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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 18, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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bay area runners lace up and light candles tonight to honor those killed and injured in boston. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. authorities in cambridge outside boston just outside boston say a police officer at mit was shot several times and died. police along with the fbi swarmed the campus and are now conducting a man hunt. students and faculty have been
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told to stay indoors and officials say the officer had responded to reports of a disturbance. mit is calling the situation active and extremely dangerous. we will update you later in this newscast as we learn more. again we do not tpe if there's a connection to -- again we do not know if there's a connection to the men suspected in the boston marathon bombings. but the fbi said the two men were dangerous. >> reporter: identifying the two men in the photos and video are its highest priority and they're turning to the public to help them do that. the fbi released video of these two men with backpacked walking single file 12-1/2 minutes before the explosions.
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two bombs killed three an injured more than 170 on monday afternoon. for now investigators are only calling the man in the black hat suspect one. the man in the white hat turned backward suspect two. in another photo he appears to be on a cell phone. man number two was seen putting down a backpack on boylston. >> somebody out there knows these individuals and friends, neighbors, coworkers or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: in this afternoon's news conference the fbi took questions and did not provide ages, race or any other description of the systems but the chairman of the house homeland security committee says the fact that investigators are looking for more than one person is significant. >> this is not a lone wolf case. there were two. where there are two there may
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be more. this is a conspiracy now. >> reporter: people have already begun dissecting these photos. as we take a closer look at system one, he appears to be wearing a bridge stone brand hat. as we move on, we can talk about the backpacks. here comes suspect one. there he is, the backpack a black backpack may be the one that the fbi has been talking about since monday. suspect two comes along, we'll stop it right there. clearly, wearing a lighter colored backpack. investigators have urged people only to rely on the videos that they have released today, urging that they don't know whether others are legitimate. on you can get another look at those photos and other released today. the owner of a shop that sells running gear organized a
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vigil and a run. amber lee is live, the length of the run had significant. >> reporter: people ran three miles, one mile for every life that was lost. with candles in hand, runners prayed silently at the vigil. they say they may be injured in spirit but not in their resolve. many wore yellow and blue the colors of the boston marathon. they came from all over the bay area to honor the dead and the injuredded. >> - - injured. >> we're looking at the finish line right here. >> it's not clear, you have to keep going and just keep going. >> reporter: those who ran in the marathon tell us their emotions are raw but they're grateful their friends are not injured. >> when i see my friend i just want to cry.
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because you were there and you know how upsetting it is to so many people. yeah, but we'll be back. we'll be back next year. >> reporter: runners tell me they are a tight nit community and tonight's event is a show of unity and love they say often running teams are united by a charitable cause. >> we run for breast cancer. and as i tell my team, now we have one more reason to reason. >> we wanted to bring people together and give them an opportunity to get some closure -- and give them an opportunity to get some closure. >> reporter: hundreds came out to today's event. they say they refuse to give up their way of life. a local restaurant is showing support for the people of boston as well. dear mom restaurant and bar
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teamed up tonight with the high five project which raises money for cancer research. the two held a fundraiser at the restaurant. automaker of the money raised tonight will go to help victims of the bombings get mental health counseling and physical therapy services in the boston area. in boston, president obama tried to console people and offer home at an interfaith service today. the president told the gathering of more than 2,000 people that those responsible will face justice. he spoke hours before the release of the photos. president obama talked about the three people that were killed in monday's bombings and said that the country will be on the road to recovery. >> we will all be with you as you learn to stand, and walk, and yes run again, of that i have no doubt you will run again. the service was also part pep rally, people cheered after the
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president said, when the attackers picked boston, they picked the wrong city. first lady michelle obama visited the injured martinez boy at boston's children's hospital. aaron hern's mother said the surgery to close a wound on her son's leg was successful. continuing coverage now of that devastating explosion and fire at a fertilizer plant in the small texas town of west. from the air you can see the fertilizer plant is absolutely leveled. reporting nicole collins is in texas tonight with more on the search for victims and hopefully more survivors here. nicole. >> reporter: good evening frank, it is certainly a search and rescue mission still at this late hour here in this small tight nit community of a town called west here in
