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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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t month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. bart trains sit idle tonight. nothing is moving. with bart unions on strike. the fleet of nearly 700 cars is at a stand still as tens of thousands of commuters start planning ahead for day 2. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> it is a stalemate. the trains have stopped moving, and so have negotiations. there were no face-to-face contract talks today.
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day 2 of the strike appears certain, if you are among the transit agency's 400,000 daily riders be prepared. you will need to make alternatives for the tuesday morning commute. you'll hear from frustrated commuters, facing long delays. see who they blame for the strike. but first, the efforts to resolve the dispute, and get those trains moving. live now in oakland, with the status right now. >> reporter: both sides are back in their corners, we're at the marriott hotel downtown, because negotiators for both camps are here. when the time comes, they know where to find each other. workers set down tools and picked up signs, outside bart's maintenance shop in oakland.
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they now picket around the clock too. >> we're not just people that go and drive the trains. there's a lot more people to it. and we're all coming together, saying we support each other and we're going to be there every time. >> bart's fleet sits idol. the 100-mile system shut down. but as dead as this looks. >> a lot of phone calls are being made. a lot of conversations. >> there's a flurry of communications behind the scenes. >> the public sudden know that both sides aren't just sort of constituenting in the room, waiting for the phone to ring. >> reporter: it was the inability of both sides to come together that caused sunday night's talks to collapse, and the union bargaining team to exit. >> we're at 8%. they're at 21%. we need to come together and talk. the salaries, the pensions, the benefits. we've made a new offer. the next step would be to
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discuss it, not just to demand more. >> reporter: but the discussions are not even scheduled. governor brown is staying on the sidelines, although his mediators are here. >> the administration expects the parties to meet, negotiate, and reach a settlement. >> they've basically said they've left. so we're ready to meet tomorrow. >> that's not what we said. >> and i said they went to caucus. >> you haven't even bargained with us. >> reporter: that confrontation, as talks broke off, capturing the fuel to the strike. both sides say they're sorry about the strike and both seem to be waiting for the other to blink. reporting live in oakland.
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heather holmes live in san francisco, on the evening commute, and what workers faced as they headed home this evening. >> reporter: frank, the commute home still isn't over for some. here it is 10:00. i want you to take a look. there is still a long line here at the transbay terminal. it has been commute chaos, as hundreds of thousands of people flock instead to buses and ferries, and even catch rides with strangers. san francisco's transbay terminal was more like the transbay maze. confused commuters waded through crowds of people, navigating long lines. >> i'm trying to just get home to my four children. that's all i want to do. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: hoping to beat the rush. but others had the same idea. as she stood in line for the bus for more than two hours, she can only hope the strike ends soon. over at the ferry building.
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>> i've been waiting for about an hour. >> reporter: san francisco ferry officials expect to carry 16,000 passengers, compared to the typical 7,000. this is the start of the line for the ferry to harbor bay as frustrated commuters wait to get onboard. the frustration only gets worse here at the end of the line. >> i just hope they get it together before monday. it's a short week. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the casual carpool pick up spot was a hot spot. for some, while monica martin, today was the first time to catch a ride with strangers. >> i was a bit nervous, but the person i was with this morning was really friendly, and it's actually gotten me to change my mind on how i'm going to continue to commute. >> reporter: for bart martin, that might mean abandoning
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b.a.r.t. commuters tell me tonight, they're strategizing for day 2. reporting live tonight in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. those who traffic the flow of traffic say today was undoubtably the heaviest traffic they have seen in a very long time. at the toll plaza, a lot of drivers were paying cash. we're told the drive from walnut creek took about an hour and 45 minutes. that is twice as long as normal. and the macarthur maze was still backed up at 10:00 this morning. on a usual day, it would be smooth sailing by then. typically carrying 14,000 passengers from oakland, to san francisco. an official told us their bus has probably carried more than double that number of passengers today. public transit alternatives can cost extra time and money. here is a comparison.
