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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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completed bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. making progress as both sides of the bart labor dispute meet trying to reach a deal. >> from our standpoint we're a lot more than halfway there. >> there is still work that need to be done to avoid a potential strike. now just over one day away. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> the clock is running out, just over 24 hours remain before a possible bart strike grips the bay area. >> both sides met today, but
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there are still some issues, including wages, health care contributions and staffing when it comes to safe. >> safety. >> ktvu debora villone. >> well, within just the last few minute we have seen union leadership leave for the night. they say it's been a very long day and they note that they are leaving their cost committee key financial folks still upstairs and still crunching numbers. on the positive side we also know that everyone has come together at least one face-to- face at both sides at the stage table at least once this eveningment as you know a lot of their work tends to happen separately, but if there was after a time to come together it's now. >> well, the deadline has been given and it was given the other day and that hasn't change. >> reporter: a union official matter of fact about a new strike monday. union negotiators have been here all day, but working
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amonst themselves while bart's team has been holed up at headquarters. >> the unions presented some ideas to management and we'll see how they are responsive to those. >> in recent days both sides suggested that they pulled closer to each other's position on pension and pay. bart offer a 10 ps hike over four years, workers wanting a 12% increase over 3 years. >> we have got about 150 to 200 buses lined up and hopefully we don't need it, but we're prepared. >> bart is ready to spend $225,000 a day busing commuters from the east bay to san francisco and back, expanding on how it handled july's five- day strike. and a dozen managers have been practicing train operations, poised to step in should the board go that route. but at dusk tonight, the arrivallals of bart's lead negotiator
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and general manager grace curnican seemed to imply they are ready. >> we may not always agree, but i think we do understand each other. >> we're trying to keep the trains running and the union is doing everything that they can. we feel they could have met us earlier, but that wasn't the casement again we're trying to put in some creative effort to see what might work for them. >> reporter: so after a day of analyzing each other's ideas, it was almost 7:00 tonight before both sides came together and then a mere three hours later we have just see union leadership leave, but they have left some key personnel, financial analysts, what they call their cost committee members inside. they do expect tomorrow to be a very long day and they say they will be back here tomorrow morning at 9:30 with tomorrow's midnight deadline bearing down. reporting live in oakland, debora villone, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and bart says the controversial plan to use manners to operate trains would only be intel pentium everetted
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as a last resort. the contra costa time reports using the managers would only happen if a strike goes on for a long period of time and would require board approval. there are about a dozen managers who are trained to step in. union officials say that plan would endanger passenger safety. our coverage will continue throughout the newscast of the we're keep a close eye on the talks and brick you a live update coming up at 10:30. happening now, people are once again able to use their debit-style food stamp cards after a system failure left people in 17 states including california unable to use their cards today. card precipins ktvu's noelle walker is live with more on the cause of today's massive glitch. >> reporter: from viewers who couldn't get their weekend grocery shopping down with their government- issued ebt cards. grocers and customers i talked to say the outage lasted all
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day. today empty carts that went into grocery outlet in the berkeley came out of the store empty too. >> i tried my ebt card and it didn't work. it said the system was down. ebt or electronic benefit transfer is the federal government's debit-card style food stamp system. today this grocery outlet put out signs to drive customers away after the ebt system went down in 17 states including california. >> it's kind of sad. it messed up our sales a little bit. >> reporter: the assistant manager says most of his customers are on federal food stamp assistance and spend an average of $80 to $100 a cart. crystal rogers left with an everyoney cooler that felt more like a trick than a treat this time of year. >> what about the people with kids? they don't care? it's saturday. >> reporter: xerox, the vendor that runs the electronic benefit transfer issued this statement earlier today explaining "during a
