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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 27, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. good evening. it is april 27th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. an hour from now demolition will begin on doyle drive. the elevated roadway that serves as san francisco to the golden gate bridge for 75 years. caltrans has been getting the word out for weeks about the major closure this weekend. it is removed and rebuilt. 1,000 tons of concrete and steel and haul away the rubble. they will be using hammers for the demolition. >> they will be on the deck and then they take portions of the deck down until they ultimately take down the columns. you will end up with huge piles of rubble.
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>> this computer animation shows you how a temporary road will be used starting on monday to bridge traffic through a completed tunnel. access to the bridge from marina boulevard near the palace of fine arts ends at 8:00 tonight. this weekend the main approach will be from highway 1. the chose closure -- the closure is expected to last until 8:00 a.m. we have the different ways people plan to get around. >> reporter: doyle drive has been open all day. that i can a look behind me. the last cars using this forever. after 8:00 they will have to find another route. >> reporter: a beautiful night for a giant's game. if getting there is half of the fun getting home could be well,
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not so fun. >> reporter: basically you have two ways to head into the city in the north bay take the bay bridge to the san rafael bridge to the north bay. >> we are just getting off of the san rafael bridge. it has taken us 33 minutes to cross two bridges and travel 22.5 miles. >> reporter: the main city detour around the con-- construction gate 1. if you are going through the city be patient. >> on a normal weekend it is packed. to add volume, if you take the route, allow extra time. >> reporter: locals, there are ways around 25th and lincoln are open to the bridge but the roads can not handel a lot of traffic -- handel a lot of --
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handle a lot of traffic. >> this weekend we might fill the lot. >> reporter: ferry tickets to tonight's giant's game were sold out. good thing they add a special late run for the weekend. >> we will come back. >> yes. >> that is okay. i mean, not have to drive into the city and take the fer tegives me more time to -- ferry it gives me time to sober up after the game, too. >> the equipment will not sit here quietly for longer. it starts at 8:00 and crews will be working around-the- clock until the job is finished. the projected opening to the new approach to the bridge at 5:00 a.m. on monday. reporting live if san francisco, ktvu channel 2 phaous. some businesses in san francisco marina district are concerned that the closure will drive customers away. restaurant and bar owners say even with pleasant weather in the forecast they feel the fear of gridlock could keep people from taking the trip across the gate. meanwhile the recreation area is urging people to avoid the field and head to ocean beach
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instead. go to throughout the weekend. you will find the live drive traffic. they are color coded green, yellow and red to see if there is a back up or smooth sailing. the police are investigating several people about a shooting. they got a 911 call from a home on cleveland avenue at 1:45 a.m. they found a 51-year-old man with stab wounds in front of the home. he died at valley medical center. people inside that home refuse to cooperate with the police. when officers learned that there may have been weapon inside a s.w.a.t. team respopbded. the police say several people in that home finally surrendered at about 11:00 this morning. -- responded. the police say several people in the home finally surrended at 11:00 this morning. >> we are not going to disclose how many people came out or their involvement. we are trying to determine their involvement. >> the authorities have not
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released the name of the victim. they are trying to determine the victim's relationship to the people in that house. it has been a violent weekend in oakland with three people killed so far. including a 17-year-old boy. he was shot in the 1100 block of 34th street. the suspect has been identified in any of the recent killings. oakland police say this year's homicide totals stand at 40. that is up from 32 at this time last year. including seven victims at the university. the city of cook land announced it is -- oakland announced they are suing two more people of the protesters. oakland want dollars 400 from each protester for cleanup as well as other damages. the city attorney says oakland hassa a proud history of protest sph-s took advantage of the occupy protests to take
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advantage. two carjackings, the latest overnight and the driver was locked in his own trunk. why the police think one group of men is responsible for both crimes. >> reporter: the police are alerting 75 cab companies all by way of this e-mail. to be on the lookout. we don't know. and that is exactly where we found the police today hauling away this yellow cab. it started here at the b.a.r.t station where late last night three black males hailed a cab. destination, antioch. >> when they got there the subject got out of the cab and held him at gunpoint. one of the subjects was armed. >> reporter: he was put in the trunk of his cab. the three men drove 37 miles from antioch to the intersection here at oakland and skyline and miller road where they took the cabby out
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and took off themselves. >> a short time later a oakland police officer picked up the 45- year-old cab driver. he was unharmed but the police say his cash, his cell phone and jewelry were all stolen. >> obviously this is -- this is a violent crime. >> and sergeant robert nolan says a tip led the police to this east oakland complex on 83rd avenue where the yellow cab was found but with no one inside. it is the same area that the police say another cabby was robbed just this week. >> we are looking into the possibility that it is the same suspects. >> reporter: the police say the trio of robbers should be considered armed and dangerous. back to you. now to san francisco where a man is hospitalized after being rescue friday a fire in a high-rise apartment building. the fire department says the fire was reported at 2:30 this morning on wood side avenue. not far from lagoona honda hospital. a man was found in the 8th floor apartment. he is treated at saint francis hospital. crews say the fire was under cop troll within 10 minutes.
