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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 28, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. ♪[ music ] . a big party with a dubious reputation gong right now in the south bay and it's keeping authorities on alert. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone i'm heather holmes. that party is happening at shoreline amphitheater, a rave called "beyond wonderland." and tonight it's cause something concerns about underaged drinking and drug use.
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knowle walk sir live outside of the venue, where officers have already run into some problems. >> reporter: knowle. >> reporter: mountain view police put out a tweet yesterday, specifically for this event it has an emergency contact and anonymous tip line for this rave event. you have to be 18 or older to get in. people we talked to said they here just for the music, but that didn't stop police have issuing tips for people on who to do in case they do encounter drugs. turn up the base and the pyrotechnics, there is a rife in mount view for the beyond wonderland rave. if you have never been, a rave is an electric mix of music and fashion, in a word? >> plur, you need candy to trade it and there is a handshake. >> peace, love, unity and then respect. >> reporter: raves have another reputation. >> a drug-fueled event, but it's not. all it's about the music.
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>> reporter: we watched mount view police patrolling parking lots and stopping rave attendees suspected of drug or alcohol use. >> take care of them and explain you can't be drinking out in public. >> reporter: police and the health department put warnings against mdma or molly. the event's promoter says there is a -perception about raves and drugs. >> a lot of people come here to have a socio, happy and healthy good time and we definitely encourage that. >> reporter: we watched security swipe ids and confiscate alcohol saying their their zero-tolerance policy is as strong as the base pumping music. so depending on where you are in relation to the shoreline amphitheater, is what you hear mostly to the south is where you really hear the base thumping and, in fact, i got a
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tweet from one woman in sunnyvale, who said she heard it all the way to her house. that seems pretty far away to be able to hear it. the concert promoter says they have people monitoring the noise levels and say they want to be good neighbor and want to bring the show back here next year. reporting live in mount view, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. the club drug known as molly, the fbi says it's a form of misdemeanor eau, commonly known has ecstasy and usually made into tablets or capsule and the effects of drug can last up to six hours and can cause dehydratration and increased body temperatures and in extreme cases users can die from organ failure. two deaths over labor day weekend were blamed of overdoses of the drug. the father of the dodger fan who was killed after a game wednesday plans to ask witnesses to come forward. meanwhile the family of the man
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arrested and released, 21-year- old michael montgomery of lodi was keeping to themselves and one member of family made a brief comment to reporter. >> i don't want to talk. >> reporter: oregon, thank you. >> the family did say it's meeting with their attorney, trying to sort things out. the father has said that his son acted in self-defense. san francisco police and the victim's family hope anyone who saw the fight that ended in jonathan denver's death will tell them what they saw. the suspect, michael montgomery was freed last night from jail, pending further investigation. ktvu's alex savidge tells us that each family has a different story about what happened wednesday night. >> reporter: the father of dodger's fan jonathan denver is urging witnesses to come forward, who saw the fight that left his son dead. tomorrow before the giant's game at at&t park, robert preece plans to make a public request for information or video of wednesday night's stabbing. other family members are expected to travel from l.a. and fort bragg to show their
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support. police believe 21-year-old michael montgomery killed denver who went to the game with his father and brother, but montgomery was released from jail last night after district attorney gascon says he doesn't have enough evidence to charge him. police say this group of dodger fans got no an argument with a group dcf giants' fans and the trash-talkin led to fights. molecule's father says his son pulled a knife to protect himself after denver hit him with a chair, but denver's family says this stabbing was not self-defense. >> none of them were fighters. they were going to get into their vehicle a giant's fan made a comment, comments were exchanged, and an altercation broke out. >> reporter: the district attorney says that police still need to interview any independent witnesses who saw the fight before a solid case can be brought against montgomery. in the meantime, the man accused of stabbing this dodger's fan to death remains a free man. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say a
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good samaritan who was stabbed trying to help someone who was being attacked is expected to survive. officers say the man was driving on golden gate avenue when he su a group of people fighting around 4:30 morning. he pulled over and tried to help, but the group turned on him. the good samaritan is being treated for several stab wounds to the stomach. the group ran before police officers arrived. friends and family are trying to find a san francisco woman missing now for a week. ktvu's debora villalon is live at plait place she was last seen, oddly a hospital. >> reporter: heather, her poster is here outsides san francisco general. 57-year-old lynne spalding spent two nights in this hospital before she disappeared. >> i'm scaredded for her. i love her dearly. >> reporter: alison mcquaid shares the same british acsent and 20-year friendship with lynne spalding and she worry idea spaulding
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went into the hospital with a bladder infection, but got more alarmed when lynne thought she was on a cruise ship. >> she e-mailed me and was a bit confused. i love lynne. >> she will be drinking tea and nibbling at biscuits. >> reporter: but lynne was gone. >> we found from the nurse that basically she had gone missing, she walked out. she is a homebody and when she asked me where she would be hanging out, it would be at home. >> reporter: if spalding tried to walk home about a mile away, it was in pouring rain and she had become frail lately. that is why her friends hung missing fliers from northern beach wharf and contacted others. >> it was a bad day, a lot of rain, this is the area she lives in. this is where she came.
