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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 22, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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newspaper. whtheir information could be at risk. and. and bay area volunteers are lending a helping hand this thanksgiving. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, everyone, and happy thanksgiving. it's thursday november 22nd. and i'm heather holmes for gasia mikaelian. well, hundreds of people are skipping thanksgiving dinner tonight for black friday bargains. carol lou is with customers with why experts expect shorter lines at stores this year. but we begin with janet? >> reporter: actually about in an hour, heather, and remember back in the day when it was hard to find a store that was
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open on thanksgiving. well, toys r us are having special hours today, they opened at 8:00. and just about an hour ago, there were about half a dozen people in the line. ask now it extends about three dozen or more people down the line. sears and walmart will be opening at 8:00. target plans to open at 9:00, that is three hours earlier than last year, and other stores such as best buy are sticking to their midnight times, but they're offering up deep discounts, like laptops up to $180 to draw people in, people who are waiting are saying that it's worth it for the deals, and some away they came for the fun of it, but certainly during they say tough economic times, they're looking for some of the deals as these stores want to keep these lines running. >> now we go to kara lou with
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that best buy in emeryville with why experts say that online shopping could affect the black friday turn out this year. >> reporter: well, heather this is one of the healthier lines, and as the wraps around the store. more than 165 people in line. but customers tell me that this is a substantially shorter line than last year at this time. increasing online auctions and internet sales that seem to pop up earlier and earlier, could be taking a bite out of the traditional black friday frenzy. camped out at best buy in emeryville since tuesday, this is tradition for car loss rodriguez and his wife cameron. but fighting the you crowds they say is downright miserable. >> we do all of our shopping online so that we can get it delivered and gift-wrapped by somebody else who doesn't have a 4-month-old and a four and a
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half-year-old. >> this mom is planning on shopping almost exclusively online. >> every ad for the last four days has had a black friday theme. it's making me stay away. absolutely. >> reporter: online retailers like amazon and many traditional brick and mortar stores have already begun black friday arriving, -- pricing, and that could mean lighter foot traffic than previous years. >> brick and mortar retailers are using the internet to make the black friday experience familiar less chaotic for shoppers. >> reporter: a new report by adobe systems says that online shopping will jump 18% this year. with online sales peaking today. and cyber monday. in -- we talked to a number of
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folks who are protest can the earlier and earlier black friday retail hours because they want employees to be able families. ime with their we're life in emeryville -- lou, ktvu news. >> we saw some people who had already been in line nearly 24- hours. they say they gape up thanksgiving day traditions for the chance to get a big screen tv at a rock-bottom price. >> this is definitely worth it, $299 for a 50-inch. >> this craft store, michaels opened at four. and workers at bay area walmart stores will express their frustrations with a walk-out. employees in richmond, fairfield and san jose stores are also planning a work stoppage tomorrow, walmart
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employees are not unionized and now a company's spokeswoman says the giant retailer offers benefits. fire officials are looking for the cause of a fire that started at the hong kong hair and beauty center. based on the similar fire at this same location. investigators are calling this one armed blaze suspicious, there were no reports of any injuries. there's new information tonight about a brazen shoot- out that started last night on edwards avenue. the bullet-ridden vehicles were abandoned right on the vehicle after being shot. >> we had some very good witnesses -- so we called them and following up on that aspect to try to determine what they saw and try to put this together. >> police say no one showed up at hospital emergency rooms
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with wounds related to this incident. they did detain a 16-year-old boy, however. authorities say the body of 33-year-old jose estrada, a cook, and may have been on his way home in alameda. it turns out, it was muni metro equipment and can and knot the egne's that caused a manhole blast tomorrow morning. the manhole blew at south market street. and a car sent a pedestrian to the hospital and added to the traffic mess. walnut creek police says that a tool that could be used to protect newspaper sub
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describers could be doing the opposite, sensitive information, falling into the wrong hands. >> reporter: we spotted a handful of houses with one or more newspapers sitting out front. it's one of the reasons why people such as rosemary and brian have stopped the delivery of news while they're gone. >> i've gone online, and i've put the hold on, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. >> reporter: now walnut creek police warn that criminals may have access to the information and using that information to target the homes. >> that's what i had thought, you know, if you don't stop the mail, people know, you're going to be gone, and they know the start and the stop dates. >> reporter: do you have any idea how the crooks are getting the information? >> i don't, i don't. >> reporter: investigators have seen this kind of crime before, they say there's an easy
