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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:31am PDT

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but honestly... it's not that hard. i didn't -- i didn't know where else to go. will you tell me what's going on? the cops are asking me questions about you and richard, and i don't know what to say. we killed a woman. [ scoffs no, you didn't. yes, we did. justin. he made you do it. it wasn't just richard. but he drove it. it was his idea. you would have never done anything like this by yourself. he seduced you...
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just like he seduced me. you know what you have to do? you have to -- you have to tell them everything. i will. i will. i don't have any feelings left... ...except for you. [ cellphone dialing [ cellphone ringing it's him. don't answer it. [ cellphone beeps richard: where are you? are you with her? no. yes, you are. and you told her about us, didn't you?
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did you tell her everything? where are you? i left home. all right? i'm -- i'm -- i'm gone. i'm never going back. it's over. i know it's over. we have to turn ourselves in. and go to prison? and be punks and eat it for the rest of our lives? do you even remember what we talked about? yes. meet me at the bluff in an hour. okay? justin? okay. i have to meet him. to do what? i just have to. i wish i met you first.
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[ sighs [ telephone dialing [ telephone ringing cassie mayweather. hey.
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have a seat. this is what we talked about. glory or nothing. should we say the words for the last time? one cannot live fully without embracing suicide and crime. say it. a pact made with relentless fire that requires that while some live, others die. on three.
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one. two. three. [ gunshot [ gasps [ chuckles what are you doing? well, i have the bullets, right? what about you? open your chamber. justin -- open it!
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you were gonna watch me kill myself? they're here up at the old winter lodge. sam: roger that, cass. that's up on highland road? so, here's what's gonna happen. since i have the bullets and the guts to use them, i'll shoot you, and then i'll shoot myself, okay? no. no? no, no. no! no? why? would you rather go to prison and be a punk? hmm? 'cause you made a deal? you talked. you talked! now shoot me. shoot me. shoot me in the head. shoot me in the heart, whatever you want. do it. it doesn't matter anymore. pull the freaking trigger. pull it, pull it, pull it! come on. [ door opens justin, don't. but we have to pay for what we did.
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not like that. that's just more killing. put the gun down. put the gun down. justin. put it down. justin. please don't. justin, listen to me. for me. [ gun clatters come over here next to me. come on. don't listen to her. don't listen to her. no, don't. don't. no! [ gunshot ugh! [ coughing ow. stay put. people are on the way. [ gunshots
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hey, richard. yeah, you think you're so smart, huh? justin's smarter. you remember that. i got one left. [ chuckles aw, to hell with it. [ gunshot [ [ ud
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[ both grunting oh! no! no! aah! no!
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[ laughs aah! carl: listen to me! listen to me! you are not going out that door, jess! you are not going out that door! [ gasps justin. justin. justin, please. justin, please. please. don't. justin, don't, justin!
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don't go. justin. justin. don't. justin, don't. [ whimpering no, no, no, no. don't, don't, don't, don't, justin. [ whimpering grab it. grab it. ow. [ grunting i got it. thank you. thank you. okay. okay. i'm okay. thank you. okay. okay. i'll get you. hold on. all right.
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what's gonna happen to me? well, given that you weren't the actual killer, and what you did down there for me... don't worry about it. i'll take care of you. [ sirens wailing, indistinct conversations
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you all right? mm-hmm. do me a favor. lean in and whisper something into my ear. what? just...anything. remember what i said about looking for different partners? are you serious? where was it? i want to take that back. did they find the videotape? yes. how's he doing? he looks okay. but we're gonna transport him for treatment. why did you let richard videotape the killing? i mean, that was really stupid. it's like you guys wanted to get caught.
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what are you talking about? oh, y-you don't know? my partner just told me that they found a hidden camera in richard's basement. seems that's how he filmed himself with lisa, and apparently, he filmed the killing, too. d.a.'s looking at it now. look, whatever's on that tape... whatever's on that tape what? is there really a tape? maybe i should talk to a lawyer. absolutely. talk to a lawyer. now wait a second. wait. you know what? i thought you were the one being manipulated by richard, but it was the other way around, wasn't it? no! do you see these marks on my neck? they're from richard's ring when he tried to strangle me. there are none of these marks on olivia's neck. look, richard could have taken off that ring at any point to make it look -- to make it look like ray did it. the ring has nothing to do with it, justin.
