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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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' ds . back for now, the clock is ticking. 30 days until the unions could strike again. good evening i'm gasia
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mikaelian. >> and i'm fred summerville. >> we appreciate your patience. >> bart service is back. as promised the train was running by 3:00 this afternoon. riders returned after the 4.5- day strike that brought service to a grinding halt. the truce may only be temporary with the possibility of another strike 30 days away. we have team coverage tonight beginning noelle walker who says commuters are counting on a deal before the deadline. >> reporter: frank, take a look. the bart trains are filled with orange and black, giants' fans who are sad about the game but happy to have a ride home. a few people said they will believe the nightmare is over when they see a final contract. >> reporter: it's the evening commute, and the skeptics are plenty. >> i'm about to find out if it's worth it or not. >> reporter: for the first time this week, bart passengers have a ticket to ride. bart is working! >> reporter: trains got back on track at 3:00. >> it's been such a drag this week. >> reporter: morris hitched rides with friends all week.
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tonight he is hitching his hopes on bart. >> hopefully they come to a long-term agreement so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: he's not alone. >> today was a lot more quieter than yesterday or the day before. >> reporter: muni trying to keep bus on time this week. >> they were passing up stops because there was not room for everyone to get on. >> reporter: today, there's room to spare. >> you could almost throw a cart wheel, i think. >> reporter: drivers are not convinced the nightmare is over. >> we will wait and see. i will wait until they get a contract. >> reporter: for the first time this week, that's no lines at the temporary transbay terminal. there's temporary signs with temporary routes, but it's nice to have the permanents back, even if it's temporary. >> it's time to get off the gravy train, but i do support the bart workers 100%. >> reporter: fans are cheering that part is back -- that bart
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is back in time for the train. >> i'm a season ticketholder, and i would not have come. >> reporter: bart has until next month to reach an agreement. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. just hang in there. >> reporter: again the long face here tonight are because of the blowout giants' game, not because of bart. there's a 1-month contract extension until august 4th. after that, who knows what. reporting live, noelle walker,. bart says they spent $100,000 a day to provide free charter service across the bay, and it lost $1 million a day in fare revenue. once you subtract what they saved on operating costs and wages, they lost $3.9 million
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during the strike. it's been a brutal week for the regular riders l stuck in traffic, queuing for a ferry, or waiting for a bus. we found commuters waiting for a bus this morning, and they said they endure 2-3 hours commutes into the city, and they are glad the trains are running again, but they are worried because bart and the unions have not reached an agreement. >> i hope they change their minds not to do this again. it's horrible. it makes us miserable. >> for people who don't make a lot of money this is just not right. >> the charter buses could only accommodate 2,000 to 4,000 passengers, 1% of bart's 400,000 daily riders. continuing coverage. in 30 minutes, the warning for anyone caught hassling a union
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employee. other transit issues, the union saying one of the sticking points is safety. today atu local 192 posted this picture to facebook, showing a shattered window on a bus. someone threw a rock at the bus at 14th and broadway in downtown oakland. the contracts also expired last sunday. they said progress has been made in the contract talks. the city of oakland will be at the bargaining table. thousands of employees staged a 1-day strike last monday, accusing the city of bad faith bargaining after years of pay cuts and furloughs. bay area firefighters kept busy on the 4th of july this is one of two fires that burned.
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investigators say illegal fireworks caused the blaze. a veteran firefighter told amber this 4th was the worst she has p ever seen. >> reporter: that's right. the fire chief said this was the worst with four fires. it was quiet and peaceful in this east oakland neighborhood, blocks for highland hospital. this is what the skies above oakland looked like last night this is youtube video of the illegal commercial fireworks in the sky. >> it was horrible. it felt like a bomb going through my window.