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the cost of an adult b.a.r.t. ticket from down to to the embarcadero is $3.15 one way. that ride normally takes about 11 minutes. the ac transit bus from oakland to san francisco is $4.20 one way. the san francisco bay ferry from oakland's jack london square to the ferry building costs $6.25 one way, and takes about 30 minutes. a small group of protesters briefly blocked buses. the demonstrators showed up at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station around 4:00 this afternoon. our camera was rolling, as some of the protesters blocked the buses. union picketers nearby asked the protesters to let the buses proceed. police kept watch, but no one was arrested. >> to see just how bad the evening commute was, we had two ktvu crews drive from san francisco to the east bay, with two redifferent outcomes. both drivers started at 5:00.
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the first crew had no problems. they began at 1st and mission near the transbay terminal. they got onto the bay bridge with little trouble. the second crew had a very different experience. you saw ktvu photojournalist ben cruise crawling through traffic on the 5:00 news with a camera on his dashboard. we put a clock on his trip, starting from green street, and the embarcadero. it took an hour and 15 minutes just to get to howard street. he eventually did make it, and after 1 hour and 54 minutes, he was on highway 24 heading toward walnut creek in pleasant hill. it appears the lesson here is, avoid the embarcadero during rush hour. a group estimates the strike is costing $73 million a day in
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lost productivity. it determined there are 970,000 workers who lost about 2 hours of productivity sitting in heavy traffic. more b.a.r.t. coverage throughout this newscast. in 6 minutes, the rally staged by b.a.r.t. workers this evening. and why some in the public are blaming the unions for disrupting the lives of commuters. we are in the midst of an excessive heat warning tonight. take a look now at mount diablo. a little hazy in the setting sun there after another day of triple digit temperatures, and it's not over yet. there is more hot weather in the forecast tomorrow. ken wayne is live now in walnut creek and tells us, demand for power is at near record levels, asking people to reduce electricity during the evening peak hours. >> reporter: the temperature has fallen to a much more tolerable 84 degrees in walnut creek. we have gotten through this heat wave, up to this point without any big power issues, but that could all change come
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tomorrow. it's not just the inland valleys of the bay area sweltering. for four straight days, many baked under triple digit temperatures. it's now putting strain on the state power supply. >> these temperatures are amazing, and really driving the air conditioning demand. >> reporter: after a morning in the air conditioning, amy millsap was back in the sun with two young energetic boys. it's also part of the plan. >> they tucker out, or burn out a little faster because of the heat, so it allows for a little more restful afternoon, which is nice. >> reporter: at 7:00 tonight, it was still 99 degrees in walnut reek. these spectators found relief sitting in the shade and keeping the drinks on ice. >> that's what keeps them happy after the game if they lose. >> reporter: the swim center is another favorite spot to keep the body, and the novembers cool. >> they want to get in the
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water as soon as possible. >> sounds like they're gettingdelirious with the heat. >> definitely. >> i just use my barbeque instead of using the oven. >> keep the heat outside. >> absolutely. >> reporter: one tip, if you have a ceiling fan, set it to turn counterclockwise. that pulls cool air off the floor, helps to keep you cool, cheaper. and pull down your shades. that also keeps you cooler, and helps reduce the load on the state's power grid. live in walnut creek, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. people in oakland hoping to cool off in a public swimming pool today were out of luck. oakland city workers staged a one day strike because of contract issues. that meant the gates were locked, and off limits. city workers said they will be back on their jobs tomorrow, so
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that means the pools should be open. and we do remain locked in this very hot, hot pattern. that means the excessive heat warning is going to continue through midweek, for areas over the north bay, inland east bay, south bay, and the santa cruz mountains, just as soon as you get away from the water. oakland, hayward, not included in this warning. you can see the peninsula, as well as the coastline not included in the warning. the minute you go inland, from orinda. this is expected to last until wednesday. 65 in oakland. 57 in san francisco. with an onshore breeze we've cooled off around the bay area. inland, it is still quite warm. 82 in walnut creek. 81 in lafayette. if i make one last shift here,
