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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 14, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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♪ a snowflake falls in may windy weather across the bay area topples trees and makes a sand storm of sorts at the beach and even more blustery conditions are in the forecast. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm ken wayne. from the beaches to the bridges to the inland valleys it is very windy out there. here is a live picture showing the blustery conditions in san francisco's financial district. you can get an idea of how strong the winds are right now.
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>> a very large eucalyptus tree came down at 6:30 believed to be because of the winds. fortunately no one was hurt when the tree fell. a road is now back open. we have team coverage, meteorologist mark tamayo is in the weather center. but we go to jade hernandez who's on treasure island. >> reporter: we are on treasure island to show you a better look at the bay bridge. it's one of the bridges in the area that has a wind advisory for tonight. strong gusts caused other problems along the coast. >> reporter: ocean beach turned into a roaring dune this afternoon. >> it's windy. it's really windy. >> the sunset district decided 20 feet was enough. from the beach to the great
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highway, workers couldn't clear the sand off of the road to caltranses closed it and traffic was diverted. less than 4 miles away, wind damage was still evident from last week's gust. >> we drove by and then we saw the damage and we department know about it at first. but we saw it when we got here, yeah. >> reporter: but no one seemed to mind today's conditions. >> it didn't get real bad until a few hours ago. that's when it started getting a little chilly. it's san francisco, this is as good as it gets. >> reporter: and he might be right. as for the city'srecreation and parks department, no reports of downed trees. we mentioned the bay bridge's wind advisory, there's also a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge today. looking down there on the bridge you drove across it earlier tonight what was it
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like. >> we drove across it three hours ago, it seemed the drivers were handling windy conditions but it may be a different story tomorrow morning. ken. >> jade hernandez live at yerba buena island. >> and we have meteorologist mark tamayo looking at the wind. >> pretty strong out of sfo. fairfield as you can see out of the west as well 17 miles per hour. we also have the wind gust so you can see a stronger wind. 31miles per hour at last check. as far as the wind advisory this begins tomorrow morning. this in place for the coastal areas, the north bay hills and the bay shoreline. winds could be gusting approaching 50 miles per hour. so the winds tomorrow will be stronger than today, that's a
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big concern. you can see the winds really ramping up throughout the afternoon hours at 1:00. that's projected wind, half- moon bay 34 miles per hour. whipty for your monday and the latest on live storm tracker 2. we have clouds and moisture approaching the bay area. in addition to the winds, we'll be tracking showers. we'll let you know when the wind finally move out of town. >> you can follow mark tamayo and our weather team online. it happened on highway 41 near yosemite national park around 6:15 last night. the highway patrol says the bus was going too fast when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree. 15 passengers and the tour guide suffered scrapes and bruises. the bus driver was the only person not injured.
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and tells the chp the accident was due to a problem because of the bus. >> the driver of the bus is claiming a steering problem with the bus. this vehicle was impounded for inspection purposes. the bus was operated by a buehrleing game company called seven happiness tour. the driver of the bus has a clean driving record. new information on the train derailment near fremont we first brought to you as breaking news. amtrak passengers on board were delayed for more than four hours. the coach starlight train finally pulled in at 2:00 this morning. >> it took at least half an hour once we stopped to find out what was going on. and even then we didn't really learn the true story. >> an amtrak spokesperson said
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only the locomotive wheels left the tracks. capital corridor trains will run as scheduled tomorrow. no word yet on what caused the derailment. two people were air lifted to an east bay hospital today after a shooting near a shopping mall this morning. it happened near 2:00 this morning in richmond. according to reports someone shot a man and a woman inside of a car. they managed to drive to a safer location to call for help. two helicopter landed in the hilltop mall. there is no word on their conditions or the motive for the shootings. the san francisco medical examiner today identified the victim of last night's fatal shooting in the knob hill neighborhood in the city as gear. gear was shot after some kind of argument. officers arrested a 55-year-old man in connection with that shooting. he has not been identified. investigators say he is the only suspect in the case but they have not released a motive for the attack.