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so we don't know. but she literally has disappeared into thin air. >> reporter: tonight best friend alison, has a heavy heart. she and lipe were regulars here, a few times a week through many years of good times and memories. >> can i imagine what has happened to her. i can't imagine. >> reporter: hospital staff last saw lynne spalding about 15 minutes before she left, taking her clothes, leaving her cell phone and at most she had about $20 on her. her grown son and daughter are frantic as you can imagine. and police have assigned a missing person's inspector to this case. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. go to for a link to the facebook page dedicated to finding the missing woman. just look under "hot topics." in continuing coverage of a possible government shut down, what is usually a debate about
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the federal budget has turned into a bitterly partisan contest about the affordable care act known as obamacare and whether it will be implemented next week. late tonight the house passed republican-led changes to the budget bill. >> on this vote the ayes are 248, the nays are 174. >> the bills fund the government until december 15th, but stalls implementation of the human being law for a year and repeals the medical devices tax that funds it. during the heated debate relationships faulted what they termed book care for dragging down the economy. >> fewer hours and fewer full- time jobs, since obamacare was passed there have been seven parted time jobs for every one full-time job that was added. >> mr. speaker, this is not a way to move our country forward. >> democrats accused g.o.p. of holding the budget hostage to the relentzless effort to try to ore turn it the health care law. >> i want to be very clearly
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don't even have a voice, but i want to make america know that house republicans are shutting down the government. they are doing it intentionally. >> they are doing it on purpose. mr. speaker, the house is not in order. >> the congresswoman was booed during her statements despite house passage of the bill it's very unlikely it will pass the senate. more details on the estimates of the potential shut down the house bill troised today would pay military members. members of congress would still get their paychecks. 41% of federal employees would be furloughed, all national parks would close, but the biggest effect would come on october 17th, if the debt ceiling is not raised by then, the government would go into a default. the white house announced today that president obama would veto any bill that would delay implementation of the new health care law. earlier in his weekly address,
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the president said, "a shut down would be bad for the economy." at a moment when our economy has steadily gained traction and our debts have been falling faster than anytime in 60 years, a shut down would be a purely self-inflicted wound and that is why many republican senators and republican governors have urged members to knock it off and pass the basis point and move on. >> the office of management and budget estimates that the last shut down in 1995 cost taxpayers about $1.4 billion. pg&e is reporting power outages across several san francisco neighborhoods at this hourpt as of just about 20 minutes ago that number was 4400 without power. down from the high to 4600 when the lights went out about 8:30 tonight. pg&e says they are in the western edition of nob hill - at this point pg&e says its had has no estimate on when power
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will be restored, because crews have yet to lobert the republic is the. >> on om 2 a fire in east bay hills, shedding light on a growing concern. >> we'll tell you why firefighters are worried about a green energy option. in developing news a fire burning 80 miles away with smoke reaching the bay area. why investigators say it may be the work of an arsonist? >>
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. now to developing news on that massive hay fire in yolo county. the hay fire started thursday at an exporting company in the city of winters people as far away as san josi and santa cruz reported seeing and smelling the smoke from that fire, firefighters say nat fire could burn for many more days. rooftop solar panels do pose serious risks to firefighters. om on 2 ktvu's christien kafton explains the hazards and what firefighters hope that state does to make them safer. >> reporter: in a fire, seconds count and now firefighters are finding an added obstacle sprouting up on bay area rooftops solar panels
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covered part of the roof of this home that burned in piedmont on tuesday. cause of fire is still under investigation, but in midst of efforts to put it out, the fire chief says that the panels made fighting the fire more difficult concern over solar panels prompted this report from the fire protection research foundation. record says firefighter hazards include tripping or slip on the solar palm beaches, roofs collapsing under the added weight and they could put off dangerous fumes if they burn. additionally, thermal systems which heat water could scald firefighters and follow-up voltaic systems pose an electrical hazards. >> photovoltaics as long as the sun is shining are always live. >> reporter: the captain says the systems pose a threat even if fire crews shut off the flow of power from pg&e and the panels. >> we know if we find the switch there is still energy to the switch. >> reporter: the state of california is
