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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 14, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts rite now. a vigil tonight for a 17- year-old killed in a violent crash in contra costa county. the new information we're learning about last night's crash. family and friends gathered to remember that teen killed when the car he was in slammed into a tree in antioch t.driver remains in the hospital. the police are looking into
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whether the driver was racing another vehicle. debra is live at the crash scene. >> reporter: it happened here on hill crest avenue. there are candles and balloons on the spot where the young man lost his life. lie dell benjamin was a senior and a passenger in a vehicle that ripped into a tree last night. people in the area say it made an horrendousemphasis noise. he lost his life. the crash site has become a place for friends and family to gather and mourn and share
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memories. lie dell's brother was following in another car and witnessed what happened and jumped out. he was unable to save his brother. >> you just have to be careful. cars kill. cars are weapons. the guns are not our only enemy. you have to be careful and i can't emphasize it enough. one gone and another fighting for his life. >> the speed limit the 45 miles an hour and we're confident they were in excess of that. >> reporter: you don't know if they were racing? >> in, we'll wait until the investigation is over. >> reporter: some witnesses say it looked like they were. all of this is under investigation but these young lives are changed forever.
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monday there will be counselors at deer valley high school. now to oakland where the highway patrol says a local driver is under arrest. 3 lanes are blocked south of the broadway exit. the motorcyclist suffered major injuries. new at 10:00 tonight, walnut creek police say a gunman fired off several rounds striking two homes. a middle aged white man fireed the shots from his vehicle on 3rd avenue. it was a white sedan similar to a toyota camry. no one was injured. now to the crisis in syria. the us and russia have agreed on a plan to rid syria of
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chemical weapons. john kerry announceed the plan from geneva. >> the united states and russia are committed. >> the civil war in syria continues. this video reportedly shows a test that happen the last few days. inspectors begin work in november with a goal of destroying all the chemical weapons by july of oh 2014. >> republican leaders wasted no time in blasting that plan. >> putin has lead us down a road that is not good.
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>> the plan does nothing to stabalize the east said one. us remains ready to strike if this fails. >> there is no such thing as a strike that does not kill and wound civilians. >> a protest took place today and they carried signs such as us, hands off syria. organizers say it doesn't matter if congress or the united nations supports the strike. >> it would just be wrong. the people of this country need to stand up and say so and stop the government's crimes. the chp delayed the marks on the bridge. a somber vigil today for five families united in grief
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in san francisco. they were brought together by one common and crushing experience. they all have sons missing, simply vanished in san francisco. john shows us how coming together is helping the families cope with their pain. >> reporter: in golden gate park a jazz trio warmed up a solemn crowd. all came together to support the families of five men who disappeared in san francisco. >> i want to thank all that help us. >> reporter: 22-year-old jackson miller vanished and his parents are still struggling. 29-year-old cameron disappeared in october 2011. >> he would be 31. >> reporter: the five men have little in common.