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central texas. those workers emergency workers are continuing that pain staking process of sifting through the debris looking for any sign of life. >> reporter: four densely populated blocks flattened near the site of the west fertilizer company in texas. what lies beneath is anyone's guess. the explosion site not yet cleared for emergency workers to return because of the presence of ammonium nitrate. >> this is a fertilizer company, as it is it has that type of component in it. and it is a volatile product. >> reporter: officials initially reported as many as 15 dead and more than 160 injured. doctors, many off duty rushed to help treating a variety of injuries. >> we've seen what you would expect from blast injuries. a lot of skin, soft tissue injuries. small wounds, large wounds. >> reporter: the chaos all began wednesday night. dramatic video of the blast
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caught on a cell phone. >> honey are you okay? >> i can't hear. >> reporter: this father immediately tried to protect his daughter when a small fire at the fertilizer plant sparked a massive explosion. >> i was more devastated over her more than anything. >> reporter: more than 70 homes and businesses were damaged in the blast. residents now doing their best to return to normalcy amidst the devastation. >> i guess when you're involved in it you don't realize -- >> the severity. >> you don't realize how lucky you are. >> reporter: federal regulators in fact, fined west fertilizer company for attempting to transport ammonium without any type of safety plan. nicole collins, ktvu news. one man had a close call
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with bothdisasters this week. joe birdy had just crossed the finish line then he went home to texas and took this photo of the explosion near waco. birdie says he feels lucky that he came out fine of both explosions. a family in oakland is facing a gut wrenching decision tonight after their teenage son suffered a traumatic brain injury. police say the young man was riding a motorcycle when he ran a stop sign and hit a gold colored sign. the impact threw him in the air. an ambulance took him to highland hospital and tonight we've been told that he has no brain function. so now the family has to decide whether to remove him from life support. in 90 seconds -- >> these poor little kids were crying and shaking.
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>> a shooting at a little league game. >> only on 2 -- >> tell
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new at 10:00, gunfire at a little league game and now games are suspended until safety concerns are met. it's all happening in vallejo and that's where ktvu's deborah
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villalon is now on how where the league there is responding. deborah. >> reporter: it happened at a tee ball game, five and 6-year- olds in north vallejo. no one hurt but for now baseball takes a backseat to safety. >> and the gunfire started, we told the kids all to get down on the ground. >> reporter: this coach describing dozens of shots that sent people running in panic from this baseball field. two men had argued in the parking lot and when one drove away the other opened fire. >> he riddled the victim's vehicle with bullets and the victim was able to get out of the area without being hit. >> i understand he may be a parent. >> reporter: the league president doesn't know the shooter. but in light of what happened, he suspended play. the board is calling all families together for an emergency meeting to discuss safety in a neighborhood not known for it. >> one option would be if we have to we will go across town and we will play. we will find a way for these kids to play ball and enjoy
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their childhood. >> these poor little kids were crying, and they were shaking. >> reporter: bullets not only next to the ballpark but the near by boys and girls club where kids gather for afterschool activities. this mom is glad games are on hold even though her son was disappointed not to play today. >> they want to be able to go out there and play and not worried if somebody is out there going to get shot. a lot of kids are scared of that. >> where can they go? where can your children go, where they can go without a threat. this is the only place vallejo kids have and they love it. >> reporter: 200 children in the north vallejo league. they'll miss more than a dozen games in the next couple of days. the gunman is still on the lose, he's described as a mixed race man in his mid-20s. he weighs about 150 pounds and is armed with a semi automatic handgun. deborah villalon, ktvu news. there are two new developments tonight in the shooting death of off duty
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paramedic quinn boyer. the oldest of the suspect, 16- year-old appeared in court where cameras were not allowed. he is being tried as an adult. burton faces special circumstances but not the death pebble because he is a juvenile -- death penalty because he is a juvenile. a 13-year-old boy was also charged bringing the total number of suspects in this case to six. a man is in the hospital after a six hour stand off with police. daniel wheathley has been charged with making threats. police evacuated the apartment complex and placed a near by school on lock down. they say after more than six hours of on and off communication with wheatley,