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currently considering new boiling codes and firefighters hope that the new codes reflect some of their concerns about solar power installation. >> we have greet hopes it will do two things, making it easier for people to safely install photovoltaics and make it safer for firefighters work. >> fire departments say until the building codes can watch you, the key for consumers considering solar is to find reputable installers. and check with their city's fire departments for their recommendations christen kafton ktvu . federal fire officials can't say why the firefighters left their relatively safety of the top of a ridge to an area where they were later trapped and died on june 30th they did say that the firefighters lost radio communications for half an hour before they were killed. and that there were mix ups
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over aerial reports. >> he says it was tough to tell the families about those conclusions. >> it was everything you would have expected, anger, frustration and an overcoming sense of loss. it was a very emotional meeting. >> the report also did not assign blame for the 19 deaths. the yarnell fire destroyed more than 100 homes, and burned 13 square miles. the man killed in a crash in clayton after a chase yesterday has now been identified. the chase ended when a lexus crashed into a tree on marsh cree road and driver was i'd as 21-year-old weston tanner of clayton. two teenaged passengers from concord were critically injured. sheriff's deputies tried to pull over the car, but then the driver took of off. the lexus had been reported stolen in concord. we're now just 12 days from the threat of another bart strike becoming reality. bart and its unions only have until october 11th to negotiate
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a deal before that cooling-off period requested by the governor expires. efforts to prevent another strike continued today as bart was back at bargaining table with one of its unions. according to bart, today's talks with atu local 1555 were on supplemental issues only, no economies were discussed. there will be a break tomorrow and then similar talks are planned with seiu for monday. meantime californians appear to be thinking twice about the high-speed rail system and a many in a poll in the los angeles times it found about 52% of voters want that $68 billion project stopped. that is compared to 43% who want it to go forward and 70% who say they want another chance to vote on the project. five years ago voters approved $9 billion in bonds for a high- speed rail system from san francisco to los angeles. governor jerry brown signed a bill that should be welcomed by some california drivers. drivers of eh electric
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cars and low emission vehicles can use those lanes. brown called it a reaffirmation of the state's commitment to an electric vehicle future. new revelations are electing now the national security agency uses the social connections of americans. the new york times reports that the nsaate are called social graphs like facebook and google and can identify who people travel with, their location, and other personal information. originally the data was collected to track foreigners, but the times says it now includes americans. the report is based on documents leaked by edward snowden. the anti-virus software pioneer john mcafee says he has a way to stop the nsa and called it decentral, but says right now it's an idea. mcafee made the claims at a tech conference in san josi and also invisits he never killed his neighbor in the central american nation of belize. mcafee is still considered a
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person of interest for that criminal. speaking up against violence. >> people turn a blind eye to it. it is like it becomes normal. it's a plague. it's a disease. >> the efforts to put an end it to a growing problem. but first, my favorite story of the night, proof it's never too late. happy couple staying i-do
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an 87-year-old bridge south of pittsburgh, pennsylvania is no more of the masontown bridge
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owe of the river. police from burbank say is it was horrific scene a car accident that killed five people. the car slammed into the concrete wall and burst moo flames this morning. an 18-year-old woman managed to crawl away with the broken leg, but five others were trapped inside and burned beyond recognition. police say speeds with a factor and trying to determine if alcohol or drugs were also involved. a louisiana pastors with shot and killed while preaching a revival service in front of about 60 people in lake charles. the sheriff's office says a man walked and shot pastor harris, sr. at close range and fired again as harris fell. the suspect, 53-year-old woodrow karey surrendered to officials. at this point officials don't know a motive and even if the two men knew each other. the house passed a bill for
11:54 pm
compounding pharmacies. last year you may remember the new england compound center shut down after its steroids shots were linked to more than 60 deaths from meningitis. the electromagnetickion allows some lawmaker and industry groups says it doesn't go far enough. halloween is just about a month away. the normal retailer federation expects the average customer to spend $5 on customs and candy and deck races and says $330 million will be spent on costumes for sets. changes is more age appropriate for girls. a washington state couple says their love story shows. it is never too late to live happily ever after. i just love it.