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you better tell me right now what happened... i am! ...and i'll do my best to get you tried as a juvenile. you have to believe me. when i went over there, i had no idea. i never thought i'd... [ muffled groaning oh, god. are you gonna do it or what? i-i can't. forget it. wait, so, what, i have to do it? you don't do anything. you have ideas. that's it! you're so full of it, too.
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you're always telling me... "crime's not an idea, richard, it's an act. anybody can think it. only free men can do it." i'm free. give me the gloves. give them to me. thank you.
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i had to show him. i could have let you die up there, but i didn't. i didn't do that. thank you. wait. i just want a chance. i want to start over. you understand? i want to start -- doesn't work that way, justin. you get one life. and whatever you do with it and whatever's done to you, you got to face that. you can't pretend it didn't happen. [ handcuffs click jessica marie hudson? jessica marie hudson, for the carl hudson parole hearing? jessica marie hudson?
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that's me.
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and that breaking news is in contra costa county where firefighters are waging an aggressive fight against a growing wildfire near mount diablo. >> good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a wildfire sent fire crews scrambling and residents fleeing. the fire started around 1:45 this afternoon and more than eight hours later it is still burning out of control at this hour. it's the largest fire seen in the area in years and comes as the area near mount diablo
11:31 pm
sweltered with temperatures in the mid-90s. the fire was first reported at morgan territory and particular, creek road that's right outside of clayton. those roads soon became filled with people trying to get out of their properties. you can see the fire still active and burning intensely on mount diablo. it is just 10% contained. firefighters are still on the scene. ktvu's deborah villalon has been on the scene since shortly after it started and tells us it's going to be a long night for those firefighters. >> reporter: we're on marsh creek road. you can see some of the very same hot spots you saw from news chopper 2. take a look up on the ridge. a pretty big flair up. as you can see the smoke is tinged pink. crews are up there on the fire line all night tonight and an aggressive fire fight will resume as soon as the sun comes
11:32 pm
up. this afternoon, 40 acres by nightfall 800 acres. this fire ran faster than crews could chase it. burning in deep dry brush. helicopters doused the fire for hours. some residents who didn't have to leave headed out any way. >> there's not a lot of in and outs. and i want to get my mom out of here in case it decides to come out this week. >> reporter: many people watched the fire fight from their properties. owners were worried and divided on what to do. >> i'm more inclined to go. he's more inclined to stay. i've been watering around the house and i had all the horses ready to go. >> it's a pretty scary fire. we all live out here and we
11:33 pm
wonder when it's going to hit. and this has been the first big fire in a while. >> reporter: big fire egged on by winds gusting at the higher elevations of the state park. some 250 firefighters responded from all over the bay area to a pocket of clay that hit the mid- 90s today. hot even by contra costa standards. three hours into the blaze, a mandatory evacuation sent some 75 households down to military road below. >> less than 500 yards from the house. it's going to burn the whole house down. >> reporter: and that's where many parks took in sleeping bags close to what's precious. >> it is what it is. you know. we have a barn and a four base shop and a nice house. if it burns down just rebuild it. that's the way that it is. >> i worry. we worry about the animals that's what bothers us. >> reporter: and just about everyone in this rural area has
11:34 pm
lots of animals not just dogs and horses but livestock. that makes it really stressful wondering how they're going to get through the night. the evacuees do not know when they're going to be allowed to go home. it all depends on how well they're able to get on top of this fire tomorrow. reporting live in clayton, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this fire started around 1:45 this afternoon. any early indications what may have started this fire? >> well, officially it's under investigation. unofficially what you hear in the neighborhood is a lot of people who say they were hearing gunshots, possibly target practice in a yard along the main street there and maybe a young resident doing some shooting and that is what may have started the fire. that speculates at this point, certainly what people are talking about tonight.
