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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  July 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. workers wear aloha shirts to make a point as the clock counts down closer and closer to another potential bart strike. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes as another bart strike looms both sighs tonight report some progress, but no deals and no imminent contract agreement. there are now just eight days left before the union's 30-day contract extension is set to expire. that is coming up on august
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4th. both sides met today with no deal reached. talks will resume, but not until monday as the clock ticks closer to the deadline. ktvu's debora villalon is in oakland after taking the temperatures on both sides. >> reporter: for 23 days the trains have run, the riders happy, if not completely confident. >> we have not wasted the time. we have had made progress bart a its two major unions have failed to make a deal. >> because the main negotiator isn't there, we're talking about secondary type issues, smaller issues, not the big- ticket items. >> reporter: bart's lead negotiator tom hoch has been on vacation, and workers mock him by wearing hawaiian shirts and the buses that bart hired to shuttle passengers during the strike were from his company. >> in thomas hoch's company
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stands to earn a penny off of running a shuttle service during a strike, that is enough to disqualify him. >> reporter: to which bart says? >> if an attempt to take the focus off the fact that we need to be talking about pensions, benefits, and salaries. >> reporter: the big issues that put bart workers on the picket line the first four days of july. talks have inched forward on smaller, supplemental issues, but have been empty of progress on the big items. and already, bart is making noise about extended the deadline again, past august 4th. >> that is when this agreement expires and if we're making progress we can continue talking. there are lots of option as long as we're making progress and getting towards a deal. >> reporter: as the negotiating teams left tonight they said she back at
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it on monday, when tom hoch is expected to return from vacation. i asked how many days they have met over the past three weeks and the answer about half of those days. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. the family of a missing 21- month-old girl handed out fliers hoping for her safe return. ktvu's catie utehs talked to the girl's grandfather. >> reporter: kevin davis leads a group through the oak knoll neighborhood where his granddaughter daphne lived with her father anthony webb. >> somebody knows something and we have to knock on doors until we find that information rfp webb reported the little girl missing two week ago. oakland police arrested webb on child endangerment charges. when the district attorney declinedded to file he was released. >> my daughter is missing. >> reporter: we knocked on his door today.
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a woman who answered said they didn't want to talk. detectives want to know the last time anyone saw webb with daphne. so do her grandparents recently daphne's mother kiana has been at a rehabilitation facility and police say she is not considered a suspect in daphne's disappearance. the girl's maternal grandparents saw her in late may. >> we were expecting to see them on the 4th, but he didn't show up on the 4th and said he couldn't make it. >> reporter: on july 10st, webb says someone took the child from his suv parked near 79th and international. police say they have no witnesses. >> i think if anybody has seen this or anything that has top dow with this to let someone now. >> reporter: meanwhile daphne's grandparents are praying someone will come forward. in oakland, katia
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utehs. a memorial for 66-year-old judy salaman was driving her car wednesday when she was shot and killed. oakland consciencewoman libby schaaf is organizing a meeting on monday to address the shooting and uptick in violence at 6:00 p.m. an brookdale children's center. we have new details with the tragic series of events that led to the death of a chinese student killed in the aftermath of the crash of asiana flight 2414. the san francisco chronicle reports that two firefighters spotted ye meng yuan said and told the supervisor and the supervisor assumed she was dead and they moved their truck around her bush another truck ran over here, apparently not seeing her due to the smoke and fire. coroner reports that yawning died from those injuries. parts of a bay area teenager who killed after after
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an alleged a sexual assault audrie pott. a cell phone picture of that accident circulated throughout her school. and the amended complaint filed just last month the family says the female classmate encouraged the boys and tried to cover up the assault. police in morgan hill released a picture of a suspected cellphone thief. investigators say over the last month colby worsham has been involved in up to five threats and say most thefts involve cell phones that have been left unattended. investigators say worsham has targeted carolina userrers in south of morgan hill. officers say the arrests yesterday of 25-year-old kendal of richmond seen here and 24- year-old brown of faredfield were the result of a two-month- long investigation. inside that house officers say they found marijuana and cash
