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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 23, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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bay walmart. and a debate in san francisco. the new push to end the band on shark fin soup good evening, everyone. it is friday november 23rd. i'm heather holmes in tonight for gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with new develops for the fatal accident that claimed the life of a 24-year-old woman. tonight, family members are gathered and we just learned the victim's 20-year-old sister and their mother are in critical condition there now. the highway patrol says the parents and four daughters from san bruno were in this lexus suv, heading north on highway 101 just before 7:00 a.m. a chp officer was on the shoulder helping the driver of a pick up truck with a flat
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tire when the is suv swerved and hit the cruiser. >> as it overturned two of the six parties in that is suv were ejected. >> it is not clear if the two woman ejected were wearing seat belts. the chp officers suffered minor injuries. the accident shutdown lanes of the highway for six hours today. the pilot of a small plane died today when his aircraft crashed in the sierra foothills. the plane went down about 3:40 this afternoon. that t is four miles from the community of san andres. the pilot was the only person on board. his identity has not been released. one firefighter is still in the hospital tonight after a townhouse fire that left nearly 20 people without a home. our robert honda has new information on how the fire started and who got hurt. today, cleanup is underway. damage is assessed and injuries
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are treated after a fire roared through a townhouse on thanksgiving night. the firefighters rushed to the complex tonight around 8:30 after the reports of a fast- spreading roof fire. one resident said flames erupted after an explosion. >> it sounded like a gunshot. i panicked. grabbed my dog and game outside. everything was covered in smoke. >> reporter: it went up to 3 alarms quickly. eight firefighters were in the stair case area. >> a cracked bone in his neck. y and he has a concussion. >> reporter: there was more than one injury, another was hurt and treated at the hospital. 18 residents were displaced. i talked to the resident where the fire originated who asked us not to show his face. he said flames erupted out of control from his fireplace. the fire did start there but not sure what cause today to
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spread. >> the fire was accidental and not suspicious in nature. >> reporter: fire officials say accidental fires can be common during the holiday season. with the colder weather and the extra use of lights and candles. they hope an incident like this one will remind people to be extra cautious. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the coast guard rescuers were called out on the bay today to help voters if distress. human and animal. the cabin cruiser started taking on water near the marina at 12:30 this afternoon. the people on board called 911. rescuers arrived to find a group of people along with a going, cat and snake. >> there were eight people on board. they all had personal flowtation devices on so they would have been safe enough in the cold water. it is pret calm conditions out here on the bay today, too. >> nobody was hurt. a broken dry shaft seal is being blamed for that problem.
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now to oakland where the police are investigating the city's latest homicide that marked a grim milestone. emergency crews responded to a report of a shooting on willow street near 13th street and west oakland. they tell the oakland tribute a 48-year-old man was found shot to death. the authorities have not released his name. this is oakland's 111th homicide of the year, one more than last year's total. and in san rafael, two men were hospitalized after gunfire erupted outside of a nightclub. the police responded to club 101 at 12:45 this morning. the authorities say a fight in the club spilled into the parking hot with multiple shots fired. two men hospitalized with nonlife threatenying injuries. three people were -- threatening injuries, three people were arrested. continuing coverage, black friday sales were here at latest to help shoppers who had
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a hard time avoiding it. some of them camped out all week hoping to get deals like $200 laptops or a television for just one $180. there were deep discounts on computer tablets, games and dvds. holiday shoppers could be found all over the bay area wherever stores were open. some prefer tank will scenes. but just down -- quiet scenes. but just down the street there were people, coming for the holiday atmosphere as well as those black friday deals. >> we do this every year after thanksgiving. we take b.a.r.t and train and trolleyy and go to pier 39, a family tradition. >> suburban stores are very busy. chopper 2 was up early this morning and found crowded parking lots at southland and hayward and many other bay area malls. analysts say online
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shoppers did not have to wait until cybermonday. online sales rose more than 17% yesterday compared to 2011. many retailers including amazon, and others are offering web specials. some walmart workers and their supporters held demonstrations around the nation today including several locations here in the bay area. >> >> we found the largest group outside of this walmart store. hundreds of demonstrators say they were protesting low take home pay, irregular hours and an early start to the black friday bargains. it kept some workers from spending thanksgiving with their families. they did not block shoppers from entering the store and so far no reports of arrests. the holiday season kicked off at san francisco's union square tonight with the annual
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tree lighting celebration. 3, 2, 1. a pretty sight here. we just got this video. hundreds of people watched and cheered. the tree was lit up less than 20 minutes ago. macy's donated the reusable tree that is decorated with 33,000 energy efficient lights. this is the 23rd year of the tree lighting ceremony. not all bright lights this holiday season. coming up, a warning from the authorities and the kinds of crime on the rise this time of the year. today, the national hockey league canceled more games including the all-star game that was set for january. the league has now scrubbed all games through december 14th on the 69th day, now, of the lockout. the sharks have lost 34 games including 17 home games so far this season. the two sides met on wednesday but the league rejected the player's union latest offer in this ongoing dispute over revenue sharing. >> here they go. the first step. >> he was down.