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93-year-old andy nilles and 90- year-old gladys salley of port angeles got marry the couple met when the manager of their senior apartment complex asked andy to give gladys a ride. that ride led to regular breakfast date and then a marriage proposal. >> he said can't kneel down, i can't make it back up. [ laughter ] >> i might have made it down, but wouldn't have gotten up without help. [ laughter ] >> they are so cute. they will move into together oned. >> isn't participant on the third floor after the honeymoon. they are visiting the town of leavenworth. andy will do the driving. >> good for them. several unsolved murders and now residents have calling for peace. the message against violence that they are taken to the streets. >>
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. we have an update on a confrontation between armed rockers and bay area news crew, san francisco police say two suspects are behind bars, police say the armed men were trying to rob a kron reporter in the bayview district around 8:00 last night. reporter's security guard opened fire, striking one of the suspects in leg. that man was driven to san francisco general hospital in an audi just a short time after the shooting. police identified the robbery suspects as armani mcfarland and john woods, both are 19 years old. the news crew was not hurt. dozens of people took a stand in oakland today demanding an end to street violence, but as ktvu's patti lee explains this time the protesters had specific ideas on what can be done to make the streets safe. >> what what do we want?
11:59 pm
>> peace! >> reporter: nearly 50 people gathered to remember 8-year-old alaysha and judy salomon, both shot. >> innocent victims. >> reporter: both victim were apparently in the wrong place at wrong time. >> put down your guns an explanation this group says has become too common and even accepted. >> people turn a blind eye to it. it's like it becomes normal. it's a plague. it's a disease. that should be treated like any other disease. >> reporter: every week they join other involvements to take a literally stand against the violence. >> peace! >> choosing a neighborhood where a recent homicide has taken place. we're just screaming out for help. this is what we do every saturday. we're screaming out. >> reporter: they call themselves save, which stand
12:00 am
for "soldiers against violence everywhere." >> these volunteers know that the two that the victim they are honoring today were part of two high-profile homicide cases in the district. cases that have not been solved. they believe the anti-snitching customer of the city is part of the problem. >> get out and say something. >> by showing up every week in different neighborhoods they want to show it's okay to speak out. in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. kenyans paid their respects to those lost during the horrific attack on a shopping mall that killed dozens of people. a candlelight vigil was held out what is left of the west gaytgate mall in nairobee. at last 67 people were killed when with the miltant group al- shamob laufen a massive attack on shoppers. it took ten days for the military to regain control of the mall and free the rest of the hostages.
12:01 am
>> it's just unbelievable what has happened. our country is such a peaceful country. >> four americans were among the wound. the u.s. state department has reissued a travel advisory for kenya, noticing that the continuing threat of terrorism now al-shabaab said the mall attack was just first and planned more action. a dire situation is getting worse for victims a deadly quake in southwestern pakistan. a 7.7 magnitude quake leveled entire towns and killed more than 500 people. it's been followed by at least one large aftershock. and now we're learning that relief aid is only starting to arrive for thousands of people left homeless. some aid convoys have been shot at by insurgents, who have been fighting the pakistani military for years. aliasie rasmus takes along the avon breast western washington and shows us why so many do it year after year.
