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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. these are the moments that you have, you never know when someone could be taken away. >> trying to move forward of a devastating fire clas the life of a young girl with so help from a ncerned community. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> that community came together tonight to help the south bay family devastated by a house fire, and a child's death. new at 10:00 tonight ktvu's debora villalon is live in n there are lessons to learn in had tragedy. >> well, heather the loss of a little girl, displaced from their home, but tonight at this church, the gomez family got
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some help from an unexpected source. most saturday nights they are rideburg tonight this motorcycle club was serving. >> thank you. >> ank you. >> reporter: putting on a spaghetti dinner to help them covery. cover. >> the reason it's important to us the major of us all have kids. >> reporter: 7-ar-old mariah gomez died from the fi from a candle burning in the converted garage where they lived with they are mo. >> the girls were sleeping and she was in the main house doing dish when everything happened. >> reporter: 4-year-old billy ran, her hair on fire to get the adults, but the flame and smoke were too intense for yone to get to mariah. >> treasure the moments that
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you have with your family. you never know when someone will be taken away. >> there is flog you can say to a parent that will take away the pain. >> reporter: this councilman offered condolences and saying that the city needed todo more to get smoke detectors. >> we see famies doubling up and tripling up to make ends meet. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: but tonight was about helping. >> thank you so much, sporters brought their appetite and compassion. every grateful sibling billy escaped and the in substance-abuse treatment y when the fire happened. >> going through my rife to get better and get back to my faly and continue to raise my family. >> reporter: mariah gomez loved clear heading and dassing her family says a loving, cheerful child.
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we havmore on how the community is rallying to help check web links at reporting live san jose, debora villalon ktvu chann 2 news. and marin county police arrested a man suspected of making bomb threat threats dur a bank robbery. the man rob the wells fargo branch and tonight police say counter, claiming it ways bomb that would elode within five minutes. so police evacuated the area. after the robber escaped, a bomb squad found the substance was not explosive. police arrested a support, 51- year-old of san rafael about an hour ter the robbery. charging put bulls and police gunfire, matteller reports conflicting stories when san lorenzo when sheriff's deputies opened fire killing three pit bulls. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and their k-
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9 deputy were loing for lna man wanted for possession of me and vehicle threat at this home. instead of finding him they say they eountered a woman and four pit bulls escaping out front door. >> they did attack the dog and coming at the deputies and very aggressive at that point and the deputies fired in their defense. this is exclusive video from a ighbor arriving at scene moments after the gunfire. one dog was shot in a paw and survived. two were killed and a fourth lived for about ten nutes as neighbors and the owner begged deputies to put hedown. >> my sister s yelling, kill her, stop letting her suffer. >> reporter: rachel reynolds the homeowner's shortly after and put e dogs down and described the dog as friendly and is excitable k. mark baxt ter lives across the street and thought that deputies should have been better prepared which could have prevented them from
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shooting the dogs. >> i don't want to see something like that as long as i live. it's horrible. animals are so innocent, you know? it is not something that you want to see. >> repoer: a sherf spokesman says the k- 9 deputy was ughed up, but not injured and sheriff's deputies say this did not find the wanted man in the home and no word homeowner was arrested. matt ketr ktvu . in san josi firefighters say an unattended fire grot got outle control. t-broke out around 2:15 on communicates hill. it burns about five acres near guadalupe parkway and curtner avenue. nobody was hurt. a san francisco police fireat made a dramatic rescue after a fishing boat caught fire the bay. police say four people were on this boat whenan engine leak started a fire on the boat before 10:00 a.m.. if you look at your screen, you
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can see how badly this boat was a police boat rushed to the rescue, bringing the four to safety. a witness told us he could see the smoke from his window. >> have you seenr talked to the guys on that? >> i did, and they looked a little shook up. i talked to them about a couple of hours ago and they looked like they had just seen a ghost. >> reporter: we're told one person was treated for smokeip halation another three people on board were not hurt a motorcyclist was killed la last night after police say heled them on a high-speed chase. officers tried to pl the motorcyclist oveon interstate 580 around 11:00 people, authorities say the motorcyclist sped away, eventuly exiting the freeway. he he then crashed head-on with a car and was thrown from his bike on south semina avenue. investigators have not releaseds had name or why he w allegedlevading police. 76 masimaiki havea of
