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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  November 19, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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we have the best videos of the day "right this minute"." a dare devil goes all evil cuneval right across the street from -- >> the hartford county sheriffs department. >> better get video of this one. a young woman is assaulted in pakistan which leads to something that they call honor killing. now a film exposes the terror behind the victim's search for justice. watch out because here comes honey booboo child.
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see the star as a real piece of art. plus the monday buzzword for your shot at a free ipad and how that sky dive from space inspired one man -- >> to try his own red bull styled stunt. >> too bad this guy takes it right into old astronaut. it's halloween weekend october 27 near baltimore, maryland. keep an eye on the guy on the dirt bike. know who he is dressed like? he has an evil kanevil costume on. a couple of buddies have a ramp on the back of a four wheeler. that ramp is right in front of a fountain right across the street from the sheriffs department. >> which is next to a lot of
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brick skbauwalls and buildings. >> he goes backwards against traffic and moves around again.q he did it! >> he channelled his fears and launched himself right over the fountain. the crowd goes crazy but the pleeps don't despite the crowd that gathered around they didn't know about this until a few days later when an officer in town got this back on. >> it was happening right in front of their door? >> eric gomez was there to capture all of the action. he joins us "right this minute" via skype. what happened before the video starts? >> he was dressed up asfá one o my childhood heroes and riding wheelies up and down the street.
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once i heard he was going to jump the water fountain i figured i better get video. >> was there a part of you that thought he wasn't going to make it? >> absolutely. a make shift ramp didn't look like it was professionally built but they obviously planned it out. they pulled it off. this guy was pretty confident at what he was doing. >> any idea who this guy is? i know police he had the suit. >> it's got to be him. everybody said if elvis is still alive. >> woo! a couple of crash videos. the first one makes me a little sad. it looks like they are driving in a really nice classic car down the road. the description makes me believe it is chris and gary two
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buddies. >> they got in an accident? >> they are out enjoying a nice afternoon. right about here this car is stopped because they are about to make a right-hand turn. cars behind it slow down to wait for it. classic on classic crunch. >> that is especially devastating. >> can you fix that? you can't. >> it hurts. it is devastating. >> especially if that is like an or original. >> the second video you see cars waiting at a traffic light. some cars are moving and some are waiting making a left turn. and suddenly out of nowhere this truck just rams past all the trucks and takes outlights and smashes against one of the posts. >> looked like the white car saw
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it coming and put on thefá brak. it seemed like he missed the bulk of the crash because the truck even look at the cars to the left there. see them stopped at the light. he misses thha exactly what i w thinking. at the end the truck is just smashed and there is no word on any injuries because of the accident. an eye opening documentary recently had its world premiere and followed a young woman. in pakistan when a woman shames a family she black female which means unclean
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which leadsfá to honor killing which is the only way to restore honor back to the family. >> that's infuriating and so frustrating to see the perspective that these men have. >> that is the hard part to mentally grasp that that is the mentality. >> this documentary takes you through the struggleal that she faces trying to bring these men to justice. the honor killings, they attempt to kill her several times but she survives but members of her family do not. according to the united nations
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around 5,000 women are victims of jy(ju killings every year. >> she is taking onfá culture a that is incredibly difficult. >> it is heroic. she is taking on the position of being a hero for women in cultures that don't respectfá women as equal. we have more winners in the ipad 3 give away. >> brittany in decatur, alabama won. she said she never wins anything. >> danielle ritter won from arizona. >> you have a chance to win, too. you will need monday's buzzword. you have to be 18 years or older for your chance to win. >> stand by for monday's buzzword and good luck, everybody. we show a lot of amazing
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dolphin and whale videos and they are all cute. this isn't one of those videos. this is in new zealand. see that fishermen? he got swooped out of the water by the two orcas. they weren't friendly. he is scooting his way on to the rocks to get out of their way. >> he was spearfishing for their food. they are like dude come on man. him scooting out of there looks like a seal. >> that looks like more whale food. >> apparently they don't like the competition. look at this dog. this dog is playing in the water close to the shore and these orcas come close to the dog. watch the dog. he is like okay i'm leaving. >> i'm surprised they didn't swallow this dog up. check that out again. the dog is like okay. get out of there. >> he is scared, too. the dog knows.
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>> how does that whale not immediately eat that dog? >> the orca is a mammal. maybe it did a little butt sniff and knew it was a dog. that didn't cross my mind but really interesting that that dog didn't scoot all the way out. he got to where he can stand and was like i was just swimming. i didn't mean to come in your territory. i didn't peafá on your lawn. two videos and a simple game to play. the difference and win money. and a little video. >> they are going so fast. >> there is plenty of it. ripping and crashing on "right this minute." ron: years ago i made a promise
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>> you probably knowt that hostess, the maker of twinkies is closing their door. but you can make oqy them using this video. >> i wonder if they take as good. >> to watch this video go to our website, >> when i was a kid i used to love the highlights magazine where you had to spot the differences. thanks to our friends we can do it with an internetfá video. they teamed up with which is a website that helps people with their sleep issues. we are going to spot the differences in these video scenes. we go to four different rooms where different members of the family are joined by many of the people who visit you at night including monsters under your bed, the tooth fairy.
