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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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family and friends light candles tonight as they search for answers after a 66-year-old woman is gunned down for no apparent reason. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. she was an animal lover. a neighborhood dog walker. tonight dozens of people hold a candlelight vigil for an oakland woman while simply walking down the street.
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it just wrapped up minutes ago. patti lee is live. >> reporter: this is where the 66-year-old lived and ran her pet sitting business. now solomon is well known in the area as an animal activist but she was also well known for being active for hiring a private security company to take care of the neighborhood. solomon was a professional pet
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sitter when she was driving to pick up dogs when someone shot her. >> if lucy could talk she would tell you what happened yesterday. >> reporter: reyna's dog was in the car with judy. judy is channeling to try to keep -- >> it's so recent she probably won't stay here the weekend. >> reporter: animal control called solomon their eyes and ears. she wasn't only looking out for dogs and cats, she was also looking out for crime. >> we're hoping that if anything good comes out of this. we're hoping people will come together and do neighborhood watch and get the patrol going in the area. >> reporter: as for the investigation, nothing new from
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opd. but police and the public safety commissioner will hold a press conference tomorrow morning about the shooting at 9:00. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news now out of fremont tonight where a s.w.a.t. team has surrounded a home and evacuated near by residents. >> come out of the front door with your hands up. >> reporter: this all started around 5:45 in the evening that's when the suspect forced his way into the home pepper sprays a woman as he ran inside. he then got into a fight with a man inside and shots were fired . the home is located on the 400 block. authorities searched the home and they tell us the suspect is gone but a firearm was found.
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at 10:15, a haywood home targeted by intruders. and a babysitters quick action that landed a suspect in handcuffs. deborah villalon is live and tell us flames came perilously close to a planet. >> reporter: if you cross over to the other side you can see the this fire jump the two lane highway. and it did so several times, at one point spotting ahead a half mile. pushed by 20 to 30-mile an hour winds, this fire at times moved faster than fire crews. and burned loud enough near by residents could hear it. >> it was very close. you could hear it crackling as soon as you opened the door.
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>> reporter: alarming because a flame sparked on the roof or fence could be devastating. >> do we spray down the house or just leave? thankfully it didn't cross overment. >> reporter: an air attack dropping water and retardant helped crews gain ground. and they sprayed area to keep the fire from spreading. the plant near by has defensible space. trains also run through the area and that's often said to have sparked. >> the windows in the house are
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still closed. just because once the smell gets in there it's kind of irritating. >> reporter: no structures lost in this four hour fire fight. but a couple of big riggs parked along the highway were scorched and had to be saved in a hurry. all told, 120 acres burned on a piece of land that residents tell me has a fire just about every summer. reporting live in bay point, deborah villalon, ktvu news. this video have from a ktvu viewer and shows the flames and smoke. ktvu has learned that construction crews will move forward with the so called quick fix for the eastern span of the bay bridge. we're told caltrans is already building the shims needed to provide support after the failure of a few dozen failed rods. those shims will be ready early
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next month. by mid-august, an engineering review should find if those shims are necessary. >> no decisions have been made on if the shims can be used that way, and no decisions have been made on an opening date. >> that september opening has been postponed because of a need for a fix on those bolts. it should push back the opening until at least december tenth. a worker has been injured after being jammed between a tubing. emergency crews said one of the pipes pierced the man's leg. it took crews more than an hour to lift the pipe and left the man's leg. an out of control car
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plowed through the windows of a pizzeria this afternoon. the car was completely inside the restaurant's vent room. 60 kids and adults set to attend a fundraiser had not arrived. this is the view from a traffic camera in truckee. you can see there aren't many cars on the freeway. the slide was recorded at 3:30 in the afternoon with six to 8- inches of mud and debris covering westbound lanes of interstate 80. new information suggests the hard landing of a southwest flight in new york this week may have involved pilot error. video shows sparks flies as the
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plane skidded off the runway in laguardia. it appears the nose gear hit the ground first before the mainlanding gear. that is not the way it's supposed to happen. in this case the nose gear collapsed and pushed up into the fuselage. the 150 passengers and crew evacuated the plane. at least six people suffered minor injuries. ktvu news has learned about an unknown threat faced by emergency crews and passengers. mike mibach discovered, the plane was holding black fuselage on board. >> reporter: asiana went down at 11:37 a.m. >> to see the totality. the mayor destruction. >> reporter: jay carnes based out on station three. >> we had the fire completely out. we were in an overall stage.
