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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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an innocent young lady lost her life. by someone who made a very bad choice. a somber gathering tonight as friends learn the faith of a 21-year-old college student who lost her life pursuing a career to help others live. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a vigil tonight in livermore.
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organized by grief stricken family and friends. she had just finished studying for a test when a car struck her on her way home from the campus library. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee is live in livermore where she's been learning about this first young woman with a zest for life and circumstances that have left her brain dead, amber. >> reporter: julie, the 21-year- old college student graduated from grenada high school three years ago. she was a popular member of the cheer team. tonight her former teammate held a tribute. >> there's no words that can really describe how we're feeling. >> reporter: it was a somber message. >> an innocent young lady lost her life. >> reporter: cristina chesterman love life. she was on her bike sunday night riding home from the library when police she was struck by a 19-year-old drunk driving. >> it's hard to believe that this has taken place. >> reporter: the nursing student was declared brain dead
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devastating her family and friends. >> i've never met someone more loving and caring. and she was going to make an amazing nurse. >> she loved it. that was her passion. >> there was no chance to say goodbye. >> reporter: a passion unfilled. a life cut short. >> i lost my best friend to a fool who made one bad decision. one bad decision. and there's no amount of justice or punishment that can be given to him to give back to us what we all lost. >> such a beautiful person. she touched so many lives. >> reporter: another family friends says she said her goodbye to cristina at the hospital this afternoon before returning to livermore to the vigil. >> i kissed her and told her that we all loved her.
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>> we're just numb, but drinking and driving is just a horrible thing because this is what it does. this is what it looks like, this is what it feels like. >> reporter: friends say cristina chesterman is generous, even in death. she is on life support awaiting her organs to be donated. live in livermore, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco homicide detectives say a surveillance video from a muni train shows a gunman laughing and smiling just before he killed a 20-year- old man. this is video of the system's riding the munni train around 10 clock -- 10:00 last night. the shooting appears to be random and unprovoked. the shooting took place after it stopped at the corner of randolph. police have identified the shooting victim as value -- valdez of san francisco.
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investigators believe he's 20 to 30 years old. last night he was wearing a white hooded fleece jacket and black baseball hat with a purple brim. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. a safeway manager sucker punched in his own store. tonight police hope surveillance video of that violent attack will lead them to the suspect. eric rasmussen is live now in san leandro at the safeway at bancroft avenue. where witnesses describe the manager as well liked. >> reporter: that manager is still in the hospital in serious to critical condition. one employee here tells me he is at least awake tonight. what no one seems to know is what led someone to walk into that store and punch that manager in the face with no apparent warning. surveillance video captured the punch. so sudden and so violent coworkers say it knocked the manager of this safeway out cold. it happened just before 11:00
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a.m. yesterday at the super market on bancroft. the video shows the manager and the man in the baggy gray sweatshirt speak for a matter of seconds before the man delivered add right hood. the man then runs out of the store. customers tell us that the manager was friendly and helpful. >> if it's the one i'm thinking, they're all nice. it's so sad. >> reporter: investigators note the suspect didn't have a shopping cart and was walking back and forth through the store. they don't know what the manager said to him before the punch. >> whatever they were saying didn't really look like the manager was even thinking that it was something that was leading like a physical confrontation. then all of a sudden really a strike out of nowhere. do they know each other? why would he be in there in the first place and really what led up to that point. >> reporter: now they hope someone will recognize this
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man's face and identify him. police say they are still waiting for a chance to talk to the victim when he's well enough about what happened. they say the suspect in this case faces a felony battery charge if he's caught. we're live in san leandro, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. more details now on that attacker. police describe him as approximately 20 years old, 5'10" tall with an athletic build. he was reportedly wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans yesterday morning when that attack took place. a reprieve tonight but only a short one for the state of california. a three judge federal panel is granting the governor one extra month to relieve overcrowding in the state's prison system. today's ruling gives california until the end of january to reduce its inmate population by roughly 8,000 prisoners. governor brown then asked for a three year delay. the judges did signal today that if significant steps are made they would be willing to