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new at 10:00, an outbreak of meningitis has officials worried especially now that a victim has been found here. deborah villalon has reaction and advice from the experts. >> reporter: we found out many people here know about an ongoing meningitis outbreak in the city of new york city, now the possibility that it has come west. the message is sending ripples from california north. >> we had a case where a fit healthy man went to work out on monday to not showing up to work on friday. it kills that quickly. >> reporter: the victim just two weeks before had attended a white party in white springs. roving party, this white party attracted huge crowds and quite
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likely men two traveled to new york. >> it could be a coincidence, we don't know where his exposure occurred. >> reporter: san francisco's health department says they've been advising men to vaccinate against meningitis before going to new york. not so huge that san francisco is expanding it's travel vaccination advice. at least not until the staff has heard from l.a. authorities. >> they're going to be looking at when did he get sick. they're going to look closely
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where his exposures might have occurred. >> reporter: bacterial men -- meningitis is rare. but it comes on like the flu and even when it's caught with antibiotics it can spread quickly. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. hugo chavez hand picked heir has narrowly won sre -- venezuelan's
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presidential campaign. you don't have to understand the chants or know the candidates to hear the passion. >> the place where i grew up no longer exists. >> reporter: maritza got in line to vote, along supporters of chavez. they support chavez heir. >> he represents continuity of the chavez project. the socialists boulevarian project. >> reporter: police stepped into this argument. >> this guy is with the venezuelan government and he's trying to get a picture of me. >> reporter: there was no proof
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of the claim that some say elections hasn't handed one man. a poster next to the voting table of chavez that claims his victory is your victory. the question is how much his influence lives on. >> it's about the democracy and about the liberty in venezuelan. >> they only represent a tiny amount of the vote in venezuela. >> reporter: they say they're votes won't be counted until the official vote is in. the tax deadline is here. the last minute unexpected help from some bay area students that they're providing for free. >> the debate over gun control heating up once again. the compromise that's gaining ground on capitol hill. >> i was loved -- >> looking for unknown vi
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tomorrow marks the deadline to file your taxes and today ktvu's lorane b l anco finds enough procrastinator and the people that have waited may surprise
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you. >> reporter: she's a cal student during the week, a certified tax preparer during the weekends. >> it's really cool when you see the numbers going up and they get their refunds. i am thinking, i'm actually helping some of these people get their income taxes. >> reporter: she is one of the tax preparers for the irs income help assistance. >> i thought it was a good way to help out people in a practical way. >> reporter: oakland residents wrapped around thestair well on 15th street. >> i got here at 9:00 thinking i was going to be the first one. someone beat me, 6:45. >> lots of procrastinators. >> yeah. >> we need more places like this place. to give back to the oakland community. >> reporter: many who come for help have no idea how the tax
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process works. sometime it is less experience tax preparers get a few funny looks. >> i'm just like, i'm only a second year student. some people are really like, oh that's a cool thing. >> reporter: the nonprofit center opens again tomorrow for free tax help. from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. you can just walk right in but you can expect a very long wait. in oakland, lorraine blanco. >> oakland's main postoffice at 1675 seventh street will be open until 10:00 tomorrow night and it will have curb side drop off. san francisco's busiest postoffice will also be open until 10:00. the main office will remain open until 8:00. fewer stations are open late this year because so many taxpayers are filing online. about three dozen protesters gathered in normally quiet downtown petaluma today
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for a demonstration and march. the protesters marched from henry park through downtown in front of the mystic theater and down to the hotel petaluma on washington street. the renovation plan by the new owners are forcing dozens of low income tenants out of their home. many of whom had lived there for years. the new older wants to return the building to an upscale hotel. the petaluma city council says since no taxpayers dollars have been involved, they must approve the request. a small group of demonstrators gathered in oakland. a former pastor along with members of the group s.n.a.p.
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or the sur -- surviving victims of people abused by priests. >> today i asked the bishop on the names of priests that have been accused and how much money has been spent on legal fees. >> reporter: the bishop was sympathetic but did not announce if he would release the information. santorum has cancelled several appearances scheduled for tomorrow in iowa but is expected to resume his full schedule next week. john kerry gave his speech about north korea. japan along with south korea and the u.s. have been the target of scathing rhetoric from north korea. the u.s. is open to authentic
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negotiations, he warns north korea to back down. >> the north's dangerous nuclear weapons program threatens not only north korea's neighbors but it threatens its own people. >> the kerry's meeting monday before returning to washington. meanwhile north korea celebrating the birthday of its founder. the nation's top officials met in the capital as well. a state news broadcast predicted that north korea will expand its nuclear force and prepare for quote all out war against the u.s. a florida police sergeant fired because of controversial gun targets is telling his side of the story. sergeant ron king was fired friday by the port canaveral police department after video was released of him shooting a
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target resembled trayvon martin. sergeant king said the targets were an example of what not to shoot. ktvu's katy yutas says there seems to be a compromise but that does not mean the rank on file will accept it. >> reporter: the pair came up with a compromise for expanded background checks in gun sales. john mccain a leading gop conservative says he wants to know more about background checks for internet gun transactions but giving their plan a preliminary thumbs up. >> i've got to give them credit and i want to look at it but i'm very favorably disposed. >> reporter: still there is some conservative push back. jeff sessions told abc he doesn't think the deal will pass and complaints that current gun laws are not
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adequately enforced. republican mike lee can't get behind it either. >> this bill i believe would do more to limit the laws. >> this is about if it's legal to make it easier for people who are already not supposed to be weapons to own them. >> reporter: whether or not it has enough conservative votes to pass remains a question. we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday about a gun buy back program in san mateo county. jackie spear called the buy back a success. 250 firearms were collected at the courthouse yesterday. in all organizers paid about $23,000 to recover the guns.