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wrapping up overhaul. we were made aware that there was a potential for phosphorous being on board. >> reporter: according to one source, at least 45 pounds of yellow phosphorous was in the cargo hold. today a spokesman for the ntsb said in an e-mail the faa's ash security determined the shipment was yellow phosphorous which is not classified as a hazardous material. >> it's a hazardous material, highly flammable. it's not something you want to get on you or ingest. >> reporter: at 2:51 p.m. 3-1/2 hours after the crash, this internal e-mail obtained by ktvu was sent out to all officers. all units that responded turn out for cleaning. >> they were all wearing self- contained breathing apparatus. we take precautions on every fire. >> reporter: the cdc website says yellow or white phosphorous similar to this is used in fertilizer and can
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catch fire in temperatures 10 degrees above room temperature. >> we dealt with an engeneral fire and we had an -- with an extension fire and we had what you saw there. could it lead to worsening conditions? absolutely. but we never saw that. >> reporter: a spokesman for the airport said that it's going to be moved in the coming days to a hanger in the east bay. now as for the phosphorous, the ntsb says it does not know who shipped it and it does not know who was receiving it. the ntsb also said it's not sure if any of it was exposed at the crash. at san francisco international airport, mike mibach. more details now, china is a major producer and exporter of the yellow phosphorous. and of course flight 214 originated in china. yellow phosphorous is so flammable it can self-ignite when it comes in contact with the air.
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the cdc says short term exposure to burning phosphorous vapors can cause skin irritation to the nose, throat and lungs as well as breathing difficulties. a 13-year-old girl was babysitting when thieves broke in. what she did to help her brother safe. one
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new at 10:00, bars nationwide are being called on to boycott russian vodka. it's after a recent -- against gays in russia. >> reporter: the message today is got vodka. people tell us they feel this is the wrong move for the right cause. >> reporter: at the moby dick bar they have vodka. but the bar tender says last night customers started boycotting russian boycott. >> the owner just called me and they said we're taking down all
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the soli so all of it we put it in the office. >> reporter: boxes of vodka now put away. >> it's interesting they're having this movement. >> the boycott has spread through social media to boycott russia's recent laws against gays and lesbian. >> england just legalized gay marriage. russia is going the opposite direction. >> reporter: russia decriminalized homo sexual, but putin just banned public displays of homo sexuality. this bar owner says he will not boycott stoli. >> stoli here in america has
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done nothing but support the lgbt community. >> reporter: i did put in a call to more than a dozen bars here in san francisco. many of them say they're just not hearing about this and are still trying to decide whether to participate in the boycott. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. continuing coverage now of the labor talks between b.a.r.t. and it's unions. we're now just ten days away from another potential strike on august 4th. negotiations are expected to resume at 9:00 tomorrow morning but there's no indication that a settlement is close. the transportation commission is now looking into hiring charter buses for commuters if there is a strike. officials say would take 8,000 buses to carry the passengers b.a.r.t. normally carries each day. during the strike earlier this month, b.a.r.t. says it spent $70,000 a day.
