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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 29, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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workers dig up the concrete floor of a garage in san francisco as investigators revisit a cold case of a missing boy. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the case of a missing boy is back in the news tonight.
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kevin collins was on his way home from practice when he vanished. healther holmes has been tucking with family members but we begin with amber lee where today's search took place. amber. >> reporter: julie the 12 hour search ended at about 6:30 tonight. kevin collins was last seen standing at a bus stop right where i am. and the search took place across the street outside blue home with the white trim. a police source characterized this as a quote check box investigation to revisit all suspects and leads from the kevin collins case. one neighbor who's the mother of two children tells us she's unsettled by the search. >> what's your reaction as a mom. >> terrifying. especially in your own neighborhood. i mean it was a long time ago but i think in everyone's mind
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there's always a fear. >> reporter: san francisco police set up a search headquarters. >> they did had a hit on remains that were underneath the garage in this location. >> reporter: investigators found small bones underneath the concrete floor. >> they believe it to be of animal origin not human origin. >> reporter: tonight police tell me that the man who used to live here was a suspect but has now died. connie lived near by and says the boy's disappearance caused concerned parents to pull children from st. agnus. >> the school did close shortly two to three years after that. >> reporter: you think it had an impact on that. >> i think it has a tremendous
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impact. >> i'm thinking of his family. to not know for 30 years. >> reporter: police are expected to release the photo of the man who used to live in this home and his identity. perhaps as early as tomorrow to see if it will generate more leads. reports live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now about kevin collins he was the first of a number of bay area children who vanished in the 1980s and 90s. kevin's picture was among the first to appear on milk cartons on a campaign to try to find many missing kids nationwide. a ktvu producer spoked to kevin collin's mother. she told us it came out of the blue and that she still feels numb. she says that kevin's father now lives in costa rica and is now difficult to reach. kevin is one of seven children
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and tonight ktvu spoke to two siblings and they told us they hope this search will be successful. >> reporter: they've always struggled with the question of what happened and now after nearly 29 years could this finally be the break they've been waiting for? sitting together on the coach of their hayward apartment, it's clear that the sisters have more than a sisterly bond but a connection only shared by those who are missing a sibling. - - >> he's never far from us. >> reporter: five days ago the family marked kevin's birthday. >> i thought what would kevin be like at 39? what would he be like. >> reporter: the two remember passing out fliers. >> we had his fliers in foreign countries. we had his flier on the cover of newsweek. >> reporter: but the extensive
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search has now started where it all began. tonight the fbi converged on a home just a block from where kevin vanished. >> to think we cast that wide of a net and all along he could have been 50 short feet from where he was last seen it's very disturbing. >> reporter: the sister tells me today's development is the most promising lead in the nearly three decade long search for answer. >> we're already for it to be over and have high hopes for it to be but nobody wants to have their hopes up because it's been so many times in the past. >> reporter: investigators followed a tip to louisiana and it turn out to be a hoax. >> we're resigned to hope that
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it is what it is. but we hope there'll be answers. at 10:30, we talk to other relatives of the missing boy. they told us something tonight that they've never had a chance to say before. hayward police are asking for the public's help to find a missing girl who vanish 28 hours ago. her father says she came home at 10:30 sunday night four hours after she was supposed to get home. she say it is two argued then she grabbed her purse and took off. he says maritza's friends have not talked to him. >> one day, two days now and i'm getting terrified about the situation. she's gone. >> reporter: maritza is a freshman. she's described as 5'3", and a 145-pound. police are reporting a smash and grab armed robbery that is similar to other smash
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and grab robberies. police went into the store and smashed display cases. they got away in a black infinity suv. the robbers were in the store less than a few minutes and stole rolex watches. a police stand off in berkeley ended late today when a barricaded man apparently set fire to a home. officers say it started about 4:00 this afternoon with a report of an assault at a home on harmon street in the emery city line. officers found two people suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. flames were seen just a short time later. police finally caught the man as he tried to escape. he was taken to the hospital for observation. a federal judge ruled today
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that san francisco's nudity ban does not break the law. the ban is set to take effect friday. nudity supporters are considering now whether to appeal. a report is linking seven major baseball players to steroids obtained in florida. the names include a former san francisco giant and two former players on the oakland a's. siting records the report found that milky cabrera, gonzalez, colon, rodriguez and others bought performance enhancing drugs there. colon and cabrera both served suspensions last year. you may call it the dark sight of the celebration. san francisco police say they will be on the look out for people getting out of control