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>> our house was going side-to- side. >> reporter: this neighbor suffers from breast cancer and could not rest because of the noise. she made two calls to the city on the hot line for people to report illegal fireworks. >> my biggest concern, there are rockets with a whining noise, and they would land on the roof. >> reporter: neighbors say their calls to the hot line were answered by a dispatcher, but no one came to help. our dashcam shows what it looked like driving on 880 last night. the city acknowledges it got 200 complaints about illegal fireworks. police said they were busy responding to violent crimes. ''police responded to multiple assault shootings, one of which was fatal, and a pro test march in downtown oakland." firefighters put out this fire,
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and a fire chief describes what it was like last night responding to problems all over the city. >> this is one of the worst 4th of julys i can remember as far as illegal fireworks in the city of oakland. >> reporter: police say illegal fireworks is not an arrest they can offense someone for. citywide, just one person was cited for illegal fireworks. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 nudes. investigators believe they know what went wrong at a fireworks show in southern california. >> that wasn't supposed to happen. >> thousands of people were watching the show when the fireworks suddenly shot horizontally instead of up into the sky. 39 people suffered burns and shrapnel injuries. it appears one mortar exploded prematurely and knocked over the stand holding the other fireworks. illegal fireworks are being blamed for the fire at a boat
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storage facility in seattle. it was just before the authorized fireworks show was supposed to start. 14 boats were burned beyond repair. tonight investigators are trying to determine if illegal fireworks are to blame for the death of a richmond couple. they son is in critical season. 50-year-old bonkio and her husband mern lee palms were both killed. their 26-year-old son who lived with his parents in the converted garage suffered severe burns. >> i see these people practically every day, and to come out here this morning, and to discover that two people are dead in my neighborhood is tragic. >> fire officials say the son, who is said to be mentally challenged was seen earlier last night setting off
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fireworks in the street and jumping over them as they went off. there were remnants of fireworks and cigarette butts here the doorway. sheriff deputies are out in force, checking for drunk drivers. this is the check point in san mateo tonight. some counties are reporting a drop in arrests including san mataeo. marin county says their arrests are up so far. city college of san francisco will lose its accreditation next summer if they cannot fix serious financial and administrative issues. patti lee with what is up next. >> reporter: changing tires on a speeding car is how some officials describe the school's
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efforts to meet accreditation standards. >> it's illegitimate. >> reporter: heads of the college denounced the decision to pull the school's accreditation next july. >> it's absolutely outrageous that they could come in and say we are not good enough. >> reporter: there's only one move left, and that is to appeal the decision. time is running out. an appeal will be filed by the end of the month. if the administration makes the necessary changes, it could save the school. >> we are open. we are going to stay open, and we are going to do everything in our power to stay open. we want you to sign up for classes, and we want you to come here. >> reporter: but the uncertainty weighs on students who say they have sacrificed a lot. if they lose accreditation, they will not be able to get the jobs they want.
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>> i have to be able to get my transportation together to get by to come to school every blessed day. >> reporter: this student is juggling school, a job, and two kids. she doesn't know if she should enroll next term or cut her losses. she just got the news on wednesday and needs time for it to sink in. patti lee, ktvu news. caught on camera. a woman beaten and robbed on a bay area street. >> i'm just shocked. >> video of the attack, and the specific part that police want you to see. we had a dropoff in temperatures today. where to expect more fog tomorrow and the warmest conditions this weekend. usually firefighters are responding to alarms, but now they are sounding one. they say staffing is dangerously low and could get worse.
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another fire district is about to close, the fourth to close in the county this year. the other is on west leeland road. and that is where jana katsuyama is live. crews could not respond to some medical calls? >> that is right. this entire station, 87 in pittsburgh will be closed. i have never heard a fire chief
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say that resources were dangerously low, but that's exactly what the contra costa district fire chief told me tonight. >> reporter: last night contra costa fire district crews were on the run trying to handle all the calls about fires. >> we were super busy yesterday, going from call to call. >> reporter: station 87 answered nine calls, but they are set to close on monday. the firefighters union president said the resources are dangerously low. we had to stop responding to medical calls but there were times when there were hours of whole sections of a community had no fire coverage. >> reporter: we checked with the fire chief to see if resources were really that lacking he said -- >> i believe we're at a
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threshold that is extremely dangerous for the community and for our firefighters.
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the shooting was reported at about 1:30. police say the gunman came up to a group of people outside a bar and just started shooting. a 24-year-old man from san francisco was shot in the stomach and ended up dying. a 22-year-old man was shot in the leg. a third victim was graced by a bullet. an oakland college student appeared in court and was charged with two counts of murder for a deadly shooting inside a wing stop restaurant. two employees were killed monday night near lake merit. police identified gurley. gurley thought two men were after him and he ran to the back of the restaurant and hid in a freezer. when two restaurant employees went to investigate, gurley firing at them thinking that they were the two men. and a main line broke.
