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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 4, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a camera catches this dramatic rescue in the cold water of tamales bay. just as a boat capsized. good evening everyone.
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>> reporter: ken paramedics brought all but one of the boaters here to petaluma hospital. there was a scramble to save the two trapped children who weren't wearing life preservers. >> they were communicating through the hall. they were about 200 meters out at that time. >> reporter: then, cheers erupted. >> thank god that the kids got home safe. they were kids too, a young boy and girl. >> reporter: this boat with seven people on board flipped over near the mouth of tamales bay. rescuers found three adults one of which was clinging to a toddler and a small child on
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top of the vessel. still trapped under the boat, two children under age 8. they took out a hole in the hall, none of the boaters wore life jackets. >> normally these type of incidents don't turn out as good as today. >> reporter: they hadn 't determined what capsized the boat, but said there was a high surf. the others minus one of the adults suffering minor cases of hypothermia were driven. >> reporter: the children spent less than an hour and half in the water and we learned tonight that the boat's owner
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is from elk grove. jade hernandez, ktvu news. a toddler is in critical but stable condition after she was shot. modesto police say the 1-1/2- year-old little girl was brought by family members to a modesto area hospital around noon today. she was then air lifted to oakland where she underwent surgery. police took one man into custody for questioning but have not said what his relationship is to the child or if he is the suspected shooter. police in oakland are investigating a shooting in the city's fruitvale neighborhood that wounded a man. the gunfire broke out at 1:00. the victim was stable and conscious when police took him to the hospital. a man was stabbed last night during a bar fight in martinez. the 26-year-old man was stabbed in the arm during a brawl in
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front of ray's lounge. the assailant is described as a 6'tall man about 220 pounds. the sheriff's office is still searching for a man who disappeared from a mental facility. kenneth morison was seen friday evening in downtown san mateo after leaving the mental center. tonight there's no sign that a dispute is letting up between raley's and their union members. >> reporter: workers in walnut creek down to san jose and all across the state have walked off the job in the company's
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first strike. some people still shopped at the store while others were convinced to walk away. >> go down to food max, cheaper than here. >> reporter: 47 stores working under the knob hills store walked out. change and health benefits are the number one concern. >> i have a son to support, son and a wife that's what i'm looking for. >> reporter: they looked for an increase in nonunion competition. >> there's a number of competitors that have come into the market. >> reporter: a raley's spokesman said that they gave a final offer four weeks ago. that wage package has now been implemented. >> this is the same wage change that is we have implemented
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throughout our country including our nonunion stores. >> these workers are out here because they're out here to provide a living wage to provide to their family. >> reporter: customers may notice a difference in the number of workers in their store but a contingency plan was in place and will remain in place. matt keller. today was day two of a day three nurses strike at santa rosa memorial hospital. hospital officials say they disagree over a number of issues. the hospital says it needs to control cost because it anticipates lower reimbursement rates. the nurses will be locked out until thursday. because the hospital hired replacements for five days. >> reporter: police in santa rosa are investigating two hit- and-run collisions that happened within minutes of each other. the first call happened at 3:30 a.m. for a pedestrian hit.
