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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> they are called micro apartments, living spaces so small lawmakers have to approve them first. >> it's the real estate buzz word. location, location, location. usually it's at a price. now san francisco is tapping in to the latest global trend with a proposal for apartments so small they are called micro
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units. new, heather holmes is live to tell us about the controversial idea that could let san francisco have the smallest apartments in the nation. >> reporter: that's right. 23 of them are going in right here, just behind this black tarp. each 300 square feet and tomorrow the board of supervisors will interest allowing even smaller ones. there is no shortage of luxury in the south of market neighborhood but for most its sky high. >> expensive. >> reporter: enter the more modest units, small apartments that could soon be smaller. >> we need a flexible housing policy including large and mall small. >> reporter: a supervisor is pushing to change the building code to cut the size of newly built units 209 square feet to
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220 creating cheaper options he says for singles. >> if you are talking at a small unit for 12 or $1,400 verses a one bedroom for 2500 or a large for 2,000 for some that price difference is the difference between staying in san francisco and leaving. >> reporter: these are similar to what the ones would look like, less about 50 feel there is a kitchen, bathroom and closet and bed that converts in to tables. >> i would need more room for my shoes but i could make do. it's good for people that will be freshly moving in to the city, reminds me of a dorm room. i any that's doable. >> reporter: some don't believe the units will address escalating rents and will increase density and drain public services. >> we need to cap the amount to study it, analyze it and seat impact firsthand. >> reporter: supervisor said
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they will talk about setting a limit on the micro apartments when the board takes up the issue tomorrow. reporting live. heather hoppings. >> in five minutes hundreds of new jobs, the hiring boom and it's impact on the community. >> new video, as a community comes together following the shooting death of an antioch man. a vigil was held tonight for the 30-year-old maurice wagner. he was shot and killed last night outside his home. mourners put candles and stuffed animals on the site where he was shot. those who gathered called for peace and healing in their community and in other communities around the world. police say they have no -- have made no arrests. now haywood where dozens are protesting an officer involved shooting there. they gathered near the dirty bird lounge where officers responded about one this morning to reports of shots fired.
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tonight the crowd is angry about that shooting calling officers killers. police say there been drinking and some are throwing bottles into the street. police say they saw the suspect's car and according to investigators the driver put the car in reverse and started coming toward the officers so they opened fire killing him. authorities have not released the man's name. and coming up in ten minutes new details about the latest police shooting in san francisco. the questions from the community tonight at a neighborhood meeting in the mission. >> in southern california authorities are confirming the death of an elderly man who apparently ignored evacuation orders in the face of a fire. the fire started yesterday east of san diego near the town of campo and the mexico border. officials say its burned 20 homes, 2500 acres and is only about 40% contained. some residents said they were worried about their 82-year-old neighbor when they saw his truck outside.
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>> still in there. i told him to leave but he didn't. they got it blocked off up there. his truck is still there. he only had one leg. if his truck is there he is in the house. >> reporter: authorities found his body about 2:30 this afternoon. dozens of homes are still threatened. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> in the south bay an elementary school principal remains in jail after appearing in court to answer charges of selling drugs to an undercover officer. robert honda attended the court appearance and learned authorities are not yet ready to let him out. >> 42-year-old eric dean louis appeared subdued. the principal faces felony drug charges including possession, and sale. he was arrested at this caltrain station in san francisco thursday afternoon. investigators say he had arranged to meet what turned
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out to be an undercover agent contacted through a dating website. a search of his apartment turned up a quarter ounce of meth and the other drugs. then agents came to the school and seized his computer. >> it's very difficult, it's very shocking, very sad sometime for the school. >> reporter: parents were shocked. he was principal here for seven years, seemed popular and set up anti drug programs, most were told by a letter from the school. >> really disappoint . >> reporter: there was no indication of children being involved and he has no prior recordn. court the prosecutor argued he should not be released because he lives outside the county and investigators are worried he may use drug money for bail. >> we want to make sure that any money that's coming in to secure his appearance is from proper sources. >> reporter: while bail is set at $25,000 he will stay in jail while his funds are checked.