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and that they also found three pistols and a sub-machine gun. president obama today marks the 60th anniversary of the end of fighting in the korean war by laying a wreath at korean war veterans memorial in washington, d.c.. sometimes called the forgetennial war mr. obama said, "here in america no war should ever be forgotten and no veteran ever overlooked." hundreds came together to commemorate the anniversary and dedicate a new planned korean war memorial. veterans and their relatives were honored this morning at presidio. one of the organizers is former bay area congressman peter mccloskey. >> everybody that fought over
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there, has a privilege when you are shot at and scared when you are young and you don't want your kids or your grandkids to fight. the new korean war memorial at the presideio is set to be completed by the summer of 2015 remembering the forgotten war at 10:30, how the nation's leaders honored those who served and gave all in the korean war. well, the fight against the closure of a historic bay area post office intensified tonight with protesters standing their ground ground of the we learned that the demonstrators remained camped outside of the berkeley building and ktvu's noelle walker tell us that tells us. >> reporter: part old-fashioned protest and part new orleans further. hundreds rallied in front of the downtown berkeley post office to save an institution on life support and a building
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obits deathbed. >> just because they decided to sell it doesn't mean it's going to happen, right? >> reporter: in april the postal service announced plans to sell the historic building, built in 1914 and known for its muellers and floretine architectural details. >> it's no different than our national monuments, our national forests, what next? yellowstone brought to you by at&t. i don't think so. >> i know in berkeley people love to protest. it's a beautiful building and i'm sure it's a long history here, but it seems like for me an architect i'm excite phid reuse of the building. >> reporter: pending sale of this and other post offices across the country are cost-cutting measures and the postal service says it lost $25 billion over the past five years. >> to them publication space is wasted space. to them, this post office is wasted space until it is privatized. >> reporter: to make their point, demonstrators pitched a couple
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of tents to let the postal service know their "intents." protesters say they don't want to interrupt post office business, but they do want the post office to know that they are in this for the lock haul and plan to stay here until the post office is not sold. talk about a rare sight, a pink flamingo spot in the bay and we're not talking about plastic tile. how animal experts suspect a pink flamingo so far from home. >> a bride-to-be dead tonight and the bestman missing of a the terrible boat accident and the accusations leveled against the boat's driver. i'm going solo across the united states. >>
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new at 10:00 the only time you expect to see a pink flamingo in san francisco is at the zoo or a lawn ornament. but this is real, several spotted the bird at the shores of san francisco bay and they have the pictures to playoff it and man who took many of the pictures told us how he spotted the avian visitors and what animal experts are saying now. >> reporter: equipped, this woman checked her maps. >> so from a bird watcher's perspective this is not a natural occurrence, but it's still fun. we don't get that mp really large pink birds but the
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president of the sequoia audubon society wasn't the lucky one who captured the photographs last tuesday. >> i saw it like trying to go inside the middle of the pond. so i immediately took as many shots as i can. >> reporter: a rare sighting. >> this bird actually comes from africa. first we thought it's an oakland zoo. >> once we got word of this we certainly double checked. >> reporter: oakland zoo as director of animal care told us this particular flamingo was most likely a pet that flew away. there is a facebook page dedicated to a flam yingo seen in hayward and others believe it's the same one recently spotlighted in sunnyvale. >> it sounds like this bird from what i heard is really using the lake as a refuge. >> reporter: and since it can fly away from raccoon, foxes and dogs the flamingo's mosts may only be
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tied to the algae and brian shrimp found in abundance in the bay and whatever company it keeps. >> it seems to like a ruddy duck, but i think if a bird is free and it's living and surviving, yeah, why capture it again? >> for now oakland zoo experts agree, since the long-legged bird seemed to have adapted to its new home. in is runnia vail, jade hernandez, ktvu . more details on pink flamyingose. the birds favor warm climates usually much weather than the bay area and typically live and feed in groups which helps to protect them from predators. flamingos are actually hatched with gray feathers, but turn pink after two years after feeding on shrimp-like crust
