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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 11, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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we don't have answers the only answers we got was finding him here. it was a sad end to the search of a missing man. and tonight his family gathers. >> it was a week ago that he went missing. and police are searching for a
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killer. jade hernandez. >> reporter: the disappearance of ernesto gallegos prompted his family to report him missing. they said invest investigators did not take the report serious enough and now it's a homicide investigation. >> we need to force them to investigate. we need to make sure that this is not a back burner case. >> reporter: close to 80 plus ernesto neto gallegos held candles hoping to shine light on his investigation. >> nobody knows what -p haded. that's the hardest thing, the only answer we got is finding h him here. >> reporter: monica castro says police found ernesto inside this abandoned auto repair center. authities could tell he had been there for some time. the department's spokesmanned had no new updates in the case tonight. investigators will be back in the office tuesday. >> i know they look at his age and see that he's 19.
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but he's not your regular 19- year-old. he's a family man. he lived four houses down from his parents. >> reporter: his father seen right here in a jean jacket would see his dad in the morning of the day. >> remember that morning cup of coffee. remember him and hold him close. >> reporter: his mother says his mom's killer is just a thief. >> robbed for his life, yes. because it had to be personal: had to be. >> reporter: the candles are still burning tonight for the young man who will be cremated and remembered on january 1st. alameda county sheriff's deputies ran into a burning home and rescued a woman and 1- year-old baby. the fire broke out last night on a duplex near the bay fair mall in san leandro. the woman and 8-year-old baby
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were trapped inside the burning home when deputies arrived on the scene. they were taken to eden medical center for smoke inhalation. there's no word on their investigation. the fire appears to be accidental. a fire burned a home in mountain view leaving a man without help. one week after the first picket lines went up oud of raleys all across the area talked resumed between management and union workers. >> reporter: the company asked the union agreed and they started talking at 10:00 this morning. no peep yet on any progress but there's still plenty of noise at bay area stores.
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from the bakery to a bull horn, victoria montano has worked at this store since 1990. >> if we don't tick together, then at the end, we're not going to have nothing. >> most of you are employees are young. >> reporter: this checker of 20 years says with temperatures falling, hopes are increasing. >> we're hoping we are making a big difference. hopefully it'll get done in a couple of days but we're here for the long haul. >> reporter: sales are done and stores are throwing away unsold food. the store is doing all it can to keep -p shoppers coming in.
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some do so apologyicly. >> we had to buy groceries for our children. i had to cross the line. i explained to them i really don't wad to do -- i really don't want to do this but it's necessary. >> some strikers are aggravated. >> i work in retail and if i did this i would be out of a job. >> reporter: nobody gives me any benefits. >> we really just want our groceries. >> hopefully they work it out before the holidays because thanksgiving is in two weeks and it would be nice for these people to be back to work. >> reporter: they have now quit for the night after putting in 10, almost 11 hours but they will be back in the morning to keep at it. reporting live, debora villalon. talks also resumed today between the nhl and the players association. but the hockey season remains in jeopardy. league owners met with the
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union in manhattan for about 90 minutes. there are hints that talks will resume tuesday. so far the lock out will last 58 days and the nhl has cancelled 300 games. although together is the federal holiday today is veteran's day and the nation honored those who wore america's uniforms. >> president obama took part in the traditional ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and the playing of taps. >> after a decade of war our heros are coming home. over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life. they'll take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >> mr. obama pledged to help