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oakland was killed in this crash. driver has been identifieds as 18 chrystina of havea. vestigators say a kidnapper is described as a white man had in his 30s and last seen wearing a green shirt and bluejeanses. investigators say e man snatched the little girl as she play in the front yard of her home on rain droop central after 00 p.m. the girl's mother ran after the van yelling at hill to release the child and heoon dropped the girl in some bushes. she was not hurt. >> a manager and director of walnut creek lesher nter are asking to return back to work. they were put on leave for
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allegedly not investigating sexual abuse. pedroza was arrest and attorneys for the two suspended employees say since the da's office decided not to charge their clients they should have their bs back. the fire department building on villa street accepted about 200 pounds of unused, unwanted and expired drugs during the take- back event. getting rid of all meds help to prect children at home and not putting them down the drain helps to protection the bay. >> treatment plants are not desied to remove those types of chemicals from the wastewater before it goes t to the bay and some of those chemicals can pass through and geinto the ecosystems. >> if you missed today's event you can go to, click on "web links off and on and you will find a list of centers in your area that will accept expired prescription drugs. w to our continuing
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coveragef the faa furloughs and operations are expected to be back to normal tomorrow. while airplane passengers will feel some relief sequester cuts continue elsewhere. noelle walker at sfo with an update on flights. >> reporter: heather you can tell by the traffic in the departure area or lack thereof of it, air traffic is light on saturdays and no appreciable delays, but the good news for xt week business travelers will be able to start their workweek on time. airline passengers are about to take off on a vacationuts from sequester. >> maybe the members of congress who insisted on the cuts realized that they applied to them too. >> reporter: congress passed bill to cut costs thout furloughing air- traffic controllers. sfo is furloughing 3-4 of its air-traffic controllers each
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day and the sa for oakland. today some flights from southern california with about half an hour late due to quester-forced ground delays, but most flights appear to be on-time. >> we had heard that the delays were possible bub we were hoping for the bet. >> reporter: this group from oakland traveled to w york and back without delays until they got home. 30 minutes head of schedule. >> we arrived early and no we're waiting for thpoint. >> some airports have been harder had the by air trafc delays than others. at sfo you are more likely to be delayed by fog than the sequester. the air-traffic control furloughs are expected to end by tomorrow night while other budget cuts continue. >> we are having first forced furlough day reasons donna richardson spent a scheduled layover visiting with family at sfo and says she would trade a late flight for a few extra daysf work she is forced tyke without pay as a federal employee. >> none of us should be in
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thisosition at this point in time and it's a larger problem than just a bandaid th they are trying to fix right now. >> reporter: might now the airlines are the only thinthat seem to be moving in the budget battle. and the faa says air-traffic controllers should be up to full staff around country by tomorrow night. nigh mime boeing's dreamliner planes are back in the exile a boeing 787 took off from ethiopia for kenya. it's the first flight since battery fires earlier this year ground the planes. new battery systems need to be installed in all 50 dreamliners. flights from san josi to japan will resume ter faa inspections of each plan. we have developing news in laveras county where a manhunt is under way after a 9- year-old child istabbed to death. late on the search for akill ier. eavesdropping on one of the
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boston bomb suspect and what federal officials are rea vealing about phone conversations recorded between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother. >> they just kept saying you know what you have done and
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. we're following developing news out of calaveras county where a 9-year-old girl was
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stabbed todeath in her home, possiblyy an intruder. reporter tom duhain joins live with the very latest on investigation. m. >> reporter: searchfor the manhunt for this child-kill continues tonight, despite the darkness in this remote area. police believe that the man responsible may still be on area. still be in this rural in the meantime people in hundreds of homes being told to stay inside and repo anything suspicious. the crime scene where a 12-year- old boy encountered an intruder and the man ed and the boy went to check on his 9-year-old sister. >> she was suffer ing from seve injuries and immediately transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> reporter: since the suspect was seen leaving on foot manhunt began throughout ratho calaveras, a sprawling rural community with steep hills d a million places to hide.
