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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 16, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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well wishers keep vigil out the blast area as we get new information about the deadly boston bombings. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terror. >> good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. tonight the investigation into that deadly attack is reaching
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full speed as the realization slowly takes hold that innocent americans even children have once again come under attack on u.s. soil. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's deborah villalon has been exploring one theory about the person responsible. but we begin in the newsroom with ken wayne and the kitchen appliance used to make those bombs. >> reporter: investigators have made significant progress in the 34 hours since the attacks. they've determined who pressure cookers were used as bombs. investigators combing the blast area say they determined the items used in the bombs. they found the remains of a pressure cooker. they also recovered this pack it apparently contained one of
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the crude devices. >> it was determined that both the explosives were placed in a dark colored nylon bag or backpack. the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. >> reporter: a boston tv station showed this imagine of a bag next to a mailbox amidst the marathon crowd and the same area after the blast. evidence perhaps of a point of origin. the images have been turned over to authorities. more than 2,000 tips have come in. >> the fbi is conducting the investigation. the fbi is very good at this. so i have no reason to believe that they won't have a successful investigation that will end in an arrest. >> reporter: the investigation is building in the understanding of how the attack was carried out but so far not who was responsible or why. >> whether it was planned an executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic. or was the act a malevolent
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individual. >> so we're back to square one with regards to who and why. >> reporter: the white house says it will take some time but those questions will be answered. >> all across the nation and around the world, the force of the united states is working hard to find those responsible. >> reporter: a saudi questioned yesterday has been cleared. they say the race was one of the most photographed events in the world. live in the newsroom, ken wayne. >> reporter: now to ktvu deborah villalon, she's live in san francisco and tells us that using a pressure cooker may be
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crude but it's been used in the past. and it was used now. >> reporter: used to cook dinner, used in india to bomb trains and planted in boston to kill and maim in a crowd. >> i suppose this was a one awful wolf type of person. >> reporter: extremists pack their pressure cookers with complex explosives requiring heat. the fact that boston's bomber apparently used gun powder -- >> points to an amateur who kind of got past the instructions on the internet but couldn't follow through in creating this particular type of bomb which would have been much more destructive. >> reporter: more destructive too had the bomber held it up instead of leaving it on the ground. >> he was not prepared to die in the process. this is not a crazy suicide bomber which is the motive of al-qaida. >> reporter: this photo of malasia soldiers comes from
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u.s. homeland security. twice in the past decade the government has issued warnings to emergency responders to watch out for the appliances if seen out of place could be converted ieds. >> locked and loaded. >> reporter: a pressure cooker on a sidewalk would certainly look odd. but in boston they were out of sight apparently in backpacks or duffel bags. still it was a new standard in new york three years -- new islander in new york three years ago that foiled a bomb. again bombs made of pressure cookers. >> we've been very lucky over the last decade. that this has been a relatively rare event. but it will happen and it will happen in the future. >> reporter: forensic experts will try to learn all they can from the mangled cookers. from their age, their brand and where they were purchased. we bought this one today for about 40 bucks and it's about the same size as the ones found in boston.