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he is still going. the officials are acting like it is still a live play. he is taking it all of the way. >> that play in yesterday's houston/detroit game could have a rule change. it shows that the texas running back was down, the lions coach through the replay flag but because it was a score in play replay is automatic and under nfl rules a challenge brings not only a 15 yard penalty but eliminates the replay review. the nfl says they will take a look at the rule and see if it needs to be changed. a debate is brewing tonight over a law banning a dish that come think as a delicacy. a state lawmaker joined the protest today. >> reporter: here in chinatown you can find places to eat shark fin soup. next year the dish will be banned that has some in the chinese community crying foul. in sap fran's chinatown you can
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find -- san francisco's chinatown you can find music, art and activism against a delicacy. >> when we look at it it does not make any sense. >> reporter: at the imperial palas the menu has it for $25 a bowl. they voice their opposition here to assembly bill 376 that bans the sales of shark fins. >> yes, the current law a laws you to have other parts of the shark. that is where the problem comes in. that is where, as you heard, a sense of injustice, a sense of discrimination. >> reporter: members of peta had a protest and talked about the shark fin. >> it is obtained by fishermen pulling the shark up and cut the fins off of the animals and throw them back in the water to slowly die. >> the governor signed the bill last year despite current laws
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that bans the practice of shark finning. >> [indiscernible] >> >> it is a delicacy. a lot of people like to seat it. >> reporter: back if chinatown we met a chinese american who liked the soup and supports the sharks. >> i wish i -- it is cruel how they treat the shark. dump them back in the water after they cut the fin. >> reporter: the bill takes effect in january but opponents are trying to stop it. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. members of the indian tribe and supporters -- tribe held a protest. organizers say it it is the 13th year for the demonstration, the mall was built over the objections of the tribe who say the land is a
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sacred burial ground. thousands have been removed. folks will find ways to get things. and they will get them by any means necessary. the dark side of the holidays. coming up, why the authorities say the season of giving is a season of opportunity for criminals. another great day to be outside. even in san francisco right now. coming up, the temperature change that you can expect for this weekend and when rain chances have been add to the bay area forecast. it is one warm coat in walnut creek. friendly competition to help those in need. which community will get the most? [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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protests broke out in egypt
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after the president swept powers. pro democracy demonstrators took to the street but they battled the streets. mideast vie lens is threatening the cease-fire between israel and gaza. leaders want an investigation into the shooting death of a palestinian man by israeli soldier. so far hamas urged calm and not violated the agreement. >> it this is a very general vague agreement. it is, literally, a cease-fire. the two sides are going to stop shooting at each other. but the overall strategic situation has not changed. >> e guilty plans to hold -- egypt plans to hold more talks. a third person has now died following a fire onen an offshore oil platform in the gulf of mexico. the man died today in louisiana shortly after his wife and children arrived from manila. three other men remain hospitalized. two men died in the explosion and fire a week ago.
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the body of one of the workers still has not been found. 16 people were taken to the hospital today after natural gas explosion in springfield, massachusetts. the city officials say that the blast destroyed two buildings including a general's club. it blew out all of the windows. firefighters and gas company workers were among those injured because they were investigating reports of a gas leak before the blast. none of the victims, though, are said to be in critical condition. now, to a warning from the authorities about a spike in crimes during the holidays. our editor tells us how criminals are taking advantage of the season of giving. >> reporter: providing an opportunity for thieves. >> i am a little more careful because my car was broken into a couple years ago. >> i had that happen to me. so, i think the best thing is to put all of the stuff in the trunk and continue your shopping if you have too many
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bags. >> i had friends who left purses in their front seat and then it is gone. i want to make sure it does not happen. >> reporter: the sheriff, heartman says car burglars are part of the holiday hike in crime. >> it goes up. folks are going to find ways to get things and they will get them by any means necessary. >> reporter: tons of people choose to avoid some or all of the husband skpel bustle by having packages sent to their home. >> a neighborhood watch camera showed a package stolen in the daylight, a common crime. >> during the holiday season they see the boxes, they are going to go up and grab them. >> i have my neighbor sign it over and let them pick it up or just, anything other than leaving it there. >> reporter: finally, the fbi says four00,000 home break ins last november and december. many because people left signs they were gone, from mounting piles of newspapers to tweets
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while on vacation to no lights on during evening hours. ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. postal service says getting ready to do same day delivery service. post office says it will be launched in three neighborhoods in san francisco in middecember. now, for $10 people who shop at 10, yet-to help be-named retailers will be able to get their punches in as little as two hours. >> instant gratification in our society and it is nice and it is great they are getting on board with that. >> we are in a rush to get stuff. so, that sounds really good. the cash-strapped service hopes to bring in $50 million in the next year and could expand to other cities. one grocery's store's holiday leftovers will be a blessing for clients at a food kitchen. trader joe's boxed up 200 turkeys that did not sell for
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thanksgiving dinner and donated them to saint anthony's dining room. they say such donations really help because the need does snot end with thanksgiving. >> we can use this thought november, december, january. people love the meat. it is the most expensive thing on our tray. >> hopefully we have been able to make an impact. that is what we want to do. a community store, neighborhood store and we want to be part of that and this is a great opportunity for us to do that. now, saint anthony did a survey of their clients last year and found a third of them live on less than $100 a day. that is up from 10% from five years ago. now, continuing coverage on our push to help those in need stay warm. minutes ago ktvu wrapped up the first day of our one warm coat drive. we go live to walnut creek where they are counting up all of those donations. >> oh, hello. you know what? the holiday spirit is really out here in walnut creek.
