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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  March 17, 2013 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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a spartan basketball player reacts to the firing of his head coach. why did coach ron nessman have to go? some students face fees almost double that of others, find out why. and white smoke brings historic news to one billion catholics worldwide, we'll have local reaction.
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hello and welcome to update news... i'm carla jimenez. i'm monday reynolds... some on campus are saying it was no surprise...others are saying it was a long time coming. the s-j-s-u athletic department is looking for a new head basketball coach...after firing eight year coach ron nessman this week. update news sports anchor jonathan lester joins us on set with the latest. jonathan....... san jost state men's basketball season ended the year not only with a 14 game losing streak but with their head coach being fired. update news last night spoke to star player who was suspended by coach george nessman. " "that's the call that had to be made...the people who make the decisions in the athletic department made that decision and that's the decision they made so you can't argue it." coach nessman's stint at san
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jose state men's basketball team ended after their early exit in the first round of the wac conference tournament. the spartan basketball team opened this season with a five and four record. but james kinney, sjsu basketball starting shooting guard was suspended for grades and the spartan's season took a dramatic turn for the worse going four and sixteen through the rest of their season. "part of me does just because i mean then after i stopped playing we lost 13 straight games so it's obvious why the team started struggling." after being named the head coach in 2005 nessman led the basketball team to a overall record of eighty-six and one-hundred and sixty-one in his eight seasons at the helm. nessman led the spartans to a winning record in the two-thousand ten, two thousand eleven season for the first time since the ninety-three, ninety-four season. coach nessman declined to an interview but released the following statement in regards to his time spent at san jose state. "i am proud of the tremendous dedication and effort our players and staff gave to the san jose state basketball program over the last eight years. i will be
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forever grateful for them."" the san jose athletics department said that the search for a new head coach has already begun with a number of interested parties already contacting san jose. i'll be back later for more on sports. governor brown's new budget proposal may have some students paying the full cost of tuition. update news reporter saushe young explains. " csu officials say it takes the average student 120 units to get an undergraduate degree. now govenor brown wants students who exceed 120 units to pay more for their education. that could mean as much as 1,600 dollars more a semester. students for equality is spreading the word about the new cap. "the thinking that this will be a solution is absolutely ridiculous." the new rule will begin this fall if the budget is passed this summer. the unit cap will start at 180 units and will lower to 150 units in fall 2015.
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students who exceed those caps will have to pay the full cost of tuition...the same amount that out of state students pay. standup - while the new unit caps wont go into effect until this fall, academic services are already advising high unit students against taking classes not major related. kato - what happened this semester and we've never done this before, but we will going forward, we knew we had this target, if we go over a certain target it costs the institution millions of dollars, which helps nobody. the new cap is described as an incentive to help students finish school in a more timely matter. student - i believe some solutions should be opening up more class so that way more students can get in and the classes wont be filled up as much." university adminstrators say that the unit cap will help students trying to get into their required courses. kato - "one of the reasons some of the classes that are really impacted fill up is because there are people in those classes who don't really need them." the state legislature will vote on the proposal this june. on campus this is saushe young update news"
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ever get stuck in downtown san jose without wifi? now thats no longer an issue. san jose mayor chuck reed symbolically cut a mock ethernet cable at city hall yesterday. it signified the start of free wi-fi for downton san jose. the city is calling it wickedly fast wi-fi...and it's the result of two companies merging to offer the internet connection service. it offers speeds...three to four times faster than normal wi-fi usually provided. " chuck reed "i am just here today to announce something that is the new slogan for downtown and i want you to repeat after me 'i feel the need for speed, ok i feel the need for speed, i feel the need for speed, i feel the need for speed."" when active the free wifi will cover an area from east st. john street to the north of downtown, portions of balback and viola avenue to the south, north sixth street to the east and almaden boulevard to the west.