11:35 pm
>> deborah villalon live at the fire scene. we'll have an update later on in the newscast. thank you, deb. the heat was the main issue today. really increasing the fire danger all evening long. temperatures today maxed out in the mid- to upper 90s. still 74 degrees in walnut creek. as we fly in closer to the fire zone. here's a closer inspection with our mapping system. here's morgan territory road. marsh creek road and the morgan fire. temperatures earlier today 94 to 95 degrees. at last check in the fire zone in the upper 70s. 78, winds out of the west northwest. not that strong and humidity levels are coming up. earlier right around 20% right now. 37%. this was a time lapse earlier today looking at this big smoke plume being produced by the morgan fire. you will see this coming up in a few frames. you will see this plume coming
11:36 pm
up. in fact, right around here. air quality will be an issue. especially in the east bay. if you're extra sensitive to the smoke keep that in mind for tomorrow. keep the windows close and recirculate the ac. coming up in 30 minutes we will take a look at this. another round of triple digit heat and the timing of the next fire storm. many nervous residents had minutes to get out. patti lee is with those now forced to evacuate. many of them now concerned about the animals they left behind. >> reporter: that's right, heather. we're live at what has become the defacto staging area for those evacuees. you can see the red cross is here and behind me is the one way road that leads directly to the heart of this wild land fire. that is where dozens of horse trailers are waiting to rescue the many animals left behind
11:37 pm
during this evacuation. >> reporter: this raging wildfire forced about 50 familys to snatch up a few essentials and flee. >> i saw it start. watched it move toward us. >> reporter: unable to round up her pet lamas and dogs she told us she had to leave them behind. >> i don't have any way of getting them out. it's the worse we've ever had. i've been there ten years. >> reporter: after several uneasy hours watching the fire spread. a mandatory evacuation was ordered at 5:00 tonight. families on morgan territory road and oak hill lane told to park up their pets, lock their doors and leave -- pack up their pets, lock their doors and leave. >> people have been able to make their plans. >> reporter: the mandatory evacuation caught them by surprise said many. >> reporter: i've >> reporter: -- >> i've seen firefighters lined up and going up the hill so seems like they have it under control now. >> reporter: it could take many more animals, trailers are
11:38 pm
still in line waiting for firefighters to let them pass. >> there's a bunch of fire trucks up there. and you know they want to make it safe for everyone else to go up. so you have to wait. official red cross evacuation center a few hours from here. but many residents are staying there tonight. most are staying with friends or are here waiting for word of their animals or their homes. patti lee, ktvu news. official evacuation center is is located at 2161 clayton road. people with horses can go to the contra costa fairground in antioch. the fire can be seen from miles away. we want to see the images of the fire from near the caldecut
11:39 pm
tunnel which is just a few miles from the fire. ktvu viewer melissa fowler sent us this picture. you can see the towering plume of smoke created by the fire which was seen from all over the bay area. another viewer sent us this picture from at&t park. sharon mcclone was at the fire game when she spotted the fire and she sent us this photo. and we've been posting all the pictures we've been getting from the fire. you can see the fire still burning intensely tonight. stay with us as we monitor this out of control wildfire and we will bring you live updates throughout the hour. insane is how one witness described the fire at a pallet factory in sonoma county. near eighth street east, that's just south of downtown sonoma. investigators believe this fire
11:40 pm
may have been started by sparks that came from a tow truck. propane tanks were exploding sending huge fire balls into the sky. at least six structures and several rvs were destroyed as well as factory equipment. ktvu viewer patrick helen sent us this picture of one of the exploding propane tanks. you can notice how small the house and the truck looked in comparison so this big blast. san francisco police say a fan at today's 49ers game at candle stick park died after falling near the stadium. a viewer sent us this video of the scene after the fall. a victim a man in his 30s was walking right there on the elevated pedestrian walk way when he fell. first responders tried to revive the victim but were unable to. the man appeared to be
11:41 pm
intoxicated. it was often a bittersweet day at a stadium that is going into its very last season. today was the first game of the final season for the stick. next season as you know the niners will move to levy stadium in santa clara. fans say they are excited about the new stadium. but they are also feeling a bit nostalgic about leaving the old one behind. >> it's all the memories we hold here a story we think is positively -- it's all the memories we hold here already. you can't take those away. the days not over yet. there's still seven games that doesn't include play offs and plenty more memories in the making. i heard this crash of all this metal and all these seats clicking together. >> a carnival ride accident. the malfunction that sent children tumbling to the
11:42 pm
ground. also a reform school with a dark past. a bay area man describes the abuse he says he endured there and how he survived. we're continuing to mo
11:43 pm
continuing coverage now on the breaking news we're following at this late hour. a massive fire happening on the east side of mount diablo.