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routine test of our back-up system saturday morning xerox's ebt system experienced a temporary shut down." . >> i would say that is awful. i mean, they should have left it alone. i mean, they should have tested it in the end of the month or something. >> reporter: when most people have already spent their debit allotment. this shopper told us he had a way around the system. >> it wasn't an inconvenience for me because i had my girlfriend's credit card. >> reporter: you had back up? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: tonight's outage had nothing to do with the government shut down it was simply a glitch in the vendor's system. in the newsroom, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. berkeley is fighting back against a recent rise in sexual assaults. that city told held a sexual assault awareness session. according to city councilman worthington rapes almost doubled between 2011 and 2012. >> we need to respond to these
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rising rape reports with specific practical tools to help people prevent them and to help them get support to respond to them. >> reporter: workington says he is passionate about the issue because he was the victim of sexual assault he was a foster child. today's session addressed reporting and resources as well as survivor support. >> meantime governor jerry brown veto i bill that would have extended the statute of limitations for some sexual assault victims the brothers suit was thrown out because the statute of the limitation and in the veto message the governor says the bill unfairly expanded the statute of limitations and alleged childhood abuses victims can file a lawsuit in california until they are 26- year-old. >> a vallejo police officer shot and wounded a suspected car thief. police today released a photo of the knife they say was found on the suspect, a 41-year-old
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man from vallejo. involve investigators say that man was stolen car this morning. officers stopped the vehicle and say the suspect got out and ran, reach are for his waistband. the officer first used a taser before shooting the suspect is who is expected to survive. to our continuing california of that salmonella scare lynched to foster farm chicken. a costco in south san francisco is recalling 40,000 pounds of cooked chicken after almost two dozen customers became ill. a bay area family provided the clue that linked those illnesses to the national salmonella outbreak. ktvu's patti lee has more now on the new recall. >> reporter: a package of kirkland signature rotisserie chicken sent three members of this family to the emergency room. >> stomach cramps, they were sweating, diarrhea, vomiting. it was bad. >> reporter:
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he said he thought his family had come down with some kind of flu, but his wife suspected something worse. >> what was going on in the house that we couldn't put our finger on and she told me we had chicken from costco and i was like, the chicken. it's this chicken. let's throw away the chicken. >> reporter: the rustrians gave the sample. the chicken that tested positive for a rare strain of salmonella. just three of 20 people in san mateo county linked to a larger outbreak that has poisoned more than00 people across the country since march. >> when we found out that the hazards were out of control, we went after it. >> reporter: i asked the u.s.d.a. if its inspectors should focus on preventing outbreaks rather than overseeing clean-ups after the fact? >> i don't know it would be accurate to say that somebody missed something. >> reporter: the recall of 9,000 units that is 40,000 pounds of rotisserie
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chicken product as the this particular costco was news to many shoppers we met today. >> i don't know if they would even tell you if you asked hem. >> reporter: jeanien mahl says if she can't trust of the government and costco's ovens to keep her safe, she will take matters in her own hands and makes sure that the internal temperature of the kicken reaches 165 degrees before she takes a bite. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the salmonella outbreakful kroger grocery chain which owns food co, stores in the bay area says it has pulled foster farm chickens from its shelves the affected products have the plant numbers on your screen p-613p-1637 a-or p-736 on packagesm health officials say the strain of salmonella is particularly dangerous because it's resistant to several anti-biotics.