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this project is being funded through parking revenue and the city's general fund. the roman catholic church chose its new leader this week --making pope francis-- the first pope from latin america. update news sean wince has community reaction. " people cheered as white smoke rose from the sistine chapel. it marked the election of the first pope from outside europe in more than a thousand years. the former archbishop of buenos aires chose the name pope francis, which symbolizes poverty and simplicity. "and that's why i think that some of the humility and everydayness that pope francis brings to the job might help them because it will remind catholics of some of the genuine strengths of their tradition." the saint joseph cathedral in san jose held a special mass to celebrate the announcement, but not all churchgoers were enthusiastic about the change. "i do have my reservations because i'm not sure about argentina and whether the political state of affairs there is different."
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san jose state students who attend the catholic newman center on tenth street were ecstatic. "the first pope to have been from the jesuit community and i think that's awesome. that's gonna speak volumes to the jesuit community and it's gonna speak volumes to e church as a whole. and this is just what we need. i think it's totally sent from the holy spirit. it's awesome." "being that we are already such a big group and then more are gonna be drawing in. it's a whole different type of revolution that's going on." it's too soon to say whether pope francis will live up to these expectations, but the young and faithful are clearly excited for his papacy. reporting from san jose, sean wince, for update news." drones are remote controlled airplanes being used by the military and possible by the local police. it's raising concerns. " the us has used drones
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for military strikes 420 times. and according to the nyt x amount of people were killed. the recent conformation hearings of john brennan for cia director triggered the question can drone strikes be used against american citizens on u-s soil. karthika sasikumar/ political science assistant professor" " the chances that you as an individual will suffer a drone strike is really really low. but the changes of you as individual being targeted or tainted by suspicion that you are taking part in some activity related to the support of terrorism that's a much higher chance." sjsu politcial science professor karthika sasikumar says even before the drone program began a supreme ccourt case set a precedent that weakened due process rights. karthika sasikumar " " in a famous case called hamdi versus rumsfeld which basically took due process rights away from american citizens if it could be proven that those citizens has taken up arms against the united states they would be declared as unlawful and no longer have the rights as us citizens." american citizen and senior
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al qaeda operative anwar al-aulaqi was killed by a drone in yemen. general khan says the under cutting of the judicial process is one aspect of the debate. general feroz khan (retired)/ naval postgraduate school." " a us citizen has constitutional rights to be given a fair trial even if he does worse of bad things so if this becomes a precendent for someone being targeted for bad views what happen to the first amendment." sjsu political law expert kenneth nuger says it is possible for the commander in chief to make an argument for using drones on u-s soil but it is the police who would more likely use drones on american soil. kenneth nuger/ assoc professor political science" " i'm more concerned about drones being used for surveillance than drones being used to kill people because the drones being used to kill people would be such a extraordinary rare circumstances and probably based on some really good evidence and probably reasonably justifiable.""
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professor nuger says the publics concern over drones are valid and no matter how drones end up being used in the future they will have less of a shock value because the technology will be less foreign. as most of you are aware in the last few days we have had some unusual warm, sunny weather. and many students have been taking advantage of it. we found out more about the possible reason for the weather change. " maui ke: spring starting out like this, this is amazing. a professor in the sjsu department of meterology says global warming may be the reason. p prof. cordero: the term global warming refers to the last hundred years and how the global average temperature has been going up. and today's temperature
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is about 1 1/2 degree warmer than it was at the beginning of the century. professor cordero says because each year has been warmer glaciers melt and the sea level to rises. global warming he says, causes droughts and hurricanes such as katrina and sandy. he believes it is also causing what is known as a greenhouse effect and increase in the release of carbon dioxide and other gases. prof. cordero: we have to reduce the emission of trapped gases and if w don't do that our agricultural system, our access to fresh water and how we produce food for our planet is going to be significantly impacted." >>" cordero recommends that many of us should become aware of our energy use and limit the amount of time we spend driving. when we come back, reporter liz olveda tells us why students should be more aware of their safety while riding vta. this week we asked students for their opinion about the newly elected pope. " what are your thoughts on the new pope?
