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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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new at 10:00, threatening letters sent to a bay area high school. tonight, police are looking for a businessman, not a student. good evening, i'll julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. they're disturbing letters written by someone who is upset with high school students congregating outside a business. amber lee is live in richmond. she's learned of two threatening letters that police
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say constitute a possible hate crime. >> reporter: frank, richmond police tell me it appears that the two letters came from the same person, and that this case is a priority. football practice after school is a familiar routine. but something disturbing happened on september 12 and again one week later when the school received anonymous letters. the first starts saying your so- called students are a nuisance at the plaza where my bus is located. the next says i can only hope and pray that the next school shooting happens soon. >> i'm very concerned. >> we don't know who this person was. >> reporter: parents are being update about the letters through threatening calls.
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school officials tell us there is added security on campus, and police have stepped up patrols. investigators say there are several plazas in the area, and that they've interviewed business owners. >> i advise my child to just be alert and know who you're surrounded by. >> reporter: parents also express concern about the racist remarks included in the letter. >> i'm just disappointed. i'm shocked. >> obviously, somebody who's angry. >> reporter: the district is prepared. >> we do take them seriously when they come in, because you never know what the next steps could be, and the number 1 thing a district has to do is ensure the safety of students before we can even teach. >> reporter: police have no suspect and they're asking anyone with information to contact them. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a red flag warning is going up in parts of the bay area tonight. brisk winds are expected to create an increase in fire
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danger over the next couple of days. the flag on top of the building in downtown san francisco, strong winds are an especially big time concern this time of year as fire season nears its peak. bill martin is in the weather center right now it tell us about the red flag warning. >> that's right in the next half hour, the red flag warning will go into effect for the north bay and east hills. as we go into the next few hours, they're going to start clocking out of the north and northeast. those winds are fire danger winds. they'll start to funnel through the canyons of the north bay. one of the things i'm picking up, look at fairfield, there's a north wind already. see fairfield coming in. concord is still due west. san francisco airport, due west at 22, everybody else in half moon bay starting to clock north. in the next few hours, they all start going this way. changes everything. the humidity's dropped, and the
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winds actually funnel. the winds could go 30, 40 miles per hour as we go into the morning hours on thursday. a red flag warning coming up. i'm going to talk abouthat. windy in the hills, just how windy, and warmer weather. around the bay area, many people are bracing for the strong winds. one of the big concerns, trees snapping power lines. pg and e says it's scheduled 96 tree trimming crews. fire officials say defensible space can make all the difference. >> if you have a tree that's overhanging your house, you need to cut it back so it's at least 10 feet away. >> fire officials also recommend clearing leaves from gutters to further reduce the danger. police have made an arrest,
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and say the killing appears to be random, and unprovoked. >> reporter: the violent death of 20-year-old justin valdez, not far from san francisco state is still hard for his friends to accept. >> i can't believe it. i was in total denial. i do not believe that justin was shot. >> reporter: a classmate said valdez was a good friend, a good swimmer, and someone who was passionate about the environment. >> he was more than a friend, he was like a brother. a big inspiration to everyone around him. >> reporter: san francisco police say valdez was getting off of a muni train and randolph, and bright street in ingleside height when he was shot sunday night. investigators release this video of a suspect caught on muni cameras before the shooting. they now say 30-year-old
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nikhom. for now, police aren't saying what led them to their suspect. on his facebook page valdez's sister says thank you for your support for my brother. friends of valdez say there will be a candlelight vigil at san francisco state tomorrow night at 7:00. police also plan to have a news conference to release more information about the man accused of killing valdez. the heartbreaken parents say the suspected driver for hitting her be prosecuted to the fullest of the law. she lies brain dead in a hospital in chico. last night, a vigil was held in
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her honor outside the family's home. chesterman was righting her bike from the library at chico state on sunday night when she was struck by an suv. police say the 19-year-old behind the wheel was drunk. he's now been charged with manslaughter. today, chesterman's parents issued a statement that read in part, a severe punishment for this senseless crime will not only keep this drunken driver off the streets, but will deture others from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. in that way, our daughter's death will have some meaning be and further the dream of helping others and improving the world. investigating weather several cases of e. coli cases are related. three of the patients live in tiburon. health officials say they were
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likely exposed sometime between september 11 and 15th. officers say tasers would make berkely safer for eastern. as allie rasmus says, some residents aren't convinced. >> reporter: the berkely police association says a weapon like this could have kept a berkely man from hurting himself. >> last week we had a situation where a mentally ill person was in a crisis, obviously. we were called to respond to help him. >> reporter: sergeant chris stein says the man stabbed himself multiple times before police were able to stop him. >> if a taser were available, that individual could have been tased before he could have hurt himself with the knives, that injury could have been completely prevented. >> reporter: the berkely police department has 167 officers. their leaders asked the city for stun guns before. they sent out an email to berkely residents. 80% who responded say they would prefer stun guns over