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he returns to court friday. in san jose. robert honda. >> and we could learn as soon as tomorrow whether the united states supreme court will take up the issue of same sex marriage. one possible case is california's california's proposition eight. it was approved four years ago. another possible is the confidence of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman in the eyes of the federal government. if the justices take up the issue arguments wouldn't start until next year with decisions expected by june of next year. >> apple said it sold more than 5 million i-phones in the first three days and while that would be a great thing for most analysts respect that impressed. the 5 is selling so fast many stores have run out and the the new mobile operating system has been down loaded more than 100 million times. still analysts had expected apple to well six million over
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the weekend. a riot last night at one of the factories in china that makes the phones led to a production shut down there. reports say at least 2,000 were involved. 40 were hurt. the plant had been under investigation from employee conditions and long work hours. it's expected though to reopen tomorrow. information is limited but it appears it started when a security guard struck a worker. apple stock slid t dropped to $690 a share. it's down nine dollars or 1%. last week apple hit a high of $700 a share. >> university of san francisco tells us that an associate dean has stepped down in a dispute over recruiting foreign students. dale smith was associate dean of under graduate studies at the school of management. she had spearheaded the recruiting students china, many who had limited language skills. the university said she will continue to teach. >> the help wanted sign is up
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at general electric in san ramone as we report the mayor said that the area offers a quality of life that professionals find attractive. >> reporter: this say sneak peek at technology being developed right now by the global software center. >> as you see what's happening your gestures and movements are seen by the computer and there was a movie called minority report, this is -- this is taking that and building it for real. >> reporter: looks fun but they hope the technology will help doctors and mechanics. little more than 200 work here but ge is building space for another 200 by the end of the year. opportunities in marketing, finance, hr and many experienced engineers. >> these are high end jobs. those jobs coming will will
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impact. this is stitched together from 80 photographs. >> reporter: the mayor sees it as a renaissance along with chevron and at&t having them here will bring the town closer to its dream of a real downtown. >> it's a critical mass of well trained, educated professionals and it's starting to attract other people want this be a part. >> reporter: he thinks more families will decide to live here and for the people who do. >> getting home early, going to the soccer field, little league,. >> reporter: here, more than 600 companies do business. it has ten million square feet of office space and it hopes to fill it and finish this project in five years. ktvu channel 2news. >> more details now. the bishop ranch business park is getting two new tenants, kraft is setting up two regional sales offices take up 24,000 square feet samsung is
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leasing 8,000. >> darius haywood bay is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery after suffering a frightening hit yesterday. he was knocked unconscious and remained on the ground for ten minutes while he was valued. he was released toe. he was a concussion and strained neck. no word on when he will turn to the field. >> go across the water and ditch the traffic but is san francisco's new water taxi service worth the cost? >> new details on a salmonella outbreak linked to peanut butter. the growing recall and the [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was.