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one hundred dollars for handguns, rivals and shotguns and $200 for assault weapons. several popular rides at disney shut down. the concerns being released tonight. >> the dramatic way a convicted armed robber broke out of prison. >> an alert issued at san jose university. >> i'm still tracking enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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all are reportedly fine. the captain tug boat is owned by an alameda tow. the islamic group alshada is claiming responsible for the attack. militants dressed in somali uniforms entered the building and started shooting. an extensive man hunt is under way after a convicted robber blasted his way out of prison. said is reknowned in france where he claims to have modeled
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his crimes after hollywood movies. he was in prison for 10 years, he was returned to prison in 2011 for a parol violation after investigators say said was behind a robbery where a woman was killed? disney shut down several rides after citations. the matterhorn ride was closed today but was reopened later today. raising thousands of the dollars one cup at a time. how a north bay 9-year-old is using an old fashion lemonade stand to make social change. how
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a 9-year-old in marin county is taking on issue well beyond her years. the woman is hoping to make a big difference with a little lemonade stand. >> i was hoping it would be hot today. >> hurry. >> would you like some lemonade. >> vivian and turner spent a couple of hours in the salsalito sun. >> i'm raising awareness about napoli. >> reporter: the two were inspired after seeing a picture of napoli boys carrying slabs. >> she's raising money one cup at a time.
12:01 am
but we set up a web page where people can donate and buy a lemonade. it's a for profit company that can operate in the interest of the good rather than in the interest of profit. >> right now the family is squeezing the lemonade by hand but are hoping to have the product on stores by next month. vivian says she's worked the stand 144 days in a row but is hoping to make it a full year. >> i think what they're doing is amazing. >> i like what i'm doing to myself. doing something important and saying we did it. i am just going to keep doing it until that point. >> reporter: in sausalito, cara liu, channel 2 news. san jose san francisco officials are alerting students
12:02 am
that an armed robbery occurred on campus. they are described as a white male wearing a hoodie and an african american man wearing a dark gray windbreaker and blue jeans. these pictures were taken yesterday, they show a woman who asked to take a test drive and left a driver's license. a license the owner of the store believes is fake. the woman road off on a bike and never came back. >>-- his younger brother kerry is on death row.
12:03 am
during kerry's trial his fathers testified they felt they neglected them as they worried about their kidnapped son. the older steinard died last month at the age of 79. the words of a notorious killer has investigators looking for six victims years later. they're asking for the public's help now. it's a story you will only see on 2. >> i'm not accountable of anyone else by me. >> reporter: curtis d. anderson was already notorious for the death of lazario when the fbi came to talk to him about the disappearance of schwartz, he would admit to killing her too. investigators say this man revealed he had six more victims no one had heard about. >> he had told me that the
12:04 am
first time he killed somebody was probably early 84. >> reporter: marty parker was one of two fbi agents who conducted the 5-1/2 hour interview with anderson. he was just 23 or 24 years old when anderson said he killed three young women possibly run aways near marysville. >> this is what he just called disposable people railroad -- >> reporter: he met another victim at a bar. he said she might have been 21 but did not give agents much to go on. he would only say he dumped the body in the hills in late november of 84. but investigators are hoping the public can identify other victims. anderson remembered it happened around the same time the north hollywood shoot out between police and bank robbers was grabbing headlines in 1987. he said he met a woman named rosie in san jose.