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physical force and gun use. >> i don't see why not. >> i think it's an absolutely deplorable idea. >> reporter: cathy castillo works for a non-profit that works for kids in the justice system. she's not buying the reasoning. >> what that mean with mental health needed was a mental health expert on site. >> reporter: she thinks they would only increase the tension between police and the community. >> there will be the improper use of those tools. >> if you look at the likelihood of a taser causing a death, it's more likely that someone is going to be injured playing collegiate basketball than to be injured by the use of a taser. >> reporter: any move to formally adopt stun guns would need to be approved by the berkely city council. across the bay, police officers at san francisco state university are now being trained to use tasers. the decision to use them came
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after campus police were accused of brutality, following the arrest of suspected squatter at a dorm last may. university officials say tasers can prevent situations from getting out of control. the university plans to set up rules for their use. bumper to bumper traffic that wasn't caused by an accident. the critical tunnel test getting drivers to slow down, and stare. >> i think there's a lot of curiosity about what's going on. >> how strong winds are ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks...
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continuing coverage tonight of the unprecedented america's cup victory for the u.s. oracle team u.s.a. hoisted the cup and celebrated with a champagne shower. it came down to a winner take all finish today. >> and jana katsuyama joins joins us from the party taking police tonight. >> reporter: the america's cup pavilion was packed tonight for a concert that is just now wrapping up. still excitement after this
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afternoon's race. oracle team u.s.a. took the stage with san francisco behind them. whipping the flags around the america's cup village. >> we won! >> reporter: a thrill for the fans, watching the team celebrate. many people raised their own cups and drank to the victory. others drowned their sorrows. >> i'm a big fan right now, but it was awesome. are you going to make me cry? >> reporter: it tested the limits of sailing. >> we tried by going to catamaran to make sailing a bit more extreme, a bit more friendly for the viewing audience. >> reporter: but it was a cup that also teetered on the brink of disaster, with the accident that killed an artemus sailer, weather delays and a ruling that cost america two races,
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for having a weighted boat. oracle's open world convention on land, bringing 60,000 people to moscone center this week. >> the company is doing great, and obviously doing great with the race. >> reporter: the question now, whether ellison will bring the 35th america's cup back to the bay? >> we're going to talk with the officials in san francisco, and see if that's going to be possible to come back. i'd love to come back to san francisco. >> reporter: ellison also said today they'll be discussing how to reduce the cost of those high-tech boats, so that more teams can compete in the next america's cup. live in san francisco tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on the impact of the america's cup. projections of $1.5 billion windfall may have fallen short, but businesses in san francisco
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still benefited. balboa cafe saw an increase in just the last two days. at least 25,000 fans packed the america's cup park for today's final race. countless others lined the waterfront, and the america's cup village down at marina green. at we posted more photo and videos. look for our america's cup special section. just click on the sports tab on our home page. it coincides with oracle's open world tech conference. treasure island is all lit up. the bands maroon 5 and the black keys are playing for what's billed as an appreciate event for oracle's customers and partners. the san francisco 49ers are setting their sites on college football's biggest game.
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they're bidding on the national college championship game. the national championship game in college football is one of the most watched sporting events on television, behind the nfl playoffs and the super bowl. new information tonight on the attack that left a pleasanton homeowner in critical condition. police say david lamont went outside saturday night to ask people to stop making noise. police have identified one individual in the case. he's 18 years old, and doesn't live in pleasanton. three other teens have been interviewed as witnesses. david lamont was found unconscious outside his home by his wife. san leandro police were back on the scene tonight. they haven't talked to the 51- year-old store manager. investigators say they're trying to piece together what
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prompted the violence. >> once he's able to communicate with us, we could probably get to the bottom of what happened. >> safeway released this statement to ktvu, saying we're deeply concerned about our employee who was hospitalized. we're providing support, and assistance to him and his family. a south bay teacher is behind bars tonight, accused of having sex with one of his students. one student said there were signs of inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: santa clara high school and students are trying to deal with a painful scandal. a popular four year math teacher was arrested for four counts of unlawful sex with a minor. some students who didn't want to be on camera, say there were rumors about how guzman acted
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around female students. >> they're always at a desk, always laying on his desk and he would just allow it. >> reporter: the human relations detector got a tip from a distraught employee. >> obviously struggling with concern that she had just heard. >> the police, the direct, and the school administrators worked together to investigate, and we did unfortunately find that there was evidence that an inappropriate relationship had happened. >> reporter: police say guzman was interviewed, then arrested. there were four alleged incidents. >> when these things are proved and happen, it feels like a betrayal. >> reporter: many students who say they liked guzman agreed. >> because he's a teacher, i think that's what makes everyone so shocked. you would think that teachers don't do things like that. >> reporter: police say guzman remains in custody tonight, due to the nature of the charges.
