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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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new information tonight about that deadly mass shooting in washington, d.c. authorities killed the gunman now they want to know his motivation. >> we continue to learn where he has been, who he has talked to and what he has done. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener.
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already we're learning key details about the investigation into the latest mass shooting. the man used a valid pass to gain entry to the facility this morning. he's identified as aaron alexis from new york. authorities ruled out the possibility of an accomplice and the mayor of washington, d.c. says so far there's no indication of foreign terrorists involvement. we've learned the 12 people killed rangeed in age from 46 to 73 years old. three others were shot and wounded. all are expected to recover. one is a dc officer. he is said to be in good spirits. five other people suffered minor injuries including stress reactions, abrasions, contusions and chest pain. we have team coverage beginning with ktvu's heather holmes. and the confusion that followed. >> reporter: authorities ruled out a second gunman. saying that aaron alexis
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carried out today's shooting massacre alone and that he randomly aimed at employees just starting their day. police rushed to the headquarters of the naval sea systems command just south of the white house a mile from the capital. the scene of a two hour deadly rampage. officials said tonight that aaron alexis a former navy reservist has an active i.d. and entered the base legally just after 8:00 this morning. >> he had legitimate access to the navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor. and he utilized a valid pass to gain entry to the navy guard. >> reporter: once alexis passed through the gate he headed toward the massive building
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197. went to the building's fourth floor and started shooting down to the car -- cafeteria. the fbi would not comment on weapons used but alexis was reportedly armed with two guns. >> he was far enough down the hall that we couldn't see his face but we could see him with a rifle and he raised and aimed at us and fired. employees rushed to find a way out of the building. >> as he came around the corner he aimed at us and fired two or three shots. >> reporter: others took cover using furniture as shields. >> we got down on the floor as low as we could and started to barricade ourselfs in with tables, doors, just to try and stay in place and stay as safe as we could. >> reporter: hundreds of police officers surrounded the facility. the shooting didn't stop until
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police killed the gunman who had already taken the lives of five people. including the man standing next to commander givis. >> we heard two more gunshots and he went down and that's when i ran. >> reporter: after witnessing that man shot dead, commander giris says the close call makes him hard to take. the first priority will be mapping out the crime scene. they are also going to be looking into where alexis got the gun and where he managed to get them into the ground. new information is emerging about the gunman aaron alexis. he was discharged more than three years ago and was
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currently working for hewelett packered. jana katsuyama has been digging into his past and she's live with what she has learned. >> reporter: we're at the federal building where they've lowered the flag to half staff here and nationwide in honor of those victims who the fbi says were killed by alexis. a reservist in the navy who was hired to serve that flag. two pictures are emerging tonight of aaron alexis and they couldn't be more different. one on the fbi's poster of one man who opened fire on a navy yard. the others from friends in fort worth texas who say alexis was a young and caring man. >> we moved from three different locations. i moved out. she moved out with me and moved in as a friend. he's like my big brother.
