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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 15, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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violence in the middle east. parents demand answers from teachers from the south bay. and 49ers head coach is hospitalized -- what the team is saying about when he'll be back. >> complete bay area news coverage starts now. >> good evening, it's thursday, november 13th. i'm gasia mikaelian. and this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now, caralou on montgomery street. they tells us that it comes amidst. >> reporter: well act protest and a counterprotest here and across the street earlier. wrapped up just about 30 minutes ago. and police had to step in at
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least once. now about 150 folks were out here in front of the israeli consulate, holding signs and the mega phones. this is what the activists called an emergency protest. their emergency: stop the war on gaza, and they meant to protest the u.s. support of israel. >> i'm here because i've seen this too many times before, israel being the aggressor against palestine. >> u.s. aid to israel should be ended because they have the most powerful armyand continues to receive at least $3 billion a year in u.s. military aid. >> reporter: and a counterprotest was organized and police made their presence known, trying to diffuse the situation. pro israel groups out here, also with flags and signs, they didn't nearly have the same
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number saying that their demonstration was if together quickly. but they believe that hama is in their hand. i couldn't i was here when the rockets first hit and then it was really, really horrible to be in southern israel and so constantly be looking out for the alarms. >> the jewish community stands behind israel right now. no one wants war, but every citizen has a right to be defended by its country. >> reporter: now police defy quite a few barricades out here, as well as nearly 20 officers. they tell us no arrests were made and no injuries also out here. another protest is planned for tomorrow afternoon out here at the same location we're life in san francisco, cara lou, ktvu, channel two news. >> israeli war planes released more than 350 rockets into israeli.
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israel. at least 19 palestinians and three israelis are dead. israel accuses hamas of causing the conflict. there are signs that israel is ready to intensify its attacks with trucks seen carrying tanks and armored personnel towards gaza. >> and three other americans on september 11th. the video is shown to a closed door hearing of the intelligence committee. the panel will hear from form cia director david petreas tomorrow, just one week he resigned over an extramarital affair. >> director petreas went to tripoli, and he went to many people as i understand it, that were involved. so the opportunity to get his
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views is i think, very important. >> at a separate session atmosphere the house intelligence committee, mike moro addressed the controversy over susan rice. rice was repeating information, she'd been provided when she initially said that a protest over an anti-muslim film led to the killings at me. >> jim harball was admitted to the hospital today, and he went to his doctor last night after feeling ill. the doctor discovered an irregular heartbeat. and advised him to have the procedure today. they were not talk about which procedure he had. but one doctor told us that there are two common treatments. >> patients that have rapid beats and they need to be shocked back to normal -- or people with repeating beats with a cardiac --
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>> they're expected to be back at the 49ers facility tomorrow. buster posey was named the most valuable player today. >> i think it's an embellishment -- accomplishment that's shared with the entire 49ers organization. and it's a great environment. >> he reacted with the usual mod modesty. ryan broadville, with a distant second. posey the first catcher in four decades to win the national league m.v.p. award. cat williams has been released from custody after he was -- he was -- police question williams before releasing him. he was not booked to the jail. the victim was taken to the hospital and released. williams is scheduled to
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perform tomorrow at the auricle arena. cal state chico suspended all activities for fats fraternities, and so roarities -- overdosed on alcohol. while. earlier this month. the -- the young man died after being taken off of life support. at this hour, parents are meeting in the south bay and demanding answers, as robert honda reports, they want to know while a sex offend were allowed to take part in a recent festival. >> reporter: the cath drail is under fire regarding a sex offend. they want to know why 51-year-
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old mark gure ys -- no, that's not okay. >> reporter: according to court records obtained by ktvu, gure was convicted in 2010 for molesting a child 14-years old. he can't work event involving children. so when a parent pointed out gure out to a sheriff's gu, but he said he had a letter from the diases, the church as he called it giving him permission to work the festival which is allowed under the law. >> you could be a registered offend, but if you have written statement from an administrator, that's legal. >> reporter: the policy has been charged so gures was not breaking the law. i couldn't this guy jumped through all the hoops to be able to volunteer. if that's a problem, then there's a problem with the system, not a problem with the dises, not a problem with the school, and not a problem with
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him. >> reporter: some parents say the law is one thing, and then the diese as he is another. some parents are already meeting tonight with church officials to discuss the decision-making process. in san jose robert honda, ktvu channel two news. >> crews in daly city where thousands of gallons of mud and water flooded the streets. officials say that 97,000 gallons of water was released when a water main broke on contusion. that's twice the amount first sought. tonight -- to keep more water out of that neighborhood. the city will be monitoring the area throughout the weekend. >> we'll have crews assigned to make sure that this structure that we constructed is functioning the way that it was designed to. >> city workers also laid out erosion netting and hey baes stabilized the hillside.