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that section of diablo road will stay closed for at least a couple of days but according to east bay m.u.d. water service is now restored to all customers. california energy officials today commended all the efforts that people made to conserve power this week. in fact, they say it helped prevent rolling blackouts. california's independent system operator or cal i.s.o. says there was record demand for power. but it saw an immediate drop in usage and that helped prevent outages. >> this is good for the power grid in terms of reliability it's good for everybody's pocketbook because they're going to save money at the end of the month. and these are megaw atts we don't have to put on the grid. >>caliso is asking people to download their power grid app. it allows people to track energy demand throughout the
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state. the job picture is improving better than anyone expected. 195,000 jobs were added last month and more people found work in april and may than previously reported some 70,000 more. the unemployment rate started at 6% because more people started looking for work. people not actively searching for jobs aren't counted. nasdaq was up 35, investors seemed to shrug off concerns. we have developing news tonight involving the america's cup. we just spoke with the italian team within the past hour and that team is pulling out of sunday's first race. the italians are upset with rule changes and have set a new runner regulation helps the american team. so much for starting with a splash. even tonight's time trials were kapbs -ltd.
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-- cancelled. a uc davis man tried too break up the day for disappointed race cup daises hoping to see the big boats. high winds meant the vessels could not come out to participate in an offshore parade. many spent the day just lounging on the ground. >> be prepared for quite a show. >> reporter: race organizers and skippers meanwhile waged an on shore battle and attempt press council. >> if you don't turn up, you will not get points and you will not win the race. we have nothing but to say that a tenure rule one week before the event. >> sponsors want to see these boats sailing. at one point you have to think that sponsors are not going to pack up and go home. >> reporter: still, people say they are disappointed.
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>> it's like cutting off your nose without your face. >> reporter: an international t the dispute. david stevenson, channel 2 news. we're talking about all these triple digits for fairfield and livermore. look at the temperature drop for the inland spots for today as we've increased low clouds and the clouds will be a big part of our forecast for tomorrow morning. as far as more temperatures from this afternoon, the official highs lower 60s right near the immediate coastline. mid-80s in san jose, santa rosa 84 degrees. the shallow marine layer is deepening as a result, supporting that cool marine air all the way to the inland spots. so here we go tomorrow morning at 6:00 and 7:00, lots of cloud cover out there near the coast.
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near the bay and even a few patches well inland. coming up we'll highlight the warmest day on the upcoming weekend and the timing of our next warming trend. bay area hand glider got the scare of his life recently when something went terribly wrong with his equipment. the line was hooked to a towline. he says all was going well until the towline would not release his plane. ryan and the glider started hurdling toward the line. he had to let his leg go with both hands to reach his parachute. thank goodness it deployed but he was able to get control of the glider. and at the last minute, the towline breaks and the glider lands safely on the ground. a woman robbed in san francisco by a group of men but it's what one of the men did next that is so startling. >>
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you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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san francisco police hoping a surveillance video will help them find a man who robbed a woman then kicked her in the head while she was on the ground and knocked her out. ktvu's cara liu obtained a video and we want to warn you here, it is very graphic. >> reporter: this heavily traveled area near market street and dolores is where a violent attack took place just before 2:00 this morning. surveillance video released by police shows what happened to a female victim after a group of five people robbed her of her purse and smart phone. >> yeah the victim is down on the ground already. and then you have the suspect coming back and kicking the victim. hit her in the face so violently it knocked the victim
11:26 pm
out. >> reporter: the victim is recovering at home. >> we showed the clip to folks in the neighborhood. >> that's not acceptable. >> the best thing i can say is, once again, just make sure you are watchful and careful. >> it seems like the sort of thing that happens but you don't hear about it that often. especially not right on the market street. in this part. it's too close to the castros, i'm very shocked. >> reporter: three people were arrested the morning of the crime. >> it appears some people are acting as look outs possibly. they're pacing back and forth looking around to see who's around, maybe the police are coming. >> reporter: authorities still need help identifying the personal who delivered that final kick. officers want to hear from any additional victims. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco
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veterinarian suggests that stricnine is the poison placed in meat balls to make pets sick. laced meat balls have been found in cold valley, the lower hatte and green park. it's very dangerous for dogs. the poison is used to kill gophers. >> it causes seizures which is very dangerous. >> reporter: oscar the datsun that ate one of those meat balls is expected to recover. nelson mandela offered a tribute. some sang outside of the hospital. a fire brigade also marched in formation. one of mandela's friends from his days of the apartide fight said the noble prize winner was
11:28 pm
responsive earlier this week. he said there is no reason in his opinion to remove the machine that is helping nelson mandela breathe. a day of rage, violence in egypt turns deadly. but first -- >> b.a.r.t. is back. the warning and the consequencing facing anyone found hassling a b.a.r.t. employee.