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he's expected in court tomorrow. >> more details now, the district says guzman passed the stringent teacher screening process, this includes fingerprinting by the department of justice and the fbi. the district also checked references, and says it continues to monitor teachers after they're hired. a former high school football star is one of two suspects charged with robbing casual carpoolers in rockridge. prosecuted as an adult in connection with those crimes. ford played football at mcclimben's high school in oakland, and was named to several all-star teams. a suspect suspect also faces charges of armed robbery. the pair is accused of robbing 12 people monday morning. things are going to warm up around here. the fire danger is coming up as
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well. here's the low pressure center as it stood 24 hours ago. you kind of see it moving to the east. high pressure moving off very slowly. the high pressure is building in right now. as that happens, the winds change around, temperatures warm up, and of course fire danger goes up. i pointed this out earlier. we're starting to see the fairfield area, winds are starting to clock out of the north, that shows you the lows leaving. the red flag warning goes into effect in the next few minutes or so. temperatures tomorrow, it's not going to be get hot. it's mostly about the wind and the fire danger. we're going to see lots of mid- 70s tomorrow, and upper 70s. a warmer day tomorrow, and continued warming in the bay area weekend. back here at 10:45, i'll have the complete forecast for you, we'll see you back here in a bit. they're facing eviction after three decades. one family's fight to stay in their home, despite what the law says. then, chilling images of the
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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still no progress to report between b.a.r.t. and its unions, and another potential strike is now just 15 days away. that's when the court ordered 60 day cooling off period will end. management is gearing up for a second strike just in case. the agency is reserving 200 buses to transport passengers across the bridge. if the buses around needs, b.a.r.t. is risk having to pay a cancelation fee of $900,000. it cannot accommodate nearly all of b.a.r.t.'s 400,000 daily
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riders. in the event of a strike, caltrans plans to allow buses and cars to use special lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. caltrans may also extend the hours for carpool lanes on 880 and 680 and possibly 24. facing eviction from the home they have lived in for more than 30 years. ♪ [ music ] >> activists staged a loud protest outside the russian hill apartment building where they raised seven children over the last 34 years. tonight, the couple remains in their apartment, but tenant activists say the eviction is imminent. the new owner plans to turn the building into luxury tenancy, and common units. lee began to weep when she talked about what her home meant to her. >> a lot of memories. 30 plus years of memories and love. >> the lees are being evicted
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under the ellis act, which allows a landlord to evict tenants in order to get out of the rental housing market. ellis act evictions have tripled in san francisco since the beginning of the year. there's video from news chopper 2 over the scene at east reed and 7th. police say officers witnessed a juvenile fire a gun at a man at about 4:30 this afternoon. fortunately no one was hurt. officers arrested the juvenile after a brief foot chase. they also say they recovered the gun. texas senator ted cruz finally ended his talk-a-thon. after railing against president obama's healthcare plan for 21 hours. the republican was comparing the affordable care act to dr.
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suess's green eggs and ham. crews wanted to defund the obamacare act. dianne feinstein is pushing a bill that would help stay ahead of drug manufacturers. the use of bath salts and synthetic pot have exploded, and so have calls to poison control centers. drug makers are able to skirt the law by changing the formula of the drugs. senator feinstein says the bill would make it easier to prosecute dealers. the new video of the d.c. navy yard massacre as it was happening. now at 10:45, products delivered to your home in hours, not days. we put google shopping express to the test. >> tunnel drivers might have noticed something different this week. it's not just the longer
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traffic backups. we'll show you what caltran is doing that's bound to get your attention. >>
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it was slow going on highway 24 through the caldecott tunnel in the afternoon and evening commute. it wasn't because of an accident or construction. only on ktvu 2, ken wayne was at the tunnel and tells us, it was all because of a test. >> reporter: caltran is putting something new inside of the tunnel. something that ultimately could save lives. traffic was a mess this evening, bumper to bumper, leading up to the caldecott tunnel in both directions.