11:44 pm
these are live pictures coming to us from newschannel 2. here we are more than eight hours later and you can see the intensity of this fire. it is threatening homes. in fact, there have been mandatory evacuation orders for at least 75 homes near the clayton area. we will have much more on this fire coming up later in this newscast. a dozen kids were among those hurt when a carnival swing ride suddenly malfunctioned. authorities say a mechanic problem halted the ride at the oyster festival in connecticut. that sent the swinging share slam into the base of the ride. riders said they slammed a good two or three times before they stopped skr-z there were just injured kids everywhere. the parents ripping off the gate just trying to get to their kids. it was horrible. >> 12 children and one adult were taken to hospital for minor injuries. five other adults declined treatment. the ride is closed for further
11:45 pm
inspection but other rides were reinspected and reopened for the evening. >> continuing coverage now on the debate over the crisis in syria. syrian president assad sat down with cbss charlie rose and warned the u.s. against striking his country saying syria or its allies may retaliate. president assad denied using chemical weapons. the u.s. claims more than 1,400 people including 429 children were killed in a serin attack outside damascus at the hands of the syrian regime. >> a little girl pulled from the rubble near syria. this amateur video provided showing the aftermath of a
11:46 pm
government strike looked like this. >> assad is clearly watching, closely watching what is happening in washington. >> reporter: in paris secretary of state kerry taking a tranquil walk. trying to secure their backing of a military strike. >> this is not fantasy land. this is not sort of conjecture. assad has used chemical weapons at least 11 times or so. he has one of the largest stocks of chemical weapons in the world >> reporter: the arab nations he met with want a tough response. secretary kerry says he received support from saudi arabia. there's tension across the region. thousands protesting in pakistan. and turkey is bolstering its defenses sending additional troops to syria as they continue to provide he'ller to
11:47 pm
more than 1/4 of the refugees. and sunday, the u.s. would notify israel before any attack this as the nation ramps up and prepares if president obama decides to launch an air strike. conor powell, ktvu news. >> we will be carrying the president's a -- address live right here. and tomorrow afternoon, sending a message about the attack on syria. americans weigh in. the san francisco fire department has apparently reached a settlement with a firefighter that accused superior of racial harassment. according to the san francisco chronicle. african american firefighter larry jacobs says he was called house boy. that he was told he could not associate with other trainees.