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reconsider. the manager contends the time frame would jeopardize public safety. the governor signed a bill into law today that involves paparazzi. jennifer gardener testified back in august. it increases the maximum jail sentence from six months to a year and it imposes bigger fines that range from 10,000 all the way up to $30,000. the governor also signed legislation expanding the paid families leave act. it will allow family members to take paid time off to care for
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grandparents, grandchildren and siblings. the wind is forecasted to pick up in the area in the coming days and it has firefighters on alert. we have team coverage, chief meteorologist bill martin is going to tell us about a fire weather watch that's on the way. but first we go to ktvu's ken wayne. he's live in piedmont where memories of the 1991 fire storm were reignited this afternoon. ken. >> julie that's exactly why this fire truck is parked here in the hills of piedmont to make sure that there are no embers inside of this burned out house that might flair up. firefighters are going to be going through this house throughout the night to make sure nothing develops that could lead up to an inferno like we saw on these hills 22 years ago. say the words east bay hill and
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fire and many residents remember the fire after the earthquake. tonight's three alarm blaze engulfed this home. two neighboring homes were damaged. firefighters were especially worried about the wind. causing it to spread. >> the winds not favorable to us coming up canyon. up slope pushing the fire into the exposure building. >> reporter: embers caused some neighbors to jump into action to put it out with whatever they could find. >> grew up in berkeley not too far from here. we evacuated during the first fire and we're well aware of what happened here. >> with its stunning bay views. now just a charred shell. allen cohen got home just after the fire erupted. >> my daughter was in the house. taking a nap and all of a sudden heard things crashing, probably glass breaking or
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something. >> reporter: she was able to escape unharmed. firefighters had more than the wind to worry about. solar panels made things difficult. and water pressure wasn't better now than it was in 1991. >> what happened with that higher elevation, smaller water mains we had a hard enough time to get the fire out. we were only able to get two fire lines out. >> reporter: the fire chief stopped short of calling this house a total loss. you can see the damage looked very extensive. you're looking at two floors, two floors below i understand aren't quite as damaged. there's little opportunity that much of this house can be saved. the winds today were blowing out in. we had small craft advisories around the bay. right now the wind are at 14 miles per hour in napa. they're blowing out of the northwest. san francisco airport the winds
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are 21 miles per hour out of the west. it was blowing westerly all day. up to 35 miles per hour. not a bad direction for fires though because it's moisture and slightly cooler. what's going to happen though as we go into the next 34, 38 hours the winds are going to clock around as they do late september and october. and we're going to see winds start to go slightly offshore. wednesday through friday, wednesday night through friday a fire weather watch goes into effect in the hills of the east and the bay. fire danger is coming up, that's what you need to know. big wind shift coming. it's going to be warmer as well. back here at 10:45 and i will bring you the warm up. strong winds are also a factor in southern california where firefighters used aerial tankers to battle a fire that's threatening as many as 30 homes. the fire started in a rugged area of cajon pass in san san
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bernardino county. no word yet on what started the fire. there is a high wind warning posted in that area until thursday. the police department is looking at a new technology to answer 911 calls. >> a bay area mother's lawsuit after her daughter's picture was used to push product. >> in 90 seconds, one final show down. >> as a competitive race. this has be
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continuing coverage of the race for if america's cup. a seventh straight win this afternoon for oracle team usa. that win tie it is series with new zealand and sets up a winner take all race tomorrow afternoon. >> jana katsuyama is live now in san francisco where fans from both sides are excited to see how it all turns out tomorrow. >> reporter: you can hear the excitement here tonight. and you know this went longer than many people had expected. filling up hotel rooms and oracle team usa could make sports history tomorrow if it wins. this is what america's cup organizers had hoped for all month. a nail biting sports event that had giant ac72 speeding faster than the wind in san francisco bay. setting up a show down for the