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customer reports is calling call foster farms to issue a recall. open for business and how san francisco's famous cliff house welcomed customers back ♪ ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪ ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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. continuing our coverage of the government shut down, here is a live look at the nation's capitol in washington, where efforts to reach even the most temporary of agreements fell apart today. the house failed to end the shut down, the senate couldn't raise the debt ceiling and talks between the president and republican house members only seemed to anger the gop. doug mckelway reports from washington. >> reporter: day 12 of the government shut down and senate leader harry reid says he spoke with republican leader mitch mcconnell on saturday, but they haven't come to an agreement on a way forward. >> they are not doing us a favor by re-opening the government. >> house republicans emeging from a closed-door meeting accused whose of rejecting their add ideas. >> it doesn't appear that the president doesn't want anything other than tax increases. >> the president just wants business as usual and spend money we don't have. >> reporter: many house members informed there would be no votes and no deal before monday night. >> no deal as as far as we're concern. >> reporter:
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house failed to pass a resolution to re-open the government. >> i ask unanimous consent that the house bring up the amendment. >> and go to conference on a budget. >> so we can end this republican shut down now and get the american people back to work. >> reporter: the senate vote against the beal bill to raise the debt ceiling. >> our government is closed for the first time in 17 years. a political party is risking default for the first time since the 1700's. >> senate reid says the house republican conference is "in disazaray. >> obamacare is no longer their no. 1 issue. their no. 1 issue is to do anything that they can can to divert attention of the fools that they have had made of them relations congress will not be in session on monday because holiday and if no action is taken the united states of america could be in default by thursday. i'm doug mckelway fox news. >> there is word that veterans
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are planning to bring their displeasure over the federal government shut down to washington, d.c. on tuesday. members from such groups as the veterans of foreign wars, disabled american veterans and the military officers association of america are expected to gather at the world war ii memorial tomorrow to urge lawmakers to move beyond the stalemate. earlier this week the secretary of veterans affairs warned if the shut down continues into late october, an estimated 3.8 veterans will not receive their disability checks. >> san francisco's landmark cliff house is open again and this time for good. the popular restaurant had to shutdown because of a concessionaire for the golden gate recreational area. it defiantly opened two days earlier this week and last night officials in d.c. gave official permission for its re- opening. the owner tells us that the business is good and that employees worked hard to get it open for the weekend. and the grand canyon officially re-opened today. arizona's governor says the
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state and private donors will pay pay $650,000 to find operations. five states are taking up the federal government's deals allowing them to operate their national parks. other major attractions that are re-opening include mount rushmore in sac and statue of liberty which re- opens tomorrow. governor brown says he has no plans to use state funds to re- open national parks here. and more shut down fallout, coming up a little bit later, working without pay? the government employees on the job who are not getting a paycheck. bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi escaped the shouldn't today for a rare honor she was inducted into the national women's hall of fame. currently the minority leader in the house, pelosi of course served as first female speaker of the house from 2007 to 2011. during the hall of fame ceremony today in seneca, new york, pelosi says she hopes that the legacy of women in
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congress raises the profile of women in every aspect of business and politics. a judge has set a sentencing state dor disgraced santa clara supervisor george shirakawa and scheduled date for the 8th, shirakawa pleaded guilty to a dozen charges. the district attorney wants him to serve a year in jail while shirakawa's attorney is pushing for community service. a man is behind bars arrested in connection with the attempted abduction of a child near the lafayette library. officers say an 8-year-old child was on golden gate way this morning when he tried to grab him. they sea the child's parent was and to get the youngster to safety. investigators say prior to the arrest, the suspect may have mental health issues. new mexico police say two of the nine boys missing from a troubled youth camp are back