12:02 am
>> reporter: they trek through san francisco city streets dressed in pink with smiles on their faces and names on their back. >> this name is always in memory for my mom, kathy stone, who i love and miss. but walking every year for her, fourth year and plan on continuing to do it. >> reporter: the avon walk for breast cancer is a five-year tradition for the women of gina's gang. it's first tile they will cross the firemen line without their friend and co-worker. >> we're working in memoriam. she was able to get across the finish line, if i can do this without crying -- last year in a wheelchair and she is with us today in spirit. >> reporter: women admit they will need the spiritual support. the walk is a two-day journey. >> close to 2000 people signed up for this year's work and raised more than $4 million, and that money will go towards research. >> majority of money raise here this weekend will stay in
12:03 am
the bay area, which is really nice for people to know that the money they worked so hard to raise is having an effect in their own communities. >> reporter: according to the american cancer society breast cancer is the second most fatality cancer in women. the chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 36. >> it's actually very sobering when you stop and think about what people are going through and people who are here that haven't even about been diagnosed yet. >> reporter: voncille williams is a 3-year breast cancer survivor. >> i feel good. >> reporter: celebrating the fact she can make the 39-mile walk, helping women overcome a similar battle. protesters trying to block the sale of berkeley's main post office held another rally. serial dozens attempt the rally one speaker accused the postal service of corruption and
12:04 am
selling builds at below-market valuement they are pushing for a change in the post office parcel so it can't be sold to private interests. >> that will make it harder for the postal service to find a buyer for this property. and that is i think a great strategy. >> on wednesday night the berkeley planning commission will hold a public hearing about the zoning issue. for more information you could go to and click on "web links." . two options are on the table for dealing with tour buses causing lots of complaint in san francisco's alamo square. people who live along the famous row of victorian houses known as "the paint liedies" say they are tired of the bus traffic. the metropolitan transportation commission is considering banning tour buses around alamo square bark. a second option would allow them to travel up hay street without stopping. good food, nice weather and a little latin music brought thousands to
12:05 am
oakland's jack london square. the eat real festival offered entertainment, dozens of demonstrations and lots of gourmet dishes. the festival emphasizes local and sustainable food from bbq to vegan and everything in between. >> i have enjoyed everything, i love the frozen custard. the drinks are good. everything is good. i have had almost everything. so i'm good to pass out. >> i think it's wonderful and great for oakland. especially considering the diversity of our area. it's wonderful. >> the festival continues tomorrow from 10:30 to 5:00 p.m. >> looks like a lot of happy customers. up next a special site for beach-goers in san francisco. plus from a waterway into a bathtub or from a bathtub into a waterway is in the unusual display on the east coast and the touching message behind it. a beautiful clear night across the bay area check out that beautiful shot as you can see from our live look at b
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. well, it was a pretty nice day at on beach not only for beach-goers, but apparently for whales. this viewer sent us picture of whales off the coast. he saw a pair off the cliff house and spouted for 10 minutes before a fishing boat came here and they swam away. >> it was nice to get that tip to alert you to the whales. >> let's check in with with rosemary for the whale watching weather. >> we do have partly cloudy skies over the area and those clouds rolled in the last couple of hours and because of, this some of us just slightly
12:09 am
warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. 62 in oakland. 59 in santa rosa and low 60s for areas like walnut creek and livermore. let's talk about the clouds and where they are linked to? we have got this system spinning in the gulf of alaska, but you can see the front already beginning to pull into northern california, washington, oregon had on and off rain all day, but we have had some enjoyable weather. if i could get in a little closer i can show you some of the clouds that are streaming overhead but you have to get north about 180 miles or so to see is the rain line of it's right over eureka. this is going to dig in in over the bay area starting with tomorrow and again, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. banked up along the coastline, especially over the north bay. south of the golden gate, south of i-80 i think we'll have super. think think we'll see the clouds overhead, but this is where we'll see the best chance