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veterans recover from injuries and to get jobs. veteran days also falls on the 11th day of the 11 month which is when world war i ended. people paid tribute to veterans, ktvu's anne rubin was in petaluma where hundreds gathered to salute veterans. >> my brother is a marine. so we both support him. he just got back from afghanistan. >> reporter: from afghanistan to iraq to world war ii, petaluma honored veterans from everywhere. >> it's like a huge kinship. >> they say this day means the world. >> look at them here. they're just all caring, they're crying, they have tears for people. >> reallily warms your heart and makes you feel good for
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people. >> reporter: but just down the street, helena's thoughts were with his son who could not be here today. an iud claimed his left arm and both legs. sergeant molardo is now recovering at walter reed medical center. meanwhile his family is raising money for his future. there are many wounded warriors returning home. >> we have a lot of people coming home from service and they need more than thanks. they need a good job and they need your understanding out in the community. >> they should look out for all of their veterans. >> and not just today, they hope this good will will be extended. >> i thank them so much for my freedom, that's what it means to me, my freedom. i can't thank them enough. >> reporter: this parade actually began back in 196 with three veterans walking the streets with flag. it's now grown. organizers think about 40,000 people showed up this year the
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most they've ever had. in petaluma, anne rubin. >> as family says we may never ever forget. >> reporter: 2,000 people gathered in castro valley to say a prayer and remember veterans. today was the the dedication ceremony of a new veteran's memorial. the memorial was 36 feet tall. on the backs are the names of those who served and some of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. beverly balsley's son was killed in action in iraq five years ago. >> even though it's very hard to see my son's name on there, i'm very honored that they did that for my son. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: during today's event, the master of ceremony called the memorial a place of healing. it was a veteran's day homecoming. we take you on board a coast guard cutter as more than a
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dozen coast guard men and women returned to their families. california is launching a crucial first step to cut greenhouse gases. big polluters must buy credits to account for their emissions but they may also sell them. the system will help drive california toward a clean energy economy and environmentalists appraising it is a model for the world. the recent wet weather system that rolled through the bay area brought lots of snow to the bay area. we want to show you what it looked like on friday in nayac. at high elevations more than 2 feet of snow fell. it was the first sizable snowfall of the season. and as you see here from these pictures boy it costs several spin outs and traffic back ups for drivers heading to the mountains. it's not even thanksgiving yet and people are already skiing at lake tahoe. we want to show you what's
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going on out here. this is a picture taken at boreal ski resort. they did have the snow machine going on out there. more and more ski resorts are set to open this month. north star is set to open in a week. and we move on and see that kirk wood is set to open on november 21st that's the week of thanksgiving. officials are investigating a fire at a fremont school. the key piece of evidence that has investigators calling this blaze suspicious. >> more on the petraeus scandal. the investigation of the second woman that led to the cia director's investigation. >> the next thing that happened
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cooler temperatures in rain bring an end to wildfire season. the peak wildfire season will
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end tomorrow in various counties. a burn suspension is also being lifted although anyone wanting to report a controlled fire burn must call it in. investigators say the man living inside told them he was starting a fire in the fireplace to stay warm when the flames got out of control. family members say he is a hoarder leaving a lot of fuel for the flames. >> the fuel load was quite high inside and there was a lot of combustible materials. >> the reality of this situation is how fast a fire can destroy your house. >> reporter: one next door neighbor told us firefighters asked her to leave her home just in case the flames spread. friends and family say the homeowner lived here for decades and is visually
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impaired and has multiple sclerosis. >> it is just a shame. >> reporter: firefighters say once the temperatures go down the number of house fires go up as people try to stay warm. >> sometimes people turn to things like their ovens, bringing in outdoor heaters inside. both of those present a dangerous situation. >> reporter: firefighters also recommend every home have a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. as for the family, they tell us he has no place to say and is currently being put up in a hotel by the red cross.
