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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 21, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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it's the last day of summer, and it is the wetest day of the year. good evening i'm kevin wayne. he had are holmes is off tonight. -- heather holmes is off tonight. this was the scene earlier today in buehrle game. some had to take cover with whatever they had on hand. others were prepared for the
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downpour with rain coats and umbrellas. we begin with ktvu debra. >> yes, it was a one day bath across the bay area. and up to drench outdoor events and make getting around difficult. rain began in the north bay, and that's where this accident snarled highway 101 this morning. the jeep went out of control in wet conditions and was hit by a big rig that jack knifed. then a honda plowed into the wreck. >> this is the first rain. it wasn't very heavy. it was just enough to get the roadway wet. and due to the rain for months, the roadway is full of oils from the vehicle. it's extremely slick. >> as the rain spread, so did the accidents.
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two on highway 24 and lafayette. >> i've been doing like 50 or less. i wasn't going fast, but now it's really raining hard. >> this driver was in a three car crash triggered by a large chair falling onto the road. >> the truck dropped its, you youknow. things happen. >> if you weren't on the highway, this cool do yousing might have been a change of pace. >> i like it. i've been waiting for the rain. it's just been hot for september. and dry. >> as it's been such a dry year, it didn't take much for this to be the rainy day of 2013 in some cities. >> it's nice to have some rain. >> but don't get used to it. there's another month of the bay area indian summer. by tonight all that was left was puddles evaporating fast. the moisture moved on to the
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sierra where it's brought snow and chain controls on interstate 80. consider today a quick refresher on how to drive with the wipers on. >> i mean, the rain everywhere, people forget how to drive. >> reporter: c.h.p. reports almost 3,000 calls to dispatch today. that's 1,000 more than a normal saturday. the spills concrete on interstate 880 and oakland, just one of them. reporting live tonight debra concord channel 2 news. mark, what the heck is going on out there? >> september 21st, you say perfect weather. lots of sunshine, but things change. in fact here in the bay area i could not remember a storm like this moving in september. so today the last full day of summer with the conceived temperature basically the hours winding down until tomorrow.
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concord, livermore, and san jose with the downpours pushing into the region today. look at the rainfall totals. we'll reveal the numbers numbers. mountainview, san jose, san francisco,.39. as far as the rainfall right now, it is quickly moved out of town. youcan see a few showers moving out toward sacramento. basically backing off of the sierras, a decrease over the past few hours. we have partly cloudy skies. a few more changes developing. i'll give you that in just a few minutes. what could have been the deciding race of america's cup was canceled at the last minute this afternoon. organizers were hoping the south wind on the bay would shift to the west before the start of the race, and that didn't happen. they hoped to run as many as
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two races tomorrow. null zeeland is just one -- new zealand is one win away from taking the champions oracle team. >> fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a clinch tomorrow. >> reporter: drumming, dancing and chanting. a fans brought their game to beat the minnesota twins. and for the texas rangers to lose in kansas city. >> if we win the west, if we win and texas wins, we can win tomorrow. >> reporter: expectations for the a's are a world away from last year. the a's went from underdog to shoe in. >> this is great. this shows that we're not a flash in the pan. >> reporter: the team is also
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winning over new fans. >> i didn't care for the a's until this year. >> reporter: no fair wetsed ner oakland this afternoon. it forced a two-hour game delay causing a sewage overflow in a bathroom near the coaches office. >> the rain kind of messed things up, but it turned out beautiful. >> beautiful because the a's won their game bringing the magic number down to one. >> this team is on a huge payroll and the a's buy them every time because you can't beat heart. >> reporter: texas won, which means the pressure is on for the a's to win again tomorrow. the game start at 1:00 on sunday. in oakland, patty. again, the a's can clinic the american league west title tomorrow with the win. they host the minnesota twins again in the regular season game at the coliseum. the a's can also clinch if the
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texas rangers lose tomorrow. the rangers play at 11 a.m. pacific time. we'll have complete highlights coming up in sports wrap a little bit later in the newscast. as patty mentioned, today's rain not only delayed the start of the a's game for two hours, it caused another sewage problem, the second one in four days. here's video from wednesday, when crews were still cleaning up the last issue. today the bathroom and shower area flooded with sewage because of the rain runoff. catcher kirk suzuki says it was coming out of the faucets. flowing like lava. new developments tonight with the arrest of a suspect in a hit-and-run crash that killed two women as they headed to work. san jose police say they took this man 24-year-old danny coale man into custody in union city on suspicious of homicide. 63-year-old carmen zavala, they
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were on their way to the jobs on september 2nd when their car was broadsided. police say information present the mercedes that coleman was allegedly driving led to the arrest. investigators say coleman is associated with a violent east palo alto street game and was named in a 2009 federal indictment that targeted a drug ring. the charges in that case were dismissed. a double shooting in daily city '72 people to the hospital tonight. one of those victims are in critical conditions at this hour. the two victims were brought to san francisco general hospital after 8:00 this evening. investigators were shot mt broad more area of daly city. police are not saying whether the victims were male or female. one is in critical condition and shot in the abdomen, the other victim shot in the leg. developing news out of kenya, a deadly hostage situation at an up-scale mall in the country's capital has stretched into its 20th hour. at least 39 people are dead.