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keep kept mud from the streets. a woman is arrested in san francisco on suspicion of a dui following a pursuit. she was driving on the fourth street onramp at about 2:00 a.m. the problem was that the ramp was closed for construction. as officers chased her. she struck a parked car at 15th and matoma, and another car was hit at 17th and mission where the woman was taken into custody. the chp identified here as 27- year-old barbara abaras with previous dui arrests. a comment truck overturned at ton 30 we have this afternoon. and you can see the crash just tied up the traffic for miles. san jose crews were called to help clean up the diesel fuel that spilled on to the road. authorities have now identified the man who was
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killed today in an east oakland recycling company. he was crushed by a forklift at super link plastics at 92nd avenue. he he was identified although 34-year-old edward baraja, he was lifting one forklift with the another, when the heavy equipment fell on the other. three suspicious fires were responded to in the last 12 hours. the first one in a vacant office at about 7:30 this morning across the street from the is valleja police department. >> we had this going on for 6-8 months. we don't know how they were started -- not necessarily exact in but similar in nature. >> fifigh first called to a fire in an empty house at about 8:15 last night
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and then just before 3:0 0 a.m., crews were called to the cocktail lounge just three blocks away. we're following developing news in west texas after three are injured after a train, it the veterans were on the way to an annually parade. a union pacific spokesman says the crossing gate and the lights were working. a computer glitch at united airlines caused flight delays in airports around the world. and it try anded thousands of united passengers. we're told that ten flights were delayed at s.f.o. and about 250 flights were affected system-wide. this prevented dispatchers from sending information to the pilots. this was not relate to the merger are consulates. >> new attention on energy
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drinks. why there's so much concern about this popular brand. >> felony pleas, and the gulf oil spill and the one big issue still one resolved. >> and in weather, showers approaching our cost line, our live storm tracker two. and when the heaviest rain moves in for the upcoming weekend. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download.
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>> two people escaped unhurt from a fire in san francisco's triangle. this morning. crews got to the 6-unit complex on noah street near henry street. firefighters say that the fire might have started from a heater. officials estimate the cost at more than $150,000. the food and drug
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administration is now investigating claims that fire hour energy is linked to 13 deaths in recent years. the popular drink is not the first to come under scrutiny. >> reporter: we can barely keep it in stock. >> sometimes people just buy a whole pack for the next two days or something. >> reporter: they sell out quickly in this neighborhood. who comes and buys these? >> businessperson, they just come in for a quick boost? >> reporter: the product is now getting unwelcome attention from the food and drug administration. since 2008, the fda says it's received reports from 13 deaths about multiple injuries that could be linked to the caffeineated product. the fda says that last month, there were five reports of
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fatalities why connection to monster energy. >> american pediatric guidelines says that an adolescent should have no more than 100 milligrams of caffeine a day. a 16-ounce monster drink has 160 milligrams. >> reporter: in a statement, 5- hour energy's maker says that it is quote, "unaware of any deaths that are caused by the 5- hour energy product." >> well, i think the timing of when they took the -- the make of this energy drink and the start of symptoms is a big clue that maybe there is a connection there. >> reporter: for now, scientists say more analysis is needed. researchers at uc s.f. have just begun looking at hundreds of cases in california that involved energy ks
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live in san francisco, robert stevenson. ktvu news. >> workers at this colombo bakery -- the company would shut down and put 18,000 people out of work. if hostess goes through with the plan, it will ask a judge tomorrow for permission to liquidate. shares lost more than 2% today to close at $520 in change. with the loss, apple closed $500,000 market cap. it first crossed that threshold back in february. stocks down due to downs in jobs. dow lost 20 points. nasdaq lost nine. that extends the market's current losing streak to three days. european nations say that 17 day euro zone that fallen
