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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 2, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ cover up sensitive plants, it's another cold night in the bay area. temperatures dropping below freezing for a third straight night. >> 2013 is really starting with a cold snap here in the bay area, with freezing temperatures beginning to take a toll on pipes, plants, and people. live in livermore this evening, where temperatures could hit the 20s tonight. >> reporter: frank, we are inside a homeless shelter.
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the holy cross lutheran church tonight. because of the chilly temperatures, their intake is up more than 1/3, with 21 people here getting out of the cold. the livermore refuge handed out more blankets than usual tonight. >> it's difficult for the homeless to find a safe and warm place to be. you know, when the temperature drops into the 20s. we had one lady the other night show up, and say she actually had frostbite. >> reporter: in san ramon, the cold weather has made a broken water heater, an urgent matter. >> i started having my teenagers and wife complaining that the showers weren't very warm, and the water wasn't very hot. >> reporter: business has shop up 50% this week. >> supply lines to homes breaking as well as the demand
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going up. >> reporter: workers either covered sensitive plants or moved them indoors. >> limes are really tender. but any of your citrus plants, especially young plants are really important to cover. the first thing we always do, and recommend doing, especially when we've had the dry weather that creates the cold conditions, is make sure to water. >> reporter: i can tell you, it is downright chilly outside right now. temperatures could dip into the 20s in parts of the city overnight. live in livermore,. crews restored service to about 100 customers this afternoon. you can see there, the water bubbling up at the intersection of jackson, and santa clara streets. the underground pipe broke around 3:00 this morning. public works crews the soil likely shifted due to the recent rain and a cold snap.
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a weather related accident killed a helicopter pilot. johnson was in one of three helicopters doing frost control for crops in dense fog. the fog was so thick it took search crews three hours to find the wreckage. the owner of the vineyard, where the chopper went down says he believes the dense fog may have disoriented the pilot. just how cold is it expected to get tonight? a look at the numbers. >> we will be talking about some upper 20s, as we head into early thursday morning. already temperatures dropping off rapidly. some frost will be reforming over the next few hours. overnight tonight, once again, just like last night, the coolest locations from 27 to 32 degrees in some of the inland valleys, especially up in the north bay, and also the east bay. here's a look at some of the current numbers. look at fairfield, already
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seeing 40s around the bay, but fairfield checking in in the lower 30s. fairfield right now, 32 degrees. they've had hourly drops of temperatures on average of about 5 to 10 degrees an hour this evening. as far as overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, you want to watch out for that white shade. upper 20s, for the areas shaded in white. lots of 30s. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a detailed look at the numbers in your neighborhood, also, the changes you can expect and one neighborhood that could approach the lower 60s. the first snow survey of the season looks promising in the sierra. why january could be a key month for this year's water supplies. the long time ceo plans to retire in bay. steve burd has run safeway for
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20 years. it's the nation's second largest supermarket chain. he champions the progressive approach to healthy living for employees and customers. classes are scheduled to resume tomorrow for the students of sandy hook elementary. the elementary school moved to a new building seven miles away in neighboring monroe, connecticut. parents and students had a chance to tour the building today. grief counselors will be on hand as the classes get underway tomorrow. interest in guns is soaring. it counted about 2.8 million background checks in december. the most ever. background checks don't necessarily add up to gun sales, but anyone who passes a background check can buy multiple firearms. interest in guns often spikes following mass shootings, such
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as that one in newtown, with people concerned about their safety or a potential gun ban. now to our continuing coverage of the fiscal cliff. just about 30 minutes ago, president obama signed the tax deal hammered out in congress. on wall street, investors today reacted enthusiastically. the dow jones industrial average rose 308 points. more than 2%. that is the dow's biggest gain in a year. the nasdaq was also up 92. a 3% increase. so, one fiscal cliff crisis averted. as rita williams tells us, there are still big hurdles ahead. >> reporter: a new year and new faces on capitol hill, facing some old issues. >> this morning, we got the keys to the office. >> reporter: the area representative, eric swalwell, 32, is one of the members to be sworn in tomorrow. >> i'm going to work in washington, and do the same thing i did as a city council
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member in dublin. which is work with people on both sides of the aisle to solve our problems. >> reporter: problems and gridlock unlike anything back home. >> we're going to lurch from one crisis to the next. because we've got three more fiscal cliffs. >> reporter: deep automatic spending cuts, or a new combination of taxes and cuts that could result in a fiscal diet both parties say is needed, but not for their projects. think about it. the federal government now boroughs about 40-cents of every dollar it spends. that's led to a maximum $16.4 trillion debt. if the debt ceiling is not raised, the nation could default on its spending. >> if congress refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic. >> the president has maxed out his credit card, and he's not going to get an unlimited
