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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 15, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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they see. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts rielths now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it's wednesday august 15th. this is bay area news at 7:00. it is a huge blow to the san francisco giant's hopes of returning to the world series. tonight's fans and teammates are reacting of the giant's outfielder melky cabrera. >> we've been through this before. we know what we have to do. >> this is one of the best players, but we have to move on. we have a good team, and we've got to keep playing. >> it's tough. you never know what's going through someone's head when they're making decisions like that for whatever reason but, you know, he's going to have to obviously suffer the consequences, and we've got to continue to move on. >> the officers of the commissioners of baseball
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suspended cabrera today. he tested -- cabrera's suspension takes effect immediately and it couldn't come at a worst time. the giants are in a battle for first place with 24 games now left. news of the suspension came a short time before the giant's afternoon game with nationals. all day long. he joins us live with how fans are reacting to the news. rob. >> will not be seeing melky cabrera here at at&t park for the rest of the regular season if at all, and they say they're disappoint sdmrd fans still flock a t & t park today but melky cabrera's soouf neers weren't too popular. >> obviously we're not selling today. >> the popular all star outfield ir stole their heart and now is broken them. >> kids growing up, and they have their he rows, baseball. if their he rows are taking drugs, not a very good role model, right. >> major league baseball
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announced cabrera tested poz tiff for testosterone a banned substances and suspended for 50 game sgrs cabrera accept my suspension under the joint program and will try to move on with my life sxm deeply sorry for my mistakes. some fans were standing by him. >> we need this guy. we've got to have him in there. >> altered their t-shirts and wrote different variations. >> i'm disappointed, very disappoint sdmrd cabrera was not only an all star this year but the most valuable player. >> the giants issued a statement they're extremely disappoint sgrd he's an idiot. coming down on. he know what is the repercussions are going to be. >> they haven't given up on the giant this is year but making it to the post season has just got a lot harder. reporting live in san francisco rob ross ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> ktvu news as has learned that the repairs to the damaged chevron refinery in richmond may force that plant to shut down. walker has more on that and the first lawsuit stemming from last week's fire. >> a spokesman for energy industry group irr energy based out of texas told me their network source with intimate knowledge of the chevron refinery believed the plant would have to close four to six months to make necessary repairs. a chevron spokesperson would not speculate on any closure but said the company has had multiple requests to meet with public agencies as part of the investigation. there are likely to be many investigations. >> this was avoidable. >> noted attorney john is heading a team of attorneys who are taking on the legal claims of chevron's neighbors. set up a popup office in north richmond where residents are signing up to be part of what will likely be a class-action lawsuit. >> i'm constantly jittery like i'm nervous inside. >> sharls simmons says he has
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been coughing and has had sinus problems since that explosion last week. at first he thought the initial warning siren was a joke then saw the plume of smoke. >> i can see it going up. it was full of it. >> attorneys say more than a thousand people have contacted their offices, and they're not just after money. they want chevron to change the way it does business. >> enough is enough and it has to stop. we hope through this lawsuit that it will stop. >> this is the lawsuit filed in court today. now, chevron points out it's also set up a claim center for people to file a claim with the company and that anyone who does file a claim is not prevented from suing the company later. in richmond noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. >> for more on the refinery fire just visit and click on the chevron tab. documented immaterial grants lined up to take part of the federal government's new defer
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dead poration poll sichlt in san jose people began arriving at charities at 2:00 a.m.. they're applying for resident status under president obama's new deferred program. it allows children who were brought here illegally to stay and work in the u.s.. in southern california protesters held a rally and said illegal immigrants should be deported but others say it's a dream come true. >> i'm going to be able to apply for a job, my driver's license so i don't have to struggle anymore. >> among the requirements, applicants must have arrived before age 16 be currently under the age of 30 and have no criminal record. it was a big day for many immigrants. coming up in eight minutes the important step taken today by hundreds of people in the bay area. . a big rig mishap caused some big problems today. commuters on interstate 80 in san pablo. a truck carrying a crane was apparently too tall and struck a pedestrian overcrossing in the westbound lane of the san pablo exit. it happened just after 8: 30 a.m. right during the morning
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commute. the chp says the driver underestimated the height of his load tons of concrete from that pedestrian bridge on to the highway. two lanes were blocked for several hours. east 14th street is now clear again after being shut down late in afternoon following a police chase that ended in a crash. the chase began around 3:00 on interstate 580. the chp say it is driver refused to pull over. it ended when the car slammed into a pickup truck at east 14th and sibl avenue. the driver try today run from the scene but was tackled by officer. the suspect and driver of the pickup were both injure and had taken to the hospital. we're learning more to be the about the san francisco police investigation of three possible sexual assaults at last weekend's festival. 200 thousand people attend that had three-day show in golden gate park. investigators with the police special victim units tell us the women ajs 18, 20 and early twenties were sexually assaulted
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sad night and early sunday morning on the grounds. they say alcohol and drugs were involved in each case. >> we don't believe this is one or two of the same people committed all three different alleged crimes. they're different people. >> investigators say they have identified persons of interest and have requested dna and evidence from those people and the victims. continuing coverage of of the two wild fires burning east of clear lake. the fire started last sunday afternoon right near highway 20 and highway 53 near the community of clear lake oeks. the blaze has now charred 7900 acres. crews say it's 70 percent contained. expected by monday. the cause of the fire is under investigation. . combination of several fires around our state and warm weather has prompted kal fire to suspend all burning permits. the order innudes residential, forest, hazard and other industrial-type permit burning located anywhere within the 31 million acres of state responsibility.