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officers finally decided to move in. >> at that time when he saw the officers approaching, he surrendered to law enforcement. >> reporter: police say they searched wheatley's apartment and no bombs were found. only on 2 tonight, a life saving transplant for a 5-year- old boy adopted from vietnam. we first brought you this story last month as ktvu's jana katsuyama reports, today's surgery was a rare exception and his family and doctors hope it will inspire others to help save more lives. >> reporter: for more than a year, 5-year-old collin and his family have spent lives in and out of hospital rooms where a good day is determined by numbers on a chart. today they hope that will change. >> are you nervous? >> no. >> how did the medicine taste? >> good. >> reporter: by collin's head, a pillow of guardian angels. >> all my friends and the giants. >> reporter: self-portraits by classmates to surround him
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during the four hour bone phor row transplant. >> he has anemia. >> reporter: asian bone marrow donors are tough to find. luckily his parents have kept in contact with his vietnamese family. his brother todd, is the perfect match and has agreed to leave his own brother and to fly here. >> we are extremely thankful for what todd has done for us. >> reporter: today, nurses rushed todd's marrow to collin's room. >> the stem cells have already entered his bloodstream now. >> it's a good day. >> i just want to go down and give todd a big hug. this is my son's life. >> reporter: ta finally comes
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to collin's room. >> and through an interpreter he says he was scared at first but glad to help. a brother's love and precious gift that will last two lifetimeless. in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, doctors say the success rate for this procedure is usually above 90%. but it'll take a full year to know the success of collin's transplant. meantime the national bone marrow registry is in need of ethnic donors. all that's needed to register is a swab from the inside of your mouth that can be done at donor sites or with a home kit. all you have to do is go to a warmer day today. these are the numbers, warmer by a good 5-degree. 75 in fremont. temperatures tomorrow pretty similar to these.
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a little warmer maybe inland. tomorrow is kind of a push as we get into the saturday and sunday. temperatures are going to continue to increase. a nice looking day for your tomorrow. look for morning lows to be, in the 40s, mid-40s. current temperatures outside, 48 in nevato. it's kind of mild. just a broad swap of imagery. there's your 80s popping up tomorrow. for one of the warmer days we've seen. and it's going to continue to warm. and i will tell you how much warmer it's going to get. one of those days is going to be extremely warmer, we'll see you back here. hundreds of people are expected at a candle lit vigil for audrey pots. the 16-year-old took her life after pictures surfaced of her being sexual ly -- sexually assaulted at a party.
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state money missing or miss spent? the license plate you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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if you have plans to fly any time soon, you can expect delays. air traffic controller furloughs are scheduled to start on sunday and that may result in up to three hour delays in some airports including san francisco international. the department of transportation needs to cut $1 million from its budget. the furloughs will reduce controller hours. the move is expected to save the department $2 million over the next five months. californians pay a little extra each year for specialized
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license plates. but some of that money was misplaced or not collected at all. >> reporter: this license plate shows that jean is a special gal, and also this grandma. and so is this gal. >> the department of motor vehicles has forgone nearly $22.2 million over two fiscal years. >> reporter: the dmv failed to charge those who decided to take their cars off the road but kept their plates. >> they may be only charging $49. >> reporter: the auditors found some special fund were getting
11:54 pm
more money or none at all. the auditor found environmental causes were shorted by about $6 million. >> it could be for environmental protection purposes. for anti terrorism activities so these funds that are not being collected are not being you now it's money we could be using to fund those activities that we've been using. >> reporter: sorting all of the money from these special plates into special fund would take a massive computer upgrade that would cost more than the plate program brings in. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a number
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apple shares closed lower. that drop was triggered by a report of possible slowing sales in iphones and i pads. just seven months ago apple shares reached a record high closing above $700 per share. and google showed better than expected results in their returns. profits and sales were both up. even so it's not making as much money on ads on mobile devices. advertisers don't see mobile ads as producer the same results compared to devices with larger screens such as laptop and desktop computers. more than a dozen killed many still missing after a fertilizer plant explosion. >> how one local expert will be helping with the investigation into the fire and explosion in rural texas. developing news, late word of gunfire and explosions in the boston
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in to us from a boston station. we hear that police have a man surrounded but it's not clear
