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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 30, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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the bay area's rally this evening for brad manning of today's verdict and what happens next of the sentencing phase. one bay area's city flooded by foreclosures. good evening it is tuesday july 30th, i am gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. there is hope tonight that photos taken by a homicide victim of the night of his death could help solve a case. police say 32-year-old stone of fremont took of these pictures of the four women the night he was shot to death. . those four women may have
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witness the shooting. hundreds of people attend an emotional gathering today who was shot over a sleep over. in memory of the girl she would have been a third grader this fall. she was killed earlier this month at a sleep over. two other children and their grandmother were injured. investigators are making progress but no arrest so far. a couple of the victim of a scam. they were caught on camera at te shopping center driving a white car. the husband asked them to do the work outside the couple's house where a third scam joins the suspect, they then demanded a cash payment. >> why don't i just pay them
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cash so the wife went into her bedroom and pulled out $2200 cash. these scam artists awared that if there is $$2200 in the bedroom, means there is more. what's being called a sense less and heart less act, thieves steeling power and pictures and other things from the grave site. the cemetery says it is now considering installing moral lights a t the site and hope that whoever is responsible will respect those buried there and their families. happening now in san francisco a group of people supporting former u.s. army bradley manning starting to disperse, just the past hours
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here the group rallied in the street. they say manning is a hero and a whistle blower of the iraq war. they held up signs and chanted free bradley manning. of the 25-year-old manning not guilty of the most serious charge against him but he was convicted of 20 other charges. . >> reporter: here is his verdict. >> bradley manning is found not guilty. the most serious charge he faced that could have meant life in prison. he still faces prison time, guilty of lesser charges and the judge accepting manning guilty pleads on a dozen of other charges. he called still face
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the he's of his life behind bars. but, he did not plead guilty of the charge of aiding enemy. he gave some $750, 000 classified documents to the leak and the street sharing site and classify -- the prosecution argued manning action helps terrorists and damage u.s. foreign relationship but the supporters manning is a whistle blower who is motivated by hearn concerns and -- people willing to risk being a marker for the rest of us. we call those people hero, bradley manning is a hero >> sentencing is expected to
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begin on wednesday, in washington shannon chavez ktvu channel 2 news. an act of domestic terrorism, chopper 2 flew over the scene of the regional park, ktvu following the investigation and is live tonight at contra costa after getting a close up look at the tower and the extended damage. >> reporter: here is the latest, they tell me at this point it does not appeared to be domestic terrorism although they're considering federal charges. it is high up of the top, we want to get a view and show you what it looked like so we took a small portable camera and hike to the top. >> reporter: setting off alarm sensors, from the air news chopper shows the damage of
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the top rocky ridge. the public cannot drive to the top and the only way is to go pass this gate and walk. >> this is a satellite dish, i believe, it was on the tower. >> large pieces of equipment were flung hundreds of feet down the hill. at the top we had a clear view where investigators say someone entered and cut through the cables. >> are there people that come up here normally over night? >> no, the park closes at 10:00 so there is curfew in this area. >> the officials say the towerer contain -- which serves 41 fire police and other federal agencies. there was no i am pack on public safety or service, hikers were surprised to see the damage. >> it is pretty crazy.
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>> reporter: the tower is own by american tower in boston, late today they told me that it can take months to rebuild. at at least of a million dollar estimate and whoever did this could be facing federal charges. reporting live tonight jana ktvu channel 2 news. the proposed ban is designed to limit the kind of behaver of the the george zimmerman. . large metal shield and hammer and wrenches used to hope fire hydrant. the fire was reported
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shortly after 1:00 this morning on tucker avenue. investigators say they found about 60 plants and exposed fire everywhere creating a dangerous situation for fire crews. crews are trying to find the people behind the operation. now faces gun they have charge. . the customer allegedly paid tong for a gun but never received i. he sold the gun to another customer but did not repay the first one. there is more fall out tonight following the scandal at the center of the art. to report their suspicious that the co-worker
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was sexually abusing a teenage girl. the city of richmond considering taking the approach to address the foreclosure crisis, with mortgages are under water in richmond. the city want to buy under water mortgages for lender at current mortgage value and refinance at other rate through other lenders. >> there is tremendous legal authorities for richmond and if only necessary to do in the public's interest to condemn of the loans through the use of the domain. >> closely watch by other cities across the country. facebook coming back and wall street is nearly complete.
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after announcing the new partnership with -- facebook shares are up more than 6% and closing at $37. 22. the fed begins the two day policy meeting. the fed is due to make a statement tomorrow and investigators will be looking for any change through the bond buying stimulus program. less than an hour left to go until polls close in the santa clara county. the district voters are decided between the following. those candidates say getting out the vote was a top priority. voter turn out is expected to be low. . polls stay open until 10 p.m..
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owner say the gold club on santa clara street will feature clad dancers. san jose prohibits the new club but there is no regulations for the so called bikini bars. . >> it was a total misrepresentation of the fact, yes. >> what each side says still has to happen to avoid a walk out. firefighters calling this one of the most dangerous place in the east by the way and why what homeowners can do about that. just how long before the warmer weather can arrive. coming up.
