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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. > complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. a four-alarm grass fire erupts on a steep hillside right net to a peninsula neighborhood. >> it just went so fast, it was just amaze. it was thick. you couldn't breathe the smoke was so thick. >> what fire crews are doing tonight as they brace for more hot temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. that smoke could be seen for miles across bay area, a hot day and a spark was all it took
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to ignite this grass fire on the peninsula. it quickly spread to four- alarms and sent crews racing to south san francisco. the fire was first reported after 2:30 this omaha near the intersection of hillside boulevard and chestnut avenue. ktvu's noelle walker is inside south san francisco. >> reporter: the south san francisco fire department was one of the departments fighting that blaze. calfire crews are dousing hotspots and making sure that the wind doesn't flare up the flames again. it was a beautiful summer day in south san francisco until it happened. >> there was a definite pop pop and instancous smoke and fire. it just went so fast. it was amazing. it was thick. >> reporter: by the numbers the flames
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threatened 100 structures, burned 40 acres and used resources from ten fire departments. but the most important number is zero, no injuries, no buildings burned, montessori school was in the path. >> they said hopefully by monday morning it should be okay. >> reporter: the playground didn't fare so well it's soaked and coated with pink fire retardant. airdrops helped to hold the flames back to crews could catch to the fire and stop it from spreading. the terrain and temperatures made the site a challenge. >> the marine influence or the fog has not come in the last few days, so these airs will be more prone in the next self days for fires. >> reporter: there was one casualty, proof of how hot and how close the flames got. >> loreta brook's husband toyota camry has seen better days. >> the front grill is melted, and the bumper is melted. >> reporter:
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but they are thankful the flames didn't come close to them. >> no word on what caused this fire. fire. that is still under investigation. reporting live in south san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu charl. >> more details on the increased fire concerns here in the bay area, and the conditions in the south bay are extremely dry. calfire warns when humidity is low, fires start more easily and spread faster. >> summer is almost over, but don't let down your guard, because fire season is not over until it rain. san josi is welcoming a new fire station 24 on yerba buena road a few weeks after it was placed in service. it was warm to hot across the bay area, including a normally chilly san francisco. we have team coverage. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the high temperatures, but first we talked to debora villalon. >> ken it's still comfortable
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out here and there are still a lot of people outside tonight. some of them without jackets, many in shortsleeves and tonight fog city isn't living up to its name. when it's warmer, romping at ocean beach than santa monica, you know something is going on. >> where is your ball? >> it's like we're in southern california today. >> 6 degrees warmer than malibu and crowds made the most of it. >> no goo goosebumps; right? . >> it's nice to be in san francisco when the weather is nice like this. >> reporter: the city famous for summer shivers today cast off that reputation like a coat. in the mission the people filled the sidewalk and flocked outdoor dining. >> we came from dublin. >> reporter: from dublin, to stand in line for 30 minutes, not for a table, but a frozen treat to
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suit the weather. >> perfect. perfect. it's like no jacket required, nothing. so it's like wow, is that how it is always? >> reporter: bathed in sunshine sonar's high of 83 was om a few degrees cooler than las vegas. in north beach doors and windows are flung open tonight to capture the cooling air, but it seems few are complaining about the september scorching. certainly not at the coast, where there are late-summer sand castles left to build. >> we come here, because we know the bay bridge is ready and we came here to see the new bay bridge. >> the beautiful sunshine, beautiful people, our beautiful city and indian summer is the best time of year here. >> reporter: i checked with park police and despite the crowds no problems today. beach-goers staying safe in the strong currents that ocean beach is known for and one more
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notable temperature to share with you before mark takes over, napa at 97 was 4 degrees hotter today than phoenix. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. that is something else, let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. >> this is the time of year that temperatures warm up. that happened for tonight and in san francisco. san francisco maxing out at 83 degrees earlier this afternoon. that is the hottest day so far of the summer. so big warm-up in the city and some warm to hot temperatures to show you as well. in fact, lots of 90s for santa rosa, napa and san josi, fremont. look at the hot numbers towards antioch and livermore, and morgan hill, topped out 96. 96 today pacifica topped out at 76 degrees. coming up in 30 minutes we'll taking a look at the areas that
