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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening. it's thursday, april 18th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7. for the first time we're getting a look at two men who federal agents have identified as suspects in the deadly boston bombings 3 authorities say both men should be considered armed and dangerous. it's our top story. eric rasmussen is live to explain what agents are asking from the public tonight. >> reporter: the images of these two men appeared across millions of tv screens, cell phones and computer monitors. the fbi is asking everyone to take a close look. potentially carrying the bombs that would kill three and injure so many others, the fbi released video of these two men
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walking casually through the boston marathon crowd. >> suspects one and two appear to be walking together through the crowd on boylston street. >> reporter: for now investigators are only calling the man in the black golf hat suspect one. the man in the white hat turned backwards, suspect two. they say they have evidence suspect two sat down a backpack apt the site of the second explosion on boylston street. >> we know the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating these individuals. somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, coworkers. or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: the fbi took few questions and did not provide ages, race or any other description of the suspects. investigators only want the public to focus on these enhanced images, hoping someone can identify them. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous.
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no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> reporter: and here is another look at suspect two. there is a closer image there. the question besides who are these men is where are they now. investigators are urging anyone with information to use their tip line, 1-800-call-fbi. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on today's developments. the president anne first lady traveled to boston for a public service and private meetings with bomb victims and their families. his mother tells ktvu aaron is recovering after a successful organization on his leg. today people left flowers, notes and flaks on boylston street in memory of the three people killed on monday. >> everyone has come together as a community.
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as an entire nation and the world. >> this morning president obama offered words of comfort at an interfaith service. >> as you begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you. your commonwealth is with you. your country is with you. we will be with you as you learn to stand and walk and yes, run again. of that i have no doubt you will run again. >> the president and first lady visited massachusetts general hospital, meeting with many of those injured as well as hospital staff. security has been tightened. we give you a live look outside the shark tank in san jose. the sharks are set to play the minnesota wild less than 30 minutes from now. we're told security here is a heighten. we know more police officers will be on duty. fans may be patted down and checked with wands. bomb sniffing dogs will be used
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before the game. can new high flying technology improve crowd security? now to continuing coverage of the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in texas. virtually everyone in the close knit town of west has been affected in some way. search teams spent the day combing through destroyed buildings in the town of 2800 people. estimates of the number of people killed continue to fluctuate. the town's mayor says at least 35 people died last night. more than 160 people were hurt. amateur video gives us an idea of the stunning power of that blast. dozens of houses, apartments, a school and nursing home were leveled over a large area. among the dead are as many as 10 first responders who rushed to the scene. >> in the face of the most
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incredible danger, first responders ran in to try to save the life of someone else. >> investigators have not been able to enter the plant. records show west fertilizer was fined last summer. bay area based investigators en route to the scene of that explosion. how one local expert is going to be assisting with the investigation. >> reporter: one member is a chemist based in the bay area. she was activated today and is on her way to texas right now. the investigation into the devastating fertilizer plant explosion and fire in texas is getting some help from an atf forensic chemist based in the east bay. we talked to san francisco division special agent in charge about how the chemist will help with the analysis. >> it will help with the
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analysis. they will be able to help determine what they're dealing with as samples are taken. they'll help give direction on how they should preserve samples for testing. and also help from a safety standpoint of don't put this with this because the chemical reaction could cause hazards. >> reporter: the chemist is part of a national response team. she will lend expertise on chemicals, such as amoan yum nitrate and can be highly explosion i have. she has similarred teams. >> we have explosives enforcement officers. people who are familiar with, render safe procedures. who can do disassemblies. >> reporter: the team will work to figure out whether the fire and explosion were accidental or criminal. >> we take in all the witness statements. asking what's out of the normal. for example, you may have a fire and learn that there was electrical work that was done
