing suit flying, tomorrow on "right this minute." there he is. just trying to shop.
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the world's famous actor, thomas elliott. >> who is thomas elliott? >> see the video that's making thomas elliott famous like he never was. they are the poster pets for a big weight-loss contest. >> 107% overweight. >> he's now sleek stars in six months. the story behind the video, next.
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jushgs were back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. i've got a video that shows you what it's like to be a celebrity, to try and just go shopping in a mall. look what happens to actor thomas elliott at a popular mall in virginia. the guy can't get two feet without getting mobbed. his buddies there trying to shop with him. all they can really do is just get this on tape. >> who is thomas elliott? >> you've never heard of thomas elliott? >> no. >> never seen thomas elliott's work? >> no, i have not. >> no. >> funny part about this is -- none of these people know who thomas elliott is. him and his buddies went to a mall, put a few plants in the mall and pretended he was famous. set off a frenzy. >> you know the movie "hunger games"? >> thomas elliott.
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>> he's picking up people. >> yeah. >> i want to know exactly how these guys managed to pull this prank off. so we got thomas cramer, justin black and lance joining us this minute via skype. guys, when this frenzy started to take off, were you surprised or thinking, yes. this is exactly what we wanted? >> we were definitely thinking this is exactly what we wanted. >> kind of started a movie, we have a couple of high school girls approach me and then it was just on. i mean, absolute frenzy. >> so what was it like being a celebrity and getting so much attention from the cute chicks? >> it was so much fun. it's weird, because strangely calming. i realized if i really was a celebrity, i'd have to play it pretty cool. that's kind of what i did. it worked pretty well. >> when security showed up, did you think, uh-oh. we're outta here. were you surprised to see what wound up happening? >> it was between that fine line
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of, is this working or are we getting our [ bleep ] kicked off the mall. >> they came up and told me to stop filming him. can you just give him some space, please. >> when the security guard walked up to us, we were kind of a little hesitant at first, then walking in front, moving people out of the way for us. and, hey, calm down, and blocking out -- after that, we jut -- then we really went with it. that's not long ago i showed you keith apicary at a music video audition. >> the coolest guy in the room. >> keith apicary is comedian nathan barnatt. what until you see what he's up to now. feuding with wwe superstar dolph ziggler. he just put out what he's calling his victory dance over
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dolph ziggler. to see why they're feuding, head over to our website, what do you do if your dog, cat, rabbit is overweight? send them to fat camp. in the uk, two rabbits, 11 dog, five cats, putting on a diet six months so they can lose weight that cat can barely walk up the stairs. >> they say 12 million pets are being fed the wrong stuff in the uk. >> a lot of these cats and dog, eating the same things their humans eat. take-out, potato chips, biscuits and toast. rabbits have the worst diet, because most people don't give them enough hay. most people give them this, what makes them pork up. >> what kind of health problem does that pose for pets and humans alike? >> they fay diabetes, heart disease and it shortens a pet's life expectancy if they are overweight.
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>> i can see how you could work out a dog and i guess a cat, too, but how do you work out a rabbit? like a bunny? >> get it to hop around, man. carrot on a string. make him taste t. ah! >> all the pets listed. you can see some of their problem, like maverick the cat is 85% overweight. >> fifi is 107% overweight. >> and jack can barely walk. >> otis, 41% overweight, not much compared to the other ones but otis has four beds. >> we're behind all of these pets. i've got to say. hope they make it, slim down. show off their new bods for bikini season. this guy hit as triple over on third and then -- boom. >> sounded like two coconuts hitting together. >> our own mr. doug catches it all on camera. see it happen, next.
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who likes chocolate? got to love chocolate. >> oh, girls. i've got a treat for you. this is a 3d chocolate printer created by the university of ex-torr. it is the world's first 3d chocolate printer. and as you can see, you can actually create a custom designed piece of chocolate using this machine. you can design your chocolate bar, your chocolate letter, your chocolate whatever you want. make it, design it, print it, and then eat it. >> i don't necessarily want the
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first one i see. i want to lay down on this slab and squirt it on out. [ laughter ] i don't care about designing it. >> the cool thing about this printer is that you can actually own it. >> really? >> you can buy this chocolate printer, put it in your home and print chocolate. >> how much is this? >> it is a humble $3,960. >> you know, i have just the place to put that new one in my kitchen. our videos "right this minute" come from all over the world but this next one's extra cool because it comes from one of our editors, doug. >> hi, man. how's it going? >> you like sports, right? >> love them. >> major league baseball just started. >> it did start. >> and our softball league is about to begin. >> thankfully. >> after our last game i decided to stay afterwards and shoot some video. i walked up to this game.
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i don't know what teams. this guy in the blue shirt is up to bat. comes out -- >> he's got his sleeves off. guns out. >> you know he's going to hit it. goes to the opposite field. runs around -- >> not easy to do in slow-pitch softball. >> scores two runs and -- a triple. but, pretty interesting. >> three, two, one -- oh! >> that sound like two coconuts hitting together. >> ah! >> he would have been out, because you can't run through the bag. you can only run through first base. you can't run through third base. >> it's this guy's own fault. >> he laid down a second. got back up. everybody around him said, hey, you okay? >> he looked fine. >> he looks like he's going to be okay, but what a way to reward your triple. hit him in the back of the head
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with a softball. >> close range . >> i hope they won. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." one more video. this is from the 12th annual bring your own big wheel extravaganza on vermont street in san francisco. stick around, and enjoy it, because another 30 minutes of "right this minute" is on the way. -- captions by vitac --
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.


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