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the cause is under investigation. a body was found along the sanoma coast this week, it has been identified and it is not one of the missing sailors from the yacht race. the helicopter hoisted the body on wednesday morning. the coroner has identified the man as 58-year-old bryan christopher able from sanoma. no cause of death has been determined. an investigator from the violent crimes office and sheriff's department is on this casism the coast guard is going -- in this case. the coast guard is going under caution. the coast guard captain told ktvu today safety was the most important factor. the decision was made in the wake of the deadly accident on the islands, bans boat races outside of the golden gate until a safety review is completed. no word on when off shore events will resume. the deal to bring the america's cup to san francisco was finalized this afternoon at the pier. with a stroke of a pen, the
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deal was done. today's ceremony was held at pier 27 and 29 where cop instruction is started on the spectator village. america's cup competitors say this race will be unlike any other. >> it will be the fastest, fan- friendly that there has been. the city-front crowd just as much as it is for the cup crowd. >> the mayor says it will generate as many as 8,000 jobs. america's cup gets under way in july of next year. a bill to keep the interest rate on federal student loans from doubling is is now in the hands of the u.s. senate. the -- doubling is now in the hands of the u.s. senate. the republican plan would pay for it by eliminating the health care fund. the senate is unlikely to pass the bill. the democratic control senate has its own version paying for the bill on taxes on high income business owners. president barack obama signed a
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bill targets dip phroepla mills. it addresses complaints of marketing tactics aimed at military families eligible for federal aid under the gi bill. they are considering trade marking the gi bill to crack down on the use to lure veterans. a two-weeklong strike vote by employees at csu campuses ended today. the vote is scheduled to be released on wednesday. if approved 24,000 professors, counselors and other staff on 23 campuses could walk off of the job. the labor dispute comes at a tough time for the cal state system. it lost $1 billion in state funding in the past four years. a cyclist camera captures the moment he and another person are struck by a car. see what makes this stretch of road so dangerous. it is one of the bay areas
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most popular and enduring places. it will be around 80 degrees material. the warmest day -- degrees tomorrow. and what is the warmest day of the week end?
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. the lease are investigating what caused this car fire that was visible from 580. crews responded to the fire at 4:00 a.m. at west street. you can hear several explosions as the air bags went off. firefighters put out the flames in the car and a utility pole that caught fire. in the end, nobody was hurt. two cyclists were hit by a car in a popular road -- on a popular road. the driver did not stop.
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the driver's car may have been reported stolen after the collision. >> the crash has gotten tens of thousands of hits on youtube. it happened on wednesday. a cyclist that calls himself bruno is going up tunnel road. a video camera was mounted on the bike was his riding partner. almost simultaneously the car struck him and his riding partner. he, too, falls to the ground. in a post he writes me and my friend were hit by a car. he did not stop, he ran away. we slowed the video to a cyclist. >> it was scary. you know, cyclists worry about that stuff. >> reporter: berkeley police would not confirm reports this evening that the car has been located in oakland and the car was reported stolen oned with night after the accident. we are talking to cyclists and many say it is dangerous. >> this part is hairy, you know, we are on the look out and try to signal to drivers
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and -- as you can see people are taking off. you know. >> reporter: the bicycle coalition says a crash like this is unusual. >> a car coming from behind a cyclist it is rare that car hits the cyclist. >> they are fight for safety improvements. >> reporter: supporting a proposal to require cars give cyclists three feet of clearance at all-times. some say that would not fly on tunnel road. >> it is impossible here. i mean, i don't see it, three feet, you know. >> we tried to contact bruno. he did not respond. those that know him say he is from brazil and an extremely experienced rider, back to you. rescuers are hoping a dolphin, spot inside southern california today, will find its way back into the pacific ocean. the dolphin was spotted in a wet lands area near huntington beach this morning. you look to the right you can see the dolphin swimming in circles. rescuers decided to see if the
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healthy dolphin will leave on its own during high tide. if it is there tomorrow they may try a find to find it out to sea. viagra has competition. the bay y has given this drug a try. the drug is supposed to work twice as fast as viagra. they project $68 million in sales for drugs. the makers of nitela are offering a pay out. a san diego woman started feeding the hazel nut spread to her 4-year-old after seeing an ad saying it was healthy. she found out two tablespoons have listen grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. they will pay $4 to consumers who bout the prod ubgt in california between august 2009 and this january. you can find out how to file a -- prod ubgt in california between august 2009 and this