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still 91 degrees in brentwood. we do have subtle changes tomorrow. it's not going to be a cool down. i will explain your afternoon high for tomorrow as well coming up. allegedly fleeing the scene in a fire truck. the alarming hit and run that has one veteran city firefighter facing drunk driving charges. then -- >> hot, dry, and windy, and a narrow escape in the east bay hills. >> how quick action helped stop a fire that was fueled
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continuing coverage now of the b.a.r.t. strike. on our ktvu viewer page, we asked who they blame for the b.a.r.t. strike. most people blame the union workers. equal blame for union and management received 117 votes. those blaming b.a.r.t. management is at 90. obviously there, is an unscientific poll. some people have little sympathy for the workers demands. >> reporter: we're at the glen park b.a.r.t. station. as you can see, these gaits e
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locked. striking workers are asking for support. b.a.r.t. workers and their supporters rally. striking employees tell me the work stoppage was a last resort. they also say they knew a strike could turn the public against them. >> i stand firmly with what we're asking for. we've worked hard, and we've worked through everything. >> reporter: workers say they haven't received a pay raise in four years. >> i would characterize it as greedy and out of touch. >> reporter: she's the vice chair of the california republican party. she says the strike causes many to show up late or not at all. >> there are many people out there who would be grateful for a job like that. >> reporter: but they've had to deal with violent individuals and other problems. >> they don't know what our
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full job duties entail. >> reporter: he tells me, he was part of the strike in 1997. >> we hate to do this. this is my second one. i didn't like the first one. and i don't like this one. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. workers say their only leverage after the talks failed was to strike. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. and tonight at 10:45, a double whammy for driver who is braved the commute without b.a.r.t. a san francisco firefighter who recently survived a threatening hank gliding crash is now accused of fleeing from an accident. the accident happened saturday night at 5th and howard streets. police say michael quinn was driving the truck, and responding to an emergency when he hit and injured a motorcyclist. police say quinn walked back to the firehouse.
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he had a blood alcohol level of .13. >> he's been a firefighter for 23 years and a very upstanding member of the department. >> police say the motorcyclist injuries are not life- threatening. on june 5, firefighters say quinn's hang glider fell apart. he reportedly fell several hundred feet and had to be rescued by witnesses. >> two fast moving fires in contra costa county today. both burned uncomfortably close to homes. in brentwood, a two-alarm fire burned about 275 acres near ventura drive and john muir parkway. this video was posted on ktvu's facebook page by a viewer. as you can see, the flames burned very close to a
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suivision near highway 4. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. near concord, firefighters remained on the scene tonight of a larger fire that burned 492 acres. they say they will spend the night there watching for flare ups. john fowler was there near the frontlines today, as flames destroyed three buildings. >> reporter: flames roared through dry brush, grass, and trees. rapidly blackening hillsides. cal fire helicopter and air tankers from above. >> the flames were covering that hillside. >> reporter: dense smoke, forcing animals to flee. firefighters struggled here in 95-degree heat. gusting bone dry winds, and
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brutal hills. >> there are some canyons that are very steep on both sides, which presents a problem not only for the firefighters trying to access it on the ground, but the aircraft trying to fight the fire from the air. >> reporter: three smallout buildings were destroyed. a total of 25 homes were threatened, but none damaged. firefighters are credited for swift response and say they'll monitor hot spots overnight. firefighters say investigators still do not know the cause of this blaze. they say power lines were down, but that may have been the result of the fire, not the cause. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. a fire in el dorado county near a pg and e substation forced the utility to cut power today to 49,000 customers. pg and e says it turned off power lines from the substation to protect the firefighters. in all, about 5 acres burned, and the power has now been