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we have a black president; we just needed a black pope man. its 2013...hook a brother up! i saw a yahoo article and i just know that hes 76 years old and his name is called francis. i know there is a new pope, but i'm not really following up on it, i haven't seen the news lately, but i just learned that there is a new pope not too long yea that's how i feel about that. i really wasn't following it, i just thought it was kind of rude that instead of black smoke it was white smoke to pick a pope. it seems like he a honest and upright individual , to have been picked by the cardinals as the next pope he has to have some good qualifications. good for the catholic community , i think it brings some type of new life to the religious community here in san jose and all across the world what are your thoughts on the new pope?" the vta is a public transportation system used by many of san jose state's
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own students--but is it safe? update news reporter elizabeth olveda investigated. " police say that these vta surveillance images are of a man and a woman suspected of assaulting and robbing a woman who had just left a vta bus near downtown san jose. "actually in the four years that i've been taking the vta i've never felt safe. cause every single time i've been on the vta there's been sketchy people that i wouldn't trust. i always have my bike which is expensive so i just don't feel safe in general." the female suspect allegedly punched and kicked the victim repeatedly while the male helped to snatch her purse away. the two fled the scene on bicycles. the victim was not seriously injured. behind me is the race street vta station. although the crime occurred nearby, the valley transportation authority assures that it strives to have the best safety precautions and constantly looks for ways to improve rider safety. "the safety on the vta lightrail property is rather impeccable i'd like to say. we've got numerous safety measures in place." such measures include surveillance cameras on the
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vta properties, transit watch -similar to a neighborhood watch program, and advising riders to be aware of their surroundings. the female suspect is a latina woman in her early 20's, 5'6", 190 pounds. the male suspect is either latino or white--in his early 20's 5'7" 170 pounds. anybody with information on the case is urged to call detective meeker at the san jose police department." the associated student elections are underway and currently, a few positions on the board are still vacant. update news reporter jessica melcher explains the procedure. " associated students is the sjsu student governing body. three candidates are running for a.s. president but three offices have no candidates... director of environmental affairs, faculty affairs, and the student resources. however, the vice chair of the student elections commission says this is normal. "it's much more of an issue that--of connectivity within our campus. a lot of students don't really
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realize that these positions are open and connected toward them, communicated toward them, and that these are available." the executive board directors earn about $1000 a month. the deadline for a.s. applications has already passed, but campaigning begins march 20th and students are encouraged to vote. "this year, not only do you vote on your candidates for direct positions in a.s., but also you'd be voting on increasing your own fee--the a.s. fee. and having a smoke-free campus." elections commissioner aguirre says joining a.s. brings leadersip experience and learning from mistakes. the voting period for the a.s. campaigns takes place between april 8th and april 10th. after that, any student may apply for the vacant positions. the incoming president must be contacted and he or she will decide who to appoint from there. on campus, this is jessica melcher, update news."
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a lot of events on campus this past week....and our arts and entertainment editor ashley cunha has a recap of all the activities. ashley........ thanks, carla. let's get started. students partied their way to wellness at 'spartapalooza' event held to raise student awareness regarding their health and well-being. the sjsu health center held the fair in the student union ballroom on thursday... featuring around 50 interactive booths that showcased various ways for students to stay healthy. laurie morgan is one of the founders of this six year old event... and says this spartapalooza is different from other on-campus fairs. " morgan: we aim to create booths that are very interactive. so it's not a passive process where students can come and they pick up a brochure, they actually come and booths are charged with something that is going to engage participants, and it teaches them about maybe a new behavior."
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students were encouraged to visit each booth ... even being rewarded with prizes for visiting certain tables or completing the event passport booklet. a documentary screening on campus this week highlighted the struggles and successes of an sjsu alumnus students gathered in tower hall's morris dailey auditorium to view "graduating from the fields: an american journey." filmmaker carolyn brown produced this film based on nbc bay area reporter damian trujillo's life and career in the media. trujillo and brown were both in the crowd. and after the film was screened audience members were able to engage in conversation with the dynamic duo. ááá " "it has been a blessing in disguise ... i think its moved more people than i thought it would move and just the fact that it aired in half of the country."" later next month the documentary will be screened at the u.s. capitol for the u.s. department of agriculture. san jose state has a new mode of transportation for students to use. they'e called zipcars, and they're
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available to members at any time of day. students with the membership simply pick up the zipcar at its location, drive it to wherever they need to go, park it back in the same spot, and lock it up with their key card. the student membership covers gas and insurance, so they won't even have to worry about that. ááá these zipcars are located behind the cvb dorms on 10th street, across from the colonnade appartments on 4th street, and near yogurtland on san carlos street. jazz took over downtown san jose this week for the third straight year. the venues were the hilton hotel, san pedro square and market street. winter fest is sponsored by several local businesses and produces jazz festivals in the bay area that take place during the winter and summer. in 2008 the jazz fest drew more than 100,000 onlookers. ááá " i think the city is benefiting by the opportunity to see some great talent and it also gives us the context in which to put a spotlight on local artists."