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could actually cool off a bit tomorrow because some fog is already approaching. still some triple-digit heat in the forecast. the hi temperatures and extreme fire danger prompted park officials to close alum rock park in san josi. had a happens tomorrow. alum rock park is very popular, especially with families on the weekend, but it's also full of dry bush and grassy areas that are susceptible to wildfires. >> the rim fire, close to 2500 structures are still threatened shifting winds are expected to clear the smoke out and businesses are glad to see that highway 120 re- opens and owners are grateful to fire crews. >> firefighters were just amazing, just saying there with 50' flames to project our property was wonderful. >> the owner of buck meadows
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restaurant seas losing business over labor day weekend cost him $100,000. a fire that may have been sparked by the hot weather damaged six cars in livermore. a channel 2 viewer sent us this picture. flames broke out this morning in the parking lot of the livermore premium outlets. a giant plume of thick black smoke could be seen for miles. investigators say the fire likely started inside the engine compartment of a toyota camry. >> firefighters from mountainview say a fire broke out on orange tree lane near rose avenue tonight. firefighters say when they arrived on the scene, one house was fully involved and flames quickly spread it a second house. investigators say right now it's not clear what started that fire. to our continuing coverage of the crisis in syria. and rallies todayed in san francisco on both sides of the
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debate over striking syria. those opposed to us military intervention protested along embarcadero near the foot of market. protest organizers say any type of strike on syria could lead to a longer, deadlier military action. those who support military action in syria gathered for a much smaller protest this afternoon in union square. organizers from the syrian american council say something must be done to stop the bashar al-assad regime from killing civilians and say the world is ignoring a huge humanitarian crisis. we're getting a look at the very disturbing videos that the white house says shows the aftermath of the chemical attack in syria, the reason why president obama wants to take military action. senate intelligence committee posted the clips to its website for the american public to see. and we should warn you that even theblied image are difficult to watch of the clips
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were put together by the cia at the request of california senator dianne feinstein. these are verified clips of attacks of serin gas. there are many images of dead bodies, but as greg palkot reports many european leaders say they are not ready to make a decision on syria until they hear from un inspectors. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry on the european tour pushing the obama administration's case for military intervention in syria. >> this is our munich moment, our chance to join together and pursue accountability. >> reporter: saying there is clear evidence of the attack, in concert, it says that bashar al-assad forces used chemical weapons. >> facts are facts. >> reporter:
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the french president francois hollande wants to wait for official word from the un inspectors before taking action. the other countries of the european union also awaiting. the international community cannot remain idyll. a clear and strong response is crucial. >> reporter: in washington a rally cry many front of the white house, a protest which secretary kerry says he understands. >> there is a quick and automatic reaction by people in america. i understand it. they hear oh, my gosh, here we go again. >> reporter: but kerry said saturday that president obama has made no decision to wait for the un report. >> we are the united states of america. we cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we have seen out of syria. >> reporter: that un report could be released by the end next week. in beirut another protest
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against possible u.s. intervention in syria all nonessential employees of the embassy have been told to evacuate. greg palkot, fox news. >> tens of thousands of people joined pope princeis in st.peter's square asking catholic churches ojoin the day of prayer and fasting. during the five-hour service the pope says violence and war lead only to death. a drive-by shooting in this street in vallejo leave ones teenager dead and two others wounded. what neighbors did following the gunfire to help those victims. a break-in at buckingham palace. the extremes the suspects went to to gain entry. >> too big.