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one warm coat we have been volunteering and people have been out here. look, right now, they started to load up this truck. each one of these bags has a coat for boys and girls all of them will go to someone less fortunate. they will go to saint vincent depaul society. they will go to those who need them the most. now, we have been raising -- we have been pulling in coats this entire time and we hope to reach 1500. what we have gotten so far is just a little under 14coats. pretty amazing. the girl scouts have been helping out. they actually separated all of the coats. if you saw any of our hits earlier today we had a pile. it was -- it was taller than i was. a pile of coats. each one bagged the coats. now they will go to those less fortunate than us. this was just a kick off. five coats in all were
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collected and distributed throughout the bay area. amazing in san jose. emeryville, walnut creek. a as you can see it has been a fun, fun event for all. if you still want to donate a coat you have until the end of the month. just bring in any gently used or new coat. bring it down to where you see a 1 warm coat barrel. all for a good cause. reporting live. back to you. instagram broke records after people shared photos on the site. people shared more than 10 million thanksgiving-themed photos yesterday. according to a company blog, more than 200 thanksgiving photos were posted every second for several hours yesterday. still to come, r&b super star who made time for the homeless. kicking off in the south bay. something is missing. why organizers are saying it this year's christmas in the
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a popular r&b star rolled up his sleeves to help out at a
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homeless shelter today. he is in town for a show tonight. he stopped by the cross road shelter at lunchtime to serve up holiday cheer. it is something that the managers say he likes to do when he is on the road. the shelter houses more than 100 people who have fallen on hard times. nice thing for him to do on this day. all right, let's check in right now. a beautiful day out there today. going to continue for tomorrow? >> yes. good news, a great weekend. no umbrellas needed. warm temperatures sticking around for saturday and sunday. but, as the weather pattern changes next week. we will get to that. first, though, live storm tracker 2. high clouds out there the current temperatures around the bay area, 40s, 50s, the 32. and the current numbers, take a look at those. it is a good sign it will be cold. checking in 48 degrees in fairfield, the upper 40s as well. the temperatures from this afternoon as heather mentioned warmed up nicely. upper 60s in the warmest locations, warmer 70s in santa
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rosa and oakland. san -- san jose, 60s. this weekend, patchy morning fog for the inland valleys, dry weather pattern. increasing the clouds and increase the rain chances as well. first thing tomorrow morning, chilly out there. a lot of upper 30s towards santa rose a napa, 40s for san francisco. so, once again, the storm track heading way up to the north of the bay area for saturday morning, watch out for patchy fog in the inland valleys, not widespread, but patchy in nature. first thing tomorrow morning the storm track still way up to the north as high pressure remains in our high weather. with, that temperatures in the mild side. but when to cool things off just a little bit. a tw-pg headline for next week. the rain chances -- a look at the headlines for next week, the rain chances approaching. ed with, the first chance of
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rain and beyond that we could be tracking multiple systems with the potential of moderate to heavy rain. i am moving into parts of the region. cool start of the hours, temperatures on track to reach the 60s, warmest locations in the warmer 70s in morgan hill and santa ruse. the five-day forecast. sunday, cooler, partly suno monday. thicken up the cloud cover on tuesday and multiple rain clouds for wednesday, thursday and friday. >> all right, thank you, mark. a san jose holiday tradition opened to the public today. [singing] christmas in the park is celebrating its 33rd year at plaza cesar chavez, they are hopeful someone will turn in the three large stuffed penguins taken before the opening. it is open until new year's
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day. thank you very much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. i'm heather holmes. tonight we will talk to family members of the victim of this morning's fatal crash. remember, we are always here for you at "tmz" is next here on tv36 [ crickets chirping ]
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