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roads were closed as deputies from three counties searched and residents were told to shelter in place. >> it came over e phone and they said we have a crime in your area inthe calaveras area. go ithe house, lock your doors and stay in will. >> reporter: officers went door-to-doornd repeatedly swept areas with k- 9s. the search will continue all night. >> we're doing a house-to- house seah and in some cases, we're searching extensively into it's a rural area and the grass is tall right now so we're continuing that. >> reporter: people remained behind closed dos in a community where many folks say they don't evenlock their doors and windows. people here were shocked. >> it just terrible. i don't know, yoknow, what can i say about it? it's a tragedy. >> reporter: deputies say at lst two people actually saw the attacker. the young boy and also a
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neighb. they have been interviewing them and the discrepance of man isn't good. it's just a while or hispanic male, 6' tall with a dark shirt and bluejeans. not much to go on and police are hoping for more details morning. reporting live in calaveras county, tom duhain, ktvu charl. a man in sacramento fell to his death today. as we trying to clean you graffiti off a freeway sign. earlier this morning he fell from an overpass onto the freeway. he was working alone to clean up the sign and not part of an authorized crew. officers caution against leaning on an overpass, even when attempting to do a good deed. >> i would not subject it. extremely dangerous. guardrails up there are only about hip height and so there is a potential for people to fall if you e need the guardrails gram week wayne 880 was ot down for hours while
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the chp investigates the accident. federal sources say that russians eavesdropped on now deceased bombi suspect tamerlan tsarnaev two years ago. us official say in 2011 russian evils recoed a phone conversation in with tsarnaev discussedji had with his mother at is described as vague terms. the fbi concludeed tsarnaev was not a that and said there is no evidence that misha has any connecti to the bombings that killed three people and woun more than 250. family members say misha helped to turn tsarnaev towards islam. meantime surviving bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaevs said to be improving at eight the martinezcenter. boy who was injured abombing is recovering and here
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is aaron hern with his parents. aan was hit by strap shrapnel as he waited for his mother. the event will be held in martinez where aaron's father is a teacher and coach. and our coveragef the bombings continuesn-line. can you visit and click on the "boston bombings tab" on our front page. case of those ricin-tainted letters sent to president obama and o owners. a mississippi man is now behind bars. ktvu's king katy utehs reports. >> reporter: police arrested another man suspected of sending ricin tainted letters. >> wellright now i'm glad he is out of our neighborhood and
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i hope they keep him off. >> reporter: early in the week prosecutors dropped charges against an initial suspect. paul kevin curtis an elvis impersonator. >> thank you very much. >> i love it. that is great. >> thank you, honey and maintained innocenfrom the beginning. >> when they came to md i was arrest, it happened really fast, like a scene out of a movie. they didn't explain anything. they just ke saying you know what you have done. don't move. don't resist. in court monday curti lawyer says he was framed and pointed investigators to dutschke. >> back in2007 dutschke ran a politicalled race and one of the ricin letters we to the mother, the judge. >> the way the story goes she just asked him to make a public apology for making disparaging remarks against one of her sons and the family in general. >> reporter: dutschke took to the cameras this week before his arrest. >> the people that actual know me know i don't have anything to do with this and
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quite frankly the people that don't know this is just crazy. >> reporter: dutschke's attorney confirmed that the rest, but had no comment when asked by reporters. katie utehs. supreme court justice bryseries breyers is in the hospital recovering from shoulder surgery. he fell from his bicycle and should be released early next week. defending his drawing and why a sacramento b cartoonist is facing harsh criticism from the governor of texas. plus coming up, absolutely amazing stories of survival and how people are staying alive three days after the deadly building collapse in bangladesh. laughter was on the menu at the white
