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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  September 20, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and welcome to an all-new edition of "right this minute," the best videos of the day and the stories behind them starting right now. get off the car. get off the car! >> a cabbie attacked by a customer finally talks about it. >> he says he remembers every punch. >> i thought about unbuckling my seat belt. that would have meant taking one of my arms down and i couldn't sacrifice that at the moment. >> how the attack has left a lasting scar. we've got the saga of a family's missing dog, and there's a moral to this story. >> you've got to be a real jerk to steal someone's puppy. >> but it's where the trail led
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cops, that's the real shocker. >> going to get 'em! see a wedding celebration saudi-style. >> are they worried a be dying, ruining these expensive cars, are they worried about, you know, anything? and witness the miracle of birth. >> guys, don't be nervous. >> because mama dolphin knows what she's doing. >> oh! >> ooh. get off cart. get out of the car. >> this brutal beating captured by a camera inside a taxicab in surf city, north carolina. we brought this video to you last week. the cab driver received a pretty brutal beating. his face was fractured. he had to have surgery. they put two titanium plates in his face. the man doing the punching, 30-year-old gunnery sergeant john adam kanosh, emember,
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checked himself into a er this incident, but the cab driver, charles, is just now able to talk because of his injuries. he spoke to wect about this incident. >> i don't have any feeling in this lip what so ever. i won't know if i have any feeling in my cheek until the swelling goes down because of the pressure there. that's all i can feel. the surgeon told me that if i do regain feeling in my face, it could take up to 18 months. >> describe what's it's like to see this video and after his beating says he remembers every punch. he remembers seeing the punches coming. >> i thought about unbuckling my seat belt but that would have meant taking one of my arms down and i just couldn't sacrifice that at the moment. sometimes in my sleep i recall it in my dreams. >> the guy is facing felony charges, because of the severity of the injuries received by the cabbie. he could have killed this guy, easily. issue an apology. come out, say your sorry.
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i understand you're sick and maybe had to go to a psychiatric ward, but this guy had to have plates put in his face. >> this video issing shoulding and ridiculous. >> get out of the car. get out of the car! >> of all the things to steal from another human being, you've got to be a real jerk to steal someone's puppy. >> oh. >> ah! >> no, they didn't. >> yeah, they did'sthat's exactly what happened in leechburg, pennsylvania, this video from wpxi. who you're seeing in the video, a cute little 6-month-old bailey. bailey belongs to an owner named sean lurch. sean and his family were on vacation in north carolina when they got word that there dog had been stolen. to make matters worse, the puppy was a gift for his daughter, after the family lost their dog of 11 years, their previous dog. >> do we know thousand was nabbed? >> we do. now, apparently bailey wandered downed the road to the home of scott and roxanne duff. police say that the couple told
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them the dog came up on their porch and then ran away. scott and roxanne duff later told police that didn't happen. we took the dog and we sold it on craigslist. >> no way. >> for $50. >> wait! >> oh, my goodness. >> it went only a few houses down. they took the dog, sold it to a woman in pittsburgh. >> they don't realize what they did to all our family by taking that dog. >> are they going to be punished for what they did? >> actually, yeah. the couple's charged with conspiracy, not making a reasonable effort to return lost property, and making a false report to police. they have a preliminary hearing scheduled on october 31st. >> will the puppy be coming back home? >> the puppy is back with the family. so all is well there. here at "right this minute" we love it when we can help out our viewers. today we're about helping out the good people of seattle with the help of a guy named michael
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bass consillo. acted an an undercover detective, if you will, getting some parking pretendants on this cam ranchts you know you don't work this parking lot. this is a face shot. this is an automated parking lot. you don't work here. >> doesn't matter. the tickets are still here. >> you're not charges somebody. if she wants to give you money, i'll wait and watch. >> reporter: there's a problem in seattle of people scamming parking lots. >> according to michael, these parking lot pretendants or scammers, go in, say, hey, we need you to pay to park here, and they hand them cards that other drivers have given them as they pulled out of the parking lot. so these could be expired tickets. these could be tickets about to expire. >> oh, man. >> they hand them the ticket. the people put them in their windows, go off thinking that they have paid their parking fee. they're also, then, going to have to pay a ticket, because they didn't have the proper ticket. >> that is infuriating!