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oldest trophy in the world of sports. >> it's been very exciting, we're very proud of the oracle team. just very, very satisfying to see them come through like this. >> reporter: oracle team usa won their seventh race in a row today. with larry ellison skipping out on his speech to watch the team pull back on the brink of losing the cup to new zealand. he's been one win away since last wednesday from victory. >> we're actually quite worried. kiwis are worried. the whole country is worried. >> reporter: a drama that has fans showing their pride and enthusiasm. >> spread your love. we need to be putting our flag up high. >> we're thrilled, thrilled to be part of america's cup in the city. >> now it makes me want to get more into it. >> reporter: an average of 20,000 people a day have shown up to watch the event that still has failed to capture some people's interest. >> i don't care, i don't necessarily think that other
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people do either. >> this hasn't been an easy three years but let's enjoy the now because it is very, very special. >> reporter: a race that now could go either way. >> this is all about heart, you know this is the people on the boat. and you know who wants it most. who's got the strongest nerve. >> and i've learned that tomorrow after the race, the winner will toast their victory out in the bay with a bottle of mum sparkling wine from napa valley. keeping the bay area in the spotlight until the end. reporting live from san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on tomorrow's race. the window runs from 1:15 to 2:40. then one hour after the race ends, the cup presentation in the america's cup village. that event is open to the public. major ed lee said today he's become a fan of america's cup racing as he learns more about sailing while these races go on. he said he's appreciating the drama as oracle team usa has overcome long odds to stay in
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this competition. >> they kept fighting, i have to thank, i have to thank mary ellison for bringing this race to san francisco. >> the mayor said he appreciates the kiwis who have come to the city to watch the races and said the emirates new zealand team is doing a good job. and you will find continuing coverage of america's cup. in oakland, police say they've arrested two people now in connection with a daring hold up at a casual car pool stop that we first told you about yesterday. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us if
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a theft is tied to others in the area. >> reporter: a gunman forced at least eight people waiting in line to hand over their bag. while it's the first time commuters at this stop have been targeted, the event is not isolated. there's been three of them on neighborhood streets in the past four days. in oakland's police district two which includes rock ridge and parts of the oakland hills there's been nine armed robberies in the past week and nearly 50% increase over the same period a year ago. police arrested two people for the robbery at the casual car pool yesterday. and they're looking into whether the same people may be behind other crimes in the area. >> we made two arrests, one is an adult. one is a juvenile. >> reporter: at least two neighborhood groups are discussing the idea of hiring more police patrols. >> reporter: five officers from the last graduating police academy have been assigned to area 52. >> we've also been assigned a
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new investigator solely for robbery. solely for burglaries and we're about to get a second investigator solely for assaults. >> we just need to talk to each other more and letting each other know if we're going to be away. >> reporter: for now residents are depending on each other to stay safe. in oakland, allie rasmus. san francisco police are asking for help to find an elderly man who has severe memory loss. the man is identified at wong. he is 77 years old and was last seen yesterday evening at his home on inka lane in the fillmore district. the quake destroyed more than 100 homes. the u.s. gs says the quake hit
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about 40 miles northeast of rokistan province. tonight there are reports some people are trapped in the rubble. after the quake a small island appeared off the coast of guadar. you can see the shape there in this imagine from pakistani television. one fishermen who saw them said someone from a near by village came out to see what was happening and started praying. >> reporter: lawmakers say the system would give california residents 60 seconds of warning before a potentially damaging quake. the new law directs the office of emergency services to find funding for the system by 2016. it has an estimated price tag of $80 million. >> temperatures today a lot like yesterday. pretty nice day. you notice temperatures are getting pretty even this time of year. 74 in oakland. you're not seeing the big microclimate break outs like you too in the summer. you come out toward the fall
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and the temperatures start to even out. the microclimates in terms of temperatures start to move our way. it's going to continue to keep temperatures a little cooler. tomorrow's temperatures slightly cooler than today. as that system stays north. the winds continue to bring moisture, cooler air. we will find upper 40s tomorrow in the coolest spots and temperatures just like today. temperatures are going to warm up after that. we'll have the details on the forecast high on that fire weather watch coming up here at just 10:45. he fled from belize under suspicion of murder. the come back mcaffe is now planning.