11:48 pm
some veteran firefighters supported his story. under the agreement jacobs will receive $175,000. city supervisors must still approve the settlement. and oakland man is sharing his own story of abuse in an old reform school in florida. investigators have already found remains there. a local man believes the disturbing discoveries will continue. >> reporter: for more than 25 years, oakland has been a place of refuge for paul price. >> i wanted to get away as far as i could from florida. >> reporter: pryce says that he was one of the lucky ones. he made it out of a reform school in florida. officials found the remains of two young people. there could be as many as 50
11:49 pm
secret graves at the old boys school. >> don't be surprised of all these bodies. >> reporter: pryce was there from 1951 to 62. >> i saw kids 12, 13, 14 years old who were -- they were literally black from the neck all the way to their knees from the beatings. they had an army cot in there. and you had to lay face down there and reach over and grab that bar, and hang on for dear life. >> reporter: at 66, pryce now spends his days as a die-hard raider fan. but he says discoveries and memories opened up old wounds. >> it's a relative that are still looking for their sons,
11:50 pm
my heart goes out to them. and i hope they find some closure, i really do. >> reporter: a team plans to return to the site hoping to find additional remains. starting this week, work on b.a.r.t. silican valley extension will close some lanes due to work. capital avenue and milpitas and next weekends the montague expressway. the project is set to be please in 2015. and this will be the first time during this court ordered 60 day cooling off period that the two sides will meet. both sides remain far apart on pay and benefits. the cooling off period ends october 10th and if no deal is reached by then, b.a.r.t. workers could go on strike
11:51 pm
again. authorities are asking for your help to identify an injured man found unconscious in san francisco's union square early yesterday morning. he's being treated at san francisco general hospital where he remains unconscious and in critical condition. the hospital released these photos of the man and hopes someone will recognize him. he's between 30 and 40 years old. about 5'10" tall and weighs 165 pounds. officials say he suffered a severe head injury likely from some kind of a fall. he was carrying a jeep key and a silver house key. we have late details on a deadly shooting in berkeley tonight. plus -- >> this roller skate rink near antioch become as crime scene after someone opens fire at a parking lot inside leaving one woman dead. what investigators say happened inside the place before the shooting. >> more live pictures from news chopper 2 flying over that out of control wildfire. 75 homes evacuated we're staying on top of the story. we'll keep you
11:52 pm
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back again to our breaking news covering the fire that's burning at mount diablo. as you can see from these live pictures there's very large flames still burning in the darkness at this hour. that gives you an idea of how intense this fire is. generally fires lay down at night but in this case this fire is still very active. we've been getting reports from some people who have been monitoring the fire who indicate this fire is much larger than 800 acres. we're hearing reports this fire is now more than 1,000 acres possibly close to 3,000 acres. but again we have not got official information yet from calfire and we're continuing to
11:55 pm
monitor this. we will break in with more news as this fire continues to burn. berkeley police are investigating a deadly shooting in the west side of the city. it happened on eighth street in a residential neighborhood between hurst street and international avenue just before 6:00 this evening. police say they found a male victim who had been killed. police say they have not found any suspects and made no arrests. ktvu's alex sadvidge talked to someone who was inside a skating rink when shots were fired. >> reporter: sheriff investigators shot photos and collected evidence inside of the skating rink. the venue was at the contra costa fairgrounds. someone opened fire around 1:30 in the morning. police say a 31-year-old woman was killed and two men were injured. >> it's pretty scary, pretty frightening. >> reporter: perry tells me he was one of 100 people inside
11:56 pm
the roller rink at the time. he saw two groups arguing then a man pulled a gun in the middle of the crowd. >> i saw his hand go up with a gun and put it back in. that's when everybody started scattering. >> reporter: no shot -- shots were fired inside but the dispute continued outside. according to the website, this rolling rink was holding an adults only skating event. gunfire broke out in the parking lot. we saw several people who appeared to be employees driving out of this parking lot. but no one wanted to comment on what happened and no one could be contacted. tenesa told me her 9-year-old niece birthday was supposed to be held here.
11:57 pm
and is scared this will deter some. >> this is a place where people are supposed to have fun. san jose police arrested a man in a deadly stabbing that likely began with a domestic dispute. the female victim was found near dakota drive and south san jose around 10:40 last night. she died at the scene and was identified as 39-year-old martha casilla. officers say casilla knew the suspects but details on their identity have not been released. casilla leaves behind two children. a 17-year-old sunny vale teenager was killeded in a crash that spared his two passengers. the crash happened on highway 35 near los gatos before 11:00. the scene was cleared today. police say the car burst into flames after the teen crashed into a tree. two 16-year-old passengers were injured but they managed to get away from the car. the 17-year-old driver did not. his name has not been released.