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> the b.a.r.t. strike is over and trains are running but the two sides still have to strike a new deal on a new contract and have only 30 days to do so.
11:31 pm
ktvu's deborah villalon asked b.a.r.t. and the union if they can reach their destination without another work stoppage. >> reporter: it's what b.a.r.t. customers have been waiting for. the sounds of normalcy, the chance to step on to a train once again. >> a happy fourth of july now. last night i saw it on the news. i was really happy. yeah. >> reporter: are you worried it's going to happen again? >> no i think it's going to be good. >> the job is now done. >> reporter: with a truce both agree that they were not close at all to get off the picket line. >> we have with staoád the attack by b.a.r.t. on our members. >> reporter: the new clock is already ticking. >> you could strike again? >> we could, this is not a cooling off period. this is a period to let b.a.r.t.
11:32 pm
know they have 30 days. >> still passengers we talked to would rather savor the moment than stress about the future. >> this is huge. this is huge. this is a good sound to hear. go b.a.r.t. >> reporter: and workers they are paid docked the past week seem relieved too. >> it's great to be back at work. yeah. >> reporter: everybody smiling? >> yeah. okay, bye. >> reporter: with service up to speed, if there are resentful passengers still simmering about the strike and want to lash out at workers, b.a.r.t. warns don't. new state law makes it possible to completely ban unruly passengers from the system. in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. california lawmakers have approved a raise for the largest union of state employees. the state senate approved a deal wednesday that increases pay for workers from the service employees international
11:33 pm
union. if revenue projections hold, a 2% raise would start next july with another 2-1/2% raise in 2015. some republicans are angry saying prop 30 funds were diverted from school. but the governor is expected to sign the deal. fciu represents 90 state thousand state workers. a hike in the utah wilderness ended in tragedy for a couple from campbell. 70-year-old orick wallis and wife patricia were visiting the wave. that's a popular rock formation near the utah-arizona state line. the couple had a permit to make the 3-mile hike on wednesday when temperatured exceeded 100 degrees and they were overcome by that heat. sheriff deputies recovered their bodies yesterday. a wildfire that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters is now 90% contained. despite the progress, officials say it could be monday evening until residents are allowed back to their homes.
11:34 pm
fire crews say they are still dealing with several hot spots and are taking precautions before lifting evacuation orders. two teams with volunteer firefighters are on their way to help people there. energy -- emergency crews left from oak land. they left with their vehicles packed with supplies and clothing. >> we'll be very busy. as well as hydrating the fire department, police department, and anybody around the scene. so we'll be very busy i'm sure. >> the volunteers are accepted to arrive by sunday and plan to stay for two weeks. santa clara county has tallied up the same-sex marriages for the week. a total of 381 marriage licenses were issued including 150 today. and 106 couples have taken advantage of the express marriage ceremonies where they get a license and exchange vows
11:35 pm
all on the same day. and san francisco's deputy marriage commissioner was finally able to get married himself today. >> i now pronounce you partners for life. congratulations. >> reporter: that's milig he married his long time partner late this afternoon on the 26th anniversary of their first meeting. as commissioner, he has performed an estimated 10,000 marriages since 1993. >> i've always worn a wedding ring and in the past when people have asked me are you married i would say no i'm not allowed to be. so today i'm allowed to be and that's why we're doing it. >> reporter: elig said he always knew same-sex couples would eventually win the right to get married noting he would sometimes perform marriages right by the harvey milk statute right by the rotunda. the act performed by the late john pope ii has cleared the way for him to be
11:36 pm
cannonnized. >> reporter: the testimony given by the mothers of the victim and shooter. and parts of the bay area dropped by 30 degrees today. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo tell
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
some dramatic testimony in florida today as the prosecution wrapped up its case in the george zimmerman murder trial. the mother of shooting victim trayvon martin and george zimmerman's mother both testified and gave conflicting statements from the witness stand. >> reporter: an emotional close to the week in the george zimmerman murder trial.
