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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a city truck runs over a woman sunbathing in a san francisco park. neighbors say city workers drive through here like it's a highway. good evening i'm julie haner. >> a woman,'s baby and a dog enjoying the sun in a city park when a pickup truck ran right over the woman and killed her. new information tonight from amber lee, she's live in holly park on highland avenue where
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she's been talking to neighbors and police to find out what happened. amber. >> reporter: frank holly park is dark right now, but during the day it's a popular spot for families and dog owners. youcan see flowers marked the spot where the incident took place and neighbors say what happened this afternoon has shocked them. around 2:20 this afternoon, this quiet peaceful park became a crime scene. a 35-year-old woman who has not yet been identified was run over by a man driving a pickup truck. she was with her eight month old baby girl who was unharmed and her dog. >> this map lives nearby and tells us he saw the woman sunbathing. >> i can see her in the street. she was laying face down. >> reporter: as neighbors left flowers, some are questioning why a city employee would be driving on the grassy area. that is often filled with people, children and dogs.
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>> it's sad. this only shakes you up because i bring my son up in this park and just to know that park and -- parks and rec is driving reckless, you have to ahave pay attention to see who was around you. >> reporter: the woman died from her injuries. the driver fled the scene, but police found and detained him a short while later. >> he was not at the scene when police arrived and he was contacted in the area. >> reporter: we located the vehicle what appeared to be a maintenance yard for city vehicles. a spokes woman for the park declined to identify the worker but tells us he was an employee since 2006. >> i was surprised that somebody was on the grass. >> reporter: he's not alone. others also tell us city workers often drive too fast in the park. the driver faces a felony hit- and-run charge. neighbors say this is a small community and their hearts go
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out to the woman and her family. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. now to union city and another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. tonight residents gathered for a peace march after two young men were gunned down. they were mistaken for gang members. debra is live at the police department. debra. >> reporter: julie, two popular young men, union city's first homicide in two years. and the fact that suspects are in custody doesn't take away the loss. >> can we ask that you stop all the sigh ens in this city. >> prayers and candles, loving messages on a poster from friends and family saying good buy to two best buddies who died just steps from here. 18-year-old carlos estrada and 21-year-old daniel garcia sanchez are described as hard
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workers who steered clear of trouble. trouble came to them weekends before last with when -- when two alleged gang members came to their home. >> it was very brutal. it's very possible that this was just a very unfortunate wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: and the wrong people to target as gang rivals. both young men work in this union city restaurant where they became inseparable. >> they were both cooks. awesome coworkers, hard working. they were great guys. we loved them like brothers. they were family to us. >> we've had two years of peace and quiet. >> reporter: this pastor led tonight's march through the neighborhood to push back against violence. union city's last homicide in 2011 was in the same area long known for gangs. carlos's parents just saw him graduate high school, but buried him today. >> unfortunately it could be anything from a blue pair of
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sneakers to wearing a blue shirt. >> reporter: white balloons symbolizing peace were at the vigil. within days of the killings police arrested two men, they are charged with murder plus gang enhancement. and reportedly each said the other one pulled the trigger. debra villaon. one of 15 demonstrations around the nation aimed at wal- mart. these protestors gathered around the hotel where yahoo ceo and wal-mart myers lived in a penthouse. >> just two months ago i went on strike for two weeks to stand up for change, to fight against unfair labor practices and wal-mart fired me. they illegally terminated me.