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crustaceans. >> someone recognized roxy from our report and turned her into the spca. an 18-year-old pleasanton plan is now facing manslaughter charges in the danger of a female bicyclist of the cody hall surrendered to police yesterday. police say hall struck and killed 58-year-old the bicyclist while she was ride on foothill road june 9th. during the investigation authorities say they found two illegal assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition. well, that discovery also led police to arrest hall's father form being a felon in possession of a firearm. the death of a prison inmate is prompting calls for the governor to intervene in the prison hucker strike that has now stretched into the 20th day. a 32-year-old prisoner was involved in the hunger strike and had been requesting medical attention. state officials say they are investigating his death as a suicide. they say the inmate was not
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participating in the hunger strike when he died monday at corcoran prison. the inmate was held in isolation. according to prison statistics inmates sent to solitary at pelican bay spend an average of 7.5 years in isolationation. >> it's time for the governor to step up before anyone else dies. day 20, 21, it's time to stop the decades-long isolation. prison medical officials say since monday 42 inmates have been treated for hunger strike-related issues and one required overnight hospitalization. a spokesman for secretary of state john kerry says his wife teresa heinz-kerry is home from the hospital and say the 74-year-old should make a full recovery from a seizure she suffered nearly three weeks ago. they thanked doctors in nantucket and boston
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for her treatment. the spokesperson says doctors is ruled out a brain tumor, heart astack or stroke as cause of the health scare. the first woman ever elected to the hospital of representatives has died. congresswoman lindy boggs won the seat of her husband hale boggs after he died in a plane cash. lipide was later named ambassador to the vat van vatican. the obama administration is taking steps to transfer two detainees from guantanamo bay to algier. the white house did not release the names of detainees or any personal information about them. a top republican expressed concerns about the possible move, saying "the recidivism rate for former detainees stands at 2%." dozens of the 166 detainees are
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protesting in a hunger strike to protest their indefinite confinement. one of rock'n'roll's major songwriters has died. >> ♪[ music ] after midnight we're going to let it all hang out. >> grammy winner j.j. cale wrote "after midnight," a classic recorded by eric clapton and jerry garcia and also wrote "call me the breeze," a huge hit for lynyrd skynyrd. cale suffered a heart attack last night and died at scripps hospital in la jolla, he was 74- year-old. afriends of a north bay woman are holding a benefit to help with her medical expenses. she is currently in a wheelchair and friend hope to raise her enough money to pie a wheelchair to raise her 11-year- old sound. it will be held at the petaluma
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fairgrounds and it features a fund for michelle setup at red rood credit union. this is say rare illness, but when it comes to batten disease is there hope. ktvu photojournalist eric hintergardt. >> reporter: running across the united states to raise awareness for batten disease >> it's just me, i am going solo, 3100 miles tote from half moon bay to boston, massachusetts. batten disease is a very rare neverological squeeze that strikes infants and children. the symptoms are blindness, seizures, and over time they slowly degenerate to being bedridden and in a vegetative state.
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currently there is no cure for it, but they working on getting some treatment. i will be wearing a different t- shirt or different bracelet running for a different child and looking forward to meeting others across the un-. the children by no fault of their own have a disease that is robbing their brain one cell at a time and you just never know if there is a cure out there. it might be rare, this there there might be just a few of them, but it is important to run for kids who need it and all the other 7,000 rare diseases. batten is just one of them. >> way to go. carnage at an apartment complex in florida. how neighbors described the man who police say shot and killed a half-dozen people. we take care of our neighbors, no matter what. >> well, a young girl steps up when her neighbor throws her newborn out of a second-story window and the story of a 10- year-old girl and her life-
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. >> three people killed and dozen more hurt in a bus crash in indianapolis. fire officials say the but was carrying teenagers returning from a church camp. investigators say it appears that the driver lost control and navigating a turn on an interstate off-ramp. a local television station there in indianapolis told drivers that the brakes failed, but so far that hasn't been confirmed by authorities. in new york a speedboat operator has been charged with manslaughter in the death of a bride-to-be. in a horrifying crash, the boat smashed into a construction barge on the hudson river shortly after leaving the town of piermont last night. that is about half an hour north of new york city.