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also the sandman and burglars. see if you can start spotting difference differences. >> there are no rainbows in this one. >> i suck at this. >> there are two. >> that's a good one. >> the teddy bear is wearing a shirt. >> the differences are changes in set, props and wardrobe, not differences in choreography and a slight repositioning. you watch this video. fá you go to better. you get the app and enter the total number of differences that you find. eventually someone will win $4,000 and sleep better products. to spot the differences head to our website, and click on best of rtm. felix baumgartner the guy
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who jumped from the edge of space inspired a bunch of people. inspired fat sam to try his own red bull style stunt. here he is on the roof of a house getting ready to do his style of jump. so fat sam puts his helmet on, dons his gloves. your costume was better. >> way better. >> thanks. here he goes. he is going to jump from the edge of this building to an earth model. >> he missed completely. >> right in the tail bone. >> that is a back and soul shattering jump. >> what was he trying to do? was he trying to do a butt bounce off the ball? trying to stand on the ball? >> two vertebrae broken. he spent a week in the hospital and had surgery before he uploaded the video. >> i feel like he would have
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popped the ball. >> if he did land on the ball and it bounced him somewhere he would have had a face plant. >> i think gravity in my tail bone. >> you know what the worst part about this is you have to show up at the hospital in this felix baumgartner suit. you have to explain what you do. >> the whole thing was just dumb. it's that time. real or fake. a golf swing gone wrong. was the swing a setup? and then an umpire who is having a good old time. see if this one has us calling
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it is time for monday may hem. welcome back. >> this makes me see whether it is really fake or not. >> i'm going for a three for today. >> i will take you on that bet. >> bam. thank you. >> first video funny golf swing fails. >> you're it.
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>> i saw that coming. >> everybody saw that coming. >> i thought he would fall backwards into the pool. >> he went further than the ball did. >> i think it was a great ball. >> i say real. >> real. >> what do you say with your magic glasses? >> it is real. >> you guys got this one. >> we don't need your glasses. >> we'll see what happens. >> next one grandpa's reaction. >> this is called whiz. >> it gets sweet. >> that's so real. >> obviously it is a sour head or a sour candy of some sort. >> that is a cool grandpa. >> we all thought that was real.
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>> real. >>nb hilarious little league umpire. >> oh, my goodness. >> sounds like a dying animal. >> he sounds like an old -- >> i think it is just a guy who is really wanting the chance to get into this game. he is making it fun. >> he is making it all about himself. >> you have to take it seriously. >> you hear strike three called you are punched out. >> this guy just went too far. >> i think it is real. i think this guy was just being a sport, trying to be funny. >> i'm going to call fake. >> i am going to sigh fake, too.
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he just did it this one time. >> you're out of here. monday buzzword time in our ipad 3 give away. >> an ipad give away. you have to be 18 or older to enter and you will need the buzzword. you enter on our facebook page. if you are using a mobile phone or tablet then go to our first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> and the buzzword is submarine. get over to >> and then enter monday's buzzword submarine for your chance to win an ipad 3. good luck everybody. she's fátlc's star child. and if you thought she was a
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piece of work before wait until you see how one artist transformed her.
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this is a case to high tech leads to low tech. some kids in this school do not like what is for lunch. do you see the man on the phone? he is a local vendor. he has a bucket and a stick.
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after he gets an order he walks over to the school which is surrounded by a wall. he puts the lunch in the bucket and lifts it over the wall. if you don't want school lunch you order whatever he has. he brings it to you in a bucket and puts it over the school wall. >> is this a school or a prison? it's a school in china. if i could have gotten chinese takeout for lunch i would have done the same thing. >> can you get anything other than chinese food? whatever you can get you got to be able to fit it into the bucket. >> i would like to call him and get a bucket of noodles over this wall. time for a little rough and tumble brotime with a comp of dudes on drift bikes. we have seen this kind of thing before going down hill high speed. this seems to be much more about
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the crashes and maybe the blood sport of it all. >> oh, boy. >> he was going so fast. i want to seej3o blood. >> there is plenty of it. these guys choose to go what i call naked, no protection, no helmet, no elbow bads or knee pads. skin to ground contact. or skull to ground contact really. >> a couple of those. >> why? probably street cred for them. >> watch how fast i can go. >> the bigger the wound the bigger the goon. >> you are putting your life and health at risk for the sake of a scar. >> it does look like fun. when you get it right you can pull like ac 360 and spin aroun like you used to be. >> you don't want death to via
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tricycleal on your tombstone. >> a mosaic portrait artist. the latest piece is honey booboo child. you are not going to believe what he is using to make the portrait. he is3w using 100% trash and things he found. >> i hope that is not because that is how he feels about honey booboo. >> he does use junk to create portraits of a lot of different people. >> a country crock lid and scissors. >> he said he chose items that represented her. he uses tiaras and all kinds of different things. he glued a bunch of stuff together. >> it looks a lot like -- >> i like how he did the arms. >> look at all the different yellow stuff he used to make her
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blond hair. >> he made a background out of a bunch of blue stuff. >> scissors and cane sugar. jod >> this thing probably weighs like 200 pounds. >> he used about 25 pounds of trash and said he spent about 50 hours. >> threw a cell phone in there. >> you said it honey booboo child. that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow.
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