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credit card. >> reporter: the next few months will be a real test for congress, and for new nebs who think they can break the impasse between parties. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. relief over the fiscal cliff deal may be short lived as americans realize their payroll taxes are going up. the deal in congress reinstates the 2% cut in the social security payroll tax that was waived two years ago, to stimulate the economy. consumer psychologist says 2% can make a big difference. >> in the bay area, a couple making $100,000 a year, taking a $2,000 cut in that income is massive. it's completely different than other parts of the country where $100,000 goes a long way. >> it can have a domino effect on install businesses and the economy as a whole. congress also rescued the nation from going over the so- called milk cliff. a government subsidy of dairy cuts was about to expire, and that could have doubled the
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price of milk. congress passed a temporary extension. lawmakers now have 9 months to pass an overall farm bill. ahead in 27 minutes, a storm of outrage. the legislation set for a vote later this week, after an uproar today. police in san jose are investigating what may be a case of vigilantism, involving the city's 46th and final homicide of 2012. luis ricardo hernandez remains behind bars. police say he shot and killed christopher soriano. police say hernandez took the law into his own hands, and was trying to detain soriano, who he suspected of burglarizing vehicles in the neighborhood. a 19-year-old woman from petaluma is missing tonight after she and her friends attended a three day music
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festival in south lake tahoe. she was last seen at the snow globe music festival. police in tahoe say she was last seen in a motel on the nevada side. the sheriff's department in douglas, nevada is now handling the investigation. police have given us surveillance video of a suspect. live in the city with that video and the growing effort to find justice. >> reporter: julyy, the suspect in this case was faceless in the crowd until now. that's because the tenderloin is laced with surveillance cameras like that one. one of them captured an image place need your help to find. you are looking in slow motion at a man who moments before running into this surveillance camera robbed this woman, and killed her dog. >> the only way i can sleep is with her blanket. >> reporter: she is still too scared to show her face, or use
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her name. last friday, she pulled over in the gritty tenderloin district to find her phone. that's when a man robbed her, and threw the pekinese into oncoming traffic. >> if you would do something like this to you and her dog, i have a feeling you will do something again like this to someone else. >> reporter: he stopped to help as the crime was happening. dog lovers themselves. they continue to help. donating $1,000 to a reward fund that now tops $3,000, and putting the word out through social media to get more donations. >> i can't bring her dog roxy back. but i guess i would want her to know, there are good people in the world as well. >> i just can't thank them enough. i text them every day, saying thank you. >> reporter: the suspect vanished into the crowded tenderloin streets. >> it doesn't take long before they run into some type of video surveillance in san francisco. >> reporter: take another look.
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do you know this man? this picture doesn't need a thousand words. just one. a name. >> imagine if this would have happened to them. if i knew the person, i would help them. >> reporter: now police believe the man you're looking at right now is known in the tenderloin. we've talked to a few people tonight who have certainly heard about this case. if you know anything, call police, or you can text tip 411, and remain anonymous. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. in 90 seconds, a controversial city issued id card. the twist that will make it a first for the nation. >> also officials in one bay area city are declaring a state of emergency. >> what they're
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a first of its kind city issued debit card will now be available to citizens in oakland. >> reporter: starting next month, oakland hopes to become the first city in the nation to offer an id card that can also work as a debit card. julio berraro, an undocumented immigrant makes his living selling cotton candy from a stick. he says he's been in the u.s.
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for 13 years. in limited english, he told me he's been robbed at gun point several times. he says he often carries cash, because he doesn't have a photo id to open a pang account. he plans to apply for the city's new id card, that resembles this prototype, because it can also work as a debit card. he says he will have a safe place to keep his money. gabrielle with street level health project is working with the city to identify people such as day laborers who could benefit from the new cards. >> they carry cash around when they get paid, because they're day laborers. a lot of them are seen as walking atm's. a lot of them have been robbed. >> reporter: people will be able to deposit money into their debit cards in various locations in their neighborhoods. applicants are required to provide a photo id. ones from other countries are
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accepted. proof they live in oakland, and a $15 application fee. it is a way to protect people who don't have bank accounts. >> maybe i can pay them for these debit cards and they won't have to pay 10% to one of these check cashing services. >> for me, it's very important. >> reporter: critics say the cards will legitimize the presence of illegal aliens. reporters say the government needs to respond to the need of community members. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police are asking the public to take a close look at surveillance photos taken during a recent bank robbery. investigators say the woman is thought to be an accomplice in the crime. the man reportedly told the teller he had a gun, though no weapon was seen. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact
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police. construction crews for san francisco's central subway project are headed back to work now that the holiday season is over. and that is going to mean major problems for drivers once again. today workers blocked off a portion of stockton street near union square. ellis street will also have partial closures and people who ride bus lines on ury street may have projects as well. if you park in san francisco, take note. no more free parking in meters on sundays. on average, it costs drivers about $2.50 an hour to park at a meter. parking tickets start at $62. the new parking fees are expected to bring in an extra $2 million a year to the city. google's executive chairman is planning a trip to north korea. eric schmidt will make the trip with former new mexico governor bill richardson.
