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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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man it was so close. the giants just missed a perfect game by a matter of inches right thereafter an incredible pitching performance tonight at at&t park. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it all came down to that last out. and they almost did it. the giants lost a bid for a perfect game by just one out. mark ibanez is here now with the incredible pitching
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performance by a relatively unknown player. >> he's pitched real well for the giants when since they called him up. just a few weeks ago, but baseball has a number of ways that it can break your heart and we definitely saw one tonight. how many times would you be so pleased if you pitched a complete one game shut out. it didn't work for that man right there. ismero pettit. you get a little hint that this might be a special night. great catch by another rookie. juan perez in left field to rob the diamondbacks patrick corbin, you think wow. former oakland a chavez with a liner to right. clearly, it is a base hit and you see the reaction of the giant's dug out. they want it just as much as
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petitte of course. there's his reaction. so close. that is just a heartbreaker. he had to settle down, concentrate and get the final out and that he does the first complete game of his career. a shut out he still looks pretty enthused about it. 3-0. by the way the giants do in the ball game. >> so rare, so special. the reaction tonight was like, aawww. >> i mean hunter pence, that close. >> if it was just a little differently. >> we'll have more later in the news. >> we'll see you then.
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>> the last time the san francisco giants had a perfect game was on june 13th. remember this last year. matt cain was on the mound. as i just mentioned, it was only the 23rd perfect game in major league history and cain was dominant through all nine innings striking out 14 batters. just one of many highlights from a magical season that ended with a world series championship. >> well a warning tonight as bone dry brush and triple digit heat combine for high fire danger this weekend. we have team coverage beginning with noelle walker live in the oakland hills where residents are all too familiar with the dangerous conditions this time of year. noelle. >> reporter: the oakland hills has an uneasy history with these late summer warm ups. when the days are hot and the brush is dry like this. most people around here don't need a sign like that one to remind them the fire danger is
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high. it's relaxing and inviting on a day when the sun is slow cooking us on simmer. but too much of a good thing can be bad. >> the fire potential here is continuous. >> i had that this morning as i was laying in bed looking out at the new bay bridge. thinking this is a blessing to be here and there's always a challenge. the 1999 oakland hills fire raged throughout the neighborhood where perrillo's home burned today. no one wants to see history repeat itself. >> we have to be careful. we have to keep our brush cut way back. it has to be a cooperative effort from everybody. >> reporter: another reason to be careful this weekend. there's a spare the air alert on saturday with unhealthy smog levels expected. the management district is expecting people to get out of the car and on public transit
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and warning people not to exercise in the middle of day. that probably won't keep people from exercising and walking. >> this is a very busy weekend in the bay area. >> reporter: it's a nearly 5- mile round trip on hot black asphalt. >> we're just talking about it. it's good that we brought a backpack. we definitely needed it. >> reporter: the hot summer is just getting started. number one bring water with you wherever you go. number two if you are sparing the air and taking public transit to any number of the events going on in the bay area, know it is appreciated but it is not free. noelle walker. you saw noelle in the short
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sleeves out there. it is hot. temperatures 69 in santa rosa, san francisco 71 degrees. so you know tomorrow is going to be warmer. daytime highs are going to get out there. winds are going to be hot. san francisco airport 79 miles per hour. you're not seeing that big push of cool air. that means temperatures are going to rise tomorrow. that means fire danger is going to rise. your spare the air day tomorrow. fire danger was moderate. this weekend, fire danger goes into a very high level with winds coming offshore. temperatures on the increase. humidities decreasing. and the air quality not that great. when i come back i'm dialing your forecast in 10 minutes. i'll let you know what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. hotter and drier weather this weekend will pose a challenge to firefighters still trying to contain the rim fire burning in and around yosemite national park. calfire say it is blaze is now the third largest on record in california. it's burned almost 371 square
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miles. firefighters reopened highway 122 and through the park today. the fire is still 80% contained and the forest service has not named or arrested the hunter who is believed to have started the wildfire with an illegal campfire. new details now about a police stand off that happened in oakland this afternoon. after police cornered six robbery suspects at a liquor store in east oakland. news chopper 2 was overhead as the dramatic scene unfolded on mcarthur boulevard just off of interstate 580. tonight we're learning more about the police response prompted in part by a pinging cell phone. deborah villalon live with how new district policing in oakland may be paying off. deborah. >> reporter: six suspects were