12:10 am
of rain. i am going show you picking up tomorrow and notice we have rain over northern california. as a roll you through the afternoon, we're now all the way into the evening hours and you notice you didn't see a whole lot? but we're picking up a few scattered showers in the area. so lake county into sonoma county and perhaps into napa and san rafael. again you get into central portions of the bay area, and southern portions of the bay area and we're partly cloudy and dry. as we get into monday morning, the same pattern is going to stick with us for a couple of days. by monday afternoon, another round and another possibilities of maybe a few scattered showers again favoring the north bay. you can see from this forecasted graphic, that we're looking at the possibility of just light amounts. taking air from a few hundredths or a tenth of an inch. a chance for rain over the north bay for tomorrow. a drop in tiffs temperatures for all of us of as we get going tomorrow with
12:11 am
the clouds in place, moister air moving in, temperatures will not be as chilly as this morning. widespread 50s in the forecast as we start tomorrow morning and for the afternoon a drop in temperatures anywhere from 5-10 degrees. get into the east bay, upper 60s to low 70s for the east bay, upper 70s for the inland east bay into the santa clara valley, 76 san josi. along peninsula for the afternoon, 75 redwood city. low 60s in san francisco. partly to mostly cloudy skies. there is your extend canned forecast with the second half of your weekend in view. temperatures dropping off tomorrow. monday will be the coolest day. temperatures rebounding as early as tuesday. >> thank you, rose rosemary. a 40' tall rubber duck drew tens of thousands pittsburgh.
12:12 am
thousands have appeared in sydney, amsterdam and other cities, but this the first time that the big rubber ducky has come to the u.s. the it's the brainchild of a dutch artist who says it symbolizes the idea that we're all on this planet together of the pittsburgh's duck will be on display near the city's pnc baseball park until late october. coming up the oakland a's find out whom they are going to face in playoffs. face in playoffs. and we love this kitchen! face in playoffs. and what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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the toyota sportswrap brought to you by your local toyota dealers, toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. image of its stanford football program has undergone a
12:15 am
dramatic transformation in the last few years, of the cardinals look like one of those national powerhouses tonight in seattle jut as its no. 5-ranking might indicate. taking on washington state and cougars once a year home-game in the seahawk's home stadium. the final score of the game would never led you to believe it was close for a quarter. stanford offense got going when kevin hogan had time to stay in the pocket and to make it 10-3 stanford. same thing in the season, same result, 33 and score. 17-3 stanford at the half. it was a rough night for cougar's quarterback connor halliday. richards heads to the end zone to make it a 24-3 lead. the next time the cardinal office got the ball they made
12:16 am
it look easy. hogon to rector for 35 gears and the score. 31-3. hogon threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns and the stanford defense got in the end zone once more, this time murphy just goes up and grabs the pass from back-up quarterback austin apodaca. that says it all. stanford 4-0 after the 55-17 win. cal's game at oregon had all of the pregame signs of a boat race and that is exactly what it was. water and all. sheets rain is falling at autzen stadium as sonny dykes knew he was in for a tough one. the bears didn't help themselves with ball security issues. you can't give the ducks chance like that. marcos mariota finds hoff. the ducks put up 27 points in the 1st
12:17 am
quarter and inside hand-off to marshall. marshall is off to the races and finds the end zone. oregon getting on the board in all phases of the game. this time addison takes the punt at his own 15. addison looks for lanes and he finds them. he goes 75 yards to the end zone. the ducks had a 41-3 halftime lead. addison later returned another punt for 67 and a score. it's not over yet, they trail 55-10 in the 4th quarter. nick saban not letting his top-ranked alabama team feel complacence against no. 27-ranked rebels. alabama had yedlin, who spins away and talks off on touchdown run. alabama 4-0 after handing the rebels their first loss, 25-0. two college football heavyweights slugging it out between the hedges, no. 6 lsu against no.