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it is being called a humanitarian mission. the vice ultra lounge is closed. it was ordered to move up last call to 11:00 p.m. instead of 1:15 a.m. the co-owner said that would be a death penalty for his business. authorities in walnut county issued the second ever silver alert today for a missing at risk senior. raymond smith left his home in marina on sunday. he was driving a 2003, white gmc yukon. smith suffered a stroke last april and was said to be depressed. new details are coming out about the man who drowned when he was swept out to sea at point reyes yesterday. he was walking on the beach
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with his wife and their pit bull rescue dog. witnesses say a large wave caught them by surprise and the coast guard was called in. his wife and dog both eventually made it back to the beach safely. quaid did not. quaid's wife says he was an avid sailer who also loved hiking and cycling. concerns about a failing levee, and dangerous floods are boiling over in one south bay city. ktvu's health and science editor, john fowler tells us, leaders in east palo alto are tired of being ignored. >> reporter: at least two falling trees. damage to a city maintained bridge. all new worries today. >> we're concerned about the entire rainy season. >> reporter: backed by graphs and photos, the city late today said it plans to ask sacramento for about $2 million in emergency money. our cameras were there ten days ago, when the creek flooded the
11:50 pm
gardens neighborhood. damaging 7 homes. >> the people who live there are concerned. >> we've exhausted our local and regional resources in addressing the immediate flood controls and the levee stabilization needs. >> reporter: we've learned state officials may also be here. residents hoping that the goff's staff gets the message. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. no rainfall in our forecast for tonight. in fact, clear skies. we have a big batch of high clouds offshore. if this cloud cover was over us, temperatures would not be as cold, but we do have dropping temperatures, and get ready for a very cold thursday morning. once again, we have a winter spare the air alert for tonight, with that cold temperatures, and also the rise in smoke out there.
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just keep that in mind. coolest locations will be in the upper 20s once again. santa rosa, napa, fairfield. 27 to 29 degrees. san francisco around 41. san jose starting out thursday morning right above freezing at 34. here we go. the 30s and 40s into the afternoon hours, a nice recovery, with some 50s. santa cruz approaching the lower 60s by tomorrow afternoon. i am tracking shower chances in the long range weather maps. coming up, the one part of your weekend, we could be dodging a few raindrops. biologists lowered the water level to gather sampling of fish eggs. in the fall, biagos placed tubes of eggs in varying depths of the gravel. now they will compare survival between the two locations. a plane engulfed by fire. what happened seconds before
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queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now, save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed. a fiery landing at the north las vegas airport. a piper aero star skidded off a runway and caught fire around 4:15 this afternoon. the two people onboard weren't seriously hurt. firefighters put out the flames within 30 minutes. no word on why the plane skidded off that runway. arab news giant al-jazeera is buying current tv for a reported $400 million. john sasaki tells us, current tv's founders confirmed that sale this afternoon.
11:55 pm
>> current tv sits across from the home of the san francisco giants. it's failed to score big with viewers. in a statement today, former vice president al gore said we're proud and pleased al- jazeera has bought current tv. >> they don't want current. they want the cable slot that current has. >> he says the network has had trouble gaining viewers, but because it reaches 60 million u.s. households. current could be exactly what al-jazeera needs. >> a very, very difficult time getting traction of the american cable system. initially that was because it developed a reputation, it was kind of toxic after the first gulf war. >> reporter: the likely end result of the sale? current tv becomes al-jazeera america. >> qatar is the country from which al-jazeera is based. it is considered a moderate country. it has enormous u.s. ties, including a u.s. base.
