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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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es the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. a step forward and into the past. the hope that a vigil tonight will jog someone's memory and bring closure to a bay area family. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. a child goes missing with no explanation, no clue. before you know it, days turn into weeks, then years.
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her parents led a candlelight walk, as they do each 30th of january, in the hope that it might convince someone to step forward. >> reporter: that walk led to the church here. the family and police are releasing new flyers, offering a $100,000 reward. they also show an age progression photo of what ilene might look like today. they gathered in the name of a 13-year-old girl, who today would be a 37-year-old woman. a girl who is missing, but present in every pew. on january 30, 1989, she walked alone from wells middle school on the way to her ice skating practice. she hasn't been seen since. tonight, her parents led a walk along that same route, their daughter was last seen 24 years ago. about 200 people carried signs and the weight of a family on their shoulders. >> we have a daughter just a
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few years older than ilene. so you know, i can't imagine what that's going through. don't want to really. >> i just worry that this could happen to other families. i don't want them to experience this kind of sadness. >> reporter: the walk helps keep home and the mission alive. she says there's reason to keep positive, if jaycee dugard could come home. why not ilene? >> we can't give up on our child, it's just not an option. >> no one can really understand what a family goes through under these circumstances. >> reporter: they have done it for 24 years. 24 years of birthday parties, replaced by remembrance, walks, and church visitations.
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police say they get tips every year after this remembrance walk. they are hoping that some year, those tips will lead to a resolution to this case. another missing child case making news this week involves kevin collins. yesterday, there appeared to be a break in the case. police chief greg suhr said investigators are focusing on a man who lived in that home at the time and has since died. >> in going over the cold case, the inspectors developed some new information, they conducted additional investigation, there's more investigation being done. >> suhr did not say when testing would be completed on bones found from the garage in the home.
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they appear to be from an animal, not a human. the chief said the forensics are much better now than in '84 when the boy vanished. bringing hope that police will find out what happened. rita williams has followed the collins case from the very beginning, and she sat down with kevin's mother this afternoon at her home in contra costa county. >> reporter: photographs are about the only physical reminders this mother has of her missing son, kevin collins. frozen in time at 10 years old. >> today i don't know what i'm feeling. i was numb all day yesterday. i think i'm still numb. i didn't sleep very well last night. >> reporter: that's because yesterday authorities found bones in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin disappeared from in 1984. now, after all these years she may finally find out what
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happened to kevin collins. the sixth born of her eight children. >> intellectually, i'm sure he's gone from the very beginning. but emotionally i don't want it to be. >> reporter: an erie connection that turns out macayla and kevin shared the same birthday. and what it's like to weigh the analysis of bones that might be their children. >> i said to her, your probably one of the few people that really knows how i feel. >> reporter: ann collins, a grandmother, divorced in '72 says she finds comfort in her faith and family. and believes that one day she and kevin will again be together. >> hoping that i'll be in heaven, and i think he'll be the first one that greets me. hi mom. new at 10:00, the california highway patrol says its officers will continue
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patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another matter. oakland officials agreed to pay for similar help from the alameda county sheriff's department. so far, the chp says officers have made 87 felony arrests in oakland, and seized 15 weapons in this investigation. an illegal pot growing operation discovered today while responding to a house fire. fire crews said when they entered the house, they found a large amount of marijuana along with a heat lamp. >> the electrical system was bypassed. pg and e is on hand to take
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care of the utilities. meantime police tell us, the man who was shot in east san jose this afternoon is expected to survive. this is video from news chopper 2 of the scene just east of highway 101. the shooting happened about 4:10 this afternoon. officers arrested a 60-year-old man at the scene. they say the suspect knew the victim, a 47-year-old man. officers say the two men had been arguing, and it appears alcohol played a role in the altercation. a record breaking find tonight for chevron. california officials have ordered the oil company to pay nearly $1 million for violations in connection with the fire last august at its refinery in richmond. cal osha says they found 25 violations and the agency is calling 23 of them serious, or willful. it says chevron knew about the dangers, in some cases for as much as ten years.