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two vehicles slammed into a day care center today injured two young children and a driver. about 40 children were inside and three children's injuries were described as non life-threatening. investigators say the driver went on the phone with the cloeg and reading a document as the train moved almost twice the speed limit of 95 miles per hour and the driver slammed on the brakes seconds before the crash. . leaders on both side of the bitter bark disputes gave -- and avoid another strike. our consumer editor tom vacar
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lays out what each side needs to be done before the deadline. >> reporter: but, now it is granting them a $33 million increase. >> really we wanted to let the public know we are only days away from the deadline and we want them to know where we stood. >> a comparison chart of the numbers, bart wants a four year contract, the unions want 3. according to bart, over 4 years al raise pay 8% t. unions want 21 and a half percent. bart wants blows who contribute nothing now and -- the unions want to contribute 3% over 3%. the unions want to remain of the current at $92 a month. >> the numbers -- >> the
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total misrepresentation of the fact, yes. >> are the taxpayers are going to put up a 18% fair increase of the pay of the raise. >> but, the unions say the bart's surplus in money will cost riders nothing. whatever the truth maybe, it appears that the gap be and unions appears to be abaptist. >> stop negotiating with us at the table >> we apologize for the fact that the public has been dragged into our labor mess. >> strict deadlines, five and a half day and counting. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. scott calls for a hearing. he says just one
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double park vehicle can disrupt the entire transit line. last year the city issued 22000 ticks for double parking. [ indiscernible audio ] it was a bittersweet homecoming for today of a bay area's family of a soldier who died of the korean war more than 60 years ago. these photographs provided by the army here shows the ceremony,. on thursday, stein burt will be
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laid to rest atnags cemetery in san bruno. power waves in the hawaii coast. the storm prompted roads and school's closures. state firefighters reporting a sharp spike of the number of fires this year. 50% above normal. john takes us to one neighbor tt is among considered the high risk. >> we have done a lot to take steps to try to prevent our house, you know, being a target but you know, all you have to do is remember the oakland fire. >> reporter: 22 years ago the
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most costly fire in the u.s. history. many people displayed from that fire and moved to lafayette. >> each time it steps up the ladder and you get more energy from the fire until you enough energy to ignite very big such as the house you see behind us. >> so far this year that's 50% higher than average. experts saying fire danger is trends worst. >> he says climb changes is making california more flammable and that more and more people are living the harm's way and resources now, more than ever homeowners must create defensible space to protect themselves.
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>> managing the location around your home really pays off >> if you don't maintain them there is a lot of deadwood that accumulate in the trees and that's just fuel. >> reporter: and now those homeowners face hefty bills when county crews go through it. john, ktvu channel 2 news >> we did get more sun than yesterday. >> because of it we have warmer temperature in many spots today. plenty of sunshine. our pattern changing very littly . it is going to remain here, it is actually going to deepen a little bit over the next couple of days so that'll help to bring additional cooling to our area, temperatures are just going to cool slightly
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as we get into tomorrow and thursday looks like it can be the coolest day. the system here bringing the northwest and westerly flow, the on shore breeze brings great air quality, that's not the case right now because we have fire burning in oregon, that haze of smoke is coming all the way down into the bay area, that flow bringing moderate air quality yesterday and for today and again tomorrow. some of our valley locations you may noticed the haze outside. outside of that, the low clouds up again of this hour and we are looking at mostly sunny conditions. the winds are on shore, 29 miles per hour so the cool pacific air is continuing to pumps into the delta and into the valleys this time. 73 at walnut creek. upper 60s in san francisco wheru are mostly gray at this hour.
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tomorrow a lot like this mornin. 50s as we head out the door at the start of your day. upper 60s along the east bay and shoreline low to mid-70s. these numbers are similar today. 63 at san francisco and 75 at redwood city. notice again temperatures fall off just a tad on wednesday and thursday but we begin a rebound just in time for your weekend. on friday mid-80s for the forecast. those of us around the bay you are looking at 70s for the weekend and 60s at the coast. strike a power line, initially nearly 2000 and businesses were affected. also, he mayor may not have
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actress ilene brendan has
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died. in the film of private benjamin. in 1928 81928 she was badly injured of a car accident. supporters of a ban says it is only a semitrar setback. they can be bad for your health. the state appeal court sayses sn is not necessarily harmful. mayor bloomberg plans to appeal. 2010 championship team has signed on with the dodger. wilson is trying to come back with two reconstructed elbow surgeries. the beard played a key role in the 2010 championship.
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the dodgers are sending wilson to the minor league for the rewhat billuation rehab. tonight college students scrambling places to live just a few minutes before class starts. we are always here for you at ktvu,, tmz is up next on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> people are starting to feel sorry for anthony weiner, because this chick, she was kind of a heat seeking missile. >> we have video of her at vivid. tape.ght do a sex >> she might be a bad trip. >> anyone who goes directly to vivid on their first trip to l.a. thee got rick ross leaving london hotel. >> what's the man's name that talks? guy?y am i the >> the buck stops right there. >> all the bucks go there. >> yasiel puig, our camera guy says i'm going to do this in spanish.


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