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the groom-to-be was among four people hurt. the friend who was at the helm is accused of being under the influence at the time. family members say the engaged couple were childhood friends. >> she was supposed to be married two weeks from today. it's just -- >> rescuers found the body of one person believed to be the bride. the search for the body of the best man, who went missing from the boat resumes tomorrow. in news of the world hell is how a doctor on scene scribed a bloody crackdown on supporters of the muslim brotherhood in egypt overnight. at least 72 people were killed and reporters say civilian joined riot police officers in firing live ammunition into the crowd. earlier this month, more than 60 demonstrators were killed when soldiers and police officers fired on pro-morsi demonstrators and one doctor believes many of those killed were shot in the head by
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snipers. in lithuania, 28 people were arrested when they tried to disrupt the country's second gay pride parade. and in brazil pope francis took the brazilian's leadership of the catholic church to task, saying that the "church is too distant and too cold." the pope said the church needs to more than simply listen to them. brazil has lost several million followers in recent years to protestant evangelical services that provide services in jails and slums. investigators? florida are trying to determine a motive for a shooting rampage at an apartment complex that left sex people dead. a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed the suspected gunman, 43-year-old pedro
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vargas after an eight-hour standoff vargas was described as a quiet money with no criminal history and police are release more information on the victim's tomorrow. the mother of a newborn baby is crediting a 10-year-old georgia girl's action with safing her baby from death during an apartment fire. she scissors she was just doing what she was told to do and put it "that is when god did his thing." in our family, we take care of our neighbors, no matter what. if they get hurt or anything, we take care of them. >> the baby amother moved to georgia in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in haiti. well, a moving tribute to an injured marine coming up in just five minutes how an entire community says thank you. plus remembering the forgotten war 60 years later and the rare sight seen today in north korea.
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here in america no war should ever be forgetten. >> president obama presided ova ceremony today in washington, d.c. marking the 60th anniversary of the end of fighting in korean war, during had a commemoration, the president honored korean war veterans and reminded them of the freedom they created for millions in south korea. christiana mutchler with more. >> no veteran should ever be overlooked. >> reporter: veteran and spectators gathered in the national mall in washington to commemorate the 60th anniversary of sometimes what is described as a forgotten war. cease-fire left the korean peninsula divided and volatile to this very day. the war did not end in a tie.
12:00 am
>> when 50 million south koreans live in freedom, a vibrant democracy, one of the world's most dynamic economies, in stark contrast to the repression and poverty of the north, that is a victory and that is your legacy. [ applause ] >> reporter: meanwhile a world away in north korea, vibrant dancing and theatrical demonstrations celebrate what the north calls it's victory day in pyongyang and a sight rarely if ever seen north korea's leadership kim young'un touring a new museum memorializing their triumph in the three-year war. despite the lingering hostility with north korea, secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> they showed the world that different people and different nations can accomplish many, many good things for the world when we work together. >> reporter:
12:01 am
i'm christina multi. >> 26-year-old corp. ram matt bradford lost both his legs and eye sight in an explosion in iraq. today the family of five got the keys to their new home in nicklasville. the five-bedroom, five bathroom house was custom built by the helping hero program and rad ford says the one-level home will make life easier. >> to get on the floor and chase her around now she is walk and just a lot of things that we haven't been able to experience as a family we'll finally get to experience. >> the home is equipped with ramp and white hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and bradford continues to serve in the marine's wounded warrior battalion. the burning man festival is about to get more crowded. the bureau of land managements
12:02 am
had issued the organizers a four-year permit. last year attendance at festival was more than 53,000. authorities say they are confident that burning man organizers will protect the environment and public safety. this year raze festival starts on august 26th. >> people were doing a double take in san francisco's north beach neighborhood this morning at burned-out cars and piles of rubble along columbia street, but it all turned out to be a case of movie magic. >> the whole setup was for the scene -- a scene rather in the upcoming film "dawn of the planet of aim." s he tea secret to "rise of the planet of the apes." crews created a pretty convincing post apocalyptic scene. >> it looks so real. it's funny, you know it's contrived, but i just wonder how many hours did this take? it looks amazing. >> producers say there were no actors involved and, in fact, they will be added in later by computer during post production. we're following some
12:03 am
breaking news right flue out of the south bay, where there is a heavy police presence after an officer was injured. >> also ou mom? did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever.
