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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  August 28, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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we have videos first. it's time for the best hits of the summer, "right this minute." aate steer is blind sightedby a powerful hit. >> is that a swine? >> it's what the water skier was thinking. >> i didn't see anything, it all happen sod quickly. >> one of the dangers a firefighter will ever face. >> how is the woman whose house just blew? oh, you'll find out. >> go back in, it was choking me. >> it's world record time guys. this time -- >> slam a bottle of elmers glue. >> i don't think gin us was involved. >> the 3-year-old who knows it's
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hard to find a good man. >> a lot of times a girl has to pray about it. we're with you, sister. >> amen. >> as we head into fall, it's time to say good-bye to water sports for awhile. it's a good thing this next guy has a video to remember it. >> a swine cuts across his skis. this happened in england. we wanted to know more about exactly what was going on here. "right this minute" via skype from the uk, we have simon hall, the skier and his daughter. you see? >> to be honest, i didn't see anything it all happened so quickly. martha saw much more. she was in the boat. >> there were two swans, one hit the boat. i just heard something. i looked behind and there was a swan that went under the boat
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with ruffled feathers. there was another one that i saw and it went straight into the ski. he wobbled a bit. >> were either of the swans injured? >> they were certainly shaken. they were bobbing around in the water for a couple minutes. fortunately, they seemed okay. >> it was okay. >> simon, why were the swans after you? what did you do to swans in the past? >> i don't think they were looking where they were going. >> it just flew straight into things. that never happened before. that was the first time a swan swam into anybody. >> the place is called waterford park. i think they said they are going to use it as their promotion from now on. >> come to worthington park and get knocked over by a swan. >> yeah.
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this video is making this popular. are you excited about the attention? now you are on "right this minute." >> yeah. >> yeah. i think the best thing i got was a free chocolate bar. >> we are promoting it. we wouldn't mind a free one of those. cameras were rolling when they captured an incredible sight in dayton, ohio. this is from whio. this is a house fire. look at this. it's a back draft you saw. it's when super heated gases and toxins in the air reach a high temperature and they form a miniexplosion. when you slow the video down, you can see the fire breathe out the right side of the house and the puff of hot air and fire come out of the porch. two firefighters were on the porch. another dozen of them were nearby. none of them were seriously
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hurt. i have to imagine the woman on the side, was this her home? >> that is her home, yeah. she was standing there watching it as it blew up near her. >> i was watching tv. then all of a sudden, i noticed something was jumping. looked like it was going in levels. i said what is this heat coming in my house? >> it's amazing no one was hurt since the firefighters were on the porch fighting the fire. >> good thing they had their protective gear on. nobody was ill prepared for this. >> were they able to contain the fire and save something? >> the house is a total loss. >> i'm surprised i got out of there. i could have been sleeping and never got out of there. left turn from a right lane on a busy lane, bad idea. >> always. >> left turn from the right lane on a motorcycle with no protection, really bad idea.
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>> oh! >> what you doing, bro? he wasn't going fast enough to make that move. >> the driver of the car is in the blind side of this motorcyclist. the guy doesn't even turn and goes through the right most lane to try to make a left hand turn and doesn't even see this car is about to hit him. >> he's not wearing a helmet, nothing. >> nothing. you can see the windshield cracks on impact. >> did the car roll over, too. it looks like the dashcam car rolled over. >> we can't really tell what's happening to this car. a few seconds later, you see the driver of this car. he moves the dashcam and points it at himself. he's pretty bloody. don't do that, guys. turn your head. >> be in the left lane when you want to make a left hand turn.
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simple. >> if you miss the turn, go up to the next one. this video proves you really need to pay attention when you are crossing the street. and cross with the light, not against them. this video took place -- there are three people jaywalking. notice the person here, when she takes off, she dodges a bus, but not the car. she's hit a second time. >> oh! >> if you notice the jaywalkers in front of her, they are running. she wasn't trying to hurry. she's not even looking at the traffic coming at her. she's walking expecting people to stop for her. >> look at the light. it's circled green. green light. people are going. >> maybe she saw those people go and went with the flow and didn't go with the light. >> she didn't realize she narrowly missed the bus.