12:05 am
anderson said he strangled her and dumped her body near ben lomond300 yards past a retainment pond. >> he thinks she was probably mixed hispanic and black and that she had noticeable junkie tracks on her arms. i think somebody knows rosie. >> reporter: they are all details the fbi hasn't shared until now. parker says they are out of leads and need the public's help. >> it's really frustrating to know that there's probably families out there who just wonder what happened to their loved ones and think they will never know. >> reporter: while parker acknowledges anderson lied about some of his experiences with women, she says these cases are different in part because he admitted making mistakes and shared details of a 1989 killing so brutal it even seemed to bother anderson. >> he stated he picked a navajo woman from benetia, the main
12:06 am
drag in benetia. >> reporter: just like he did with schwartz, anderson said they drove to arizona before he strayed from his mo. >> he said she was getting mouthy and he was getting irritated with her. when they were in arizona he took her out, strapped her to the car and dragged her for miles. >> reporter: agents created a time line with that information and used it to rule him out of other cases such as the disappearance of ilene mishelof. >> any thought this guy would have stopped doing what he was doing. >> absolutely not. he would have never stopped. he even told us if he got out of jail that day the next day he would pick someone else up. >> reporter: just a month after parker interviewed him,
12:07 am
anderson died behind bars taking with him the best chance of gathering more information about so many unsolved cases. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the fbi has set up a hot line for anyone with information about any of these cases. the number is 1-800-call-fbi. and coming up right after the 10:00 news, a second look will have more with the fbi about curtis dean anderson and his victims. in the sierra, to this symphony of flavor:
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the snow season is winding down as one tahoe resort officially ended at season today. sugar bowl held festivities this weekend to show appreciate to season ticketholders. today also marked the last day of the season for cross country skiers at royal gorge cross country. >> ski resorts closing doesn't mean the snow is over. we toss it over to mark tamayo. you say we could see snow out of the system that's moving through. >> snow showers tomorrow coming down to 5,000 feet. a snow producer in the sierra and maybe maybe a shower producer here in the bay area. but some cool temperatures right now lots of upper 40s or basically 50s out there. santa rosa 52 degrees right now. mountain view 55 and san jose 54. as far as those wind speeds we've been talking a lot about the strong winds. they have backed up a little bit but still pretty strong winds out of sfo right at 22
12:11 am
miles per hour. we have some high clouds and a little bit of activity in the radar. nothing too major just yet. as this moisture moves in, we could have a few scattered showers early tomorrow morning. not much in the way of shower cover but we could rule a chance of a spotty sprinkle. first thing tomorrow morning between 4:00 and 6:00. you will see this forecast model scales back on the cloud cover by the afternoon hours. that slight chance of a shower, cool and breezy to start off your monday. temperatures pretty chilly. mainly in the 40s out toward santa rosa and napa. san francisco 46 and san jose starting out tomorrow morning in the mid-40s. we have been watching this weather system. this will be the evidential track. strong winds and that wind advisory kicking in tomorrow morning at 9:00. the cooling trend, temperatures for tomorrow only in the upper 50s to lower 60s. once the system moves out. the cold air remains in place and we could be tracking patchy
12:12 am
fog for tuesday morning and wednesday morning: as far as the wind advisory once again. this beginning at 11:00 tomorrow morning. winds could be approaching 45 to 50 miles per hour. so definitely the strong winds a concern again into monday. in fact, stronger than today. here's our forecast model throughout the day showing you the projected winds. the gusts throughout the afternoon hours. you can see half-moon bay 43 miles per hour. santa rosa 32. concord 27 miles per hour. so get the idea winds will not be calm tomorrow. increasing with the intensity throughout the afternoon and into the early evening hours. forecast highs for tomorrow, 53. san jose 62. half-moon bay 58. and san mateo 60 degrees. your five day forecast and a lot going on over the next few days. tomorrow windy, there's a chance of a light shower or sprinkle throughout the morning hours. with the clouds moving out. the cold air lingers.