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sjsu's jazz orchestra performed at winter fest this year. aside from the festivals taking place in the winter and summer, there are more than 100 other jazz nights throught the year. for more information visit san jose jazz dot org. theater students are making waves in the s-j-s-u spring show called "the swimmer." update news got a glimpse at this revolutionary play and found out what makes it so special for our campus. " vo: "the swimmer," directed by kathleen normington, is based on the short stories written by john cheever. this show is unlike anything san jose state has produced... working with new design elements and staging. sot: [ "this show has never been done before. this is our world-premiere show. [play b-roll over it's very post-modern 1960's suburbia. kind of like mad men, but a lot crazier." vo:t the play revolves around neddy merril and the community he lives in called 'shady hills,' and it steps into their minds to see just what happens behind closed doors. theater minor devin smith is also part of the cast and says that the uniqueness of the show ties it all together well. sot:[ "the way it was choreographed is very interesting. it's very vibrant and lively and it's fast-paced." even though this show has never been performed before...cast and crew have high hopes for its success. sot:[ "i think, by the end of it, we're all going to really get it down and it's going to be a great show.""
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the play opened on march 14th and will be running march 19th... 20th and 21st... at 7 p.m. in the university theater. art, music, food, clothes--and even clothing for dogs! all of these could be seen, and purchased, at s-j-s-u's art and dine festival in front of macquarrie hall on wednesday. the festival consists mainly of student vendors promoting their artwork and original creations. ááá " this is my first year, they asked me to come sell my artwork and just display so i think its good, definitely getting a lot of good exposure from it"
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student organizations also hosted booths. the environmental resource center's booth featured a clothing swap. similar to a thrift shop, the booth sold and swapped new and used student clothing. vendors such as street eats and spartan shops sold tasty treats ranging from sandwiches, wraps and even strawberry shortcake filled sugar cones! the event is usually scheduled for the first wednesday of every month. that about covers arts and entertainment for this week, thanks for listening. students are always looking for places to eat close to campus in san jose. update news reporter victor guzman reviews an eatery that's been around for less than a year. " me on camera: i'm in downtown san jose- normally i'm speed-walking through a lot of these areas; trying to head to my next class or over to the shark tank for a game. however today, i'm going to slow things down just a little bit to talk about a hole-in-the-wall restaurant here in downtown san jose that hasn't been here for too long but has been serving big portions to their customers. ronnie villanueva, co-owner/executive chefw
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we all started as y'know friends and family cooking in the backyard. we went into catering for like a year and a half. after that year and a half we opened this place up. the grub shack's staff was friendly, greeting customers as they entered the restaurant. be aware that when you see the menu the pricing of items can range from six to twelve dollars. to help you out, i ordered a couple of the bigger items to test out. me on camera: so the first thing i ordered today was the rudebwoy, which is a pretty big burger, uh, it's got two patties, some pork is thrown in there. there's a little bit of a side of egg, tomato, lettuce, and as you can see it is a bit of a mess. as far as the burger goes it's cooled well. it's juicy. the second thing on the menu is the cukui tacos. bit of pork, little bits here that taste kind of like tempura. squeezing the two tacos here together and you'll get a big ol' gush of yolk. but this...added with the pork, added with the egg is delicious. as far as
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rating the grub shack goes, i'd have to give it four out of five stars. not because the food isn't good or anything like that i love the food i love the service here the guys are really nice here. i just feel that the venue is kind of small. kind of an issue especially since how popular this place has been. at the grub shack and looking for more places to eat, i'm victor guzman with update news." when we come back we'll get back to sports to hear about our spartan kayakers. on this break, we asked to hear what students had planned for saint patricks day. " "i'm going to o'flahrty's bar for irish car bombs." "i will be working. and that's it." "i basically just turned 21, so i'm planning to hit the bars that day even though i have class the next day." "i don't know, i don't think i'm going to do anything." "i'm going to be at the
