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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 28, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day and the stories behind them, "right this minute." a guy towing a u-haul tries to go fast and furious on the cops. but -- >> i think he's watching the wrong movies. >> because this guy is headed for a wipeout. >> what's the plan here? made a sharp turn into nothing. don't you just hate it -- >> when people let their dogs go doo-doo and don't pick it up. >> well, you are so busted. we'll tell you about a new way to track your tail down. high-drama tv. should you ever tell a friend you want to be something more? >> i feel like it's now or never. >> now the mastermind behind friend zone reveals secrets behind season two.
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>> when there is love, there is peace, but when not, it can be kind of mean. >> and a mashup. >> where cute meets creepy. >> yeah. christian is going to get our show started with our first video. [ sirens ] >> police in santa fe are chasing this man. he is driving a u-haul truck and also towing a trailer with a volkswagen beetle on it. >> a back-up car in case the u-haul breaks down, a back-up get away vehicle. >> yeah, you know, i think he's been watching the wrong movies, because he doesn't know -- he cannot maneuver a u-haul truck. there are several officers behind him, and suddenly, he makes a super-sharp right turn. and goes straight under that brid bridge. when he made impact, the truck and trailer did end up rolling. >> not only did he lead police on a chase which he was hopefully not going to get away from, now he wrecks a u-haul.
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>> what was his plan here? there is no ramp there, no road there, he made a sharp right turn into nothing. >> police say he appears to have purposely swerved to crash against the bridge. when the u-haul truck stops rolling, you do see the officers in the video come up with their guns drawn to see what it happened. but he had been ejected from the truck and did sustain severe injuries. >> he did survive. >> he did survive, but he was taken to the university of new mexico hospital in albuquerque, and he is in the surgical intensive care unit. >> why was this guy running from cops. >> according to police, 55-year-old gary lyon was suicidelal, and police had reason to believe he wanted suicide by cop. this was surveillance footage inside the mission valley macy's. we got this from 10 news. you see a woman walk into the fine jewelry section of the macy's, and according to reports, she was carrying a
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designer purse, and a macy's shopping bag. but she walks up to the counter, and she asks the clerk to see two diamond rings. and together, those diamond rings were worth about $12,000. so the clerk behind the counter says, look, ma'am, it's store policy. we can't let you see more than one high-dollar item at once. >> makes sense. >> so then the woman opens up her shopping bag and shows her the gun that is inside of it. now the woman says to the clerk, i don't want anybody to get hurt, i also have an armed accomplice waiting for me outside. i need those rings. the clerk at macy's complies, gave the girl the rings, and then she left the store. >> i can't believe she got out of there, either. >> but i can see many ways that she could get out, because i used to work there, and it's part of a big shopping complex. lots of methods for her to escape and get on the freeway. >> but it would also mean there's a lot of security
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guards, a lot of cameras all over the place and make it kind of difficult to get out of that macy's. that seems like a really tough heist. >> police are still looking for her. they say she is a black woman in her 0 20s. they believe in this video she is wearing a wig so she doesn't look the way she looks in the video here. but the manager of the story recognized this woman and said, according to reports, she was casing the jewelry counter just the day before this happened. most people love dogs, but you hate the doo-doo they leave behind. it's even worse when people get their dogs go doo-doo, and they don't pick it up. >> yeah, especially near the doggy bags that your hoa has provid for. >> you wonder, who eaving th there is a solution now called poo prohibiints, a waste manage service that can match the pile of poo with the owner. they'll swab your dog's mouth,
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register your dog, and if they find a pile of poo, they can match it and find out who left that poo behind, and send you a fine. like csi for your doggy do. >> people who are going to leap leave their poop aren't going to sign up. >> let's find out how this works. joining us is eric mayor. how do you get people to comply with this service? >> property management will either update their leases if they're in a condo. and it differs property to property how they do theirs. >> how many people are using poo prints already? >> we've got it in over 28 states now. >> what about for those people who are activists who say, i don't have to get my dog ided? >> when you live in a managed community, you've got a lot of people living close together,
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there's certain rules you have to follow when you live together. >> how much does this does cost a community or hoa? >> it's designed to be no cost in the community or hoa. the pet owner will pay $29.95 to register their pet. >> how much do people get fined? >> in different parts of the community it's different. a couple fishermen reel in a marlin, they're huge, more than 1,000 pounds, giant. check out when they start getting close to the surface. >> oh! no! >> it must be shark attack season, because we've had a ton of videos of sharks stealing fish off of fishermen's lines. we found this video on live link. the information says it was a large school of sharks. you can see those things just mauling this marlin. >> oh, my goodness. >> regular old feeding frenzy.