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if the two incidents are connected. and the boston marathon bombings have led to higher secured events. including here in the area. fans were advised to show up early tonight because of the added security. continuing coverage now of that fertilizer plant explosion in texas. tonight a chemist based here in the bay area is in texas to help with the investigation into exactly what happened. ktvu's cara liu has more now on how the expert will help determine whether foul play was involved. >> reporter: the investigation into the fertilizer plant explosion is getting some help from a forensic chemist based
12:00 am
in the bay. >> this helps with the investigation of don't put this with this. >> reporter: real has supervised similar teams involving large fires. >> we have enforcement officers, our people who are familiar with, render safe procedures who can do these assemblied of certain explosive materials. >> reporter: the team will work to figure out whether the explosion was accidental or criminal. >> asking what's out of the normal. for example you may have a fire and learn that there was electrical work that was done just yesterday. >> reporter: one more local atf agent as well as a second
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chemist may be dispatched to texas in the next several days to help. cara liu. b.a.r.t. police have released the sketch of a man they say is behind a fatal shooting at the richmond b.a.r.t. station. they're asking for the public's help to identify this man. he's described as a black male in his early to mid-20s with a slender build. police say on march 14, a man fitting this description shot harold of san pablo. police are also looking for a woman who showed up with the man at the b.a.r.t. station and ran off with him after the shooting. she is also described as 5'tall with a slender build and hair to her shoulders. police need help finding a bank robber. they sent us this picture. he was wearing a black baseball cap with a nit cap over it. police say he was armed with a
12:02 am
handgun when he robbed a bank branch at a safeway store around 2:00 this afternoon. we have more information on the molestation of a 10-year- old girl we first told you about last week. ktvu has learned police have made an arrest and the suspect is the man seen on video. the 10-year-old girl was molested when she went to a restroom at an office center. police are still not releasing the suspect's name but they say a tip from a ktvu channel 2 viewer led to his arrest. the death of 60-year-old dale wilkerson is reigniting the debate of police using tasers. we first reported the case. wilkerson was suspected of stabbing his brother-in-law, and police say they shot and killed him because he came at them with a weapon while police were checking on the man.
12:03 am
but others say wilkerson would still be alive if police were armed with tasers. >> in this situation, if the taser would have been available, the taser probably would have been used. >> reporter: just last week you may recall police suhr withdrew his request to arm some officers with tasers. the santa clara county coroner has identified two women. thelma sherton died of smoke inhalation. another badly burned body was found after the body was put out that person's name has not yet been released and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in news of the world tonight, in pakistan the former president raced out of a courtroom in islamabad today before he could be arrested when his bail was revoked.
12:04 am
he took refuge in his well secured home but was taken into custody. and the vatican announced that the staff would not be getting a raise that come with the vote of a new pope. >> in india, a drop in prices is fueling a rush of purchases in gold. a settlement has been reached and it could allow the rail project to break ground this sunday as planned. a group of farmers had sued to block the $68 million prompt on
12:05 am
environmental grounds -- million project on environmental grounds. home and condo sales in california were up last month. according to real estate tracking firm data quick march sales were up 31-1/2% from february. and the numbers were up .8% over march of last year. last month's median home price was $300,000 and that's up 3.1%. in the bay area home sales dipped in march. but the median price rose in the year to year basis. a mississippi man has been charged with threatening the president with poison. our chief meteorologist bill martin is updating our forecast and he's back at 10:45 with the weekend that is
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pg & e has stepped up security at their stations. tonight we saw police stationed at some of those gates at the station. pg & e says they're now working with police to coordinate investigations. a mississippi man charged with sending letters with the deadly poison ricin to president obama insist that is he is innocent. 45-year-old paul kevin curtis was charged with threatening the president and others and if
12:09 am
convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison. curtis was picked up at his home. a neighbor said that she looked at his facebook page which she found very anti government. >> he talks about organ, people doing organ harvesting. he said on his facebook he's been arrested 22 times and that he was going to keep fighting the fight whatever that is. >> reporter: curtis has written articles online about exposing a conspiracy of human body parks trafficking. he has also worked as an elvis impersonator. a man wanted in connection with a double homicide in his native el salvador and arrested here in the bay area is now back in his home country to face charges. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement gave us this picture of wilber alfredo viallegas. he was involved in a double homicide in 2006. he was taken into custody last november in a home in sunny vale.