11:58 pm
officers say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be factors. new metering lights are said to be turned on tomorrow for drivers commuting through pittsburg. all of the metering lights will glow green to get drivers used to seeing the new lights. the meters will be on during commute times from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. westbound and northbound. protesters gather as congress debates taking action in syria. the message these protesters took today to the golden gate bridge. and new pictures of the unbelievable.
11:59 pm
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back now to that breaking news that we're following near clayton. that's where news chopper 2 is right now over this wildfire that has burned at least 800 acres so far. we are hearing projections go much higher than that possibly more than 1,000 acres. and as you can see in these live pictures it is still burning out of control. ktvu's patti lee is live on the ground with an update for us. >> reporter: we are live on peacock road. you can see mount diablo behind us. you can seelights, those lights are vehicles leaving the grounds. many of those vehicles have animals. we met up with mrs. laughter who drove here with a trunk full of food for the animals. thank you for speaking with us. tell me why you came up here
12:02 am
tonight. >> i just wanted to do something. i thought there might be people coming in here with their dogs and cats. and i thought it was something i could do. go to the market and bring the food? >> reporter: you have two horses, tell us what it's like for the community trying to find out what happened to their animals. >> it was a relief to know that my horses were okay. >> reporter: so people are just calling each other trying to figure out what happened to their animals. >> absolutely. yes. >> reporter: how do you locate a horse that is in a pasture surrounded by flames. >> i know where mine were. and they are very safe. so i didn't have to worry long. >> reporter: so you'll be here with lots of dog food and cat food for the animals that will be coming off this mountain very soon we're hoping. you can see this community is coming together to help each other cope with this fire. which is the worse they've seen
12:03 am
in decades. reporting live in clayton, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a team of experts has arrived at the site of the rim fire to evaluate damage there and the risk. the bear -- b.e.a.r. team is made up of 60 scientists. california's third largest fire consumed almost 400 square miles. it remains 80% contained tonight. the cost to fight that fire is almost $90 million. continuing coverage now on the crisis in syria. and congress returns to capitol hill tomorrow with lawmakers facing the question of whether to back president obama's plan to launch a military strike on syria. ktvu's cara liu tells us that looming vote prompted a vote. >> reporter: about a dozen
12:04 am
protesters showed up at the new bay bridge to share their message. organized by code pink, demonstrators voiced their opinion against a military involvement in syria. >> no war in syria. >> we're outraged that the congress is not listening to the american public. they're saying no to an american involvement in syria. we've had enough of war. >> i think we've spent way too long there. we spent 10 years or more in iraq. we're trying to pull out and now we're moving into the next country. i think it's gone on for way too long. >> i'm for a military strike. i don't necessarily want the u.s. to go into another war because i think we've lost too many in the iraq war and afghanistan. >> reporter: and along with a syrian american council which demonstrated yesterday, the
12:05 am
u.s. action is desperately needed. they want to see an end to president assad's regime. in san francisco, cara liu. >> east bay congressman flowell say they want more specifics before they vote. a vigil is scheduled at the district office. organizers say they came to vote against a strike. the that vigil is part of a day in action that will take place around the country. giants niners and raiders all the bay area sports action on sports wrap coming up in less than 10 minutes. plus music, art and the great outdoors. we'll take you to san francisco's latest sunday streets event. and live pictures now looking at mount diablo tonight how long
12:06 am
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well we have to show you live coverage all evening long of the morgan fire. still the live cameras picking up the intense fire fight through the evening. as far as the signature of the fire fight, you can see the fog showing up offshore. look at those two little dots. i will expand this view. the one dot is the rim fire. that one dot on the left is the morgan fire. all that heat being picked up by the satellite. you can see a little bit of a signature there showing up. as far as the forecast for tomorrow as we come in closer for your monday. we had some hot temperatures for today. and basically a repeat performance for tomorrow. now tomorrow morning, of course it's going to be on the mild side 69 degrees out of the south. moisture levels are up is there, 60% but once again into the afternoon hours by 4:00.