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23-year-old sean dickerson disappeared 2 months after cam ran. >> it's good for us to unite together. >> 19-year-old sean disappeared 4 months ago. >> the most important thing is to keep the word alive that there is someone missing. >> reporter: organizers said the city is planning to designate a missing person's day. christian hughes disappeared in february. >> he just lights up a room. >> reporter: these families are united together hoping their voices are louder and will have people keep a look out. now to our continuing coverage on the deadly flood ng colorado. today authorities said another person is dead and that brings the death toll to 5. at least
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200 are still missing. 3 red cross volunteers from here in the bay area are head today colorado. search and rescue teams canvassed areas today. katy showed us what the rescue teams are up against. >> are it's a frightening sight in colorado. raging waters collapsed roadways and scary evacuations. the governor toured the zones in a blackhawk on saturday and was involved in two rescues. he discussed colorado rebuilding. >> we're going to come back and we're going to rebuild better than it was before. >> reporter: emergency respond ders are continuing to rescue people in boulder county and other towns (i think what we have going on here is the greatest number of americans
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rescued by helicopter since hurricane katrina. >> reporter: this video shows you what first respond ders are up against on the ground. national guard are on the scene. they saved a life of a mother of a one month old. >> it felt like i was in a horror movie. >> are the flooding nightmare is far from over. they expect more rain. as for residents who had to leigh their home and belongings this, eye glad to be alive. >> reporter: rain fall is expected headed into sunday. >> for more information on the flooding in colorado go to
11:40 pm new developments in this weeks weill fire on mt. diablo. morgan fire was 100% contained this afternoon. they'll remain to watch for flair ups. the wildfire costs $4.5 million to fight. the fire was sparked by someone target shooting. mt. diablo state park is set to partially open monday. a key route into yosemite opened up today. state route 120 is now open to traffic. the rim fire is 81% contained with full containment expected next friday. it started nearly a month ago. crews say a hunter's fire sparked the massive wildfire. (. >> new at 10:00, a new addition
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the wind was on the side of team usa today. it almost cost 'em rats to capsiz. the delay allowed oracle to slip by. they condition selled today's second race. races are set to resume tomorrow. we'll have more later in sports wrap. this week the city is trying something new to help sailing fans get to the america's cup. there is a temporary track for bicyclist that some want to become permanent. >> reporter: appealing to sailing fans and that has critics concerned. there are barriers separating cars from cyclist.
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>> it's great not to be riding by cars. >> reporter: the extra bike lane was set up last week in anticipation of the crowds. we met this lady as she pushed her bike on the sidewalk. this was the only reason she decided to take bart and bike sickle in. the bike coalition is trying to make the changes permanent. unless the cup organizers ask for an extension the bike lane and barriers will be gone tomorrow night. some say they aren't sorry to see it go. >> i think it's worked out great for this weekend but it's not good for us. >> reporter: the manager of
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pier 23 points to the traffic congestion. >> it may discourage people from coming down this way. >> it's made the ride easier. >> peyton and other cycling ambassadors say it could put off drivers on 4 wheels but encourage 2 wheels to come to the area instead. an evacuation orders coming through the loudspeakers today instead of baseball scores. please front office employees from the san francisco giants took part in an evacuation drill this morning. it was organized by the giants and govenor's office of emergency services. a shooting victim is recovering tonight.
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police say a man was shot on shane drive near hilltop drive this morning. she was shot in the leg and expect today survive. he was approached by 3 suspects before he was shot. police are vetting a tragic discovery in a hotel room where two children was found dead after a woman from the bay area tried to commit suicide. the children were found this morning at 9:00. a 42-year-old woman deliberately crashed her car in a parking lot. she told police about the children. (. >> alameda county firefighters saveed the lives of family pets. the fire started at 8:15 this morning in castro valley.
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no people were home at the time but there were four cats inside. fire crews say they were able to save two of the cats. another cat died but a 4th cat is okay. many other department carry the cat masks. crews say more animals can be saved when crews have the oxygen masks (. >> housing fire today in oakland helped many learn about their options. people who are behind on their payments came together. they have good news. >> people who have lost their properties can buy under fha
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guidelines. the. >> the housing fair was also for first time home buyers. alameda county officials are warning tonight that young people, foster youth, are prime target for identity theft. >> you think about it has losing their identity. they use mobile apps and that's becoming a common way in which they can find they've lost their identity. >> keith carson says the county is working with youth to prevent the theft. they may not know their information is shared (. >> bay area activist dislike the noplace of a new bill. legislature passed the bill for illegal immigrants to get a license. some say this will sigma
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advertise immigrants. >> especially if you don't have id or form of permanent residences. >> we're going to continue organizing to make sure we take off the mark. >> the license will say it's identification for driving only. a southern california school district is hiring a company to monitor student's social media posts. the company will collect information from facebook, intragram, youtube and twitter. will provide school officials with a report regarding bullying, substance abuse and truancy. parents of a 15-year-old sued a
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school district. sara palin getting sued. what she put on her facebook page. a drug bust caught on camera. the california connection to this big rage in a coastal city. >> tears of joy, y'all. that's paula deen as she makes her first public appearance. where she got a standing ovation and what she unbelievable.