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reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama called the deadly bombings an act of terror today. it's a phrase he avoided yet when the investigation was still in flux. >> this is a cowardly act, given what we have learned, the defense department is calls it an act of terror. >> reporter: the president is scheduled to travel to boston on thursday and attend an interfaith service as police and other law enforcement remain on high alert. the stories of those who died are coming to light. those killed include an 8-year- old, martin richards. he was a spectator at the race along with his parents, father and sister. also killed crystal campbell of
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arlington. she's being remembered for her generous spirit. crystal had been going to watch the marathon since she was a little girl. the third victim was a gradual student. she was from china. the consulate refused to release her name at the request of her family. crystal's mother struggled with her emotions as she remembered a woman who was full of life. >> she was always smiling. i can't believe this is happening. she was such a hard worker at everything she did. this doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: third grader martin richard recently celebrated his first communion. richard's mother and younger sisters are also hospitalized tonight. neighbors say the mother suffered a serious brain injury and the 6-year-old sister lost her leg. in all, 176 people were injured. most have been treated and released. but those who remain
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hospitalized have severe injuries. massachusetts general hospital is among 12 hospitals caring for the victims. a trauma surgeon said today she couldn't describe having to amputate someone's limbs. the victim's range in age from five to 78. many will face a lifetime of challenges. here in the bay area tonight, people attended a fundraiser for an 11-year-old boy from martinez who was injured in the boston bombings. he's still in the hospital tonight. ktvu is in martinez with how the little boy is doing and also with how a local restaurant is helping out. >> reporter: frank we're at rocks at main where the owners held a fundraiser. they said starting tonight the proceeds from every tuesday will be donated to the boy and his family until they come home. a local blues rock band provided the entertainment, restaurant workers volunteered their time and donated their tips. >> i think it's awesome, thank
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you for coming in. >> reporter: co-owner roxanne cole says news of 11-year-old aaron hern's injury affected many in the community. >> yesterday was a difficult day for everyone. it hit home in the community. >> reporter: the owners tell me all of today's proceeds will go to the hern's family to go for expenses while aaron receives treatment. today over the phone, aaron's father says he is doing very well. >> he's doing well tonight, he is resting under sedation. he has a breathing tube in so they want him to rest and maintain that. >> he is respected by everyone at the school. everyone likes him. he's a really nice guy. he goes to the practices. >> reporter: aaron's grandmother spoke with us when
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she stopped by the family home. >> it's heartbreaking that we have to go places and not feel comfortable that we're going to be safe. >> reporter: the owners tell me they raised $5,000 tonight. aaron is expected to under go another surgery tomorrow. the hope is that he can come home in about two weeks in time for his 12th birthday. live in martinez, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with the 10:00 news in seven minutes, reunions today at sfo. we're there as flights from boston arrive. the questions that law enforcement had for passengers before they departed. in washington, d.c., capital police are on alert because of a letter addressed to a senator that tested positive twice for the poison risen. the letter was sent to the office of roger wicker of
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mississippi. congressional officials say that the letter was stamped memphis but no return address. the letter was discovered at a postal processing where mail for congress is screened. it has not been sent to an fbi crime lab. also in washington, the senate judiciary committee is expected to roll out next week. a release was expected for tomorrow but was later delayed because of the bombings in boston. schumer met with president obama and discussed along with the so called gang of eight. here is what was discussed, a new requirement for employees to check the legal status of
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their workers. >> in 90 seconds five people arrested for the murder of a bay area paramedic. what the police chief found most upsetting about the suspects. >> it's a case of high vandalism in south san
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firefighters say the homeowner told them there were 200 rounds of ammunition in the garage. the crews were able to put out the fire in about two hours. no word on what caused that fire. investigators in the south bay are looking for the person who sabotaged a pg & e substation and fiberoptics line. christien kafton is live in san jose where investigators say the nature of this vandalism is helping them to narrow their potential list of suspects. >> reporter: we're here at the sheriff's command center. they're looking for evidence at this hour. meanwhile workers there in the distance, you might see some lights. workers trying to repair the damage that was done today. the saboteur struck with such
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precision, it appears that the saboteur has knowledge of the system. neighbors living in the area were worried. >> with everything going on right now you can only be paranoid. >> reporter: invest >> reporter: investigators say it all started at 6:26 this morning when all systems for gilroy suddenly died. then phone systems and data lines went down. by 6:45, someone had used a high powered rifle to take down the transmission center. pg & e was on the scene this morning. pg & e managed to keep if power flowing but the vandal knew exactly where to strike. >> they knew where to go for the fiberoptic. they knew where to cut. they also were able to take out some very, very critical parts of the pg & e substation. >> reporter: tonight investigators are looking for tips and are talking to neighbors and reviewing
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surveillance video looking for the vandal. >> we do have some film from at&t. but it was clearly tack -- dark at the time so it's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: some power equipment may still have to be taken offline. so cal issued a flex alert asking residents to restrict their use to ease any strain on the system. meanwhile i did speak with at&t about 45 minutes ago. they told me that the 911 system in gilroy has been restored but they're still having difficult with land lines and mobile use in that area so it's still difficult for people to make calms out. christien kafton, ktvu news. chief howard jordan called on parents, teachers and adults to step up. chief jordan said five teenagers are being held in connection with the death of
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quinn bowyer. the off duty paramedic was killed while in his car. >> i am deeply concerned that the people responsibility of this man's murder range from the age of 14 to 16 years old. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: meantime mourners gather to say goodbye to bowyer as he was laid to rest in oakland. that's where he attended school and served as an altar boy. the stock market rebounded after yesterday's deep losses. the dow gained more than half of what it lost on monday. and the nasdaq was up 48. one analyst said investors should expect more volatility until there are strong signs that the economy is
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strengthening. the commerce department said home builders passed the 1,000 mark. the biggest increase was in apartment construction. home building is expected to continue this year. american airlines is recovering after their system went down and they had to cancel all it flights. the cause of that problem was not immediately clear. some boston marathon runners return to the bay area today including an 80-year-old former mayor of santa cruz. they say they are stunned of how quickly the celebration turned to carnage. jana katsuyama shares some of their stories tonight. >> reporter: after all the worry, now the wait. at sfo today family and friends search for familiar faces returning from boston.
