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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 25, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for the best videos the web has to offer "right this minute." a motorcyclist is out for a joy ride until a sharp curve. >> catches this guy out. >> find out what he landed on that left him shaking his head. looks like a waterfall, but that's an avalanche. >> usually these are not seen. >> where the rare sight was finally caught on camera. a mama duck leads her babies through some mean streets. >> this little ducklings are keeping up. >> how their final destination is one sweet reward.
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>> if you knew anything about kate upton. >> you would know as she is an equestrian. >> see what else she reveals in q & a. >> it is nice she has a hobby outside of being practically nude. >> it is called tail of the dragon. not a new sci-fi film. it is a road in north carolina in tennessee. u.s. 129 otherwise known. this road is extremely famous and favored by motorcycle enthusiasts and car fanatics because it packs 318 curves in just 11 miles. it is a lot of fun to ride. this guy is on a r-650, one of my favorite bikes and up there enjoying the trees and the curves and back and forth until one of these 318 curves catching this guy out and catching the peg. will you hear it.
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>> oh. >> looks like it hurts. >> i see you reacting to something on the ground. >> that's not a belt. >> no. this is a snake. >> look at that. >> it is. >> yes, it is. the dragon got him but he got the serpent. >> poor little guy. >> what happened? what are the odds of that? >> the guy seems to be fine. of all the places for the poor snake to be in all of those woods, hit by a motorcycle. >> i feel bad for the snake. like what? that's how i go out? head on down to australia where you may think we're on the same red but we're not. the rider here is on the opposite side and so is this other motorcycle. the other rider is coming around the left-hander. he swings wide and as most motorcycle accidents like, this the person fixates on where they're going instead of through
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the turn, so a classic mistake, the rider goes right into the cyclist. the rider goes right into the guy we're riding with and nearly a head on collision and clearly the guy's fault coming towards us. the guy on the red bike coming towards the camera seems to jump right up and doesn't appear to be injured. the guy on the ground says his foot is badly mangled but could have been a lot worse. you're looking at security camera footage outside of a home in louisville, kentucky. notice what you are seeing. it is like a guy in broad daylight just looking around the area and bends down and starts to pick something up. what he is picking up is actually a sewer grate. according to police people in this area are stealing the sewer grates and even mantle covers so they can sell them for scrap metal. these grates cost about $120 for taxpayers for the city and they
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sell them for about $5. we're not talking about a lot of money. the guy who owns the home, his name is james guest and saw this guy in action and confronts him from the second story window. >> what are you doing with that? >> he is claiming he is a city worker and he is smarter than that. he is like your truck is not marked and you aren't a city employee. it is a big problem because this is incredibly dangerous for people in the neighborhood. it would be easy for a child to fall in the area without the grate. also with man hole covers even he himself has driven through his own neighborhood and his man hole cover was god and his car ended up in it and causing severe damage. >> i called every scrap metal place i could. >> the guy ended up getting away? >> he did end up getting away.
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police are looking for this guy. a couple of avalanche videos. these come to us from the far eastern side of france near the border of italy. this one was set off on purpose. >> as you can see, there is a helicopter flying over, hovering, and at one point you see something happening on the right. they have dropped something in there to trigger this avalanche and as they do, seconds later it slowly begins to roll down the mountain. >> it is cool because we have seen videos of controlled avalanches before and haven't seen the explosion that leads to the avalanche. >> you think it would need to be something bigger and mightier and just looks like something, a little bit of elosive to setoow important. at this time of year snow is beginning to melt as temperatures get warmer and this can prevent that kind of thing. >> this area is between two towns and there is a road nearby and they're trying to keep it
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clear and safe for drivers to get between the two towns. >> looks like the ocean crashing against rocks. doesn't look like an avalanche. >> this video is just a natural avalanche. this one was not triggered, and usually these are not seen, but someone was able to catch it on camera. >> like a waterfall. >> and this loosely packed snow, that time of year where they're more frequent and does look like a waterfall as opposed to snowfall. two spring duck videos and they are sweet. the first is a rescue and sent to us by "right this minute" viewer john pam. >> that time of year the little ducklings get themselves into trouble. >> yes. these guys were on a very busy street and john saw them and they were not only fighting traffic but apparently they were also being attacked by cats. >> what? >> here is a protective mom trying to save her ducklings,
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and john saw that, decided to spring into action and try to help get the ducklings away. >> he did grab a bucket and put them in there and took them to a grassy area and led mom to the area and this is the moment he releases them and they are able to join back again with mama. >> i feel like this should be set to music like sweet music. ♪ the second video isn't really a rescue, but this guy in the u.k. decided to record this mom and her ducklings just taking a stroll down the street, and you are wondering where is she going so quickly? >> they're moving. >> yeah, they are. the ducklings are keeping up. >> the bar?