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a bus accident in ohio early today sent more than 30 people to the hospital. the bus veered off interstate 75 and then overturned on to a corn field. 6 people remain hospitalized and all are expected to
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recover. the cause is under investigation. the driver is a 15 year veteran with a clean driving record. ngovernor said he will help businesses rebuild after the fire this week on the jersey boardwalk. flames tore through the seaside park and heights for nine hours on thursday. many of the buildings destroyed had just been rebuilt following hurricane sandy. >> we're watch the buildings destroyed. we came back after sandy. we're hoping for a good future. >> governor christy announced that $50 million in aid to help rebuild. >> four men said to be members of the hell's angels are under
11:54 pm
arrest in spain for smuggling hundreds of pounds of cocaine, allegedly. police released this video of the arrest of ponte very degree. the men are all accused of bringing in 1100 pounds of cocaine from columbia. a publisher is suing sara palin. the photo shows 3 firefighters hissing a flag. it was taken oh the same day as the attacks and it became a stamp. the lawsuit accuses sara palin of using that photograph on her website and facebook page without permission. palin has not commented. (. >> celebrity chef paula deen made her first public
11:55 pm
appearance and it was emotional. she got a standing ovation at the metro cooking show in houston. she said her life has been a roller coaster since admitting that she used racial slurs in the past. >> i learned a lot about myself and my business. i just want to thank y'all from the bottom of my heart. >> some people paid as much as $400 to meet deen and get her photograph. police are calling it a shocking and bray zen crime. >> reporter: a house keeper at this hotel is sexually assaulted as she cleans a room.
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authorities are searching for a sex assault suspect. alex savage talked to police who say the man attacked a hotel house keeper (are she was alone cleaning a room at the double tree hotel. a man snuck up to her, put a knife to her throat and forced her inside. the 37-year-old was tied up and sexually assaulted. >> that's disturbing. i want to go to the desk and ask about it. >> reporter: police say the victim fought back. she was able to get free and scream for help. police say the attacker ran away through this hotel parking lot and last seen heading
11:59 pm
toward this shopping center on golf course drive. police are pulling video trying to identify the man who carried out the assault at 3:45 yesterday afternoon. >> that's an unusual time when people are out and about during day. we're hoping somebody saw something. >> are the attacker is described as a blackman 5'10" in his 30s. police say he was wearing a white dress shirt, black slacks and gloves. pam zip man is owner of the salon next door. >> it makes us more careful. >> reporter: investigators tell me the victim was taken to the hospital with injuries. the woman appears to have been
12:00 am
chosen at random. police hope a sketch will help them find a man that beat a woman on monday evening near the elle so reto bar station. she was texting when a man walking in the opposite way on the path attacked her. he's latino 5'5" with stubby facial air. (. >> a walnut creek man cried in court as he expressed remorse while killing a woman after driving while intoxicated. he was sentence today 4 years and 8 months. he fell asleep behind the wheel and killed sherry hicks. her daughter-in-law was also injured. he said he should have never
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tried to drive when he was tired and high on ativan. fire engine chili all in one place today. the annual chili cook off is a fundraiser for the holiday toy program. our own sal was among those who did taste testing. >> 2 day gear deli chocolate festival kicked off. 35 vendors offered samples of their treats. the proceeds benefits open hand. suzuki issued a recall because of the air bags. 2006-2011 and 2007-200 ever 11
12:02 am
ss4 car. there is a problem with the bag and it could allow the bag to deploy even if a child or small adult is in the front seat. some residents of the oakland zoo are testers at keeping them entertained. this is the oakland zoo's 100 year tortoise. the zoo says it's hard to find toys for the animals that stands up to the daily use. ralph, weighs 600 pounds, and likes to lay on his toys. the powerball numbers are out tonight. the drawing selected the numbers 1, 25, 44, 17 and 37 with a powerball number of 20.