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and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . new information about an officer involved shoot that resulted in two nights of protests and damage to san francisco businesses. amber lee is live after attending a town hall meeting tonight where at least one business owner is now threatening to sue the police department. amber. >> reporter: police here at the mission station are coming under fire from merchants and community members for recent officer involved shooting the vandalism it sparked. >> how much more police do we need to put our kid away, shoot our kids down. >> reporter: about 100 people
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attended the town hall meeting. the discussion became heated when the subject turned to the police shooting of a 22-year- old last thursday. police say an officer shot him when he took out a loaded tech 9 gun and wouldn't drop it. he is expected to survive. >> that was not an innocent victim. he was a validated gang member. you are incorrect. >> reporter: in video protesters can be seen vandalizing videos on friday during a demonstration against the shooting. >> this is crazy and something has to be done. >> reporter: at another meeting this morning residents and merchants criticized police for not doing enough to protect them from vandals. >> what were they doing? project i'lls, throwing things at police. absolutely no arrests. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: four bids and the police station were targeted. nelson said it's the second
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time they have been damaged by protesters. >> i see 50 police officers protecting the police station but the rest of us have nobody helping us at all. >> reporter: tonight police captain said that officers did try to arrest the protesters but were unsuccessful. >> the group had dispersed and ran into different areas. >> reporter: back here live this police station -- [inaudible] which also had its windows broken said it's considering a lawsuit against the city. reporting live in san francisco's mission neighborhood. amber lee. >> and more details now. we checked the number of officer involved shootings they have had in recent years, thursday bring this is year's number to six. last year it was eight for the entire year. in 2010 the department had 15 officer involved shootings. >> it's taken a while but the proposal fort tallest building
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in san francisco goes before the planning commission next month. if approved the tower at first and mission street would dominate the skyline. the design has been fine tuned, the project has been in the works for five-years and construction could potentially start next summer. >> a new field poll on proposition 31 indicates many are opposed or undecided when it comes to budget reform that include establishing a budget cycle. 40% say they oppose proposition 31, 21 say they support it. voters seem close laddie vited on proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty and change all the sentences to life without parole. the latest poll finds 45% of likely voters are against proposition 34 meaning they support capitol punishment. 42% say they support proposition 42 that would repeal the death penalty.
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13% are undecided. california has 725 people on death row. >> a bill signed by the governor will let people register to vote on election day. right now an eligible resident has to register at least 15 days before the election. the measure becomes law on january 1st but will be delayed until the secretary of state sets up a statewide voter date database and that could take a year or longer. >> state officials confirm two people in california got ill in connection with a salmonella outbreak linked to peanut mutter lived to trader joes. they linked 29 cases to creamy salted valencia peanut butter. sold there. today the manufacturer of that peanut butter said it's recalling dozens of other butters. for a list of those items just go to the website and click on hot topics. >> a few tears may be shed in san francisco tonight. the purple onion is closing.
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its been a landmark on columbus avenue in north beach. it first rope are opened in 1953 and some of the bingest names in comedy and music have preformed there including woody allen, richard pryor and robin williams. the owner said that they may live on. >> we will start organizing some kind of purple onion, the same thing we do in a different venue. >> it lost it's lease after the building had been sold. a cafe, restaurant and barber shop are also shutting. >> new bay area taxi service offers a way from marin to san francisco. it's a water taxi and it comes at a price. >> all clear. >> all clear. >> reporter: the boat the is called game changer and that's what the founders hope their company will be. >> traffic game changer. >> reporter: providing a new
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service to people in san francisco and marin. instead of the ferry or conventional ferry or town car the boat can carry up to a dozen passengers across the bay. >> you call, we pick you up, take you where you want to go instead of being on a schedule or set route. >> reporter: it'll be able to take people between three san francisco locations. a second company will run only between the san francisco locations. >> they have the rights to land on our port property that we set as long as they provide back to us 7% of the gross revenues. >> we have reservations until october 20th. >> reporter: the fare is about $38 one way for two people. . >> would be worth it as a
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group. that -- that was found interesting. as one single person and prices will determine that. >> reporter: the company hopes to be up and running by the beginning of october. just in time for fleet week. from the san francisco bay. ktve channel 2news. >> and we had a bit of a cooldown today. temperatures, good five to ten degrees cooler today than yesterday. the marine layer stretched out. as you look at sunset, plenty of fog and low clouds over the coastal hills, that's how it'll be tomorrow. temperatures cooled today. these were the numbers, the forecast highs for tomorrow. they are almost right on these. temperatures for tuesday, look a lot like temperatures we had today. as we roll in to the next couple days, things change around. when i get back at 10:45 we will look at the forecast. we will talk about that. see you back in a few. >> this week is the 20th