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>> i noticed it backed up a lot earlier than typical. i just assumed there was an accident or something. >> reporter: not an accident, a caldecott tunnel test. >> motorists are slowing down. i think there's a lot of curiosity about what's going on. >> reporter: what's going on are these new signs, hanging from the ceiling of the third floor. the signs look similar to these now in operation. lyre also being installed in the fourth bore, currently under construction. they're meant to help avoid a repeat of the 1982 caldecott disaster when a gasoline tanker truck caught fire. >> the tunnel specific about tunnel conditions. they will only be on if there is an issue in the tunnel. >> reporter: they'll alert drivers to accidents and lane closures, even fires and earthquake damage, and give motorists information on how to escape through newly
11:31 pm
constructioned pedestrian cross sections. >> all of these have to be tested individually, and then in concert with each other. you want matily culminating with a series of fire drills right before the tunnel opens to traffic. >> i like that, because then you just are prepared, and you don't go into panic mode. >> reporter: the new tunnel will also include heat sensors and smoke detection systems with new water mains to help firefighters. the tunnels will have cameras and be monitored 24 hours a day. caltrans won't give a new date on the opening of the fourth bore, but say it will happen sometime this fall. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. wall street had its fifth straight losing session today. that was mainly due to news that wal-mart was cutting orders from suppliers. the nasdaq lost 7 points. the federal reserve says overall increases in the value of stocks and homes add up to a
11:32 pm
u.s. household net worth of $1.3 trillion. that was for the second quarter meaning it could be even higher now. but the gains are not evenly distributed. home ownership has declined. and the wealthiest 10% of households own about 80% of stocks. governor brown signed a bill today that will hike california's minimum wage. he says it was his moral responsibility to give californians a chance to earn a minimum wage. governor brown came to oakland this afternoon for a signing ceremony. the new legislation raises the minimum wage to $9 next july and then to $10 in january of 2016. we spoke with one man who has a college degree, but can't find a job in his field and is currently working as a dishwasher. >> i don't have enough money to buy my own food, so i go to food banks often. i barely get by. >> the social fabric is being
11:33 pm
ripped apart. today, we sew that fabric just a little tighter together. >> two bay area cities already have a minimum wage that is more than $10. san jose's minimum wage rose to $10 an hour in march. in january, san francisco's minimum wage jumped to $10.55 an hour. berkely may follow that lead. city leaders are considering a plan to raise the minimum wage to $10.55 an hour. the fbi has released surveillance video that shows the gunman in the navy yard shooting stalking his victims. jacqueline shows us that video, and gives us a first look at the ominous etchings on the side of his weapon. >> aaron alexus stalking a holloway with a sawed off shotgun in hand. the fbi said he was prepared to die. you can see him sneaking around corners, ready to shoot anyone
11:34 pm
as he stealthfuly moves about. his guns read end to the torment. not what ya' ll say. and believing he was delusional. the assistant director quoted alexis's writings. >> that is what has driven me to this. >> alexis shot and killed 12 people at the military base before law enforcement killed him. authorities say he had a valid pass onto the base as a defense contractor. >> after the shooting here at the navy yard, defense secretary chuck hagel says warning signs may have been missed. he ordered a review of background checks at military bases worldwide. >> we need to know how an
11:35 pm
employee was able to bring a weapon and ammunition onto a dod installation. >> the fbi says alexis did not give any hint that this attack was imminent. hewlett-packard says it is cutting ties with the sub accurater that navy gunman alexis worked for. it has said that it ran two background checks on alexis and only turned up a traffic violation. alexis started working on computer systems at the navy yard this summer. tonight there is word from pakistan. more than 340 people were killed and entire villages were flattened from yesterday's powerful 7.7 earthquake. crews are using tools to search for any survivers who may still be trapped in the rubble. the majority of homes in the region are made from mud bricks
11:36 pm
and cannot with stand the shaking. hundreds of people were wounded in the quake. the most serious are now being airlifted to karachi. twitter users can now get emergency alerts from twitter as text messages. the san francisco based company launched a new service for notices. users have to follow organizations, such as the american red cross, the centers for disease control. the alerts will be marked with an orange bell icon to make them different from other tweets. strong winds and the increased risk for fire. keeping a close watch on the heightened fire danger over the next several days. >> one click online, and items delivered within hours. >> coming up next, this is