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the victim was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital with major injuries. authorities arrested christian pena bayasteros for suspicion of driving under the influence of violating probation. the second hit-and-run happened about 15 minutes later, another car slammed into a car. the victim was not injured. police arrested jimmy jimenez after a brief police chase. new video tonight of a two alarm house fire in san leandro that killed a family pet. firefighters were called to the home on san leandro boulevard just before 8:30 tonight. two people in the house they tried to douse the flames with one man singing the hair. it's not clear how this fire started. the house though was badly damaged and tonight the red
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cross is helping to find a place for those residents to stay. a san jose jury is scheduled to resume deliberations tomorrow on whether a former elementary school principal broke the law when she failed to report allegations of abuse by a second grade teacher. lyn vijayedrain is the former principal of the school. she said she believed chandler's explanation. the former principal faces up to six months in jail. some protesters gathered in berkeley to stand up for the right to sit down as ktvu's laurean blanco told us at least one person had a run in with police. >> if you continue to ignore me, i'm going to have to take you to jail. >> reporter: what started as a
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protest against measure f turned into a confrontation with cops. an officer sited one protester for blocking the sidewalk. >> we don't want to see measure f pass. it's blatantly unconstitutional. >> reporter: the measure bans sitting on the sidewalk between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. people parked on the popular walk way today tells us it's counter to the city's counter culture. >> this is one of the few places where people actually walk instead of drive. it's hard to reach people nowadays. >> a lot of our people tell us they're uncomfortable. a lot of people in berkeley say i don't go to telegraph anymore. >> we need to reclaim our public places so everybody feels comfortable and enjoys the downtown. >> reporter: these protesters
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would make the same argument for different reasons. >> let's get together and stop these rules ♪ sitting shouldn't be so hard to do. >> reporter: if measure f passes, it would go into effect in july. people sitting on the sidewalk would get several warnings before receiving a $75 ticket or community service. in berkeley, lorane blanco. candidate and oakland city council wok brunner announced a lawsuit. she said that city attorney barbara parker sent campaign material stating that brunner has been suspended from the state bar. >> i actually expected to hit these. i expected to have my record distorted but i never ever expected an absolute false statement about my status as an attorney. >> reporter: the california state bar website shows that
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brunner was inactive from 1995 to 1997 for not completing continuing education but did not show any word of being suspended. we will continue the election coverage for you coming up in five minutes. we'll take a look at the final push from both sides of the proposition 30 debate. it's premier night in san francisco for a reality show that aims to do for silican valley what it already did for housewives. >> nothing, nothing. >> reporter: angry words for mayor bloomburg as frustration runs high. what people in new york city say they are not getting enough of. >> and the first polls opened just 30 hours from now.
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happening now reality tv has come to the silican valley. bravo has tech workers trying to make it big. debora villalon has the news. >> reporter: invited guests
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have finished screening the pilot. it's a show about silican valley but tonight's hoopla is in san francisco. >> what are your favorite mels. >> reporter: the show stars answered questions. shooting the new series start- ups, silican valley. >> it's this sensation, apple, twitter, facebook, google, every single one of these companies started within 30 miles of where i'm sitting right now, that's insane. >> reporter: what's insane is a show portraying high tech with a cast too white, too attractive and too prone too party. >> i feel people that are in tech that aren't nerdty. >> reporter: jersey shore meets start-up glam. zuckerberg says the success of the film's social network about her brother and social network
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opened her eyes to how tech can. >> i don't think that to be in silican valley have to be dudes. i don't think they're forcing computer programs down your throat i think they're going to make it by making it really cool and culture. >> i wanted people to see the good, bad and ugly and how hard it was and the long hours that we work. >> reporter: whether they take any ideas off the ground take eight episodes to go. >> there's many people in silican valley that would say they wouldn't do this. but having a consumer product i don't know why you wouldn't want that kind of exposure for your brand. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg did not make it here, but says he might appear in a future
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episode if there is a season two. debora villalon. now to our continuing coverage of the super storm clean up. mayor bloomburg was confronted. bloomburg was in the rocaway neighborhood to tour the desaás de -- disaster area. nearly 1 million are without power in new jersey. >> everybody is working as hard as they can. the federal government, the state government, the city government. we have an enormous number of city employees who have been working essentially 24/7 to deliver food, to deliver water, to make sure the buildings are safe. >> reporter: most of new york city's 1,700 public schools are set to reopen tomorrow. in eight minutes how thousands of runners in town for the now
