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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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will bart keep crowds away. >> and why sympathy for those on one side of the dispute appears to be waning. >> and a warning for dog owners, someone appears to be using meatballs to poison their pets. . good evening, it's thursday, this is bay area news at 7:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> visitors flocking the waterfront for the fireworks extravaganza. it gets underway about 9:30, and two and i half-hours because of the bart -- two and a half hours, some people are having to come up with other ways to get
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around. >> amber, you've been talking to folks? >> reporter: we're at a popular viewing area. normally this area would be packed. >> you can see their appears to be plenty of room left. >> the fireworks are scheduled to go off around 9:30. >> with bart on strike they anticipated more traffic and headache and had a strategy for dealing with it. >> we planned to leave home very early, so we left around 11:00 this morning, and then we planned our map and everything and we drove down. >> we got here before 12:00. >> reporter: many people told us they're paying a lot to park in the area, up to $60, and we found plenty of lots that were full. >> they say more than previous years that they paid. >> city officials estimate 200,000 people will still attend tonight's fireworks show. >> live at the aquatic park,
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amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. right now, bart is taking a break for dinner for negotiations. >> they've asked the officials to keep quiet. >> they call the negotiations a mess. >> bart has threatened to impose a contract because the talks are at an impact. >> we are not at impact. >> it is unlawful. they cannot impose on us, but they are trying to threaten you, trying to weaken us. >> we are diligently working to reach a fair contract for our workers, and we appreciate them, and to come to come agreements for the future of bart. >> we're told mediators are deducting the negotiations in separate rooms. a coverage of the strike continues with patty lee live at
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london square where where sympathy appears thing >> reporter: the ferry doubled its number of runs to accommodate independence day for people who defend on bart to get around. >> while thousands made mad dashes to get around, the managers would give tell people what to do. >> commuters told them it will them prolong this strike. >> it's an abuse the public trusts and influences so many people. >> it appears to be waning upon commuters. >> most of the people i work with have a lot more higher skill set and make a lot less than they make.
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>> no, i don't have a lot of sympathy. >> bart union leaders say if it's the perception, they are misunderstood. >> it's not just about just the money. it's about a fair wage, and about safety and preserving the system >> reporter: union leaders say they're not out of touch with corporate america. it private sector workers who may be out of touch and demand from their employers. >> back here live at the ferry last here a few minutes ago. >> another crowd is forming. >> there's an unofficial number of tons of people lining up, and given they sellout early, these crowds try to get here a little bit early to make sure they do and are able to catch a ride to san francisco to catch the fireworks. >> reporting live in oakland, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we have more details on how
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officials are helping get around the way. east bay transit added six more buses. >> shuttle bus is provided to the waterfront. returned service from 1030 to 11:30 p.m. >> today, due to the holiday, seven busses will make the track between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.. return service from san francisco will run from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. >> the blue and gold fleet plan regular service tomorrow. >> some desperate commuters have opted for an easy and cushy ride out of town. >> one limo driver was offering people a ride. >> this woman was offered a ride for $15. >> we're going into random
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limos at this point. >> we'll see what happens. >> we don't want do any interviews. >> we're just trying to help out the public. >> one cabdriver told us the service is breaking the law. >> if we get news, we'll break the news online and twitter and facebook. a san francisco police officer rescued a man from a burning building. >> neighbors ran out and flagged down a police officer. he ran up the 3rd floor and got the man out. >> the resident had minor injuries. >> the officer suffered heat exhaustion. investigators have not determined how the fire started. we have new video of a three alarm house fire in san jose. >> neighboring homes were damaged. >> it started after 5:30 this