11:56 pm
>> reporter: tom was a guest on current numerous times. >> they are so different from the other voices out there, that i think they will probably be able to find some following among arab viewers in america. >> reporter: it's unclear what will happen to these offices. two current employees told me they are concerned they will soon be looking for work. in san francisco, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. the program lineup at current tv currently includes shows hosted by california lieutenant governor gavin newsom. democratic commentator, elliott spitzer, and former michigan governor, jennifer gran holm. it's unclear if they will continue to have a platform. a judge has scheduled a preliminary hearing next month in the trial for james holmes. he is the man accused of opening fire in a movie theater last july.
11:57 pm
today the prosecution and the defense said they are ready to proceed next week. prosecutors plan to present 911 calls and videotapes from inside the theater. the defense contends holmes is mentally ill. holmes has not yet entered a plea. meantime families of the victims rejected an invitation to attend the theater's reopening later this month. the families were invited to attend an evening of remembrance, followed by a movie at the aurora theater on january 17. the families sent a letter criticizing the company for not reaching out to them earlier, and refusing to meet without lawyers. ♪ [ music ] new details tonight on the investigation of a deadly fire in san jose as firefighters reveal something that wasn't heard the night three people were killed. >> and dramatic video taken just moments after a driver fleeing from police
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new details tonight on the investigation into an apartment fire that killed three people, including a 4-year-old girl. some of the 60 people displaced in that fire are staying tonight. >> reporter: the lights were turned off about 10 minutes ago here inside the red cross shelter where 16 families are staying tonight. this could be the last night here before they're allowed to go back home. a temporary memorial sits at the apartment complex.
12:01 am
a 56-year-old, his wife, and 4- year-old granddaughter were killed in the fire. witnesses told investigators no one heard a smoke alarm the night of the fire. some families who live in the 16 unit complex briefly returned to their homes today to retrieve some items. >> reporter: one tenant told me the locks on all the doors have been changed, and her key no longer worked. this note was placed on the doors, telling residents they could get into their apartments if they contacted property management. >> when are you hoping to get back in. >> they said maybe on friday. >> reporter: maybe even sooner. a sign at the shelter says pg and e will do an inspection tomorrow morning, and could approve the reopening of the apartments. the red cross has been providing shelter at hotels and the church since the fire. >> all of us are hoping that they can go back to their own homes tomorrow, where they'll be comfortable. >> reporter: i spoke with the santa clara county medical examiners office today, they
12:02 am
told me it could take weeks before the bodies are positively identified. the san jose fire department says because of the deaths the investigation is taking some extra time, and so far no conclusion on what started the fire. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. new details tonight in the case of a monte sereno man killed. three men are accused of the killing on november 30. police say a fourth suspect charged as an accessory to homicide has a history of prostitution. a crackdown on prostitution in fairfield over the holiday weekend ended with the arrest of more than 30 people. officers say they contacted suspected prostitutes and johns online. 36 people in all were arrested on suspicion of a variety of climbs, including prostitution,
12:03 am
weapons and drug possession, and parole and probation violations. we now know the names of two people shot to death on new year's eve in sacramento. the victims were 36-year-old daniel farrior who worked as a bartender, and 35-year-old gabriel cardova who was a customer. police arrested a 22-year-old man who also suffered gunshot wounds. in monterey county, sheriff deputies say an 85-year-old man could face attempted murder charges after he shot and wounded his neighbor and a goat. investigators say phillip dexter fired off his shotgun to scare away animals at his home. deputies say dexter wounded his neighbor and a goat. the neighbor and the goat are
12:04 am
expected to survive. this year, statewide, 1,405 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence, compared to 1,270 last year. here in the bay area, 208dui arrests were made, which was the exact same amount as last year. but there was only one fatal collision this year compared to three in 2011. four victims of a deadly new year's eve crash have now been identified. a 42-year-old was killed when his white camry collided with a silver hyundai on brandon island, east of the sacramento county line around 9:00 p.m. the other victims are identified as 23-year-old sierra bidle, tara anderson, and rafael hill. ktvu has obtained video that shows what the scene was like just moments after a driver hit and killed two innocent people out of a san
12:05 am