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a sacramento bee cartoonist today defended his edirial cartoon on the deadly plant explosion inexas and said "business is boom." >> next to an image of the blast of the 14 people were killed and perry said he was disgusted and caed for anpology. cartoonist jack ohman said that plant had no been inspected since 2006. amid greensborond cracked concrete and twisted steel of a garment factory in bangladesh amazing stories of survival. take a look. rescuers pull a teenagedoy from the wreckage of that 8-
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story building that collapsed wednesday. now there are reports that a woman and her wborn were found today. after the woman gave birth while buried under all that concrete. more survivors are thought to lie beneath the hundreds of tons of rubble. >> she is my wife of the we talked over the phonesa few moments ago. she is alive and lying beside a bathroom along with three other people. >> police now say that the top three stories of the bong were add illegally a. least five people are der arrest including two government engines and wife wtvg building owner. however, the owner remains on the run. tonight the death toll stands at 348. in other news of the wod tonight from afghanistan, a nato plane crashed into the southern part of the country, killing four international troops. the crash came on the same day e taliban announced its spring offense. however, nato says essential reportno enemy activity in the area that the plane went
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down and the taliban did not immediately claim reonsibility for the plane crash. in england about400 protesters held a demonstration against drone missions targeting insurgents in afghanistan. this week the royal air force began operating its drones from an air force base in britain. protesters say the use of drones is unethical because they claim that they carry out illegal assassinations and cause civilian deaths. nato leaders argue that drones save the lives of military personneand civilian nysement us military says that the hunger strike at guantanamo bay has grown to include 100 of the 166 doetainees officials say 19 of those detainees are being fed through nasal tube and that five have been hospitazed of the this hunger strike began in february as a protest against the inmates' indefinite detention as well as what the tainees called intrusive searches of their cells.
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the inmates have been kept at guantanamo without charges since the early 2000's. president obampoked fun at him and the president at the annual white house rrespondent's dinner. he showed himself with a picture of bangs a shion move praised when mrs. obama cut her hair. the president tackled the controversy that came up during his last cafornia visit. >> i happened to mention that calmalla harris is the best- country. ttorney general in the as you might imagine, i got in trouble when i got back home. [ laughter ] who knew eric holder was so sensitive? >> we spotted san francisco lee lee at dinner. the dinner raises money for journalism scholarships the bay area city that made the list of one of the most ten well-rea
11:59 pm
places on the earth. >> but first a dedited group takes to the streets of oakland takes to the streets of oakland to call to the look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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authorities in oakland detained about a dozen people overnight for allegedly throwing bottles at sheriff's deputies the sheriff's office says around 221:30 a.m. deputies began to chase a suspected stolen vehicle to 106th and macartr in oakland. driver got out and ran what appeared to be a sideshow and
12:02 am
whenhe speck stators started to thr bottles at the deputies. more officers showed up as back- up and began to arrest people. the suspects car three of got way. some determined protesters gathered for a weekly show of the solidarity against oakland violence as ktvu's john sasaki told us this week there was even more reason for the demonstrators to speak out. >> at 20 in oakland e message was simple, stop the violence. >> wives without husbands, childrens without fathers and mothers without sons, you know? it just keep es on and on. >> today's demonstration was for 18-year-old mpbell who was shot to death in february. >> it's phot to stop. there have been 32 micides this year, the latest coming last night near children's hospital. tonight they were in the neighborhood to talk to the family of that victim a to try to understanding. >> they are just doing it
12:03 am