11:39 pm
the prosecution rested its case but first trayvon martin's mother took the stand listening to the audio tape of a 911 call the night her son died. in the background, you can hear screams. then a gunshot. >> what is it -- >> gunshots. >> you just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> reporter: the shouting stops. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be, ma'am. >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: as the defense presented its case. george zimmerman's mom also testified that she recognized the screams as her son's. >> do you know who's voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> who's voice was that? >> my son george. >> reporter: the medical examiner who did trayvon martin's autopsy also testified saying trayvon martin had no
11:40 pm
chance of surviving that shot. >> it is my opinion that he was still alive, he was still in pain. he was still in suffering. egypt is a nation divided and many fear in escalation and violence after this week's ousting. one battle has been taking over the bridge over the nile river in cairo. at least 30 people were killed today throughout egypt. morsi's party the muslim brotherhood had called for a day of rage. they say they will not give up until he is returned to if presidency. in other news of the world, nsa leaker edward s nowden may have found a new home in nicaragua. the presidents of nicaragua and venezuela have agreed to grant asylum. he's applied to more than a
11:41 pm
dozen countries asking for asylum and until now he had no offers. in mexico the popocapitl volcano is spewing out more ash and steam. dozens of tremors have been detected deep inside. some u.s. airlines cancelled additional flights in and out of mexico city. the volcano is about 35 miles from the capital. the airports spokesperson said no ash has fallen there but ash has covered towns closer to the volcano. and in china, heavy equipment is being used to cover hundreds of pounds of algae cover. the algae bloom is larger than the state of connecticut. some people have been swimming and playing in it but once it starts rotting it smells like rotten eggs. the algae is being dried and turned into fertilizer and animal feed. by the way this happens every year but they say this year is worse. federal officials have set a new date to remove a controversial quote from the
11:42 pm
washington, d.c. monument. the actual quote is much longer and more like a suggestion than a statement. family members wanted the quote corrected or removed and visitors from atlanta today agreed. >> the paraphrase kind of took away from what he really -- the true intent in the spirit of what he was trying to say. >> a national park service now says the sculptor should be able to remove the quote in honor for the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. the crime committed right in their own backyard. >> then we'll take you inside the battle to keep this fire from spreading. and why neighbors are calling it a wake
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police in tracy are investigating a possible hate crime. as melinda mesa reports a member of the city council found rocks from her garden arranged in the shape of a swastika. >> reporter: young woke up to this symbol in from of her home. nancy says as she came out of her front door she saw this symbol in her front lawn and she soon realed that symbol was made with rocks from her car garden. rocks were also used to put behind her car tires. >> to me it was a message that i'm talking to you. it's not your husband, it's not your son, it's not anyone else in your house but you. >> reporter: she says she plans
11:46 pm
to move forward in a positive direction and will continue mentoring young teens. >> i know it's a big deal because it's a hate crime. but we are hoping that it doesn't go any farther than just that,. >> tracy police are investigating. they released a statement that they had had four hate crimes in the past year. here's a photo of that 2- acre fire. it started last night on a fire road near kent. eight firefighters worked to contain the fire. but while they were mopping up today a hot spot flaired up. neighbors say that fire was unsettling. >> we got several calls from friends that could actually see the flames above basically just above our house. >> i think people do get nervous that when is the big fire going to happen. i mean i'm sure this is a great wake up call.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: no structures were burned. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire but they say they do not think fireworks were involved. well for the past week we have been talking about excessive heat warnings but finally the big change today. the big relief with the low clouds and fog. that fog increasing in coverage coast side and right around the bay. here's a closer inspection with our mapping system here and the clouds closer to half-moon bay right around pillar point and already a big fog patch heading into the bay. approaching the hayward area as well. we have some 50s and some 60s at this hour. right now it is 63 degrees in fairfield. oakland 60 and downtown san francisco in the mid-50s. wind speeds have been a factor all day long and still gusty out there right now. fairfield out of the west sustained at 21 miles per hour. concord up to 25 miles per hour. not as strong up in santa rosa but some more reports to show you for sfo and out toward