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firefighters are getting the upper hand on a fire that broke out this nafrn el dorado county just east of sacramento. the fire is in the pilot hill area near gag ger road. it was first spotd about 2: 20 that is this afternoon. the fire is burning in a rural area but some structures are threatened. advisory evacwrags in effect tonight. some 75 acres have burned. this is 50 percent contained. this kwleer's first harvest of wine grapes up in so no ma county are underway. new at 7:00 jana live in hils brook where wine makers tell you january et this is one of their best crops in years. >> well, take a look at this jay vineyards and winely and they started harvesting yesterday. they were out early this morning getting these pinot for sparkling wines. the fruit is looking really good on the vine and many growers say they're very dpietd about the season. >> so this is the tear drop
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vineyard. we're basically looking here at pinot noir. >> when she looks at grapes on the vine she's looking into their future. this year she like what is she sees. >> this vintage is unbelievable. the clusters have really sized up this year. it's very noticeable. >> the wine maker says weather this year has been near perfect with plenty of summer sun for the fruit to mature. >> for sparkling we really are look towards a spectacular vintage and i'm very xietd to be making wine from this fruit. >> this fall has several cool rainy years disappointing harvest and good crop is good news for the economy where wine has grown into a 6 to 7 billion dollar industry in so know ma alone. today --. >> production sa huge part of our agriculture. it's about two of every three dollars of farm revenue our wine grapes. >> this first harvest for sparkling wines is just a taste of what's to come. >> when we harvest sparkling fruits we bring it in in a lower
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sugar level because sugar converts to alcohol and for sparkling wine you definitely want a lower alcohol. >> grapes for red and white wines still need more time on the vine. >> but i know that the weather can turn at any moment and so we need to be ready for that. >> and these grapes for red and white still ready for another three or four weeks. this harvest season will continue through fall. reporting live in hils brook tonight january et ktvu channel 2 news. >> signs of stability tonight in the bay area's real estate market. the median moem remains in -- according to new numbers released today the median price for a home or condo was $421,000 in july. that's up 12.6 percent from last year. home sales wurp 22.9 percent from the same time last year. data quick attributing higher demand for median and high-priced homes. it was a mixed today on wall street. dough jones shedding seven
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points. nz dak 13 points by the close of trading. apples for a purpose. basic concern that prompted this annual event in yosemite national park. . and taking a stand in sacramento he says he was fired for being gay. how a former boy scout is fighting back. the avrnl high cooling trend back in our forecast for this afternoon. coming up at 7: 27 the temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and when a few high clousd will be moving in from the south what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect.
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. became u.s. citizens in oakland this morning. about 12 #0z 0 people attend add naturalization ceremony at the
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parment theater and took as xhern citizens. the largest percentage of the new americans at the ceremony immigrated from mexico followed by china and fill feens. an an annual event in yosemite national park that's helping to reduce human bear encounters. >> under this bill, the annual apple picking event in yosemite national park today is a fun event with a serious purpose. volunteers and visitors remove apples from the park's historic orchards so the fruit doesn't attract some of the park's 500 black bears. >> it helps keep bears away from the campers and the cars and from breaking in and causing damage. >> the current village orchard is near camp site stables. ktvu shot numerous pictures of their share and there were several sightings today. >> quite a few bears before we had the program that we do now. >> one bear rummaged through the north pine camp ground last night. >> looked outside the tent, and he was just kind of strolling
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across the campground and off into the bush he is went. >> what was your reaction. >> we're always excited to see bear sgls we were very excited to see one, and i was very happy that we were in the car. >> apple picking started in 1998 when bear human encounters peaked with 387. this year has a lord low eight so far, 38 almost a 90 percent drop. there were only 63 incidents last year. >> our goal has been for people to store their food properly to allow bears to live their lives naturally. >> although the park is taking precaution, bears have never killed anyone here at yosemite, however, rangers point out 13 bears have been hit by vehicles so rangers say these days their warning has a broader message but is still the same. watch out for bears. at yosemite robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. bay area researchers have made a potential breakthrough in the fight against sudden oak death. and one million trees statewide. now, do min can university signs
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develop a speed machine to kill the fungus. it can sterilize infected dirt in minutes. the team estimates its message will save millions in plant losses and prevent the accidental spread of sudden oak death outside of california. mosquito fogging will begin in about an hour here in antioch after mosquitos have tested positive for west nile. the area to be treat second-degree highlighted in yellow on this map. east 18th street and 8th street. a group of mosquitos infected with west nile was recently found in the area and also found four dead birds that tested positive for the vie flus nearby martinez, brent wood, discovery bay. . >> authorities in mer set counties say they seized 9 pl dollars and say it may be the largest drug haul in central valley history. the da released this picture of some of that. in all 330 pound res sooefd. investigators say it was coming into california from mexico in powder form and being converted to crystals and labs in southern