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on super bowl sunday. paul chambers spoke with business owners on the steps they plan to take to make sure they're not the victims of vandals. >> reporter: city workers spent the day cleaning up graffiti in san francisco's mission district. a job he may be repeating at the end of the week especially if the 49ers win the super bowl. >> it's pretty upsetting. people work hard out here. it's their livelihood. people should just respect what's going on out here. >> reporter: it was just three months that park and mission looked like this. fires burning on the streets. business owners out here say they don't want to so this again. that's why they'll be shutting down early sunday and others say if the niners do win they will prepare to close early. >> once everything is over. lock up. we don't want any problems. keep everybody safe. >> others say things will be
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okay and things will be fine. >> we don't expect anything to go wrong. we expect the niners to win, and go to work the next day. >> reporter: police are telling city leaders the plan for sunday. hpd is asking businesses to bring their recycling and trash bins early on sunday that way there's no added fuel. amazon hit an all time high at closing today. sales up 22% compared to last year. and while the earnings report fell short of wall street expectations, several analysts upgraded the companien any way. amazon chairs were up almost 9% in after hours trading gaining more than $23 a share to close at $283. facebook is set to release its
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fourth quarter earnings tomorrow. the social media giant has been focusing on campaigns to try to boost the bottom line some indistreu watchers -- it shall some industry watchers will watch -- hospitals as they migrate from laptops to tablets. the new i pads have a price tag of $699. the president applaud add bipartisan proposal offered by eight senators yesterday saying he's ready with his own. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist
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that they vote on it right away. >> the president spoke at desoule high school. almost 60% of the students there is are latino. the president offers a more direct path to citizenship. the white house also says it would treat same-sex couple the same as other families. reporters
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now to our super bowl coverage in new orleans where one of the first big parties of the week was held tonight. it was stageed in a warehouse and was all decked out for mardi gras. ktvu's ken wayne is live in new orleans and felt compelled to check out tonight's party scene. >> reporter: we all know new orleans is one of the biggest party towns any where. we're outside the convention center where tonight the party was for the press. live music and performers on stilts greeted the dozens of photographers and reporters. the super bowl and mardi gras celebration a few days later show that the big easy is back. >> oh it's wonderful that the city. the tourism and it just puts on a happy face for everyone.
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lets them know that we're good to go. >> reporter: dan akroid hit the stage to entertain the crowd while cirque de soleil performers were over head. >> some of the subtleties of the game. trying to understand how big an event this is. >> reporter: still sunday's contest comes down to teams representing two american cities. san francisco and baltimore. >> we have a feel of destiny. we beat tom brady now, ray lewis is here in the super bowl and we're riding on his back. he's our emotional spiritual leading. >> as you can see by the palm trees plowing in the wind. the winds have picked up here
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in new orleans. we're expecting some rain later on tonight. you heard from some ravens press that they think baltimore is going to win this super bowl. but obviously the 49ers might have to say something about that as this mini storm lurks on the horizon. ken wayne, ktvu news. stay with us for coverage from new orleans. our team of reporters and photographers will bring you live notes until game day. and on game day, tune in to ktvu for our postgame show. the tweet says good luck 49ers looking forward to a
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great super bowl. montana account has gained 17,000 followers as of today. new information tonight about two men arrested in connection with the shooting of an undercover police officer. daniel mcdonalds faces charges for pistol whipping, robbing and shooting a police officer on january 21st. according to the criminal complaint, the undercover officer clearly identified himself as a police officer during the attack. and police say the suspect shot the officer with his duty weapon. >> they are shooting at officers that they know are officers, it's very likely that they will shoot at innocent people as well. >> two other men believed to be connected to that attack are in custody for parol violations but haven't been charged. oakland police also say they made an arrest in a second officer arrest shooting that
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happened on saturday. nathaniel has been charged. he has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. one part of the economy is showing strong growth and that's the stock market. the dow continued its january rise with a gain of 72 points today and it is now very close to hitting 14,000, the nasdaq dropped a fraction. patti lee live in san francisco where she learned what's driving the markets and why the bay area is looking better. >> reporter: it's starting to feel like bold times. just take a look at this ticker when was the last time it could make you smile. but with investors on the sideline and the dow down the bears are on the run for now. in san francisco, spending is making a come back. >> i do see a lot more people shopping. i see a lot more people traveling. the airport is pretty full. traffic is back on the freeways. >> reporter: dollars are also flooding the stock market. the dow is closing in on 14,000. a level it hasn't seen since
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2007. and just last week the s & p hit a five year high. economists say the forces behind the run include growth in china. stability in europe and the postponement of physical cliff talks in the u.s. a ro bust housing market doesn't hurt either. >> i'm feeling optimistic. >> reporter: doni conner moved to san francisco for that reason. >> it's pretty easy to find jobs. >> reporter: optimism doesn't necessarily reflect the health of the economy but for now they're all trending upward. >> over all in the dare.