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>> hungry? need fish and chips and then a beer. >> boathouse, nice. probably getting people to toss it down to you. ♪ a woman goes on a road rage binge starting at a cross walk and then -- >> almost hitting an officer that was going to check out the scene. >> ends up getting away, leading police on a chase. >> when they finally catch up with her, let's say it is a strange turn of emotion. take two popular sports and combine them. what do you get? >> the best game ever invented. >> the story behind the sport you probably never heard of.
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it is the last day in the latest rtm ipad mini give away. >> just download the rtm video app for the iphone, the ipad or
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the android device. >> click on win ipad and fill out the entry form. you have to be 18 or old to her enter. >> don't run out of time. get the video app and you can watch great videos anywhere and win an ipad mini. >> today is the last day to enter. good luck, everybody. sports fans, i got a mash up for you that you will love. i think it is totally awesome combining golf and soccer. some call it foot golf. some call it foot tee. >> like foot teeing off. >> sounds weird at first. watch this 18 holes, par for each hole. you're kicking the ball. the hole is obviously oversized to fit a soccer ball. guys are chipping, driving, stairways, bunkers, water hazards. >> why is it taking so long? >> there was a world cup of foot golf last year in hungary. some of the guys are former soccer players, guys like player of the year in certain countries
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and some of them have golf roots. it is not strokes that they count up. it is kicks >> do you have a caddy carrying around like a big bag of shoes? which shoe should i put on? >> the guy has to go over a water hazard and this video is about a course opening in may in dublin, ireland, and apparently there are foot tee or foot golf courses in all sorts of places. >> dedicated to just this, not like every saturday -- >> i think there is a little bit of both. i think there are courses dedicated just to this and golf courses they turn into foot golf or foot tee courses. the guy from aly won world cup 2012. i think it was the first ever for this sport. >> what is the stand like? >> it is tool the mashup of the attire of these athletes. >> do you have a golf cart and beer? this is the perfect game. >> so cool. >> i think i know what we're doing this weekend. ask 1,000 people what they
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think the best job in the world would be, 1,000 different answers. i think this could be the best job in the world. >> yeah. >> sebasten smith entered a contest to win the best job to be a water slide tester. >> what? >> yes. for first choice holidays they have different water parks all over the world. sebasten was one of 2,000 applicants. this is his application video where he describes his love of water. sebasten beat out 2,000 other applicants. he won the job. he will be traveling the world for six months. >> what? >> going to places like miorka, turkey, egypt, at least 20 different water parks going down the slides and rating them for this company. >> i have a rating system where my face alone will tell you everything you need to know. super souper fun, awesome, scary, relaxing, lame, painful.
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>> also gets about 9,000 u.s. dollars for this six-month job and a week vacation on top of all of the hard work at the end of his world junior zi hope he is not scared of heights. >> good thing to put on the resume. this is a road rage incident caught on security cameras in a shopping center in australia. check out this car driving over this pedestrian crosswalk. you see an aelderly man walking with his shopping cart about to cross and the driver gets really upset and ends up scolding the older man that was about to cross the street and then later in the video we see the car again waiting for the man to get to his car. she chases the man and ends up ramming her car into his car. >> doesn't make sense. she has nothing to be mad about. this is a crosswalk at a grocery store where you are supposed to yield to people crossing. >> after she did that, she ended up getting away and not before
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hitting an officer that was going to check out the scene. she ends up getting away, leading police on a chase. you won't believe what she says. >> this is really embarrassing. >> and she starts pleading with police. >> i don't usually do anything bad. >> it gets better. >> i am so embarrassed. >> she is hugging the guy? hugging the officer? >> yeah. she is looking for comfort and asking the police officer please give me a hug. she apparently was having a really bad week because she had been laid off from her job and she got arrested and is facing charges of dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident. this dude shows us how to move a swarm of bees. >> using a plastic cup to basically kind of scoop the bees off that branch. >> and no gloves. >> no gloves. >> see how he does this jitter free. got grass? >> it is an iphone case
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it is rob from honey love. if you haven't noticed yet it is swarm season. >> this is from the honey love youtube channel and they actually say you can in urban areas find honey bee swarms. rob mcfarland is capturing these bees so that he can harvest the honey. >> we need to get all of these bees into this box. if we can get the queen in there, all the rest of the worker bees that are flying around will follow her in there. >> he is using very basic tools.