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flames damaged the snack shack. fremont police are investigating after the lock to that building was found to be cut. we have a picture tonight of the woman's who's complaint caused the fbi to investigate petraeus. jill kelly is seen here with her husband along with general petraeus and his wife holly to the right. reports describe kelly as a liason. a senior military official said she received harassing e-mails from paula hartwell. the woman accused of having an affair with petraeus. meanwhile the senior senator is receiving investigations about the scandal. >> was there any kind of a national security breech to date there was not. >> reporter: senator feinstein said the news hit like a lightning bolt and that she and
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other lawmakers should have been informed of the investigation. and petraeus learned about the probe six weeks ago raising questions about the timing of his resignation. congressional leaders will return their attention to the looming budget crisis. unless congress acts first $600 billion in tax hikes and automatic federal spending cuts will take effect january 1st. >> we will generate revenue from eliminating -- >> i think there's a lot of ways to skin this cat so far as everybody comes with a positive constructive attitude to take
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this step. americans are ready to help solve the u.s. fiscal crisis. >> building roads is important. investing in schools is important. paying for the national defense is important. bio medical research is important. the space program is an inday -- indicator of the world leader. all of that takes money. >> reporter: this week uc regents will consider a hike for students. it was a special veteran's day for some bay area coast guard families as ktvus lorraine
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b l anco reports. >> it is wonderful to be home on veteran's day and have friend and family waiting on a pier you never get tired of that. >> reporter: finally dad is home and julie is six months preg in -- pregnant. >> it was something to leave this guy behind but now i learned julie is pregnant. it's amazing. >> right when i need him to help out. >> from hawaii to the arctic, the men and women of the u.s. coast guard cutter hope to reconnect with loved ones. for some, serving and sacrifice are a family tradition. >> i saw my father went through the military. and it just meant a lot to him. i just wanted to experience that to. >> reporter: tim mason's veteran day continues to be full of meaning many owen is taking a few of his first steps. >> i just want to go home and
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cook a nice dinner with her and just relax. >> the u.s. coast guard members will get to spend a lot of time on land home for the holidays. their next mission is in march. lorraine blanco, ktvu news. you can go to for more on today's interviews with vets. just control down to the video. an explosion with 80 homes damaged. what energy officials say they did not receive before the explosion. this is a little help from new orleans to you all. helping hands from those who have been there. how hurricane katrina survivors did more than just clean up. and in weather temperatures
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indiana officials are trying to figure out what triggered a deadly explosion that burned 13 homes. two people were killed, seven people were injured and 200 others were evacuated. 31 homes were so badly damaged they may have to be demolished. it's not clear what caused the crash. >> it's an unmistakable odor. it travels to many places. >> authorities say they have ruled out a bomb or a meth lab. in news of the world tonight in miyamar, it's not clear just how widespread the father and mother hi is that
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struck out northwest of hand lay. the usgs reported an avenue shock later in the day. many people are now staying out of their homes fearing more quakes and aftershocks. in gaza a funeral for a 16- year-old palestinian killed. the eus -- the there are no reports of israeli injuries. and in poland clashes on the streets of warsaw as ride wing nationalists fought with police during poland's independence day population. the they pe gap throws phones
11:57 pm
and squares. 13 people were injured and more than 130 arrested. turning now to the recovery effort from hurricane sandy. victims are getting much needed help from people who felt the same kind of devastation. >> we all these 25 hands with me i wouldn't be able to do anything. >> reporter: one group of volunteers traveled a long way. they came from new orleans knowing that extra hands would go a long way to recovery. >> we pay a forth. you all came to us in our dire met, i was right on the other side about seven years ago. searching tonight for the cause of a small plane crash in
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fresno. plus helping hear good morning! wow.
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in tonight's special report we take a look at the consequences of gun violence. >> reporter: for kerry gutierez gun violence is just in the mirror. >> i have this deformity now. i have to see it every day at the mirror. >> reporter: she was just 18 years old at the time, a
12:01 am