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-- over all the market is booming. >> reporter: the market is back to levels we have not seen since before the recession. but most economists believe that we're not out of the woods yet. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu news. water measurements taken in the sierra show california's all important snow pack shrank this month. one set of measurements are taking at eco summit combined with other readings. the snow pack is at 93%. earlier this month that figure was at 132%. snowfall was only 13% of the january average. in well above average rainfall for december set us up well because january has been a slow month for rainfall. here is where we are in santa
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rosa. 112% of average. that's down by still over 102%. no rain in the immediate forecast but thank goodness we had all that rain in december. for tomorrow, these are the highs from today. it warmed up. you probably felt it out there. highs tomorrow into the mid- 50s. no rain in the forecast tomorrow and we're looking at a warming condition where as we get into the middle of the week. temperatures are gone to warm quite a bit -- are going to warm quite a bit. we have the five day forecast. i will also show you how warm it's going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow. we'll see you here. wildlife emergency services is trying to figure out how an adult coyote was found in a neighborhood. rescuers say the animal was dehydrated, flea infested and about 10 pounds under weight. they want to hear from people who may have seen the coyote. a new revelation into
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a man hunt is under way tonight after a 20-year-old man was shot and killed at a gas station in pittsburg. investigators tell us they're looking for brian fox. as jana katsuyama reports they say he has residences in bay point and san francisco and should be considered armed and dangerous. at 9:00 a.m. pittsburg police were called to the 76 gas station. that's where they found a 20- year-old man on the tkpwroupd shot -- on the ground shot in the head. >> the suspect got into a vehicle that was near by. we had witnesses as well as cameras in the area. which helped us get a description of the vehicle as well as a possible license plate.
11:55 pm
>> reporter: police say someone drove the suspect away from the scene. within hours police were able to trace the get away vehicle to a house in bay point. the contra costa sheriff's surrounded the house. >> they told my mom to stay inside the home. basically that's it. >> reporter: police finally made contact with the people inside the home but the suspect was not there. police say meantime the victim died at the hospital about 1:30 p.m. >> we definitely believe our victim was the target of this incident. >> reporter: officials say they're not releasing the victim's name until they've notified the family. police do tell me that he was a 20-year-old pittsburg resident who did have previous contact
11:56 pm
with police. jana katsuyama, ktvu. brentwood police are asking for the help of the public. police want you to look at these two sketches. one teen told ktvu a car pulled up and one person inside commented on the nike cortez shoes worn by one of the boys saying quote gang members like to wear those. moments later one of the men inside the car opened fire. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. new information tonight about the grounded dream liner fleet. the federal aviation administration is investigating claims that boeing officials knew about battery i -- battery issues in the in 787. dozens of planes are grounded tonight. today the airline said it had replaced batteries ten times because they failed to charge
11:57 pm
or showed other types of problems. the airline also said it notified boeing about the battery replacements. the state of california is expected to fine chevron tomorrow. cal osha which oversee worker safety is due to announce the amount of the fine tomorrow. meanwhile chevron says it hopes to get the refinery back up to full speed by march. some community activists are concerned that the plant is still not safe. >> the growing sink hole that swallowed a building as onlookers watched. >> i would like to say