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evening. there was a separate fire in some trees about a block away. >> no report of any injuries. the cause on this 4th of july is under investigation. we have an update on a story we've been following. >> a missing 13-year-old boy from redwood city is back home. >> we just got the call within the hour. >> his family says author infante told us he wondered off once before and was missing for three days. an east bay glass shop owner is furious after someone told her delivery truck and the whole thing caught on camera. >> watch the surveillance video taken outside alba's glass. >> you see a man fiddling with the door lock climbs in and gets off. >> this truck was loaded with glass for a customer. >> it's not the 1st time this happened. >> on new year's eve, vandals
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smashed a load of glass. two dogs were poisoned by meatballs left in the streak. >> oscar is recovering at the vet's office today after the dog found and ate the meat ball yesterday. the dog's owner and neighbors picked up several more meet balls and turned them over to police. >> lab techs at uc davis are testing for poison. even though they're illegal, you can usually see fireworks all across the city of oakland on the 4th of july. >> firefighters were on patrol and trying to educate people about the dangers of illegal fireworks. >> all 25 of its engines were on patrol and looks for illegal activity. >> if we see someone having a barbecue or discarding cigarettes and such. >> oakland police say they're also out in force using shot
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spotter technology to find people shooting off guns or setting illegal fireworks. cities all around the bay celebrated independent with an old-fashioned parade. bag pipes and plenty of american flags, both large and small of san jose's annual rose, white, and blue parade. >> the crowd also enjoyed a line of classic cars and vietnam veterans and supporters marched through the neighborhood. >> organizers expected about 40,000 people to show up and watch the band and members of the military march in the parade down hearts avenue. this year's theme was people helping people. >> the awana's club organized the parade. the city of antioch is celebrating with classic cars and fireworks. >> they collected $60,000 after the city said it couldn't pay
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for the celebration. >> this year's festivityies include a car show and parade, followed by fireworks at dusk. the great length some went to, to enjoyed holiday. and years of planning come to an end with the kickoff of america's cup series. >> could loose ends still up end the competition? another hot day well inland but things are about to change. >> we'll take a look at the conditions for the san francisco works this evening and a big drop off for your friday forecast. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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rethink possible. . expect blame the heat wave for up rooting a 30-foot tall
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tree. >> it fell on to an apartment on chateau way. four units were evacuated. everyone was allowed to return at noon. >> moisture rises to the treetops on very hot days and dried out roots, caused the tree to collapse. a soap box derby crash injured several teenagers. >> the accident happened at about noon at camp a gust a. >> nevada city, when a kanoe went under, it flipped. >> cal fire says another three people suffered scrapes and becauses. >> organize er bruises. as david stevenson reports, with more >> reporter: under perfect weather the 2013-cup in san
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francisco got off to a roaring start. >> the sight of a new cruise ship terminal and a park created. >> a new side of the city coming to life. >> it's really nice. >> the louisvuitton starts monday. >> they're contesting what they call unfair rule changes in the wake of the may death of a team sailor. >> the race director said he could cancel the competition if the new rules aren't adopted by all. >> the closer we get, the more the teams are getting nervous and elbowboeing each other. >> the city of san francisco has big plans for this park once the competition concludes in september. >> we're going to move right
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back in and finish building out our cruise ship terminal. >> we hope to welcome our 1st cruise ship in the fall of 2014. >> we're set to hear complaints on monday, more are set for this weekend. >> in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu 2 news. the cubs produce only 1 run and scoring on a ball that never left the infield. >> the cubs allowed derrick north to score. >> the giants, their game was rained out in cincinnati. more fast moving developments a new interim president holds power after the country's military oustet morsi. >> hundreds of thousands of demonstrators celebrated.