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how long did it take to cross the street? >> ten seconds at the most. >> five to ten seconds. just wait. >> after she's hit by the first car, she's trying to get up when the other car hits her. >> he probably didn't see her. she was down on the ground at this point. he felt the impact. >> don't p the the driver here. >> one thing that is nice to see from this, the people on the side, that didn't go, they do immediately come to help after she gets hit. >> wait for the little guy to come on. >> right, the walker. the skipper. he looks like he's skipping. >> happily alive. >> when he's supposed to be. not being hit by a car. >> a deer is hung up on a fence. >> get the back leg. >> hear from the guy who rescues it. find out how he got down, "right this minute." see the video that inspired
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time for another prank. this one is a good one because it's a husband and a wife. we're seeing tammy and jason. they have been together for ten years. jason recently had knee surgery leaving him on crutches. like a good wife, she went into the store to buy jason his beer because he can't walk. >> ahh! how sweet. >> nice move, right? as she goes to get jason his beer, jason is in the passenger seat, kids in the backseat listening to the music. >> she got my beer because my legs hurt. >> here comes tammy.
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that's the thank you she gets for fetching him beer? >> are you kidding me? >> i like how she didn't yell, react or anything. just took it. >> he realizing this day is going to turn on him. >> he can't run away from her now. >> no! >> he's a sitting duck, literally. it's a low blow of a prank. she's going to get him his coors light, comes back and gets crushed. jason also said tammy knew what she was getting into ten years ago. i guess he's a prankster. either way, you have to feel for her. >> i do! >> do we know her reaction? >> she walks away from the car and has not stopped walking since. mom's little piggy.
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>> check out this incredible animal rescue video. >> please help him. >> oh, man. is he impaled on the fence or stuck? >> impaled on the fence. >> get the back leg, angel. >> i mean, it sounded pretty much in pain with that roar that it had. they were able to save the deer. it went off. >> oh, my god! >> i was thinking those things can kick. that's dangerous work they were doing there trying to rescue this poor guy. that sound, though. if i heard that sound, i would say that's not a deer, it's a bear or something. we got this video. to tell us about the rescue, we have john, who was there on the scene. tell us how you first spotted
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this deer. >> we were leaving a local restaurant for lunch. out of nowhere, we saw a deer hanging there. we thought it was dead. we were trying to get a closer look at it. >> they have a lot of power. it must have been frightening. >> i was hesitant to touch it. i was afraid of it biting me. i went in for the grab. i had to put it on my shoulder myself. it would have crashed down. >> did the fence pierce the skin of the deer? >> after it ran away, we checked out the fence. two of the spikes were getting him. one of them had blood on them. it was a scarce amount of blood. it made me assume it didn't get pierced in the stomach or the intense tins. >> what was going through your mind? >> i had no idea a deer made noise like that. >> whatever your friends or family said about this, are you getting nice guy points for this? >> a lot of praise. everybody thinks it's cool. >> are you going to start your
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own show, the deer whisperer? >> oh, my god! >> this little girl is only 3 years old, but, she's looking for husband. she'salking to god. >> her m is t god, i'm having this discussion, already. >> 3 years old, praying to god for a man. it's all caught on camera. he's about to get himself in a sticky situation. bottoms up with elmers glue. >> are you kidding me? >> no kidding here. see if he slams it.
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we women know it's hard to find a good man. >> look to your left. >> sometimes a woman os got to pray about it. >> this woman is 3-year-olds old. she was having lunch with her mom. crystal brings out the camera. listen. >> god, i want a handsome boy. find him in heaven. make him come down. i'm scared. >> her mom is probably thinking, oh, god, i'm hearing this discussion already? >> i wish all people prayed like that. >> i'm scared of you. i hope you come back soon.