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continuing coverage now in the case of kevin collins who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. the new search is stirring up new emotions for the boy's family. matt keller is live in brentwood where kevin's aunt and uncle say another missing child case is giving them some hope. matt-- >> reporter: frank kevin collins aunt and uncle live here in brentwood and they said today's news gave them the most home in a long time. >> reporter: they keep a leather bag full of memorabilia and t-shirts. they said when kevin gets back they can show them everything that happened. >> it's like it happened yesterday. >> on an emotional level i don't know if we want this to turn out to be positive. you know. because there would be closure
12:01 am
because negative because you never know. >> reporter: jacey dugard's case gave them hope. >> i kind of accepted that he is gone. but you know jacey dugard was found here. who's to say he is not alive. >> reporter: today he wanted to say thank you for the help his family received. >> i would like to say something that i never had the chance to say. and for the foundation we appreciate how much the media and the public and the families and the friends all got together and worked on this because without that there was very little chance. >> reporter: the deesey's are still hoping someone out there knows something about this
12:02 am
disappearance and can call and give police a tip. a woman is in custody after police say she posed as a doctor. sheriff detectives say yolanda smith put on a white lab coat, impersonated a doctor and entered a secured area of dominican hospital. they said she stole a number of credit cards from employees purses and wallets which she used to buy $4,500 worth of goods. last week smith was arrested at a fairfield hospital. smith is believed to have used the same scam at hospitals in daily city, tracy, modesto, gilroy and walnut creek. sra vallejo police say they are looking into a possible hazing allegation at st. patrick st. vincent hospital that led to the firing of the head football coach and expulsion of five students. police want to hear by anyone
12:03 am
they believe were victimized. ktvu spoke to the head coach. he said there's a culture of hazing that was there before he arrived last year. the suspects are identified as 18-year-old james palmerson, 19-year-old miguel maerez and ezra santana. the robbers invaded a home where they tied up an elderly couple. the three suspects have also been charged with three armed robberies in the three days before that home invasion. the u.s. senate today confirmed massachusetts senator john kerry as the nation's 68th secretary of state. the vote was 94-3 with kerry voting present. it came just hours after the foreign relations committee voted in favor of kerry's nomination. no date has been set for kerry's swearing in but the state department is planning a welcoming ceremony on monday. >> kerry will replace hillary
12:04 am
clinton which is stepping down. >> i am so looking forward to monday when i have no schedule, no office to go to, no responsibilities. >> reporter: clinton says she plans to concentrate on speaking and writing, working on behalf of girls and women and has no plans to run for any political office in the future. in news of the world tonight in syria, relatives try to identify the bodies of 71 men and boys all of whom were executed in alepo. witnesses said the victims hands were bound and they were shot in the head at close range. one rebel commander said there may be more bodies in a near by river. each side the rebels and azad regime are blaming the other for the killings. the head of the military had a dire warping. the general said egypt may collapse under the weight of the crisis and that would threaten future generations.