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cancelled new york city marathon pitched in to help. >> in election 2012 news tonight with an estimated $6 billion in campaign funds spent, america is now just hours away from voting. and the candidates are continuing to campaign until the very last second. >> our fight goes on because this nation cannot succeed without a growing thriving middle class. and sturdy ladders for all who are willing to work hard to get into the middle class. >> reporter: president obama crossed almost the entire country today speaking in new hampshire and ohio before heading to colorado. stevie wonder helped wow the crowd. mr.obama says voters in swing states have registered 81 million new voters. >> the question of this election comes down to this, you want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change? >> meantime mitt romney
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branched out beyond swing states. promising to turn the blue state red on tuesday. more than 20,000 people waited for hours to see the gop nominee. obama is ahead of the keystone state by about five points. they launched television ads over the weekend. pennsylvania offering 20 electoral votes. the vice presidential candidates also offered a choice. >> this is not your ordinary election. >> republican paul ryan campaigned in three states today drawing one of his biggest crowds ever. he criticized president obama for not meeting with republican candidates before. >> we have seen this movie before, massive tax cuts for tháeu. >> reporter: joe biden and his wife jill campaigned in ohio today. in addition to the economy, biden stressed his commitment to women's issues such as authoring the women's against
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violence act. the outcome of this football game has been predicting the presidential election since 1940 with unusual accuracy. and coming up in just 10 minutes, what the red skins lost today means in the race for the white house. there was a big last minute push for and against proposition 30. governor brown's temporary tax for education. the efforts today to get voters attention. >> reporter: nothing was going to stop sheria westbrook not even the birth of her son six days ago. >> this is my livelihood. this is my kid's livelihood and i can't think of any other place i would like to be with today, here with this little guy. >> reporter: working the phones and handing out fliers in favor of proposition 30. it would increase taxes on those making more than $250,000 to fund education. they say we can't afford the alternative. >> we have to take another $6 billion cut come january, it's
11:52 pm
going to be horrendous. >> reporter: lieutenant governor newsom says the state can't handle more cuts. >> you can't talk a good game about the importance of education and investing in children and then reject the opportunity that's in front of you to do something about it. if you do, we have only ourselves to blame. >> reporter: while they were making calls so were opponents of 30. sue carro chair of the republican party says there will be a better way to fund education. >> we don't like small business, we don't think it reflect it is true priorities of californians and we know that most of the money is not going to get into the classroom. >> reporter: both sides say this is the final push. they'll be working both sides to reach undecided voters. >> i'll be here tuesday, as long as this little guy is cooperating. >> reporter: volunteers had their work cut out for them they hope to make 10,000 calls before election day. in fremont, anne rubin.
11:53 pm
san francisco chronicle reporter carla marinucci says she thinks the calls will pay off. >> there's more people that support it than not. supporters say that in the final with democratic registration, jerry brown may pull this one out. >> reporter: prop 30 must win against a rival proposition, prop 38 would raise money for schools as well. it would not raise sales taxes but would raise income taxes for all brackets on a sliding scale. the occupy movement targets the white house. the message protesters plan to bring to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> it's a zombie take over. the record this group is trying to set in mexico city. >> a big bounce in bay area temperatures today.
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a 2-year-old boy died today after he fell into an exhibit with wild dogs. it's unclear if he died by the fall or the dogs. one of them was shot by police when he wouldn't move away from the boy. the zoo will be closed indefinitely. today was the day the new york marathon was due to go off. that's before mayor bloomburg called it off. more than 200 runners were already in new york before it was called off. most runners understood the decision to call it off. >> the question is you know would it have given them an emotional you know lift, i'm
11:57 pm
guessing not given the outcry. but i can see why major bloomburg really wanted to hang on to it. >> reporter: there were hundreds of other runners who instead to heading to central park too a ferry to staten island to help the neighborhoods there hardest hit by the storm. it was announced today that eight people from the california emergency management agency are headed to new york. the personnel are from san francisco and los angeles. the staff will work with the west chester county department of emergency services. a look live now at new york's time square. the worse may not be over. coming up, chief meteorologist bill martin joins us with the latest forecasted nor'easter now headed for the east coast.