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>> a wal-mart spokes woman calls this a publicity stunt. thereis word tonight that hundreds of bay area lab workers are in line to be laid off. it employs 540 workers. the main lab, the buyer is laboratory corporation of america known as lab core. about 150 of the 540 workers will likely be hired back. john muir health says it will offer severance packages. last year they did 2.75 million lab tests. it has walk in labs located in contra costa, solano and alameda counties. now to the new bay bridge and the third weekday commute using the new eastern span. as you can see, traffic was
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very heavy coming out of the city, but not as bad as the past two days. it is still too soon to say if commuters are getting used to the new span or developing new habits. this weekend will mark the first weekend for that span and the highway patrol is warning drivers it could be a busy one. in addition to those who are just plain curious there's a lot of things going on in san francisco to draw people in the city. the america's cup finals launch on saturday. the giants have games on saturday and sunday. the c.h.p. says traffic heading westbound into the city on a weekend can be just as busy as a peak weekday commute. we asked for numbers on how many people use the service during its first week and is it changing how people get around. a red flag warning in effect for the next 45 minutes or so up in the lake the hoe
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area because of some low humid tease and strong winds on the upper passes. the winds are up, humid tease are down. today's fire danger in the bay area, it's been mild the last few weeks, most of the summer. as we go into this weekend, fire danger is going to increase. the winds start to go offshore. it's going to dry up, might even see an offshore floor. we may -- offshore flow. we'll talk about that. but we'll talk about the patchy informing moving -- fog moving up tonight. all that in about ten minutes. the u.s. forest service says it knows where and what started that huge rim far in yosemite. it started in an area east of groveland known as jawbone ridge. investigators also say it appears an illegal camp fire setups by a hunter is what started the fire. not a marijuana grow as has
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been previously reported. the hunter has not yet been identified and no charges have been fired so far. that fire burned almost 240,000 acres, but is now 80% contained. as for the cost of -- cost of fighting that fire, $80 million. berkeley city leaders had an opportunity to to visit this camp. they say it's a total lost. berkeley has said they will refund anyone. to the south bay where we have learned the identity of a homicide suspect arresting for killing a schoolyard monitor. robert honda tonight on her family's search for answers. >> reporter: the family of re in a, made arrangements for a funeral in mexico. the 49-year-old disappeared after leaving her home on saturday, then was found dead inside her minivan several blocks away on tuesday.
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the suspect is a 43 year old man named oscar ayala. the family did not have any suspect information when we talked to them. >> he's going to be behind bars hopefully for the rest of his life. but it's never going to bring back my mother. >> reporter: reyna figueroa worked as a much loved schoolyard monitor. with the help of grief counselors students threw out posters to show their love. >> they want to show her that they miss her. they're having a hard time understanding why she's gone and e't coming here anymore. >> i had my bad days and she came and helped me out. if that person who you can trust. >> reporter: he wants to fulfill reyna's desire to send
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her to mexico. >> we started to think about it. it tears us apart. >> reporter: oscar ayala is scheduled to appear at 1:30 p.m. in court and charged with homicide. police in santa clara are hoping someone will help them locate a missing man. they're looking for 68-year-old alvarez. he's been sleeping on the couch at his daughter's home and last seen tuesday night. he has no money and frequents bus lines. his family says he's been displaying signs of dementia and is considered at risk. >> is it a harmless business practice or e-mail invasion? the privacy concerns that had google in court today and why you don't need to use g mail to be affected. heated words despite the cooling period. how much time remains to avoid another bart strike
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yria. why money may be abetter weapon than missiles. california senior senator diane fine stein announced she will vote in favor of military strikes against syria. others in congress are wearing their options ahead of next week's critical vote. janice katayama spoke with
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clinton. >> right now there is tremendous passion, people on both sides are saying that american citizens do have a very big stake in the outcome. >> reporter: imagines of victims strike at the heart of the issue and the hearts of those who now join president obama. california senator diane feinstein spoke today. >> based on what i have learned, i have no doubt that the regime used nerve agents. and i know there are at least 11 to 14 prior small incidents. >> reporter: senator fooen fooen said she asked for a dvd. >> it's horrendous. >> russia is ratcheting up the stakes. they could send missile come
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upon ens. and the u.s. -- we have got to have some sort of international coalition even if it's at least nato that is behind us. >> reporter: former labor secretary robert rice said the u.s. should focus solving problems at home and not try to police the world at home. >> the fact of the matter is the united states is the most powerful economic, not just military, but economic power in the world. why not use our economic power? >> reporter: rice says other countries would support trade sanctions and blocking syrian bank accounts. as for a military strike, a navy official says it likely would cost the u.s. 25 to $40 million a week. the crisis in syria and possible u.s. military strike over shadow the g-20 economic
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summit today. president obama and russian president put in all met. russia is a key ally of syria. still president obama pressed his case for support against the use of chemical weapons in syria. >> i think our joint recognition that the use of chemical weapons in syria is not only a tragedy, but also a violation of international law that must be addressed. >> the world leaders talked about the situation during a four-hour dinner and in keeping with the economic agenda china said military action would be bad for the world economy. investigators in sunnyvale tell us new information will be released about a man killed yesterday. officers in an undercover drug transaction shot a man outside a hobey's restaurant. he was pronounced dead. police haven't said if the man had a weapon. he was in a vehicle at the time.