12:03 am
the jackpot offers $317 million to the lucky one who gets all five of the numbers and the powerball number. 1, 17, 25, 37, 44 with a powerball number of 20. if that didn't work out for you, mega million is worth $130 million drawing is tuesday evening. officials are changing the rules. the odds for winning improves to 1-15 but harder to win the jackpot. why people lined up at the shark tank. another big victory down the hatch. the new title to san jose's joey chestnut. temperatures are cooling off. meteorologist joins us next
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drag gone boat racers showed off their skills today on treasure island. they're taking part in the 18 annual international drag gone boat contest t.festival includes music, children activity areas and food. the festival runs through tomorrow eving. let's check in for the weather. >> looking fine heather.
12:07 am
temperatures are trending down. right now though we have clear skies with the fog doing its thing, increasing in coverage. also overcast around the bay. pair port and hayward reporting mostly cloudy skies. current temperatures are in the upper 50s in half moon bay, 56 san francisco, san jose 61 and fairfield 63 degrees. time lapse fromming, low clouds in the distance. you see the time coming in as well. also the patchy fog in the immediate coast line like i showed you on the satellite. partly cloudy skies inland but mostly cloudy skies toward liver more and concord tomorrow morning. temperatures for the overnight lows are in the 50s.
12:08 am
san francisco starts out at 54 degrees tomorrow. the main weather feature we're watching, this guy march be closer to the coast line. sun cloud mix tomorrow. cooling trend as well. 60s, 70s, warmest locations up into the low 80s for sunday and monday as well. a quick check on the forecast for colorado. they've had the excessive rain and they have flash flood watches for the boulder area. rain fall rates could be increasing. back here in the bay area, we have patchy fog around the coast, clearing back by the afternoon hours. temperatures for tomorrow, not a big change from today, 70s. around the bay upper 6 0es.
12:09 am
san jose at 72, santa cruz mid- 70s, san francisco 64. the raiders playing football tomorrow. you can expect partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 60s. five day forecast, the over all weather pattern not changing much. cloud cover sunday throughout the day. partly cloudy skies and breezy. you'll see temperatures not budging much for monday and tuesday. we gradually warm up by wednesday and thursday. it's not on the forecast yet but bay showers by friday. we may remove that over the next few days. >> what kind of pie do you like? joey chestnut has another
12:10 am
victory under his belt. he won a pie eating contest. it was yesterday at ohio's johnny apple seed festival. he's usually known for downing hot dogs but he consumed 13 pies in 8 minutes. he said he gets into a rhythm, frequently drinks water and does not over stuff his mouth. big day for bay area hockey fans as individual tickets went on sale for the upcoming season. >> home opener. >> fans lined up to get the first tickets t.mascot was on hand to greet the die hards. there was also free skating at sap center. sharks training camp opened wednesday t.home opener is
12:11 am
october 3. (. >> oakland raiders are getting ready for their home opener and they take on the 0-1 jacksonville jaguars is sold out and the parking gates open 5 hours before the game. fans won't be able to tailgate after kick off. aces dual the arlington. it was a battle of big plays as cal takes on ohio state. sports wrap is coming up. >> 49ers are taking on the seahawks tomorrow. we're having a friendly we're having a friendly competition with our phrging ] [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year! you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies!
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good evening everyone. welcome to saturday night edition of sports wrap. tonight was a good measuring stick for the cal state team. we'll have more of that to come. memorial stadium housing ohio fans. it didn't take ohio state long to flex their muscles. on their second play, kenny guy ton through to smith and that's a score. more of that to come. the next time thigh have the ball they go for 47 yards. 14-0 with less than 3 minutes gone in the came. cal was able to put on some
12:15 am
offense. they went 61 yards for a score, 21-7. the beers struck on another big play to chris harper on the screen. watch the blocking set up. harper makes his way to the goal line. ohio led at the half. beers continue to play an exciting brand of offense but show their inexperience. they go down 52-34. they're now 1-2 and it doesn't get easier with a trip to oregon coming up. you're in for a battle when you play army. that was the challenge for stanford going to the venue at
12:16 am
west point. cardinals fell behind 6-0 in the quarter. kevin hogan throws for it all. the pass is tipped and ends up in the arms of michael rector for a 26-yard score. montgomery gets behind the army secondary. hogan hits him with a scoring pass. 14-6 stanton in the 2nd quarter. stanton stretched it out in the 3rd quarter. stanford goes all the way across the country to get a 34- 20 win. hogan is undefeated. here is the game the whole country was talking about. johnny manziel and texas a&m
12:17 am
hosting alabama. 28-14 alabama in the 3 ready quarter. sunseri gets to the side line, looks for a block, gets it. he returned 73 yards for a touchdown. aggies made big plays of their own in the 4th quarter. manziel lets one fly andy vans hauls it in. evans had a 279-yard receiving day. 42-35 but the tide came up with the drive when they needed it most. alabama back up by 14 and win it 49-42 and hands the aggies their fist loss. tennessee came to austin state and the volunteers actually
12:18 am
scored first. ducks scored 59 straight points. 456 yards for mariotta. an emotional week for ucla who lost team member nick pasqueli. ucla rattled off the next 35. they were in front in the 3rd quarter. bruins win 41-31. jimmy morris turned that team around. usc in need of redemption. cody kessler gets the ball into the hands of mark lee. the trojans beat dc 35-7.