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anniversary of critical mass. the once a month event held on friday night when hundreds of bike riders take to the streets in san francisco. and to mark the occasion a wide range of activities are scheduled throughout the next week including daily bike rides, night of films, and a concert all ending with the critical mass ride on friday night. organizers say it could be one of the biggest ever with people coming from all over the world to take part. >> privacy problem or no reason to panic? how facebook is responding to report that private messages were posted for all to
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? silicon valley leading the nation when can comes to job growth but that is putting a strain on the housing market in
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the south bay. new at ten matt keller is live where rent is as much as $750 a month higher than just a couple years ago. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. get used to seeing if you live in the south bay. a builder said the construction market is white hot which housing experts say is good because many are getting burned by skyrocketing rent. michael had sticker shock moving san diego to silicon valley. >> it's about twice the cost of living, however compared to everybody else in the bay area that was great. it was worth it. >> reporter: he and his friend finally ended up here at the new crescent village apartment paying $3,000 a month. san jose mayor was at the development's grand opening and said the lack of housing construction during the recession led to the spike in rental prices. >> when you build nothing for years, when you start growing jobs are you going to find yourself in a crunch like this. >> reporter: thousands of
11:55 pm
apartment units currently being built in san jose bringing it the hope of stabilizing rental prices but the cut of state redevelopment money has forced many to reduce oriented affordable housing programs. >> 20% of the funding that came in used to beaked indicated to housing but the state took that away so we no longer have that. >> reporter: some say a family of four needs to make $83,000 a year to rent an average apartment in santa clara and play norm alex pences but about 8 5,000 families make less. many live paycheck to paycheck spending more than 50% of their money on rent. >> if they have one thing go back they are out onto street or living in a shelter or moving in with another family and getting over crowd. >> reporter: the mayor said they are offering reduced fees, taxes and red tape to build. there is a couple of projects in the works and close to
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breaking ground. reporting live. >> facebook's global roll out of the new timeline format set off a panic among some in france. they claim that private messages years ago are being posted to their timeline. facebook said it has septembered all of the claims and in each case the messages were previously public. they said there may be confusion because they look different years ago. those concerns and a negative report on share value helped drive facebook stock down. shares lost 9% and closed at $20.70. google shares reached all time highs reaching $750 a share. one raised the price target to $850 because of advertising profits and prospects of the motorola. the dow closed down 20 points, nasdaq lost 19, the latest worry is germany's
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economy with some predict a recession for them. >> i think that we will get tickets. >> postseason baseball. how much you can expect to pay when giant tickets go ono sale to the pu [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. . almost 200 people turned out for a community meeting in richmond to learn more about last month's refinery fire in richmond. ken wayne was at the meeting and tells us about new accusations against the utility. >> reporter: the meeting wrapped up about an hour ago. residents did learn new details about that fire and about report that chevron tried to
12:00 am
bypass air monitoring equipment. chevron said report that a pipe as used to skip air monitors is incorrect and air quality officials have known what the pipe is for. >> the pipe in issue is an equalization line and it's part of a safety system to control pressure build up that was in place before the 2003 bay area air quality management district flare monitoring regulation. >> reporter: they said it knows what caused the problem in another pipe that led to last month's fire. >> we suspect that the general [inaudible] of the piping part that failed is likely due to damage known as high temperature corrosion many. >> reporter: they said the pipe was inspected last october but not the five foot section that failed. the epa said that it's in the middle a long investigation that could lead to sanctions against chevron. >> i can tell you that if they
12:01 am
violated the clean air act that epa will enforce those statutes. >> reporter: county health officials still trying to determine the potential health risks to residents. silvia gray white went to the hospital. >> tested pipes, tested the air, the soil, who -- find out what's in us. >> we know we broke your trust and we are committed to working hard and show that we are a good operator. >> reporter: the epa said it'll do an audit next week but said it can't give answers on when the investigation will be complete. live in richmond. >> a group home in the south bay is being sued over allegation that a staff member sexually abused a child. the suit claims the campus of emq families first ignored a warning that a staff member was acting inappropriately toward a
12:02 am
12-year-old girl. the suit said that the 33-year- old assaulted the girl a week after the warning. >> they should follow their own rules because this individual should not have been unsupervisorred at any time, much less at night, much less in the child's room. >> the girl's testimony is being used in a criminal case against bailey involving at least two other victims. we called emq family's first and were told they have no comment movement juror selection in the trial of a former crime lab tech accused of stealing cocaine from the police crime lab. prosecutors say deborah madden stole drugs in 2009. she retire that year following 29 years in the department. following the allegation the san francisco da closed down the lab and dismissed hundreds of criminal cases that were based on evidence from the lab. if convicted she could face four years in jail.