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this was the second fatal police shooting in sunnyvale in the past month. in buehrling game police are looking for two very young female dog nap ers. they say a five month old english bulldog was stolen by the girls. it happened on -- between 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. a witness told police the girls were walking with the dog and claimed it was theirs. the two girls are both white with long blond hair. one was 14 years old, the other eight years old. now to growing concerns about the possibility of another bart strike. a 60-day cooling off period is half over and still no sign of major progress. today was day 25 of that 60-day court ordered cooling off period, and in that time there have been no face to face discussions between bart management and the union and they don't plan to meet on the healthcare issues for another two weeks. mediation does not seem to be
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working. >> if the two siendz aren't interested in come together -- two sides aren't interested in coming together, the two sides need to do that. and if they're not willing to do it through a mediator they can't do it face to face. >> it's the worst state bar beginning i've ever seen. >> the 60-day cooling off period ends october 10th. a new pilot program is going to reprioritize certain calls for help to a two person medical union. >> reporter: contra costa county firefighters are there to save lives and property. because of all the recent cutbacks, that's been more difficult. >> the public safety has been affected by station closures. >> reporter: tomorrow morning a new medical squad starts tomorrow. the two person teams will
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operate 24/7. >> the main reason for it is to keep our engine companies and truck companies available for fires and rescues. >> reporter: the team will operate in a pickup truck. currently big fire trucks respond to all medical calls. because of station closure the squad is expected to stay busy. >> it could run anywhere from eight to 15 calls because it's going to be serving such a large area. so it will be busy. >> reporter: the dent is trying this idea now because it's the peak of fire season. >> to add additional capacity during the month of september and october that can be critical for fire weather within the bay area. >> the concern is that if you have a fire in your area, will the fire station be able to send out a truck in time to put it out? >> reporter: at civic park families express concern about the cutbacks and relief that help is on the way. >> the way we can support each others and help relieve the professionals that are helping us, we need to be educated on that and help each other out.
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>> reporter: it will cost $200,000 for this three-month program. today the massive trans bay terminal project in san francisco moved a giant step ahead. crews began the pouring of a foundation that was 60 feet underground. nancy pelosi helped mark the location by leaving their hand prints in the wet concrete. the project is a giant hole in the ground but the terminal steel skeleton should be above ground by next july. it is scheduled to open in late 2017. very pleasant, the past few days we've had temperatures mostly in the 80s. these are the highs. 86 in sanity rosa. just kind of mild. highpressure is going to dominate and temperatures are going to warm up. this weekend, tomorrow specifically you're going to go
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five degrees warmer than you were today. we're going to see mid 90s and upper 90s in some of the far inland bay valleys. atthe coast, the fog is going to be limited. we're looking for plenty of sunshine there as well. it's going to get real warm. back here, 10:45 i'll tell you how hot it's going to get in your neighborhood. the airline recalling hundreds of furlough pilots and they're addictive but legal. the new warning is
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google went to court today. critics say google is an invasion of privacy. attorneys for google appeared
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in federal court in san jose. they're trying to get the class action lawsuit tossed out. the suit alleges google invades the privacy of its g mail users by electrically scanning words for key words and selling companies for advertisers who buy ads. >> i'm not sure it's okay for them to look through our e- mails. but we can't really complain. >> even people who don't use gmail scan, if. no word yet on when the guj will decide if the case should proceed. new allegations about the national security agency show it is able to bypass most endescription technologies. the nsa spent millions of dollars to unlock web sites. they worked with unnamed tech companies. the times information comes
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from documents linked by edward snowden. to the u.k. where vehicles collided, the extent of the damage became visible. it happened on a bridge south of london. the collision happened one right after the other and lasted for about ten minutes. eight people suffered serious injuries. 35 others taken to hospitals. it took nine hours to clear all the vehicles. the secret service says there is a new leader when it comes to counterfeiting u.s. currency. it's now peru. more than 100 counterfeit dollars were seized in the past ten years. the per oouf januarys are real -- peruvians are real masters in counterfeit. united airlines is recalling all of their pilots. the airline says training will
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begin next month. united merged with continental three years ago saying it is anticipating future staffing needs. some of the pilots have been furloughed for five years. the do you is up six -- the dow is up six, the nasdaq 9. the city of santa clara released video of a controlled collapse of a landmark water tower. city engineers say the walsh water tank was built in 1964 but had been unsafe. they cut two legs off, weakened the two other legs and used the tractor to give the water tank a nudge. the tower came down last friday
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without any problem. arrested for dealing in more than just alcohol, what a bay area liquor store owner is accused of selling. a father's emotional plea for justice before he dies. >> on the back this says not for sale to minors. health officials are saying that age group is a growing market. and a
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the centers for disease control issued a warning tonight after newly released numbers using electronic cigarettes.