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and you won't believe when they pulled this marlin out of the water. >> oh! >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> congratulations, you caught the head of a marlin. >> nice head. >> now, just think about how big that fish would have been. that would have been like catch of a lifetime. >> the head is the size of his torso. >> you know what they could do, though, just mound it and say we did catch this, we just saved the head. >> maybe do like a chalk outline. >> this is what it would have looked like. >> did you see how big that shark was? all i would be thinking was what if that boat sinks right now? >> sharks are evolving, they're getting smarter. they're following these fishing boats, and they know that eventually they're going to bring something up that's not going to be able to get away. >> why do the work when these dummies on the boat are going to do it for us. >> exactly. >> or waiting for the boat to sink and they're going to eat the dummies. yeah. now, here is a great paint
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idea. >> i love this so much, i can't even stand it. >> see the new paint that i think you're going to love, too. and we're telling you about the hot new summer fun toy. but first -- >> if you happen to notice, that kind of -- kind of a big boat, yeah. maybe that's a nice yacht. >> yeah, it's a nice yacht. and see who it belongs to. oh. and we'll tell you about this thing too.
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a woman is the mastermind behind hit shows like "jersey shore," "pauly d project" "repo games," executive producer of the break-out hit "friend zone" on mtv. >> i feel like it's now or never, and if i don't get unstuck, i'll be stuck in the friend zone forever. that. >> show starts its second season tomorrow may 29th at 7:00 p.m. to tell us more what we can expect, we have sally skyping
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with us right now. what can we expect from "friend zone" this season? >> i would say this season took us by surprise. for whatever reason, the state of florida has a lot more heartbreak and more drama. and when there is love, it's pretty deep, but when there's not, it can be kind of mean. >> i don't have to wonder anymore. i don't have to guess. >> now i have to pick up the pieces and it hurts. >> how is this show allowing the friends in the friend zone to reveal their true feelings for the other person? >> in this particular season, they think they're helping them. >> sydney thinks she is going to be my coach to win a dream date. >> but actually, i'm going to -- >> if he says yes, i would be the happiest person in the world. >> goes horrible, i could lose everything. >> they get them ready, get them advice, what are my best features, what should i not do? and when they get to the date, they're like, o one more thing. >> there is no dream date. >> what? >> i love being your friend, but i've got to be more than that. >> i've had a crush on you since like freshman year.
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>> there is actually no date. this is for you. >> oh, wow. >> will you go on a date with me? >> yeah. >> seriously? >> yeah, of course. >> but you're like my brother. >> it hurts a lot. >> people have professed their love, and the person is like, um, i'm guy. >> i'm in love with you. >> i'm kind of gay. >> you came up with the concept of "friend zone" because i understand you had a friend zone relationship. >> i always joke around. i'm like, you know -- people are like, it's such a high school thing. and i'm like yeah, or when you're 35. every single person has been in the friend zone at some point in their life. >> so what have you learned about relationships from the show? >> don't waste any time. the worst thing you can do is live in love purgatory. you should know one way or another if you can get it together and move on. >> i would definitely rather take this chance than never know. >> all right, you guys, when i see a wide boawhite board and t markers are there, i start
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drawing. >> our bosses say christian, you waste way too much time drawing stuff, we can't get you to look at any videos. >> it's ridiculous. now you can have a dry erase surface on anything. using this dry erase paint. >> oh! it's kind of like that chalk board paint that they have. >> yes. the cool thing about it, it's a clear paint, and you can paint anything you want, and you immediately have -- >> a dry erase board. >> i love this so much. you could do a whole wall in your kitchen. you could make the calendar, the kids could write notes. >> for a kids' room, they draw on the walls, anyway. >> i love this. >> if i painted on my face, could you guys make a dry-erase on my face? >> mustaches and glasses. >> you're good to go. >> when you do put it on, you have to wait seven days. but once those seven days come, for ten years, you can have your dry erase wall.
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>> enough paint to cover 50 square feet costs you $225. >> scratch the idea of painting the walls in your house. >> just like the idea, it will get less expensive over time, i bet. it's almost real or fake time with e-bombs world. and we've got one angry lady cop. >> think something is funny about this. >> there is a lot of weirdness with this clip. >> real or fake? we're breaking it down, next. and you'll be ready to get your dance on when we show you these sweet moves. >> magic man. now you see me, now you don't. >> no. not like that. like this. a lesson in how to dance at the club.
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it's monday, everybody. what does that mean? >> e-bomb's world. >> it's real or fake time. >> hey! all wired up this morning. >> we're going to start with amazing balloon trick. >> that's real. >> that's it? then what. >> what you guys are missing, he got the bone to go inside the balloon. >> wrap around it. >> no, it transferred itself into the balloon. you can see there is no holes in the balloon. it's a crazy video. >> agree to disagree. all right. we'll see if we can impress them
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now, man. hot girlfriend lottery prank. >> yesterday's winning lottery numbers. >> 45 -- >> ah! >> if this is your powerball number, remember -- >> ah! i won. did you see it? if that's a joke, it's really not funny. i hate you so much. >> that's like the meanest prank i've ever seen, making her think she won the jackpot. >> you know what would have been funny if she thought she won the money, she broke up with him. now that i'm rich, i dot need you. >> it was a great prank, but the execution was sub r. w call this fake but her reaction was genuine. >> undercover lady cop. >> there is a lot of weirdness with this clip. >> i don't think the lady is a cop. >> real weirdness begins with this guy.