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he thought me a lot. >> reporter: alexis was a buddhist and volunteered at his friend's restaurant. >> he was a great man. the customers liked him because he could speak thai. >> reporter: records show he served in the navy reserves until january 2011. a navy official says alexis was discharged from service after being arrested in 2010 for illegally firing his gun inside his apartment in fort worth. we obtained police records showing that alexis confessed to shooting the tires of a vehicle next door. saying he felt the owner disrespected him leading to what alexis kraoeubed as -- alexis described as a black
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out. not remembering what was happening. and that the stress may have stemmed from helping with rescues on september 11th. alexis was born in queens new york and has family still there. >> very distraught. very stressed out. tears, very hurtful. our hearts are going out to those who got hurt. >> reporter: alexis was an employee of an hp hewlett packard -- he had been to tokyo and was dissatisfied with the pay he received for that trip. all things investigators will be looking at into piecing together what may have caused him to act so violently. more details on the navy yard. it is a large walled complex
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that covered 16 blocks in washington, d.c. it sits a little bit more than a mile from the white house. the house is not in session. the washington nationals ballpark sits just a few blocks away. and tonight's game between the nationals and at -- atlanta braves were postponed. the washington navy yard is the oldest shore installation of the u.s. navy. it was established in 1789 as a shipping yard. during the 1900s it was used to make weapons including a torpedo. president obama offered his condolences to the families of those lost who lost their lives in today's rampage. he said the victims were working to protect all americans. >> they're patriots and they
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know the dangers of serving abroad. but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> on hour facebook page. you can share your condolences to the shooting victims. just share our badge at ktvu channel 2 on facebook. stay with us for continuing coverage at 10:30. sacrificing security to save money. the soon to be released audit suggesting that cost cutting at the nation led to security risks. and scare at the white house in the hours following today's shooting. what led to one man's arrest. the two sides in the b.a.r.t. labor dispute are back at the bargaining table. we now have 24 days left before the 60 day cooling off period expires. b.a.r.t. union's emerged from negotiations this evening and made what they call a comprehensive counter proposal in an effort to reach a deal. this comes as negotiations resumed on the big issues and
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safety. members of the international union said they have significantly cut what they're asking for. >> iciu have made a counter proposal that exceeds more than $10 million in savings from our earlier previous proposal. >> the union has promised the public a game changing proposal. this is not a game changing proposal. not even significant movement. b.a.r.t.'s management said they would study the offer, crunch the numbers and come back with a detailed response tomorrow. governor jerry brown say it is two sides in the b.a.r.t. dispute need to quote get real. it was governor brown who ordered the 60 day cooling off period. today in san francisco, he said he does not anticipate intervening again. >> neither the management or union have shown any appetite for binding arbitration. i do not want to see a strike. i urge the parties to get real. >> the governor also say it is state legislature does not have
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the appetite for legislation that would prevent b.a.r.t.'s unions from striking. new at 10:00, knocked down, beaten even kicked in the head. a football fan says that's how his night ended after cal played ohio state on saturday. deborah villalon is now live in berkeley who some say it fits a pattern. >> the -- >> reporter: the family of the injured man upset and afraid that what happened here on university road will happen again. >> he was not on the bad side of town, this is his sister. >> reporter: the mother too nervous to talk to police. her brother went with family to cheer on cal on saturday's
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game. four attackers blind sided him. >> all he can remember is being hit repettively in the head while he was already on the ground. >> reporter: he woke up hospitalize with a concussion. stitches on his head, his cell phone gone, his wallet intact. >> the issue this weekend was assaults not thefts in my opinion. >> reporter: that same night a second assault with a gun brandished. >> it seemed it was the same group of guys. >> reporter: the night before a frat member was attacked. getting jump he says is nothing unusual. >> i don't know if there's anything gang related specific to this incident. >> reporter: berkeley police say they are investigating and don't know if each group struck each time. they haven't seen a spike on theft and assault but it is an area where crime finds opportunity. >> up there there is a high population of people walking
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around. and especially friday and saturday night. >> reporter: frat leaders and the victim's family say better security would protect everyone. >> whatever we can do as a community we have to make a change. this is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: her brother is recovering at home now, saturday night police questioned three teenagers for the assault. they arrested one of them on a warrant. but they let the other two go for lack of evidence. reporting live in berkeley, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. we checked fbi crime statistics for 2012 the last year available. uc police reported 79 assaults in and around the cal campus. that number was down from the prior year. the police department also reported 21 robberies during that same time period. that number includes six robberies involving a gun. is there more googling or gambling going on at a internet cafe? we talked to community leaders about what they would like to
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see done. i'm tracking a system that is bringing showers. >> the new face of american there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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there she is, the new miss america. she is the first american of indian decent to win the crown. it has led to a barrage of racist reactions on twitter. amber lee is in sunny vale after speaking to members of the indian american community. amber. >> reporter: frank we're in sunnyvale who has a large indian community. today we went to a bali dance club and she is the hot topic of conversation. this is the bali dance club. tonight for many here there's a extra skip in their step. energized by the new miss american being of indian decent. >> i feel very proud. i goes to show that india is expanding its influence all