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maureen is live, maureen. >> julie we found two stores that are selling the e cigarettes and more of these are ending up in the hands of teenagers. >> blu owe has been an absolute say yor for me. >> i've been a smoker for 20 years and i just found the smarter alternative. >> it's so realistic that that's actually walter vapor you're seeing come out there. >> reporter: it's currently unregulated by the food administration. >> it's a water vapor that evap weights into the atmosphere. >> reporter: but the cdc worries that it's -- the agency's new report found use of these cigarettes of high school students more than
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doubled. >> if kids get hooked on nicotine because of these cigarettes that may make them lifelong smokers. >> reporter: it can alter a young person's brain and make them more susceptible to nicotine. >> perhaps they're not as bad but they're not harmless. >> i see kids using this. >> reporter: this 14-year-old says he won't use any tobacco products because his grandma was a long term smoker. >> you she had thrown cancer and has something on her voice box and had a stoma implant and now she has to talk with a voice box that vibrates. >> reporter: 1.8 million students say they tried this cigarette. reporting live tonight in campbell, maureen naylor
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channel 2 news. how many people say they experienced with e cigarettes. that number doubled to ten% last year. one of the owners of a liquor store is free on bail after being arrested on suspicion of dealing marijuana right out of his store. 25-year-old man is accused of selling marijuana to an undercover officer at avenue liqueurs in red wood city. investigators say a search of the store turned up 150 gram size packages of marijuana. because the store is next to a children's learning center, he's also charged with selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school and stands to lose his liquor license. in california state prisons ended a 60-day hunger strike today. prison officials confirmed that
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the 100 inmates have now started eating again. inmate supporters held a rally to celebrate. they say the hunger strike ended because of the willingness of two state lawmakers in what they say are torture confinement. the department had more than 800 officers five years ago. now there are fewer than 650. the report from the compliance director says the number of new recruits coming in will will barely make up for those leaving. crime in oakland is at a critical point. >> they have a horrible reputation. it's really amacing -- amazing when you live and work there. it's not that bad. but people are afraid to come here. >> he said last year his house was ransacked. and when he called 911 he was told he was 70 fifth in line
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and no one ever came to help. a man heart broken by his son's murder is making a plea to help capture the person who did it. mike explains why he may not live long enough. >> he was a good guy and i was proud of him. >> reporter: tonight a story of family. >> i would embrace him. >> a father and son. >> he was by my side all the way, and that was my only son. >> reporter: a dad who can barely see, sleep or eat. >> and i know that, you know, it's coming. >> reporter: charles senior is dying. he can barely breathe. at times he's in pain. he says it's the pain of another day that tears him apart on the inside. i take you back three days before christmas, december 22nd, 2011. shots fired west oakland. >> this case is very important. it's still very much open.
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i work it every day. >> reporter: investigator fong tran said an argument inside a store ensued. >> minutes after the argument he have was traced down and shot. >> reporter: his organs saved five lives. but it's butler's father's life now in jeopardy. >> he's here, but i tell you, he can sit here, but it's killing him. >> reporter: with the breath he has left he's asking for your help. >> i just want to be around to see the people that did the crime. >> reporter: help to find the killer, the person who ripped apart a father-son bond. >> i can't explain it but it's just something i wish no parent would ever have to go through. >> reporter: so with this reward, charles butler senior is hoping someone will bite and bring closure for a man who says he just wants to close his eyes in peace, not pain.
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the wife of george zimmerman has filed for divorce less than two months after he was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin. the couple separated about three weeks ago. and last week she pleaded guilty to perjury for lying about their finances when his bail was being setups. a spokesperson for george zimmerman had no comment. >> it's a new look for the c.h.p. why the old crown has been replaced by this and the only place in the bay area you can see right now. we told about you the incoming warm up but can triple digits hit you this weekend? and in two minutes, fighting off a home invasion. >> this is a quiet neighborhood.
