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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 5, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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rainstorm. some homeowners fare landslides. >> and reports of lawmakers purchasing cars after having them fixed one your tax dollars. the long time next reached the end of the road. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. the storm wasn't as big as the previous one but was big enough to cause plenty of problems. this pine tree fell on top of some parked cars. two vehicles were hit by the tree but no injuries. in san francisco a big tree came crashing down -- on a home. the homeowners say a branch punctured the roof of a bedroom just as the young son ran from the room. no injuries here either.
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road crews cleaning up a rock and mud slide along highway north 1. and there could be a full closure tonight while crews fin issue the clean up. the slide was discovered about 1 this afternoon. drivers expect i did lays. and new at 7. technology development that may be able to predict landslides. thrive san francisco where she to bees researcher attempting find ways when and where landslides might happen. >> reporter: can wear in the sea cliff neighborhood. now researchers say that are learning more about exactly what causes happened to give -- happened to -- happened to give away. >> it was a catastrophic clash. and. the great effort bay area storm this is week had many homeowners watching the skies
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and the ground. including between i'll crest and wine i don't know street. >> there are been working installing new plastic sheeting and sandbags. >> reporter: a the question is how to tell when a landslide will happen. >> they do present a danger to the san francisco bay population. so we're doing as much as we can to quantity fie that risk. >> he presented his findings today. until now most research toes focused on amount of rainfall and link to landslide. >> we're trying to mono-- monitor the sub surface of the soil. . >> reporter: two years agent team placed monitor in four bay sites. >> we can discern when a particular storm comes through and affects the soil or does
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not affect the soil. >> reporter: researchers say this week's storms at the important data and although the team cannot yet predict landslides they say the research might eventually be useful. live if san francisco, can tvu channel it news. people around the bay area giving the windshield wiper another work out. we took these picture os palo alto. left behind puddles and some standing water. in the south bay mountains crews are clean up storm damage. some cutting down trees. two trees fell on home this is week and others are lean. crews also imagined to get vine hill road reopened by 1:00 p.m. we'll getting familiar our meteorologist with a look at rain totals. and there is more storm coverage at you'll also find live radar
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image. 23-year-old man under arrest accused of being a driver of at fatal hit and run accident. the chpd was called to pea body road where a body was found on the side of the road about 9:00 this morning. investigator say the t appeared the victim had been hit by the vehicle. evidence led them to him. he was interviewed and arrested. the victim was 28-year-old of fairfield. the highway pa tole investigate head on crash on the golden get a bridge that backed up traffic for miles. it shut down northbound lane for more than an hour. the chpd says a lexus crossed over and hate voling wagon. three people suffered injures. the bridge district says a movable median barkers -- barriers could have prevented the crash. >> the public is a little frustrated with that time line. being that's what been but we
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are a step closer today. >> final design work is nowing did done on that movable median. set to be installed by 2014. commuters say the crash turn third 30 minute crash into an hour and half. half. a tracey woman old her pick up about than not 51-year-old driver was fortunate to receive only minor injuries. she said her truck hate puddle. it flipped sever times and went over the divider and landed landed landed in an eastbound lane. they say she may have deny driving too fast for the rainy conditions. also city officials say a settlement has been reached to avoid a federal take over the police department. just about an hour ago the city confirmed it reached a tentative agreement with civil rights attorneys. the forms at department would be overseen by a plaid compliance officer. the is the lment will move the department forward. >> i think everyone at at this
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table wants opd to be at forefront terms of leading leading and constitutional policing and building an maintaining public trust. >> thiscoms as a result of a civil rights suit follow the police scandal a decade ago. they found mandated forms were not happening fast enough. california law make verse been forced to hand over the dose their cars. but now a new report says some legislatures used taxpayer dollars to repair those cars soon before they bought them as their own personal vehicle. >> lawmakers given deadline of december of last year to turn in their state owned vehicles. but some lakers made thousands dollars of repairs to cars they would soon own again. they say dutton spent almost $6000 to repair including a