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atthis people police are in a stand off with the attackers. four americans are among the wounded. >> reporter: first gunfire heard in the heart of kenya's capital as a terrorist attack is carried out in the popular shopping mall. the masked gunman leaving dozens of dead. the assault against west gate, witnesses say the attackers armed with degree fades and ak- 47 were shooting into the crowd hitting more than 150 people with their bullets. >> we try escaping, and they threw a grenade and the shell particles entered into my hand and my leg. there there were very many people who were injured. >> the mall hosted a children's event when the attack began. >> he ever one was telling each other only to text your loved ones and to stop receiving phone calls or sending phone
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calls. so i think people were fearful that if people on the other side of the door heard us, then they would know we were ther >> reporter: the president said his close relatives were among the victim . >> we have overcome terrorist attacks before. we will defeat them again. >> the al-qaeda link asha baub claiming responsibility. the state department saying they received reports of injured american citizens. the british foreign secretary says british nationals were heard at the mall popular with wealthy ex- patriots. asha one were threatening other attacks if kenya doesn't pull out their troops. connor powell, fox news. the hard line ashabaab, instituting law. in 2011, kenya sent troops to
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southern so mall yeah following attacks and kidnappings. since then they threatened scale attacks in kenya in 2012. a-shabaab. >> the winner cassidy lynn campbell. >> the milestone is 16-year- old, how she hopes to send a message nationwide. >> president obama blasts the affordable care act. his comments to the american people. and former governor arnold schwartz anything unbelievable.
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too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. zenegger ah is back in the spotlight. how he's dipping hisdose back into politics. our continuing coverage of the crisis in syria, da mask immediate the deadline to avert the u.s. military strike. and international monitoring group says syria submitted an initial inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal. the inventory is the first step in the plan. the plan also calls for syria to remove or destroy all of its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. tonight there is a report that three coalition troops killed in afghanistan today were americans. the victims were confirmed by an unnamed u.s. defense official. afghan officials say the troops were shot by a man dressed in
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an afghan national army uniform either on or near the army base. nato says so far this year 1 coalition soldiers were attacked. that's compared to 62 last year and 35 in 2010. sirens whaled as ambulance carried scores of wounded to the hospital after suicide bombers targeted a funeral. 120 were injured. the attack in a sea eye neighborhood was one of a number of them today. the others claimed the lives of another two dozen victims. there were no immediate claims of the responsibility for the attacks. the clock is ticking on the stand off of the federal budget. if lawmakers can't reach a compromise monday, there could be a par shall government shut down. yesterday republicans approved
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a bill except for the affordable care act. president obama lashed out saying the republican party is holding the nation hostage. >> they actually plunged this country back into a recession all to deny the basic security of health care to millions of americans. that's not happening. an they know it's not happening. on monday senate democrats say they will put the money back into the budget and send it back to the house. the prospect of a crippling government has some governors suggesting the parties should end the fight and move on. president obama reiterated the comments in his weekly address in his speech in the congressional black caucus foundation awards dinner. >> you'd be willing to default for the first time in the united states history because it bothers you so much that we're actually going to make sure that everybody has
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affordable healthcare. >> the dinner paid tribute to the march on washington led by dr. martin luther king junior. he's still fired up because of the work that needs to be done. tomorrow the president and first lady will visit the families of the victims of the navy yard shooting. they'll attend a memorial at marine barracks washington, that's not far from the contractor aaron alexis open fire on monday killing 12 people. the memorial will not be open to the public but invitations are being sent to about 4,000 people. a northern california democratic party official has resigned over an offensive tweet on the healthcare reform debate. alan brour sent the tweet to a speech writer to ted cruz. amanda carpenter tweeted support to strip funding from the affordable care act. brour tweeted may your children all day from incurable