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>> this little girl -- keep listening to her. she has a specific reason she needs a boy. >> she needs to get married. there's a reason. >> because i need to get married, okay. make some granddaughters. >> oh, my, my. slow down, there's plenty of time. >> what has she done with her loud prayer, she continues with lun. >> she's forgotten it that quickly. >> i'm trying to figure out for the wedding, where do i find couples sippy cups. >> he has to be handsome. can't just be a nice guy with a good job. >> it's all about the grand kids. >> at least she didn't say can i have a rich guy.
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>> god, i want a handsome boy. dog duets with an ambulance. we have seen a lot of frisbee trick shot videos on this show, but not quite like this. see why this is at the games in gainsville, florida. there is a minivan involved in this shot. this was posted by our buddy.
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it's not brody smith doing the trick. this is in the layout competition. you can see the dude in the colored shorts dive through an open minivan and catch this frisbee as this dude in the blue shirt comes up to him. impressed on the distance he got just running four feet and diving into a minivan. what if they dive through the minivan and don't make it happen? >> it's a narrow opening. >> if he clips an elbow. >> you are risking serious injury. if you have hate in your heart, let it out. >> first of all, vertical video. >> ah. >> second of all, i think the leap was fantastic. the baby toss, i wanted to see more of a throw. maybe the guy could have stood up against the van and thrown it with him and caught it. >> that would have made it
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better. >> you make the dive, you are going to make the catch. you can't miss it. it's in front of you. >> a cool stunt. >> definitely. time for your palms t get g. >> it's sweaty palm time. these guys are about to fall off a very, very tall building.
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most of us haven't seen this view from the airplane since we were 5. this is time lapse footage from the cockpit going from mel win to singapore. heret takes 4:30. once the plane sees these guys. >> once they are up there, it's flying itself. i'm glad they are not texting or playing game boy. >> they are either taking notes or playing sodoku. need to see the cockpit at night all lit up. >> that scares me. how the heck do you know where you are going? >> those things there. coming into singapore is neat to see. the cockpit lights go dimmer so they can see the lights of the city and the runway. boom! there you go. they touch down and the lights come up. eight hours flight time. >> i wish it happened like that.
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>> time for your palms to get sweaty, guys. it's more people jumping off extremely tall buildings. this time, istanbul, turkey. the roof is 781 feet in the air. now, you would call this base jumping. you have a guy, you have a girl. they are getting geared up here on top of the roof. this thing is 55 floors up. there he goes. >> oh! >> i love the running jump he gets. >> yep. >> cool. >> did any of you notice as these people were jumping off the building, there were people sitting on the edge of the building. >> they almost deck them. >> whoa! >> the other kid got wrapped up.
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>> yeah. >> they all go in for the high five. i love high five. >> you are right about the sweaty palms. mine are dripping. >> what a great co-host. wipe your sweaty palms on him. it's world record time, you guys. this time, this is the star. >> hey everyone. >> oh! >> now, is this a shoe nice world record or official record? >> another shoe nice record. >> i don't think guinness was involved. >> it wasn't guinness, but he is drinking something. >> slam a bottle of elmers glue. >> are you kidding me? >> do not try this at home. i am a professional idiot.
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i ate a pack of cigarettes at 2 years old. i am 43 now. that's 41 years of experience. oh, god. oh, god. >> this is making me sick. >> this is hard to watch. >> i love it. >> it's not going down your throat. >> even in your mouth. >> is his mouth going to glue together? it is going to glue shut? >> he's going to get insanely constipated? what happens with that much glue? it took him about a minute to get the bulk of this glue out. most of it. but, he's drinking all of it until it stops dripping from the bottle. he's got a ways to go, still.
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there we go. >> he is just -- he's too much, man. he's super weird. >> the weirdest pson,ever. it f. we are glad you spent time with us. see you next time. dd
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