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hauled in here for questioning. ending a stand off on mcarthur boulevard that brought police snipers to near by roofs and s.w.a.t. fire power to the front of the liquor store. >> there's a stolen car involved. it appears they may have been traveling in a stolen car. >> reporter: that stolen bmw rolled into the seven seas market with six people inside. allegedly they just robbed victims of cash and electronic on if sidewalk some 7 miles away. police had cell phone signals to work with. >> witnessed stayed on scene. helped direct and stayed with us and that's a success for us reducing crime. >> reporter: police were on the scene minutes before it was wheeled out here. arresting two women and three men inside. leaving only the lone teenager who they negotiated with for a few hours. >> this is an area that typically doesn't have a lot of
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robberies. >> reporter: the district captain pulled officers from a neighboring pop spot. an aggressive response to a street robbery that in the past might have waited. >> hopefully those days are over. and hopefully with this new command structure we're putting a lot of emphasis on the patrol officers to respond to these calls. >> we've had incidents in the neighborhood where police don't respond for hours. this was a peaceful surrender. the oakland police department has once again accepted thousands of dollars from a charitable organization to help keep the departments police helicopter airborne. authorities say the chopper
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called argus is a vital crime fighting tool but they can't always find money to pay for gas. today the group fueling california gave the city of oakland $10,000 to buy gas for that police helicopter. any information tonight on the killing in the parking lot of the hobbies. at one point rellis told him he had a gun then made a move and six officers opened fire. he was shot several times but no gun was found. the officers named are not being released. a big fire caused big back ups on a major freeway into the night. the big rig started burning about 5:15 this evening on
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westbound san jose. the highway patrol reports the right hand lane was closed until about 7:30. and the onramp didn't open until the 7:00 tonight. the flames engulfed the cab of the truck. and karen jacobs posted this picture to our facebook page after firefighters arrived on scene and controlled the fire. and tonight at 10:25. a warning about crossing the new bay bridge this weekend. the events that may make for a tricky drive and how b.a.r.t. is planning to help. we're learning more tonight about a woman who is hit and killed by a city park and recreation truck in san francisco yesterday. ktvu's david stevenson uncovered new information today about what appears to be problems with improper use of vehicles in the park where that woman was run over.
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>> in groups sent one by one san franciscans brought flowers. this is where a woman was run over by a parks and recreation truck while she was sunbathing with her child. >> i felt bad for the family knowing she was here with her baby and you know just really tragic. >> reporter: investigators are charging 57-year-old thomas bernoski with misdemeanor vehicle manslaughter. he did not appear to be driving under the influence. >> we had to stop them from driving fast through here all the time. if you go around you can see where they've driven off the path on to the grass. a document search requested uncovered four complaints in two years about park workers driving. too focused on holly park. an employee was fired after a complaint in march about speeding and driving on pedestrian paths. a complaint filed last thursday says a holly park worker left
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deep tire marks in the grass. the head of the fire department told employees, department policy requires staff not to work on path ways unless necessary for actual work in progress. you may never tra -- traverse a park area merely for convenience. >> i don't see how you don't notice somebody laying on the park when you're driving through. >> reporter: police investigators adjusted the vehicle manslaughter charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. the district attorney's office says they expect to get the case on monday. >> more details now about christie svanermyr. coworkers said she was passionate, kind and had an infectious enthusiasm.
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she was also an ordain zem monk and had been a dancer all her life. and we will tell you where you can expect the highest temperatures tomorrow. >> but first -- >> celebrating a lunar launch. >> the mystery
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happening now, a nasa rocket is headed to the moon after a successful launch less than two hours ago. tonight at the nasa aims research center, thousands of people came out to watch that launch on a big screen. maureen naylor joins us and tells us why there was so much special interest there. >> reporter: that's because it's a first of its kind robotic explorer that was tested here at nasa aims. though it launched from virginia. the crowd saw it on the big screen behind me and they cheered. >> three, two, one, zero ignition. >> reporter: the lunar launch went off as planned tonight. nasa ames estimates 7,000 people watched the launch on
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the big screen. >> i think it was successful. everybody is excited. >> reporter: the rocket is scary carrying the video recorder and experiments on board. >> it's been a mystery out there for the last seven years. scientists have been wanting to go back and this is their chance. >> the lunar atmosphere and dust environment explorer. >> understanding the moon tells us something about where the earth came from. because the earth and the moon share a history in terms of how they formed. >> reporter: the device low on fuel plans to crash into the moon's surface. scientists hope these faces of the future leave inspired.