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one of three suspect in a home invasion is dead after being killed by a resident. tonight police in san mateo say the suspects car getted -- targeted their victims. investigators say they all entered the home on lodi avenue. minutes later there was a gun battle. four other people were in the home including a pregnant woman who police say was held at knifepoint by one of the suspects. >> this is obviously a traumatic incident for anyone involved in this. this is a very quiet neighborhood. we also firmly believe that this was not a random act. >> the suspects drove themselves to a hospital where 23-year-old bryant mobs died. a second suspect was treated for a gunshot wound, the third was arrested at the hospital.
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a cruiser in the rearview mirror is about to become a thing of the past. >> reporter: not an suv, just a utility vehicle. that's what they're -- calling this new ride. >> this is our office. the patrol car is our office. >> reporter: officer chris parker has been driving the new ford about a week. he and other officers of the solano county area are the first in the bay area to make the switch. he says they're still catching some drivers off guard. >> i have seen double takes. >> reporter: gone is the crown victoria. the c.h.p. says its fleet is aging. >> when you exceed the 100,000 mile mark on a patrol vehicle, it's no longer in warranty. it's not covered for repairs. so that burden falls upon the
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department. >> reporter: with the chassis of a taurus, parker says this vehicle is all wheel drive, six cylinders. $26,50078 each, the c.h.p. has been authorized to purchase 751 statewide. >> reporter: how did you get get so lucky? you're the first. >> i'm not sure. [laughter] >> reporter: i checked with the c.h.p. officers in sacramento, they say there's no timetable for replacing old cruisers. as for these crown victor yeahs they'll go to other areas that still need them. highway patrol officers are thinking about one of their own who was gunned down one year ago today. the c.h.p. posted this photo on its face book page. it shows a bouquet roses.
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young strom was 37-year-old and left behind a wife and children. he pulled over a driver for a routine traffic stop on highway 680. the man open fire, another officer nearby then shot and killed the suspect. triple digit heat in the five-day forecast. our chief meteorologist bill martin taking us through the weekend in just five minutes. the bay area sheriff has just been over a week now. howmany people are actually using it?
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new video of a suspected explosive device in valejo. it happened on sonoma boulevard and highway 37.
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the travis air force base explosive team was called. team members examined that object and said it was harmless, possibly a toner cartridge from an industrial printer. the area was cleared by about 9:30 tonight. the bay area bike share launched a week ago today with nearly 700 bikes. cara lou is here for the first week of operation. cara. >> reporter: right now there are nine bikes ride share bikes docked here. some stations are picking up tracks faster than others. at the bay area bike share station across from the san francisco cal train station we found a number of riders checking out and returning the signature green and blue bike.
11:46 pm
>> i live in burlingame and ride my bike to work. today i used it during lunch as well. >> i commute back and forth from work and it's been helpful. i was excited when it came out here. >> the program is designed for quick short trims. david truong who moved here tested it out for the first time. >> you rather take a bike than take a taxi, so yeah, i believe i'd try it. >> reporter: the air quality district says about 1600 riders signed up for annual members which run $88. nearly 1400 purchased three-day passes. they're just starting to learn usage patterns and will continue to make improvements in the coming months. >> we do know that rebalancing will be an important part of the program. there will be a lot of shifts throughout the day in need, depending on the passenger flow
11:47 pm
through the system. >> reporter: we've learned there has been a few minor issues including vandalism and a bike that went missing in the south bay for a short time. now, i was able to try out the system tonight. it took a couple minutes to put my information into this kiosk here, get a code and check out a bike. the san francisco police and bike theft squad is responsible for recovering the first stolen bike from the bike share program. officers intent on shaming the thieves posted a photo on twitter. it looked like he tried to cover-up the logo with toilet paper. they received a big thank you from bay area bike share and promised to pick up that stolen bike tomorrow. caltrans is setups to try meter lights in contra county to help drivers get used to them. plans call for the lights to turn to green from solano way
11:48 pm
to railroad avenue in pittsburgh. highway 242 will have its meter lights turned out. it will start regulating westbound morning commute the following week and eastbound evening commute traffic the week of september 24. chobani's removal of yogurt is recalled. there were bloated containers and complaints of illness. it was a common dairy mold. the company said it fixed the problem which was traced to idaho. the bad yogurt has best buy dates between september 11 and october 7 and should be thrown away. consumers can contact chobani for a refund. this mall plans to add a 24 hour fitness and round one bowling alley. it would have arcade games.