because they are a product of their environment. this is the way they have grown up. is is what they know. >> reporter: group visited nearby memorial for donitra henderson who was killed in front of her 4-year- old son. >> with you all things are ssible. >> reporter: they say young people need be raised in better environments. >> to have fathers in the home and structure with mother in the home and you have a lot of kids raising themselves. >> these kids are really dealing witha lot of grief and the horrors of homicide. >> reporter: this group is praying for a time when this effort is no it longer necessary, but they have been doing this every weeken for two and a half years with no angein sight. oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. meantime oaand police asked residents to work with them to improve public safety of the chief of police hosted today's meeting at the cesar chavez education center and they oke into groups to offer
12:04 am
idea louisiana the community and police can work together? one question being asked what police can do to win the trust and support of the people of oakland? >> this information and feedback from the community will help us craft our overall long-term crime-reduction plans. >> this is the 5th in a series of tn halls that the chief says t next one will focus specifically on juveniles. highway 84 in both directions the highway patrol says initial reports indicate that a motorcyclist went off the roadway and was killed. the coroner has been called to the scene. drives aradvised to avoid this arab. there is no estimated time whether the highway will re- open. the mount diablo school district board is expected to finalize the decision to final the superintendent and gener counsel. they will be released from
12:05 am
they we supposed to stay on through june of 2014. now the firings come at a contentious time for the district with budget cutand staff layoffs. board is scheduled to meet again tomorrow night to finalize the vote and select an terim superintendent. a new survey sugsts berkeley is among the most well- read cities in the country. released its list of cities buying books and magazines per cantu and beeley ranked no. 7. the no. 1 city was alet the record race, virginia, followed by knoxville, tennessee. the giants may be in san diego, but that didt stop people from heading to taut park. alex savidge was there. >> reporter: running up and down the aisles at at&t park in san fraisco today, people pushed themselves
12:06 am
to the limit during the 4th annual stadium stampede. it's a two-mile course through the ballpark that includes an exhausting climb to the upper deck. >> halfway through we were panting. >> reporter: this fundraising run benefits the good tidings foundation. a n-profit that builds athletic facilities and puts on art classes in low-income communities. >> it's a great use to be out here and kind of making it an even playing field for all kids and they have the same opportunities. >> reporter more than 500 winded runners crossed the finish line raising more than $140,000. before e stair climb kicked off this morning, beach volleyball player and olympic gold medalist kerri walsh jennings helped the runners gets loo. she has been a long time supporter of the good tidings foundation. >> the more you can introduce kids to, the more ey take that into adulthood d it's so
12:07 am
beautiful to see th recipients. >> tapia came in 9th place in the boon marathon, finishing before the bombs went off. >> it was overshaded by the tragedy that happed, but it was unfortunate, but'm looking forward to going back next year. >> reporter: oregoners tell me all money raised today will be used to build a new orts facility later had year. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a job fair for a bay area summer concert series? who shed up and who will
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. well, the keheadline this week some much warmer temperatures heading our way
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and, in fact, we'll be tracking ite a few 90s over the next shoreline and, in fact, pretty cool towards pacifica, but 80s for concord, florida, fairfield, antio and livermore. we have patchy fog developing offshore and where more of northy flow we're not seeing as much in the way of fog and with that is limiting the inland push of that fog r tonight. tomorrow morning we're not expecting as much overcast, but it will still be out there coastside and a few patches around bay. currten mperatthe 40s and 50s. can you see san francisco 49 and san josi 54 degrees. over the next fewhours, patchy fog regroups and pushes back into san francisco bay and for tonight it's parts of our forecast. tomorrow clearing skies and it wiand then the extended, some more warming in
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the forecast not only for the inland neighbooods, but back to thcoastline. overnight lows in the 40s to lower 50s, santa rosa 46 and lots of upper 40s towards concord and livermore. temperatures 5-10 degrees for the second half ofthe weekend and as mentioned patchy fog regrouping overnight. as the tide builds we'll continue to warm things back into sunday and into monday and even the beaches for movement of the next the north bay lls tuesday into early wednesday. for tomorrow mornithe fo coastside and ound the bay. we'll put this into motorcycle and you notice the clouds pull back to near the short-term revealing partly to mostly sunny skies. maybe a patch or two of fog r lis up with horelin 90egreat and u will see