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>> well actually i'm studying a quarter and a half. >> reporter: this scientist had a stellar reaction when we told them what the mission entails. >> that is awesome. >> reporter: a lot of people felt that way. the entire project comes with the price tag of $280 million. which is about half the cost of a typical lunar mission. live at nasa ames tonight. maureen naylor,. today nasa also launched its latest venture in social media. this is one of the first picture that is nasa posted on instagram. it's a picture of the dark side of the moon taken by the orbiter. nasa also has pages on twitter
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and facebook. -- prosecutors say the couple wanted to drive out the ten in a minutes to turn the building into condo -- out the ten couples to turn the building into condos. the family of a missing oakland toddler daphney webb is hoping a motorcycle ride will bring attention to her case. the toddler has been missing now for two months. tomorrow the east bay dragons motorcycle club is taking part in a we love baby daphney motorcycle run. the ride will end in vallejo at the emmanuel temple church. unemployment went down. experts say the drop came because 300,000 people simply stopped looking for work. once that happens the government no longer counts them as unemployed.
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figures show that on average there are three unemployed people competing for a job opening. president obama is back at the white house no doubt with syria on his mind. the president returned to andrews air force base after a summit in russia. there he tried to get other world leaders to support his plan for a military strike against syria for suspected use of chemical weapons. as craig boswell reports now the president acknowledged it hasn't been easy. >> it's a hard sell but it's something i believe in. >> reporter: president obama pushed for international support at the g20 summit and says he will now talk directly to the american people about strikes in syria. >> not some long drawn out affair. not without any risks, but with manageable risks that we should be willing to bare that responsibility. >> reporter: 10 of the g20 members joined the u.s. in a
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joint statement accusing the syrian government of a chemical weapons attack of men, women and children but stopped short of calling for military action. after about a 20 minute meeting on the sidelines of summit the president and russian counter parts remain at odds. >> iran and russia and putin have an upper hand in this g20 political chess game in which the u.s. appears to be losing. >> reporter: military experts have been asked to redesign a strike plan about 20 times. many of them are getting an ear full from constituents. >> if we do nothing, then you will encourage them. >> reporter: senate leaders say they hope to consider the resolution for final passage by the ends of next week. president obama will address
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the american people on tuesday, craig boswell. u.s. crude oils futures reached $110 today that's the highest in two years and brent oil the global benchmark hit 115 and change. a military strike could disrupt oil supplies in the middle east. the u.s. reduces military strike in two countries because of potential threats. high temperatures today were up there 93 in fairfield. these numbers a good five to 8 degrees warmer. highs tomorrow are going to come up another five to 8 degrees. we're going to see upper 90s in inland bay valleys. out in the livermore valley you're in the upper 90s.
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even some triple digit heat. spare the air day again tomorrow. sunday is going to be very warm as well. when i come back at 10:45 i will give you the complete forecast, specific forecast high for your neighborhood both saturday and sunday. we'll talk more about this fire danger that is going to increase as we go into the weekend. >> and arsenic found in
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now to the new bay bridge. the first friday night of the new eastern span. right now traffic is moving in both directions but crossing this weekend could take more patience. for many people this weekend may bring the first chance to drive over that new glowing
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eastern span. >> ktvu's mike mibach tells us there's football, baseball and the america's cup that are going to bring thousands into the city by the bay. >> reporter: it's game time. >> i love this time. >> reporter: a new test for the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> the view is beautiful. >> reporter: as a hot action packed weekend is upon us. >> it's supposed to be a busy weekend in the bay area. >> reporter: how busy is it going to be? let me take you for a little drive. you name it -- >> plan ahead. expect traffic. leaf a little earlier than you normally would. >> reporter: it'll be mostly be packed including the eastern span where extra enforcement is up and running. >> people looking at the view from the bridge, they're not quite used to it yet. >> reporter: there's cal football, in oakland the a's, san francisco.
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>> 49ers all the way. >> reporter: the 49ers and giants both at home. then there's this. the super bowl of sailing, the 34th america's cup finals. oracle and new zealand going head to head. >> if you had a choice, 49ers game or giants? >> i would have to say 49ers. but football i would like to spend the day outside watching boats. >> reporter: that's not a bad plan as well. in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. more information coming from b.a.r.t. about how it's pitching in for the weekend. it'll be bringing trains to get people into sporting events in the area. that may include trains that can clear the stations. there will be some delays on concord line due to scheduled
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weekend maintenance. we're used to having rice with every meal or most of our meals. trace levels of a toxin found in rice. the advice from the fda. >> but first, americans being warned about where they travel and diplomats are leaving their post. what triggered the move. >> a reminder you can get ktvu unbelievable.