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. vallejo police say two teenaged victims who were shot and wound late last night in an apparent dry biattack are cooperating as ktvu's alex savidge explains northern young victim did not survive the shooting. bullets tore through the drive's side of this honda just after 11:00, the three teenagers inside were all hit. >> just hearing screaming from the backseat that they need help. >> reporter: this neighbor worried about showing his face says that the dead lid drive-by happened outside of his front door on
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louisiana street. he and some of his relatives rushed to help the victims, but it became clear theycopt do much for the young man behind wheel. no chance, he had way too many gunshots. he had easily over five to the chest. yeah we didn't think he was going to make it. >> reporter: police say the 18-year-old driver died here at the scene. a 15-year-old boy, a passenger was rushed to the hospital in serious condition, while the other passenger, a 16-year-old boy was treated for non-life- threatening injuries. >> witnesses told police that the shooter escaped in what looked like a brown honda. the car sped off in this direction. investigators don't know what prompted the shooting, but a lieutenant told me with three teenagers shot, this case will be a top priority. >> we ache it very seriously obviously and treat it like their own kids. >> reporter: was vallejo's 15th homicide of the year, a disturbing crime for people who live nearby and
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heard the gunfire. >> they are just kids. these kids have to stop killing each other. it's sad. there is something wrong and we need do what we can to fix it. >> reporter: police tell me that the two surviving victims are cooperating with the investigation, but detectives will still need more witnesses to help them make an arrest. vallejo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. san josi police say they have made an arrested in a deadly shooting there last night. police tell us tonight that 46- year-old anthony zumini was shot last night at about 9:40. he was pronounced dead at scene. investigators haven't released the suspect's name, but say zumini knew the gunman. in san josi they are trying to figure out what sparked a four-alarm fire. crews were called to the intersection of north king and dobbins road. a spokesman tells ktvu that the fire started in between two warehouses in an area that wood
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pallets are stored. several propane tanks, exploded in this fire, overtimes say a guard dog suffered burns and was taken to a vet for treatment. dozens of motorcyclists took part in what was dubbed a love run to bring attention to missing oakland toddler daphne webb. the east bay dragon's motorcycle club and the max b foundation hosted the ride between oakland and vallejo. daphne was reported missing july 10th of her father told police someone snatcher from her car out outside of a market in oakland. one grandfather from sacramento says the community needs to do more to help find daphne. >> the longer she is gone, the colder the trail is going to get. so we are here to support that, because i can understand how the family feels, and the family feels bad and i feel bad for them. >> it's overwhelming for me. it touches my heart to know that people actually care. >> there is a $20,000 reward
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for information leading to the whereabouts of little daphne. she will be 2 years old next month. california is gearing up to offer help insurance under the affordable care act next month. on october 1st, millions of uninsured californians made by health insurance through the covered california. representative swalwell answered questions from constituents. due to preexisting conditions, can they still raise your premium? the deal is that you can't be denied and you cannot be charged more because you have a pre-existing condition. >> east bay health care providers offered blood pressure, dental and optical screenings for those attending today. san francisco civic center plaza set scene for the third annual international cannabis and hemp expo. ♪[ music ]
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>> a long line of acts entertained the crowd as dozens of vendors demonstrated their goods. speakers this year include state assemblyman tom ammiano with former mexican president vicente fox. in the past mccain has called marijuana a gateway drug that damages the body. medical pot is now legal in arizona and recent polls show that more than half of the people want to make it legal for recreational use as well. e-mail giant yahoo! has issued a report about government requests for data silicon valley company says from january through june of this year, the u.s. government asked for data from more than 40,000 accounts. yahoo! supplied user content for 37%
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of requests and for 55% it supplied what it called "non- content." >>, such as who is listed in the to-line of an e-mail. the company added it fits requests for data that sup lawful to give out. national customer's league brought the same goods at walgrens. the most expensive purchases at the flagship store in manhattan. the consumer as league says there wasn't any rhyme or reason to the pricing. >> demolition crews getting an awful lo of attention for targe down a house after they tore down the wrong home. it happened in pontiac michigan. investigators that i that the owner of the house slated for demolition may have changed the address nubs to save his outbound home. well, the owner of the house that was mistakenly de molliced claims he was going to rent tst
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an eyesore. >> it wasn't worth nothing. >> well, crews returned to the neighborhood and tow down the correct house, which neighbors says was also old and dilapidated. football just getting started, but plans for the next super bowl are already in the works. the singer tapped to perform at this year's football championship. plus, celebration after the host city for the 2020 summer olympics is announced. and the crisis in syria may have played a role in the selection. and superman comes to wonder woman's rescue on hollywood boulevard. why the superhero was forced into action. . it is still mild out mçó4+y?i
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. two men are under arrest in great britain charges with breaking into the palace. officials say man scaled a 12' wall and walked into the palace. the royal family wasn't home at time. man was arrested and charged with burglary, trespass and criminal daniel. a second man was arrested outside of the palace on suspicion of conspiracy to commit burglary. the olympic committee slated to japan would host the summer olympics in 2020. >> japan was long considered a slight favorite in the feet competition also between istanbul and madrid. civil war insome people had expressed concerns that
11:25 pm
lingering radiation from the fukushima plant would hurt their chases, but the prime minister assured them that the situation was under control. japan last hosted the games in 1964. >> those in charge of the boston marathon say they will allow more than 5,000 extra runners to take place in next year's event. the 5600 plus people who were unable to finish morgan stanley because of the bombings are guarantied entry into the 20 marathon. peru my be best-known for machu picchu and llamas, but u.s. officials say more than $103 million in phony american money has been seized from peru over the last temp ten years, nearly half of that in the last three years. investigators say peruvian counterfeiters insert security strips with needles. a new on-line survey of
11:26 pm
incoming harvard freshman found almost half of them admit cheating of the of the 1300 students who responded 42% said they have cheat on a homework or problem set. and 10% admit to cheating on an exam. the survey also showed recruited athletes and men were more likely to cheat than other students. a bit of superheroics in los angeles when a man dressed as sugerman stepped into to save a woman dressed a wonder woman. the two character actors say they were attacked on hollywood boulevard by a cowboy-boot wearing transient, saying that the attacker not only threw punches, but boots at them. >> she hit wonder woman again and it hit her in face. >> the two say if the woman ends up in court, they will ask the judgment to make sure that she gets psychiatric help.