francisco liquor store yesterday. today, david stevenson spoke with two heartbroken people who knew one of the victims very well. >> reporter: tears and grief this morning as the sister and ex-girlfriend of francisco gutierrez visited the shrine on a corner where he died yesterday. >> it hurts i saw him on the 31st, and i will never again see him. >> reporter: the worked in construction and was one of two people killed yesterday at the intersection. ktvu today obtained this amateur video of the crash scene aftermath. police say it began after 19- year-old david morales fired a hand gun at three people at a nearby housing complex. investigators say morales fled in this car and struck a white toyota driven by an 18-year-old man. he is now listed in critical condition. the passenger in the toyota was
12:06 am
killed. gutierrez was struck and killed by the corolla. police are charging morales with two counts of murder. three counts of attempted murder, evading a police officer, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. also gang enhancement charges. >> i felt for everybody. not only the people who got killed, but also the young man who did it. he has to live the rest of his life knowing what he did. if he has any conscious at all. >> reporter: the san francisco prosecutor's office told us david morales is scheduled to be arraigned on charges tomorrow. after a storm of outrage, house speaker john boehner gave in to intense pressure from fellow republicans. boehner had canceled a vote last night on an aid package to help the victims of superstorm sandy. republicans from new york and new jersey could barely contain their anger. >> there's only one group to
12:07 am
blame for the continued suffering of those innocent victims. the house majority and their speaker, john boehner. >> the speaker is now scheduled to vote on friday for a $9 billion bill to help pay for flood and insurance claims. a vote on another $51 billion bill is expected in two weeks. california's efforts to crackdown on carbon emissions is now the law. businesses, including oil refineries are supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the end of the decade. to do this some companies a turning to trash. the california chamber of commerce is fighting the law, with a lawsuit against the state. a big jump in measles in pakistan. the religious reason behind the spike. plus, banning underweight models. the country where thin is no longer in. >> get ready for a chilly start
12:08 am
tomorrow morning. coming up, the temperature change you can expect over the next few days. >> the governor of pennsylvania is suing
12:09 am
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♪[ music ] singer patti page has died. one of her most famous songs was the 1950s hit, how much was that doggy in the window. and her songs made the singles chart from 1948 to 1957. she died yesterday california.
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governor tom corbett says the ncaa went way too far in punishing penn state, and its football program for the jerry sandusky child sex scandal. the penalties were unprecedented, and the governor said they wound up punishing the citizens of pennsylvania for what was a criminal case. in news of the world, in syria, a missile from a jet hit a fire station in a damascus suburb. at least 30 civilians were killed. the u.n. says about 5,000 people are dying each month. in pakistan, there has been a big increase in the measles. the world health organization says measles killed more than 300 pakistani children last year compared to 64 the previous year. one problem is a growing
12:12 am
distrust of vaccines. some pakistanis believe vaccinations are a western plot aimed at sterilizing muslims. last month, militants killed nine people working in an immunization program. in israel, a new law is in effect, banning underweight models. advertisers are not allowed to photo shop pictures to make models appear even thinner. models also have to produce a medical report before they're allowed to work in the country. secretary of state hillary clinton is back in home after being discharged from a hospital in new york city. clinton was seen getting into a van with her family today. still no word on when she plans to return to work. clinton's doctors say she is expected to make a full recovery. starbucks is offering
12:13 am
reusable cups to its customers. the cups will cost $1 in addition to the coffee order. starbucks already gives customers a 10-cent discount for bringing in a reusable cup. seattle based starbucks says it hopes to serve 25% of its drinks in reusable cups by 2015. a snapshot of the state's water supply. still ahead, cautious words from officials, despite today's promising numbers. >> we've been tracking very cold weather, but that's about to change. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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real big deals this week and every week. tic brain injury is as serious as any battlefield injury the memory loss dizziness nightmares thankfully, the va has made important advancements in tbi so if you think you or a veteran you know has sustained a brain injury
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get screened today we got our first snapshot of the sierra snowpack and what it holds for the future of our water supply. the warning that came along with those positive numbers.