12:13 am
patchy frost first thing tuesday morning. and then we go the other direction maureen and ken. warmest locations by the weekends could be approaching the 80-degree mark. it's that time of year we talk about a variety of weather elements. you're going to see those big warning signs to warn you of the strong winds. >> we're kind of going on back to back wind storms we just had a really big wind storm a few days ago. >> last weekend at this time, we were talking about the strong winds. so basically a repeat performance. >> the showers, frost and almost 80s. >> all right, thank you mark. >> got it all. thank you mark. the giants with a wild come back in chicago. >> and what australian adam scott [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. this 77th masters championship was once again a dramatic seesaw. cabrera used his son as caddy. he faced snetecker. finished tied for sixth. tiger woods has never once come from behind to win the title and he didn't do that today either. he finish great where he started today 4-back. and jason birdied the first
12:17 am
hole then on the five. an eagle for jason day. no australian has ever won the master not even the great craig norman. but watch another aus si e scott for the birdie. angel likes it. the ball takes a nice bounce. rolls close for a tap in birdie. the 43-year-old angel cabrera is trying to be the first grandfather ever to win the masters. cabrera's tee was close enough after he follows with this daring second shot. cabrera is starting to think, this championship is slipping away from me. back to day, he took sole
12:18 am
possession lead. suddenly he's cool again. a birdie to share the lead at 8- under with adam scott. on 18th he's thinking one thing. birdie. great scott. yes. tiger's former caddy on scott's bag. he's chalking through it all. he's listening. he calls it within gimmey range to force sudden range. how do you like that son that's what i'm talking about. they go to the tenth hole. cabrera puts fourth. takes it high and it stays high. missed by an inch. but it might have well been a mile. because scott belly putter drilling the best put of his life. adam scott becomes the first
12:19 am
australian ever to win the masters. and leading last year's british open slip away. but you know they are still popping the cans of foster in australian tonight. >> i found my way today. i don't know how to digest it all at the moment but it was incredible. australia is a proud sporting nation but this is one sport we never got. it's amazing that it came down to me today. it could have been any of us. but there's one guy that inspired me today, that's norman and part of this belongs to him. >> scott day and mark lishman. but argentina has to be proud
12:20 am
of angel cabrera's performance. pitcher tim lincecum got in trouble early only to get bailed out by those lovable losers the cubs. fans at the stadium, the guy in the middle is wearing under pants in his head in honor of hunter pence. and bryan scores. combined to tie the major league record with five wild pitches. then the nick nunan collects his two major league rbis. griego blanco scores. hello nunan. now in the 8th inning. jeremy came in to relieve but he didn't really do much of that as he walks luis valveno. cals take a 7-2 lead.
12:21 am
remember our friend the under pants guy. the real hunter pence comes up in the 9th inning. a solo home run. we're going extra innings. call him what you want. now to the top of the tenth. another chicago mistake. camp bos with a man on third. that sends hector sanchez home. san francisco wins three out of four in chilly chicago. they take off monday then play three games in milwaukee starting on tuesday. now former ace pitcher gio gonzalez and the nationals try to slow down the visiting atlanta braves. gio didn't get it run. third inning to make it 7-0 bravos. they've outscored opponents 62-
12:22 am
3 and they can also play defense. reed johnson, jason werth in the sixth. atlanta burning up the standings as they sweep the nationals. and it didn't take long for the oakland a's to go from a good vibe to the shadows of doubt. and tiger's already led 1-0 in the first when victor martinez hit the wall at center. it's going to be close but hunter even though he's getting a little long and toothie he still has skills. hunter had a double. that's a nice day but austin jackson was more awesome. jackson had four hits including the 2-run homer. that's more than the vpa today because tiger's sanchez was able to hold off the attempt of any rally. you can't hit what you can't seeset. sanchez allows one run, three
12:23 am
hits through seven. detroit tallies 10 runs on 14 hits and cabrera adds yet two more singles. they win two out of three today. jared parker falls to 0-2. warriors receive [ horn honks ]
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get chase liquid. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. warriors welcome san antonio to oakland tomorrow night. now the spurs lost to the kobeless lakers tonight. the spurs could be golden state's play off opponent. because the rockets also beat
12:27 am
sacramento. seems harden scored 29 points he also had nine assists. to craig smist and harden repeats the effort. houston is now tied for sixth place but the rockets earn the tie breaker. warriors could face the spurs. but the warriors are going to the nba play offs for the first time since 2007. the young guns steph curry and thompson set that tone. >> they compete against each other in practice but this season curry and clay teamed up to set an nba record for the most three pointers left for abdul. 266 and counting. >> that's just what they do, they were born to shoot. >> they're very patient and they take good quality looks. i don't think you can find two better shooting back court
12:28 am
partners in the history of the game. >> that's what we have to use as a threat. >> reporter: steph curry leads the nba with 263 breeze. and he's shooting over 63% beyond the arch. because he's improved thanks to curry's example. >> he doesn't let the threat bother him that much. you have to crowd him. he's great at creating space. and both have quick leases. i've always been the best shooter on my team from middle school on. so having a guy that shows good if not better than me, it's very challenging. as long as we're executing at a high level, making high cuts and good offense means good defense most of the time. >> now steph has two more games to make nine more three pointers to break the record of
12:29 am
269. >> it's a thing of beauty to watch. we are truly witnessing greatness and an all time great shooter. now whenever the earthquakes in portland timbers meet there will be blood. exhibit a in portland tonight. timbers silvers, selvestri is on the wrong end of an elbow. he took one for the team because redburn was given a red card. breaks are 2-2 with two ties. and these two teams again meet in santa clara just one week. that's sports as we see it for this sunday night edition of sports rap. giants again win, a's get hit hard by detroit. adam scott the first australian to win the masters. >> what a day to remember. >> wasn't that fun. they had a great backdrop and great drama throug.


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