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i would be so mad. >> this is a scam. >> where do you work? >> i work at the hotel, i walk through here all the time. three or four that try to scam people. >> he's like a super hero. >> do you want to meet the super hero? >> yes. yes, i do. >> via skype, "right this minute," we have michael. pretty fearless to do this. what did it feel like going in with your camera and approaching these guys? >> i'd been watching them for a while before approaching them way camera. so i knew who they were and i've been in the security field for 15 years before the hotel. it's not foreign to me as far as confronting people that are doing bad. >> did most of these people listen to you and not pay these creeps? >> yes. a couple of times i actually confronted them while one lady was giving them money and i told before to give it back. they'd actually given money. >> what do people in seattle need to know? >> these guys have no uniforms. they have nothing really to associate them with a parking lot. i'm not go to stop them by
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myself. it's going to have to be sort of like a group effort to get these guys to stop. >> what has your supervisor said to you since showing this video? >> rewarding me with a safety award and gave me a red tape. >> no! >> so he is a superhero. >> we needed that picture. >> we need you to put on the cape right now! a sport in austria, a real good sale. very excited unexpected shoppers. >> oh, my god! [ laughter ] >> oh -- [ bleep ]. >> uh-huh. >> this is an entire herd of sheep that decided they wanted to see what was on sale. >> or maybe going in there to try to make a buck. they were like, well, check out this wool. would you like some of this wool to make some shirts out of? >> they could have checked out the wool sweater already in the
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store. they wanted to get the cousin back. >> a big catch. >> i think we found roger! >> and -- a blue -- >> roger! oh, no. another video showing the sheep looking for cousin roger, and exiting the store. >> what the sheheck is a herd o sheep doing in the shopping area anyway? >> apparentlies owner was taking them through town, but the sheep detoured. >> there's one of them and 50 of us. they go where the first one goes, because they are sheep. >> yeah. >> oh, my -- a rare look at the miracle of life. under water. been in labor about an hour an about next. and a grandma getting her tailgate on. >> she's not there to just sip a few beers. >> she's there to prove age
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means nothing when it
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you guys are about to behold the miracle of birth. ♪ alleluia >> the tail is hanging out. >> a tail is hanging out of this mama. ♪ alleluia >> her name is kio and she lives at dolphin quest in hawaii and she's been in labor for about an hour and she's about to give birth. >> but you notice sometimes it extends out farther than it seems to go back in. >> yes. it's like, do i want to come out? it was kind of nice in here. >> oh, ah -- ah -- >> see? now it's going back up in. >> can't somebody yank it out? >> you aren't supposed to do that, steve. you have to let it happen naturally. >> oh. >> do they come out tail first like this? >> they usually come out tail first. sometimes head first. >> head first seems easier.
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the fin's pulling it back this way. shoot it out this way. >> like a puppy -- >> maybe they have a puppy -- >> maybe they do that. >> look at that. oh! >> yeah! ooh. >> look at that. >> all collapsed on top. that's neat. i guess that makes sense. >> the baby, did you notice what it did instantly. >> starts swimming around. >> like shaky legs like a calf on a cow, these calves start swimming. >> the 18th baby born at dolphin quest but the second generation baby they've ever had born there. >> mom was born there, too? >> uh-huh. >> this made my day. throwing rice at the bride and groom after the wedding, so old school. this is how you celebrate in saudi arabia. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. >> what? >> tell me that they got blanks
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in these guns? >> look at all of these guys. they all look well dressed, after the wedding. all the nice luxury cars around, they go out into the courtyard and rain lead into the sky over celebration to the bride and bridegroom. >> aren't they worried about dying, ruining really expensive cars parked out front here? are they worried about anything? >> let me show you the look of worry on their face. no! they're not worried about anything. having a grand old time. >> my only disappointment after all that firing, not a single one of these got out. how about that? >> are you sure they're not blanks? >> well, that's -- i don't know if -- that's ridiculous. >> well -- >> in what culture is it cool to fire gunfire in the air so bullets can come down and possibly kill somebody? >> keep it real for a second. at military funerals in the united states, they shoot gups off, right, when they're honoring the dead? >> the 21-gun salute. >> sure.
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>> yes. what? >> still guns. >> still gunfire. >> but they're rifles. these are machine guns. where are the bride and groom? inside terrified? she decided to change her mind. i'm not going out there with your crazy relatives. this wedding is off. if you asked me, this little boy is not having a good day. >> a young boy with his head caught between some cement pillers in a building in chongqing china. >> just playing around in a building. stuck his head through these cement grates almost in the building structure, but once he got his head through he couldn't get his head out. >> that's got to be so painful, and scary for a little kid like that. >> i always wonder, how do they get their heads in and can't get them out? >> pushing is always a lot easier than pulling. the skin starts folding up and gets stuck in there. the mom was terrified. they called for help. firefighters arrived but look what they used to get him out. >> they ended up getting a
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hydraulic-type piece of equipment that could break and spremd apart this cement. >> almost like the jaws of life kind of thing. >> we see this all the time. ought to build these buildings with smaller gaps so you can't get your head stuck. >> you're right. we've seen the same thing in china, actually. and it was also a cement pillar-type thing on a railing. took a total of ten minutes to perform the rescue, and the boy was okay. the bombay doors slowly open. >> it's back from world war ii, to drop, well a human bottom of sorts. see it, >> animated video about a real-life pole dancing chance for children. >> ooh. >> as young as 5 years old. >> there's om one thing to say to that, and that's, it's disgusting. >> the great
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girlfriend of supertramp. check it out. >> head over to or website, and click on -- >> best of "rtm." skydiving is an exhilarating experience. to add to the excitement, these guys got to jump out of a b-17 bomber. old world war ii flying fortress. they didn't just open the door and jump out. they got to open the bay doors. the bomb bay doors and jump out like human bombs. it's just neat to see the bomb bay doors slowly open. this guy's straddles the door. got his boots on the inside of the bay. the earth revealing itself through the door, just adding to the experience. >> can you imagine if someone wasn't paying attention and walking to see the pilot and, hey, i'll be right back. ooh! >> better have your parachute on. jumped out at around 5,000 feet. not a big 12,000 foot jump.