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restored to most customers. and the blistering hot weather is going to continue for our inland areas for tomorrow. the clockwise motion around it, also dragging in some monsoonal moisture from the desert southwest. if you noticed the bay area here, we have clouds overhead. i'm talking about mid, and high level clouds. carrying with it some moisture. so the ridge of high pressure still in place. another warm day, but for some of us tomorrow, it's also going to be a bit muggy. with these clouds in place, in the overnight hours, could actually offset our cooling in the overnight hours, which means we could be warmer as we start tomorrow. mid-90s, to about 106 expected for your tuesday. for the inland communities. patchy fog along the coast. mid-60s, to mid-70s expected. for the bay, we're looking at 80s once again. i want to give you a quick peek at the temperatures. wide speed 60s around the bay
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area. low 70s expected inland. of course, those high clouds overhead, a good possibility we'll start out warmer than we did this morning. when i come back, a detailed tour of you're afternoon highs, and when this heat will finally give. apple shares jump. the filing that helped drive the stock to its biggest gains in more than two months. >> and in ♪
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or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99 a pound. get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. here's another look now at the dozens of b.a.r.t. cars sitting idle. trains are at a stand still. a live update is ahead in just five minutes. we're learning more tonight about the 19 firefighters killed over the weekend, in an arizona wildfire. their bodies were transported
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today to the medical examiner's office in phoenix. the 19 were from an elite group in prescott, arizona, called the granite mountain hotshots. the firefighters were overcome by flames when the winds suddenly shifted. they deployed heat resistent blankets. all of them died except for one who was moving a truck. 14 of the victims were in their 20s. including kevin moijack who's father spoke by phone. >> not going to get a phone call. he called me yesterday morning at about 6:45 a.m., saying dad, we've got a fire in yarnell, arizona. i'll give you a call later. >> the fire has burned more than 8,000 acres, and destroyed as many as 200 homes. president obama expressing his condolences for the firefighters and their families
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today. that tragedy in arizona marks the deadliest day for u.s. firefighters since the 9/11 attacks. ktvu's robert honda reports, an elite cal fire unit says the incident also shows how virtually every big fire is unpredictable. >> reporter: the hellitac unit is an elite group of firefighters. in this case, responding to the fire near concord. the group was distressed to hear about the 19 members of the hotshots killed in the yarnell hills fire. >> hotshot crews are one of the best. it's a real tragedy. >> reporter: caltran firefighters are waiting to find out what
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continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. strike now, just about every commuter in the bay area is waiting for it to be over. >> reporter: the governor was asked to get involved, and to declare a cooling off period by the union, but you'll recall, that was days ago, and he has declined. he's still on the sidelines with that. the thinking is, that b.a.r.t. doesn't want that, because b.a.r.t. wants to deal with this now. it's a holiday.
11:31 pm
in three months, we'll also be pushing labor day. we'll be pushing into the opening of the new bay bridge. if you have a b.a.r.t. shut down at a time you're going to overload the bay bridge, you're really not going to be able to debut that signature bridge the way you want to either. i think there's always feeling that if you have a delay, you're really kicking the can down the road, and you'll be here at the end of that cooling off period, maybe at the same sort of stalemate that we have right now. there are no new talks the governor office did issue a statement, urging them to continue to bargain. now that we have one day of strike under our belt, i think those messages from politicians, from government leaders, from transportation officials would become even more efficient and frequent. i'm told the bargaining leaders holed up in the marriott hotel, this is where many of them are
11:32 pm
staying, are getting a lot of calls, and there's a lot of action behind the scene. back to you. >> debra, what about free buses. is b.a.r.t. planning to add more free buses for commuters? >> reporter: they are julie, we saw the buses roll out today. they announced tonight, they're doubling to 36, and also adding a station. s tarting tomorrow, they'll add west oakland, which of course is the last stop before you go into the transbay with the tube of course not operating, that will be another location where people can get on a bus. it's free to park there. it's free to ride the bus. and it's a round trip ticket. >> it appears buses will be running tomorrow. many b.a.r.t.