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well, we're locked in the middle of acooling trend and low clouds and fog on the increase, pushing back into the bay and that is a good sign we'll cool things off a bit more for the second half of the weekend. temperatures ranged from the cool 60s coastside that has been the constant, but inland, still in the 80s to right around 90s degrees tomorrow antioch, right now the fog already on the increase, coastside and already solid deck of overcast pushing across the bare. sand sapt rose in sonoma county
12:06 am
reporting mostly cloudy skies and fairfield, winds from the southwest sustained at 3miles per hour. 2 miles per hour. stronger towards livermore at 13 miles per hour. our time-lapse from this afternoon, a lot of sailboat track here, actually a sailboat earlier today, but right now the fog increasing overcast in the next 4-8 hours in the region. here is what is happening over the past few days we have been talking about a shallow marine layer keeping the beaches on the cooler side. what is happening is it's expanding and the cooler marine air can make it over the hills and you will feel the cooldowner to and basically into monday. overnight lows in the 50s and i think we'll have drizzle especially near the coast, and you can see off to a cold start in san francisco, 50 degrees and san josi at 56. there is a weather still to our
12:07 am
north. this will continue to cool off our temperatures and also increase the winds especially by mid to late-afternoon. we'll call it cool to mild. inland a few 80s to report for forecasted highs and gusty winds could be approaching 25 miles per hour. here is your forecast model, at 7:00 showing all the overcast out there and once again you might encounter mist and drizzle first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. clouds clear back to near the shoreline, but still some leftover patches around the bay. inland, windy and sunshine into the afternoon hours. temperatures in oakland only in the upper 60s. livermore 83 degrees, san josi upper 70s. and san francisco definitely want to bundle up in san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay, those readings only in the lower 60s >> garlic festival tomorrow in gilroy. mostly sunny skies by 4:00.
12:08 am
a look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, tomorrow cooler,. monday the coolest day of the week and we gradually warm the numbers up by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, but tomorrow morning at 7:00, rosemarie will be tracking the clouds and drizzle. could be a little misty out there. >> thank you, mark. we have some breaking news to tell you about right now in san josi where an on or before has been taken to the hospital. >> ktvu's jade hernandez is live on the scene where witnesses say police have been busy going door-to-door looking for a support. >> reporter: ken in last 30 minutes, when we arrive -- i'm going to step out of way, because we're at 11th and east santa clara street and we talked to several eyewitnesses who told us what they saw happen tonight. this is what we know from a witness in the neighborhood. san josi police have gone door- to-door within the past couple of hours with k-9 officers looking to a parolee involved in an accident which happened about an hour and a half ago.