12:18 am
9 georgia. jeremy hill rolled into the end zone from 8 yards out. with the bulldogs had an answer. scott-wesley takes a 25-yard touchdown pass from aaron murray, both teams with national championship aspirations have one loss. for the 11th time in their long histories it was oklahoma against notre dame. automobile accident took a 21-7 lead to the locker room. george atkinson iii -- if that name soups familiar because he is the son of the former raider star and played his high school ball at granada in livermore. oklahoma answered back. 54-yard touchdown pass to shep hard. notre dame 3-2. you have to call this one of the college
12:19 am
football play of the day. time for one last pass in the physical between florida state and boston college. let's one fly, shaw there to haul it in. that broke the tie and got florida state in position for the win. the seminoles are undefeated at 4-0. well, last week at thyme the as were getting ready to wrap up the al we have had and a spot in the playoffs. today they found out their first-round playoff fate, finishing out the regular season in seattle. it was 2-1 mariners in the 3rd. watch the play by josh donaldson, who takes the throw from josh reddick and puts the rely to eric sogard. franklin thrown out trying for a triple. seattle's brad miller minimized the damage with a home run. he was getting warmed up.
12:20 am
the next time he came to the plate the base were loaded and he got the maximum result, the grand slam, the highlight of a 5-rbi day for miller. down 7-1 in the 6th, the a's got back-to-back homers in the 7. brandon moss with a 2-run blast. that is his team-leading 30th homer. the loss means that they no longer have a shot at best record in the american league. they open up the playoffs friday night at the coliseum and it will be against the detroit tigers. here is how the rest of the division series look and a's host game 2 on saturday and the series shifts to detroit for a monday the game. if future games are necessary they will be playeds you it in detroit and back thursday in oakland. little confusing in texas with the both teams wearing red. it was one of five errors that
12:21 am
the angels made on the day. the rangers went win 7-4. well, it hasn't been about the postseason for a while around at&t park, but there was a pregame buzz for the giants today, despite playing what amounts to an exhibition game against the padres. get feelings were the result of a contract experience with hunter pence. the giants targeted the signing of the soon to be free analyst and off-season priority. today against san diego, pence did what he has done all yearlong. this home run in the 3rd was his 37th of the year, a 2-run shot of the to give the giants the 3-1 lead. were 6-0 in games started by yusmeiro petit. this 2-run homer by guzman put
12:22 am
san diego in front for good. the padres win it 9-3. for the two teams to conclude the 2013 season the giants will need to win to finish tied with san diego for third place in the division. so back to pence, the winner of this year's willie mack award and major part of the team's persona that led to a world championship last year. deal will pay him $90 million, generic manager says retaining pence was one of his off-season priorities and now he gets done before the season is even over. a preview of next week national league wild-card game in cincinnati, the pirates may be wishing that they could play in the red's band box. walker actually homered twice as pirates wept deep six times and power past the reds 8-3. the same two teams meet in
12:23 am
pittsburgh on tuesday, the first playoff appearance for the pirates in 21 years. still to come soat can i get you?
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we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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. it might be a match up of running style welcomes at oakland coliseum tomorrow afternoon and then again it might not. the raiders say it will be a game-time decision whether terrelle pryor gets the start against robert griffin iii and the washington redskins because pryor is still recover flight he took in monday night's game against broncos. pryor has passed league's concussion rot col and reported to pass the team exam. no one from the raiders is saying yet whether it will be pryor or matt flynn starting tomorrow. >> we're obviously on top of
12:27 am
it and we're monitoring the situation either way. we're planning for all scenarios and be ready for whatever happens. >> if i get the chance too play, i will play the best i can and go out there and lay it on the line and try to to do the things to help this team win. >> it's a full day on channel 2 and fox with the 49ers off because of their thursday night win. of the fox pregame show started at 9:00 and we have a double head her, the seahawks and texans in the morning game, found by the redskins and raiders and then comes the ot and the point after all here tomorrow on channel 2. >> that is it for this saturday night sportswrap. see you again after formal. >> just pull up a chair and turn on channel 2. >> yes, you will be set. thank you. thank you for making ktvu your sorce four news. we'll see you the next time
12:28 am
news breaks. >> we'll be monitoring any problems as the night continues and we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for being with us.
12:29 am
12:30 am
>> on today's show we go toe to toe with the ufc heavyweight champ. plus, from fake reality to real reality. and later, a musician with a vision. all this, only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head and inside yourself then you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ get outside yourself >> hey, guys, it'yo


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