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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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yesterday's strange incident at a south bay wal-mart. . >> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> it's monday april 1st, hello everyone, i am heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. police in san francisco says the weekend of the weekend homicide did ng wrong as jay explains the young man was a college student. >> car lows show photos of his youngest son jacob. >> in this one, 19-year-old vargas stands tall with his mother.
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today jacob -- san francisco's police see someone drove up and got out and shot him near his parents home. he was found bleeding to his head and ch he struggled the words in english but there is no mistaken of his loss. >> police are hoping to leads to come from the street, someone who saw or heard something. >> he was a college student doing good, know problems with the police or no previous contact. it was just an all around tragedy. >> a tragedy that neighbors are handle by keeping jacob's memory alive.
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>> jay hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. today his family had a message as the team faced off again in los angeles, now in san francisco where he's talking about safety and security with fans there at the at&tpark. >> reporter: there is thousand of people came to the bawl park, the los angeles dodgers and a lot of people were thinking of brian stove. the game were in the big screen and fans sat and watch the game. >> i think it has gotten better, i mean the first year that happened, we came out with my family from los angeles and they're were a little scared to come out. >> brian stove was severely beaten outside of the stadium on
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opening day two years ago. and saying quote t yesterday, was a very emotional day, march 31st, our lives were forever changed. we found it hard top believe that two years have gone by. we look at brian and see how much he has over come for those two years. truly is a miracle on quote. >> i think a lot of people is kind of opened their eyes of how bad it was, i think a lot of the fans will clean it up. >> i personally would never go to dodgers stadium and i would informer wear any giant gear there but i am hoping it will change >> it's a more comfortable environment that they're making, i noticed they are changing the city a lot. >> last year san francisco's police increase security. a >> that's one way where officers can go out and see if there is
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problems before it becomes bigger problem. >> reporter: violence is still a problem at - they hope that fans will do their part remain jij if they see problem occurring. we have new details tonight about a rampage at a wal-mart store. today investigators identified the suspect, a 33-year-old haamid zaid. started attacking people inside with an object. some customers jumped into help. >> i watched him hit the dude in head and i started chasing him. he hit me with the metal club and i hit him with my cane. we got
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about 7 or 8 people help ataken him down to the ground. >> haamid zaid is expected to be in court tomorrow to face numerous charges including hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon. scroll down to the latest video on the home page. san francisco's police have arrested two adults, they say are tie to a string of robbery in the city. 19-year-old and an 18-year-old eddie till man, both of san francisco committed several robberies back in march 4 and 5 t. police say the suspect used long barrel gun in the robbery. counsels have been booked on multiple robbery charges and carjacking. trying to get gang memberers off the street, they're offering
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jobs in the city t. as they checked in on a few of the people in the program, the officers say they put about 24 members to work. >> you are not supposed to be hanging out. >> this is the only place you can eat in the city. >> they're reaching out to kids before they get recruited by gang is another important part of the approach. >> reporter: 25-year-old james holmes wear at in court for today's hearing. one victim's friends say she's all for the death personality for holmes. >> if you caused death, i
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believe that the only justice can be served is death upon yourself. as far as i am concerned if painful or not i just want to see him dead. lawmakers announced today they have reached a deal on the strongest and most comprehensive gun law in the nation. this legislation include a ban on the new high capacity and magazines, the same one that's used in the sandy hook shooting. shoppers in three bay area counties are paying more for theorem purchases starting today. a new and higher sale tax takes in effect. >> sales tax went up to 1%. one of the highest rate across
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california. >> i am not real happy about it. nobody wants to pay extra taxes. >> contractors david says it will make a big dent in his bottom line especially for a large project like this one. looking at just the cost of materials on a $500, 000, he says that 1% -- >> i am in favor of it, we need to help ourselves. >> three bay area counts are now seeing higher ring collar. -ing-- >> i am appalled because it should not be going up anymore. >> as long as they're spending money on the improvements i really don't have a problem with it.
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>> albany went up to half a percent. that difference is worth 2 or 3 tanks of gas. ktvu channel 2 news. a federal bankruptcy judge today grant in stock petition for bankruptcy protection. saying that the city has negotiated a good faith, the decision makes stock the most popular city in the nation to enter bankruptcy. stock ton -- another big announcement is expected tomorrow automakers test -- shot more than 20% today after the company surpassed its own sales expectations. ceo e lan told investigators that the company will turn of profit in
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the next quarter. there are fresh reports tonight about a possible new phone from facebook using the android system. the facebook phone maybe a version of facebook that can operate as your home screen. facebook has invited the media to an invent on thursday where it says it will show off its new home on android. >> reporter: and theandroid android. >> a slow down of manufacturing last month trigger trigger.