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ashley french ran the marathon last year and had a friend there last year when the bomb exploded. relieved today that that friend finally came home. passengers said heightened security was visible. >> i did notice police with their guns like ready. which you don't normally see. >> reporter: police had extra patrols at sfo and nationwide. homeland security officials in boston were asking to see runners cell phone photos or video that might help the investigation. >> they just kind of came up and casually asked us. if we had seen anything, if we had photo of any family or friends it might be something they could use. >> all of a sudden all these people come toward us. >> reporter: kathy was running her ninth marathon, and is a former mayor of santa cruz, she had to stop the run with others. >> they all came up in 11
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unmarked cars. just were going 90 miles per hour on our rout. >> reporter: an end to the race she never expected and will never forget. >> then we certainly saw them, yeah. it was terrible. terrible. >> reporter: many passengers say their hearts go out to the victims. most airlines are waving fees for ticket changes out of boston. at sfo, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a long time voice of the nfl pat sum era ll died today in texas at the age of 82. summ era ll spent 18 years at the announcement booth, madden said he was more than a broadcasting partner he was a friend. som era ll called the play by play for 16 super bowls. before that he spent 10 years playing football for the detroit lions, chicago cardinals and new york giants.
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temperatures increased today a few degrees. we had some upper 60s and even a 70-degree reading in santa rosa. tomorrow's temperatures coming up further. outside the winds are dying down. with the lighter winds we're seeing 8 miles per hour at oakland out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour in santa rosa. this is much less wind than we saw last night. the temperatures tonight are really going to die down. dewpoints in some places are in the mid- and upper 30s. dewpoints is an indication of how low it could get. currently in napa it's 63 degrees. by tomorrow morning, napa could easily get down to 35 or 38 degrees. look for frost in the morning hours. it'll be a warmer day tomorrow. i'll get back here at 10:35, the specific forecast high for your city and the details for that warming trend in the five day forecast. we'll see you back here. >> working bolts on the bay bridge. coming up in three minutes
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revealing new information tonight about tests that could have detected
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water service is just beginning to return to several customers after a water main broke around 3:00 this afternoon. it happened on lorenzo avenue across from a high school. only seven customers are affected but that includes the school. no word yet on what caused the pipe to break. new questions are being raised tonight about those failed bolts on the new eastern span of the new bridge. caltrans engineers ordered tests back in 2008 that could possibly have revealed the problems. but state documents show the tests were never done after if contractor argued they weren't necessary. caltranss is still working on how to fix those broken bolts and there is a chance that
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could delay the scheduled labor day opening. now to the south bay where three teenagers faced a juvenile court judge today. they are all accused of sexually assaulting a girl who took her own life just days later. robert handa tonight on the legal steps ahead in this emotionally charged case. >> reporter: the parents of audrey pot came to attend the hearing of the three teenage boys accused of assaulting their daughter. at a news conference the pots family say the alleged attack on a drunk and unconscious audrey let to her suicide. but a legal analyst said if judge likely reminded everyone the juvenile court hearing must be kept private. so the pot family left only a brief message. >> the family would like to thank everybody for the support they've received all over the world. >> reporter: whether a decision
11:56 pm
was made on the boys has not been public. a deputy district attorney refused to confirm any details but did say it would be up to his office to convince a judge whether juvenile should be tried as adults. >> and say your honor this young man or this young woman cannot be rehabilitated in the juvenile system and they should be prosecuted and adjudicated as an assault. a case like that would be some sexual offenses where the victim is intoxicated. >> reporter: there was more legal action outside the legal center. tonight the pots family filed a claim against the saratoga school district that could set up a possible lawsuit in the future. robert handa, ktvu news. the san jose city council voted 10-1 tonight to approve the lease of 21 acres at the
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city's airport for an expansion project. signature lance support and its companies are expected to expand. the city says the annual rent would be at least $2.6 million. transportation officials in san francisco have now given the green light to a plan to increase the number of taxis. the board of directors of the city's municipal transportation agency voted to add an addition 200 permits and an additional 200 next year. there's a long waiting list for permits or medallions which cost $250,000 each. a major earthquake sends people out into the street. in news of the world, the death toll tonight and just how widely the shaking was felt. >> we can show how much love there is and that can beat out all the hate that was shown