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new video tonight of an injury accident that happened in oakland. it happened in the san antonio district following some sort of his action. the driver of a honda hit a power pole then the car overturned. pg & e is now making repairs. the driver was taken to a near by hospital. no word on a condition. and police would not say what first brought that car to their attention. a bay area mother is part of a parents group that is taking legal action against facebook after children's photos were used to promote products. this comes after a settlement last month in which the social media giant agreed to give users better control over the use of their names and faces. but the concession is not good enough for the parents who say they want to decide how their children's images are used. >> i found my daughter's face on the facebook pages of a bunch of clothing companies and
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it just infuriated me. >> they may be tagged by association with those things on the internet for years to come. maybe to their personal embarrassment or professional detriplet. >> facebook issued a statement that said in parts the parent's claims are without merit. ted cruz of texas is still on the floor of congress tonight vowing to talk until he can't stand up anymore. cruz is trying to prevent the senate from funding the president's health care law. but republicans appear to lack the votes to block a vote scheduled for tomorrow that would maintain funding for health care. last week the house tried to strip those funds. >> millions of people are is thing for accountability for truth. truth of how obama care is failing the men and women of america. >> there will be no filibuster
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today. filibusters are meant to stop people from voting and we are going to vote tomorrow. >> if democrats and republicans cannot agree on a budget a government shut down could happen on monday. worries about a possible government shut down drove the dow lower for a fourth consecutive session. the dow lost 66 as investors weighed the likelihood that congress would fail to come up with a budget. the reports twitter wants to avoid the glitches that plagued facebook last year when it went public on nasdaq. twitter expects to raise $1.5 million with its ipo. excentric software developer mcaffe is planning a return to silican valley. the 67-year-old says he's planning to launch a cyber
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security firm. he says it would allow for a whole new internet that would be impossible to hack. mcafee founded the software that bares his name. he is now living in portland after fleeing from belize where he is wanted for suspicion of killing a neighbor. and it's some of the best views of the prettiest area in the entire world. a great view but not for the faint of heart. advice for anyone walking the pedestrian path of a new bay bridge. but up úññólçzó:
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only on 2 tonight, texts an emergency. a police department on the peninsula will soon update the technology that updates its emergency response system. ktvu's heather holmes here to tell us the opportunities and challenges for texting to 911. >> reporter: the department here just purchased this new system. and it will take about two months for it to be installed and once the state gives the go ahead, people will be able to text, send videos and photos to 911. >> reporter: when twin bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon, people reached for their phones. so many that cell service was disrupted. but text messages still went through. a communications problem that menlo park learned a lesson from. >> it's the next generation 911 system. >> reporter: the department is upgrading its emergency dispatch center with new technology that accepts texts. >> it makes a lot of sense. >> that would be a good idea. >> reporter: everyone with a
11:31 pm
mobile device would be able to report crimes and emergency to a 911 dispatcher. >> they're going to be doing the same questions they would do if you were calling 911 verbally via text. >> reporter: for example you hear a burglar break in. you would text 911, help, there's an intruder in my house. a 911 dispatcher will text back. can you get to a safe location, can you dial 911. >> that's a situation where someone is in danger. and they don't feel they can get on the phone and talk. >> reporter: the new system will allow people to send video and photos. >> that's going to be great information for us to give to the officers. >> reporter: dave bertini also warns there will be bandwit that might slow down the system. menlo park is looking forward to rolling out the technology that it hoenable officers to respond faster and