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alternative to putting a hold on your sub descriptions. >> make sure that you're going to have a neighbor or someone to bring your mail home while you're gone. >> reporter: the o'brian's say that they now rely on a neighbor to pick up their papers for them while they're out. >> that way it's safe, and nobody knows we're gone. >> reporter: but police say using common sense is still most important, turning on a light, and taking out your garbage cans when you're jay. >> the nation woke up this morning to a very familiar sight: the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. there's the big guy himself -- more than 3 million people lined the streets of new york city for the big event. it's estimate that another 50 million people watched the balloons,s floats, and the bands on television. 5,000 spots were reserved for
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victims of superstorm sandy. president obama spoke of the aftermath of that disaster in this weekly address to the nation. >> right now as we begin to prepare around our tables, there are families in the northeast who don't have that luxury, they've lost homes, possessions even loved ones, and it will be a long time before life gets back to no more for them. >> the president praised efforts from both the government and private citizens who rolled up their sleeves and get to work because it was the right thing to do. >> volunteers -- feeding the less fortunate is a thanksgiving tradition. william cecil says that one thing never changes, the need a lot help not only during the holidays, but everyday. >> it's why the volunteers are so important. just don't come on thanksgiving and christmas, but come all
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during the week of every year. >> at saint anthony's, volunteers say that gave out up to 5,000 meals this year. >> the sail invasion army planned to deliver 5,000 meals to the home bound. go to for a list of charities that need your help this holiday season, just look at our hop topics there on our home page. and coming up in just a little bit, what are you thankful for? it's a question we asked people in the bay area today, and we'll share their answers with you throughout this newscast. the customary crack-down on drunk drivers started last night and into the bay area. officers have reported 50 drivers on d.u.i. charges. now that's down from 39 arrests
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from last year. the special holiday enforcement runs through midnight on sunday. >> it's a different kind of drive down lombard street, that story still ahead. >> lots of sunshine today for your thanksgiving. still clear skies out there right now, but coming up, the area's about to have some dense fog first thing former morning and the neighbor's about to hit the lower 70s. >> all right, the thanksgiving day wake up call that has one east bay neighborhood on alert tonight. >> it's just nice to be in a unity of good people today, and i'm just thankful for that. >> i'm grateful great friends and family... hey, look! a shooting star!
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>> part of san francisco's ocean beach remains off limits tonight after several sewage spills. rains on tuesday and wednesday overwhelmed waste water systems sending a mix much rain water and sewage out on the sand. clean up efforts went throughout the day today. the area was posted as being closed to pedestrians, but that didn't keep many folks away. san francisco officials say that the beach will be closed most likely throughout the weekend. well, somebody smashed the winds of several cars on lake forest park yesterday. and as many as six vehicles were targeted. now it's unclear if anything was stolen and there's no word of any suspects tonight. now to our continuing coverage on the crisis in the middle east. today marks the first full day
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of ceasefire between israel and hamas. and jubilant fighters of hamas went to the streets today, proclaiming victory. hamas says that the eight day conflict changed the powers and marked a new era much palestinian unity. 161 palestinians killed in the conflict. people on both sides of the border allowed themselves today, to feel optimistic about the future. >> the people will feel more comfortable and hopefully they, hamas will be able to find a solution for everything. >> it has been over 13 years that we have suffered from rockets from the south, i think that once and for all, we should be done with it. >> israeli leaders say they caused serious damage to the palestinian's ability to fire rockets into israel and in all, six israelis were killed in the
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conflict. dense fog is being blamed for a deadly 100 vehicle pile- up in texas. it happened around 1:00 this morning, a texas state trooper said that at least two people were killed in this accident and 80 others have been hospitalized. the he'd been freeway lanes were shut throughout much of the day today, forcing drivers on this thanksgiving to make long detours. superstorm sandy may be gone, but the effects are still he felt. now in years past, this same church has fed about half that. also this year, the church prepared dinners using generators because the electricity has still not been restored. >> i just thank god and i just thank the people of malkway. and we'll get through this. >> you know, you're always with family, but i think with the
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storm everybody became family. >> many of those seeking help of the church said that they left not only with a full stomach but with the knowledge that someone is remembering them throughout this difficult time. now to the story of an east bay man who dreamed of an retirement business and then said, hey, wait. he explains why he's thankful that he did it, while he was still young. >> reporter: some miniature golf is just just three months old, with this distinctive happened-marked holes originally designed on paper for an art project. >> he found out that there was no miniature golf in the area, and that evolved to what can we do? >> reporter: to for example, the mystery house, the mystery being, plus, where the ball is going to come out.