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her daughter hadn 't eaten in eight days. a clerk at a liquor store called her because a woman claimed she was being held against her will at the heritage inn. when officers arved they determined that the woman was under the influence of meth. they found three children all under the age of 6 years old in her room. those kids are now in the custody of children services. a san pablo mother now faces charges in a roll over accident that killed her daughter. she swerved to avoid another vehicle and her suv flipped. the girl was not in a car seat or buckled up and was thrown from the vehicle. four other relatives suffered minor to moderate injuries. myers was the only one wearing a seat belt. authorities arrested her yesterday and booked her into the county jail. a young hayward teen is being praised tonight for her quick action. the girl also protected her
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little brother from harm. >> reporter: neighbor steven wang was tending to his garden around 10:30 yesterday morning. >> there was police all over the place. one of the officers come and said can i come in and see. i said yes come in. i opened the gate. >> reporter: police say it all started when a 13-year-old girl was babysitting her 8-year-old brother then heard a noise from the garage area. >> when she looked out the window she saw a reflection of a male figure and heard ransacking in the garage area. that the point she grabbed her little brother and went to the back bedroom. >> reporter: the children's moms sharon solis who didn't want to be on camera shares what happened next. >> she called me, she said mommy there's two guys in the backyard, they're trying to get in the house. i told her call 911. and then i hung up and i called 911 and headed over here. >> we responded within 20 seconds of the call. the initial responding officer witnessed two suspects leaving the backyard. >> reporter: police say they
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chased down and arrested 22- year-old quintin brasceway. while they would have preferred the 13-year-old to call them first, she made a brave split second decision. >> i'm proud of her. she took care of her brother. >> reporter: it doesn't look like the burglars got past the garage and believe the family's 20-pound doverman may have had something to do with that. cara liu, ktvu. firefighters are battling a grass fire. flames had charred about 50 acres. the fire was burning in heavy brush and being fueled by high winds. dense smoke could be seen all over the sacramento area. at one point the flames threatened near by homes and businesses in the area. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. a nice looking day out there today. got hot in antioch, 96. but check out fairfield 88.
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the heat still resaoeupbdz in those inland bay valleys. the temperatures much like this. in most areas we'll see 90s. the fog right now you can kind of see it working its way across the bay. through the san francisco airport. it's going to fill in all around the bay tonight. you knew that. we're going to wake up tomorrow with the same type of cloud cover. fog burns off, you know what happens looks a lot like today. pretty much the same deal. the same bite of air. the green, those are 60s and lots of 70s and 80s. the real heat will be east of the bay area proper and southeast of the bay area proper. when i come back, the weekend is just around the corner. we'll look at the bay area weekend which will be the warmest and specific highs for both of those days, we'll see you back here. joey covington will be honored at a tribute concert next month. >> ♪ >> this video shows joey covington playing with
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jefferson airplane in san francisco back in 1970. he also costarred the band hot tuna. he recreptly lived in palm springs. he died in a car crash there last month. he was 67 years old. a rock concert will be held in covington's memory in palm desert on august 31st. facebook shares soar as the company flexing its mobile muscle. and tonight at 10:30, marrying later in life. we're looking at the trend that's reshaping the american family. >> it's kind of sad because you have to see yourselves in your
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new information tonight
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from san jose where police say a woman who died yesterday was not murdered. santos manuel marquez beat a man over the head. the men had left a late night establishment. police tracked down marquez yesterday. the victim is recovering. the trayvon martin case has sparked an important discussion about race among young people. as ken pritchett reports the chief calls it a teachable moment and is meeting with teens to talk about racial profiling. >> reporter: the trayvon martin case striked outrage, fueled by
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a verdict that freed george zimmerman. what followed were protests, some violent we saw that in oakland. but from the trayvon's story. >> this started back in the beginning. >> reporter: ronald davis sees good that can come from it. >> a lot of the youth are really concerned about what made trayvon martin suspicious in the eyes of george zimmerman to begin with. >> reporter: chief davis is spending this summer talking with youth about racial profiling. an officer of 28 years, yet he's not immune. >> i can still say the circumstances in which i got stopped which i honestly believe was for no other reason than the color of my skin. >> reporter: he says the youth are talking about the trayvon martin case not just because of the verdict but because of what the case means to them. >> most of my friends are young african americans, it's kind of sad because you have to see him in your friends. >> it's sad that people are judged by the way they look. >> reporter: they're looking for answers, they're looking for support.