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home with their parents. last night police issued an amber alert for the boys and the leader of the tierra blanca highcountry youth program. it's unclear how the two returned to their parents the police say seven boys remain business missing the director of the ranch say they have already been returned to their parent glaze lively protest through san francisco's mission district today, called attention to evictions in that what demonstrators say is the gentrification of the city. >> the protests want a repeal of the ellis act, that is the state law that allows landlords to evict tenants if he they plan to take their building off the rental market. demonstrators say city leaders are not doing enough to keep working a low-income people in the city. >> they are prioritizing the culture of rich people, they are the culture of google, twitter and that is the culture they want and yet, they don't want to subsidize the needs of
11:19 pm
our cultural working people culture. >> marchers are calling for a 5% cap on rent increases after a tenant heaves a property. according to housing officials, ellis act evictions grew by 81% from march of 2012 to march of this year with a total of 116 issued. thousands took part in the annual walk to end alzheimer's today in san josi. [applause] >> organizers say almost 3,000 people participated and that event raised more than '700,000, that is way more than the goal they set. mb will go towards raising public awareness and critically needed funds for the fight against the disease. up in the bay in oakland, folks jogged or strolled around lake merritt for the 9th pride walk. raising money for the east bay and running for better oakland. tesla opened it's show
11:20 pm
house, prototype suv model x is on display at the new store in palo alto, where the new company has its headquarters. the electric automakerring is taking deposits for the model x, scheduled to rollout next year and also offered customer a chance to test drive the model s sedan. a four-legged thief behind a string of car break-ins in one neighborhood. plus calls for an investigation and the reason a lawmaker wants the federal government to take a look at google. . and adding in the wrong direction. the popular technology that led to a near fatal crash and why some say it's becoming a common problem. . we have a lot to [
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. with sustained winds of 124 miles per hour, a massive cyclone slammed into the eastern indian coast today, killing at least five people. some 800,000 people evacuated their coastal home as cyclone phailin approached. there is word of widespread damage as well as flooding the storm is expected to drop up to 10" of rain over next two day and satellite images show the cyclone filling nearly entire bay of bengal an area larger than france. the young pakistani who survived the taliban attack called on president to reconsider drone attacks in her country. want to show you a photo of malala yousufzai meeting with the president, the first lady and their daughter malia. the president signed the proclamation marking friday the international day of the girl the. the 16-year-old was shot in the head last october for her efforts to bring education to
11:24 pm
girls and women. malala released a statement about her meeting with president obama saying, "i also expressed my concerns that drone tacks are fueling terrorism, innocent victims are killed in these attacks and they lead to resentment among the pakistani people. >> reporter: in-depth new york police announced an arrest in a 22- year killing in a 4-year-old girl who came to be known as baby hope. they arrested the girl's cousin for sexually assaulting and killing the child. investigators say juarez confessed to the crime. the girl's body was found in a wooded area near manhattan in july of 1992. nobody knew her name and she was never even reported missing. they now know the girl's real name is anjelica. a tow-truck pulled a car off the tracks. the visitor from philadelphia says the gps guide him down an alley and onto the tracksment an amtrak machinist says this
11:25 pm
is the fistth dangerous incident like this that he has witnessed in the last three weeks. >> every single one of them told me they had their gps running. >> local police are looking into the matter and the possibility of a gps glitch. a san francisco man who went missing 19 days ago on a hunting trip in mendocino national forest was found today and airlifted to a hospital. 72-year-old gene penaflor and according to the press democratic stormy weather forced rescue teams there. this morning hunters in the area spotted penaflor and called for help. authorities haven't released his condition or why he was missing for so long. a series of car break-ins being blamed on humans turned out to be the work of some four- legged thieves. the arnold family took picture of a family of bears that got into their car in jasper,
11:26 pm
georgia. randy arnold says it looks like one bear was quite familiar with opening car doors and exactly where to look for food. >> she jumped up to here and she pulled up this console. she reached in with her claws, and pulled everything she pulled out of here. >> when the bears didn't find anything more than a pack of gum they took off. the local sheriff asked for a copy of the photos and said now people would believe him when he blamed the car break-ins on bears. we're continuing to follow the ongoing talks between bart and union leaders. we have a live update coming up in three minutes. plus working without pay. >> we have a stressful job as it is and it's just adds to it. >> the bay area workers who say they won't get pay until the government shut down is over. >>