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you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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a moment of silence to remember the boston bombing victims before the red sox took on the indians in cleveland today. a jersey that read boston strong with the number 617 for the boston area code was hung in the dug out and fans in the stands also displayed signs of support. in boston itself a lot of people are coming together to show that a bomber isn't going to destroy their city. ktvu's patti lee was at one memorial this evening where friends remembered a fellow students. >> reporter: in boston, memorials are growing in number and in size. this one is near the site of the blast. and consists of flowers, flags,
12:01 am
balloons and messages of sorrow and hope. students from boston university gathered after learning that a fellow student was one of the three that had been killed in the blast. they wrote signs which they then taped to the barricades. their goal to send messages of hope to the city and to the world. >> we just want to show everybody that people still care. and that boston comes together as a community and boston university can come together as a community and we can show how much love there is and that can beat out all the hate that was shown yesterday. >> reporter: storms toppled the barricades several times smashing flowers and sending signs flying. there's a question on how long these memorials can with stand the wind and weather. but boston police assure us they will pick up these barricades every time they fall. in boston, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. stay with us for continuing coverage in seven minutes the
12:02 am
security changes that some area spectators may notice. and the type of forensic evidence being analyzed to find those responsible for the bombings. a family is grieving the loss of a 7-year-old girl who died in a fire in japan town. the fire started last night on north fifth street in a detached garage that had been converted into a bedroom for mariah and her 4-year-old sister. the 4-year-old suffered burns in the fire but survived. >> we tried to get through the house and they were still in there. so my daughter and him were screaming to try to go in there and get her. we couldn't get her. >> reporter: there is no word yet on what caused the fire and fire officials have not said if there was smoke alarms in that detached garage. detectives are now looking into the deaths of three people in a three alarm fire on south
12:03 am
daniel way. firefighters pulled the body of a woman in her 80s out of the house last night as the house was still burning but they were unable to revive her. officials say a badly burned body was found later after the fire was out. the age and gender of that lady has still not been determined. -- that after she pled not guilty coembezzlement charges. joanne seani also known as joanne dearman stole $450,000 from the agency between 2009 and 2011. the assistant pleaded no contest back in february. in 2007, seami was arrested for allegedly embezzling $568,000 from a previous employer but she was never convicted. in news of the world tonight in iran a 7.7 earthquake hit a remote area
12:04 am
near a border with pakistan killing at least 34 people. the quake was felt across much of pakistan and as far away as india. in the african nation of mali, food shortages are getting worse. it's been trying to distribute food to people displaced by fighting. french and malayan forces are fighting. the u.s. force is saying they're trying to provide food for half a million people each month. and margaret thatcher's casket was taken to parliament. queen elizabeth and many world leaders are expected for tomorrow's service. demonstrations against margaret thatcher are also possible.
12:05 am
oakland mayor jean quan was joined by community members to call for a new job resource center in west oakland. >> what do we want? >> good jobs. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> this evening the council did in fact, approve a half million dollars budget for the west oakland job resource center. the money will come from the revenue from five billboards located on 880. the job center will be based at the west oakland library and will serve as a resource center for job seekers. >> facebook rolled out a new version today of its i pad four and i pads. in that version facebook effectively takes other the home screen. in the apple version the pop ups are confined to the apps itself. the news was mixed today if yahoo. add revenue dropped 11% from the same quarter last year. but earnings rose 36% which was
12:06 am
better than analysts expected. marisa myers says the company is on the right track. but u.s. sales fell 11% in extended training. the line up for today's festival was announced today and it includes a huge headliner. yeah, paul mccartney is going to headline along with the red hot chili peppers and nine inch nails. you can go to our website for the full line up and more details just look under today's hot topics. we're following developing news right now, a highway collision has left a pedestrian dead. what we learned after the break. phil martin tracking some changes in our weather. at 10:45 he's back with the trends you're going to notice for the rest of the week.