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california. authorities arrested 11 people. san jose police have release it had identity of a suspect arrested in connection with the 26th homicide of the year. marquis reynolds is accuse of stabbing a woman to death on monday near meridian avenue and san car loes street. investigators say the victim was attacked with a weapon. was arrested a few blocks awachlt the motive behind the kill sg under investigation. president obama was back on the campaign trail today in iowa the president and first lay by michelle obama was by 3 thousand supporters at a rally interview. mr. obama nab iowa three dhas week telling voters there he needs one more shot. mrs. obama sold the crowd. the president has been fighting for everything from support for veterans to equal pay for women and healthcare for family. mitt romney is on the four-day bus trip through camp battleground states. he was in north carolina today where he said president obama's
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reelection effort is all about vision attack and hate red. he says mr. obama is an angry man who will quote do or say anything to get elected. . a local judge citeed in pennsylvania refused to stop that state's new voter identification law. the picture id before voting. to suppress voting among certain groups including racial minorities. say it's necessary to prent voter fraud. opponent wills likely appeal to the state's salespeople court. new figures show proposition 37 which will require labels on genetically injured crops and food is bringing in millions of dollars. according to newly releesd campaign finance report the no on prop rigs 37 campaign has raised more than 22 million dollars, the largest contributor, monosan toe a food company contributed 4.2 million to defeat the proposition. supporters of the measure have raised 2.7 million dollars. a northern california eagle scout says he was fireed from
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the boy scouts for being gay fought back today. 22-year-old tim griffin and fellow scouts delivered more than 70 thousand signatures to the counsel representing northern california boy scouts. griffin wants the golden empire council to revert its policies against gays. he says he lost his job at a camp because he's gay. today leaders told griffin not to expect any change in that policy but he vow today carry on his fight. >> i care so much about these kids that are going through what i'm going through and these other leaders throughout the nation that are losing their jobs. >> the boy scouts of america has denied griffin was fired for being gay. looks like apple's considering building a large scale data center in central oregon. apple is submitting a master plan for a facility in the town of prince vil. the plans include two buildings of more than 5 hundred thousand square feet. the buildings are labeled at data halls. apple is currently build ago 10
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thousand square foot center on the center. apple is not commenting. on shaky ground how a machine can keep california states from a natural and economic disaster and there is a slight warmup in the forecast plus it's not going to last. meteorologist joins us next with how cool it's going to get this weekend [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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. researchers today said parts of the delta levy system rumbling. it used a machine to generate a series of earthquakes on sher man islands. the chevies to the bay area as well as central and southern california systems. the major or even moderate earthquake. they say their data will help guide repairs and funding for the levy system. we talked about a bit of a cooling trend and we're certainly feeling it now but we'll be feeling something elt later on. >> still major heat is moving out of town. no triple dij its temperatures in our forecast. that's probably a relief in the forecast. as far as right now we do have the cool end of the temperature range with the fog showing you have coast side here hugging the coast from point rave down towards san francisco and pa sif ka and as we doe ploy our buoys we still have this an on shore
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breeze with gusty around 23 miles an hour. that'll help import the clouds as we do head into the overnight hours. as far as temperatures from this afternoon they range once again from the chilly low 60s to the coast. lots of 70s and 80s around the bay inland and upper 80s to the lower 90s. antioch topped out 93 degrees. so this is what's happened over the past 24 hours. the marine layer was shallow deepening a bit. stronger on shore breeze as we just showed you with that buoy translated the cool down for today. tomorrow warm things up just a little but basically a one-day deal. as far as overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning no big changes here. low to mid 50s out there with fog hugging the coast. few patches around the bay mostly clear skies as you work your way inland. setup very xreks. high pressure warming us up for tomorrow. still going to have the cool conditions for the coast. now we're heading to the south with what is now tropical depression former tropical storm hector. we have the arrows in here
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because the circulation wrapping around this area of low pressure as we head into friday and saturday so with that increasing high clouds by friday afternoon. it'll feel a bit muggy out there. no thunderstorms in the forecast just yet for friday and saturday but there is a slight chance mainly over the higher terrain not just yet but something we will be watching that's time frame. here's our forecast showing you some of the fog tomorrow morning. few mor patches into the bay. left over patchy fog for the coast. warm locations inland that red that links upright around 90 to 93 degrees. these numbers on average about three to six greece warmer than today's high es. oakland tops out right around 73. san jose mid 80 ts, free mont at 81. san francisco the clouds in the morning becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. here aes a look ahead. not too much change intee friday a few extra high clouds and more high clouds as we head into saturday. mark, thank you.
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hawaiian air lain line social security now doubling between the abare and -- starting october 3rd the airline will operate 14 flights per week from mow wee to oakland and san jose. the airline said the change is being made to help a greater demand for those flights. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight fogging underway in the bay area and the concerns of people with property being sprayed. keep in mind we're always here for you at and tmz is up next right here on channel 36.
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