11:32 pm
save lives. >> the more information we can get to the 911 center, the better our response can be. >> i asked commander bertini about concerns that sending text messages may end up going to the wrong agency which sometimes happens with cell phone calls. he told me that is something that is being worked on right now and will be addressed before texting 911 is allowed. reporting live tonight here at menlo park, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. more details now, agencies are required to upgrade their 911 systems every seven years paying for them with taxes. the menlo park system cost $760. other cities that have the 911 system include san bruno and
11:33 pm
burlingame. one modot county official said at it current size california is ungovernable. california has more than 38 million residents. california's attorney general and 39 of her colleagues are calling on the fda to move quickly to regulate electronic cigarettes in the same way the agency regulates tobacco products. currently there are no federal age restrictions to prevent children from obtaining e cigarettes. the attorneys general want the fda to issue new regulations by the end of october. the palo alto city council wants to keep unfinished construction sites from becoming neighborhood blithe. the council voted last night to draft an ordnance setting time limits for building permits. at the moment, developers can
11:34 pm
literally just walk away from a site if they're city runs out. there's a number of city projects that members say attract crime. the ordnance can be sroáeted on sometime next year. a man accused of attacking a north bay woman who was walking her dog has turned himself in. paul mo tt was booked into jail on charges of assault. the woman said that mott kicked her dog then wrapped something around her neck and pushed her into the lake after she threatened to take his photo. investigators said if man forced his door dock, smashes a window and then takes pushes or
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wallets or whatever found inside. he's described as having a slim build, a long ponytail, receding hairline. six soldiers were killed along with five gunmen. questions remain whether any americans were involved in that attack. >> reporter: kenya's president says the country has ashamed and defeated of those responsibility for taking control of a mall in that region. >> the criminals found us unafraid as we shall always be. >> three floors of the west gate mall collapsed and there
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are several bodies still trapped in the rubble including the terrorists. >> reporter: the al-qaida linked group claiming responsibility for taking over the mall this past weekend. >> they had probably cased out this location for some time. they knew how it operated. >> reporter: kenya's prime minister saying monday several of the militants may be of american o rigin. >> from the information we have two or three americans and two brits. >> we've seen terrorists target innocent civilians in a crowded shopping mall and our hearts go out to the families of those who have been affected. >> reporter: president obama talking about the terror attack showing the incident shows the threat of danger remains despite the fact that the u.s. is safer today than it did in the past. boeing says it has
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retrofitted a retired plane to fly without a pilot. this is video of a test as that jet flew from a florida base to the gulf of mexico. two u.s. air force pilots controlled the f16 from the ground. the plane manufacturers says the jets could be used to train pilots providing an adversary they can practice firing on. this is a new hike in the bay area and it is a hike indeed. the warning that caltrans has for people visiting the new bay bridge. a significant warm up in the forecast. when you will see a return to temperatures in the high 80s where you live. and in two minutes. >> i want these kids to have a conscious.