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the head of cal osha says chevron could have fixed the problems, and chose not to. >> there was a realistic possibility of death, or serious injuries. >> offering one example of chevron's negligent, cal osha says it found more than 2,000 temporary clamp repairs at the richmond refinery on hundreds of pipes carrying flammables. some of those temporary clamps had been there for as long as 15 years. chevron denies the company intentionally violated safety regulations. in a statement today, chevron said we do not agree with several of the cal osha findings and it's characterization of some of the findings as willful. now to our super bowl coverage from new orleans, where a wave of 49ers fans is rolling in ahead of the big game on sunday. telling us those fans should
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brace themselves for some sticker shock. >> reporter: it is not only a big sporting event, it is a big business event. the companies investing in the super bowl expect to get their money back and thensome. new orleans is stranger to stormy weather. but today's rain is nothing compared to the financial wave now arriving. >> how hungry are fans to buy nfl products? >> very. especially when it gets to the super bowl. >> reporter: where else does a beer company transform an entire hotel? we're told the bud light hotel even has soap and towels with the bud logo and a new sky way connects guests to a venue where stevey wonder will play this weekend. >> we just got off the plane, we haven't slept yet. >> reporter: they are spending close to $10,000 for their super bowl trip. they joined hundreds of others for the opening of nfl experience. a place to enjoy nfl activities
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and buy something. >> we're here to sign autographs and take pictures with all the fans. >> how is business? >> great. >> reporter: how about a helmet for $5,300. or a bag of miniature helmets for $5,500 each. >> what are you going to do with them? >> try to get them signed. >> reporter: fans can get their picture taken with the vince lombardi trophy, a long as you give them your email. at this point in the week, it's getting harder and harder to get a restaurant reservation. and hotel rooms are harder to get booked. people who have one tonight can expect to pay double. the masses of people attending the super bowl can expect to be joined by masses of security personnel.
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several hundred state, local, and federal officers are in new orleans to keep the superdome secure. the department of homeland security is urging people driving or walking to the game to arrive early, and overhead, a ten mile no fly zone will be enforced before, and during the game. stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans. our ktvu team is bringing you live reports in every newscast leading up to the super bowl. on sunday night after the game, switch to channel 2 for a live local postgame show, with fans in both the bay area and the big easy. who has it better than us? nobody! >> to the big easy for a live report. one member of the 49ers apologized today for his anti- gay remarks. cornerback chris culver was asked by a radio shock jock if
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there were any gays on the team, and this was his reply. >> no, they ain't got no gay people on the team. can't be with that sweet stuff. >> really is that true? >> yeah, it's true. >> today he issued a statement saying he realized how hurtful his remarks were, and pledged to learn and grow from this experience. the 49er management also responded. the team said there is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. we have, and always will proudly support the lgbt community. a new system is now in place here at the golden gate bridge that will replace the remaining toll takers. why the cost saving measure is not being passed onto drivers. >> this school district is losing
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a new electronic toll taking system is in place on the golden gate bridge. it will phase out the need for toll takers. >> reporter: if you drove to this toll plaza yesterday without paying, you would have been considered a toll violater. it's a different story today, and these cameras are the reason. these went live this morning and they capture the license plate of passing cars, and
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later send the driver a bill. the intended result? traffic keeps moving, because drivers don't have to stop. at the golden gate bridge, tolling is going electric. >> i've been here about 15 years now. i really like this place. this is a good place to work. and i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: today, toll collectors worked side by side with their replacements. it will be tested for the next 60 days. >> we've got to make sure that the license plates are reading correctly. the accounts are functioning correctly. the computers in the plaza are talking correctly to the computers at the customer service center. >> reporter: she said day 1 went well, and that the system will save $19 million over the next eight years. but the bridge district is short $89 million over the next five years. the drivers are not protected
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from future toll hikes. >> that's ruthless, right? i don't think this is a very good idea. >> without toll takers there, how am i going to pay? >> reporter: because this will be the first in california to implement this system, out of town visitors we talked to had a lot of questions. like how they would enforce collection? >> if they can stop me from registering my car, then i'll have to pay the ticket. >> reporter: drivers will have 21 days to pay the $6 toll after receiving an invoice. but bridge officials are encouraging them to set up a fast track account, or link a credit card to their license plate for the convenience of everyone involved. the changing of the guard here at the bridge. toll collectors have been part of the history of this bridge since it opened in 1837. but the 14 toll collectors still working here will either be reassigned, or receive a severance package by mid-march. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a motorcyclist was killed in a crash this afternoon after
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his bike collided with a box truck. it happened on eastbound highway 4 near pittsburgh just west of bailey road, shortly before 1:30 this afternoon. the motorcyclist died at the scene. at one point, all but one eastbound lane was closed. you see the result there. traffic was backed up for hours following that crash. scary moments this afternoon in san francisco after a woman and her dog fell over a cliff near fort funston. res curers say the dog went over -- rescuers say the dog went over first. news chopper 2 was overhead as the dog was airlifted off the cliff. the woman was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. new information tonight on the fatal shooting at a pittsburg gas station. the contra costa county coroner identified the victim of ray smith jr. of pittsburg. police have identified a person
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of interest, 22-year-old brian keith fox. authorities are looking for him, and say he should be considered armed and dangerous. city leaders and law enforcement are reaching out to san francisco's asian american community ahead of the upcoming chinese new year celebration. volunteers handed out flyers in chinatown today. warning people about the typical increase in crime, surrounding the new year. police say most of the scams target the elderly. the year of the snake begins february 10. one bay area high school is losing thousands of dollars every day, because of kids who skip class. so they've come up with an unusual way to try to boost attendance. the school is now planning on offering some incentives, things like free pizza. movie tickets, even an ipad. >> reporter: this parked art class has some of the best artists on campus, many of whom need no help getting to class.