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rival malitias fought outside of benghazi. the incidents highlight the struggle as it tries to disarm the malitias that brought down gadhafi. and in mexico city, ghoulish figures took to the streets this weekend in an attempt to set a new world record for zombie walks. organize a zoom by walk. guiness has not confirmed a new record was set. the zombie walk is also a food drive taking in canned food and other donations for a food bank. as a 2012 campaign comes to a close, the gridiron offers a most reliable poll. the washington red skins have closed 17-1 in presidential prediction. the red skin rule goes as this. if the home team wins at home before the election the
11:59 pm
incumbent stays in office. however if the opponent loses, then so does the president. today the red skin lost to the panthers. indicating that mitt romney will win the white house. occupied protesters will return to washington for a preelection day protest. the last occupy dc encampment joined by in february. they hope to show the government that quote, we are the 99%. telling protesters that no with weapons will be allowed and no violence will be tolerated. a ktvu special report. >> i know that refinery workers at chevron and other refineries do fear retaliation. >> almost three months after that massive fire at chevron's refinery in richmond, tom vacar takes a closer look at safety concerns and what happens when chevron fails to act. >> and if
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in tonight's special report we take a closer look at refineries in richmond. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went through pages of refinery records and tells us what he learned about past complaints in a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: was it a culmination of a long series of
12:03 am
events. >> one of the things that went into a disaster is chevron kept running the system for two hours, they didn't want to take it offline. >> reporter: kerr senior scientist for communities of refineries say, look at a fight in the same refinery two years ago. >> this was caused by corrosion in a pipe. sound familiar? it was left in place for 20 years or more when it wasn't supposed to be. >> reporter: i obtained cal osha, mostly employee safety complaints going back 20 years. since a well petroleum expert
12:04 am
told me chevron is -- encouraging workers to stop work on safety issues without fear of reprisal. to these specific issues chevron would not answer questions. a year ago, a ruptured tube caused another fire. operator said a 33% increase in high sulfur crude oil processed takes a toll on the equipment. >> when chevron went to higher sulfur inherently more corrosive crude, workers started finding corrosion everywhere. multiple parts of this refinery are being corroded from the inside out. >> reporter: wendy carlson, cal osha director told us most of the inspections have to be done internally. >> they're responsible to review all of their elbows and piping systems. it's not our responsibility. >> reporter: cal osha noted
12:05 am
some workers will not go over their supervisors with fear of retaliation. >> i do know workers fear retaliation. >> reporter: from 2003 to 2008, despite the company's own inspections, osha said chevron caused to repair a threat of cancer causing pipeline. >> reporter: osha sited chevron for putting off repairs for another year until the pipe failed a fitness for service inspection. >> right and that's why we sited them for deferred maintenance. >> what was their fine? less than a speeding ticket on the freeway. >> reporter: once again chevron, no comment. then five years ago a bell failed burning an employee. cal osha found the valve had never been inspected since it was installed 31 years before.
12:06 am
>> there's probably 1 million valves, fittings, flanges in this one facility alone. >> reporter: how many other valves are out there installed decades ago, uninspected and conditions unknown. chevron's comment, no comment. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. >> coming up tomorrow on the ktvu news, the sec part of our investigation on chevron. for a look at any of our special reports go to and click on the special reports tab. san francisco drivers may experience delays because of an energy sewer project that got under way today. crews are doing the repair work from howard to washington streets. crews will be working through the week and traffic is being detoured on to surrounding streets. city officials are urging drivers to avoid this area if
12:07 am
possible. drivers on amtrak corridor tracks will be delayed because of track work along oakland's embarcadero. trains will not stop at both the jack london and coliseum stations. alternate transportation will be provided for those two stations. the two week project also includes road resurfacing between webster and clay street. that will create temporary street closures and detours. the work will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with streets back open overnight. that project should be finished by friday november 16th. a big day in the south bay. the milestone said to be reached tomorrow in the construction of the 49ers stadium.