12:16 am
>> reporter: there is no doubt for the ski resorts, this winter is working out just fine so far. sierra tahoe has large crowds. and a healthy basin of snow. >> over halfway to our annual season snowfall total, which is 480 inches. >> reporter: there is a difference between what's good for the resort in terms of snow, and what's good for our water supply. here the snow is 4 feet deep with about a foot of water content. >> that is almost right on its long term average. that's 110% of its historic average. >> reporter: frank calls the readings very encouraging, and promising for water supplies. >> off we go. another 50. >> reporter: last year in january, this field was devoid of snow. he warns that we've seen
12:17 am
winters that start strong in january before. >> the majority of the winter to go, and it could easily just shut down. >> reporter: it is early, he says in recent years, it seems january has been relatively dry. a dry window that has stretched into february. he says depending on how long that window stretches, that could make other break the snowpack come spring. ktvu, channel 2 news. the bay area locked in a dry weather pattern, and also a cold weather pattern. on track to reach the 20s, as we head into the overnight hours. you can see a few high clouds a big batch of clouds to our west. livermore, 35. san jose, 42. san francisco, 48 degrees a
12:18 am
closer inspection toward heelsberg right now, 46. very cold checking in 33 degrees. forecast deadlines for tonight, obviously, very cold, with mostly clear skies. tomorrow some frost out there in the morning hours, and fair skies into the afternoon. into the weekend, we begin to raise the overnight lows, but we also bring in more high clouds, and also the chance of a few showers. the key headline in the short term is this for your thursday morning. clear and cold. overnight lows from 37 to 40 degrees. not only the frost, but reports of black ice already in the santa cruz mountains late tonight. that will probably be a concern again first thing tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine. the afternoon is just beautiful. a few high clouds, the bulk of the weather in the pacific. pushing the stormtrack way up to our north. so this dry weather pattern remains in place, with partly to mostly sunny skies.
12:19 am
the warmest locations, approaching the lower 60s tomorrow afternoon. here is our forecast model, showing you this and tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine out there. a few high clouds to the north and to the west. pretty much the same deal into friday. by saturday, we do gradually thicken up the cloud cover. by saturday night, you can see what happens. we do bring in a chance of a few showers. especially up in the north baby saturday evening. we will be tracking shower chances, as we head into first thing sunday morning. some changes for the weekend. tomorrow, you can see the 50s, showing up in the forecast maps for antioch, and brentwood. fairfield, very cold right now. freezing. and then back up to the lower 50s for tomorrow afternoon. san jose will go 58. santa cruz, lower 60s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. the good news, if you're not a fan of these cold overnight lows, we begin to warm things up overnight friday and saturday. still chilly in the 50s.
12:20 am
a side note, truckee, we think it's cold in the bay area, truckee overnight, their forecast low, 6 below. imagine waking up to that tomorrow morning. >> we're looking good then. >> yeah, we're okay. thank you mark. >> sky watchers fear tonight's meteor shower, which is just about to begin, may be outshined by the moon. it is supposed to begin in just about 10 minutes, and nasa astronomers say there may be dozens of meteors every hour. the best viewing is expected to be between 3:00 a.m., until dawn. the problem is the light from the moon could make it a little difficult to see. saying goodbye.
12:21 am
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san francisco's exploratorium said goodbye. it is moving from its marina district site to a new building on the waterfront. fans took advantage of free admission to visit one more time. they closed the gate for good. there are a lot of cheers at the warriors game tonight. they've been on a roll lately. >> i've been telling you for years. if they get a team that is anywhere near decent, the fans are going to go bonkers. the warriors doing it with t and t. talent, and
12:25 am
tenaciousness. a couple of things missing for years. no magic sticks, or black magic either. carlos santana checking it out. it is just about work. and the rookie, harrison barnes into the flow early. you can see and the fans start to get into it. 13 points, 9 rebounds for barnes. curry's night just uncanny. look at that shot. you think he's just a little pumped up? the crowd again really into it. 8 assists for curry too. getting into the very steady david lee. he outplayed his counterpart blake griffin by plenty. curry again, soft and silky from three. he had 31 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, and the warriors have won 15 of their last 18 games. conference play starts
12:26 am
tonight in the scc. the rally late, down by as many as 19. usf freshman hit a three with 1:24 left. they were within 2. the broncos settled down. kevin foster led them with 21. will miss, however, mark following with 43 seconds left to pretty much salt it away. 74-69. i'm thinking there's going to be quite a few quarterbacks tonight going to sleep a little easier, knowing one of the most ferocious defensive players ever to go at it in the nfl has decided to retire. only one way to do it. full speed, businessed off, and don't give a damn. >> reporter: that would be ray lewis after 17 years in the nfl. next stop, hall of fame for him. wants to spend more time with
12:27 am
his kids, including his oldest son, who is going to follow in his footsteps as a player on the university of miami football team next fall. as soon as the ravens season ends, so does the great career of ray lewis. anything but sweet in the sugar bowl. they get waxed by louisville. first play of the game. setting the tone. picked off by terrell floyd, and it ain't coming back. pick six, 33-23, your final. louisville winning the sugar bowl. that is the sporting night. certainly the story around here got to be the golden state warriors, they're rolling. >> totally seem to be coming together, and getting better as the season goes on. >> a lot of hard work, you can see it every night on the floor. >> they've been waiting a long
12:28 am
time for it. let's hope they can keep going. thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we will see you th [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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