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today the u.s. state department announced it is ordering nonessential embassy staff and families in lebanon to leave due to security concerns with syria. the u.s. also issued travel warnings to lebanon and turkey.
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jana katsuyama here now with more on these warnings. >> reporter: if the u.s. military does strike syria, american diplomats and u.s. citizens in the region could become trapped or become targets for retaliation. in lebanon today 150 protesters demonstrated at the u.s. embassy in beirut opposing a u.s. military strike on syria. >> this is wrong, this is wrong. innocent people will die. >> reporter: the u.s. state department ordered all nonessential personnel to leave lebanon concerned that a u.s. strike on syria could spark violence throughout the region. also today in order that u.s. diplomats in turkey be allowed to leave the consulate closest to syria's border. state officials issued a travel warning saying u.s. citizens should avoid all travel to lebanon and turkey. >> that war on syria. >> reporter: are among those growing opposition to a u.s. strike. >> no good can come from this.
11:32 pm
it can only make things worse. >> come up with some intelligent ways to provide humanitarian aid instead of military assault. >> reporter: an assault that president obama and others assure will be solely aimed at syria's chemical weapon's stockpile. which a u.s. general says are currently moving targets. >> they are in fact, moving resources around and in some cases placing prisoners and others in places that they believe we might target. at this point our intelligence is keeping up with that movement. >> reporter: as for the vote in congress, expected next week, about half of the house u.s. members and a third of the senate are undecided right now. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the last remaining witness to the final hours of adolph hitler's died has died. rokus mish was always proud of being hitler's bodyguard. he said hitler was a wonderful
11:33 pm
boss. in later years, mish insisted he never knew about the killings of 6 million jews. mish was 96 years old. nfl star turned murder defendant aaron hernandez pled not guilty today in a massachusetts courtroom. two weeks ago a grand jury handed down murder and weapons charged against the former new england patriots tight end. he's accused of killing a friend. hernandez is being held without bail but that could change after his bail hearing on october 9th. more details now are emerging about the divorce filing of george zimmerman's wife shelley. she is asking for half of his assets and for him to pay for a life insurance policy with her as a beneficiary. she claims he was verbally abusive toward her and she wants a new life. when you hear the word arsenic it gets your attention because of how poisonous it
11:34 pm
can be. should you be concerned? ktvu's amber lee has the answer. >> reporter: rice is grown in flooded fields. arsenic occurs naturally in soil worldwide. the amount of arsenic in rice depends on where it's grown. >> in california there's supposed to be less arsenic levels. >> reporter: over all the amount of arsenic found in rice is too low to cause any immediate or short term adverse health effects. still the fda says it is now assessing how much rice americans eat and if there is any possible danger due to long term exposure even at low levels. >> it's not going to stop me from eating rice. because you know we're used to having rice with every meal or most of our meals. >> reporter: this oakland woman tells me her concerns about rice are not about the arsenic present. but that rice is a carbohydrate. >> it's more withed ideas and
11:35 pm
weight gain. >> reporter: researchers say white rice has lower levels of arsenic than brown rice. arsenic accumulates in the hulk, the outer part of the grain. >> growing up in a hispanic family, we eat a lot of rice. >> reporter: this college student says he eats rice all the time. >> there's something in everything isn't there. >> reporter: tammy chang says her advise is to vary the types of rice you eat. >> in a healthy diet it's not good to eat the same thing every day. >> reporter: the fda says there's no need to change a well balanced diet that includes rice. an alert tonight for parents who have children. parents should immediately stop using the drops which may
11:36 pm
contain tiny particles of plastic. about 200,000 bottles of motrin are affected by this recall. johnson&johnson says parents should contact the company for a refund. ross hired a company called usm to provide janitorial services then didn't pay it enough money to hire enough workers. the oakland tribune is reporting the lawsuit claims usn then subcontracted with smaller janitorial services that hired immigrant workers and did not get paid fair wages. analysts say investors are concerned about the crisis in syria. >> a busy weekend in the bay area and things are heating up inland. to the coast. i'll have the temperature time line to help you plan your outdoor activities. hanging bottles, the symbol of a growing threat to kids.