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over the world. many tell me nina cavalari is fitting since it fuses indian culture with other countries. >> miss new york. but soon after the winner was crowned, hateful messages sent twitter abuzz. including quote, i swear i'm not racist, but this is america. miss america you're a terrorist. miss america 7/11. >> we need to talk about what racism is and what it looks like. >> reporter: the hateful streets are not surprising. >> we're living in a very, very diverse society. for those who can't accept us, you know they're living in a stone age. >> reporter: this software engineer tells me she's expecting her first child, a daughter in december. >> reporter: what will you hope
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to tell your little girl one day? >> just dream, and this country will give you plenty of opportunities to realize your dream. >> reporter: as for the new miss america's response to racist tweets she said quote i am grateful that there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new miss america. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a gruesome mystery in san francisco. someone found a shoe with a severed foot inside. the shoe washed up sunday morning. it was a size 11-1/2, black and green puma running shoe. a user on the website reddit posted this photo. a medical examiner says it appeared to be in the water for some time and it will take time to identify it. there are questions tonight surrounding the death of an elderly man found inside an rv in a neighborhood in downtown san jose. around 3:30, a homeless work spotted the key in the door of
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the rv near fourth and julian. she told officers she went inside the vehicle and discovered the body. the coroner say it is man's death is suspicious. the victim was 80 years old. his name has not yet been released. last month, a 22-year-old man was shot and killed at that same intersection where the rv was parked. mount diablo state park reopened today for the first time since the morgan fire started. some of the long term concerns caused by that fire and what residents found on their first day back in the mountain. >> reporter: mount diablo back open today. we found this paraglyder enjoying the view. >> today there's hardly any traffic. apparently people don't know it's open again. >> reporter: victa and shale of brentwood said they had to come today. >> this is what brought us together: this place holds a very special place in our
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hearts. >> reporter: despite 3,100 acres burned no campgrounds were damaged just a couple of picnic areas. rangers ask everyone to stay off the burn area, regrowth is delicate. two areas of doser lines helped stop the fire but created a mud slide danger. what's good for the run off is good for these slopes. with the rains coming they did it just in time. because of a park water shortage there's no overnight camping at least until thursday. a nice day out there today. 87 in antioch.
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90 in morgan hill. these are the numbers we got. we're going to see numbers lower. down into the 70s for the most part. there'll be a few low 80s in the inland area. but lots of 70s tomorrow. a cooler day. look at the clouds that have moved in. it brings a big change in the weather maybe a chance of wet weather we'll talk about that. here are the clouds right now. we have cloud cover in the north bay and moving into the central bay. daytime highs tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover. keeps temperatures though in the 70s. so we're going to see lots of 70s. upper 70s with a few low 80s. back here 10:45. i'm going to talk to you about the chance of rain in parts of california. maybe some wet weather for us. we'll see you back here at 10:45. gay pride was celebrated tonight. members of the lgbt community came together. leaders spoke about the fight against fear and hatred and applauded gay marriage from
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being legal. gay pride is usually celebrated outdoors on the weekends but this was a little different. it was indoors on a monday. legitimate business or neighborhood nuisance? >> loitering, drinking, looks like drug sales. >> reporter: tonight at 10:30 the concerns about an internet cafe and how its owner defended the business. >> but up first,
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crews are busy trying to locate hundreds of people still missing after massive floods in colorado. eight people are now confirmed dead and thousands are still waiting to be rescued. torrential rains over the past week have caused extensive flooding in 17 counties. officials say more than 1,500
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homes, 150 miles of road and 20 to 30 bridges have been destroyed. the united nations today released its much anticipated report in last night's attack on syria. inspectors said there is clear evidence and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used to kill hundreds of people. the u.n. security general called the attack a war crime. inspectors say there is evidence that surface to surface rockets were used to spread serin gas. only the syrian army has surface to surface rockets. lloyd summers has pulled his name from consideration as the next chairman of the federal reserve. the dow industrials gained 114 points. many investors were concerned that summers would be likely to draw down the feds stimulus program. the nasdaq fell four points today due in part to a drop in
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apple shares. janet yelin may now be the first woman to become the new fed chair. now to marin county where joseph nasso wants more time before the death penalty in his trial. that happened as the jury was about to begin deliberation. deliberations would begin after that. earlier the prosecutor used a timer as part of the closing argument. she set it for two minutes which is about how long it takes to die from
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strangulation. >> i wanted it for two minutes so the jury could see what the victims went through when they were dying. and that's something they need to consider when they make their decision. >> the death penalty requires a unanimous decision. a long-standing battle over texas between contra costa county and chevron may soon be over. the tax dispute involves a richmond refinery. it began five years ago but now the two sides have reached a tentative agreement. in exchange for the tax assessment on its refinery being reduced. the deal now goes before the contra costa county board of supervisors tomorrow morning. with its late night hours and online gaming, an internet cafe in san francisco is getting a lot of attention from its neighbors and not all of it good. it's the most rapidly increasing type of cancer in the bay area. why no one is talking about it.