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low 90s for ur sunday. santa rosa 83 degrees and oakland 76 and the we go with the 90s towards brentwood and livermore. san josi forecast high of 83 degrees. you will noticethe warm-useco hd d downtown san francisco increase in sunshine, 69 degrees. and for opening-day on the bay, winds pick up throughout the afternoon hours approaching 20 miles per hour. and the forecast throughout the da skies becoming partly to mostly sunny and temperatures track to reach the mid-60s. a look ahead, your five-day focast with your weekend always in view. and looking warm to hot heather and ken, especially by wednesday and thursday. the beaches will be back up intothe 70s. the one complicating factor is going to be some patchy fog. always a bit of a stingner the forecast not showing up, but watch out for that wedneay and thursday. >> to the beach in alameda, no fog there. just an idea. >> thank you, mark. >> you know where you find
12:13 am
ken. >> entertain ment company livation held a job fair. applicants must be at least 18 years old and preference is given to those who live in san francisco. live nation as weha been reporting says a wide variety >> we have seen overqualified. we have seen underqualifd. all walks of life. luckily it's beginner positions so we really want people that have a great customer service basis to start from. positions, such as ticket- taker and usher will work at america's cupavilion as a temporary concert venue on the waterfront. the san francisco 49ers today offed up a limited number of single game tickets for the 2013 season. full season tickets sold out earlier this month. a check on-line showedhere are still a handful of ckets left to most home-games. this will be of course the final season for the team at the ick before the niners move to their new stadium being
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday controvers wrap when the sportswrap -- san josi finishing off the regular season? los angeles after a scoreless 1st period the kings jumped in front in the first minute of 2nd
12:17 am
niemi can't find theublic and clifford comes to clean up. couture weaves had ws through defenders and kingin front after 2. they pad the lead in the 3rd period. richardson behind the net finds wyomings who beats niemi and the sharks add a late goal. it doesn't matter, 3-2, los anges. the sharks end up 6th in t west and open the playoffs in vancouver the first day of the seriesas yet to announce. a very painf loss for the giants tonight in san diego as san francisco is in its long event losing streak of the young season. every team urges something new to do and the padres calit squirrel racing. crawford puts one into the seats with a pair of runners aboard, home run no. 5 for crawford. one run in and buster po drop
12:18 am
ones fair. pablo sandoval gets in little rubbing. 5-0 giants, but padres answered with a 6-run th. only one of the runs was earned, but 6-5 padres just the same. hunter pence with the drive to right. take on the wall in right the way he did in left at at&t park. this ground ball to marco scutaro could have been an inni ending double play, but he couldn't ce up with. the san diego winsin walk-off fashion, four straightosses for the giants who have been sloppy and all fourf them, 8- 7 the final in this one and they will try to end the streak in the final game of the series tomorrow afteron. it was a festivity day at oakland coliseum that had everything except a happy
12:19 am
ending r thas. it was reggie jackson bobble dade as they celebrated the championship season 40 years ago. jackson had first pitch owners, but ray naldn shot up the middle and hits the baltimore pitcher on the foot. the name flaherty runsle ball down, seth smith come as round to score, donaldson with four hits on day, but the orioles struck ce weak quickly against a.j. griffin. markakis got into a pitch to make it 2-2 game and just two pitches later the orioles had the lead. this time adam jones getsing into a griffin prism griffin gave up four rufore the inwas over and the a's trailed 4-2. it was 7-3 in the 9th with one out. but jim johnson gets jed lowrie to bounce into the 6--doue
12:20 am
play and the inning and game is over. the a's lose their fourth in a 7. >> 3 and their series wraps up tomorr afternoon. nfl draft was wrapped up today as teams made their picks rounds 4 through 7. the 49ers had seven picks in the four rounds and first the niners took wide receiver quentin paton from louisiana tech. paton had 10receptions. 136 them for touchdowns and louisiana tech pass-happy offense is expected to compete could also be used a kick y and runner. three picks later they took south carolina running back marcus lattimore. it could be a while before lattore contributions in the field. he severely injured his knee. a year after he had surgery on his other knee