12:03 am
>> the former governor is propote meting his new book and sharing new details about his affair with the housekeeper. he said that the day after he left office his wife had their couple counselor ask him if he had fathered a child with the housekeeper. he said he then confessed. the book total recall my unbelievablely true life story is scheduled to go on sale october 1st. >> data out today on sap test scores show that just 43% approximate of seniors prepared to do well in college. that's the same as last year but it represents an increase in the number of students taking the test and a larger number of minority student who may have a language barrier. they say it shows more needs to be done to provide more support for all students. >> the san francisco giants have been crowned the national league west champions and now the city is gearing up for postseason baseball. rob roth said that's not the
12:04 am
only reason they are expecting a flood of people the first weekend in october. >> runner goes, line drive, that's it. >> reporter: from the catch to the cash here at giant's dug out people getting a jump on october baseball. >> all giants out. >> reporter: tickets went on sale online today but only for season ticket holders, the general public can start requesting them tomorrow also online. price range, $60 for nose bleed seats up to $420. >> we have 29,000 people ticket holders now. the amount of inhave not vein torry is less. >> i think we will get tickets and may not be the ones we want but any time we are in the park is great. >> reporter: the success of the giants ripples out. it means success for restaurants and bars throughout the ty and near the park. >> mostly the energy and the excitement and the fun. people come down because they just want to be a part of it.
12:05 am
>> reporter: it appears the giants will play at home the weekend of october 6th and 7th if those dates sound familiar it's that's the same weekend san francisco will host fleet week. the america's cup regada the bluegrass -- now the giants, good luck on hotel rooms. . >> it'll be very expensive and hard to book. >> reporter: you may recall two years ago they clinched on the last day of the season and the playoffs started two days later. now everybody has two weeks to get ready. in san francisco, rob roth. >> and get the news to go. just down load the app, click the live icon and then you can watch all of the newscast live. >> we need to correct a story we brought you earlier. dale smith stepped down from a position as associate dean of the university of san francisco business school. smith does not support the
12:06 am
aggressive recruitment of students chain a she opposes it. many of those students have limited english language skills and smith said it dilutes the experience for other students. the unit said she will continue to teach at the school. >> we know more about how that panda cub at the national zoo died. and the effort to bring a effort to oakland zoo and why it involves international politics. >> and back here in just a couple minutes, the fog back in berkeley, it's heading in to oakland. how it impacts your day. will temperatures
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no new study on breast cancer
12:09 am
confirms four types of it. the research was done by the atlas and the national institutes of health. they say the findings suggest that drugs used to treat cancers in other parts of the body could be used to treat various types of breast cancer. as an example they point to similars between one kind of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. the who said from thereare approximately 1.3 million new cases of breast cancer every year. in vallejo there were pink poofier trucks and firefighters dressed in pink, all to race awareness. they are part of the pink heels tour sponsored by an arizona based organization. the firefighters traveled throughout the united states and canada, among other things they raised money for women without insurance to get mammograms. >> in the philippines, police battled with hundreds living illegally in a complex.