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but up first, continuing coverage of that
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more now on our continuing coverage of that deadly rampage at the washington navy yard. tonight those who were inside the facility when the shooting started say it was pandemonium. they say the shooting entered command headquarters this morning and started picking off people in the fourth floor atrium. when the shooting stopped, 13 people were dead including the suspected gunman. 34-year-old aaron alexis of
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fort fort worth texas. the navy says he works as a contractor and has had two run ins with the law. he was also discharged from the navy reserved two years ago. there's also reports that the navy cut security because of financial purposes. placing military personnel, attendants and civilians at increased risk. on you will find continuing coverage on the navy yard shooting, the gunman and his victims just look for the national and international section under the news menu. just hours after the shooting, a burst of pops outside the white house prompted the lock down of the presidential residence. a man was tackled right outside of the north gates.
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the pops turned out to be fireworks that then man had thrown over the white house fence. he was detained but no charges have been filed. an internet cafe and business center opened in their neighborhood. now community leaders want to put it out of business. now noah walker say the line between internet service and gaming are in question.
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live pictures here of the
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crippled cruise ship costa concordia as you can see there, it is now up right 20 months after it capsized. an operation of this scale is unprecedented. it took months to get it cleared. the ship still has to be stabilized and next spring it'll be towed away and scrapped. two of the 28 people who were unaccounted for have not been found. now doctors are raising red flags saying the suspected source of michael douglas cancer is making a lot of other men sick as well. in tonight's special report, ktvu's john fowler on what some call a silent epidemic. >> reporter: jeff of stinson beach got throat cancer.
11:46 pm
he thinks from oral sex from college before he met his wife. >> people are very uncomfortable about talking about it. what i say is people just need to get over it. >> reporter: pamela tom founded this educational website after jeff got sick. >> i was fine, i was healthy, strong, doing everything. i just felt a lump in my throat. >> any unexplained weight loss. >> reporter: jeff's doctor calls it an epidemic. a triple in throat cancer most in white males caused by this common virus. the human papilloma virus. >> it can spread to other parts of your body and can kill you. we're seeing more of it. our success rate in treating it is better. >> reporter: as with most, jeff's began with a painless dump. look at this scan placed down into his throat. >> as we go further back, we start seeing this here. >> reporter: it was cancer the
11:47 pm
size of a golf ball. >> traditionally when you look into the tongue, you're looking at this. this thing is around the corner. >> reporter: too advance to operate, jeff had chemotherapy. >> he is doing very good. >> reporter: jeff tells us he's speaking out to save lives. >> if you've been sexually active. and permiscous as a young man, this can come back and bite you. >> if we have folks fascinated at this age. 20 years down the road, we're going to see less cases in the
11:48 pm
future. >> hopefully with can change this. >> reporter: doctors recommend boys and girls get this vaccine. doctors believe this is the only way to stop this epidemic. john fowler, ktvu. according to dr. fong, the only way to get a sexual strain is with sexual contact with someone who has the virus. 90% of infected individuals clear the infection on their own. the cdc says cancer caused by hpv usually takes years to develop after initially getting an hpv infection. we are posting more information on just look for the hot topic section. we're looking at clouds out there, there's clouds moving into the north bay and clouds are sort of precursors of what is to come. this is the system on tracking up here. it's a nice looking weather system. it's going to hit the pacific northwest hard. as it slides through our area,
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you see clouds in advance of it. we have a chance for a little wet weather. you come in close and you will see the current numberless. we have some high and mid-50s. tomorrow's temperatures are going to come down a few degrees. it's going to be cooling tomorrow by a good four or 5 degrees. the marine layer is going to spread out. as that marine system comes closer, it's going to stretch out the marine layer. that's what we expect. temperatures will drop in exchange for that. look for more clouds in the morning, cooler, there'll be sunshine but just cooler. midweek, temperatures warm up. you will see it in the five day forecast as we go into the weekend things change. tomorrow, this is the mechanism that cools us down. and the same mechanism a stronger one is going to slide in thursday and friday and bring us cooler weather. temperatures look at the yellows those are 70s. that's what most of the area will be under tomorrow. very few 80s. mostly upper 70s for the bay area. so as you come in close to san jose downtown, 68 degrees in san jose at lunchtime 75 degrees for a daytime high in