12:21 am
frank gore ached tout mattlor after his surgery this year. in the 5th round the 49ers took another quinto quinton dial. and nick moody from from florida state and three 7-round picks, to sect a quarterback, b.j. daniels and carter bykowski and marcus coopers from rutgers. quarterback has been a fluid position and they addressed that positiowith their 4th round pick taking tyler wilson of the arnsas. wilson was a two-year starter for the razorbacks throwing for 21 touchdown passes last year and 24 in his junior year. the raiders hafour pims in today's 6th round and took nick casa of colorado and michael rivera of tennessee and they chose a running back,lattous murray and defensive tackle
12:22 am
stacey magee of oakland. bryce butler andffensive weurle david bosof mi some local players drafted brian schwenke goes to tennessee. stephon taylor goes to the cardd william diego and houston took san jose state ckle wednesdayenberry and anthony goes to the ravens notice 7th round, still to come the latest [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. in nine games so far in the mls season is the san josi
12:26 am
earthquakes have more ties than any other numberthat figes in t and chris woolowski and quake in carson to take on chivas usa. sajose on ard on a free kick. and wondolowski sends it home, 1-0 san jose. by th minute, the quak are down 2-1 and they get the equalizer. do ties it up and that is how san josi firms for the fourth timethis year. 2-2 with 10 points the quakes 6th thwest. >>tomorrow evening the warriors will try to take a stranghold on their playoff seri against the denver ggets. warriors went in front last night and fred inglis with a look at how they got here excite some recent obstacles. >> the rabid waiors fans waited for years to this a home playoff game. >> waamazing the time we
12:27 am
stepped on the court for lay- ups and warm-ups and chanting "let's go warriors." and althe yellow shires andner was crazy. curry played nearly 38 minutes and he scored 29 point and dished out 11 assists. and in the cond half, he even took off the wrap on his sprained ankle >> i am still baffled, somebody owethe kid an apology. d write and he is an all-time player. >> reporte the me teatiered 16 lead changes and golden ste won despite committing 23 turnovers that denver turned into 30 points. >> the nuggets thrive on turnovers and if we turn it over, it's basically giving them a piece cake athey lay you. we'll be in trouble. >> sunday and nobody expects the intensity to settle. >> any go can change the series.
12:28 am
i don't expect them to lay down and we are definitely not going to lay do you know. we expect a physical brawl. >> e going to grow into not liki each other and it going to chippy with that same line up or whatever the se, those are the things that are necessarif you want to be succsful. that is playoff basketball, if there was a definition. >> warriors know this best of 7 series is not yet a done deal, but the home-court advantage should play a key role tomorrow nig. inplayoff games tonight rebounds from al horford in a lopsided win over indiana and pars win 2 to 1 and in triple overtime the bulls took a 3-1 lead the nets. grizzlies evened their series with the ippers, 41 for kevin durant as the thunder held off houston. lahoma city one win away from a sweep in that one.
12:29 am
naar under the lights tonight on the short trek at rimond and that makes for some ent mat racing. 74 of 406 laps left to run jimmie johnson that starts the bumper car reaction. kyle busch les with johnson and the guy rely pofmevingefserp brad keselowski who threads needle. with just two lap goes, stewart in the middle of the action a he is bump by kurt busch and way back to 18th. ce all the rememberhat. on a green checkered finish kevin harvick got into the win's cile for the first time this year. remember that cident between stewart and busch in they didn't forget about it and they did thr sparring with the cars. the win moveharvick into 9th and the leader remains johnson who was 12th tonight. >> th does it for this
12:30 am
saturday nig >> on today's show, a former miss universe strikes a chord, plus a comic book legend tells and later, we get our drill and, dance on. only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head and inside yourself then you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ get inside yourself >> hey guys, it's your girl valery ortiz here, and you're watching "american latino tv," celebrating american latino pride. and what better way to celebrate our community than to kick things off with one of the hardest working latinos in music? now, many consider omar


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