11:33 pm
riders flocked to ac transit buses, as the contract talks resumed at 2:00 p.m. the union is also reporting progress in a previous session this morning. the two sides averted a possible strike this morning with a contract extension. the union has promised a 24 hour notice before workers walk off the job. san francisco muni officials are postponing construction work on the subway tunnel to help commuters. the project will require the early closure. that project is now on hold, and the tunnel will not close early. stay with ktvu for the very latest. our coverage begins at 4:00 a.m. zynga is making changes at the top in an effort to turn the business around. the san francisco based gaming company says mark pinkus is stepping down as ceo, but will remain as chairman. don matrick will take over as
11:34 pm
ceo. he's been president of microsoft's entertainment business, which includes xbox. shares closed at $3 $3 and change. apple filed for a trademark in japan for iwatch. apple has been rumored for some time to be developing a smart watch. and ceo tim cook has mentioned what he called amazing new hardware coming this fall. it should also be noted that companies often fire for protected trademarks. the news sent apple stock up in a gain over 3%. some analysts are giving apple a strong buy recommendation in the expectations of improvements. the broader markets also rose today. the dow gained 65 points, but it was up more than 170 earlier in the day. the nasdaq was up 31. analysts say investors aren't concerning themselves about the feds stimulus pull back ending because the economy is doing
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well. the state's top cop is pushing for more online security. it includes 131 incidents reported to her office last year that put 2.5 million residents at risk. she's making a number of recommendations to companies, law enforcement agencies, and lawmakers. among them, encrypted data. tighter security controls, and easier to read breach notices. in news of the world tonight, president vladimir putin says if edward snowden wants asylum in washington, he will have to stop leaking american secrets. snowden has accused of united states of pressuring those other countries not to accept his request. in egypt, the military flew helicopters over cairo, carrying national flags to the
11:36 pm
cheer of protesters, and the generals gave mohammed morsi an ultimatum. they said meet the demands of the protesters, or they will intervene. this past weekend, millions of egyptians demanded president morsi step down. at the vatican, the two men have been under investigation for violating money laundering laws. pope francis has been trying to reform and clean up the bank. it was founded in 1942 to manage the assets destined for religious and charitable works. that bank is not open to the public. controversial, but right and fair. that's how governor jerry brown described the sweeping education legislation he signed into law today. it changed the state funding criteria --
11:37 pm
a bit of a surprise for some commuters who drove today. in 8 minutes, the extra charge they face once they got into san francisco. >> and at 10:45, meteorologist rosemary orozco will be back with
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the b.a.r.t. strike is raising questions about the power of unions, and their ability to bring the bay area's commute to its knees. explaining why it could not happen in some other big u.s. cities. >> reporter: mass inconvenience
11:40 pm
and worse. >> i know to take like the ferry to work today was almost three times the regular amount. for some people, a b.a.r.t. strike more than a day or two is something they can't afford. >> reporter: he says b.a.r.t. and its unions really tried to avoid a strike, but long tradition was against them. >> we have a form of political kabuki theater. we have actions that are highly stylizes, choreographed, and by necessity lead to this process that comes to the last minute. >> reporter: we found l.a. and philadelphia do allow transit strikes, but they're illegal in new york city, chicago, boston, and washington, d.c., which settle contracts with arbitrators or wage boards. >> i do think after this negotiation is complete, we do need to seriously start looking at what other alternatives may be. >> reporter: no strike is what everyone we talked with chose. >> i think we should keep it
11:41 pm