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well will have two extremes in our weather forecast over the next few days. with temperatures soring this weekend that trend will continue over the weekend. look at all the 70s over san francisco, oakland, even a few 80s around santa rosa. san francisco around 73. the winds not much of a factor. they are all mostly calm around five to 7 miles per hour. that calm wind is why we'll keep temperatures in the 70s
12:11 am
tomorrow into tuesday. napa, san francisco 65, san jose 53 degrees. record heat a fairly good bet as we head into your monday. here's a look at the records we would have san francisco, oakland, redwood city and san jose, all of these cities reporting t record breaking temperatures. now last week we were talking about superstorm sandy unfortunately we're talking at another storm, nothing like last week. but if you can pick up, some rainfall moving into parts of missouri. look at this circulation developing right around florida this will be the key as we head into late tuesday into wednesday. deep into a pretty impressive area of low pressure. this will be the source of strong winds, heavy rain possible some snow and possibly some more coastal flooding. nothing like last week but they do not need another storm for this part of the country we're going to be watching that over the next few days. high pressure in full command of our weather at least for tomorrow and into tuesday.
12:12 am
temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees above average. that is for tomorrow. look what happens beginning wednesday, thursday and friday, cold pressure moves in. warmest locations only in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. and there is a chance of a few spotty showers as early as thursday lasting into friday. cold enough that we could have a little bit of dusting in the bay area hills. the highest peaks of snowfall possibly later in the week. at least for tomorrow, lots of sunshine out there, the yellow contour links up with the 70s. warmest locations inland in the low to mid-80s. santa rosa 86. oakland right around 80 degrees. look at these numbers tomorrow is november 6 and we're talking about mid- to upper 80s. san francisco 81 degrees. even better than a summertime day in the city. here is a look ahead your five day forecast and for election day looks just great as well. a little bit cooler, we really cool things off by wednesday and then by thursday and friday the chance of a few spotty
12:13 am
showers the key headline will be the much cooler air. slight chance of a sprinkle on saturday and partly cloudy skies on sunday. so heather and ken get ready for two extremes, hot tomorrow, bundle up by midweek. santa clara is calling it a construction milestone at the new 49ers stadium. 60% of the steel has been installed. tomorrow crews will host a section of precast concrete to the top of the suite tower. the project uses 2,000 sections of concrete to build various parts of the stadium including seats benches and walls. the project is on schedule and should open in time for the 2014 nfl season. former raider and bay area native sam williams invited tailgaters outside the oakland coliseum to make a touchdown in the name of recycling today. it featured a giant goal
12:14 am
postmade from 125,000 bud light aluminum beer canless. it's part of an exhibit that will visit nine nfl cities that will promote recycling. >> shows what you [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll.
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good evening everyone and welcome to this sunday night late edition of sports wrap. the raiders had a chance to get back into 500 and were outdown by a guy who was born in oakland and played at usc. the raiders looked to be on
12:17 am
track. carson palmer to rod streeter. just before the break oakland went into the locker room in front 10-7. but the second half turned into a coming out party for oakland native doug martin. martin who played his college ball in stockton broke out and got a 45-yard scoring play. after the bucks had taken a 21- 10 lead. martin got lose again. this time it's jiordano that got it done. a 28-10 lead for tampa. oakland closed within a one but it breaks for 70 yards in to score. four touchdowns the bucks were in front 35-17. palmer finds marso reese for the score. later made a conversion. they were in front. they had the ball with the
12:18 am
chance to win or tie but palmer was intercepted for the third time this one by amad. either a miscommunication or horrible throw by palmer. 42-32 tampa. the raiders allow five under 15 yards of offense. 278yards rushing, oakland's 3- 5. fred inglis has more on the guy that stole the show. >> reporter: mcfadden made the cover of the play day today. >> as a rookie he's phenomenal. very explosive. i didn't know he had that in him. >> it meant everything to me.