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just yesterday. >> reporter: one more local atf agent as well as a second chemist may be dispatched in the coming days to help. men low park's fire chief is a veteran of search and rescue operations. he says looking for survivors in the first hour is critical. >> usually in these types of event, within the first 12 hours people have about a 90 percentile chance of being alive. as we get into the first day, first 24 hours, about 80%. after tonight we'll drop into the 30s. >> part of one of the department of homeland security's regional search aerorescue teams. go to to stay up to date on that texas explosion. a 13-year-old boy today
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became the sixth suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of an offduty paramedic. that news came as 16-year-old christian burton appeared in court. he is being tried as an adult. police say burton was the gunman during an attempted carjacking two weeks ago. burton faces special circumstances that make him eligible for the death penalty. concord police are trying to track down three men who they say robbed a macy's store. three men went to the jewel counter. they smashed the jewelry cases with a hammer that they ended up leeing behind. police say one of the men had a gun, but didn't fire it. no one was hurt. their get away car was found abandoned. today marks the 107th anniversary of san francisco's 1906 earthquake. sirens blared this morning at the exact moment of the great
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quake. 5:11 a.m. this year the ceremony was moved to union square after police found a suspicious bag near the fountain. the police chief later carried out the tradition of laying a wreath at the noun tan. mr. lackman: ed lee -- mayor lee signed a mandatory seismic retro fit law. a garage or open space below. >> some 58,000 people live in them. they contain 7000 workers and thousands of small businesses. >> the program will take place over the next seven years. building owners will start receiving notices in the fall. cost will be between $60 to
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$130,000. former san francisco 49er jerry rice and olympic gold medalist doing a dance as part of an earthquake safety prep rally in san francisco. it was held this morning. volunteers provided tips on being ready for a quake along with information on first aid and cpr. google's quarterly earnings report shows it is still making money. earnings top wall street estimates. the company is making less money on mobile device ads than those viewed on larger screens. google is the leader in the mobile search market. its shares rose to $776. disappointing earnings reports from several major companies sent the stock markets down. nasdaq dropped 38. major indexes have fallen three out of four days this week.
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weekly jobless report shows the number of americans seeking benefits rose by 4000 to a rate of 352,000. the labor department figures have been fluctuating. the average still works out to signs of modest hiring. overall unemployment applications have declined slightly. a settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that was one of the biggest obstacles. the approval by a court was the last legal hurdle. farm bureau and other landowners sued the california high speed rail authority claiming officials failed to follow the act. construction on the initial 30- mile segment was set to begin in july. a san francisco neighborhood rocked by a fatal police shooting. the south bay is getting ready to rumble. the local name behind what some call the ultimate sports event.
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a bit of a bump in our temperatures for today. areas that cooled off a few degrees for your friday. the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. ñç
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firefighters attacked towering flames at a home under renovation. investigators say it broke out just after 11:00. fire croups say no one was living in the home and the fire was out in about 15 minutes. neighbors tell us they went door too door to make sure people living nearby were safe. the fire did a lot of damage. specifically $300,000 worth. firefighters say the cause does not appear to be suspicious. the deadly police shooting of a man armed with a hammer has reignited debate. >> reporter: today no one in
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this community wanted to talk on camera. san francisco police say just after 9:30 last night they responded to a 911 call. police believe the caller was 60-year-old dale wilkerson. a man who had just stabbed his brother-in-law. after officers arrived to check on the stabbing victim, police say wilkerson came at them with a weapon. >> the man ended up attacking the officers with a hammer. prior to that he had cut his own brother-in-law. >> reporter: wilkerson was shot and killed by police after not following orders to put down the hammer. >> pulled it off the table at last meeting. incident curse where possibly a taser could have saved a life. >> reporter: it's unclear if the shooting will change the chief's position. some say it goes to show that the city needs to come up with more nonlethal options. >> in this situation, probably
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if a taser had been available it probably would have been used. >> with the tool interest the officers did what they had to do to defend themselves. >> reporter: the aclu did not comment directly but did say any officer-involved shooting that results in a fatality raises serious questions about what other techniques could have been employed. the stabbing victim is expected to survive. his wife says he's doing okay. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a man accused of sending letters to president obama and others appeared in federal court in mississippi today. an attorney for paul kevin curtis says his client is innocent. court documents show curtis believed the government was trying to smear him for covering a conspiracy. an attorney said curtis has be diagnosed as bipolar. a disgraced justice of the peace is charged with the