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tonight a 12-year-old inmate who escaped from san francisco's juvenile hall is back in custody. that 12-year-old escaped tuesday night with a 16-year- old inmate. police say the two smashed a window and managed to get past a 22-foot wire fence. police found the 12-year-old at his mother's house. the 16-year-old is still on the lose. honda is recalling vehicles because a device when you push on the brakes may not work properly. for all the details of the recall you can go to our website and then look under web links. two bay area garbage companies are striking in a show of support for sanitation workers in the midwest. the strike involves workers with republic services and allied waste which is a division of that company.
12:11 am
the stoppage has disrupted service in fremont and union city. the strike started today and it will continue tomorrow. however officials say residents with saturday pick up may also feel disruption of service. 13,000 university of california patient care workers are getting ready to hold a strike vote at the end of the month. the workers are in the midst of a 10 month contract dispute. the union says uc administrators want to cut compensation. uc officials say pension reform is what's really at the heart of the dispute. if authorized workers would strike at 5uc medical centers including ucsf and uc davis. in two minutes, a huge sink hole opened up and swallowed three cars. the two things that may have triggered this collapse. >> then -- >> i think it's a lot of money. >> reporter: the
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heavy rains in the midwest have triggered widespread flash flooding in the st. louis area an emergency evacuation was ordered today. residents there were told to seek higher grown. in illinois the owner of downers grove declaredded a state of emergency after four major roadways were shut down -- declared a state of emergency after four major roadways were shutdown. check out this video. watch the car there on the right. the sinkhole swallowed three cars including that one there. one person was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. officials say the water main dates back to 1915 and it broke then sent water gushing into the streets triggering the sinkhole. heavy rain was also thought to
12:15 am
be a factor. sirens blared in san francisco this morning to mark 107 years since the 1906 earthquake and fire. this year's ceremony was held in union square. it's usually held at lotus fountain two weeks ago. but that was all changed after police found a suspicious package there. there are at least three known quake survivors but for the first time ever none was able to attend this morning's ceremony. some san francisco renters will feel the sting of a new law signed today by major ed lee. it requires seismic retrofitting of buildings with so called soft stories. as david stevenson reports now, landlords will be able to pass on the price of those retrofits to their tenants. >> reporter: on this anniversary of the devastating 1906 1906 earthquake and fire, san francisco's mayor signed a
12:16 am
seismic restructuring law. it includes soft stories with five stories or more. >> they are buildings that contain 7,000 workers and thousands of small businesses. >> reporter: several soft story buildings in the city's marina district collapsed in the loma prieta quake. since then an entire industry has sprung up to retrofit homes and businesses like this one. >> in the middle, we put anchor bolts and plywood on both sides. >> reporter: it will cost 60,000 to $130,000. >> i think it's a lot of money. i don't know what people can do about it. but it is a safety concern. but, i don't know who should be the one to pay for it. >> mayor lee say it is city and several banks are working on
12:17 am
low cost loans to help homeowners. landlords will be able to pass the costs on to tenants. >> but they have to do it in a spread out way then we have to give some support to the tenants that can't afford the increases. >> reporter: the retrofit program will take place over the next seven years with soft story building owners. in san francisco, david stevenson ktvu. back now to the developing news we're monitoring from watertown. you can see here the situation is quite chaotic. police rushed to a neighborhood and one boston television station is reporting that a man is down on the ground but whether he is a suspect isn't clear. earlier a police officer was shot and killed just a few miles away on the campus of m.i. t. at this point though, we do not know if the two incidents
12:18 am
are related. but obviously tensions are very high given the boston marathon bombings on monday. a warmer day out here today, the rest of the country not so. check out the nation's midsection. they're getting hit pretty hard now. these are strong storms they continue off to the east. if you have east coast travel tomorrow you will want to check your carriers to new york and boston. ridge of high pressure sends everything right over top. you can see showers up there but they're missing us because high pressure is in charge. warmer tomorrow, 7-mile an hour winds in the fairfield area. napa, south wind, basically calm. so not much wind there. real light wind. chilly tonight, warmer tomorrow. that's the forecast in this warming trend continues through the bay area weekend. i think along the coast and right along the bay it'll be the same or a little cooler. i think we'll see a few more
12:19 am
80s tomorrow. today we get lots of upper 70s and a couple of low 80s. and then as we get into saturday, sunday and monday. temperaturaslot tomorrow, it's to stave off the same because this system tweaks through. when it does it increases the on line shore. after that saturday and sunday look who shows up with slight offshore wind, and temperatures escalating into the mid-80s in some of the warmest spots. computer models pick up the fog. that's tomorrow morning right. see the coastal fog. that's why they're a little cooler around the bay. a little warmer right here. watch what happens now. we're going to go through friday and into saturday. everything goes. watch this. that's the high pressure. it starts to build and that's the offshore flow. that's saturday, that's when it starts, that's when it starts to warm. and sunday warmer still.