12:10 am
the squatters threw rocks and bottles. police responded with tear gas and water cannons. after several hours police removed them and workers started a planned demolition. the buildings located next to the financial district. in the gulf dozens of nations taking part in a huge naval exercise. part thankful is to look for mines. in the past iran has threatened to shut down the waterway. and at the united nations iran leader started on the offensive, he denounced the united states for trying to shut down the nuclear program and said iran doesn't fear a strike on its nuclear facility. the president also denied iran is providing weapons or training to syria. >> the president is scheduled to address the un general assembly tomorrow. he arrived attended a reception this evening. in his speech the white house said he will talk about the
12:11 am
anti american protests across the globe. he has received some flack for not meeting with world leaders but having time to appear on a tv talk show. one aid said if he met with one world leader he would have to meet with ten. romney seized on become's words to attack him. the president referred to events in the middle east as bumps in the road on the transition. >> bumps on the road. am ambassador assassinated, a muslim brotherhood elected to the leadership of egypt, 20,000 people killed in syria. >> romney said the united states should not be at the mercy of events in the middle east and he said he is the man to provide the leadership. >> you may notice what looked like a very bright monday over san francisco bay this evening but it wasn't what it appeared.
12:12 am
instead it's a bit of hollywood. the light was put on treasure island and shining toward san francisco to create the look of moon light for the filming of the movie the internship. it's taking place tonight at the water nt. that movie stars vince vaughn and owen wilson. >> one bright light. a refund formols of credit card users. >> the everybody wants it. object what was grandma's cold remedy?
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. national zoo in washington dc said the panda cub that died yesterday had liver problems. this is yesterday yellow of them before its death.
12:15 am
the cause of death is not expected for another two weeks. zoo officials say the mother is eating and interacting with her keepers again. oakland is trying to bring a panda. it thought it was close a few years ago, even creating a opiniona pen in an anticipation. where the talks between the city of oakland and the country of china stand today today. >> reporter: baboons live here but it was built for a panda. >> our part was to have the facility and ready. >> reporter: it's complicated because of the politics. only four zoos in the united states have pandas. >> the whole world loves pandas. >> reporter: a former councilman has been working to bring a pair for the past 14 years. he said china is close to giving the okay, has been for the past two and a half years
12:16 am
but it wants one more thing. >> they want obama support of the pandas. they would seriously consider. >> reporter: but that is not enough. he said the president wants a promise. >> that's where the stalemate is that we are both waiting. >> reporter: with the election coming up time to complete the deal may be running out. he doesn't want the baboons to get the to comfortable. he thinks in the next few months if he can get the president's support the group will have to move. in oakland. >> members of the a homeless camp were ready to be cleared out but it never happened. when we were at 4th and king street they had packed up some things. the salvation army was ready to provide help but no homeless turned own. about eight to 16 camp there.
12:17 am
>> discover is about to refund $200 million to its credit card customers. regulators say the customers were sold payment protection plans without their consent. in some cases call center agents would say they would be enrolled after reviewing printed material that never arrived. they setted without admitting wrongdoing. the average pay out for three and a half million card holders will be about $56. banks are collecting more money from atm users, bank said noncustomer sur charges have hit a record high of $4 a transaction. users pay about $2.50 to the bank that owns the atm and $1.50 to the bank for swiping the card. > green day has postponed its show scheduled for end of this month. news of that comes after the
12:18 am
band's front man billy joe armstrong put himself into rehab offer a outburst on stage last friday. video of that tirade shows him smashing his guitar as he expresses his displeasure when he was told to wrap up at a music festival. no new date has been set for the san francisco show. >> and the fog is having a little more presence tonight than the last couple nights. temperatures cooled today. we mentioned that. live storm tracker two, just pencil in the fopping. its right here along the coast. pretty tight. it's dense too and we are getting flair into the bay. fog across oakland and albany. tomorrow morning a little bit of that fog. forecast for tomorrow just like today. we talked about that earlier. as we move forward the high pressure starts to rebuild and builds in stronger and temperatures are going to come up as we go toward the end of the week.