12:09 am
upper 90s, 98 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. the moisture levels really coming down to right around 15%. so once again the heat and the dry conditions return for monday afternoon. highs from today speaking of the heat, topped out at 104 degrees in liver mother. san jose 88. san francisco 58 degrees and santa rosa at 92 degrees. fog returned to the coast for today. right now it's sneaking locally back into the bay. so it could impact your visibility. first thing tomorrow morning, look at these current temperatures at the 10:00 hour. livermore 78. what's happening we have a layer of warm air compressing that marine layer so that marine layer that could be deep is not the case. it's a shell of a marine layer. as a result dense fog. that will impact your visibility first thing tomorrow. overnight lows will be in the 50s to the 60s pretty mild well inland near fairfield, antioch
12:10 am
and livermore. the fog targeting part of the coast. for livermore starting today on the warm side. not a big change from today. on the satellite, the clouds cooled off a good five to 10 degrees on the beaches for today. high pressure still in command of the weather. with that another round of very hot temperatures inland. but we do scale back on the heat. into the afternoon hours, clearing back to near the shoreline. you can see the big change in temperatures here from the 60s coast side. warmer locations inland. 100degrees for afternoon highs. a big spread in the bay area temperatures for tomorrow. santa rosa 90 degrees. fairfield 98 as you head east toward antioch, livermore, brentwood. san francisco lower 70s. 72. here is a look ahead your five
12:11 am
day forecast. we will trim back on temperatures beginning tuesday and wednesday. a little bit of a rebound for frizz ár friday and saturday. steve pallson will be here saturday morning tracking the conditions right around the fire zone at 12:30. >> thank you, mark. the weather did cooperate for those who did take advantage of the street fair this weekend. rock & roll, a san francisco band that bills itself as a rock & roll cocktail after its version of surf, punk and rockability today. the event also offered people and bikers a chance to walk and ride on city streets that were free of cars. we will hear from raiders quarterback as he takes the blame for today's game. >> it was a wild one and no love lost
12:12 am
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. it's never easy for one team to beat the same opponent three times in a five day period but the san francisco giants achieved that in the last game of the preseason. kaepernick can beat you on the ground or can beat you in the air. kap 83 yards in a perfectly placed pass to vernon davis. green bay answers, here comes collin scrambling. he sit an nfl record with 500
12:15 am
yards passing. just 22-yard rushing today but look at clay matthews that's a cheap shot. he draws a penalty. it offsets when 49ers stanley sticks up. stanley is penalized. but if referees put down third down. that's a mistake by the officials it should have been fourth two. ten yard touchdown 14-14 at halftime. but why did the ravens let that guy go. injury a nonissue today. this one is a one handed grab. it sets up another touchdown. 208 of that 410 yards receiving. aaron rogers rolls out his jordi nelson. a great horizontal kick. brown just watches as nelson keeps both feet inbounds. sets up for a touchdown right here. rookie eddy lacey performs his
12:16 am
lacey leap. next possession, kap makes three great completions including this one. that man again bolden. kaps passing efficiently. unless you're the packers head coach. not a big for frankie. gets san francisco to leave again. niners had a great night. rogers threw for 348 yards. collin threw for 1,212 yards. vernon davis six catches. 98, two touchdowns. and our own joe fonzi has the highlights. >> reporter: they are very happy to have bolden as a teammate in 2014. >> we did give up a draft choice. and paying him a lot of money but definitely think he's worth
12:17 am
every penny. >> they kept letting him get open. he went out there, he played like a grown man today. he made plays, even when he shook us. if he plays like that he's going to get the ball even more. >> you never know when your name is going to get called. you never know when you're going to have that big game. i know every game is not going to be this way. i think the best thing me and kap have are communication. i am asking him the same thing, is there anything you want me to do different. so there's a lot of communications. >> reporter: we heard all week about how the green bay packers will defend collin kapernick and the read option. what the rest of the league will find out all year is that kaepernick is not a one dimensional quarterback. joe fonzi, sports wrap. and pryor set a new rushing
12:18 am
record as quarterback. how many times have you seen the raiders score one fatal. colts quarterback luck threw a touchdown on each one of their. pryor ran for a new record. this 29-yard run set up their touchdown of the game. and pryor keeps things close and interesting. mcfadden was held for 48 yards. made fabulous scours the one yard touchdown. to cap an 11th play. raiders then trailed 14-10 in the third. but their defense tightened up and they sacked luck four times today. hunter gets to andrew here. that forces the colts to punt. raiders take over. it's terrell pryor to moore. moore gets down and gets it. score that scored the 5-yarder.