12:20 am
tree pollen still a drag. a lot of folks talking about tree pollens because that's the prominent one and it's the one that's really impacting quite a few people. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 79, in the morgan hill area. 77 in san jose and 80 in gilroy. pacifica 65. the five day forecast and no rain in this one just dry, dry, dry. nice, nice, nice. it's going to be a really nice weekend. and you know it's spring. let's face it and the weather is cooperating just as you would expect it to. >> it sure is. thank you bill. >> thank you, bill. today nasa scientists discussed the discovery of two earth like plants. the plants have been named kepler 62e and kepler63f. they are incredibly rare because they fall under the habitable zone. that means their proximity to their sun is ideal to sustain
12:21 am
life. one planet has a climate described as hawaii like and the other is more like alaska. san francisco hearing fishermen are claiming that the federal government is making a land grab. the fishermen filed suit against the department of the interior and the national parks service. the suit says the two government agencies are illegally prohibiting herring fishing. the fishermen say they want to preserve the last urban fishery. mark is here now to tell us about a big win for those sharks. >> we have to give them some of the sports front page. just a few weeks back, the sharks looking drawn out. not in a good way. suddenly they appear to extend things deep. chris casey, joe thornton, logan couture, the punch at home is 18th on the year.
12:22 am
couture is sensational. finds martin hindleman. 3-1. ralphie providing a definite spark. forces a turnover, wraps it around and the sharks explode. four games left in the regular season. the baseball season now it's really like a good old fashioned soap opera. in this week's episode we find the giants's spectacular pitching. the giants have not won any of the four starts this season and they're not going to if he doesn't pitch better than this. ryan the first to light it up. the pitcher, yo bonnie gallardo deep and also a 3-run shot. and look at cain's reaction. he knew it as soon as he threw
12:23 am
it. two -run homer. 7-2 milwaukee they sweep the giants right on home. the nfl releasing the sedge -- schedule for next season. the warriors mile high
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
we've come to that time in the season that we will see greatness with the warriors or not. a meeting with denver, curry in his first ever play off. he likes this match up with the nuggets. >> we match up well against them. even though they won against us 3-1. but we feel like our game really, really matches up well with theirs. and we have a good shot to go take care of business. >> all right, draft day coming up nfl schedules released today. niners going to host the packers season opener. andrew luck comes to the stick late in september. you have texans, monday night games with the redskins and
12:27 am
atlanta. but over all it's a brutal schedule. as for the raiders, well they have no monday night adventures. although they will have rgiii coming to the oakland coliseum. so that will be good. that's the sporting life. >> rg3 against kaepernick on monday night with the 49ers. >> that's going to be a block buster. >> i'm excited for it all already. >> before we go we want to bring you developing news, firefighters are still at the scene of a house fire. it all happened on the 2300 block of dowling street in east oakland. we just received these pictures. we understand crews quickly cut off the home's gas line and raced to put out the flames. firefighters had the flames under control within 30 minutes, no one was hurt. as always, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will be
12:28 am
here at 4:30, they'll have
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