12:19 am
that's the weather headline. temperatures on the increase back this to the 90's. you will see that. the forecast overnight lows have been cool, kind of cool again tomorrow. san mateo, sfo will have fog. napa. i don't know if you will have fog. i think oakland. maybe toward vallejo, not a lot though. the low pressure center that was north of here is gone. high pressure is back but it's just slow to rebuild and we will see some slight on shore, off shore winds, little bit above, west wind and that will be enough to keep it almost the same. that is tomorrow. we go forward, the high pressure establishes itself, and we get a high pressure typical pattern. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. there is the fog push and there it is a cross the bay. what you notice, you see it's not up in to the east bay hills, the tri valley area. getting stuck up in the coastal
12:20 am
hills, shouldn't spill in to the san jose area, shouldn't spill into mountain view or morgan hill. in the afternoon the fog, burns back and just be what it did today. back to the coast. some clearing at the coast but not much. the forecast highs for tomorrow. this week going to be shown by -- the sameness of day today stuff. no real big changes, until we get to the end of the week. you so here tomorrow temperature wise, five-day forecast, this is a change i'm talking about. lue see that friday, as a result. numbers start to pop up. the next couple days, looks similar. friday, saturday starts to warm up and into sunday and we are tracking in to sunday that maicon certain us for fire danger into sunday, monday and tuesday. we will track that closely but as you can see really nice looking run. about three or four weeks in a row of this really neat fall weather. >> been a pretty good month. >> yes.
12:21 am
>> thank you. >> the former solar company moved a step forward today in bankruptcy auction of its plant. the fremont based company shut down operations last year and has been liquid ating assets since february today a date of november 15th was set for the court to approve the auction. sea gate technology offered 90.3 million for the plant which is where the bidding will start. more than 200 domestic workers rallied on the steps of the state capitol urging the governor to sign what they call a bill of rights. supporters say the bill would regulate wages, hours and working conditions for worker who are hired as personalia attendants. opponents argue that bill will drive up costs. >> the a's put everything on the line as th
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. sciencists looking at trash picked up from northern california beaches. today a crew went inside the warehouse they call the trash lab.
12:25 am
they want to determine the best way to protest the sea from trash. they say they haven't found any from last year's tsunami. they hope to take their findings to policy makers. >> mark is here with sports. the a's looking so good for a while. >> yeah. that time of year. you the a's know that all to well. this he have been walked off on in three of their last four games. they weekend on over -- derek holland. off to a 2-0 lead. hit it to the same spot. his 21st. 4-4 in to the bottom of the 9th. beltre, homered to get it there. rangers load the bases, a shot
12:26 am
up the middle. oakland leads by two in the second wild card spot. comes down to this. the nfl a multibillion dollar industry, nickel and diming the real referees. it was bound to happen. ridiculous officials, costing the team a game. packers in seattle in a game to belong remembered but not for the fact that aaron rogers was socked eight times in the first halft. came down to the last play of the game. seahawks trailing 12-7. green bay, russell wilson, five packers, two seahawks, the hail mary. jennings, appeared to intercept and they even replayed it, they reviewed it and the officials maintained it is a touchdown for seattle, aaron rogers said
12:27 am
it was the worst defeat of his career. 14-12 seattle winds up winning it and there is the scrum that decide it's and pete carroll and company are now 2-1. the fact that the youngest coach in the nfl got his first win. great 4th quarter come back. they never led until this. sebastian, game winning kick. the organization he left to join oakland. he done plays the reunion. >> going to be a division opponent. a big game. we can't get into individual things, not about me. not about dennis allen verses the bonks koss, it's about the raiders verses the broncos and we will need a lot more than just me to go win a game. >> that's the sporting life and you are going to hear a lot
12:28 am
more about that game in seattle. it's just started maybe it'll lead to the settlement and the end of the locko. >> let's hope so. >> thank you. thank you for trusting us. we will see
12:29 am


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