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january. you can find out how to file a link on our web site. -- product in california between august 2009 and this january. you can find out how to file a link on our web site. three long time businesses are closing up shop for good. the lafayette health club lost its lease and the owner can not find an affordable space to relocate. handlebar toys has been open for 42 years and did it shutdown -- and it shutdown yesterday. they say they have been hit hard by the slumping economy. apple is reportedly in talks to offer streaming movies on iphones and other devices. apple is talking to epic, a joint venture of three major studios, netflix has a deal with epic. a deal with apple would shore up the interest in providing content and hardware. apple is still working on a
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high-definition television. the winchester mystery house has been a popular bay area attraction for decades. now, robert honda reports, the strange and spooky story will soon be on the big screen. >> it is known as the house built for spirits. the legend that the mystery house will soon be a motion picture. the movie will be made by exclusive media and the company, hammer, producers of pictures such as women in black that grossed $100 million. >> exposure for the movie is great for the house. >> reporter: the victorrian mansion and the 161 rooms of the home was sara winchester. the widow of the man who made a fortune from the winchester rifle. sara continuously expanded the mansion from 1884 until her death in 1922. in a mix of history and mathology she designs strange quirky stairs, rooms, hallways to accommodate the spirits of the people killed by the
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winchester rifle. it is an attraction of 2100 visitors. >> the door that led to nowhere and the stair case that ended in the ceiling and the cubbards with nothing in them. >> reporter: the seven winding turns is one of many places here where people say they feel the presence of spirits. that is good if you want to make a movie. >> projector why she built the house, what was driving her. it makes for great drama, a great suspension ghost story to figure out the answers to those questionsism the next mysteries to solve when will production shoot, star and direct? the nfl draft is in the second day and the 49ers look to bolster their offense. with the second round pick they chose running back lamichael james frommor land. he is small but known as an electric field runner with tremendous speed. one more pick tonight in the 3rd round. they will make the first
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selection at the end of the third round. too tired to get things done on the job? it looks like you are not alone. looks like being sleep deprived runs in the american workplace. get ready for a gorgeous weekend. we will know where it will be in the 80s. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all of our newscasts on our computer and advice, we are streaming live for you at
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. it looks like something straight out of the movie. "enterprise" flew above new york city on board a 737. it passed landmarks, the statue of liberty before landing at jfk. this is a prototype for shuttles that fall and never traveled in space. this july is expected to be on display in the new york area. mark tomaia joins us now. if you are looking for a great weekend don't go anywhere. >> yes. plenty of sunshine. the temperatures warming up. right now, you can see just most he clear skies, high
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clouds. favoring the northern part of the region. now, winds gusting to 29 miles an hour. we started to warm up for today. you can see the 60s and the 70s. san francisco topped out at 63 degrees. everybody warms up tomorrow. it will translate to 80 degrees. in the upper 70s around 77. now, for tonight. we will have mostly clear skies, still the breeze this weekend. the temperatures near 80 inland. extended we will cool things off with partly sunny skies and. overnight lows, you can see coolest locations, not as cold as this morning. but lower 40s for napa, and santa rosa. san francisco, 50 in san jose around 49 degrees. high pressure has been strengthening over the past 24 hours. pushing the storm track way up to the north. so, with that, no rain clouds
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with it. patchy fog, returning first thing sunday morning. in fact, shows up nicely with the forecast models. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine out there. look at what happens as we take it into sunday. there is patchy fog returning coast side is here. just for the morning hours, increasing in sunshine in the afternoon. we could still have a bit of a breeze out there as well. forecast highs for tomorrow. we will take a look at the numbers and the temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or four clock in the afternoon. everybody warmer than today. you will notice that oakland tops out lower 70s. san jose tops out 77. morgan in the 80s, santa cruz is beautiful around 70. san francisco, there is the 70. the coast. not as warm. the microclimates resurfacing with 60s out there. patchy fog reforms first thing sunday morning. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast, weekend view and the weekend rapidly approaching. we hope to cool things off by monday. and then, partly sunny skies by
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tuesday in the cooling trend on tuesday and wednesday of next week, gasia? >> mark, thank you. a study shows a third of the workforce is not getting enough sleep. 40 million workers say they get less than six hours of sleep every night. the recommended number is 7-9 hours. and there is a hazard to not getting rest. 20% of car crashes are the result of drowsy driving. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, tonight, live at i doial drive as the dem -- doyal drive as the demolition begins. "tmz" is up next here on tv36. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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