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back into recession. analysts say, even powerhouse germany is showing weak growth of just a fraction of a percent in the quarter. an independent energy consultant said that at least two california oil refiners continue to produce gasoline but told the public that they were offline. these findings were presented today at the state senate committee on bay area transportation in for an. mccullah says that gas prices went up even though supplies increased. however, there's not enough information to suggest has the oil companies acted illegally. more than two years after the spill in the gulf of mexico,b.p. has accepted responsibility. elizabeth corden tells us this is not in last on the deadly accident. >> reporter: bp pleaded guilty
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to charges for the spill, and will pay $1.25 billion. >> this is the largest total resolution in the history of the united states. >> reporter: the aim, 2010 explosion killed 2,000 workers and released an estimated 200 million gallons of oil into is this gulf you have mexico. >> about $2.4 billion of the company funds will be dedicated to environmental restoration, preservation, and conservation efforts throughout this region. >> reporter: along with the criminal and civil personal, bp will also pay half a billion dollars to -- add odd to what the company has paid in clean- up expenses and other settlements, the oil spill would have costed bp nearly $42
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billion. three officials are facing criminal charges. the chief executive i should a statement thursday. saying, "we apologize for our roll in the accident and we've accepted responsibility for our acts actions. but bp's legal woes are far from over this many the court battle could take years to sort out. elizabeth corden, ktvu, channel two news. >> a becomes judge finalized the sale for a plant formally owned by solyndra. solyndra went bankrupt in september of last year, after receiving a 500 million-dollar loan. a sepplin tour says that it will shut down for good if it does find a white knight
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venture. they say, they are ceasing operations immediately but there is still a small window for a sponsor to step forward. passengers who have booked flights will get refunds. >> well, you might call it a tivo moment for a program based in radio. the bay area organization that's getting some big-time national attention. and we have green on the radar, meteorologist mark lets us know how soon that rain is going to arrive. .ñ
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>> take a look at this scene here tonight at santana row in san jose. these fans lined up hours a lot advance for the premier of the final installment of the brightly saga. the movie opens at midnight, but at the santana row, the first showing is tonight. the movie, breaking dawn is the fifth and final movie in the series. you see lots of people there, couple of puffies, but no umbrellas out. >> with me, yeah, exciting movie but on the way to the car, it will be a different story with all the rain showers. right now, we just have cloud cover out there, nothing too major. the latest now from live storm tracker two, and you can pick out this coverage, and you can
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pick out this activity to our north and our west. and some more activity in the pacific. if you back the maps out again. i can guarantee that this will increase in coverage into tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. overnight lows, first thing, friday morning will be in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. so not as cold, but some scattered showers. rain patterns -- we have a couple of storms out here, first one cuing off of shore. so this will be a factor friday. it could pick up in coverage into the afternoon hours and then into saturday, we'll have a bit of a break-out there, some lingering rain showers and then rain develops later saturday morning. that will be the source of some moderate to heavy rainfall. some scattered showers at 8:00 tomorrow morning and then we'll take this into the afternoon
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hours, into 2:00, same deal. this is the latest forecast model, another band of moisture moving into the region. this will be by time tomorrow. and then by saturday, a bit of a break and then things cold front moves. late saturday night, and sunday morning. so that could set the staple for possibly another break by the afteoon hours on sunday. temperatures, error cooling off for tomorrow. mountain view 65, and san jose 64. look ahead, grab an umbrella, your weekend always in view. some is morning showers on sunday, a chance for a few showers on the north bay, and monday and tuesday. first lady michelle obama is going to present youth radia with the youth -- that teaches young people how to produce radio programs and it was
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chosen out of 350 nominees. >> we'll see you the next time that news breaks, and tonight, an i'm gasia mikaelian. and tonight, the tug-of-war over the oldest building in -- county. but we're always through for you on good night
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