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pop-star bruno mars has been tapped to take the stage at this year super bowl show. in recent years halftime shows have drawn more than 100 million television viewers in the u.s. alone. well, the reason some bay area dog owners are growling tonight, but first. >> the beauty of the bay area, a brand-new bridge and lots and lots
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new eastern span of the bay bridge ricket now, which is very busy as you can see. it's been busy all day long in fact, with traffic both directions heavy, pretty much all day long. and part of that is because people are jamming into the city for a number of spectacular weekend events. this was at the scene around 5:30 looking at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland and traffic heading to the bridge from san francisco. traffic was moving a snail's pace in both directions. ktvu's john sasaki takes us to a few the big attractions that are sizzling during this hot weather. >> reporter: thousands of people lined the water's edge in san francisco to watch the first day of the world's biggest boat race, the america's cup. >> it was really exciting. >> reporter: that was just one of the countless things to do on a gorgeous saturday. ♪[ music ] >> it seemed down right caribbean at fisherman's wharf. >> pretty nice. we love the bay and the
11:31 pm
seafood, of course. >> reporter: this family from pittsburg in the east bay found relief here. one of the primary arteries that allowed people to get their distancings was a major destination, the new eastern span of the bay bridge the highway patrol told me on this first weekend day of operation, they averaged 450 visitors per hour. this man came from san francisco with his kids. >> well, it was a beautiful day to begin with, but we were really excited just to come out and see the new bridge and ride on it. >> reporter: another man told me he worked as an electrician on the path. >> i'm proud of it, put a lot of backbone into it. >> reporter: the events in the east bay might not have been to sogrand, but they are were big in martinez. what is that like cheering to
11:32 pm
your favorite football team? >> it's fun, but it's really hot. >> reporter: on this warm day, parents and coaches toll me they had were making sure is to keep all the kids well hydrated. martinez, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on this busy weekend where crowded roadways, officials are urging people to use public transit over weekend of the bart is running longer trains to help people get to all of the sporting events including some event trains that can help clear up the platforms that are crowded with people after the events. prosecutors in sonoma county filed charges against a suicidal man who they say exposed officers to danger chemicals. the press democrat reports when deputies checked on the man they were overcome by a cloud of toxic gas. it turned to be a mixture of lysol and lime sulphur, the suicidal man was not hurt, but one of the detective deputies was hospitalized with lung damage. >> a busy road is closed more
11:33 pm
than 12 hours after a suspected dui crash between a cyclist and car. the collision happened just after 9:00 a.m. on point reyes petaluma road. the highway patrol says the driver collided with a cyclist and crashed into a power pole. another cyclist also hit that pole. all three were sent to the hospital. pg&e crews are at the scene trying to repair the downed lines. the highway patrol says there is still no estimate on what that road might re-open. national park service released plans yesterday about dog-walking. it would ban dog obvious the popular east beach at crissy field and parts of ocean beach. off-leash areas would be expanded for mason and for fun reinersten.
11:34 pm
funsten. the san onofre plant closed of a radiation leak and the discovery of damaged tubes in the steam generators. in june the utilities decided to this is the shute it down permanently. san diego gas and electric yesterday asked for $808 million and so cal he hadson, the majority owner wants $2 billion. both unumprovidents say customer rates will not goum as a result. the california public utilities commission is considering both requests. a lawn ornament is creating quite a stir and why the coastal city of carmel wants to say so long to this dinosaur. you felt it, the heat is on.