11:49 pm
>> our family really emphasizes education and the importance of it. >> advanced drawing and painting class may get all students in on time. berkely high has an attendance rate of 84%. which means 194 students miss each day. missing students means the school is missing money. $5,400 less from the state every day. the school plans to award good attendance, and improvement from one semester to the next. >> if you're not in class, your future is really going to be closed off. >> reporter: this week, school officials hope to collect donations from downtown businesses, with free pizza, movie tickets, and other small items to give to students, and larger items, such as an ipad to be used in a lottery.
11:50 pm
>> it just motivate us to do something with our self. >> reporter: kids who cut class sometimes come to this park across the street. on campus, the idea is a hit. >> you tell someone you're giving a free ipad, yes, they will be at school, they'll be here early. >> reporter: the school hopes to raise attendance 2 to 3%. in berkely, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. some students at san francisco state university will need to check the school's website to see where class is being held tomorrow. a broken pipe flooded the creek at the arts building. many classes are being relocated. check out the numbers from today. pretty impressive. 69. that's the high from santa rosa. redwood city with 68. mountain view with 68. going to be warmer in some places tomorrow.
11:51 pm
these are significant highs, considering it's late january. we're coming up on february in a few hours. the winds are kind of clocking offshore a bit. you see the clouds eroding away. that's the air sinking. that's the offshore flow. those arrows, those winds are the mechanism that's warming us up. that's why temperatures got into the upper 60s. tomorrow, those arrows are going to be a little more aggressive. as we go into tomorrow, look for temperatures to be maybe in the mid-60s, and certainly in some areas in the upper 60s. when i come back, we'll have the complete forecast for your neighborhood. specific temperatures for your house, neighborhood, or city. fans for all things apple are getting ready for mac world in san francisco. it opens tomorrow at mussconey center. there will be hundreds of products. there are also more than 60 tech talks. mac world is set to run from
11:52 pm
thursday through saturday. a first hand appeal for action on gun control. >> it will be hard. but the time is now. >> at 10:30, gabrielle giffords strained words, as the victim ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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today's closing bell on wall street, where the markets fell in the unexpected move that the market shrank in december. falling 44 points. after the markets closed, facebook released its latest earnings report, and it beat expectations. ktvu's matt keller is live in
11:55 pm
menlow market tonight. in particular, did well in the mobile platforms, which is an area where it needs to be profitable. >> reporter: yeah, frank, facebook has focused on its mobile platforms. today's earnings shows it appears to be paying off. facebook on your phone is more than just a pretty face, it's now generating money. up from 153 million from the last quarter. >> they understand that that's a priority. that's where their members are logging on from. and it's a must do, and they're executing it. >> reporter: it's been a rocky road since facebook's ipo last may. the stock initially took a dive, and still sits about $7 less than its $38 offer price. investors question the company's ability to make money with mobile. most users access facebook through a mobile phone, or tablet computer. but mobile ads have only been used for about 9 months.