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. returning now to our coverage of the bart contract talk and it's been a saturday spent at bargaining table. >> time is running out to reach a deal to avoid a second strike. ktvu's debora villone joins us live with latest. >> reporter: ken, progress, yes. a contract, no. we have not yet seen bart's management team leave the building. but the union leaders called it a night about a half an hour ago not because of any breakdown in talks, but because there are a lot of financial proposals on the table right now. >> we had productive discussions today, a lot of discussion, discussion exchanged on viewpoints and currently our costing team is still meeting. we're costing out issues that
11:30 pm
are pertinent to the contract and the bargaining and reaching an agreement. but frankly we have a long day tomorrow we're ending for tonight and we're going to be back here early in the morning to continue the work 9:30 tomorrow morning begins the day. without a deal, train serving hundreds of thousands of commuters could stop on monday, and even though that is columbus day, a holiday for many, we know from the july strike just how much life in the bay area bogs down without bart reporting live in oakland, debora villone ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on threat of of another bart strikement we'll be monitoring talks all weekend and have updates for you on air and online at >> a u.s. senate is calling on
11:31 pm
the federal trade commission to investigate google's plan. starting next month, google will post a users he name and picture and positive reviews in ads notice the user opts out. the senator from massachusetts wrote a letter to the ftc asking if the move violated google's settlement over previous privacy violations? there is no reaction from google and cnet reports that some users have replaced their profile picture with google head erik schmidt. a controversial measure to allow some community colleges to charge more for the most popular classes is now law. governor brown signed the bill that sets up a pilot program at six schools including solano community colleague. they will be allowed to charge fees per unit compared to $46 for regular in-state tuition, but om during the short summer and winter sessions. opponents say that will put lower income students at a
11:32 pm
disadvantage. hundreds of young people heading to a south bay mall today, but not to go shopping. san josi oak ridge mall hosted the youth job fair and dozens of businesses took part in the fair geared to ages 16 to 21. organizers say teens had a chance to apply for jobs right on the spot. >> typically malls hire seasonal position and it's a good time right now. summer is usually the big time for job fairs and they are preparing for black friday and holidays. >> there were volunteers with advice on applications and resumes. now back to our coverage of the effects of the government shutdown. working without pay? that is the situation facing some air-traffic controllers. ktvu's christen kafton told us that they will be paid without
11:33 pm
a paycheck. >> the aerial ballet above the bay is organized by air-traffic controllers and now those controllers have learned that they are on the clock, but won't get paid until the federal government shut down comes to an end. >> this is a stressful job as it is and this just adds to if. >> he says after work an 80 r- 80-hour paycheck to see he was only paid for 56 years, right up until midnight october 1st. he is worried what will happen if the shutdown stretches through the next pay period? >> in two weeks if congress hasn't passed a budget we're just going to get an iou. >> air-traffic controllers stressed their commitment to passenger safety and say with or without a paycheck. >> we're dedicated professionals and will go to work everyday and do our job, but it just puts a little bit
11:34 pm
of extra stress on us. >> reporter: passengers were stunned to learn that the air-traffic controllers who guide their planes today for now are working for free. >> maybe shut downs are the way of the future and the government need to make it work, they need to think of certain classes of individuals that should be exempt and continue to get paid and air- traffic controllers being one of them. >> reporter: the air-traffic controllers will be paid when the shutdown is over, but they are worried that some will not be able to cover their bill if the shut down stretches on too far. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up, falling for fall. >> well, let's not forget fall. >> a warm-up is on the horizon. a live shot
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. well, we start out the day with dense fog out there and pretty cool conditions, but a new recovery into the afternoon hours. look at what is happening like now on live stormtracker 2 there is a weather system moving into the northeastern portions the state, approaching the sierras that could generate a few snow showers, 6500' in the sierras first thing in the morning. in the bay area partly cloudy skies and gust winds. winds out of the southwest in fairfield sustained at 15 miles per hour and stronger wine near the immediate costline to sfo, winds out west checking in at 25 miles per hour. with gusts right around 32 miles per hour. as far as current temperatures, pretty cool out there right now as you can see santa rosa 57,