11:37 pm
>> it's paralyzing our young people. the warning tonight about a dangerous candy
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the man accused of killing a popular school monitor made his first appearance in court. we learned more from her family and friends who say they recognize the suspect. >> reporter: all eyes are on the huge shackled man who shuffled into the courtroom. the 6'8" ayala kept his head down as he walked into court. figueroa was a popular school monitor for 12 years who disappeared from her east san jose home saturday then discovered dead inside her mini
11:40 pm
van several blocks away on tuesday. family members and friends at figueroa's friends are glad that a suspect has been caught. >> i'm so grateful that they caught this person that broke up a family. i'm just so thankful that they caught this person. i just can't imagine why a man would hurt her like that. >> reporter: she recognized ayala's name and says she had not seen him around but was not a family friend. they remember reyna saying a guy had been bothering her but did not know if it was ayala. some answers such as a possible motive will be harder to come by because today the prosecutor said the facts of the case have been sealed. >> we do that because of the active nature of the investigation and we don't want any of the facts to get out that would somehow inappropriately impact the police work. >> reporter: ayala returns here to the hall of justice in one week when his case will be turned over to the public defenders office.
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in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. funeral services in the city today mark the passing of a san francisco original. >> ♪ >> jose sario the proclaimed himself the first emperor of san francisco. he died last week at the age of 90. he was the first openly gay man to run for public office. he continued a lifelong struggle for gay rights. >> i think that his life inspires us to go forward and to be truthful in who we are i think that's the most important thing we can do. >>sario served in the army during world war ii and after the elaborate ceremony he was buried in cuomo with full military honors. and governor brown signed a
11:42 pm
new bill, it authorized the fish and wildlife department to tranquilize and trap a mountain lion. an alternative is to scare the big cats away. the bill does allow mountain lions to be killed if they are determined to be a threat to public safety. we have an update of hundreds of chickens flown from california to new york. the egg laying birds were no longer considered productive and were about to be youth niced. the group says the birds lived in cages so small they couldn't stretch out their wings. they are now destined for adoption. high heat and high fire danger. in five minutes our chief
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police say a dangerous trend is becoming an epidemic in the bay area. it's a drink that combines candy, soda and prescription cough syrup and as john sasaki found out the results can be extremely hazardous. >> reporter: shoes hanging from phone lines are not unusual but then there's this in richmond. those are bottles like this one. codeine a powerful prescription cough syrup. >> there's a great demand for it on the street and it's paralyzing our young people. >> reporter: they're used to get high. it's a trend being called an epidemic in the community. >> a lot of the young men we're engaging are using the drug really to forget and to create a calm because it puts you out. >> reporter: puts you out because it's an opium which affects the body. >> they get euphoric.
11:46 pm
>> you can get addicted to that stuff though. >> it's not good. so if you kids out there doing that, i pray to god y'all don't do it. >> reporter: in a recent sweep of alleged gang members, 11 of them were charged with doing drugs. >> they put it in sprite and give it to you or they give it to you in the concentrated form then you go along your way and, again there's no dosages. >> reporter: someone broke into this richmond pharmacy last month and stole just one bottle of the cough syrup and it also happen at another pharmacy. >> if you take enough of it and combine it with alcohol then you can have a fatal reaction. >> reporter: the rapper lil' wayne almost died from taking the drug which he is known for rapping around. by some estimates the lake holds as many as 280 million of
11:47 pm
those small lobster like creatures. they are a source of food for fish but their excretions produce algea. a small fishing boat is now heading back home. the 20-foot boat landed in crescent city back in april. it is the first debris from the 2011 tsunami confirmed to reach california. it belonged to a japanese high school. the boat is being taken to the bay area where it'll be placed on a ship headed for japan and then returned to the high school. hip hop star jay z. is planning to return to the bay area. just a minute sáeu announced today he will perform on december 11th in support of his double platinum magna carta
11:48 pm
holy grail album -- jay z. just announced today he will perform on december 11th. warmer than yesterday so add a good five to 6 degrees to these numbers and that's what you're going to get tomorrow. lots of mid- to upper 90s in the hot spots. the reasons for the warm up is this area here. it's kept us kind of cool. that low pressure center is moving off. when it does the high pressure builds in behind it, creates a little vacuum and create an offshore flow. look for north-northeast winds. increased fire danger. poor air quality, it's a spare the air day tomorrow. 76 in livermore: those air is compressing, the winds go offshore. it's going to be warm right along the coastal section. so beaches tomorrow 70s.