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. nasa engineers have fixed a glitch on the ladee robotic moon explore, the nasa says the problem was detected with the spacecraft's reaction wheels. a spokesman for nasa ames, which is overseeing the mission says the problem was sorted out a few hours later and shouldn't affect the research. was launched to study the moon's atmosphere and moon dust. >> changes developing offshore with the fog. always with the fog and it's making a comeback right now, pushing back to the immediate shoreline, but away from the fog, some hot temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow. right now on maps on live stormtracker 2, no storms ot there, but the on
11:38 pm
change. low clouds and dense fog regrouping we have a southerly flow developing and let's see if i can draw that in with my fancy arrows. still we have some very warm numbers inland, right now at the 10:00 hour it's 78 dregrees in livermore, 78. san josi 72, oakland 74 and san francisco 83 today, right now 59 degrees. evidence of that fog bank. this was a time-lapse this evening looking out towards the oakland estuary and there is san francisco and basically the sun going down with clear skies. out in the distance, that low cloud deck is regrouping and forecast headlines for tonight, that will be a big part of a short-term forecast. tomorrow a little bit cooler for the beaches and, in fact, it will be cooler for the beaches. other extreme, near 100 degrees well inland. we'll cool everybody off in the extended forecast that you will see coming up in a little bit. overnight lows in the 50s, to
11:39 pm
60s, oakland at 60 and san francisco basically this temperature right now in the upper 50s, not cooling off too much. could be dropping back down into the mid-50s. low clouds regrouping offshore. what is happening with the battle of winds, southerly winds developing here and northerly winds and the southerly wind has been winning and so definitely cool for the beaches, but weep warm things up well inland for your sunday as an area of high pressure remains in command of our weather. basically the same deal for monday, but cools off tuesday. still a few leftover patches for the afternoon hours with the presence of that cloud deck means cooler temperatures for the beaches. but then look at these bright colors well inland, 80s and 90s, that red
11:40 pm
ko co we'll gradually shave off a few degrees, wednesday, thursday and friday. if you plans, it's not going to be like today. the fog is back and moving in right now. thank you, mark. t-rex has taken up residence in carmel, is causing quite a stir. the giant steel sculpture was put up in front of a home in 6th avenue not far from the
11:41 pm
downtown village. while one neighbor has grown fond of the image, town officials seas it's unlikely the dinosaur will be able to remain where it is, as carmel has very strict regulations on such issues. >> and dino has to go. two young cheetah cubs are getting used to their home in dallas. winspear and kamau have moved from their home in virginia. the dallas zoo released these pictures of the two. aren't they cute. the cheetah cubs will be raised alongside a black labrador retriever puppy and hope it provides a calming influence for the cubs. >> they are cute. stanford factor kicks off at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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dealers, toyota, let's go places . good evening everyone and welcome to saturday night edition of sportswrap. it's been a good couple of days for the oakland a's. they now have a little margin atop of the american league west thank the houston astros with the challenge at coliseum in the 4th the a's broke through the off brett oberholtzer, yoenis cespedes with homer no. 20 on the year. then jed lowrie takes one to straight away center over the 400' sign, no. 11 on the year for lowerie was
11:45 pm
an important run because the astros got one in the 8m and but the brandon barnes, jumped the gun and doolittle gets his first save as the a's hang on-1. on2-1. in anaheim, trumbo with a runner on against holland. the angels get 3 in the inning and win 8-3. the rangers fall a game and a half behind the division-leading a's. >> the giants continue to look for positives to take into next season. they had a chance with matt cain's return to the rotation and he did his part in fiesta night. cain didn't get much support from his team i mates. teammates. that would be it for the san francisco scoring.
11:46 pm
diamondbacks tied it up in the 4th and then one is hit to the deepest part of at&t park. hunter pence can't run it down and goldschmidt goes to 3rd with the triple. mccarthy made the 2-1 lead stand up. the former athletic paint paints abreu. arizona a 2-1 winner. well, they call it the bill walsh legacy game. san josi state, school walsh attended against stanford, the school he coached twice. both scored good teams this year. hogan pickeddum right where he left off in this year's rose bowl back in january. hogan to the player for the score. the cardinal with his 7-3 lead after a quarter. it was 14-3 early in the 2nd,
11:47 pm
gaffney pops one to the end zone. stanford led 1-6 17-6. montgomery will take a hit. more accurately deliver one on the way to the end zone. that is a 17-yard hook up and 27-6 lead. the spartans have made some noise and counted with a touchdown of their own. right now early in the 4th quarter, but stanford with the 34-14 lead. the cal bears were a big favorite at memorial stadium against portland state. sonny dykes looking for his first win as the head coach of the vikings already led 14-10. the bears were in a 20-10 hole, but jared goff was just warming
11:48 pm
up. then the next time the bears had the ball they went in front, goff throws to the end zone where maurice harris makes a spectacular one-handed catch in just his second game. goff on his way to a 485 total, the second highest passing game tote in cal history. 30-27, goff moves into the position, finds richard rodgers, rodgers room to run. he is not the fastest guy on the field, but he does have a move. that say 75-yard score to put the bears in front for good. they win 37-30 and even their record at 1-1. that one is the first for dykes and his cal coaching career. virginia was the latest team to try and keep up with second-ranked oregon, the running back d'anthony thomas, nobody is going to catch thomas, rushing for 124 years, marcaus morita rushed for 122. the ducks win in a 59-10 rout.