striking beauty who was working as a model. when her friend driving her to help her mother pulled up to the stoplight. >> the next thing that happened was just something that i never thought would ever happen to me. >> reporter: a bullet fired through the back windshield ripped into her jaw, cheek and mouth. kerry's description is unflenching. >> i touched my face and my hand just went through my face. and i looked and saw my jaw, my cheeks. >> reporter: briana was shot in
12:02 am
the foot waiting for a bus in east oakland. shot for a bullet meant for someone else. >> i had nightmares that the the shooters were going to come back and get me. neither story ever made it to the news. but it follows a group of killings. there's been public outrage over that he has shoers cot
12:03 am
--tammy clout volunteers. >> you think that's what happens in my community. people get shot. >> reporter: but she says youth alive does help victims cope with their trauma. gutierrez was one of their clients. >> it takes years sometimes for them to get to what i would call a new normal. that extends to the community. the community feels it because each individual person is experiencing it. briana dun is in college considering beming a southerly worker and hoping to get past what happened. >> it's always going to be with you but it's not something that
12:04 am
has to stop you. >> kerry gutierrez is studying to be a nurse. >> you in forget -- doscher was charged with 26 felony counts he was charged with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping he faces life in prison if he's convicted on all counts. an investigation is under way into a deadly plane crash in fresno. a pilot was flying from salinas to omaha nebraska. law enforcement toáeud said two more people were killed in the
12:05 am
crash their names though have not yet been released. an international protest is trying to stop japan reopen six plants. dozens gathered. protesters are calling for the shut down they're angry that skwra -- >> it's melted it's left to containment. you have to spend fuel pool on the top of a damaged building. >> 340,000 people left the area around the fukashima plant. a survey released just last week found half refused to return. >> the commercial season for
12:06 am
crab. crab fishers will have to wait until december 1st. officials are predicting a slow season opinion. from crabs to turkey and glide memorial church is set to receive a big donation. triple a toe truck drivers will deliver 400 turkeys. this is a look at the turkey. players fest damondgreen, carl landry and michael malone. to go on a thanksgiving shooting free. over the next few weeks other
12:07 am
pliers cook the the. and a drive a chilly forecast gives way to ñ
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this enormous contraption is the biggest mouse trap. the man who put it together said he came up with the idea because he played the board game as a child. it's been shown to hundreds of people all over the u.s. >> if you wanted to take a look at it you needed to bundle up
12:10 am
today. because it was cold and temperatures dropping. >> it's a good plan heather and ken, thick coats because temperatures the coolest spots backed up into lower 30s so be ready for that as we head into monday. right now it's 18 degrees, you will see a few upper 30s, 37 degrees in fairfield. napa and santa rosa pretty close right around 27 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight mostly clear and chilly. tomorrow some patchy morning fog and clear skies. the extended clouds. bringing a chance of showers bringing the rain chance in the next five days.
12:11 am
san francisco mid-40s and morgan hill right around 35 degrees. also livermore lower 30s as well. here we are we're all bundled up. we will put this into motion. by 3:00 temperatures lots of 60s. a little normal than tonight's highs. here's the over all weather pattern. at least for tomorrow morning we cover up that cloud cover. a mixture of sun and high clouds in the north bay. rain showers to our north. by tuesday we do have to bring in the chance of a few sprinkles in the north bay. here we go tomorrow evening, a lot to show you.
12:12 am
a few sprinkles to sonoma county. wednesday dry, beyond wednesday we could be tracking a few showers for friday. another potentially strong storm developing stay way out there but something we're watching for the long range outlook. as far as temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, mainly in the upper 50s to 60s. oakland tops out 62. livermore around 62 degrees. these temperatures will check in tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead. a few extra clouds in the north bay. there could be a chance of a few sprinkles. partly cloudy on wednesday. thursday mostly cloudy skies. a few scattered light showers mainly for friday morning. still the chance side and heather and ken. day seven there on sunday some of the models hints into heavy rain. tomorrow morning cold and bundled up for the morning hours. >> thank you, mark.
12:13 am
>> thanks mark. cyclists have a new place to park their bikes at candle tick spark. today the stadium debuted their free bike parking area. it consists of a big sign and barricades where cyclists can lock up their bikes. the team is also considering building permanent bike parking at the new stadium site in santa clara. coming up next a weird and wild day at candle stick. we hear from some of
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it's been eight days since the team played a game. whenever you must lose you get jackson. the 49ers got the cobwebs out. this is what the 49ers don't want alex smith to run. smith takes on joe lunbar. and apparently his back didn't help. he's able to stay in the game. 12 players later, smith to crab tree. crab tree makes a move. but smith complained about vision being blurred and he left the game in the second quarter with a concussion. so the faster and more mobile
