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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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workers after a truck strikes a power loin. another executive is shown the door to the latest twist to the oakland ports spending scandal complete bay area news coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it's monday, december 10th. this is bay area news at 7:00. first, a father is shot dead. now, two days later, his stepson is shot and wounded just away. we have jade to tell us more. well, people who live here are talking. one man in particular is a pastor who lost his neighbor saturday. today, he could have lost that man's son all because of gun violence. >> his sign says it's time to come together. >> pastor nicolaus alexander.
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this morning, he was sent to a neighborhood for another shooting. the first shooting took place in front of the pastor's home on saturday when someone shot and killed a neighborhood while he was sitting in his car. >> we were friends. he was by neighbor. and so he wasn't a gang member or somebody that is on the streets or whatnot. he was a father. >> reporter: this morning, pastor says williams stepson was a block or so away from friends when someone opened fire. bullets struck the man and grazed a man by him. >> i don't see for what. >> reporter: we went to the ant i don't think police department -- antioch police department earlier this evening. crime statistics were released that show that violent crimes are up this year. the pastor says he'll continue
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his stance against crime. >> there's good kids here too. we're drying to save them. >> the mayor told me by phone he's working on a zero tolerance program. we are live at the police department. we've just been contacted by the department. they say today's shooting victim is 27 years old. the other victim is 26 and from richmond. both will survive. they have no motive nor has an arrest been made in the case. reporting live. police are looking for leads into the deaths of a man and woman gunned down in front of their 4-year-old child. the couple was found dead at their apartment near market avenue at about 12:45 early sunday morning. the child was inside the apartment unharmed. police say they're hoping someone may have seen or heard something relevant. a lot of times people believe
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the tip this that they have isn't significant. what happens is it becomes significant for us if someone heard something that are we can grasp and reach out to. >> the 4-year-old is now in protective custody. these homicide victims are the sixth and seventh of the year in that area. a man and woman were found bound and gagged. the male victim died just after midnight. the two were spotted. neither has been identified. the woman is at san francisco hospital tonight. police tell us they are fighting for her life. >> hopefully, we can obtain more information that can lead up to a suspect or a motive in this case. >> police say the male victim is about 20, an african american. the woman is white.
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the pair may have been dumped where they were found but beyond that, they're saying little about this case. a woman who murdered nursing student michelle le was found guilty today. we have a dramatic escape to tell you about involving two workers delivering laundry. their truck struck power lines early this morning on fairmont drive. but a report shows quick thinking may have saved their lives. >> this is all that remains after a tractor-trailer hit power lines knocking them down and causing a track to burst into flames. >> the person in the vehicle jumped out, cleared the vehicle, which had they stepped out normally, they would have caused a bridge to the ground and probably got electrocuted. >> reporter: fortunates say the -- firefighters say the call
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came in in the morning. they had to wait one hour before putting out the flames. >> we received the call at 3:57. we had a crew on sunny within a half hour. immediately, they went to work with the fist responders on scene to make the situation safe. >> reporter: they supply power to the lines but say the county doesn't own them. >> it's their property. they are responsible for the maintenance of that. >> reporter: county officials see it a bit differently. it was their understanding that the lines were owned anticipate operated by the power company. they are checking to see who owns the lines so they can be fixed correctly. >> an electrical emergency of this nature, we respond quickly to make the situation safe. >> reporter: no one was injured but 35 juveniles were moved from the dorms to the kinding hall for safety precautions. a man was struck and killed this afternoon while
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acrossing a street in downtown san francisco. the man was walking on market street and continued when he was struck by a white dodge ram truck. paramedics tried to revive the victim, but he died at the scene. the driver is cooperating with officers. there are nor charges at this time. the bay area crab fishermen strike met this afternoon. they've been docked since before the recent storms. some restaurants say they have fresh crab that was purchased before the strike, but no new hauls expected any time soon. more talk s with expected tomorrow. there is more fallout tonight in the port of oakland spending scandal. the port announced that its maritime director stepped down.