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diseases. brour later apologized. in alameda county hundreds of people turned out to learn about their insurance options under the healthcare reform law. more than 300 people attended workshops in oakland. representatives from kaiser permanente and childrens hospital were among those on hand. organizers say that county is almost 200,000 uninsured residents will be able to enroll under covered california starting october 1st. >> we are reaching out to those people to let them know there is an opportunity to be ensured and it -- and also be subsidized for that insurance and you'll have choice. >> small business owners also got information on how the law will affect them and their employees. former california governor arnold schwartz is back on the spotlight. he's getting ready to film another movie. the 66 year old former mr. olympia has supplements that
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bear his name. his poor trit will be in sacramento. well we were talking about today's rain in the bay area, that brought some snow to the sierra. reporter tom duhane joins us now on the last day of summer. >> here at blue canyon, it was a bit too low for the snow event tonight. but right up the hill take a look at what we found. >> 6,700 feet in the sierra. a good three inches of snow on the ground. the first measurable snow here since april 16. for a short time caltrans required chains overdone are summit but the road ways are still relatively warm so the snow is melting. we found campers from the bay area who hiked out early from royal gorj. they were not prepared for
11:49 pm
snow. >> it started snowing on us, so we thought we were going to be stuck in the ridge. but >> by about 2:00 we decided it's not going to let up. rain turned into snow, and then the next worry was can we get the truck out of the snow. >> and driving through kingville, tonight a scene like early winter. a hopeful sign of things to come for a very dry northern california. >> reporter: so we see the first know in five months up here, the first snow fall for the season. if you come driving up here tomorrow, you'll see a beautiful site. all the mountains surrounding the area covered with snow. reporting live at blue cam yon, i'm tom duhane. back to you. and the winner, cassidy lynn campbell. >> the milestone, this 16-year- old made and how she hopes to
11:50 pm
send a message nationwide. the california city makes fashion history by bang fur. >> in weather, the heavy rain has moved out of
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authorities say it appears there were no survivors of a fire helicopter crash in arizona. the mayor of the fire department says the privately owned uh 1 helicopter crashed nose first. witnesses said they saw smoke and flames at the time of the crash. it's not yet known how many people were on board. an annual bicycle ride turned tragic after a car hit four psych lists killing two of them.
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the crash, two women from massachusetts were killed, two others were hurt. investigators say a 20-year-old woman was driving southbound and crossed into the northbound lane hitting the psych list. chicago is struggling to respond to its latest rash of street violence. five people were killed in separate shootings from yesterday afternoon until this morning. one of the victims was a 15- year-old boy. that comes after 13 people were shot and wounded at a park on thursday. 305 people killed in chicago this year, but that's down 21% compared to this time last year. to our continuing coverage of flooding in colorado. so far the red cross says it has set up 24 mobile units serving more than 13,000 meals
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and helping thousands more with medical and mental health services. the new volunteers would join 42 other people from the bay area already in colorado. members of the unique disaster relief group are using skills from the battlefield to help colorado residents dig out and clean up. team rubicon is in the u.s. and around the world. veterans say they appreciate being able to use their military training to help rebuild life's. >> serving your country, being here, it's easy to serve your people, which is our community. so it's nice to come home and help people out. >> the disaster zone covers 17 colorado counties. the flooding has claimed seven lives and 60 people are still missing. fema distributed more than $12 million in aid, most of the people in temporary need of housing. harvard university raised more than $6 billion over the
11:55 pm
next five years. it's the biggest fundraising campaign. auniversity official says almost 3 billion has almost been raised, but they remain $6.5 billion. they plan to use the money to expand research and teaching in several departments as well as to renovate some dorms. harvard's endowment was just less than $31 billion. a tale of patients and perseverance, the emotional ending to a long journey for a daughter who lost her father to war. >> this is a small example of some of the stuff cleaned up today. we'll tell what you the number one most littered item is in california's coastline. california's coastline. this mçó4+y?i [ phone ringing ]