12:19 am
it's their first lead but andrew luck makes the play of the game. that's a 19-yard touchdown. colts lead, 5:20 left. now pryor faces a long third and down situation. he finds three defenders. it's intercepted by antwon defea and it's all she wrote. 29-17 colts win. andrew luck earns his eighth fourth quarter come back in just 18 nfl games. oakland hosts jacksonville next sunday when pryor knows he not only has to be spectacular he must also be more fundamentally sound. >> i'm angry with myself to be honest. but it ended the day, a lot of mistakes i made today i can get better at and learn from. we're a tough football team. coach preaches that all the time and that's how we practice. i'm very, i'm happy with the team and the way we competed today. >> i thought terrell gave us a chance to win the football
12:20 am
game. and not just terrell i thought offensively. i thought our team they went out and competed. and we had a chance to win the football game. that's what you want on a week in and week out basis. >> i doesn't get any easier for the 49ers as they visit seattle next sunday. today those seahawks had to sweat out a come back. smith gets an ear full as they led seattle off the hook today. seahawks russell wilson throws hire to germane curse. oh curses. he rises up and wins the ball. wilson threw for 3:20 and held 300 yards rushing but seattle wins over the panthers. detroit giants hosting minnesota. the lions added reggie bush this season and reggie also scores twice. this is a 77-yard run to bush. give reggie his heisman trophy back. detroit wins, they beat
12:21 am
minnesota 28-24. >> former 49ers qb to junior hemmingway. 28-2. the oakland a's wish they had another dozen games or so scheduled against houston. the a's trailed 1-0 in oakland. seven runs in the third. brandon moss slaps an opposite off harold. and bring it is tieing and going run against the a -- a's. a's win 7-2. rangers also won today so the athletics still win the west over texas.
12:22 am
oakland starts against minnesota on tuesday. >> we get to come back from a game that we don't normally play and start the series on a normal point. we're playing good baseball. >> forget football i want to see the diamond and giants go extraening ins at at&t park. giants score to get a freebie. 2-0d backs tie it in the eighth. joe satcher pinch runner score it is walk off run 3-2. they will now host colorado tomorrow night. but today the san jose earthquakes keep their mls
12:23 am
12:24 am
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12:26 am
serena williams has won more prize money than any other woman in any sport. over $50 million now and counting. but like tiger woods, serena is more motivated by gathering grand slam titles. serena took on -- won the first set 7-5. the top seeded serena was on her way to win. it's the only time the only set she's ever lost in this tournament serena. there she is on match point. winning 6-1 in the third, 31- year-old serena defends her u.s. open title. the quakes the san jose earthquakes must find a way to jump from eighth to fifth and they want to reach the play offs and tonight they got three valuable points. quakes hosted the eastern conference philadelphia union
12:27 am
tonight in santa clara. hello. it was one golden match. off the foot of salinas. quake a 1-0 winner. tonight stays in third place. it is a very, very tight race in the west. >> and it's week three of the friday night football game of the week. here's your six match ups and you can bolt from any one of them for us to feature. just simply go to follow the voting instructions until late wednesday. late wednesday you have until we announce the winners. and that is sports as we see it. 49ers-giants, a's are all winners and the raiders get close but they lose 21-7. >> great game. >> it was. all right, thank you fred. before we go we want to tell you about a couple of road closures in the area of that fire burning near mount diablo. mount creek road and highland. those road closures will take effect at midnight. >> as we've been reporting that
12:28 am
fire still burning at least 800 acres. possibly many more. ktvu morning news will have much more on that fire at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident?
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