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rush hour traffic came to a stop in palo alto, after a car crashed into a bike rider. it happened on embarcadero near highway 101. a crew spotted the cyclist down. the driver did stop, amend appeared to be distraught. the accident also shut down eastbound lanes of traffic for about ten minutes. a new pedestrian safety feature is up and running on a busy street in san francisco. it's at the exact spot where a high school student was struck and killed earlier this year. now her father tells rob roth, something good has come from something so painful. >> reporter: a two mile straight away, where cars seldom drive the 35 mile-an-
11:40 pm
hour speed limit. it was here where a student at nearby lowell high school was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver. since her death, her father has been pushing for safety improvements on the state road. >> something positive has come out of my daughter's tragic end. >> reporter: unveiled the latest safety measure today. >> wait,. >> reporter: traffic lights warn drivers to slow down, then stop on red. the system has reduced pedestrian accidents by almost 70% in cities that have them nationwide. >> the light has at least started to bring people to slow down, stop, take a look before they go. so i feel much safer. >> reporter: but we noticed some confusion. as the traffic light cycle winds down, the red lights start flashing for several seconds, acting as a stop sign, in case someone is still in the
11:41 pm
sidewalk. but we find many drivers just stay stopped. >> nobody knows it means you stop then you go. but they're not getting it. >> reporter: the family hopes something good has come out of something so unspeakably tragedy. >> if this light was there several months ago, my life would be different. >> reporter: the city and caltrans say if it's goes well here, they plan to put up another sometime next year. prosecutors said today they have determined a sunny value police officer was justified in the fatal shooting of a 36-year- old man. jason white was killed outside his mother's sunny value home last december. white approached officer thomas brayberry with a hammer, as if to strike him when the officer fired the fatal shots. prosecutors said police told white several times to drop the hammer, and he refused, and
11:42 pm
kept advancing toward the officer. a new poll out tonight shows 77% of californians are concerned about the early release of prison inmates. federal reports have given the state until late january to reduce the state prison population. the poll finds 60% of likely voters are not confident that local jails can handle the additional inmates who would be shifted from state prisons. half say, violence, and street crimes are problems in their communities. the windy conditions, and when we can expect there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf
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that too. and it's supposed to be at your door in a matter of hours. >> reporter: julie, rei is one of 15 bay area retailers selling its products which arrived in these new packages. now the service launched this morning. we found today deliveries sold out. it's one click in a new online shopping direction. same day delivery from mountain view based google. this mountain view rei store in its san francisco location sell thousands of products through google, such as clothing and accessories. >> i think this helps all of our customers have everything at their fingertips. maybe if they can't get to the store, they can just ordered and have it delivered at home that same day. >> reporter: this afternoon, we tried it out.
11:46 pm
i had to sign into my google account and sign up for google wallet. when i bought halloween candy, i was given a 6 to 9:00 p.m. window tonight. but 10 minutes later, that slot was sold out. the next delivery time wasn't until tomorrow. locals say it's a way to compete with amazon. >> we serve mostly the palo alto area, and menlo park. a little bit of mountain view, and now we're reaching all the way down to san jose. so very exciting. >> reporter: right now, the same day shopping is only available in san francisco, the peninsula and the south bay. >> i think $5 is definitely, it's low enough. i'd do it. if it got any more expensive, i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: right now, google
11:47 pm
is waiving the $5 charge, and offering a free trial period, but not saying how much a subscription will cost. more than 1,000 shoppers made their way to the new whole foods store in fremont today as it opened its doors for the first time. there was such a buzz in fact about the grand opening of the store, the police actually tweeted out a warning about heavy traffic in the area. despite the crowds and full parking lots, shoppers told our crew, they were excited about this new store. >> it's a madhouse! but it's okay. everybody is being very polite to east other. you've just going to be patient. >> they expect the store and the parking lot will be busy the next few days, so they're encouraging public transportation. uc berkely contract negotiations with the union
11:48 pm
representing the university's maintenance and janitorial services have been at a stand still. the university says its raising the worker's required contributions to their pensions. the state officials are telling 10's of thousands of out of work californians the check's in the mail. it will begin to pay out more than 80,000 backlogged claims as soon as tomorrow. the backlog happened over the labor day weekend when the department had problems upgrading its computer system. a nice day today, pretty windy out there, as we go into the evening hours, they're going to start changing, ,ing coming out of the north- northeast. these were the highs today. lots of 70s. the microclimates get washed out this time of year. everybody is going to tomorrow be in the 70s. here's the system i'm tracking. we talked about that leaving the area, and that will be