11:38 pm
mount view in the upper 50s, 58 and san josi reporting partly cloudy skies and a current temperature of 57. the forecast for tomorrow shaping up pretty good as well. we'll start out with temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees, but a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. so for this evening partly cloudy skies and gusty winds developing near the coast and right around the bay this evening. basically mostly clear skies near oakland. tomorrow the key headline is, this a warming trend that begins, low 60s to the mid to upper 70s. by monday boosting temperatures and fire dangers, probably not a red-flag warning, but something we'll keep an eye on. overnight lows will drop back down to the lower 40s for santa
11:39 pm
rosa and napa. most areas 50s, here is that weather system dropping into parts of california and nevada. and also increase the fire danger by tuesday, warmest locations inland around 80 degrees. here is our forecast model showing some possible snow showers into the sierras. and tomorrow easily-6 degrees warmer than today's highs. forecasted temperatures, santa rosa mid-70s and oakland 71, livermore mid-70s, san josi 74 and sunnyvale at 72 and san francisco in the upper 60s, going with 68 degrees. the niners at candlestick park with mostly sunny skies. here is the look ahead, your five-day forecast with the
11:40 pm
weekend always in view. temperatures trending up by it's, warmest locations near 80 and cooling off. a fairly quiet week, but it does feel like fall with the cool mornings and probably once again for tomorrow as well. >> thank you, mark. getting a jump on halloween just around the corner, guadalupe river park hosted its 19th annual pumpkins in the park celebration. hundreds of families came out to enjoy the giant pumpkin patch and youngsters had a chance to make their own donations. all of the fun sponsored by the non-profit guadalupe river conservancy. the museum nicknamed the moead held a fundraising gala
11:41 pm
tonight. among the celebrities attending oscar nominated actress alfi woodard. housekeeping her and actor danny glover with special awards. spacex founder elon musk posted the picture showing that the rocket taking off in texas on monday. musk said the rocket climbed to more than 2400' before making a vertical landing. the footage was taken by a camera mounted on drone. spacex is trying to develop a rocket that can return to earn and go back into space. >> wow, never seen that perspective. very cool. coming up college football saturday. saturday. san josi state has a sh soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied
11:42 pm
because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. stanford took its 13-game win streak to salt lake city and the utes did something that they have never done before, beat a top-5 ranked team at home. ute tied the game in' when stanford's special teams in the white jerseys. mountain with the kickoff and for the second street week he returns it for 6 points, ty montgomery tied stanford's record for longest return, 14-7 stanford, but that is stanford's last lead of the game. ute's quarterback wilson rolls out to anderson. anderson outworks devon carrington, that is a tough 41-yard
11:45 pm
touchdown. another anderson touchdown, utes led 21-14 at halftime. utah led in the 4th when hogan throws to cajuste, great focus and acrobatic action. cardinals draw within 6 with 9 minutes left in the game. ute's defense was morb tonight. under a minute left, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and nowhere to throw, but out-of- bounds, utes win and utah beats stanford at its own game of balanced offense that produced 410 total yards and hard- hitting defense that held stanford to its lowest point total of the season, 21 and 5-1 cardinals go home to host ucla next saturday. the bruins inviting cal to the rose bowl. the bruins came in with a 4-0
11:46 pm
record. huntley connects for the 18- yardtouchdown. >> 17-3 in the 2nd when cal gets into the game. hundley spots another. bruins win 37-10. cal falls to 1-5 and they host oregon state next saturday. >> colorado state could have used a superhero against san josi state, but the spartans went to fort collins, colorado and made big plays. scoring an 83-yard touchdown, 10-7 lead for san josi state. rams retake the lead when fales starts another big play. this time it's chandler jones.
11:47 pm
look at this. wide open. 77 yards. fales threw for 431 yards, three touchdowns and san josi state needed all three of those because it's tied now 27-all, fales play-action the pitch to tyler winston, heading for paydirt. a 62-yard score, san josi state gets back to .500 for the season with an action-packed game. every once in a while superheroes loses too. one of the top heisman candidates marcus mariota and the huskies. bishop sankey racing down the sidelines, 60 yards and sankey ran for 167 and two touchdowns. oregon's offense rings up more than 630 yards today. mariota connects with josh hoff for the catch and the run. 65 yards.