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it hopes they could bring in more customers. it's been kind of a mild week starting with a mild weekend. there's some pressure center. have you noticed it's moving off, right? going towards the east. and if it does, high pressure builds right in behind it and then high pressure is going to create offshore flow. very patchy. it will be back tomorrow and burn off tomorrow. so the coastal cities have seen plenty of sunshine in the last couple days and it will continue that way. there will be fog but it will go away quickly. right now it's 72 in fairfield, 62 in walnut creek. the winds are blowing out there. look for the patchy fog to return. tomorrow warmer by five and 10
11:50 pm
degrees. forecast highs for your friday, then, reds are 90s, orange is 80s. lots of low 90s tomorrow. so nice looking friday. the forecast then, you got the patchy fog in the morning, slight on shore floor, but as we go into saturday and sunday, this high pressure really intensifies and the winds start to go offshore and the temperatures pop up. there's no red flag warning or -- fire weather advisory yet for the bay area. but as we go into the weekend with these high temperatures i wouldn't be surprised of some kind of fire weather watch. 94, these are forecasts for tomorrow. firstthing you notice tomorrow, even around the bay, it's a warmer day. and you're going to notice more are warming saturday and sunday. you'll be turning the air- conditioning on tomorrow. just be ready for that. the five-day forecast with the
11:51 pm
bay area weekend in view, sunny and warm tomorrow. warmer, another 5 and 10 degrees. saturday, you see it pop up, 98 these are inland numbers mostly. the fire danger comes with these kinds of temperatures this time of year. i'll be back tomorrow night and we'll lay it out for you as we go. but it's barbecue weather. it's going to be really nice. nice summer weekend. bark could you weather. -- barbecue weather. mark's here now. not good news for the a's and giants. >> it's like that old song, what a difference the day makes. man, unfounding nature on display of baseball again. yesterday double digit runs against one of the best in the business. tonight they cannot get it together against the lonely
11:52 pm
astros and the a's have fallen out of first place. eight solid innings of work. jose altuve right base field. that's going to be big. 3-0 lead until the eighth. deep right center. that's going to knock in the a's first run of the game. he wiebdz up with a -- winds up with a two base hit. later in the inning alberto, both will slield safely across the -- both will slide safely across the -- bo porter, astro's manager ejected. that's as close as the avenue's will get. they lead the west by half a game. the giants this year, you only get what they're capable of and little glimpse from time
11:53 pm
to time. you're better off keeping your eyes wide shut. yesterday the performance against the padres, quickly forgotten, pablo, it's this ball is further than nip of his three home ers yesterday. he'll wind up with a triple in the -- scoring 1-0 lead. however the fifth, paul gold should mid, two-run double right center with the d'backs. later in the inning martin prado hit it overly hard. got himself an r.b.i. single for two-year final. six homers yesterday. they fade 4-2. the defending super bowl champs might have been ready for football but been ready for football but they weren't close unbelievable.
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just to give you a little perspective, not since 1962 has any nfl quart erback.
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peyton manning is nfl record. ravens no answers, he was 27-40 two, 462 yards. here's another one to thomas. they blow the ravens away 49- 27. you know there are plenty of nfl players sitting around tonight watching that game. no more than patrick willis who missed the preseason entirely. >> i'm you know, some of -- i wanted to be there with them. i wanted to sweat when they're sweating. i want to have fun when they have fun. it's motivation when i do have the opportunity to be that much better because you never know when you're going to be told or when something's going to happen. >> he's just dying to get at it like a lot of players. we'll have that game parker's,
11:58 pm
1:00 on sunday afternoon. >> thank you for choosing channel 2 news. we're working to learn the name of that sunbathe
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> our buddy dave chappelle played the w card. >> he is on stage responding to the hartford incident where he was heckled. >> i am not offended by cracker. >> we don't remember the etymology of it. >> that guy went to college. >> that guy didn't. >> photos of beyonce. it was


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