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dent in the bumper. fixing the power steering and detailing the car. all in the months before the state sold his suv which he bought back. in attempts to reach the senator but he's quoted as saying the car need work. senator dutton is not alone. others spent thousands to fix their cars. one had a repair bail of nearly $2300 for inutile tire and oil change and weeks before he two point. and another of compton ranged up $2600 before the state sold his car and then he bought it back. >> critics said california was long over due ending this program. the. >> translator: only state in the country had this program finally ended the program because i think they saw some abuse and voters didn't like the program that it was a perk that they could give up. >> it's impossible know if a lawmaker benefited from last minute repairs because it could have driven up the price at
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auction. lawmakers no longer have cars. they are paid per mile and it's open question whethers that that is saving taxpayer money -- moneys. >> official says they've made record marijuana bust. a huge marijuana indoor growing operation at former mushroom farm. investigator say yesterday's search turned up about 3600 plants and 120 pounds of marijuana. investigator accuse 67-year-old ceecel tanner and another of possession for sale. the value of marijuana seized was more than $1 million. the foreman head of the drank cast tacanty narcotics team pleaded guilty of stealing drugs an other felons. this hear is void -- here is video. our cameras not aloud inside today. but our in the courtroom says
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the 51-year-old broke down when he pleaded guilty and apologize ms.. >> he has to live with himself every day with being ashame odd disappointing family and friends and law enforcement and the public. he also said he took farther fauxny sting operations stealing more than $10,000 from prost constitutes. he faces a minimum of ten years in prison at sentencing in february. two suspects suspects in a violent crime spree was in court today. they're charmed charmed with it aal shoots of man a attempted murder police officer and several armed robberies. neither entered a plea today. in san francisco police showed up hundreds of shellen electronic items they like to return to victims of a theft
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ring. investigator confiscated 900 gadgets including laptops and cell phone and ipads. police recovered the items during a bust of a car theft. three a then the early 20s face drug, weapon, and stolen property charges. tonight. you can check to see if your property is part pat cash by visiting our website. a lively group of protester accusing the management to refund noun a 63-year-old woman due to a bedbug infestation. she stayed she stay there are for three month. during a time she says she was bad bitten by bedbugs. the hotel management promised to refund her more than $1800. she says that never happened. we did reach out for comment
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they have not returned our calls. retribution. >> friends of bay area blogger come to his defense. >> and animal shallers overwhelmed with dogs. the special office they're making now in hope you can't refuse. >> and weather we industrial a few lingering showers but the fog could soon be a problem. where we could have some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning and i'll let you know if the dry weather pattern remains in place through the weekend.
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back on the job tonight another twin ports of los angeles and long beach. tentative agreement was reached last night. clerical workers will worked
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out claiming pep shipper were outsources jobs. they had been without a contract for more than two years. the strike was block more than $1 billion a day in goods at the ports. a gay glogers appeared before a judge. the judge order the blogger to stare clear of the supervisor in the photo. >> he's known as one of the most outspoken gay activist. but he had limit to say today as he pleaded not guilty. >> shook political retribution. >> reporter: he took the photo of supervisor cannot halloweener in inside a city hall bathroom and blogged he tried to photograph boehner at urinal. b -- weiner. at a urinal. >> we will be fighting the case and despite the fact that photograph was taken, we're talking money mentally about
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gentleman at a sink. >> supervisor deadlined speak on camera but released his statement. immediately after he entered the restaurant he exclaimed my name and indicated that it would make for a good photo for photograph me injury nateing. >> it's okay to exercise your first amendment rates. it's not toke invade people's privacy. >> a judge order petralus to stay 150 yards away. >> he was an active blowing and a regular attendee. effective lit restraining order make it is very difficult for him to continue on as a generallyist. generallyist -- journalist. >> the blowing due back in court on january 7 -- the blogger due back in court on january 7. there are some pointed questions font new york city after a 30-year-old man was pushed to his get a subway