11:48 pm
quarterback marcus mariota with 17 touchdown passes and no interceptions in the first six games of the season, 6-0 ducks, beat washington. georgia bit the dust in athens. missouri with the ball, sasser throws to l' damian washington. penn state football program is coming back nittanya lions trailed michigan by 7. freshman quarterback going to the corner. check this out, inbounds and replay shows tea back down at the 1-yard line and they score and force overtime. penn state's belton crews in for cruises in for the game-winning
11:49 pm
touchdown. a's fans know about detroit pitching. in game 1, boston got a quick reminder. r's beat tiger's pitcher in the alcs, but tonight in boston he became the first pitcher in 105 years to strike out four batters in a single postseason game. tigers didn't have much offense either. but in the top of the 6th, red sox lefty jon lester gives hem the fielders choice and jhonny peralta makes it 1-0. the tigers bullpen kept it in a way. redwood city's daniel nava singles. fenway park fans finally with something to cheer about, but not for long. tigers win game 169 alcs 1-0,
11:50 pm
game it 2 is tomorrow on ktvu. kershaw in it the nlcs game 2 cardinals managed to squeak out a single reason against ck and it made it stand up. two beloved cardinals throw out the first pitch. tony la russa and red schoendienst. and this sacrifice fly to score freeze. there is your only run of the game. the dinged up dodgers with their best chance in the 6th. based loaded and he gets yasiel swinging and juan uribe swinging. reliever trevon rosenthal and that is it. that is all. cardinals win 1-0 and take a quick 2-0 lead in the best-of-
11:51 pm
seven series. dodgers are running a 19 inning scoreless streak. coming up one of the great minds [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not.
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the sharks are using a perfect combination of fresh faces and grizzled vets to stay undefeated. 19-year-old tomas hertl leads the nhl in goals against the visiting ottawa senators, he beats senator goalie robin leonard for his 7th goal in five games. ottawa scores twice to lead.
11:55 pm
2nd period, sharks on the power- play, patrick marleau scores the goal. thornton sets up burns and sharks win. one of the 49ers most talented men who helped to create five super bowl championships, john mcvay was inducted into the 49ers hall of fame tonight. john mcvay was officially inhe can ducted at san francisco's design center galleria. he joined the organization in 1979 and held several top level management positions, in thing vice president and general managerbre retired in 1995. john mcvay worked in tandem with the late bill walsh and
11:56 pm
coach seifert and now a member of hall of fame. >> i am humbled to be included with all of these great football players. it's not very often you get a guy that sits behind the desk to be in the same fraternity as the super athletes that are in our hall of fame. >> superguy hall-of-famer john mcvay and tomorrow ktvu will broadcast the football double- header followed by good game 2 of the american league championship series and stick around for the tigers and red sox right here on channel 2. raiders visit the chiefs in kansas city tomorrow morning. kc is one of the three remaining undefeated nfl team, but old has won six straight at arrowhead statement. nascar racing under the lights in charlotte,
11:57 pm
where the wallendas performed a brother and sister act. brad keselowski was jacked up for the bank of america 500 and i mean jacked up, leaving with a tire jack under his car. somebody will get a memo about that. brad keselowski wins and matt kenseth still leads the points race over jimmie johnson. the first pga tournament of the 2014 season is underway in our own backyard at cordevalle. jason kokrak with his shot. watch this zip. that is an eagle. he is tied for second with
11:58 pm
george mcneill. stanford upset by utah. >> big upset. >> thank you. thank youtor making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> join us at 6:00 foment very latest on the can turn pillsbury crescents into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop.
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and school nread this again. grands mini pizza nights. come on, ray, honey, it's a great present. what you wrote on it is perfect, and you can't change ianyway because it's christmas eve. once more. "merry christmas. we love you. michael geoffrey, ally, debra, and ray." it's stupid. oh, ray, honey, no, no. everybody's going to love this present, ok? accept it. you had a great idea. why'd i put "xmas"? i don't like "xmas."


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