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murders of a texas director. eric lyle williams was arrested saturday. his wife named her husband as the gunman. williams was convicted on theft charges last year. he lost his law license and job as a result. the slain da and assistant prosecuted that case. kim williams is charged with murder. authorities allege she was the get away driver. a state audit finds the state failed to collect as much as $22 million meant for causes ranging from the environment to veterans. the department of motor vehicles undercharged and famed to collect fees on inactive plates. a separate investigation last year found that money from a september 11th memorial plate was diverted to other use. twitter launched a new music discovery app today. the app is called hashtag music. it suggests songs and music users may like. the songs are streamed through
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other subscription based services. it runs on the iphone. back to our continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings. surveillance videos and cell phones have become crucial. authorities already have another high-tech tool that may come in handy at future events. >> reporter: it is still working on a policy for purchasing and using unarmed drone. they cited the terror attack in boston as a reason to use the craft. >> if you had a different aerial perspective of that area, you could capture people coming and going. it'd be a very useful tool. >> reporter: the sheriff says he could see a use for the drone to patrol mange events in the east day. >> take the unmanned aerial system and fly the course of the oakland marathon. you could do that before the race. you could do that during the race. >> reporter: from the act to --
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the answer coalition. he wants to seat suspect in the boston marathon bombing caught as much as anyone. >> just a horrific attack on innocent people on monday. >> reporter: he says in the past law enforcement has used tragedies to expand their powers. it might mean drones flying overhead in the future. >> is this making us safer? it's making us much more surveilled. our privacy has been compromised. our civil rights and liberties are compromised. >> reporter: the sheriff says he's working on creating a privacy policy. it would be on a mission by mission basis and limited in scope. ultimate fighting is coming to san jose's hp pavilion this weekend. a couple of bay area fighters will be in the ring. in a separate bout, ufc premier
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as a heavyweight. both say they're excited to fight on their home turf. >> san jose, the shark tank. the bay area is very familiar. i feel like this is my home territory. i hope everyone from san francisco comes and backs me up. >> people come out in droves and support us. i'm excited for it. >> tickets are still available. you can watch the ufc on ktvu channel 2 on saturday. for the first time in six years, the golden state warriors are returning in the nba playoffs. many joined to wish them well. after the rally the warriors flag was raised at city hall to mark the team's second playoff appearance in 19 years. the first game of the playoffs tips off saturday. storms rolling through the midwest are wreaking havoc in the windy city. dramatic video of cars being swallowed by one storm. a long term warmup around the bay area.
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now trending at watch the car on the right hand side of your screen. video we're getting out of chicago. the area is being hit by heavy
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rain. we just saw the pavement gave way. one man was driving along that road there on the city's south side when the hole opened up. other cars in the sink hole as well. the man who was driving is recovering in the hospital. we have more of this video at look under today's hot topics. here in the bay area, definitely felt different than yesterday. this trend is not yet over. >> yeah, we have warming temperatures. we could be flirting with the 90-degree mark over the next few days. today we warmed up to the mid to upper 70s. you could seat highs ranging from the upper 60s all the way to the mid70s in oakland. there's that 80 showing up in napa. you can pick out the latest on the satellite and radar. you'll notice we have high clouds heading up to our north. that's about it. we have mostly clear skies now. take a look at current numbers. they are ranging from the mid50s in half moon bay.
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lots of 70s. forecast headlines for tonight, we'll go with this. mostly clear skies. tomorrow, fog in the morning. mild to warm. extended, pretty much the same deal for the weekend. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning they will be in the 40s to start out the day. downtown san francisco, 48. san jose, 47. tracking two weather systems out here. this system is up to our north as we move out to the northeastern portions of the state. we're going to cool things off a little bit for the coast. inland we're talking mid to upper 70s. this system moves out. high pressure returns. that'll be the source of our warming into the weekend. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. forecast models showing you a patch or two of fog. maybe high clouds by the
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afternoon hours. lots of sunshine for the afternoon hours. not a big change towards santa rosa, napa. san jose, a forecast high of 77. downtown san francisco we'll shave off a foody agrees. temperatures mainly in the mid60s. five-day forecast, temperatures warming up by sunday. by monday warmest locations inland in the upper 80s. >> thank you. a 5-year-old boy is recovering after a life saving transplant. >> high five. yeah. >> that's colin. he has a rare disease that can only be cured with a bone marrow transplant. colin's adoptive parents kept in touch with his birth family in vietnam. his big brother was a match. our news crew was actually in the room as the transplant began. we'll have an update for you
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tonight on the 10:00 news. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. live at a candle light run to show solidarity with boston. tmz is up next here on tv 36.
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