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in wall nothing -- in walnut creek and across the nation flags are flying half staff in the wake of the boston bombings. sports fans will notice immediate changes. >> reporter: in the wake of boston bombings officers are out in force patrolling the city's attractions. >> we will be working as if it were days after september 11. >> reporter: at a ground
12:10 am
breaking, mayor ed lee told us he's consulting with the department of public works about next month's beta breakers race because of concerns that a dangerous device could be placed in a trash can. >> i'm focused on use of the trash cans and whether or not along the rout we might simply remove them. >> reporter: supporters say sports fans will have little to fear. >> you have security in and out, you have a place to check bags. >> reporter: for now it's unclear how long police will step up patrols or what it will cost in overtime. >> i know the board of supervisors will agree with me. public security there's no cost to it. we have to do what we have to do to keep everybody secure and that's going to be a priority. >> reporter: soccer fans can expect a bombing of force tomorrow night. police say they will have a
12:11 am
larger than normal presence for a soccer match between mexico and peru. developing news from marin county tonight where a pedestrian has been killed on highway 101 in san rafael it happened just about 8:30. the highway patrol says the individual was hit by a car while walking on the shoulder of the freeway near the san pedro road exit. a second car also sustained damage and stopped. the hit-and-run car is believed to be silver. all lanes of highway 101 reopened a short time ago. >> berkeley police say a month long investigation has led to the arrest of a man who knowingly bought stolen cell phones. police sent us a picture of some of the picture that is were recovered. a worker on adeline bought and sold stolen phones. he has been identified at solati salai. there's now two tree
12:12 am
sitters staging an environment show down. tonight a man from fort brag who was arrested in this incident earlier this month returned to the trees. the protesters say the highway 101 bypass will devastate wetlands and pollute waters that are home to salmon and trout. they say it includes a $50 million project to wildlife. peacing together the boston bombings. we talked to experts on how video and pictures that may appear useless could help
12:13 am
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in campbell about a dozen people took part of a run. the informal run was organized by the owner of a sports shop. he said a number of his customers had qualified to run in the boston marathon. ktvu rob roth spoke to a former fbi agent with all the work involved to find those responsible. >> reporter: stitching together the many hours of video taken before, during and after the explosion is laborious but essential in solving the boston bombings. according to current and former law enforcement officials. rick smith says the fbi will use the videos to create a precised time line. >> who left the scene after or before it was placed. there were most people there to
12:16 am
watch the finish. >> reporter: and investigators will cross check videos. another target of investigation near by cell phone towers. authorities believe cell phones may have triggered the bomb. >> try to connect the exact moment of detonation to the exact moment a call came in. and the number that was used for the detonation. >> reporter: agents are likely contacting informants inside extremist groups overseas. >> by the way the device is manufactured they can often tell you know the individual bomb maker. >> reporter: and gascon says important tips may come from citizens, the fbi has a hot line for people to call in. >> they are sometimes better equipped than anybody else to talk about maybe an outsider that came into the community a few days before. >> reporter: the head of the fbi officer in boston says
12:17 am
authorities will go to the ends of the earth to find out who's responsible. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news now out of stproápb -- out of san francisco at this hour. police are out searching for two escapees from juvenile house. the search began at the detention facility in the twin peaks neighborhood. police are not releasing details about the individuals but an eyewitness tells us a large number of officers are now combing the area near the facility at the top of market street. the self-described pimp accused of killing a rapper on the las vegas strip is back in vegas tonight. amar harris was extradited from los angeles where he had been held since his arrest on february 28th. harris is due in court tomorrow
12:18 am
on multiple felony counts. carnival says it is in the process of sending payment to the coast guard. the coast guard calculated the combined cost of those two incidents at more than $2 million. warmer today as i mentioned, warmer tomorrow. these are the temperatures from today and you can just add five or six. upper 70s tomorrow. we're warming up because this weather system out here, you see it rotating this way is moving to the east. as it does we start to dry up. we start to warm up. you get high pressure building in right here and that sets us up with sort of a north- northwesterly wind and that's maybe a little bit east as we go into thursday and friday. enough to warm us up. santa rosa could easily get