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watch this. he has a box and a sticknd no gloves. >> no gloves. >> yeah. >> there is bees all over me. i am not in any danger of being stung. they're not acting aggressively at all. that's to be expected with swarms. they're very docile. >> now he is using a plastic cup to basically kind of scoop the bees off of that branch. >> what they will do is startph. >> he says after you get them in the general right area you have to wait and they will find their way in and this becomes their new home. then they will start producing honey >> having bee keepers as neighbors is one of the best things you can ask for to help you deal with something very natural occurs, very common occurrence. >> over the last three years 1 in 3 honey bee colonies has died nationwide. we need our honey bees because
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they pollinate nearly 80% of the world's plants including 90 different crops we consume. they have a website, and it is a non-profit with a mission to protect honey bees and educate new urban bee keepers. >> sweet work. wants to be a chicken. [ laughter ] >> because apparently her curves aren't are there is to kate upton, the guys at swim daily at "sports illustrated" did a q&a with her to find out what is on her bucket list. >> i want to go to antarctica with clothes on. >> i love the fact she wants to
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go to antarctica. >> she has been, just not without clothes. she had to pose in a bikini. >> somewhere casual where we can talk and hang out and involves horse back riding. >> the cliche, horse back riding on a date? like that ever happens. >> if you knew anything about kate upton, you would know she is an equestrian and has a horse and two ponies. >> don't get angry. oddly enough, i think i would be just as interested in this video. >> these aren't the most hard hitting questions. >> you want her to talk about the political economy and the industrial society? >> i can think of more interesting questions than do you like animals. >> i am a huge animal lover. >> like, no, i hate them. >> what would you act like? >> only eat cookies, cakes or pie, which would you choose. >> the question, do you really care what the answers are? >> see, even you got sucked right back. >> it is hard not to look.
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her cup runneth over. >> it is nice she has a hobby. >> i like herbert because she is an equestrian. >> glad she is a delightful and lovely person but just show me the pictures. the porch pals are back, and this time the stocks come for breakfast. >> let todd eat the food. >> might be a smart cat. >> see if the sly fox gets away with the grub. [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start.
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you know those little motorized scooters that some people use to get around? let's juice that thing up a bit. >> oh! >> drifting on ice. >> souped up scooter. >> chasing dear away, riding on a ski slope, it is fired up and sounds like he has a small motorcycle engine in the thing. >> that's an older gentleman driving this thing, like he has found a fun way to feel young. >> or what appears to be an older gentleman. looks like a guy with a mask on. >> really? >> i got duped. >> you got duped. >> should do this for older folk that is have to drive these things. really, you want them to go faster, right? if i ever need one of these things, you better believe i will modify it to do this.
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a new iphone case and you're not going to believe what it is. >> looks pretty standard. >> yep. when you get really close you realize it is actually an iphone case that feels like grass. >> looks like a putting green. >> yeah. >> it is not just any grass. they try to model be like the yo-yogi park in tokyo and they're working on creating grass that looks like central park. >> with this on the iphone, is it just for fun. >> it is and it is different and when you run your finger over it there is a texture to it and when you are just holding it it is a completely different feel. >> sometimes if you're on your phone for a long time and you don't have the cover on and the back of the phone gets gross, this is nice and grassy and comfortable and soft. >> what if you're having a picnic and you set it down face down and walk away and like where is my iphone? >> how do you clean it?
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>> you can probably just rinse it out, hose it down. >> i like this idea. it is different than all the other cases out there and looks like it may protect the phone well, too. >> they're doing it using a 3d printer and getting ready to send it in for mass production. >> it is not terribly expensive. once it hits retail it will be about $40. the love these videos. on her porch there is always some kind of wild animal. this time i am a little disappointed. there is no bald eagle. >> oh, man. >> she says george the cat is a stray cat and she still feeds it because she has the heart for animals. >> right. >> todd the fox came and started eating the cat food and she said george, let todd eat the food. >> may be just a smart cat. the cat may be thinking that's a fox, a fox can eat me if it wanted to, i will let him take a turn. >> as long as the fox is full,
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the fox definitely won't eat the cat. >> now i have to shoo todd away so george can go back to eating his breakfast. >> george is waiting patiently and asking him, dude, what are you doing? >> george, how come you let todd have your breakfast? >> he wasn't completely dissuaded from finishing the meal. look at him peeking around like is she still there. >> i do not like being filmed when i am eating. >> that's it for us at rtm. we'll see you tomorrow, everyone.
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coming up on "dish nation" -- >> people magazine declares gwyne gwyneth paltrow the world's most beautiful woman. the first issue completely empty on the inside. >> the sesame street word of the day, vibrate. snoop dogg becomes the editor of the "wall street journal." stevie wonder says he wants to dance on "dancing with the stars." >> no, we're not doing that. welcome to "dish nation," the other reason we shut the door at night so we don't wake up the kids entertainment news show. the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick brought at you from the heart of texas. nd special guest deejays brooke


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