12:09 am
an eyewitness says he heard sirens and police cars screaming down the street and captured phone video of paramedics puttingp an officer on the stretcher. as we told that the parole slammed his car into the officer's squad car. the squad car slammed head-on into the tree. parole ran from the accident and that is part of the reason so many officers are still out here tonight. 12th street near east santa clara is blocked off in san jose and also blocked off 12m and east san fernando street. we spoke to two eyewitnesses who saw the police arrive shortly after the accident. >> i heard a bunch of siren and cop car were going every which way, left, right, down the one-way and the wrong-way. awesome traffic was pretty much just stopped. >> this goes on here all night. these cops really work out here. they have so many calls to respond to. everything is happening around here lately. >> reporter: now we tried contacting police
12:10 am
for official word on what happened tonight. we're still waiting to hear back, but it appears right now officers are still out here, no word on any arrest or condition confidant officer involved. we just know that that officer was taken by paramedics to the hospital. again, right here in san josi, we have an officer who was taken to the hospital and police who are out hire still tote. they went door-to-door with k-9 officers still looking for the person involved. reporting live in san josi, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a bay area landmark is on list of quirkiest places to stay in the u.s. the either brother light station on an island in san francisco bay near point richmond is on a trip advisor's list of offbeat hotels. website says travelers can immess themselves in the stunning scenery and plush victorian-era guest rooms and among the other locations a
12:11 am
guest room anyway cave 70' below ground in farmington new mexico. coming up next, can the giants bounce back from last night's heart-breaking loss to the cubs? >> [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ the toyota sportswrap brought to you by your local toyota dealer. toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. it was 1969 turned back the clock day had afternoon at the oakland coliseum. none of the current a's players were born when former owner charlie finley introduced wildest uniforms that major league
12:14 am
baseball had ever seen, wearing their cellblock gray uniforms and angels waiting for josh hamilton to earn his $125 million and today he ripped a solo homer. angels let,, and this is where y-the a's leading the al west. still 1-0 until bottom of the 7th, derek norris going deep, derek norris takes scott downs deep, norris was 0-16 all-time as pinch- hitter. downs didn't allow a run in the previous 30ers appearances, but later in the 7th, jed lowrie has ads one. texas also lost today. so oakland holds a season-high 5-game lead over the rangers and norris says what you see is what you get. >> it's just oakland a's baseball, you know? and when our pitching and
12:15 am
struggling at the first, our offense picks up the slack and now when our offense is struggling, our pitching picks up. that makes us a dangerous ball club and there is going to be a time, whether it's tomorrow on or whenever it is, both side are going to click and it's going to get scary for some teams. >> appears that the bad hip of miguel cabrera is just fine. in his first at-bat against philadelphia, he belts his 32nd homer and tigers win big, 10- over the phil. david ortis and the boston red sox led, but big papi through the he drew a walk, but in fact, ortiz ends up striking out and that is which the big man goes bonkers. smashing two dugout phones and parts of the phone landed on
12:16 am
his teammate dustin pedroia. papi gets suspended. you won 7-3, relax. san francisco's was still scoreless had in the bottom of the 8th. giants with the based loaded and this strike-out by hunter pence kept it a 0-0 game. reliever sergio romeo took the heart-breaking loss last night. a solo homer to make it 1-0 cubs and sergio 3-6 on this sad, sad season. in the 9th, abreu at the plate and another weak roller. it's a 3-2-3 double play, game over. cubs win 1-0. giants have no
12:17 am
runs and bruce bochy has no answer. since may 13m they are 23-32, that is the wort record in the majors. raiders have 21 rookies in camp, but charles woodyon was the no. 1 draft pick in 1980 and he is ready to begin his 16th nfl season, his first eight years was with oakland and last seven with green bay. hes had gone from quarterback to safety, but says he is the same kind of player that the raider nation remembers. >> the great part about it, it's still fun. i still love it and i plan on having a great deal of fun this season with the guys that are going to the first game. so i feel good. my body feels good and i think we're going to be a fast- flowing defense. i think if you can have that on any team, a team that is
12:18 am
willing to set out every play and get ball, you are going to be in becomes and i feel really good about that. >> wide receiver andre holmes will miss the first four games for testing positive for a banned amphetamine. he played with the dallas cowboys. andre says he will not appeal the suspension. 49ers defensive line matrixone linemen smith suffered an elbow injury during last year. he returned to play in the postseason, but san francisco's defense was really never the same after dustin came back, but says this revamped squad will be just fine. >> the season wears on, playing a couple playoff games and maybe you think you have as a unit, you just walk out there and it happens, but it only
12:19 am
comes back to fundamentals and basics, and i think we realized that. you know, and we go over everything, how the year has really shaped up. that is what we need to refocus back on and get back to the basics and start back over from scratch a little bit. >> coming up, the second round leader at canadian round open with draws, we'll tell you why. >> [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!"