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the ferry building, the alcatraz, the port of oakland, and the on the -- ottoman pass, and the -- parents say the low-tech course works just fine for the hip high-tech kids of today. >> it takes me back to my youth, i used to go to much like this back in wisconsin, and tried to not get into too much trouble. >> i think it's great for the city of alameda. and it's is great for the kids. you can. >> reporter: and it has created now five full-time jobs. >> a lot of people choosing doing what they love. or alameda, consumer editor tom baker, ktvu news. >> also, people took the time to raise money and honor a
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woman who died 11 years ago. the hayward plunge held the annual turkey swim in honor of karen gordon. it goes to -- she was killed by a drunk driver on her 19th birthday. she was a lifeguard at the pool and she also worked as an intern here at ktvu. here, a father award awarded 1,000-dollar scholarships for that fund. the mars rover that found curiosity also discovered solid evidence that water once flowed in the galliano a crater, and those findings may lead to another discovery of life as well. and we're told that nasa will release all of the details two week from now in san francisco. the sierra resorts opened
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for business this thanksgiving. plus, warm weather is expected for tomorrow. our mark tamayas will tell us that we can hit up to 70 degrees. and if you're away, you can still watch ktvu newscast on the web, or on your smartphone. >> i'm certainly thankful for my family, my son. >> the beautiful city, the ocean, pretty, pretty darn lucky all of us. >> i just graduated from nursing school so i'm officially a registered nurse. [ crickets chirping ]
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>> another resort opens for the season thanks to the fresh powder. sierra -- the resort opened always -- and all eight lake tahoe resorts are open for business. we've had such beautiful weather in the bay area. >> few neighborhoods could be right around 70 degrees but that is the area where i learned to ski way back in '87. and in fact great area great weather for the tahoe region. you'll notice current
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temperatures right now 52 degrees in monterrey, and we do have a few upper 40s to report out towards fairfield and same deal for nevado, as far as highs for today, it was warm out there, it felt like temperatures really warm, you could see the 60s, the mid 60s out towards sanity santa row is a, and more sunshine out there after patchy morning fog and the weekend, a dry forecast, but temperatures do come down just a little bit. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, some patchy valley fog and pretty cold out there, san francisco, 47, and san jose right about 44 degrees. so the storm track way up to the north of the bay area. no worries about rainfall into the weekend. tomorrow morning, watch out for patchy rainfall with visualize down about a quarter of a mile.
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that will be concerns for your early friday, but as the pressure strengthens, the why can't -- just a few degrees. here is lake tahoe forecast for friday, saturday, and sunday. no snowfall to expect. mainly lots of sunshine and temperatures in the afternoon in the mid 50s. heroes our forecast model. patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning, for the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny, and temperatures up from today's highs. you can see santa row is a, and downtown san francisco -- right about 68. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. and the weekend looking pretty good, just a little bit cooler from saturday and sunday, neighbor a few extra clouds on monday and a few more extra clouds on tuesday by next week. >> all right, thank you, mark.
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folks had a chance to work up an appetite in the south bay before the holiday dinner. nearly 25,000 people thundered through the streets of san jose for the eighth annual silicon valley turkey trot. now it's one of the largest thanksgiving day foot races, well, costumes, they're not mandatory, but they're welcomed. and people are encouraged to bring canned goods to donate to different charities. our crews will be at several shopping centers throughout the bay area collecting your new or lightly- used coats, to make sure we keep someone in need warm this winter. you can find out where we'll be tomorrow night. thank you for trusting ktvu news, i'm heather holmes, and tonight, we continue to watch the black friday rush, which
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starts in several stores in just a few minutes. we're always here for you at, and stick around, t.m.z. is next, i'll see you at 10:00, on ktvu channel two. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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