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a misuse of funds has been found possibly will even breaking state and federal laws. at least 50,000 of that may expose the port to liability. >> it is something we take seriously. www. websitewww. www ear going to look at it and make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> reporter: another foreman executor very reimbursed the port for money spent at a strip club. president obama says he won't compromise on demands that the weltiest americans pay more in taxes. >> i'm not going to have a situation where the weltiest among us, including folks like me get to keep all our tax breaks and then we're asking students to pay higher student
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loans or, you know, suddenly, you know, a school doesn't have school books because the school district couldn't afford it. >> speaking to auto workers today, the president pledged that he would fight to extend tax cuts. >> here's what i don't hear. i don't hear any democrat of note saying here's what i would do, so if i were a republican, i would just be quiet and see what they're going to do on reform. >> republicans want to cap deductions and insist that entitlement reform must be part of the deal. on wallstreet, stocks edged higher thanks to in part
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hewlitt packard. around the nation today was a so-called fiscal cliff day of action ♪ [music ] protesters used songs of the season to make their point. they urge congress to not make rash decisions that protect programs such as medicaid, medicare and others. a wral was held just outside the office of congressional representative. they held it will because he defends social services as workers work to avoid fiscal cliffs. vandals hit again and caused thousands of dollars in damage. this is the if i had time since august the broad cast tower has been vandalized. in the latest incident, they
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damaged equipment critical to stay on the air. an apes is expected tomorrow or wednesday for a woman who drowned while kayaking. a 39-year-old shelby danielle was kayaking when it capsized downstream. a man was able to help free her from the boat, but she slipped away of dive crews recovered her body this morning. the mother tearfully reconnected today who received her son's live are at a trap plant operation. they put the finishing touches on the portrait of the son. becker's liver saved garcia. he's now using his newfound
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life to advocate for organ donation. we always felt saying in trial she if he feltr felt no remorse. >> the judge's choice words in court. a new look is coming to the bay bridge plaza. the work begins in just a few short hours and what drivers can expect. cold wet weather is headed for the bay area. when you will need rain gear, coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. to owners of a donut shop are assessing the damage of a robbery overnight. the robbers backed up and may have used a chain to drag out the atm. investigators say they're checking with neighboring
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businesses to see if footage from their surveillance cameras yields any clues. >> . a 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty to the murders of their parents. the teenager suffers from an associative disorder that affects some adopted children. he's expected to serve 25 years to life in preis son. an alameda county judge sentenced to esteban to 25 years to life in prison. we have more. >> some form of justice has been served. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but we caught up with michelle le's brother and cousin immediately. >> i just want everyone to know how beautiful and
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incredible michelle was. >> the judge said he had never seen so much premeditation in a murder case. >> we always felt sitting in trial that she felt no remorse. just stared directly at our familiar ily with a blank stair. >> reporter: jurors deliberated for four-1/2 days. accident killed -- 4-1/2 days in a misguided belief that le was having an affair with her son's father. >> prosecutors waited for le in a hospital parking lot before attacking her when she walked to her car on a break from nursing class. >> maybe she will never feel remorse, i can't say that. >> reporter: esteban never turned around in a courtroom,
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she never looked at anyone or gave anyone eye contact. her attorney did say a few words, but it was the words of michelle le's family that everyone was listening to. in oakland. channel 2 news. pleasant hill police are -- pleasant hill police are investigating a pipe bomb. someone tried to detonate it unsuccessfully over the weekend. they cleared the area and called in a bomb squad which disposed of the bomb. no one was injured. pleasant hill detained fifteen anallers friday night after someone set off a pipe bomb. the 94-year-old former president was admitted to a hospital on saturday. government leaders would only say that he was undergoing medical tests that and care that was consistent for his