12:19 am
into the mid-30s tonight. napa could get into the mid- and upper 30s tomorrow night. when you wake up tomorrow morning it's chilly. you send the kids out i know you will need jackets in that early rush. especially in the napa valley, jackets. forecast tomorrow warmer by five and maybe even 10 degrees. here are some of the forecasts for tomorrow's lows. when you consider the time of year this is pretty chilly. again frost could form with some of these temperatures especially the north and east valleys. yellows are 70s. all the 70s popping up. lots of 60s upper 60s but lots of mid-70s and upper 70s in the warmest location. so your wednesday already warmer. that's the trend, wednesday, thursday, friday. temperatures ratchet their way up a little bit. high pressure sets in. warmest day is on the weekend it'll be toward the end of the week and in the weekend we could see temperatures into the mid-80s. nice looking forecast ahead right through the bay area
12:20 am
weekend. forecast highs for lots of cities where you live or near where you live. 76 in fairfield. that's tomorrow. 65 in sausalito. these aren't that horribly warm but warmer than they were today. this begins so today began it continues warming tomorrow and right through thursday, friday and into saturday and sunday. 72 in morgan hill tomorrow. 73 in gilroy then it cools along the coast. no fog, just breezy and lots of sand along the great highway we've had a great day. the winds start to die down. five day forecast pretty repetitive here. i guess the thing to notice is those really nice 80s that show up over the weekend. >> i like repetitive. >> i do too, it's going to be nice. the future of a waterfront entertainment venue is up in the air right now. the commission said it could
12:21 am
not act because two individual neighbors have taken legal action to keep the venue from being built. a hearing at the city's board of appeals has been set for may eight. tonight we are getting our first glimpse of what the newest roller coaster at great america will be like. >> this is video from the front seat of gold striker. said to be the tallest at 108 feet it's also supposed to be the fastest at 53.7. >> that looks like fun. mark is here now with sports. barry zito has been on such a roll until tonight. >> we haven't seen this guy show up for a while. i'll show you that. barry zito's alter egoin milwaukee the one that scares all giant fans to the core. the guy who hasn't shown up in fact, since last august. a stretch covering 16 straight
12:22 am
victories when the good barry pitches. tonight eight run, third inning. the bases loaded. jerking a grand slam. 9-3 lead. zito giving up nine earned runs. giants spend the rest of the night trying to catch up. did a pretty good job of it. pablo sandoval. laced it the other way. had himself four rbis in the night. here one on that. and it's a 9-5 depth of key stroke right here. bases loaded for the giants in the fifth. bryan belts one, ryan braun best catch at left. they just get a sacrifice fly in case of extra bases. it's a 9-6 ball game at this point. 10-8 the final. zito's first loss of this year. you know lots of good things have landed on the a's doorsteps over the course of the last year. maybe nothing better than having the houston astros move into the american league west. haven't lost to them yet. what fans were there tonight in oakland having a ball.
12:23 am
down 2-1 in the fifth. coco crisp delivers deep shot to center. in come s the diving run. and doolittle on the mound but carlos pena. look at the muscle here just goes up to left. and that tied at 3-3. sean doolittle would eventually get the lead. josh donaldson down the right field line. it just lands fair when you're going good those are the things that happen. josh redick a walk. comes in with what turned out to be the game winning run on donaldson's triple 3-2 a's win again. when we come back, we're telling you of
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you get the stanley cup champs at home moving forward in the western conference and you let them slip off the hook. not quite. it almost happen at the tank.
12:27 am
8:48 in the second burns unassisted after a turnover. kings tied 2-2. relative newcomer, he's the third guy in the line up to go at it and the only goal of the shoot out is the winner. they are now tied with l.a. for the fourth slot in the western conference. meantime, just the very sound of his deep and resonant voice made a game sound important. like something important was going to happen. teamed with john madden for 21 years. he reportedly died of a heart attack today. pat summ era ll died at 84 years old. >> those two together.
12:28 am
>> they were great. >> the top. >> for a long time. mark thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the
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