12:19 am
oakland a's picked the right time to surge in all aspects of their game. bob melvin's team in a slug fest last night and pitchers today. the only mistake was in the 1st. the ball banged around in the corner. donaldson all the way around not good. moreland swinging and in the 5th they can't pull the trigger. darvish up to the challenge. the rangers had a mini rally going in the 8th. beltre' got a lot of the pitch but tracked down in right by josh red dick. grant balance four came on to work the 9th. rangers put the tying run on base t.a's made the single run
12:20 am
stand up and win 1-0. now lead the rangers by five and a half games in the al west t.giants are applying the rest of the season to avoid last place. tonight they put on quite a display of hitting in dodger stadium. pounds of cocaine las co has had the numbers in the past but not tonight. that drive gets down and finds the gap and drives in two more. scoring was something they did a lot of in this game. bases loaded in the 5th. that was a grand slam homer. giants far from finished.
12:21 am
22 hits and a 19-3 win t.most runs ever allowed to an opponent at dodger stadium. still to come on this saturday night edition of sports wrap, these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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mayweather hands canelo his first lost. more excitement on the bay that new zealand would've preferred. they made personnel changes this week. as they came to the third marker today, the new zealand boat nearly capsizes before slamming back down to the water. they executed a crash act to stay clear and new zealand was issued a penalty. hydra mafusz in this series. the us boat went on to win by 52 seconds which gets it out of negative numbers. the second race was scheduled today but was scratched because the winds were too high. new zealand can still take the cup. hunter may hahn is inside the leaders in golf vw event.
12:26 am
he's on par 3, 17 hole. hole in 1. he shot a 65. six strokes back but is a winner getting an electric bmw for his efforts. long birdie for woods and he shot a 66. steve stricker in second place. he kissed the flag stick. that's an eagle. he's on his way to 7 under par. four rick was not as good as yesterday. he was ten shots off of yesterday's record. it figures to be one of tomorrow's best match-ups. san francisco and seattle going at it in the pacific northwest. the winner gets the early jump on the division standings.
12:27 am
justin smith will be healthy and in uniform. that was not the case when the seahawks lost last time. both teams had an off season to prepare for the quarterbacks, kaepernick and wilson. >> he's a fast, quick, elusive guy. he'll squeeze out and get rolling on you but, like i said, we don't have a pocket pass or statue that we practice against. we've been prepared for that. kaepernick, when you practice against him, gives you a look at that. >> channel 2 and fox tomorrow, pre game show started at 9:00. redskins and packers at 10:00. raiders play their home opener trying to get a win against the
12:28 am
jacksonville jaguars. see you tomorrow at 0:00. >> hopefully we'll be talking victories for the raiders and 49ers. we'll see you is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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>> on today's show, one of hollywood's most accomplished hispanic writers, plus an actor on the rise, and later, soul music gets a latino touch. all this only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head inside yourself and you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ inside yourself >> hey, guys, it's your girl valery ortiz here, and you're watching "american latino tv," celebrating american latino pride. and today,


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