11:48 pm
livermore. a westerly wind sustained at 12 miles per hour. more fog and gusty winds. tomorrow lots of cloud cover to start out the day. then the extended we do warm up those numbers, a few spots could be right around 90 degrees. you will see that coming up in the five day forecast in just a little bit. overnight lows will be in the 50s across most of the region. lots of cloud cover, areas of fog and even a few patches of fog well inland out toward concord and livermore. this area of low pressure we're watching this. this is dropping in from the north. the key headline more fog. gusty winds for tomorrow as well. we're going to start the day off with overcast and into the afternoon hours, wind speeds do pick up to 25 miles per hour. as far as temperatures for your saturday. will be the coolest day of your weekend. warmest locations inland right outside of 80 degrees. the beaches you will want to bundle up, readings at only 60 degrees. a few patches well inland i
11:49 pm
suspect. clouds pull back near the shoreline. i think we're now seeing patchy fog for the coast. even right around san francisco. temperatures barely making it to the 80s. basically the upper 70s. here we go with san francisco. temperatures for tomorrow, not a big change from today but as i mentioned tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend. stinson beach at 62 degrees. some more neighborhoods right around the rim of the bay upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. warmest locations out toward morgan hill and gilroy. san jose 79 and san francisco skies becoming partly cloudy forecast high of 64. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. with your weekend always in view and going to warm things up a little bit into sunday. the warming will continue into monday and tuesday. tuesday we could have a few spots right around 90 degrees. as you can see triple digits are long gone. >> that fog feels so good.
11:50 pm
>> it does feel good. pope francis gave his approval to make two of his predecessors saints. pope francis signed a decree that was necessary. and the former pope bent the rules for pope john paul. a ceremony will be held this year, possibly november 8. a man is accused of trying to extort a quarter of a million dollars from paula deen. several companies including the food network have cut ties with deen in recent weeks after she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. fred is here. the giants just got clobberd
11:51 pm
tonight. >> absolutely. they returned from the dodgers. you would think the confines of at&t would rev up this ball club. no they're deeper and darker than my bat. gellespie helped turn this into a triple. matt cain allowed 68 earned runs all last season. he's allowed 60 already this year. bats all mia. juan uribe was not done. uribe gets a hammer off kicum. giants are flow 5-1/2 out of first and dead last. and we know the a's are at first place. today they jump over the .500 mark in road games. kansas city owns a hot dog
11:52 pm
derby, did you enjoy the trip? see you next fall. josh redding triples off wade davis. john chase is 2-0 oak land. a's led 3-0 in the 9th inning then tack on three more. coco crisp with a with two run single to make it -- it 6-0. gave up two runs in the ninth so here comes closer belfore. 6-0 tonight's final. well the warriors lost one free agent look at them kids...
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golden state didn't get the free agent center they wanted but sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make. as they say in l.a., the d wight-mare is over. today howard chose the houston rockets and james harden. no deals can be officially completed until next wednesday but the biggest free agent in the market is leaving the l.a. lakers after just one underwelming season he's headed to houston. iguodala can play several positions he averaged 15
11:57 pm
points. but best warriors acquired -- sent away to utah. golden state also sends two first round picks in 2012, 24 and 17. and warriors only take one unharelded. and it'll be djokevich against murray. >> that is the most bizarre trade by the warriors. they just wanted to get rid of these people because they got very little in return. >> the unique part about it is utah was only one of three teams to take 24 of those millions of the dollars and not have to reciprocate or balance all that money. utah next year will have a good opportunity to make a lot of
11:58 pm
picks. >> okay, thanks fred. >> yeah. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news tonight. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on 2 begins
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>> today on tmz -- >> a very special tmz today, because we have a game, and the game involves butt clues. there are various people in the room, and they will write out the name of the celebrity with their butt. >> are we writing in air? >> yes, you're air spelling with your -- >> ha! >> charlie is going first. >> oh, my god. >> all right. first letter. >> doe


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