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>> reporter: chief davis says there is no easy answers but there is support both for the children and from them. that's what the meetings are about. >> it's also about making our community safe. i cannot do it without their help. >> reporter: the youth of these kids are high school kids who are determined to go to college. the chief says he will talk to other gathering of youth in this community throughout the summer. ken pritchett, ktvu. investors of facebook saw a boost. they reported better than expected earnings thanks to increased ad revenue from mobile devices. closed today at $34 and change. stocks posted modest change. the dow ended up 13 points. building the home of the future. students say the concepts behind this home make it
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fundamentally different. >> i always thought i would be married and had kids by the time i was 25. marrying later. what research showing about who is saying i do as the marriage rate reaches a new low. >> and a reminder you can get ktvu news to
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happening now, the oakland city council is holding a special hearing tonight to consider censuring one of their -- at this time that meeting is still going on. we'll bring you the vote if it
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happens before the end of this newscast. it was once something that was almost expected of every young woman. that one day she would don a wedding dress and walk down the aisle toward matrimony. >> reporter: ken the study finds that women are not only choosing not to wear the white dress and heading down the aisle. but those that are getting married are waiting longer. today was not just a typical day at courthouse. because this 30-year-old it was her wedding day. >> i waited until i was 30 because i needed to grow a little bit more in my life and i wanted to be able to feel like i wanted to be with somebody. >> reporter: the median age of first time brides is 27. the highest age in more than a century. >> i've been dating since i was younger. but i was focusing on my career as a nurse and getting my schooling done. >> reporter: now new data from the national center for family
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and marriage -- find the marriage rate has dropped to a new low of 31. that means there's 31 marriages for every 1,000 unmarried women. >> i'm here today because i love jamie and i am ready to spend our lives together. >> reporter: this cupertino couple met online and today applied for their marriage license. chris is 32, jamie is 26. >> i always thought i would be married and have kids by the age of 30. it was just a matter of finding the right person. >> reporter: more people now are married. >> why did i marry again? because i fell in love. >> reporter: this feminist and also -- she say it is recent decades have brought new independence for married women. >> when i was a young wife and mother i couldn't get a credit card in my own name. i couldn't inherent property myself. so there has been a tremendous
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amount of change and it's only changed for the better. >> reporter: the marriage rate has been dropping since the 1920s. but decreased significantly in the 70s. and while research shows that all racial groups are getting married less, the number is worse for hispanic and african american women. a movement to change the definition of marriage literally. and why the targets of these self-proclaimed hackers say that's not necessary. the price tag for a new arena for the golden state warriors is going up significant. the team plans to build the marina. the team has found fixing piers 30 and 32 is more complicated and the cost has increased to $120 million. the city of richmond is moving ahead with the plan to sue chevron for a massive
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refinery fire a year ago. it sent a plume of toxic smoke into the airsickening at least 50,000 people. the city wanted chevron to come up with a compensation package but no agreement was reached. the city's decision -- the company says the city's decision to sue does not change their commitment. the leak was blocked by under water sediment and the fire snuffed out. the blow out took place yesterday when workers hit an unexpected pocket of gas. they were evacuated safely but gas continued to leak out. federal officials say
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hallaburton pleads guilty to the destruction of evidence in the gulf oil explosion. 11 workers were killed and millions of the gallons spilled into the gulf. analysis of video seems to confirm the train was going at least twice the speed limit and possibly faster. the number of dead rose today to 80. 94 other people are hospitalized. 45 are in critical condition including four children. spain is now observing three days of mourning. hundreds headed to copa cabana beach to hear pope francis speak. also today pope francis got out among the people as he visited one of the shantee towns.