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downtown san jose. so that's down a few degrees as well. big long range model, here we are friday, about 3:00 a.m. here's the system i'm tracking. that's from that parent low. and as we come into 5:00 p.m. you see right around here, that's probably our best chance for some sprinkles but that could change. it might bring us some rains in the northwest county. a lot of things can change from now until then. 81 out in the antioch area, 71 in san jose. along the coast you have temperatures in the low 60s. a nice day tomorrow. we have that system we're watching for friday. that's as it comes in we're looking forward to increase the clouds obviously. as we've shown you in the long range model and some where late in the evening we have a chance, late in the afternoon we have a chance for a few showers there. we'll check it out. there's your five day forecast with your bay area weekend clearly in view. that's going to pop up there
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for you. you just get a feel for the idea that this week was going to be cool, mild and looks like fire danger won't be a problem. we'll look for showers friday night into saturday. >> a slim chance. >> a lot can happen between now and then. but for now it's a slim chance. >> thank you. oakland a's fans can expect new procedures during their game on thursday night. fan. >> brian: have to go through metal detectors as they enter the coliseum. they will also have to empty their pockets. there's no league wide rule for this new security. the golden state warriors also use metal detectors at oracle arena. comedian jerry sinefeld is to take the microphone for the san francisco giants game against the mets tomorrow. a lifelong mets fan, sinefeld will be at the met's booth. this is the second time sinefeld has tried his hand at calling a game.
11:52 pm
the last time was also at a met's game. joe is in for mark tonight. some good news and bad news when it comes to the a's. >> one of those kind of nights. the oakland a's trimmed their numbers to go against the a's. fair to say this wasn't jerry parker's best outing. in the first josh hamilton blood pressured it to center. that scored it j.b. and that was just the beginning of the a's problems. still in the first, calhoun rip as single to right. the angels got two in the first, one in the third and five in the fifth. by the time mike trout came to the plate in the eighth, it was an 8-1 game. number 24 on the year for trout. the angels win 12-1. but the a's magic number is trimmed to seven because the rangers lost tonight in tampa. a changing in the guard in the afc north.
11:53 pm
the steelers and bengals. the bengals go on to win 20-10. the steelers are off to an 0-2 start. there was some missed opportunities and then you know some momentum plays that went
11:54 pm
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a lot of football to be played before the 49ers and seahawks meet again on december 8th. but for now, the seahawks have the bragging rights. that's when you win 71-16. 49ers knew they were in for a battle last night. and the defenses played on even turn. the seahawks capitalized. >> seattle has a very good defense. they played extremely well. we don't get points on the first drive. you know we get come away with nothing. >> then momentum plays were made by seattle's defense. you know the whole in the dike got a little bigger, a little bigger and it finally caved in.
11:57 pm
but again where we can make improvements zero in on that. see if we can't come away with significant improvements. somebody next week is going to win $10 million for taking golf's fedex cup. johnson put himself in the middle of the conversation. johnson won by two strokes over whatney. johnson moves to fourth in the cup standings. tiger woods is number one. the giants back at it tomorrow, playing the first of six straight games in new york against mets and yankees. remember when the season started everybody said man, that's going to be a really important six games. maybe they can play spoiler to the yankees that's about all they can do now. >> thank you. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning's team will have developments from the navy
11:58 pm
yard shooting in washington starting at 4:30 tomorrow. and we're always here for you on, on twitter and on your mobile device. thanks for joining us, good night. >> good night. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case.
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make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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