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age. in a a decision is not without its critics though. some say it contradicts because it relies on military force to ensure security. there is word tonight that hsbc will pay billions of dollars to settle a money laundering prone. the bank will pay a record 1.25 billion dollars in forfeiture. the british banking has laundered money through the american financial system. fans held a tear filled in
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southern california for a star. rivera was killed when a plane went down in mexico. our consumer editor reports a 6-1/2 million dollars upgrade is set to begin at 10:00 tonight. >> reporter: for commuters, the toll plazas is an all too familiar site that they often get a good morning look at. >> the exterior is going to be remaced with prepainted cast aluminum panels. they'll be in a white color to match the tell administration building that you see behind me. that in turn is designed to comp meant the white color the new east span of the bay bridge so that there's a consistent design theme. >> those colors coordinate
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with the port of oakland. any lane closures would happen between 10:00 and 5:00. >> the inconvenience is going to be negligible. >> the last highway 80 gas station before you across the bay bridge into san francisco. we ask commuters if the need was there and the expense justified. >> we really give oakland a signature. i think that's all the rest of the because we -- terrific because we need. >> i wish they would spend more money fixing holes in the freeway. i just had to buy new rims for my car. >> reporter: a brand new toll plaza is deemed unnecessary especially when human toll takers are replaced. >> two doz enfamilies made their way for an annual holiday tradition.
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the families are taking part in a holiday assist party. the children receive presents and everyone gets a holiday male. one disappointment. no players are in attendance. they are not allowed to take part in this type of event. > as for a lock out, the national hockey league cancelled more days that amounts to 43% of the season. now, if a deal doesn't happen soon, there are growing fear the entire season will be put on ice. the beane is coming back to the bay area. tickets go on sale for the show at hp pavilion. b i.e. ber just did a sold outshow. the efforts that help children get from point a to point b. wet weather will be back in the
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forecast. we'll find out when the next storm is going to hit.
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> today is a busy day for fedex. in fact, it's so busy, it's going to be its biggest day
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ever. they say they sent 19 million packages today. the company says the. >> i'm meteorologist hear to talk to you about -- here to talk to you about changes ahead. >> some reaching 70 degrees. we are going to see a huge switch. it's going to feel like winter all of a sudden. they're failing off. san francisco 359. a chilly one in nappa, 49 degrees. temperatures were anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. satellite radar showing you we remain with mostly clear conditions. i want to have show you the satellite radar. here's a 12-hour alley-oop. in the last 12 hours we can see an arch beginning to cave a little bit right back here. this is where the system is coming from, dropping in in time for tuesday night and into
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wednesday morning. we pick it up tuesday morning. just to get a few patches of fog. by tuesday night, we've got rain over the north bay. not a lot of rain associated with this system, but it's a coal one. by 11:00 o'clock or so, maybe midnight. it begins to push out. we change up for wednesday morning, it looked like maybe just a few scattered showers. so we may see it move will you in the overnight hours and may dodge it for the most part. 1 to 2/10s expected for most of the area. really, it's going to be about the cold anticipate snow levels dropping down to about 3,000 feet. tomorrow, morning we wake up, it's a chilly start. dealing with a little bit of fog out. we're going to be dry most of tuesday. afternoon highs low to upper 50s, low 60s. 62 expected for oakland.
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there's your extended forecast. showers expected to arrive late. we wake up with a few scattered showers on wednesday. take a look at the temperatures. buoy, what a difference. overnight lows will be slipping back. our afternoon highs will struggle in the 50s. 55 degrees expected on thursday. mid to upper 50s on friday. then as we get into the weekend. thank you. >> santa had extra large helpers today helping in the south bay building buy sickless. -- bicycles. the turning wheel for kids program hopes youngsters will use the bikes to get outside for exercise and confidence building. we'll see you the next time news brakes. our cover -- breaks.
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our coverage continues. how tweets and facebook posts can get you fired. keep in mind, we're always here for you at ktbu. [ crickets chirping ]
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