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platform. a homeless man habeased and charged with murder for allegedly pushing ann on the subway track. incident happened yesterday afternoon. han was struck and killed by a train moments later. the police sate two men articled just before he was shoved. a freelance photographer took a photo of ann unable to lift himself to safety. the photographer defended himself saying he couldn't have reached anymore time. he says no one else on the platform help and some ran away. president obama says she holding firm on his position to raise the tax rates on the highest earning in effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> let's allow higher rates to go up for the top 2% that include all of you, ewhy. >> the bet business leaders in washington, d.c. after word he spoke by phone john boehner. they provide new details to the conversation. the republican plans include $60 billion in spending cuts to
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federal healthcare programs. >> we have to cut spending and i believe it's appropriate to put rev news on the. >> speaker boehner says his plan will bring in $800 million in new tax revenue. on wall street stocks closed mix. nasdaq fell by 22. led by apple. analyst today suggests am could lose ground to competing android products. big cuts coming to cityback. 11,000 jobs worldwide. that'll save more than a billion dollars a year in expense. bank plans to scale back consumer operation in other country. not sure how many jobs cut in the u.s. and the annual tree lighting ceremony. the tree lying with a help of ten-year-old boy who has
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autism. the tree is a 50-footal white fir. it's decorated with onments made by disabled children and adults. and more one wanted pets are coming in and fewer being adopted but a new incentive at some south bay shelter may convince some feel take a
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we're following developing news concerning antivirus
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software founder john mcafe. he air pennsylvania period with his lawyers in guatamala city yesterday. he says he's been unjustly acruised of murdering his neighbor there. here in the bay area drivers will to deal with lots of rain. tomorrow there's another issue but not as wellwet. >> that's right. whenever you get the rainfall up the moisture on the ground and if it gets cold enough you get fog. that'll be the concern tomorrow and friday. right now a still a few linger showers. on the maps right to on live storm tracker 2. first we'll show you the rainfall totals and i'll she you this is the morning commute basics i will 7- 8:00 this morning. totals pretty impressive. over an inch in san francisco. san jose at 3.8 inches. there you acquaint can't pick up the live doppler sweets.
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a few lingers showers penn you're not covered but the bulk of activity is moving out to the south and to the east. as i mentionedover night lows will be chilly. that with the left over moisture we could be talking about some fog. especially some of the inland valleys but i wouldn't be surprised around the by a itself. temperatures that start out your thursday into the upper 30s into 40s. forecast headline into tonight we do have that with the mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow a dry weather forecast and the extended will be try as well expect there are weekend we could be talking about stronger winds. here's the left over moisture for from today's system moving out. around the bay and also out toward the deal -- delta region. you have clear skies and then that fog thank an instant. high pressure, with that the storm track up to our north. make by the of breeze saturday
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night sunday morning. and first thing thursday 7:00 and then afternoon partly cloudy skies. no umbrellas needed the. dry weather pattern setting up shop. temperatures for the thursday afternoon main lit upper 50s to lower 6. san jose will go with 60. a bit cooler out toward pleasant tonight. those reads in the upper 50s. here's look the ahead. with your weekend no-fault view. we're going hold off this weather pattern off to the weekend. maybe little bit more of a saturday night into sunday. his roots here in the bay area. dave brubeck is being remembered tonight. he died heart failure this morning. while on his way to a cardiologist appointment in connecticut. he would have turned 92 years old tomorrow. he was born in concord and studied at mills college. he foreign led his jazz door at
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the time in 195 -- jazz band in the 1951. thank you for trusting ktvu channel # news. we'll seeout next time news breaks. i'm mike mike. -- gasia mikaelian. we'll see you tomorrow and keep news mind. tmz is up next. well, well, well.
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