12:05 am
egyptian experts say it's not clear which side the army is going to side with the elected president or the protesters if this unrest continues. and in china a three story building collapsed into an expanding sink hole today. people evacuated as it started to appear a short time later. a few moments later a building right next to it fell. the building was evacuated and power and gas were turned off. sink holes are common in china. environmental groups filed the suit today in federal court. they claimed the ban prevents the steel head from migrating. and that the water is degrading the habitat downstream. a crowd in florida watched closely today as a famed tight
12:06 am
rope walker tried to walk across a wire stretched 180 feet above the highway. daredevil nick rolenda made it across without using a net. there was a lot more wind than he expected. last summer rolenda was nationally the televised as he walked across niagra falls. >> that is just remarkable. >> makes me nervous. if i did it. it's the controversial book by o.j. simpson. where one copy appeared briefly today. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his forecast and
12:07 am
12:08 am
the california highway patrol says its may end its
12:09 am
efforts to help oakland fight crime. for the last three months chp officers have been patrolling oakland streets to no cost to the city. then last week oakland agreed to help for similar help from the highway patrol. now the chp wants to be paid too. one bay area woman who herself was the victim of crime says it's not just up to law enforcement to help fight the violence. >> reporter: students at castlemont high school say they are surrounded by gunfire. >> it happens so much, people that live around me get used to it and that's not cool. >> reporter: but these teachers are trying to do something to bring an end. >> yesterday there was an 8- year-old little girl who was shot. >> reporter: the program is
12:10 am
called youth alive which teaches young people violence is preventable. >> she's at highland she's doing good. >> reporter: one of the instructors knows firsthand what gun violence can do. carrie gutierrez was shot four years ago and has dedicated herself to violence prevention. >> i can relate to the little girl. i can relate to anyone who has been a victim to violence and it's not a good feeling. >> reporter: more than 15 people have been shot on the streets of oakland including two police officers and the 8- year-old girl. >> reporter: the students have been in the program voluntarily since september they learned all terntives to violence. the students say they want the shootings to stop. they're scared for themselves, they are scared for the people they love. >> i have seen people experience violence and i want to make a change in the community. >> reporter: the the students expect to begin teaching violence prevention workshops to middle school students next month. the violence has to end some
12:11 am
where they say, why not with them. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland could soon have a new dog park at snow park near lake merit. the city's park and recreation committee has approved plans. the commission expects to hear further details on the proposal in april. if the plans are approved that proposal would then go before the city council. police have arrested a man who attacked a woman. 70-year-old katherine of nevado was stabbed. a judge arraigned the suspect rodney hill on second degree murder charges today. houten earned her masters at stanford university. for a short time today an
12:12 am
original edition of o.j. simpson's infamous book if i did it was being auctioned with the asking price of a quarter million dollars. that book was written with a hypothetical on the murder of his wife. however at least one other copy showed up on ebay in 2007 and it sold for $65,000. tonight the listing for this book is no longer on the e bay site with no explanation offered. randy moss is sure to be in the probowl football hall of fame. he talked today about the one thing in his career he is yet to accomplish. a war veteran who lost both
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an air force pilot is missing tonight after his fighter jet crashed off the coast. crews found some debris in the adriatic scene but there was no sign of the pilot. authorities say he already had reported a problem then contact ended. grunther and his wife were expecting their first child in just a few weeks from now. doctors at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore introduced a remarkable u.s. army veteran. the first former service member to undergo a double arm transplant. 26-year-old brendan morocco lost both arms and legs in 2009 when his armoured vehicle was hit by a bomb in iraq. six weeks ago surgeons performed the double
12:16 am
transplant. something that has only been done successfully in the united states six other times. >> it's given me a lot of hope for the future. i feel like i'm getting a second chance to start over after i got hurt. >> brendan says he has regained limited use of his left arm and hand. and is hoping in time his right arm will also regain function. a new study says leafy greens cause the most fool bourn illnesses but poultry causes the most deaths. the centers for disease control says lettuce and spinach account for most of the e.coli. the names of major hollywood stars will be in the marquee in san jose. the festival announced that harrison ford will be honored
12:17 am
with the maverick awart with the film ginger and rosas. closing the festival will be midnight children based on a novel. >> emt will install about 40 antennas. the plan drew criticism by some who called the antennas unsightly. a little more than a week ago after mavericks served up 25-foot waves for competitors there's word from europe of a surfer catching what turned out to be a 100 food -- foot wave. serving legend macnam era could be topped his own world record.
12:18 am
macnam era holds the record of surfing the tallest wave back in 2011. we have the clouds out there, not a lot. temperatures tomorrow warm further so the jet stream is doing this. everything is going right over the top of us. the air over us is starting to spin. that's a slightly offshore direction. that's when things warm around here. that's where we're going. you'll get frost in some of the inland bay valleys and you will find temperatures mid-30s, upper 30s. kind of like what we had today we're going to have tomorrow. for late january early february that's very warm. overnight low if forecast then. patchy fog possible. if you had frost this morning you got it again tomorrow morning. just expect what you had today but even nicer and you will start to get fooled by tomorrow because you will forget what month it is.