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>> you don't have your seatbelt on. you're driving like an absolute utter -- [ bleep ] jerkoff. you think something is funny about this? i feel like smacking him is what i feel like. [ honking ] >> don't honk! we're working. >> i'm kind of fake on this one. >> i'm with you. i feel like this is someone's student film project. >> i think it's real. i like her. she seems more like a school principal. >> i'm going to say real. >> i think it's fake, because she just yells at another car like i'm working here. like really? >> probably got a little angst. >> mac, what do you think? with the ladies or men? i'm saying real. >> i think it's real also. but i don't know if she's a cop. we actually checked with new jersey to see if anyone could claim her as working for them, and everybody denied it. all right. good to be here. please have me back. >> oh! oh, my god!
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>> i feel like smacking him, is what i feel like. move over, jet skis, and paragliding, the new vacation attraction might be this. we've seen these things before. this video is cool. it's from the "tampa bay times." these things are saturday of turning into what people might do on vacation. >> yeah. >> you rent this thing or you pay and go out with an instructor. >> instead of parasailing, you jet back it. >> yeah. >> i like how you can go down in the water and come back up. very refreshing. >> super cool. we found this other video of someone using it in florida. if you happen to notice, that's kind of -- kind of a big boat, yeah. maybe that's a nice yacht. guess what, belongs to steven spielberg. no word on whether maybe that's spielberg himself out there trying it out. maybe something he's going to use in a future movie?
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but there are always some risks. ♪ whoa! >> i don't know if he was exactly trying to maybe like pull a cool move and dive down in the water in front of these people and impress them, it didn't go so well. if you want to pick one of these up, it's going to run anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000, so preft hefty price tag. or you can go on a vacation spot and pay a lot less to rent one for a day. ♪ look at this. >> you see the little baby hands reaching out. >> it does look like something from an alien-type movie. >> we'll explain the
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sometimes you hear trainers say make your dog work for their treat. >> yeah. >> it's not just them getting free food, right? >> right. >> i think he had to work a little too hard. >> does memo like the biscuits? >> does memo like the biscuits? does he like the biscuits? >> very well-done. >> i would pay $1,000 to see what he looks like. does memo like the biscuits? does he like the biscuits? >> so here you go.
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>> has uncontrollable laughing fits. sounds like -- >> ha-ha-ha. >> okay, okay. >> next video. all right. >> so this -- okay. wait for it. just wait. there it is! it's worth looking at. that's it. back to the show. how to dance at the club. this is adehunk, and i think i really need to watch this about 50 times. >> is his name jim dehunk because he thinks he's a hunk or is his last name dehunk? >> i think that's his moniker on youtube. he names them. side to side. the rah-rah is like michael jackson's "thriller." i can do the finger. anybody can do the finger. >> played out.
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that's "jersey shore" style. >> what's the space hugger? i've never seen that. >> the space hugger i think is where you take up as much space as you can. >> my personal favorite, the verirgi virgin. >> i like the socialite, because it's like, hi, hey. >> saying hi to people. >> good to see you. because that's socialite. >> those dance moves are misleading, because you think this person is really saying hi, and then you're like, wow, do i know you? >> i love his louis vuitton bag, doesn't have a real one so he just puts lv. >> look at his under arms in the next clip. >> the vip. oh, yeah. >> stays on the phone. >> too cool for school. >> that would be me. >> he forgot a couple, i think. >> or they do this thing. >> magic man. now you see me, now you don't. >> that's what i would do. >> and then you follow that up with -- what's up, girl? >> did you see that magic man back there? that was me doing this. for you guys, where cute
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meets creepy. it's from the taipei zoo in taiwan, and we see koala mom in a tree. keep a look at her pouch. >> oh, she's got a baby in there. >> for everyone out there, koalas are marsupials, not bears. and you see the baby hand reaching out. it does look like something from an alien type movie. this is mom empress. the dad is father flynn. >> they keep them in their pouchs for quite some time once they're born. >> very correct, gayle. this one you can tell by its lack of fur that it will probably have to hang out in that pouch for about a month more before venturing out full-time. >> i think he was trying to get a little air. >> it is a little weird, though. >> looks like an alien. >> i guess it's like a big sleeping bag, but it's just connected to your mom. >> you just need a little fresh air now and again. >> you know what, it is pretty comfortable here. >> go back in. >> but when it's cold, it's like, i'm not coming out.
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>> according to the website zooborn', koalas were hunted for their fur, almost faced extinction. but now they're facing a whole bunch of new threats like habitat destruction, cars and dogs and disease. >> aww. >> before you know it, this guy will be munching on a bunch of eucalyptus leaves. >> sadly, that's it for our show. have a great rest of your monday. have a great rest of your monday. see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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