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>> they say morsi and his backers, the muslim brotherhood did not fulfill their promises. >> they're cracking down with the rest of the group's leader and a number of top aids. president obama met with the top security advisors. the engineered egypt to return power to a civilian government as soon as possible. the u.s. came short of calling the political turmoil a queue, which would require to stop giving aid to egypt. eight students from davis, one from berkeley and another evacuated today. >> they're expected to arrive at sf owe any minute now. >> we have a crew there waiting for them and plan to bring you their 1st couldn't on the 10:00 news. an elementary school principal said it is a miracle she survived. >> water started pouring into the back of the car and started
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filling up the back seat. and i had to remain calm so i didn't freak out. >> pamela was heading home in toledo yesterday afternoon when the pavement under her car gave way. >> the sewer dating back to the late 18 hundreds corroded. the san francisco broadcast is celebrating a big anniversary. >> marking 40 years in service today, the steal structure rises 1,811 feet. >> you can see the fair long islands from it. >> in the days before cable and satellite, it was the primary broadcast tower. >> today's dozens of companies still use the tower for communication. people in parts of the bay area braved extreme heat at their 4th of july picnics. we found one park where parking
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ran out but visitors just kept coming >> reporter: it wasn't even noon until val regional was closed meaning the only way in was on foot. >> these people had three miles to go in the heat. >> our family's all down there. >> we all just want to be together and go and swim. >> if you ever needed proof how important park and open space are, this is it. >> i don't agree with this because people are hot. somebody can pass out here >> reporter: in fact, togetherness, getting there meant walking in extremely hot temperatures. >> heat stroke obviously is always a concern. >> tons of people crowded out. >> paramedics were summoned many times today as people were
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overcome by the relentless degree heat and the track up the hill was coming. >> i've never had to walk miles to get there. >> today's another hot day today, gaspard, gasia, but that's all about to change. >> take a look at the numbers, 102 in fairfield, 103 in livermore. >> upper 60s to the mid-70s in san francisco. >> showers and thunderstorm to the east of the bay area, out
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toward the southern sier a -- sierra. >> temperatures are still hot, showing 90s at the 7:00 area for livermore, concord antioch. >> all these red dots link up to fireworks shows around the way. >> we have the displays on, and you can see near 60s, warmest location inland. >> this mainly in the mid 80s. >> 90s over the next few hours. >> mostly clear and breezy, wind approaching 25 miles an hour. >> the fog will regroup late tonight and into early friday morning. >> the fog shows up coast side and around the bay temperatures to start out your friday mainly in the upper 50s to the 60s. >> today the last hot day of
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area high pressure since we've been talking about last friday. >> this begins to scoot out of town coming down to 5 to 15 degrees. >> you'll see temperatures, that trend will continue into the weekend for both saturday and sunday as we increase the fog. >> this bumps up the fog coverage tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> into the afternoon hours, still some patchy coastal fog. >> mostly sunny skies well inland. >> warmer location on track to reach the lower 90s. >> still warm, and that excessive heat is fading. >> oakland masses out at 73. >> lower 90s for antilock and brent wood. >> and san francisco, the counts becoming partly sunny, 67 degrees. >> your five-day forecast, there's our cooling trend for saturday and into sunday.
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gaspard? >> mark, thank you. fire crews in arizona say they'll have the deadly yarnell hill fire 85 percent contained by tonight. >> many people evacuated are now returning home. >> off the fire lines, a special tribute was held to honor the elite fighting crew earlier this week. >> the fire outside prescott has destroyed many buildings. now trending an annual 4th of july eatathon and the bay area man takes the win. and south of the boarder those are facing delays. you can still watch ktvu live on your computer. get the app or go to
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. the statue of liberty reopened today just in time for 4th of july. hundred it is lined up to tour the monument. they were greeted by people
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dressed up in revolution avenue outfits. >> it was destroyed eight months ago. >> the statue itself was not damaged. nathan's famous hotdog eating contest. wouldn't be 4th of july without it. >> today, joey chestnut gobbled down 69 hotdogs, breaking his record by one hotdog. the win are took home $7,000. sonya thomas consumed 36 and 3 quarters franks to maintain her title. dozens of flights from the u.s. to mexico were canceled due to e rurpzruption. >> including flights from los angeles. mexico city airport's about
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40 miles from the vol vaincanoes and remains open. >> i'm coverage continues with the 10:00 news, i'm gasia mikaelian, and thank you for joining us. >> also if we get news of a bart deal, we'll break the news on twitter and facebook and at >> tmz is up next right here on tv 36. ♪
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