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orange county high school crowns a 16-year-old transgender teen as this year's homecoming queen. >> and the winner, cassidy lynn campbell. >> there were loud cheers from the stands, and on the podium stunned cheers and joyce from 16-year-old cassidy lynn campbell, crowned marina high school's homecoming queen last night. >> i'm so proud to win this, not just for me but for everyone out there. >> cassidy who went to school as lance until this august says she always felt like a girl. others nominated cassidy for this year's hop coming queen. she said she accepted for personal reasons but realized it's much more than that. >> if they can make them look a
11:59 pm
little bit differently and judge just a little less harshly, then it's worth it. >> cassidy said she faced negative reactions from some of her classmates but the backlash fueled her commitment to carry on. >> i think it's great that she has the nerve to come out and show the people that she's got stamina for what she believes in. >> this is just awesome. and all the students that made a statement today. it's amazing. just amazing. i never would have thought in my life that i'd see this. >> cassidy says she hopes the win gives other people the courage to be true to who they are. >> and for every kid, you know, transgender, gay, bisexual, straight, black, white, mexican, asian, it doesn't matter, you can be yourself. >> by the end of the night cassidy posted a teary video on
12:00 am
you tube. in response people from all over the world wrote to her on twitter telling her to hold her head high and congratulating her. unemployment payments to tens of thousands of people. about 80,000 people are still waiting for their checks. the delay is because of computer problems. the edd has been working for months to upgrade its 30-year- old unemployment insurance system. it can't estimate when the problem will be solved. a statute showing a try you will fant and defiant nelson mandel ah was unveiled. the statute captures that moment in 1990 when mr. mandel ah walked out of prison after 27 years behind bars. one of the form ers south african president's daughter was out here today. >> this man is a fighter. he's determined to be with us.
12:01 am
and that is something we cannot predict. if our relationship between him and his maker, that will determine how much longer he's with us. >> mr. mandel ah was released on october first. he had been hospitalized since june for treatment of a lung infection. he continues to receive treatment at his home. a southern california city is the first to ban the sale of fur. sales in west hollywood cannot sell anything made from animals. officials consulted with retailers before putting it into effect. retailers could face a misdemeanor after three citations. west hollywood is known to ban the de clawing of cats. in san francisco, people took time out today to raise almost $1 million for alzheimer's research.
12:02 am
the walk drew 135 people this morning. it raised $800,000. organizers say alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the u.s. more than 17,000 people in san francisco have the disease and the group says that number is projected to double by the year 2030. christmas came early for a deaf man who is a victim of thiefs who stole a special ipad that he uses to communicate. >> i've had four, the newest one. >> gary meyer otto's stolen eye pad -- ipad uses it to talk to his sister. they collected money to buy him a new ipad. he's a familiar face because they say he never ms. a performance over the holidays. a childhood home of late apple steve jobs could be preserved as a historical site.
12:03 am
the home is where jobs and steve bought the very first apple computer. los altos historical commission will discuss the proposal on monday. here at home volunteers ktvu christian tells us what's the most common piece of pollution found on the shoreline. >> reporter: volunteers showed up at 7condition thl this morning -- 7:30 this morning. >> fun, interesting, dirty. >> organizers say close to 1,000 volunteers turn oud here last year, and they'll have a similar number fill a bucket or two this year. the california coastal commission says in all last year, 65,000 volunteers picked up a total of 38 tons of trash up and down the california coastline. volunteers say the decision to come out today was an easy one. >> it's a wonderful opportunity
12:04 am
for the community to come together and to do something great for our environment. >> not even a downpour could dampen the thument out here. >> what happened was i got soaking wet. >> among all this garbage, one item stands out, not for being unique but for being the most commonly found item of trash on the beach. cigarette butts. >> cigarette butts are the number one of water waste. no. 2 is plastic bags. we really need to get those out of the ocean. >> illegal dumping and run off from inland both contribute to coastal trash, which if uncollected, will wash out to sea. it is called an extraterrestrial vehicle. why this set of wheels is so unusual and why it has a price tag of $100,000. the rain may be gone but cool
12:05 am
air is
12:06 am
12:07 am
today's storm prompted the national weather services to a flash flood warning for the area affected by the american fire earlier today. that wildfire northeast of forest hill in placer county burned more than 20,000 acres. the fire was contained at the end of august, but periods of heavy rain raised concerns about possible debris flows in that burned area. ktvu meteorologist is going to tell us what's going o. >> september is when i tell everybody to visit the bay area. >> that's why we like to go to the beach. it's the warmest pattern, and that's not the case for today.