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across the bay area are on the lo drivers talking and texting. this is all part of a month long campaign it's not worth it. in fact the ticket will cost you of a minimum of $159. they say they're here to stay, how dozens of demonstrators use the chavez day to rally immigration reform. the april april fools-- we'll have of what you can expect on your tuesday temperature coming up.
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the man whose body was found in napa last week has been identified as the son of the county's district attorney. the body of adam lee was identified using den -- they believed it was a suicide. he and his wife heard from their son the night before his body was found and that there is no sign of trouble. >> police are asking your help to ask identify a shoplifter, shoplifter. a federal jury today decided -- back on november 8th of 200010.
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the owner of the barbershop, jones filed a federal wrong full death suit. students marched in oakland today in honor of labor right leader of chavez. >> we are here and we are not going away. that was the chant repeated by protesters along the international boulevard in oakland this morning. these students paying the days of spring break paying tribute to the chavez -- immigrations reform. >> i came to the united states when i was like 6. >> 14-year-old when dui wants to go to college and becomes a lawyer but she knows she needs to be a u.s. citizen first. >> my brother and sister were born here. i want to be proud of me too. >> next week you will be part of
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the group of the bay area student heading to the u.s. capital to rally for the immigration reform. >> they're more than 500 each, we have been doing a lot of fund raising and going to door to door. >> i think ever since the election this is been the top of the political jend da for both parties. >> 2013 will be the year congress pass the immigration reform. just this weekend senate leaders announced they -- under the plan immigrant workers of the construction, hotel in restaurant industry will get minimum wage. >> it's not just simply workers intering the country enentering the country. >> in okay, ally t ktvu channel
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2 news. the city saying they got a lot of complains on downtown businesses. one restaurant owner says he feels sorry for the homeless and says their behaviors can be a problem. >> they get loud and on noxious. >> trying to address the issues. and asks peopl to drink in public and clean after yourself. san fran symphony musician are expected to return tomorrow after reaching a deal to end their strike. >> that could happen in the next couple of days. the musician went on strike back on march 13 over
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disagreements of salaries and benefits. at the table today the fciu which represents the maintenance and the cleaning crew. together those two unions represent about 2300 workers of. their current contract is scheduled to expire at the end of june. children in the u.s. have been diagnosed of adhd. the center for disease control 2 third of them have prescriptions for drugs. critics stay that the number shows that children being over diagnosed and medication are often being abuse. just one day after separating the gruesome injury ons the
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court where he broke the right leg in two places. surgeon reset the broken bone and inserted the rod. >> we are excited to announce google note data -- >> e books and 1992 car smelling and self driven car, you have not figured out by now, it's all a hoks. this video made the rounds today is one of google's april fools. google knows and maybe it's fake but the idea artificial node that can -- that will programmed with the database. you can find more of april fools pranks on
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a san jose firefighter suffered a heart attack returned to work today. frank ryan suffered a heart attack august. at a welcome back breakfast this morning, members of the department says they're glad to see him. ryan says he felt healthy and strong but quite a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. >> i like my life, this is where i belong and i enjoy this career, it's good to be back. >> they also raised money to fly his members to san jose. marine mammal center in the bay is working to help. our meteorologist rosemary will let us know when more rain
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is expected.
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san francisco blending the sillyness of social common tear. passing down the federal reserve
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bank. the group describes the event as an edgy and live hearted -- the last time i looked outside, it was dry here in oakland and i wanted to check and see how long this dry spell is going to last, probably not very long, i guess. >> it's going to be long enough to give us some sunshine and temperatures are going to warm the next couple of days but the after effect of today's rain and the weekend, i think we have fog to continue with tomorrow. take a look at the two days total. san jose not such the luck, only 1100 reported in the area over the last couple of days. right now temperatures in the upper 50s. as i step back this is the system here that are with us, all weekend long and bringing the showers
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and thunderstorms with us. we actually have a nice looking afternoon and now we are settling into the evening. this is the next system that heather just mentioned. the clouds are ahead of it. let me show you what happens here. first thing first, we'll talk about tomorrow morning. by 10 or 11:00, we are dealing with mostly sunny skies and it's a good looking day. wednesday we start out really nice and by the evening hour, notice high clouds,. so a little bit of a cool start but once the clouds clearing out, it's going
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to feel really good by 10:00. your extended forecast, temperatures feeling really good tomorrow, sunshine on wednesday before an increase in those clouds late in the afternoon. the showers arrive on thursday. now with your weekend in view, mostly cloudy skies and a chance for rain again on sunday. heather. >> enjoy the break while we can. the bay area is trying to raise funds so it can handle an expected in f lion. just a fraction of 900 that's recently come ashore of southern california. the center says the pup have been struggling to find food because shiping current have been moving fish out of the usual hunting ground. thank you very much for trusting ktvu channel news, we'll see you next
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time. our coverage continues tonight at 10:00. meet the opposition and the people who say they'll be heard. remember, we are always here for you at, tmz is coming up next, good night everybody.
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