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a pleasanton man who was brutally beaten in front of his own home over the weekend remains in a coma. he approached a group of young people making noise. his wife found him in the street unconscious. officials are interviewing witnesses including teenagers. >> i want these kids to be a conscious and come forward. that's the right thing to do. >> reporter: police say no arrests have been made in this case. investors with accounts that charles schwab are being informed about a security breech. the firm manages about 44,000 accounts. wind haven sent a notice to customers saying an intruder accessed a web server
11:41 pm
maintained by a third party and that names, account numbers and even investment positions may have been exposed. the winds we've been talking about tonight prompted the national weather service today to issue a small craft advisory for boaters up and down the bay area cost as ktvu's john fowler reports the winds generate waves that pose a challenge for fishermen but delight surfers. surfers are stoked. the first of the fall big swells. >> i'm sure there'll be a lot of people in the water that have been dormant for the summer. it should be a good time. >> i'm just learning so hopefully not too big but i'm excited. >> reporter: and so is canadian professional snow boarder ed feliciano. >> it's both fun and scary at the same time. right now you can feel it in the water. >> reporter: it's fendering from the northwest. winds churning up the ocean. >> right now it's all white
11:42 pm
caps, big swells. >> reporter: larry collins told me san francisco's three dozen salmon boats cut short from fishing today. >> they're probably going to take a day or two off because it's going to blow 20, 30 and the swells building. >> reporter: that brought in a big catch. >> king salmon. >> this one fish worth about $100. collins says salmon are schooling right now here off the golden gate. that attracting sea lions, and they attract another predator. >> you don't want to be swimming in the water in this time of year. because this is the time of year when the great whites come in and feed. >> reporter: surfers and beachgoers warned about sneaker waves any time swells get this big, the city of pacifica vulnerable to big waves not taking any special precautions but if you go to the beach tomorrow to see these waves stay out of the water. and remember don't try to save your pets they will likely survive, you may not. in pacifica, john fowler, ktvu
11:43 pm
channel 2 news. more winds plus a bay area warm up at 10:45, chief meteorologist bill martin back with
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11:45 pm
investigators are trying to determine who stole almost $50,000 of tools and equipment meant to help disaster victims. alameda police say the staff at green financial reported the theft yesterday. the company contracts with fema to build emergency housing for victims of natural disaster and the materials stolen include tools used to make those shelters. they're compiling a list of property but it's estimated
11:46 pm
right now at over 40,000. >> reporter: investigators think the equipment was stolen over the past five days. police are looking over surveillance footage that could help solve the case. the new eastern bridge has drawn plenty of pedestrians to trek it across in foot. but some that are hoofing it by foot have found it too much to bear. >> it's some of the best views of the prettiest area in the entire world. so what more can you ask. the breeze is perfect for when you work up a little glow. >> reporter: heading out into a new walk out is not just a simple walk in the park. >> reporter: you're not carrying any water. >> i'm thirsty. >> reporter: there's been two cases of people on the bridge needing help. one of which involved an elderly man. >> became disoriented, an ambulance was called as a precautionary and took him away
11:47 pm
to get further treatment. >> reporter: the bridge has no trash cans, no bathrooms and no water fountains. >> people should treat this hike as going out in a natural space. >> reporter: you can use your cell phone to call or a call box. the question is how long will it take emergency personnel to get to you out here in the walk way. >> they would need to go to treasure island, come back traveling to the east so they can access that distressed person. >> between you know what i mean restroom break, so you can't drink a lot of water. even the dogs i see people walking dogs. they have to be mindful that the dogs will need water too. >> i think water fountains would be a very good idea. >> reporter: a sentiment many people shared today. but caltranses says there will be no water fountains or bathroomed added to the walk way. the governor is expected to
11:48 pm
be in oakland to sign legislation to increase the minimum wage. the minimum wage will increase again this time to $10 an hour. the governor is planning to attend signing ceremonies in los angeles at 9:00 tomorrow morning. followed by another signing ceremony in oakland at noon. san jose's ban on single use plastic bags is working so well that the council decided today to stop an automatic raise in the price of paper grocery bags. the law sets the price of bags at 10-cents. with an automatic increase to 25-cents next year. but they found the increase was not necessary because people are bringing their own reusable bags instead of buying paper
11:49 pm
bags. temperatures today a lot like yesterday. temperatures tomorrow slightly cooler than what we saw today. temperatures as we go into tomorrow not as warm. this is the reason why. you see all of this activity coming down. you see rain in these areas right. even rain in northern california. it's going to stay just to the north of us all of this and what it's going to do tomorrow is send our temperatures into pa mild pattern. but what it's going to do on wednesday night, thursday. the high pressure is going to build in it's going to turn those winds around offshore and we're going to get a fire weather watch. this time of year something you really don't want to see. right now the wind are going to be horribly, horribly bad. we'll be watching them for you because the dynamics are much that your winds could get going 25 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow cooler or a little breezy like it was today. the extended forecast, slightly warmer as we go into thursday, friday and saturday. these are the overnight lows. 50 in napa, 52 in vallejo, 54
11:50 pm
in livermore. this low pressure center is the one we're pointing on the map. our warm spots tomorrow, mid- 70s. as you go through the bay area microclimates you're looking at 68 out in the berkeley area and low 70s where there were 80s and 90s not so long ago. definitely a cooler weather pattern. temperatures start to come up. they'll be back into the 80s. everyone 90s possible. and the weather watch goes into effect tomorrow night into thursday, friday. 75degrees for a wednesday night. tomorrow a lot like today not a big difference. as we get into those next few day, thursday and friday start to warm up. 69 in clear lake, 73 in vacaville. these are the forecast highs. 70 in danville. just lots of low 70s. right. 70 in milpitas. a little bit of breeze along the coast. maybe some patchy fog as well. there'll be sunshine out of pacifica and half-moon bay.