12:08 am
but things will be improving if you want the typical fall weather that will be changing over the next few days. right now there's clearing skies out there, out toward the sacramento area, as you can see closer to placerville right around 50 approaching the sierra. we have partly cloudy skies, mostly clear conditions, temperatures have been dropping back down into napa, san francisco 58, san hoe's satisfy 60 -- san jose 60. partly cloudy skies, very tiny chance of a shower in the short term. fall begins tomorrow afternoon, 1:40 four -- 1:44. these locations, we could have some patchy dense fog. some baseball talk about with
12:09 am
the a's. exciting time of year and the game forecast for tomorrow does include more sunshine out there. mostly sunny skies right after 1:00 first pitch at 1:05. the 49ers play the colts at the candle stick park. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. winds approaching 15 miles per hour. overnight this cool weather system will continue to slide out. so with that partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping off quite a bit. we showed you the northerly winds still in place. that's for tomorrow morning. for sunday and monday, dry weather pattern with mostly sunny skies. as far as the fall, it's 7:00 tomorrow morning. if we go with the high clouds, some fog hug thing coastline, this is 7:00 tomorrow morning, it won't be completely clear. and then into the afternoon
12:10 am
hours, partly too, mostly sunny skies. that is north, to the north of northern california. everybody up a few degrees. fairfield 77 degrees, oakland, 72, police an ton, mid 70. san jose, 73. sanfrancisco, 69 degrees with lower sunshine to the afternoon hours. look ahead at your five-day forecast. there's evidence for our warming trend into monday. we'll cool things off a little bit by tuesday and wednesday, and the next concern will be gusty winds develop, which scarce us a little bit this time of year. by wednesday night and thursday morning we could be talking about a red flag fire warning. >> okay. thank you marshall. if you've got the money you could be the owner of a custom made extraterrestrial vehicle. mike vetter is selling the car he built for $100,000. it has a fold up door,
12:11 am
completely hidden wheel rims and color changing led light system. it also gets 26 miles to the gallon. there's three days left in that auction. tp coming up they try to cool off the sun devils. we hear from the a's as they
12:12 am
12:13 am
nching their division. rnl good evening, welcome to this saturday night edition of sports. champagne on ice in two different bay area locations tonight. in oakland the a's can almost taste it but we'll have to waste until tomorrow to pop the cork.
12:14 am
their magic number is 1. the only thing that didn't go smoothly was the start of their game delayed a couple of hours by the rain. once they got going the a's jumped all over the minnesota twins. the base hit scores derrick bart on. jared parker, the beneficiary of all the support. it only got better still in the second, that's a two-run shot. 6-0 oakland. everybody in the coliseum happy to see kirk suzuki back. two relievers finished up for parker, jerry believe ins gets a nice play behind him to retire to end the game. the a's so close they can almost taste it. they rolled to a 9-1 win. they head into the post season. they love to make it official
12:15 am
tomorrow. >> you know, for any team, they qualify in your city. >> you are now leading the american league in rbi in september. what are you doing now? are you healthier? >> i believe that, you know, working every single day, that's where i get my results like that. we going to still work like that, you know, i'm lucky a little bit what i did, but i believe it's going to be better soon. >> after the win the a's stayed in the club to see how the rangers did. the rangers win 3-1 to put the a's party on hold. more importantly they're a half game out of the wild card spot. the giants had a chance to
12:16 am
salvage a little dignity on the big stage at yankee stadium. so far that hasn't happened. two fairly competent players, a- rod hugging it out. yankees got three -- none yes with a two-run shot to make it 5-0. then guillermo gets into one, that's no. 17 the yankee were well out of reach. johnnie goes down swinging at know ah gets his complete game. both teams ranked in the country's top 25, the pack 12 team stanford against arizona state. got too close for stanford's comfort.