11:56 pm
>> you have to figure out a way to display ads in ways that get people's attention, but at the same time, don't overwhelm them. they're dealing with a 4 or 5- inch screen at the most. ingly don't love it, but they have to make money, so i'm okay with that. >> reporter: the recent expansion are just sumplemental to the main reason for the site. >> facebook is strictly a social utility for me. >> definitely, just the facebook platform is what i'm interested in. >> reporter: interesting note, the company said today, the number of mobile users who access the site every day, surpassed daily users on the web for the first time ever this past quarter. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. facebook stock dropped a bit in after hours trading. when the dust had settled,
11:57 pm
shares were priced at $30.87. three men accused of a home invasion robbery in san jose are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. the trio is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and armed robbery. police say the couple robbed an elderly couple. they pulled off three other robberies, including one with a pedestrian stabbed repeatedly within days of that home invasion robbery. one of the suspects is james palmerson. he made news as a 14-year-old runaway. he and his 13-year-old girlfriend had stolen his grandparent's car. this photo shows the two at an atm machine while they were on the run. they were found three days later, safe, but cold in a denver suburb. choking smog in china.
11:58 pm
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the first congressional hearing on gun control since the connecticut shooting sparked heated debate today. live to tell us how a strained, but deliberate call from a former congresswoman took center stage. >> reporter: it was an emotional hearing, star witness, gabrielle giffords tells congress, americans are counting on you. both gun owners, both urging stricter gun control laws.
12:01 am
give ards haunting words, a reminder that she was shot in the head two years ago. >> speaking is difficult. but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. >> reporter: the lines were long as people on both sides of the issue waited to get into today's hearing. some democratic lawmakers are posing a ban on assault weapons and background checks on all gun sales. wayne laperriere of the nra says enforcement of existing laws is needed. not more legislation. >> law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. >> the criminals won't go to purchase the guns, because there will be a background
12:02 am
check. you missed the point completely! >> reporter: saying california already has strict gun role laws, but federal legislation may stop people from going to other states, where it's easier to buy a gun. >> what it does is close an interstate transportation loophole. >> reporter: after the hearing, giffords and her husband met privately with the president at the white house. the president had promised to make gun control a priority. more details now. a small group of protesters rallied outside the san francisco office of senator dianne feinstein. they called themselves women warriors and are opposed to any attempt by the government to take away their weapons. they say the 2nd amendment guarantees their right to bear arms. a controversial new bill was introduced in sacramento today that would allow teachers and other staff to carry weapons on campus. the bill would allow schools --
12:03 am
the republican authors say the massacre in newtown connecticut is what inspired their bill. san francisco senator leyland lee called the bill ludicrous. finding money to cover the gun buy back program that ran out of cash. the county collected more than 800 guns, offering 100, to $200 for them. the problem is they ran right through the $43,000 they had allocated from the problem. officials now say they'll use $30,000 from a safety net last fall to give people vouchers. a number of tickets issued this past sunday for parking meter violations. the san francisco municipal transportation agency said nearly 1800-meter violations were issued on sunday. the fines start at $62. this was the first sunday that tickets were issued since sunday parking metering went into effect. san francisco police are asking for your help tonight in locating a man suspected of stabbing a woman in the head as
12:04 am
he attempted to sexual assault her. here is a picture of that suspect. he is identified as 35-year-old rickey pollsass. the attack happened on 39th avenue in the city's richmond district. police say he had previously threatened to kill the victim and her boyfriend. he has two registered firearms and carries a knife. tonight, the "new york times" is reporting for the last four months, its computer system has been under attack by chinese hackers. the times says the attacks began after it published a report that showed relatives of china's prime minister had amassed billions. in news of the world tonight, in the middle east, israeli jets launched a rare air strike inside syria. u.s. officials say they targeted a convoy that was
12:05 am
believed to be carrying anti- aircraft weapons for hezbollah militants in lebanon. the attack could escalate tensions. in china, authorities are taking emergency measures to deal with extraordinarily bad air pollution. some 100 factories have been shut down and a third of government vehicles ordered off the roads. visibility is so bad that more than 100 flights have been canceled. residents are warned to stay indoors. the u.s. embassy says its monitors show levels off the scale. in england, doctors say they will perform one final surgery on the wounded pakistani girl. they plan to replace part of her skull that was shattered when a taliban gun man tried to kill her. she was targeted by the taliban because she was a strong advocate for education for
12:06 am
girls. is the new blackberry ready to compete with iphone and androids? research in motion introduced the blackberry v10 today. one has a touch scene. the other has a classic blackberry keyboard. it's built on a brand new operating system. the company announced its changing its name from research in motion to blackberry. investors were unimpressed. stocks took a plunge today following the z10 announcement. research in motion ended the day down 12%. we got a look today at a new 100-foot tall roller coaster taking shape in the south bay alongside the new 49er football stadium. like the football team, the ride takes its name from the california gold prospectors who struck it rich in 1849.