12:19 am
having my friends and family out here to support me, it was an awesome feeling. >> we came out and fought in every play. we take pride. even when we were down, we were down by 18 we knew we were still in the game. we just made some plays down the stretch. >> we had some critical errors, i had some critical errors. we need to clean up. we need to really be firing in all cylinders and especially in critical parts of the game. too many mistakes, too mistakes were made. >> reporter: martin was compared to ray rice, not good news for the raiders that visit ray rice next sunday, and probably without mcfaden. the 49ers had to buy this week and during the time off saw a division team that started out on fire couldn't its losing streak. had to face aaron rogers and
12:20 am
the packers in lambeau field. crabtree will get caught but not before he reaches the goal line to complete his scoring play. all zeros in the fourth quarter as the packers win 35-17 after starting out 4-0. the cardinals have now lost five in a row. fair to say vickings head coach leslie fraizer and harvey were not seeing eye to eye today. russell wilson found tatum decided to go up high to get into the end zone. at 5-4 the seahawks are a game and a half behind the 49ers. levy smith chicago bears putting some offense today. run over by urlacher, other players know more successful as urlacreh led. they would score plenty more.
12:21 am
marshal for one of three scores by that passing combination. chicago rolls 51-20 the most scores the bears team has scored in 32 years. dallas quarterback tony romo seems to be in a continuous stage of beligerment. one of the weekend high profile games, benroethlisberger wants to pass but it's passed by mura. roethlisberger thinks it should have been an incomplete call. but the steelers scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. redmond with one of his 7 yards rushing in the game. the steelers win 24-20. pittsburgh 5-3 the giants 6-3.
12:22 am
the story keeps getting better for denver and peyton manning. got helped by the kicking team after feeding the ball. trendon holiday split the field and went 105 yards for the score. beat cincinnati 25-23. denver wins by one game over the chargers and by two over the raiders. how much of a difference has andrew luck made for the colts this year? the rookie quarterback lets one fly for t.j. hillton. completes the 36-yard touchdown play. colts beat miami23-20 and improved to 5-3 as luck throws for a record 433 yards for a rookie. the colts won all of two games last year after today's game they were addressed by head coach chuck pagano who's been battling leukemia since the beginning of the season. >> that i'm living to see two
12:23 am
more daughters get married, dance at their weddings, and then hoist that lombardy several times, several times we're going to hoist that baby. >> amen. >> i'm dancing at two more weddings and we're hoisting that trophy together, man. >> in other games, baltimore won its tenth straight against cleveland. arian foster ran for 111 yards as houston improved to 7-1. the lions had a rare day when they didn't have to come from behind. cam newton advances today. nascar chase for the cup is down to its final two races. the sound of the quakes open the ml
12:24 am
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12:27 am
the san jose earthquakes the team with the best record in the mls this year got started in the play offs tonight. that means a match up with david beckham and the galaxy and carson. goals hard to come in this one. kehan for what would be the go ahead score. a break for the quakes as the game headed to stoppage time. saunders then had to try and stop the quakes victor bernardez on a free kick. bernardez fires and the kick just makes it. he wasn't there to bathe in the champane or ride in the parade but milky cabrera will still share in the -- the
12:28 am
giants left fielder was served a 50 game suspension after his positive test for performance enhancing drugs will receive a full world series share. cabrera was not activated. a players full share in 2010 was just under $320,000. nascar's chase for the cup is down to two races in an all that's very familiar jimmy johnson at the top of the standings. they were in fort worth texas today with prerace celebrations that included a parachuter coming down too close to harvick's car and causing some damage. once they got going, aj almendinger went out early. with two laps to go they
12:29 am
restarted with a precaution. johnson past keselowski. keselowski was second. he's seven points behind johnson. a five time sprint cut champ -- champion. sacred hard cathedral is at bellarmine, leland at oak grove, palo alto at santa clara. irvington at james logan, washington and las lomas and dublin in livermore. have a good week everybody. feels weird with no baseball. >> it does. thank you. >> that does it for our news. we'll see you next time news breaks. >> and remember we're always here for you at and mobile kt


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