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library. yeah, boring." "for st. patrick's day, i'm actually going to be at nationals because our cheerleading team is going there for the 1st time this year, and we're very excited. so that's what i'll be doing for st. patrick's day." "i'm not really celebrating st. patrick's day. i think it's a sunday, right? so we're probably going to have like a family dinner, and that's it."" and we're back, jonathan lester has some news to report in sports. thanks monday, lets get started. there aren't too many classes at sjsu where students can jump into a lake. update news reporter tracy hinson found one such class. " calero reservoir is not the normal site for a midterm, but to 16 san jose state students, calero is their classroom for kinesiology 10-a beginning kayaking. students bulldozed their teacher for the midterm. bulldozing is a kayaking rescue maneuver, this is a class with an element of risk." "you know we can all swim here pretty well, but you know at the same time you don't want to have to swim a thousand meters if you are in the middle of a lake if
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you don't have to, you know." but it takes more than practical skills to pass beginning kayaking. "they also have to write a paper on some aspect of kayaking. which could be the geology of what they see while kayaking, could be the wildlike they see, a student wrote a great engineering paper on flow around a kayak, i've had lots of different papers." even though it might not be the easy a student's hoped for, they still have a good time. "i really enjoy being out on the water, being able to disconnect from everything else." instead of sitting at desks, the kayaking students sit in kayaks, and instead of pens and pencils, they use paddles, and to keep them afloat in class they use lifejackets. with the equipment and the travel, it would seem this class would cost san jose state a ton. "well it's a pretty lean and mean class, it has no cost to the university." a grant paid for the kayaks,
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and students pay a five-dollar maintence fee. here at calero resevoir, i'm tracy hinson update news." san jose state women's gymnastics won friday night in a meet against three other college teams. it was the last home meet of the season. the women landed each routine on vault, bars, beam, and floor without any falls. the spartans beat out boise state, uc davis, and seattle pacific university. junior, bekah gher, scored the highest all-around of the night. ááá " the team did amazing. we came in here and we did what we've been practicing and we hit 24 for 24 and we did amazing tonight." the teams next meet is in utah against southern utah university, university of iowa, and ball state. the spartan baseball team lost a three game series to the university of santa clara broncos this week. in the first game, santa clara shut out the spartans five-to-nothing. but san jose came back in the second game and blew out the broncos nine-to-one.
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the third and deciding game was a pitcher's duel. the spartans were held to just two hits for the whole game and santa clara went on to win two-to-one. ááá the third and deciding game was a pitcher's duel. the spartans were held to just two hits for the whole game and santa clara went on to win two-to-one. ááá the spartans are playing nicholls state university of louisiana in a three-game series at san jose municipal stadium this weekend. both the san jose state's mens and womens basketball team's seasons came to an end this week in the first round of the western athletic conference tournament in las vegas. this is practice footage of the men's squad. the season came to an end at the hands of the ninth-seed university of texas-san antonio who dismantled the eighth-seeded spartans sixty-seven to forty-nine tuesday night. the spartans finished its season on a fourteen game losing streak. sjsu went a mere nine and twenty overall including a three and fourteen record in wac play. sjsu will begin play in the mountain west conference next season. the seventh-seeded lady spartans fell fifty-seven to fifty-five to third seeded idaho wednesday. sjsu finished its season eleven
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and eighteen overall and eight and ten in its final season in the wac. that's all we have for sports this week. it'll be interesting to see who the athletic department appoints as the new basketball coach, especially now that we're going to be in the mountain west conference. back to you guys. it'll be interesting to see who the athletic department appoints as the new basketball coach, especially now that we're going to be in the mountain west conference. back to you guys. that'll do it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' now get some rest so we can see you again next week.
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