running and keep negotiations going. >> i think it's definitely worth thinking about. larger cities such as new york and d.c. have it in play. >> too many people rely on bart to get to and from work. >> i think there's no question. no question after this. negotiation, we need to at least reconsider, is this the best process? >> reporter: no one knows what will ultimately happen, but we do know unions have a lot of power here in california. but 400,000 b.a.r.t. raiders have a lot of votes. 0. there is an end in sight tonight to the long running labor dispute involving the union night here and the hyatt hotel corporation. a tentative agreement involving pay increases and pension benefits. if approved, unite here has
11:42 pm
agreed to end its global boycott of hyatt. the san francisco ritz- carlton has sold. $476,000 per key, which is how the hotel measures these types of transactions. it has been sold to fair lodging group, which is based in annapolis. sweltering heat continues into the week. how long parts of the bay area will see temperatures topping 100 degrees. >> a new law bringing big change to menus at chinese restaurants. why some say banning one popular dish is discrimination. >> in two minutes, making mone
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continuing coverage now of the b.a.r.t. strike and its impact on the bay area, telling us how commuters are taking a double hit as some companies are looking to profit by jacking up their prices. >> it went up 15%. >> from what? >> from 20 to 30, and i'm here for the special. >> reporter: not too happy to shell out $10 more for parking at the embarcadero in san francisco. >> they jacked it up, and put it on as an event special rate. >> reporter: it was a double whammy for melissa connolly who ended up forking up $50 thanks to a glitch with the machine. >> i cursed and i swore. it really sucks on a monday morning. >> reporter: many of the less expensive lots filled up faster than usual.
11:46 pm
>> i usually park in a different lot. they were just full this morning. >> reporter: they found out parking would cost $30, they found other options. >> this is ridiculous, $30. >> hopefully, we can get this thing solved, so we can get back using the b.a.r.t. system. a lot of people like us, we can't afford commuting every day to work. >> reporter: caltrain changed the rules for some carpool lanes this morning. carpool lanes will be temporarily extended from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. this will be enforced the i-80 west grand on ramp also has new restrictions. the bart strike is inspiring some east bay commuterring to do things a little differently this week. >> i just emailed my manager and let her know i would be working from home indefinitely.
11:47 pm
>> cathy kennedy is a marketing consultant for a bank in san francisco. instead of waisting time in the commuter crawl, she hopped out of bed, and logged in from home. neil also worked out of his home today, and said most of his employees did the same. a lot of people told ktvu news, they will do what they can to stay off the roads this week. new information on the drowning deaths of two people who were swept to sea. the drownings happened yesterday off bonny doon beach. the sheriff's department says the women were fishing with their husbands when a wave knocked them into the water. the men then jumped in to try to rescue them. today, the coroner identified the victims. the women were sisters in law. their husbands were not injured. new at 10:00, today is the first day for the sale of safe
11:48 pm
and sane fireworks in gilroy. they opened up its stand to raise money for community services. many church members also take part in the operation at the stand. the pastor says the sale of fireworks is important to its bottom line. >> it's a great resource, of financial income that goes into the ministry to be able to reach out to broken families, and hurting people that need help and the assistance that we offer here in our community. >> gilroy is the only city in santa clara county, where it is legal to buy, possess, and use fireworks. they must be considered safe and sane, which means they don't explode, go up in the air, or move on the ground in an uncontrollable fashion. another very hot day in the forecast for our inland bay communities. perhaps one of the best things about the hot weather, the nice summer nights. still in the 80s in and around walnut creek. 79 in fairfield. meanwhile, around the bay, we're cooling it off.