12:17 am
stanford -- are josh morrow interception set up this kevin hogan. 7-0 stanford. the first quarter, a beautiful diving catch to the sun devil five. at 13-0 lead. second quarter was all stanford as well. it was 20-0. that's a 30 yard score. they gave the cardinals a 20-0 half-time lead. goes 27 yards to the end zone. this is one of three straight touchdowns for the sun devils in the fourth quarter. here's the third. a swing pass. asu cut it 39-7. usually mild mannered david shaw, not happy. shaw then watched his quarterback lead a drive that
12:18 am
would put the game away. hogan on his second and seven proves he's more than a passer. a wise decision to stay in bound and let the clock run. they have got a field goal with 37 seconds left. 42-28 win. hogan is still perfect as a starter quarterback. and a chance for san jose state to make a statement today at the home of the big team. spar ans did make a statement but not the kind you think. minnesota to take on the golden gopher. he kept the ball in that option, went ten yards to the end zone. part ans fell behind in the second quarter. jones hauls in the pass and then it's off to the races. 76 yard play. 13-e. and just before half-time it was that same combination
12:19 am
for the part ans. 20-17. gophers at the half. third quarter pass is tipped. picked off by minnesota. late in the game the spartans try an on site kick. weighed takes a shot and wade doesn't like it. when was the last time you saw a kicker go looking for a fight. another valid question, when was the last time you saw a kicker called for a personal foul? and then when was the last time you saw a kicker ejected from a game? spartans go down. 17th ranked washington, the challenge for idaho state.
12:20 am
freedom high school darrel daniels delivered the wake up call. all huskies, back up quarterback. throwing a bubble screen to john roth. 56-0 blow out. your basic cup cake game. hall takes a hand off, a nice block from the referee. that's an 18 yard touchdown. part of a two player sandwich. he was all right. this was the most lopsided win since 19705. 76-0. notre dame quarterback and did not daz will anybody against michigan state. but the irish did enough to win. notre dame made that score stand up for 17-13 win. and yukon wasn't supposed to be this tough, the huskies already
12:21 am
led 14-7 in the third quarter. they picked up a fumble, took a 34 yards to the end zone. faced with their first loss. 21-14 midway through the fourth quarter, michigan around the corner. the well certify evens got a late goal. still to come on this saturday still to come on this saturday night, both the 49ers and the we love this kitchen! still to come on this saturday night, both the 49ers and the what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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four games left, they still have a shot at make thing playoffs. san jose in utah to meet salt
12:25 am
lake. second later salt lake pulled even. in the 19th minute, a free kick, quakes to hang up for a 2- 1 win. somebody will win at least $10 million tomorrow when golf's fedex cup comes to a conclusion with the tour championship. this is the fourth and final event for the battle of the cup. henry stenson is in the best position. stenson puts his -- he would birdie the hole. at one point today he was nine strokes up on the west of the field. tiger woods was no. 1when he started, but he won't
12:26 am
win. he has him tied for 26 of the 30 players in the tournament. stenson was hot on the front nine, not so hot on the back nine. saving par on the win to 69. so stenson by four over dustin johnson. well,the 49ers tomorrow physical try to bounce back from last sunday's loss in seattle when the annapolis colts -- indianapolis colts come to town. smith is expected to play tomorrow. that won't be the only concern for the 49ers tomorrow. they'll also have to deal with the colts most recent acquisition. running back trent richardson. rushing for 950 yards at 11 touchdowns for the browns, colts got him on wednesday in exchange for next year's first- round pick.
12:27 am
defense pif coordinator doesn't expect the over all look to change that much. >> i don't think it will be different at all. they just may hand it off more than they have been. they have a great running back to give it to. it's even more reason for them to have balance in their offense, which i think they're striving to do any way. it just gives them an upgrade at running back, and we're going to see them. >> here's what's happening on channel 2 and fox tomorrow in nfl's week three. it's the packers and bengals at 10:00. tough duty for the raiders this week. they take on peyton manning. we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> just like the a's one more win tomorrow. >> thanks for making ktvu your source for news.
12:28 am
we're always here for you at thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. have a good night. unbelievable.
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>> on today's show, it's the best of "american latino's" 11th season. from the celebrity blogger that started it all to the next big thing in edm. plus, two of the biggest breakout latinos in sports entertainment. all this only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head and inside yourself then you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ get inside yourself


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