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lacks sizzle include you think about top-seeded agnieszka radwanska. she has shserious serious skills. third-seeded domic dominika cibulkova will meet the winner of the tonight's radwanska. that will be tomorrow for the tight. san jose earthquakes were shorthand for tonight's game against portland, chris wondolowski and alan are playing with the usa team.
12:24 am
the penalty kick and it turned into the first goal of the season for him. lenhart with a great shot on goal, san josi is just 7-9-6 and while their drawing big crowdstethy will not be making the playoffs this year. golfer hunter mahan started today with a two-shot lead in the canadian open and suddenly with draw for a more important date, the birth of his first child. he got the call his wife was in labor and hunter just dropped eh everything and flew to dallas to be with her. that left the canadian open you for grabs. ernie els with an eagle. he is 8 shots off the pace. matt kuchar with an 8 under 64 and this is his tee-shot on the par-3 15th. that is sticking it.
12:25 am
kuchoor just two shots behind the leader and that would be brandt snedeker, who made nine birdies to shoot a 63. here is another one on 16. he holds a one-shot lead over david lingmerth. we high tail it to great britain for the british open. langer is seeking his second career senior open championship. nascar spending the weekend at historic indianapolis motor speedway and today ryan newman stole the pole position from current points leader jimmie johnson. >>in the national hot rod association in sonoma and hagan on the inside lane funny car set a sonoma track record last
12:26 am
night hitting 320.51 miles per hour. hagan is the top qualifier for tomorrow's eliminations in the funny cars. grubnic is the top qualifier in the top fuel division and that sports as we see it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap and again, the a's win and lead the al west by five full game up at giants another shut down in an agonnizing defeat against the cubs. >> what is going on here? >> absolutely nothing is going on [ laughter ] they are not hitting and you think our producer was telling me that they lead the majors in errors. they were shutout for the ninth time this year. last year everything worked so well and when one guy went down and another guy picked them up and that is not what is happening. that is when you go across the bay and see what is happening with oakland and the exact opposite is happening.
12:27 am
>> the a's are on fire and a fans have been very happy. >> a's are on happen, five- game lead over the texas rangers, who were supposed to be the prohibitive favorite to win the american league west, but that is not happening. the a's are doing it by just moving at-along and pitching well and the bullpen is so important in the major leagues. >> nice to see at least one of the teams doing well. >> right. >> thank yous we have an update op that breaking news that we have been reporting to you. happening right now on the south bay. >> there has been an officer involved incident where we understand a parolee has crashed his vehicle into a police car. we're trying to confirm this information with san josi police, but they have been so busy on this incident they have nop been able to confirm any of the information. but from people who are in the area, witnesses are telling jade hernandez on-the-scene that an officer was injured and
12:28 am
taken away by ambulance and at one point there was a door-to- door search with k-9s and that suspect is still out there. >> we'll have much morph starting monthe morning news and be sure to tune in prietand early right here. thank you so much for making ktvu [ male announcer ] so you used the wrong flea killer. but then why is he the one in the doghouse? don't blame him. instead, rely on the number one choice of vets for their pets, frontline plus. the killing force of frontline plus
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uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks, plus another to kill flea eggs and larvae, destroying the future generations of fleas. and it keeps fighting for a full 30 days. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less.
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