11:49 pm
maybe some low 80s. 68 tomorrow morning in fairfield. 68 in antioch. when you get going for your saturday morning you're already in the mid-60s in many areas. you have nowhere to go but up. tomorrow warmer than it was today. tomorrow warmer than it was today. triple digit heat possible. we're worried about fire danger. that's what we're watching more closely. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. you get the idea. up to point rays 80 degrees. at the point ray stations. 77degrees. fog free at the coast and warm. warm and the bay to hot and hot inland. forecast highs tomorrow reds are 90s. so there's a bunch of them. you see yellows those are 70s. 70s right to the waters edge. this high pressure center filling in behind the low. this is what happens this time of year. fall, this is the pattern a classic fall pattern and it just sends it into a warming trend. 90degrees for a daytime high. that's hot when you get into all this concrete in downtown san jose. in the urban centers it is
11:50 pm
going to be warm. 90 in vallejo. air quality the worse down here. this area will have the worse air quality in the santa clara valley which it typically does in this pattern. try to car pool tomorrow. take it easy and don't exert yourself of the air quality. you can tell when it's bad. you can see it. the forecast highs warming up as we go into the bay area weekend. little change on monday. is this a major heat wave. no but it's hot and it's going to send the fire danger up. could see a fire weather watcher as we head into sunday. >> sizzling. >> yeah. >> a scorcher. let's talk at sports. giants if hunter pence could have just gotten there. >> i know, i don't know whether to be happy or what. but you pitch a 1-hit shut out your first ever complete game. you should be happy but i tell you what all in all it's a brief escape from reality for
11:51 pm
the giants and the fans but in keeping with the way this season has gone. even that came crashing down with a thud as petite came within a strike of throwing the 23rd perfect game in big league history. there it is. prior to that they had to put a couple of runs up on the board to support him. and sanchez does that. 3-3 and an rbi here. and pence who had a hit. you thought it could really come about when juan perez makes a beautiful catch in left field to rob the opposing pitcher. patrick corbin of a potential low hit. 9th inning. 3-2 pitch. the former a , grounder to
11:52 pm
right. there's the reaction from the bullpen. there's petit's reaction. so close just his 40th big league start. he had to settle down and get the complete game. that he did with a grounder to third and arias takes care of it. 95 pitches he threw. 69 were strikes, a complete game shut out for petit nonetheless but not quite what he wanted. we now return you to your regularly scheduled pennant race. teams actually playing for the big stage in october. a's right in the thick of it. reed snatching first place in the west. while texas was losing. the a's take care of that other team from the lone star state. the stubborn houston astros. who led early in this one 3-0 but back up the middle. rbi single we have 3-3 with lawry scoring. in the third down again. two on, lawry to center.
11:53 pm
to tie it 4-4 in the 6th inning the a's put a number on there that wasn't just going to be one run. two for josh donaldson. a shot to deep left center. his 21st, 7-4 lead. a little shaky but does record his 38th save. of course we have to talk
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♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪ shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. friday night's this time of year all about high school football. every week we spotlight one game in the greater bay area. and the teams oakland tech and
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pinol valley and pinol valley's band providing probably their highlight. because this was a rough one. and a wild night for lewis. he kept it, good idea. 44yards and a touchdown. 6-0. this time lewis will flip it to kenyan jackson. got the shake and the bake and the speed to boot. 66yards he's gone. 14-0 lead. 14-7 at halftime. but the second half belongs completely to oakland tech. that man lewis finds the open spot. green acres he'll go again 40 yards touchdown. and oakland tech their first victory of the year comes with the tune of 27-14. each and every week we'll bring you at least one high school football team every friday night. but the game everybody looking forward to here sunday afternoon 49ers and packers. you will see it right here on channel 2 as well. 1:00 and jerry rice on our show
11:58 pm
the point after. the goat, greatest of all kind. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel two news. we'll see you the
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> mel gibson has another run-in with malibu cops and was it angry. does mel gibson justifiably have the right to get angry because of what happened to him in 2006? >> nothing happened to mel gibson. mel gibson happened to the cops. he's a bad ass. he's out in the u.k. cruising around in a tank. they're showing him how the gun works, the whole thing. the guy has a life.


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