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in north korea, leader un visited a military shelter as the country began four days of military day. the war ended almost 60 years ago. a peace treaty was never signed and the korean peninsula was divided into two nations. still mourning the loss of a coworker, cory monteith. the new season is set to begin on september 26th. well six new human cases of west nile virus in california. in three minutes the latest bay area community that plans
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to fog for mosquitoes that can carry the disease. >> bill martin will be back with the bay area forecast and what we can expect
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new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner cannot get away from a sexting scandal. >> it's not dozens and dozens, it is, six to ten i suppose. but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> weiner made a campaign as a soup kitchen. new yorkers are divided as to whether he should drop out of the race. the cleveland, ohio man
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charged with holding three women captive for close to a decade could plead guilty tomorrow as part of a deal to avoid the death penalty. ariel castro faces 977 charges including kidnapping, rape and sexual abuse. sources say prosecutors have offered the plea deal but no agreement has been charged. under the plea deal castro would spend the rest of his life in prison but would avoid the death penalty. vector control plans to fog for mosquitoes tomorrow in the barriesa area to the foothills. county officials say they have detected the west nile virus in dead birds in that area. the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. the spraying aims to control the mosquito population. doctors are reporting six new human cases of west nile
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infections in the area. the state's first infection of the year occured in sa sacramento county. that man died but it's unknown if he died from west nile or an underlying illness. health and science editor john fowler explains how this energy efficient house is actually modeled after a car. it's a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: crews install high tech solar panels today on stanford university's concept house. a radical new take on energy efficiency. >> we use these three sides of the roof. >> reporter: retired contractor aaron lucien says he really likes solar efficientty for his home. >> because it's so expensive to do. it's expensive to manufacturer. great concept. >> reporter: but at 7,000 a piece, it could take him 10
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years to break even. but this house is fundamentally different. designed like a car. >> we're seeing cars that are getting more energy efficient year by year. the homes are pretty much staying the same energy hogs they used to be. >> reporter: the students are building this home for a competition. it nets zero power from the grid. it took them just six days to complete the basic one bedroom shell based upon a modular core with high tech heating, cooling and appliances. >> reporter: made it real easy for homeowners and builders and developers to build any kind of house they wanted. >> reporter: after the competition a family will live in it to record efficiency. it's a little more expensive but could break even in two to three years. aaron luccie tells me he would go for that. >> cheaper would be best. >> reporter: this concept could be available in just a few years. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a different kind of packing uses scissors and papers instead of a computer. the under ground movement to redefine marriage one dictionary at a time. and they're definitely insinuating that we cheated. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up
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a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ stanford university is advising students to change pass words that security officials believe had an attack. so far they have found -- have not found evidence that personal information was compromised. a san francisco lawmakers today urged people to enroll in city college of san francisco
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despite the school's accreditation being threatened. school officials spoke out today, ping said students should continue to enroll in classes. >> today's fine point is to really be out there and encourage everybody to enroll. that is the best way that we can again show our support for city college. >> reporter: city college has seen a sharp drop in student enrollment since news emerged that the school's accreditation would be pulled. students are studying for tests they've already taken. students for mill valley are getting ready for tests they've already taken. now many say it's unfair. >> they're definitely insinuating that we cheated
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despite saying there's no proof. i think it's unfair we're being punished despite not having any proof of wrong doing. >> reporter: students took the original test back in may. the students say that they'll have to study all over again because the tests are so specific. a area school is using stealth to make a statement about gay marriage. these hackers are literally changing the definition of marriage. >> reporter: it's a movement to modernize the meaning of marriage using old fashion ink and paper. they call themselves hack marriage and they recently posted this online video shot inside a san francisco library. the group steadily hacks dictionaries using it to hack
11:47 pm
the definition of marriage as between two people. >> even if i take this off, the glue registration -- glue residue is going to stick on the paper. >> reporter: the store was able to save all four books. others may not be so lucky. san francisco's famed city lights book wasn't sure if it could sell the three altered dictionaries we find. they're reconsidering the current definition of marriage. >> this happens all the time with not just established words and the new definitions of established words but new words as they are coined. >> reporter: san francisco public library's main branch had a couple of dictionaries branch all have been repaired. the hackers targeted the san francisco target store too. none of the hacked dictionaries