11:49 pm
replaced by high pressure that will start winds going like this. that's when you get the high fire danger and that's typical this time of year. outside, we've got the fire weather warning in red. here's what just popped up. this is a weather or an airport alert. aviation weather warning in blue for oakland, san jose, and san francisco. that's because of the strong northwest winds right now. temperatures right now are in the 50s. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. tomorrow a little warmer. more wind, fire danger. the extended forecast breezy and warmer. we're going to go through a few days of this, the high fire. 70s, to upper 60s coast side. mid-70s, upper 70s inland. very nice weather. air quality will be good. san francisco low 70s, out on
11:50 pm
the bay, mid-70s. mid-70s in the inland bay valleys. i think most temperatures tomorrow are going to be mid- 70s, upper 70s, something like that. a nice looking day. no clouds in the sky, should be nice, very little fog to speak of, if any. probably no fog tomorrow. look how flat the numbers are. mid-70s, that's the north bay. here's the east bay. something like that. this gives you a uniform temperature footprint. 74 in morgan hill. along the upper coast, upper 60s. the five-day forecast bay area weekend in view. a fire danger lasts until friday. then on saturday it's kind of the warmest day on the bay area weekend. saturday, we're looking for temperatures to be in the upper 80s in some of the warmest spots. looking at a nice day saturday morning. saturday afternoon starts to warm up rapidly. by the afternoon, you're in the upper 80s. red flag warning goes into effect hear real soon by 11:00,
11:51 pm
then the red flag warning stays up until friday. it's a big deal, and that's not a temperature trigger deal, it's a wind triggered red flag warning. so it will be breezy in those hills. we'll talk about this tomorrow. mark's off. joe's here. kind of seems like the a's, are calming down a bit after clinching the division. >> they'll rally in time. the window is closing on the a's chance to finish with the best record in the american league. trying to avoid a second straight loss today against the angels. daric barton threw this ball away. the angels put it away with two more runs in the 5th. aybar with the single up the middle. angels win, 3-1. the red sox are up by 2 games in the battle for home field throughout the playoffs. if they can't be in the postseason, there's nothing the
11:52 pm
giants like better than hanging a loss on the dodgers. a look at what had to be barry zito's at&t park finale. they loaded the bases in the 2nd. yasiel puig on the run, can't get there. all three runs come around to score. the giants have a 3-0 lead. zito went 5 innings and got the win. thanks in part to this. the giants answered in the bottom of the inning. pablo sandoval takes one the other way. the giants win, 6-4. one more tomorrow against l.a., then the season is over after three this weekend. the milwaukee brewers aren't going anywhere in the postseason, but still no shortage of of emotion tonight by carlos gomez in atlanta. gomez hits this 1st inning homer off paul maholm. he was hit three months ago by the pitcher. jogs around. by the time they got to the
11:53 pm
plate, atlanta catcher brian mccann had seen enough. he never touched the plate, he and two other players were ejecte
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
the 49ers get right back on the horse tomorrow night, and will need a win over st. louis to not start the season 1-3. it won't be easy. in ot last time, san francisco could have won, but david akers missed a field goal. st. louis had the 49ers number last year, beating them once,
11:57 pm
tieing them once. >> even though they are banged out, i think that's all the more reason, they're going to come in here and give their best shot. we're expecting them to play very well on thursday. we expect to get their best shot. the raiders are going to the league prescribed concussion protocol. pryor has to pass two more hurdles before he's ready to play. matt flynn could be the next man up on sunday's game against the redskins. >> i've been in this spot before. this isn't new to me. i'm going to prepare like i am going to play. i have to do that to be ready just in case. nobody knows. it's one of those things that i look to myself to make sure i'm ready. >> they'll make that decision this week. >> those backup quarterbacks are always one play from getting in there.
11:58 pm
thank you for watching ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu weather team will be monitoring the elevated fire danger.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on tmz -- >> kardashian kbs blamed for a lot, some say. according to lamar odom they can't be blamed for his drug abuse because he is at war with his dad. lalamar's dad stepped back from the attacks on the kardashians. >> i feel they are getting a bad rap. >> some day you are going to make a lot of money. >> vanessa hudgens was performing last night with a new group. they


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