12:07 am
a dock side dispute. the confrontation over a development project today that prompted police to show up. >> warmer today, warmer still tomorrow. bill martin is back at 10:45 this neighborhood sure has changed a lot over the years.
12:08 am
you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live
12:09 am
here. i'll never forget being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood. well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. so i can choose where i want to live, free from discrimination. glad you could make it, right this way... a hotel in san diego was rocked by a powerful explosion today. police attribute the explosion to an illegal drug operation. police say the men were using butane to make hashish oil. a dispute over the future
12:10 am
of a redwood city marina heated up today when workers showed up with power tools. robert honda talked with boat owners who are refusing to leave pete's harbor and tells us why they turned down a five figure settlement. >> reporter: crews took apart the metal cleats used to tie up boats, but the work took place during an ongoing dispute between the owner who wants to sell to a developer, and about a dozen people who live on boats, and refuse to move. >> you need to move, because we're going to start dismentalling the docks. i unplugged a power cord and they through it into the water. >> then they left? >> no, they did not leave. >> reporter: a spokesperson called the work maintenance. >> there's no dismentling of
12:11 am
the harbor. >> reporter: boat owners claim the lease requires the outer harbor remain a commercial facility. the state is studying the lease, and redwood city put off action until a state decision. >> i think there's a lot to look at, and there's really just no rush today. certainly to dismantlele it. >> reporter: they have offered to keep the outer harbor a public marina and pay $50,000 to the boat owners to relocate. tonight, the boat owner's attorney says she rejects that offer, the issue could remain unresolved until the next meeting in april. ktvu, channel 2 news. a u.s. navy veteran filed a lawsuit today against the boy scouts of america claiming he suffered repeated sexual abuse at the hands of a scout leader in vacaville. >> i brought this lawsuit publicly, not only for my own healing, and resolution, but to reach out to other victims of the boy scouts.
12:12 am
>> m a r k dietrich said he was repeatedly abusedpy the scout master. claiming officials knew the scout master had inappropriate contact with boys and did nothing. the teams are back on the practice field in preparation for sunday's super bowl.
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homeless veterans moved into their own apartments in san francisco today. it is the first new housing project of its kind in more than a dozen years. veterans commons officially opened near mission and 15th street. 75 formerly homeless veterans each have a studio apartment. they're also given access to substance abuse counseling, and a nurse. rent for the veterans is set at 1/3 of their income, whatever that may be. a 22-year-old veteran of the los angeles sheriff's department to head up the menlo park police department. johnson was born and raised in the bay area and says he's very excited to return home. he says will he work to reduce crime until menlo park becomes
12:16 am
the safest city in america. after speaking with the judge, the jury said they will try again tomorrow to reach a verdict. madden's first trial ended in a hung jury last october. hostess has now picked a lead bidder for its famous twinkie's brand. the company selected a joint offer from two investment firms. hostess says the firms were offered $210 million for the snack cake and five bakeries. if accepted, that bid would set the minimum for any other competitive bids. at least two people are dead after severe storms hit parts of georgia and the southeast. a tornado touched down in bartow county, georgia. you can see parts of buildings have been completely ripped away. there are reports the storms may have left five people
12:17 am
trapped in a building. we are getting an up close look at the damage from our sister station. thousands are without power, and officials warn flooding could be a problem. of course nothing like that around here. not even rain. we've been running dry, it's one of the dryest, well, it will go down as the third dryest january on record in downtown san francisco. the records go back to 1850. a year after the gold rush, and before california was even a state. so we've got records that go way back. the high pressure ridge sends everything over the top. as i come in close, you'll see these clouds down here getting scoured away. you'll see that in that loop. that's the high pressure. you look at a satellite image and can tell a lot from it. when i roll that loop, you can see clouds vaporizing, going away. and see where there's no
12:18 am