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pulled their chutes and nice landing. a quick glimpse at the bomb real quick, when they jump out. four propellers going. really, i wonder if you saw this from the ground thought people were dropping bombs on the areas, or parts were falling off the aircraft. i think it's safe to say that college sports and maybe having a few beverages are two things that go hand in hand. we've got two videos from kind of opposite ends of that spectrum. the first in a hotel lobby after kentucky lost to western kentucky university. that's a woman on top of this guy pummeling him. boom, boom, boom, boom. >> you know how i figured out the woman was on top? this was clearly visible. >> good observation. now, watch this. >> you hear the guy filming -- that guy's bleeding. but then this part's kind of hard to watch. >> ah! >> he starts swinging at her. it's never right to hit a woman,
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we all know that, but she's getting on top of him like she's in usc, dominating this fight. the woman wins there. >> this makes me sad. >> well, this will cheer you up, beth. we've got another college video. this one looks like it's from maybe an lsu tiger's tailgate. who do you see there? >> grandma. >> yeah. grandma. 83 years old. she's not there just to sip a few beers. she's there to get down. >> really? >> yes. watch this. >> whew! whew! >> i have to point out, as granny goes up into this keg stand, notice -- not a drip of beer comes out here. she's a pro. 83 years old, she's done there before. done this before. >> i guess that's how you make it to 83. >> maybe this is the secret to longevity. >> whew!
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big bike race. big fall. >> let's be honest. people just want to see the crashes. >> and we've got some of the best. >> oh! >> on "right this minute."
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how much do y'all need this today? >> oh, a lot! >> you are about to get very much so cute phied by watching harlot the hedgehog drink milk
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from a glass. to it be clear, hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. this is goat's mialk. not cow's milk. >> i don't think it would take harlot too much to get toasted. >> do those spikes hurt when the they're so young like that? >> no. little quills. no. the little quills are surprisingly not painful. >> when you hold these little guys you think they're going to be pokey and everything, but they aren't. kind of like a brush. you say this is your kind of thing, but i would like to keep totally away from that. but she's darling. she's little. >> cute, you might say. >> yeah. >> that's a good word for it. there is a very controversial dance studio in canada. fortunately we have the guys at anime to help us tell this story. because this dance studio is giving pole dancing classes to kids.
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>> hmm -- >> as young as 5 years old. >> this studio in canada is starting a dance class that's going to teach young boys and girls to pole dance. >> you know what? there's only one thing to say to that, and that's, disgusting. >> the owner of this place is getting a lot of negative feedback, because she's saying that her existing clients are the ones asking for these classes, arguing that the whole point of this class is to teach kids a new way to teach them health and strength? >> there are ways to teach health and strength than don't have -- sexual creepy connotations. you can teach them how to play soccer, gymnastics, teach them yoga. >> the owner says that she's not going to teach any sexual moves to these girls, which, how can you possibly do anything on that
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pole without it being sexual? you have to wrap your leg around it or your arm. >> anything you do on the darn thing is going to be sexual, whether you intend it to be or not. and it's a pole dancing class. what's the end of the year recital look like? you have a pole dancing performance? >> you can't invite anybody. they'd be seen as pedophiles. >> that's when you throw a monopoly up on kids. >> oh, nick! >> this is readous. you got to make a joke about it. it's ridiculous. it's a red bull rampage mountain bike race, one of the top races on the planet. of course, there's going to be crashes. thankfully red bull gathered their best crashes from over the years and put them together in a nice little mash compilation. it's no wonder these guys eat it, because some of the trails they're going down are insane. they look like they're in controlled chaos falling down these mountains on two wheels. this first guy, big, fat
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wheelie, bails off in midair and wauds up in the dirt. >> oh. that was not a soft hit. >> over and falls down in a hole, to add insult to t. an awesome video. be honest, people just want to see the crashes. >> 2003, canfield, same type of thing. this guy goes end over end. >> crash test them. >> a lot of these guys walk away from it. >> ah! >> he stood up like nothing was wrong. this is the kind of video you want to sit and watch the entire thing. go to and watch the whole thing. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great rest of your day. -- captions by vitac --
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