12:17 am
collin cabernick steps in. he dives in for the 7-yard. that made it 17-14. and one play later, mr. inside goes outside. gore sweeps touchdown. 21-17 but it wouldn't hold up. sam bradford leads san lewis. rams take the lead with 59 second left. 49ers beat the clock. that forces overtime but love and famous needing for those kickers. rams get the ball first in overtime. amendola was a pest all day. amendola beats rogers all the way down to the 49ers two yard line. it looks like the niners are doomed as doomed can be. but st. louis was in illegal formation. rams end up punting 49ers get another chance to crawl out from the ashes of niners first
12:18 am
possession. niners misses the field goal. you can see his kick just didn't turn over for him so it stays 24-24. rams get another chance to steal the victory. this 54-yard field goal by greg serlon goes right through. but this time he must kick a 58- yard field goal this one not good. in all smith gets credit for this last one even though we just saw bradford trip over the white line. that's it, break it up nothing to see her. in the end the score was 24-24. it's the first 49ers tie since their 10-10 game with atlanta
12:19 am
back in 1986. sounds like a few players were unclear of the concept. >> i didn't know the rules. i didn't know that football had ties. there's winners and losers, i never heard of ties in football. >> i thought i played well. i know there was a lot of room for improvement. a lot of things i could have done differently. just tried to go out there and tried to do my best for this team. >> chicago visits the 49ers nest sunday night and bears may not have their quarterback either. bears offense never got on track. tied 3-3 in chicago's rainy soldier field and the only run in the game came in the second quarter. fires to arian foster for the diving touchdown. houston wins 13-6. they are 8-
12:20 am
1, bears are 7-2. the last time the raiders won a game. the snake was throwing touchdown passes to the ghost. it was a play off victory to the colts. now it's home to the raiders. ray lewis tore his acl three weeks ago but that did not keep him from giving the pep talk. ravens score on 50 the first seven possessions today. two of flacco's passes go to reed. raiders put no pressure on flacco. he had one pick and two touchdowns and moore. moore gets behind the defends at the 30-yarder. talk about kicking a man when he's done.
12:21 am
sam koch racing in for the touchdown. really? ravens win their 14th home game. jones from 5 yards inside with ed zones. another touchdown on the play that's just not right. a 105-yard kick off for jones and the ravens. it wasn't that close. ravens are 6-2. also ties the ravens record. >> too many mental errors on defense, we turned the ball over too many times and we didn't execute on special teams. when you do those things it generally results in something like that. >> alans raiders tomorrow in
12:22 am
atlanta. drew breas threw six touchdown passes. graham puts them up for good. new orleans is 4-5. atl is 8-1. bronco's quarterback manning threw his 135th pass. that's holiday, it's the broncos running away with the west. and phillip rivers threw tree touchdowns and got intercepted twice. this is the big hurt. it's going to cost them six points. 83yards for the bucks. tampa bay scores 38 for the fifth straight game. they win 24-34. bucks 5-4. suddenly the defending champion super bowl giants are soul searching today in cincinnati they get lit up by andy dalton. dalton threw four touchdown
12:23 am
passes that started with this 56-yarder for greene. the giants fall to 6-4. 10-1/2 months months ago peterson had knee surgery now he leads the league in yards. also to the eagles quarterback mike vick leaves with a concussion. dallas wins. sea hawks receiver catches a touchdown and throws a touchdown in seattle's win. titans beat miami and the chiefs have steelers on monday. cal men's basketball season had to go outrun the road runner. the road rage in nascar spills ñ wow.
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[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. the nascar sprint cup series ends next week and keselowski could win his first cup. but today mr. nice guy gordon number 24 car mad at clint bowyer. so jeff intentionally crashes him. both cars are done. jeff gordon and his crew go tag team wrestling with bowyer's team. gordon says bowyer had wrecked him too many times.
12:28 am
bowyer wants to get in on this, he coming running but he was a little late for this. greg keselowski finished fifth. brad narrowly avoided that late bowyer gordon wreck. >> the double standard that i spend a whole week being bashed about racing hard in tábgs -- texas and how i'm out of control. and these [ bleep ] want to kill each other. i see [ bleep ] like that and it just [ bleep ] me off >> i think that was seven beeps. cal men's basketball team had a great week in bakersfield. over the dunk that's part of a 21-3 run for the golden bears.
12:29 am
cob scored 22 tonight. alan crab finishes the fast break. crab led all scores. belgium was carted off the -- on a stretcher. here he is playing the children's tour and he is in the hospital. you have to offer up something like maybe, maybe your baby to the golf gods. wow. oregon ducks are the number one team in the football poll but kansas state is the top ranked school in this week's bcs standings. that's sports as we see it. 49ers settled for the first time in 26 years and raiders -- >> rough week for ra


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