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remain on shelves. the chevrolet impala became the first car to top the list of sedans. the model scored a 95 out of 100 beating luxury cars from lexus and audi. the impala score was only surpassed by the lexus and tesla. it's stretched out a little bit this evening. i have fog pushing through the golden gate bridge. we have fog working into oakland and up toward the napa area. overnight lows, the warm spot will be antioch with 60 degrees. most of us will be in the upper 60s. you see how it hugs the coastline. you look at the satellite imagery, you see that's fog. and then what are these? these are high clouds because
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they're drifting freely over the topography. you see thunderstorms up around tahoe and bear valley. we have really strong storms there. the fog as i said is pushing into the bay. shooting across san bruno. moving toward the necasio area. the fog today got to 1,300 feet. that's how deep the marine inversion or the basic inversion. that's about where it was yesterday. it's just about getting around the bay. not enough to get inland and cooling some of the inland areas. the marine layer now as we head into your bay area saturday, sunday and monday it's going to stretch out. when it does stretch out things are going to cool down. as we head into your saturday and sunday, let's take a look at it. this low comes in, fog stretches out and getting easily over the hill. so today it was pretty warm to hot. tomorrow about the same. and then saturday, sunday,
11:50 pm
monday temperatures trend down. good news here, of course that's great for fire danger. it gives fire danger a break. but just know that today, tomorrow very similar. temperatures trend. i'm not going cold just not hot. especially inland. inland numbers are going to come down to the mid-80s. fog forecast about noon, burns down pretty quickly and wants to come back tomorrow night. it's going to come back tomorrow night with a big push because it's going to be a lot deeper. 86 in concord tomorrow. 89 in pittsburg. 99 in brentwood. a nice looking day for your friday already. and along the coast it's kind of cloudy and school. there were breaks in the fog today and there'll be breaks in the fog tomorrow. the real fog comes as we get friday night into saturday. even some high clouds are popping in in advance of this little low pressure center. but you get the idea. it's not bad looking forecast. fire danger take as little bit of a break which is good. because we don't have to talk
11:51 pm
about it. numbers got up there a little bit into the low 90s and boom you have a fire. for the weekend, temperatures are in the low 80s which knock it down quite a bit. the turn out was promising for a lunchtime experiment. two gourmet foot trucks were serving lunch outside terminal one with long lines: they offered hawaii food and indian food. airport officials say the trucks will mostly serve employees will little impact on airport restaurants. an unusual craigslist add is running in the bay area offering to add a particular type of tree. take a look. a landscaper is looking for palm trees plant at the approach of the eastern bay bridge. the company is offering more than $1,200 for just the right species. sellers can even get a photo of their tree once it's been moved to oakland. the oakland a's were down in the land of palm trees.
11:52 pm
>> actually here too. a slump has turned into a little bit of a trend and that trend is now becoming a way of life for the a's. they don't hit the ball much and when one of their fine pitchers has an off night, most of the time their done. it happened this evening against the studded line up of the angels. got a 1-1 ball game in the fourth. norris stroke to left. a hit. young will high tailer under the tag. 2-1 athletics. that was it though. all angels after that. seven runs in the next two innings. mark trumbo big blow into the gap. left center field got himself a 2-run double off straley: and they weren't done. a big 6th inning. got that big hit working. base hit down field and get this, not including against the houston astros. the a's are now 15-18 against the rest of the al west.
11:53 pm
but up still three games over texas. as the giants await the weekend arrival of the cubs, they and all their fans have to be curious. what happens when red hot meets smoking hot. that would be the a's that roll through san fran and the dodgers who are working on a six game win streak tonight. casual back hand flip. a big guy covering and making the ballpark look small here. j. bruce deep left center and gone his 21st of the year. and there you go. 5-2 final. the reds are still hot ending the dodgers six game win streak. and football star, camp opens full bore in napa. all systems go in santa clara where there is
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you know the collin kaepernick era is upon us. that started last year. but this is the first time he's been at the wheel since day one of camp. get used to it 49er fans when you have a quarterback that doesn't mind a little attention he will be the focus for a
11:57 pm
while. but all the ancillary things aside, he's a guy that lives and breathes the game. no one questions how seriously he takes his leadership role. >> your parents and teammates don't respect you if they don't feel you're someone they can come to. talk to and associate with they're not going to follow you. to me i can build a better relationship and make sure my players and teammates are comfortable and feel like i can help them be better on the field i think they're going to go out and perform better. >> all right progress comes in small dozes for the laiders. finally they've got their number one pick sign sealed and delivered. they've final agreed to a deal. not knowing when they can get on the field. had offseason surgery to remove scarring on his abdomen. fred inglis will be at the raiders scamp. that's the sporting life for
11:58 pm
thursday night. >> mark, thank you. >> and thank you for making ktvu your news. >> and right now we have a crew headed to a car you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> today on "tmz" -- >> so lebron james is in china and we found out -- >> i got my own 24/7 deejay in my room. >> do you think he customizes the music to whatever lebron is doing in the room? like "flight of the bumblebee"? [laughter] >> we've got photographs of the beautiful young lady who was involved in the anthony weiner scandal. >> one of her highlights was her shoe. >> hha


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