11:51 pm
76 in san francisco and in the five day forecast, slightly cooler tomorrow. slightly warmer on thursday, friday, saturday. then it levels off there with friday really noticing the heat. saturday will probably be the warmest day of the next few and your five day forecast with your fire danger increasing. but with these conditions coming up a little bit, humidity going down, temperatures going up we'll be talking about that a lot as you know. >> nice weather tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be another one. and by thursday, we'll be talking about the high fire danger. >> thank you, bill. in an effort to reach out to the health conscious set, burger king unveiled a new french fry. a small portion has 270- calories and 11-grams of fat that's compared to 340-calories and 15-grams of fat for a small
11:52 pm
serving of its classic fries. all right mark is here with sports. even though the a's have clenched the division every game is crucial here. >> yeah they want the best record of the american league that means they face the wild card winner. but tonight too hot not too cool down. the a's scored runs in bunches. seems like for the past few weeks but it all crimes to what they hope is a temporary halt. shut out style though in anaheim. jason vargas complete game four hitter and he had the back up. like howie kendrick the in the third. aj griffin has given up 36 home runs so far. that's the most in baseball by any pitch in the third. josh hamilton, not anything like a home run. kind of a little dunker to left field they'll take it the flair. will play two angels, 3-0 lead and that held up. only four hits for the a's they trail boston by one game for the best record in the american league. i suppose if they served it up at at&t up in the concession stands it would probably cost
11:53 pm
you about $50 a pop. but the giants eating humble pie all season long. served up some more. that's bryan wilson there. you will see more of him in just a couple of seconds. tony abrayu launches it. solo and it's a 1-1 game. until the sixth. matt versus matt cain loses to kemp. he's had issues all season long. a 1-2-3 inning when did he ever do the that with the giants. struck out a couple of guys including juan perez. and he does it. he holds the lead 2-1 final. dodgers win it. more sports on the way including an update on the raiders quarterback terrell pryor and his concussion status. the sharks
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11:57 pm
yet. dan boyle top shelf, 2-0. off the face of marlow who winds up at the jumbo jim. jeff knows what to do with it. 5-0 the final. a face off of another sort after that. matt kurlech gets into it. exhibition hockey didn't seem like it tonight. looks like those guys are serious 5-0. even the most optimistic of radar fans. peyton manning puffing up those hall of fame stats and toying with the oakland defense but the raiders like what they see of the young quarterback terrell pryor having their most productive outing as he gets thrown out by woodyeard. will have to go through nfl protocall and hopefully he was fully aware of his senses when he tweeted out that because everyone is taking concussions
11:58 pm
very seriously these days, don't remember much of it. good hit by whoever it was. i heard our team fought well. hopefully that
11:59 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> great news. blake griffin had a baby with a woman who is a heat-seeking missile when it comes to finding the sperm of athletes. >> i'm glad she's white. [laughter] >> charlie sheen went to jury duty. >> in the past you've had issues with drugs. does that make you more or less qualified to judge a drug case? >> if i were up on drug charges, i would want charlie


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