11:49 pm
58 san francisco. mid-60s in oakland. 65 in hayward. mid-50s at half moon bay. the onshore breeze and patchy fog continuing along the coastline and just inside the bay. tomorrow morning, we're going to have clouds actually want to stop it here once again. the ridge of high pressure still parked over the west, brings us very hot weather, but also bringing us some monsoonal moisture, because the clockwise moisture around this high dragging in some of the clouds. in the sierra, we had thunderstorms pop up today. here we're seaing just those clouds pull in. that is going to contribute to some muggy weather for some of us by tomorrow morning. we do have a heat warning that continues until wednesday evening, dangerous heat inland. so take it easy. be aware of what's going on. even into the 4th of july
11:50 pm
thursday, some of us will still be dealing with the heat, even though it looks like the ridge of high pressure that's bringing us the very hot weather will begin to break down by then. notice the clouds already overhead, and as we roll through the overnight hours, and into tomorrow morning, it's now 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, we do begin to clear out. we will be mostly sunny tomorrow, with just a few high clouds. the overnight hours with these high clouds in place do really inhibit our cooling for the overnight hours. as we get started tomorrow morning, could be a warmer start, low 70s in the forecast. well above average for this time of year. 61 in oakland. 58, san francisco. as we get into the afternoon, another scorcher. 100 for santa rosa tomorrow. 97 for sonoma. 96 for san rafael. 85 in oakland. 86 for san leandro.
11:51 pm
106 for brentwood tomorrow. 95 san jose. 97 care toga. 104 gilroy. and along the peninsula, temperatures ranging in the mid- 80s. pailo alloto, san francisco tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s for the coast. not a lot of change going on through wednesday. by thursday, we do begin to feel a little bit of a change, but the areas that need it the most, the inland communities, the going to be another hot one. it takes all the way to the weekend, before we're finally back to the seasonal norms. >> kind of a long week. >> yes. >> all right. >> thanks rosemary. >> you got it. a ban on selling shark fins in california took effect today. shark fins are considered a delicacy in chinese cooking. the law was passed 18 months ago, but contained a provision allowing restaurants to sell stocks on hand. the aim is to prevent shark
11:52 pm
fisheries from overfishing. some say it discriminates against chinese americans. dog walkers in san francisco now have to carry their on license. new regulations took effect to limit them from walking no more than 8 dogs at a time. people walking 4 or more dogs simultaneous will need to carry a city issued permit. the idea is to protect the city parks and public property, while also making the dog walking industry legitimate. >> can you imagine walking four dogs at once? >> i cannot. >> i cannot either. the giants are just having a tough time out there. >> they certainly are. maybe the hot weather, or something. but giant fans had a little more than 24 hours to feel good about their team. tonight's first of four from cincinnati. things turned bad in the 2nd
11:53 pm
inning. two runs had already scored. chopped into short left. two more come in. it's a four run inning for the reds. coming from behind has not been something the giants have done well this year. two runners on base for todd frazier. kickham didn't survive the inning. the way this game was going, it was probably good news that rain came, and they called it after 6 innings. that way the giants could save the bullpen in an 8-1 loss. as bad as things have been for the giants, they haven't been much better for the diamondbacks. new york pulls out a 5-4 win. all 5 teams in the nl west now separated by just 3.5 games. on one side of the draw in wimbledon, things went as expected. andy murray was a
11:54 pm
look at them kids...
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they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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another majorup set at wimbledon today, where is a serena williams, joined the likes of rafael nadal, and
11:57 pm
roger federer on the sidelines. in the fourth round, lisicki has to battle for this one at match point, but she prevails. rebounded to win the third and deciding set, 6-4. williams will not get her sixth wimbledon championship this year. the man who has more major golf championships than anyone else was at the golf club to see djokovic to talk on tommy haas of germany. djokovic finishes off a loud straight sets win. the second seed, andy murray also advanced today, as did 4th seed ferrer. tour de france after today's third stage. slovakia's peter sagan, the
11:58 pm
overall leader remains the belgian, by just 1 second over a huge portion of the field. nothing going for the a's today, they start a huge series against the cubs tomorrow night. >> thank
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> so alec baldwin wants us to believe calling somebody a queen is just an expression of royalty. >> glaad came out and gave him a pass. >> they said alec baldwin has done a lot of things for the human rights campaign. they're citing all these things he's done. >> and he had a guest role on "will and grace." benny hinn is a televangelist,


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