clouds, and oftentimes that's high pressure. 42 in santa rosa. down to 34, or 35. that will get you frost in a lot of the inland bay valleys. here's the deal, tomorrow, just like today, but warmer. today was warmer right? 10degrees warmer in many places than yesterday. overnight lows, highs tomorrow mid-60s, upper 60s, maybe some low 70s. just depends where you are. just know tomorrow, probably the warmest day of the week. extended forecast, dry. some of the long range models are running dry beyond the fifth and sixth of february. for a while, they had rain on the fifth, but took it out. thursday, warmest day, and again, temperatures upper 60s in some of the warm spots, even low 70s. the computer model shows no clouds. that's because the air is sinking. i mentioned this at 5:00. you see the clouds in. that wrings with the high
12:19 am
pressure. so i'll step back, you see there's no clouds. as clouds start to move in friday night, watch this. the high is right down. you can tell a lot from the satellite loop. you can do a forecast base a lot of times just by looking at what the clouds are doing. these numbers, these are kind of conservative. if you go north or east of santa rosa, you get some upper 60s, the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, no rain in the forecast doggone it, but a heck of a week ahead. i guess we will just enjoy it while it lasts. >> mid-70s maybe? >> yeah, morgan hill and towards san martin, mid-70s. >> we're getting spoiled around here. fred is in for mark. people are getting excited. closer and closer to super bowl sunday. the closer it gets, the
12:20 am
least i know about who's going to win this. making some off the cuff remarks, but as we get closer to the actual kickoff on sunday, all the talk is buried by the action on the field. our own joe fonzi has been down in new orleans long enough to establish residency. he joins us live now from the big easy right now. joe, it looks windy, and a bit colder down there today. >> reporter: it certainly is, fred. to the tune of about 20 degrees colder than it was last night at this time. the big challenge for both teams now, as the countdown to super bowl xlvii continues is to try to get their game preparation as normal as possible. after three days of this, you've never seen two football teams more ready to get back on the practice field. >> the like a beaver dam being built over in the coach's offices. >> i'm definitely excited to get back to practice. i can't wait. i worked out yesterday too on my off day.
12:21 am
i feel pretty good. >> probably never been so eager to get on the practice field than you are today? >> training camp, i'm really excited for football, and today i'm really excited for football. >> reporter: as the 49ers get down to football, the rest of this week is taking place at the practice facility of the new orleans saints. more than a little weird for 49ers center, jonathan goodwin who spent lots of time there with the saints. >> it feels weird down there in my old locker with a different group of guys. hopefully, they can help me make another great memory down here. >> reporter: for the final word of the day, we go to jack and jackie harbaugh. >> they're going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie? who has it better than us? nobody! >> reporter: i think you would certainly have to agree that this week anyway, the harbaugh family is the most famous
12:22 am
family in america. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> all right joe. don't forget sports director mark ibanez joins you [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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the stanford men have been playing uninspired basketball so far. stanford shoots 52% today.
12:26 am
powell misses, but following there. cardinal made 8 their 14 threes. aaron bright got it right from behind the arc. stanford turned this game into a rout. wasn't trying to make this shot. instead, setting him up. 14 for him. stanford wins by 24. they're 4-4. oregon 7-1 in the pac-12. usf trying to steal a win from st. mary's in the city. from outside. he had 9 points. 14 big rebounds. gales led by 14 at halftime, but the dons come back. parker scored all 12 of his points in the 2nd half. usf on the verge of snapping the losing strike to st. mary's. hold on, james walker with the basket. st.mary's holds on.
12:27 am
dons 2-7, they haven't beaten st. mary's in seven years. the memphis grizzlies send rudy gay to toronto. the grizzlies send ed davis to memphis. two players from detroit as well go there. the pistons get jose calderon in the deal. the warriors host dallas tomorrow, today they announced clay thompson and rookie harrison barnes will participate in the rising stars challenge in the upcoming all- star weekend. that is sports, as we see it for this wednesday night. four days and counting. >> 20 degrees cooler tonight than it was last night. >> yeah, well, that's tough duty there. he gets up in the morning, it's 20 degrees cooler then he will continue on. >> glad we're sending mark. >> they are working hard. but they also must be having fun. >> it's in new orleans, okay. enough said? >> they're having a good time. fred thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
12:28 am
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