11:49 pm
>> a good sec match-up in georgia between south carolina and georgia and that was just on the south carolina bench where a couple of defensive coaches did not see eye-to-eye. they might have been arguing about how to defend georgia quarterback aaron murray. this is the play that put it away. murray finds dustin scott- wesley and this turns into an 85-yard score after the bulldogs led by only 4. murray throws for four touchdowns on the day, steve spurrier laments his team's loss. both teams 1-1. in miami, the unranked hurricanes trying to hang onto 12th-rank florida. they did it. it morris threw for it all phillip dorsyet is behind the gator's secondary. that is a 52-yard scoring play. 21-16. >> 115, 109 at ann arbor with
11:50 pm
michigan hosting notre dame. gallons spins from five would- be tacklers, 10-0 michigan. this will be last series at michigan for some years to come. gardner closes the deal with the strike to drew dileo. notre dame 1-1. they were racing for the actual america's cup on san francisco bay. it's been a while since usa oracle has been in a competitive race. maybe the crew was a little rusty. it was close quarters as they hit the force marker. new zealand emirates team beats u.s. to the scope.
11:51 pm
the margin was 36 seconds for the kiwis. the oracle beet had a tear in the wing and could have elected not pass on today's race. result was an even more dominant effort for new zealand. the margin in race 2, 52 saids. the u.s. team has to win 11. two more races are scheduled for tomorrow. still to come on this saturday night edition of sportswrap, the 12 drivers in chase for nascar's
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
. form held true in the
11:55 pm
semifinals the u.s. open championship. novak djokovic had a battle against stan lass uaw ruch cautious winning two of the first two set, but took it i don't his racket when things turned. djokovic stayed cool and wins the point with phipes, djokovic wins with a back-handed drop volley. he moves on against rafael nadal, also a winner today. nascar has its final 12 drivers who will race for the sprint cup. a hot foot for jamie mcmurray's crew as they took on the short track at richmond. ryan newman needed to win the race to make it to the chase. he had a chance, but clinton bowyer cut a tire and two laps later brought out the caution flag. edwards took the lead you been edwards held on for the win and earned his way into the chase
11:56 pm
no. 5. not in the top 12, jeff gordon and defending champion brad keselowski. >> against de la salle, sierra hosted the spartans and they were scoreless for a half. padres took lead, but de la salle pulled even. 4th quarter now, sierra makes a big play. the quarterback ducks out of trouble and fines his receiver. jackson gets a block and races 85 yards to the end zone of padres with the lead. but the spartans had tied the game. took advantage of a padre mistake. over throwing the receive, quinn makes the pick. quinn takes it back 20 yards to the padre 10. then two plays later, chris
11:57 pm
crime williams gets into the end zone. 21-14 win, new coach, same result,. plus, at wait is over and so are the meaningless preseason games the full nfl gets started tomorrow we have a big day for you on fox, the fox- free game show is started a half-hourel at 820s athen seahawks and carolina and be sure to join us for the point after immediately following of our cohost tomorrow, hall-of- famer jerry rice. the raiders open up tomorrow morning in indianapolis that is it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap. we'll see you at candlestick park. >> thank you for making ktvu the your source for news. >> join us for the latest on
11:58 pm
the hot weather and any overnight news. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a great weekend. (paintball guns firing)
11:59 pm
12:00 am
that was close. god, i love the smell of paintballs in the morning. yeah, still funny, raj. (paintball guns firing) there's no way we can get to the ridge. the chemistry department has us completely cut off. but what about the creek bed? the pharmacology department controls that, and they're all hopped up on experimental steroids. that's it then. we're doomed. i think the time has come to acknowledge that we are paying the price for some of us failing to attend my physics department paintball strategy meeting. i told you my mom has spider veins.


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