12:19 am
the birds out there even some of the plants. we have a warm weather pattern that sticks with us for the next couple of days. this high pressure brings it to us. in that direction the air starts to sink. when air rises it expands and cools when it sinks and compresses and cools. that gets our numbers up into the mid-60s. there's be a slight shrinking of the air. you know why you don't see clouds because the air is sinking. you can compress it and with water vapor it can condense. doesn't work that way it dries it out. thursday morning still compression. thursday afternoon, see, if you look at the computer model, the satellite too and you can see where the highs and lows are. in this case that's a very strong high pressure. it keeps us dry around here. nice looking day. 60 in san rafael. 61 in concord. 60 in antioch. 60degrees in, 62 in morgan hill
12:20 am
and in the five day forecast. with your bay area weekend in view. nice looking week. it's good that we had a lot of rain in december because we are hurting for rain in january. we're okay but it would be nice to get some rain. next five days no rain. >> all right, but at least warmer temperatures. >> yeah, we warm. media day always an interesting day at the super bowl isn't it. >> yeah it's the most fun. you know when you're covering a super bowl most of the week you're spending your time with your head on a swivel just searching for anything that resembles a story. but this is the one day you get a bunch of them tossed right in your lap. players from both sides always available and it seems everybody they let into the media day letting their freak flag fly. joe fonzi was there for the whole deal. joe. >> reporter: mark sometimes you go out to cover something that you think is going to be light. and a hard news story breaks out. just as the doors to the
12:21 am
superdome was opening, word that two writers were breaking a story, accusing ray lewis of taking a banned performance enhancement drug. >> every test i've ever took for the nfl. there's never been a question if i've ever even thought about using anything. so it's even entertain stupidity like that. tell them to go try to get a story off somebody else. >> reporter: the highlight of the 49er portion of media day had to be getting rare comments from an unusually forthcoming randy moss. >> for me to be here. you know i couldn't have told you this back in june or july. it would have been more of a keep your fingers crossed i hope that i'm in new orleans for the super bowl in february. so now that it's here, i just want to make the best of it. take advantage of it and you know bring a trophy back to san francisco. i've always told myself that i wanted to win the championship on this level. so for you know having a super bowl ring i think that my career will be complete. the rest of the day was a
12:22 am
testimony to the booming business that is the nfl. spectators who know pay to see this event which is televised live. former players who used to be on the other side of the microphone. players receiving attention who haven't all year and most noticeably, people here covering the show who wanted to be the show. there is nothing quite like super bowl media day. mark i can hardly wait for you to get down here because we can use some reinforcements. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks joe and there really is nothing like having joe fonzi in new orleans. definitely i
12:23 am
well, well, well.
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victory will come in many shapes and sizing. the sharks now taking it any way they can. michael hensus scores the goal off the deflection of the top bar. sharking up 1-0. niemi in the net was really the story. turned back 28 shots tonight including this one. the puck actually bounced off the post so the metal depose one way or the other and it's all good for the sharks who have six wins, no losses, 12 points it's their best start in history. curry, barnes and carl landry all unavailable due to injury. but these aren't your daddy's warriors. they took care of their business with steph on the bench joined by many others. curry no need when you have lee
12:27 am
bouncing passes to thompson. he had a career high tonight 32 points. total confusion there, jared jack off the bench. nice job 26 points tonight. 108-95 as the warriors doing it up right. nice way to close out a road trip. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. back to you. >> and you're leaving us pretty soon to head to the big easy. >> as you heard. joe plans on showing me around. >> what are you looking forward to the most going back there? >> just you know hard core football. nothing-- no fun just hard core football. what i like the most is watching the game on the field. >> this is your sixth super bowl right. >> yeah, yes. four niners, two raiders and looking forward to a parade too. right. >> that would be wonderful. >> absolutely. >> and thank you for joining us on we will see you the next time
12:28 am
news breaks. >> our next news begins at 4:30. we'll have more live reports from the super bowl in new orleans. we're [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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